NY PASSENGER SHIP ARRIVALS (unless otherwise noted)


Also checked Philadelphia Arrival Index 1800-1906


Also checked Atlantic and Gulf Coast, 1820-1874,



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Baltic, from Liverpool, 11/5/21

arr. 11/14/21


Ras?ca Rachel, 69, wid, 5'6"

David, 32, mar, clockmaker, 5'7"

Chana, 25, mar, 5'5"

Aron, 8 mos.

all last reside Izabelin

all whence - cousin, Fajtel Robinowice, Izabelin, Grodzuenski

all going to Samuel Ifron, 175 East 3rd St., St. Paul (son; brother; brother; uncle)

3 adults have dark complect, brown eyes and hair

all b. Izabelia



Estonia from Danzig 9/27/23, arr 10/9/23


Leja, female, 18, sing, tailor

last reside Minsk, whence - mother Tema Efron, Bogadalnaja, Minsk, to brother Harry Efron, 72 E. 100 St., NYC, blue eyes (manny)



France, from Le Havre 6/7/24, arr 6/13

Effront, Jean, age 25, male, chemist, reads and writes French and English, Swiss citizen, French race, last reside Seclin, France, whence - mother, Mrs. Effront, 2 Avenue Jeanne, Bruxelles, to Hotel Breevort, NYC for 3 months only, eyes gray, b. Bruxelles



Western World from Buenos Aires 5/7/25, arr 5/26

Efron, Leodoro, age 18, sing, laborer, speaks Yiddish, Whence - friend Jacobo Itzovich, 221 Camargo, Buenos Aires, to friend, Mr. Itzcovitch, 1224 Rockwell St., Chicago, b. Villagnay, Argentina [See SSDI024]



Source document: Page 1, Page 2

Lituania, from Danzig, 6/30/25

arr. 7/14/25


Benjamin, 61, fair skin, brown hair, gray eyes, b. Indura, 5'5"

Szosza-Rywka, wife, fair skin, gray hair, brown eyes, b. Grodek, 4'10"

both whence - Cousin: Mesjsze Rozyoka, Zelazna 26, Bialystok, Pol

both formerly reside Bialystok

both to son Meyer Jonas Efron, *90 Fox St., Bronx (...son, USC (US citizen?)



Lituania from Danzig 8/11/25, arr 8/26/25

Efron, Rywka, 63 last reside Bialystok, whence husb Mojsze Efron, Bialystok, to son Jacob Lipsky, 1717 Franklin Ave, Bronx, senile, gray eyes, b. Indura [look at 1925 NY State census for this address]



United States from Copenhagen 9/3/26, arr 9/15

Efran, Chana, 22, sing, tailor, b. Jablonka, Poland, last reside Jablonka, whence - friend Lipa Goldberg, Jablonka, to brother Harry Efran, 72 E. 100 St., NYC c/o I? Bergman, 1460 Vyse Ave, Bronx[Manny Green?]



New York, arr 6/3/05

Izchok Efrin, 25, sing, laborer, last reside Vielstadt, to bil, 50 Frank Elyn St., Jersey City



Source document: Page 1, Page 2

Birma from Libau on 7/5/10


Riwa, 31, 4'10", light skin, black hair, dark eyes, b. Dobbin, Russia, cannot read nor write

Berka, 7, male

Jacow, 6

Mendel, 4

whence - Susse G(?)elfan, Bobroisk, Minsk, to her husband Hefron, 317 E. 4th St., NY



Compania from Liverpool 11/26/10, arr 12/3

Efron, Israel, 31, mar, tailor, last reside Bobroisk, whence - wife Sore Efron, Bobroisk, to brother F. Efron, 112 St. Ma (KA?)ircas Place, NYC, b. Bobroisk



New Amsterdam from Rotterdam 5/28/10, arr 6/6

Dawid Efrin, 20, single, tanner (?), last reside Maren?ski, whence - brother Yankel, Mariw?ski, Grodno, to bil Srul Leibowicz, 34 E. 3rd St., NYC, b. Narewki (?)



Moltke from Cuxhaven 3/17/04, arr. 3/28

Efron, Moses, 26, sing, merchant, last reside Warschau (?), to friend Samyson (?) Abrahams (?), 504 Van Buren St., Chicago [of Lunna]



Tentatively identified as Peisach Ephron (Nora Ephron branch)

Umbria from Liverpool 11/12/04, arr 11/21

Ephron, Peishach, 49, mar, tin worker, last reside 2 months in London, to son Itzig Ephron, 220 Broome St., NYC



Did not identify in genealogy

Belgravia from Hamburg 11/25/04, arr 12/11/04

Efron, Leib, 35, mar, tailor, last reside Grodno, to cousin Morris Teitelbaum, 64 Market St., NY [locate Morris Teitelbaum]

See also arrival 209



Source Document

Campania from Liverpool, arr 12/24/04


Alfred P., 49, mar, artist, citizen of England, last reside Birmingham for 3 months, to brother Alexander Ephron, 570 Huntendon St., Newark, NJ



Source document

Tentaively identified. See also ARR092

 Graf Waldersee from Hamburg, 12/23/04 arr 1/5/05

Efron, Jankel, 24, sing, tailor, last reside Luna, [Lunna] to uncle Jacob Efran, 11 (?) Monroe St, NYC (another Luner there)



Philadelphia, arr 3/25/05

Efron, Ester, 27, mar, last reside London, to husb Isaac Efron, 14 Monroe St., NY



Source document


Barbarossa from Bremen, 6/5/05, arr 7/6

Benjamin, 35, mar, weaver

Zirel, wife, 26,

Scholen(?), 8

Dora, 7

all last reside Bialystok, all to Benj's brother, Elie, 28 Genessee St., , MA



Ryndam from Rotterdam 7/1/05, arr 7/11/05

Efron, Pesche, 19, sing, last reside Bialystok, to brother, J. Efron, 233 Broome St., NYC



Finland from Antwerp 9/16/05, arr 9/26


Rachel, age 55, wid

Rivka, age (forgot?), sing

both last reside Grodno, to daughter Elka, 10 Lecroi (?) St., NY



Source document

Tentatively identified

Barbarossa, from Bremen 2/3/06

arr 2/15


Baruch, watch maker, 21, single, last reside Wil*ia, Russia (?)

to cousin, Max Safilawsky (?), 29 Nassau (?) St., NYC

[of Slutsk? Of St. Paul?]



Potsdam from Rotterdam 3/24/06, arr 4/4/06

Efron, Abram, 18, mar, tailor, last reside Bialystok, to brother I. (?) Efron, c/o D. Y(?) Hollend?er, 50 Franklin St., Jersey City, NJ [1920 NY census]



Amerika from Hamburg 6/20/06 arr 7/1(?)


Jankel, age 41, mar, pedlar cannot read nor write, last reside Anin, to bil Moische Aronowicz?, 176 Broom St., NYC



Source document: Page 1, Page 2

Tentatively identified as being associated with St. Paul family [Verify by searching for Kloznitsky families]

Kaiser Wilhelm II, from Bremen 3/17/08, arr 3/25

Efran, Bertha, 36, married, last reside Wolkowich, whence - Brother M. Klosnitzky, Wolkowich, 5'0", fair/dark/brown eyes, b. Wolkowish

Minnie Kaplan, niece, 25, single, last reside NY, she's a non-immigrant alien, whence - brother W. Kaplan, Wolkowich, was in NY from 1898-1908, 5'1', fair/br/br, b. Brzezin

Both going to their friend, Mrs. Fruma Dorsmovsky (??), 30 Hewey St (Henry?)



Source document: Page 1, Page 2

Baltic from Liverpool 5/28/08 arr 6/6?


Sore, 25, mar, last reside Wilna, whence father Moiche Perelstein, Wilna, to husband F. Efron, c/o M. Winisk, 81 Chamber St., Boston, MA

(Heschel, crossed out), 4

Gaule (?), 3, child

all b. Wilno, all fair/fair/brown



Source document: Page 1, Page 2

Breslau from Bremen 12/22/10, arr 1/4/11 [also in 44-48 ndx]

Efron, Elie, 17, sing, barber [laborer], cannot read or write, last reside Berestowicz, whence - Father Schmuel (?) Efron, Bereslowicz, Grodno, to bil Abram Krasilnik (?), 95 Madison St., NYC, 5"3", brown hair, gray eyes, b. Berestowicz [Miami Office file A4-263-948, 1-423 1-24-56] See also arrival 130.



Blucher from Hamburg 12/31/10, arr 1/10/11

Efron, Anna, 37, mar, last reside Vilno, whence - husb. Benjamin of Vilna - tourist, intends to return after 3 months, to uncle Moses Levidoff, 2116 Madison Ave., gray hair, blue eyes, b. Vilna



Source document: Page 1, Page 2

Vaderland from Antwerp 7/22/11, arr 8/2/11

Efran, Yudes, female, sing, seamstress, cannot read nor write, last reside Kamenka, whence - father Schacne Effron, Kamenke, to sister Dobke A(?)ffron, 2(?)0 Stadusant? St., 4'10", pale, br and br, b. Kamenka



Karsk from Libau 11/7/11, arr 11/18

Efron, Solomon, 17, school boy, last reside Grodno, whence father, Gdalie Efron, Grodno Gub, to aunt E. Friedman, 1812 (?) Lenman (???) St, NYC, b. Grodno



Source document: Page 1, Page 2

arr. 1/2/12

Efron, Eschul, 20 (?), single, Clerk, last reside Nowodwo, whence - father Oscher Efron, Nowodros (?), Grodno, to bil Charles Wolf, 1166 Lissafason (??) St., NYC, 5'7", fair skin, br hair, blue eyes



Source document: Page 1, Page 2

President Lincoln from Hamburg, 4/3/1912, arr 4/15

Efran, Meer, 20, sing, weaver, last reside Bialystok, whence - father Benjamin Efran to cousin, Abram Lebowsky (?), 29 N(?)art(?) St., Brooklyn, 5'8", fair skin, black hair, brown eyes, b. Gorodok



[verify – find details then try to cite in genealogy]

not found on page indicated



Source document: Page 1, Page 2

Vaderland from Antwerp 9/7/12, arr 9/17


Ruiven, 18, sing. laborer, not able to read or write, last reside Kaminka (?), whence - father Schachne Efron, Kaminka (?), passage paid by sister and to her, Dobe Efron, 210 Madison, b. Kasmika (?)



Source document: Page 1, Page 2

Rynam from Rotterdam 11/2/12, arr. nov (sic) 11/12


Sima, 20, 5'3", fair skin, br hair, blue eyes, b. Nowydwosh

Kreine, 16, sister, 5'0", fair, brown, brown, b. Nowydwosh

both female, sing, seamstress, last reside Novydwosh, whence - father Oi(?)she Efran, Novydwosh, Grodno, to bil Chas. Woolf (crossed out is 19 Elizabeth St) 974 Aldus St., Bronx (?), disch sister (?)



Lapland from Antwerp 12/14/12, arr 12/26

Effron, Hemie (Hermie?), last reside Rakow (?), whence - none, to brother Ch. Effran, 25E 105th st., NY, blue eyes, b. Rakow, with:

Schiff, Chaje, 30, whence - none, to husb M. Schiff, 121 Elm St., Yonkers, all b. Rakow

Schiff, Jankel, 8

Schiff, Leib, 7?



Iceland from Antwerp 2/1/13, arr 2/12

Efron, Louis, 19, sing, clerk, last reside Slonim, whence - mother Baile Efron, Slonim, Grodno Gub., to father Morris Efron, 166 S. Virginia Ave, Atlantic City, NJ, blue eyes, b. Slonim



Not cited in genealogy

Syrian, from Turkey to Jos. Ephram



depart Toronto 6/23/41

Henry Ephron, stage director, 30, b. 5/26/11 NYC, etc



New Mellas from Lisbon, arrived Sept, 40

Ephron, Walter, 46, mar, merchant, language and Nationality German, race Austrian, b. Vienna, Germany (Austria crossed out), last reside Paris, whence - none, to bil Jean Lenaner, 202 W. 58 St., NYC [misc]



Champlain from Havre, France 11/7/34, arr 11/14

Efron, Rosa, 62, widow, b. Smolensk, last reside Paris, whence - home, 2 Villa Chanez, Paris, to son Alexander Efron, Ft. Wash. Ave., NYC [ilya branch]



Kosciuszko from Gdyna 11/22/33, arr 12/5

Efron, Nasko, 39, tailor, b. Bocki, Poland, last reside Bocki, whence - mother Ditla Effron, Bocki, d.. Bielsk, Podl., Poland, to wife Dira Efron, 823 E. 147 St., Bronx



Source document: Page 1, Page 2


Ure Efron, 17, tailor, from Rudinsk (?), Minsk, whence father Abram Efron, going to sister Bluma Efron, 245 Monroe St., NYC,, he is 5'1", brown hair and eyes, b. Gawetz (?). [chaim noah]



Source document: Page 1, Page 2

Fredrick sailing from Bremen, arrived 5/28/13

Moses Efron, age 25, occup: joiner (?), last reside Grodno, whence wife Tauba Efron in Grodno, Grodno, to stepfather A. Lewin (Leviton?) of 707 E. 17?3 St., NY. he is 5'6", with brown eyes. He was born in Grodno. [Morris and Taube of Grodno, NYC]



[Not fully abstracted]

Aquitania, arr. 1925, Moshe and Zina Goelman



Source document: Page 1, Page 2, Page 2 darker

Kroonland sailing from Autiverk (?), arr NY 7/1/1913

Beile Efron, age 44, housewife, last reside Slonim, nearest relative is nephew Lazar Palonski(?) of Slonim, to husband M. Efron, 166 Virginia Ave., Atlantic City. She is cross-eyed, along with daus. Blume and Etta, ages 14 and 9, both last reside Slonim and all were born in Slonim. [morris of atlantic city]



Source document: Page 1, Page 2

New Amsterdam sailing from Rotterdam, arr. 7/7/1913

Chajke Efron, age 29, housewife, last reside in Wolp, whence father, Jankel Kusti(last letter missing), going to husband Chaim Efron at 92 Canal St., NYC, along with son Yoel, age 6 and dau Rive, age 4 (3 crossed out). She was previously in the US from 1904 to 1910, both children born in US.. She was born in Wolp. [Hyman/Ida of NY]



Source document: Page 1, Page 2

Potsdam sailing from Rotterdam, arr. NY 9/1913

Shifre Efron, age 19, single, seamstress, last reside Bialystok, whence father, Benjamin Efron, Bialystok, to brother, M. Efron, 1052 Tiffany(?) St, NY. She is 5'3", brown hair and eyes. She was b. in Aradek (unsure of first letter). [Benjamin of Gorodek/Amdur]



Source document: Page 1, Page 2

Imperator sailing from Hamburg, arr. NY 10/29/1913

Jacob Efron, age 25, single, clerk, last resided in New York. He is a non-immigrant alien. He was in the U.S. from 1910 (?) to 1913. He lives at 693 Monroe St., Brooklyn. He is 5'8" with black hair and brown eyes. He was born in Bradnow. [see census entry?]



Source document: Page 1, Page 2 [verify hyperlinked docs]

Kursk, sailing from Libau, arr. NYC 11/25/1913

Sora Efron, age 29, housewife, last reside Bobroisk, whence father Chaim Sinanovosky (?) of Bobroisk. Going to husband Israel Efron, 474 E. Houston St., NY. Along with sons Kalmon, age 7, and Ber, age 5. All born Parity(??); all with dark hair and blue eyes. [bobroisk]



Carmani, sailing from Liverpool, arr. 1/4/14

Rochel Efron, age 49, married, last resided Nowadwor, whence brother Moses Efron of Novadoor, to NYC (overwritten: Brooklyn?), going to join nephew Wolff Tehalel, 255 46th St., Brooklyn, 5'4", dark, dark, gr, b. Novadoor (no copy taken) [Usher family? Osher should be on the same ship!]



Sharnhorst (?) sailing from Bremen, arr NY 1/17/1914

Itcze (?), married, age 21, last reside Narosoko, whence wife Frume Efron in Narosoko, Grodno, going to bro-in-law B. Kones (??) at 109-11 E. 104th St.; disch to Uncle N. ...kin (?) at 26 Henry St.. He is 5'6" with black hair and brown eyes, born in Grodna. [Yankel the Innkeeper]



Source document: Page 1, Page 2

Kaiserin Auguste Victoria from Hamburg, arrived 3/7/1914

Eisick Efron, age 33, married, tailor, last reside Grodno, whence wife Beile Efron in Lunna. To uncle, Moische Ber, 13 Essex St., NY. He is 5'6" with black hair and gr eyes. He was born in Luna. [Isaac the Baker of Lunna]



Source document: Page 1, Page 2

Pennsylvania sailing from Hamburg, arrive NY 3/29/1914

Sore Efron, age 36, married, last reside Bialystok, whence father Chaikel Efron in Bialystok. Going to husband, I?tzrok Efron, 181 Madison St., NYC, along with son, Tanchen, age 10. They both were born in Klink. She is 5'2", both have dark hair and gr eyes.



Source document: Page 1, Page 2

Lapland from Antwerp, arr NY 12/8/22

Leja Efroin, age 23, single, dressmaker, last reside Krynki, whence mother Bejla Efron, Krynki. Was in hospital. Going to uncle, Salomin Bramshon, Kansas City, Kansas, 304 Ave. [sic]. She is 5'4", dark hair and eyes. She was born in Krynki.[see 77]



Pulaski sailing from Gdynia, arr. NYC 6/20/31

Chaim Efron, age 8, b. Molczadz, Poland, last reside same, whence uncle Abram Szmulowicz, Molezac, Baranowicze, Poland, to Mother Enia Sabel, 1538 Foley Ave, Bronx. He is 4'5", she is 4'4". both have brown hair and blue eyes. Also, Enia Efron, age 7, same as above. [Sable family]



Source document: Page 1, Page 2

Western World sailing from Buenos Aires, arr NY 10/28/1932

Teodora Efron, age 23, single, speaks English, French, Italian and Spanish. going to Vassar College in Poughkeepsie. born Entre Rios, whence mother Anna Efron, 1282 Triumvirate, Buenos Aires, discharged to cousin David Efron, Argentine Consulate, 17 Batterymarch St. She is 5'6" with brown hair and blue eyes. [ from Leon]



SS Saxonia, arr Bosotn 3/2/1906, Yankel and Nechame Liman, 24 and 20, both last resided Odessa, going to cousin Israel Greenberg, 53 Tenly (Tinly, Tiney?) St.53, Lawrence, MA. On the same manifest page, also going to cousin Israel Greenburg at same address (but c/o Isaac Gordon) is the family of Avrum and Sara Louisman (or Levisman), of Uman, with children Chaim, Rose (?), Jente, Itzik, Moische and Aron, ranging in age from 15 to 5.



SS Nerissa, departed 1903 from Hamburg, arr abt. 12/1903

Feivel Schnider, 21, from Krinok



SS Kroonland, arr 2/28/1905 at NY, from Antwerp

Chaim Schneider, 17, single, resided last in Krynki

 going to brother Louis Schneider at 10 Louis St., NY



Source document

Teutonic, sailing from Liverpool, arr. NY 6/21/06

Joseph Ephron, 48, presser (?), last reside in London for 8 years., going to Chicago to son Lazarus Ephron at 505 Jefferson St.; his wife Rivke, age 48; Sara Bernstein, age 24 (?), going to husband George Bernstein, 108 Chicago Ave., Chicago; her daughter Rachel, age 2. All others says ditto re: last residence. [of Chicago]



Source document

New York, sailing from Southampton, arr. 9/2/1905 NY

Pauling Ephron, 32, going to Chicago, last reside London. Going to husband L. Ephron, 54 grand Ave., Chicago; daughter Frume, 4˝ [of Chicago]



Tentatively placed (see also arrival 18 – same person?)

SS New Amsterdam, 6/16/06-6/25/06

Schifre Efron, 32, f, mar, Russian, Hebrew, last reside Bialystok, to hus B. Efron, c/o F.(?) Shilewski, 74 Allen St., Boston, with daughter Chaie, 3 years old.



SS Coronia, from Liverpool 9/25/06-10/3/06

Szoel Efron (27 crossed out) 15, male, single, laborer, Russian, Hebrew, last reside Wilno, destin NYC to father (H?) Efron, 214 Broome St., NYC


064 see also 73

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

Smolensk, from Libau 11/5/06-11/23/06

Jacob Efron, 28, male, married, Russian, last reside Bialystok, passage pd by sister, going to b-i-l Mr. P. Sokolsky, 230 Clinton St., NY, 5'4", brown/blue, b. Amdur



Source document: Page 1, Page 2

Graf Waldersee, from Hamburg, arr. NY 11/22/07

Schlemie Efron, 17, single, baker, last reside Andurn (?), whence father Israel E., Amdurn, going to So. Norwalk, CT, to Unlce Efroim Wigder, 35 Fortst, So. Norwalk, Ct, he is 5'4", black/brown, b. Indury. On same page is Hirchel Gollub, 18, single, watchmaker, last reside Abdur, whence father Schloime Gollub, Abdur, going to brother Moische Gollub, 115 Manorust [Monroe?], NY, b. Andur. [son of israel b Mordecai b Jacob  Motte Tsinnes]



S NY from Cherbourg 9/26/08-10/3/08

Moses Efron, 29, mar. student, Russian, last reside Switzerland, Geneva, pd by self, in NYC for 5 yrs before. going to 136 E. 112th St., NY. 5'7", dark, dark brown, brown, b. Warsaw (same as prior 2 passengers: Hyman Mintz and Barnett Isba, both of London (Russians))



Source document: Page 1, Page 2

Ile De France, sailing from Havre, France, arr. NY 7/2/1936

Sophie Efron, 20, single, dancer, speaks russ, French, German, English, without nationality, Hebrew race, b. Leningrad, visa TV (crossed out?) 225, issued in Paris  on 11 June 1936, last resided Paris, whence aunt Mrs. M. Schaikevitch, 143 Bld Brune. Paris 14 (degree sign?) France, passage paid by brother, was previously in US from 1934-1936 in NY and departed then on 27 Mar., going to mother, Mrs. Rose Efron, 91 West 85th St., NYC, for permanent residence, discharged to brother Alexander, 5'6", fair, brown, gray [Ivenetsers]



Source document: Page 1, Page 2

Champlain, sailing from Havre, France, arr NY 12/5/1934

Sophie Efron, 19, single, artist, speaks Russian, Russian natlty and race, b. St. Petersburg, Visa NI-1801 issued at Paris on 8 Feb 1934, last resided Paris, whence aunt, Mrs. Schaikevittch, 2 Villa Caney, Paris, France, going to France via NY. Entire page is passage paid by "Society" and are going to French Casino, Clark and Lawrence, Chicago IL for 6 months. She is 5'5" with brown/brown. extensions until 3/28/36. [Ivenetsers]



Source document: Page 1, Page 2

Lafayette, sailing from Havre, France, arr. NY 12/2/1937

Andre, 38, mar. jurist, speaks Russian and English, without nationality, b. St. Petersburg, visa QIV 1225 (26 and 27), issued at Paris 2/18/1937. last reside Paris, whence sister Marie Toherepine [Tcherepine], 10 Rue Michelet-Issy les Moulineaux, France, going to New Haven, CT to friend Prof G. Vernadsky, 440 Edgewood Ave, New Haven, CT, for permanent residence, is 5'6", brown/Gr. With wife Julia, 36, speaks Russian and English, is 5'4" w brown/brown; and daughter, Anne, age 15, speaks Russian and French, 5'3", br/br.



Source document: Page 1, Page 2

President Roosevelt, sailing from Havre, arr NY 3/26/38

Rosa (or Resa) Efron, 66 widowed, reads Russian, English, French, German, natnlty White Russian, b. Smolensh, visa 113 9840 re entry (1136689, issued at Wash, DC 4/10/1937, last permanent reside NY, whence sis in law Mrs. M. Scharkewitch, 143 Blvd. Brunae, Paris, last in US at NY 1934-1937 ard departed 5/26/37. going to son Alexander Efron, 590 West End Ave., NYC, for permanent, 5'7", fair, gray/gray. [Ivenetsers]



SS Pan America from Buenos Aires, 5/14/1938-6/1/1938

Taibe Efron, 25, single, speaks and writes English, Argentine Hebrew, b. Entre Rios, visa info NQ IV 79 {4C] issued at Buenos Aires 4/21/38, last reside B.A., whense mother Sara, victoria 1958, BA, to brother David Efron, 521 W. 111th St, NYC, staying perm (written over) 5'4", dk, Blk, brown.



SS Manhattan from Genoa, 2/12/40-2/21/40

Otto Efran, 57, merchant, speaks German, Ntlty: Zcheck Sl., race Hebrew, b. Prossnitz, Moravia. With Seina, 52, same ntnlty, b. Nisslede, Moravia, under QIV 2569/70, issued Prague 2/8/40. Last reside Brunn, Germany, Whence brother E. Efran, Brunn, Czecho Sl., going to Mt Vernon, NY to B-i-l O. Paschkes. He is 5'5" (she 5'3"), fr, br, gr (both)


073 See also 064

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

Kroonland, sailing from Antwerp, arr. NY May 21, 1912

Shmuel Efren, 17, single, laborer, last reside Bialystok, whence father Meische Efren, Bialystok, going to uncle, Feivel Saikolski, 347 Blikenven (?) Ave, Nyk (NYC). He is 5'3" fair br/gr, b. in Bialystok.



Source document: Page 1, Page 2

California, from Glasgow arr 12/3/1908 NY

Michel Effron, 15, labourer, Russian, last reside Wilno, race Hebrew, whence mother Basse Effron, Wilno. Passage paid by and going to brother Alter Effron, 2489 E. 26th St, Cleveland. He is 5'2˝", dark complected, black hair, br eyes, b. Wilno. Entire family of Chane Fenster (children Saml, Chaim, Meier, Rochel, Hertze ages 11...3 (last two both 3 yo) going to the father Schloime Fenster c/o A. Effron (same address). The mother has very bad eyesight. [Probably Max of Cleveland]



Taibe Efron, 21, single, tailoress, 18-98-6860, b. Bialystok, arr 8/22/1921, Aquitania, Visa: quota, ref A 4 752-185 12-15-50; prev ver. A 4 752-185 5/16/50. Whence Father Benj. Tajbe, Bial, to brother M. Efron, 938 Longwood St., NYC 5'5"/Bk/Bk (soce rivka's)



Source document

Palatia, from Hamburg (i Mai)?, arr. NY 1898 (May?)

Hefron, Gedalje, 22, married, backer, last reside Bialystok, going to NYC to brother Wolf Hefron


077 See also 54

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

Srawnee, from Habana, Cuba, 7/9/41, arr. 7/11/41

Marejn-Efron, Dawid, 50, married, manufacturer, speaks Pol, Russ., English. Subject of Poland, Hebrew race, b. Krynki, visa QIV (NP) 5849 issued in Mexico City on 3/13/41, last reside Budapest, Hungary, whence wife, Mrs. Dwoza Marejn-Efron of Bialystok, Poland, going to NYC to his brother, Mr. Louis Bramson, 87-89 5th Ave., for perm residence, 5'5", dark complect, grey/grey, scar at base of left thumb.



SS Kosciuzko, Arr. NY 12/5/1933

Mozes Gilule, 40, merchant, born and last resided in Indura, whence father Zachariasz Gilula, Indura, to wife, Ella Wise-Gilula, 603 Miller Ave., Brooklyn



SS Pulaski, from Gdynia, arr. NY 6/29/1935

Mera Gilula, 19, single student, b. Judura, last reside Judura (Indura), whence father Zachariah Gilula, Judura, to Chatanooga, TN to uncle Louis Efron



SS Cleveland, arr NY 6/20/1909 from Hamburg

Scholem Kapular, [age? Verify], born in and last resided in Krinki (erroneously indexed as Krinki Brest), going to b-i-l Hirshil (?) Deverstzi (?), at 317 Madison SE, NY, care of A. Kassof. He left in Krinki his wife, Dwoira Kapular



SS The Noordian, arr. 5/24/1904, NY from Rotterdam

Sore Efrin, 20, single, lase resided Indur, to Newark, NJ to Uncle M. Aronowich, 223 Broome St., Newark, NJ



SS Aquitania from Cherbourg, arr NY 7/28/1922

Gordon, Wolf, 30, farmer

Basia, 23

Chana, 1 and 6 months

All last reside in Indura, whence father Jakob Gordon from Shidel (Skidel), to b-i-l Louis Elffron (sic), Chattanooga, all born in Indura



Arr. NY 1903, Phillip Weiner of Krinek, going to his brother Jossel. [verify, need a better cite]



SS Furst Bismark, arr NY from Hamburg on 7/16/1897

Victor Efron, 23, single of Grodno, to Uncle B. Liebermann (?) of Hoboken, NJ. On same page is Leiser Kaplan of Grodno



SS The Rotterdam, arr. NY 8/21/1898 from Rotterdam

Hafran, Sosche, 27, to husband, W. Hafran in Rondout

Scheine, 11 months

Chaje Sore Rosenthal, age 55, to son

(indexed as “Solsche”)



SS Noordam, arr NY 10/31/1916 from Rotterdam

Kapuller, Dora, 35

Chaim, 9

Pezia, 10

All last resided in Indura, where her brother Moses Efroim lives

Going to Chicago to her husband, Sam Kapuller, 830 Ledgwisck (sic) (?) St.

All born in Indura



SS Bremman arrived 9/15/1908 at NY sailing from Bremen

(indexed in Ancestry and Ellis Island as “Elron”)

Efron, Mirka, 46, with Leib, 14, Shmuel, 9, Asne?, 7 and Sheina, 3. Whence Grodno where her sister Chae? Aronowitz lives and is going to her husband, Yankel Efron, at 726? Kai??? St., NYC (Newark? Winchester, KY?).



SS Darmstadt, arr Baltimore 1/20/1906 from Bremen

Chaim Effron, 18, single, butcher, last reside Amdur

To Cincinatti, to uncle E. Effron, 532 W. 5th St.



SS Hanover, arr. Baltimore 3/14/1907 from Bremen

Riwke Cohn, 35, from Amdur, going to Topeka, KS to her husband

Feige, 4

Jossel, 3

On the same ship is Etel (?) Veinstein (?) (indexed as Jel Jeinstein), female, tailor, from Amdur, going to Topeka (according to index, going to Dave Cohen of Topeka)



SS Furst Bismarck, Arr NY 8/19/1898 from Hamburg

Chaik Dess, 36, married, merchant, resided Andor, to NY to bil Max Leibman.

Also on the list is Mosche Tepper, 38, Buther (sic), to Rondout, resided Andor, to bil Meshe Salem


091 tentative

Breslau, arr 11/1/02

Efron, Taube, wife, 20, of Pinsk (?), to husb. F. (?) Effron, Lehigh (?), Penn (?) [wife of Feitel of Slutsk?]


092 Tentatively identified in two places. See ARR016

Source document

Rotterdam from Rotterdam 1/10/03 arr 1/21

Effren, Nochem, age 40, mar, shoemaker, last reside Lune, to brother J. Effren, 91 Monroe St, NYC (another also from Lune)



Source document

Patricia from Hamburg, arr 11/20/03

Effron, Abram, age 17, sing, laborer, last reside Minsk, to brother, Feitel Effron, 1(?)46 Madison St., NYC



Source document

Graf Wladeree, from Hamburg 11/27/03, arr 12/10

Efrin, Nissel, 52, mar, laborer, last reside Amdur, to friend, Moishe Wolf, 78 Canal St., NYC



Source document

Chemnitz, from Bremen 11(?)/28/03


Mordiki, 24, sing, nalik (?) maker (St. Paul. See L)

Josef, brother, 21, sing

both last reside Walkowisk, both to Uncle Jos (?) Kratnicky, 159 East Broadway, NYC, discharged to brother



Source document

Blucher from Hamburg 12/11/03, arr 12/23

Effron, Chaim, 30, mar, cabinetmaker, last reside Minsk, to cousin, Meyer Wolff, 58 - 2 Ave



Source document

Blucher, from Hamburg 12/11/03, arr 12/23

Efron (?), Malke, 17, female, sing, servant, last reside Nowidnor, to cousin Lei(?)dke Rosin, 19 Eldridge, NYC [related to Usher of Nowy Dwor?]



Source document

Ethiopia from Glasgow 2/20/04 arr 3/5/04

Efran, Isak, 26, sing, tailor, last reside Minsk, to BIL Chaim Bernstein, 24 Monroe St., NYC (many other minskers there)



Noordam, arr 5/24/04

Efrin, Shewack, 26, Tailor, last reside Amdur, to Uncle L. Rutstein, 179 Spruce St., Newark, NJ



Source document

Pennsylvania, from Hamburg, arr 6/16/04


Jedalje, 30, mar, tradesman, last reside Waronisch (?)

Sore, 26, wife

to Brother Abram Efron, 133/35 Canal St, NYC [the son of Motte ben Gdalia Motte Tsinne's had a brother named Abram, and he could have been b. 1873...]



Statendam, arr 8/16/04

Efron, Nochem, 20, sing, weaver, last reside Wasilkow, to brother E. Heffron, 28 Genessee St., Boston


102 Tentatively located

Germania, arr 8/15/04

Simon, 39, mar, Baker, last reside London, to Brother I?l?an Efron, 59 E. Broadway



Island, arr 9/20/04


Meische, 36, mar, tailor, to sister Emma c/o [blank]

Chane, sister, 29, sing, both of Grodno, to M. Liskin, 274 Madison St., NYC, ("for E? Efron")



Source document: Page 1, Page 2

President Lincoln, arr 10/17/07


Meer, 28, mar, bookkeeper, last reside Wilna, whence - wife G?aullie (?) Efron, Wilna, to cousin, Max Meier, 11 Hanover St., Boston, 5'8", fair/black/gray, b. Wilno



Source document: Page 1, Page 2

President Lincoln, arr 11/29/07

Efron, Jankel, 30, sing, pedlar, no read or write, last reside Bialystok, whence Chaskel Efron, father, Bialystok, to cousin Joseph Saloway, 733 Milwaukee A., Chic, IL, 5'6", fair/br/br, b. Bialastok



Source document: Page 1, Page 2

Tennyson from Santoe (passengers from Buenos Aires), arr 3/22/11


Chaim, 42, school teacher, was in Phila. from 1888 to 1903, 4'9", dark skin, br and blue, b. Kovno

Chava, 33, was in Phila. from 1888 to 1906, dark skin, br, blue, b. Kovno

Pedro, 10, b. Phila, fair skin, fair hair, blue eyes

Dwoira, 8, b. Phila, dark, br and blue

Moses, 5, b. Phila

Katrina, 4, b. Phila

Tauba, 3, b. Phila

Jose, 2, b. Buenos Aires

Itta, 6 mos, b. Buenos Aires

All last reside in Buenos Aires, all to his brother Charles Effron, 16/18 Bridge St., Poughkeepsie, remainder children are fair skin, fair hair and blue eyes



SS The Finland, arr at NY from Finland on 9/17/1907

Wolf Dess, 16, last resided Amdur (indexed as Amdar on Ancestry), whence parents Cheskel Dess, Amdur. Going to NYC to Uncle M. (?) Dess at 160 Henry (?) St. Born Amdur



Source document

Oscar II from Copenhagen 3/16/16

Grone (?) Efron, niece of Abraham, 19, sing, servant, whence - Sister Kaje Efron, 48 Boyaerpor (?), Copenhagen, servant, to friemd, Feora Abramovitch, (same address)

Tikler, Abraham, Uncle, 25, bookmaker, b. Minsk

Tikler, Marja (w of Abr.), 29, b. Copenhagen, b. Copenhagen

Semarof, Leiser, 9 and Abe, 8, stepchildren (?), b. Copenhagen

Twikler, Samuel, 2, child, b. Copenhagen

all but Grone whence - brother Zale Tarbrohoff (?), 49 Nyleson (?), Copenhagen, to sister Frida Abramovitch, 24-26 Hansborough St. (?), Boston



Nordam, arr 10/31/16


Taube, 25

Leiser, 2

both last reside Grodno, whence - father - Isak Sifleir (?) of 26 Larasna U., Grodno, to husb. Morris Effron, 2071 Michigan Ave, Bronx, both b. Grodno



SS Belgravia, arr 7/10/00 from Hamburg at NY

Leib Lipunsky, 37, married, from Amdur, to Dayton OH to brother Leiser (?) Lipunsky, 408 Lewis St.



arr 6/29/20


Frume, 27

Scheine, 6, dau,

both last reside Narewska, Poland, whence - father Abram Liniewska, of Narewska, Pol, to husb. I. Effron, 308 Mource St., Syracuse, temp address at 1475 Longfellow Ave, NYC, both b. Narewka



SS The Western World, Arr. 4/28/1924 at NY, from Buenos Aires

Aron Karpovich, 30, married, was in Argentina for 5 years, 3 months, whence La Plata and friend David Rodenthal [Rosenthal ?], Calle 4, La Plata, going to friend J. Schor, c/o H. Smith, 845 E. 176th St., NYC. Born Essen, Germany. An annotation is dated 10/4/1927.



Mount Clinton from Hamburg 7/28/21


Bajla, 41

Mejer, 15

Efraim, 9

Mosza, 8

all last reside Zuma, Poland, whence - aunt Lezi Drojna, Grodno, ul. Bodolna 8, Poland, to husb Apky, 109 Momme St., NYC, all black hair and eyes, all b. Zuma (Lunna)



Gdansk, arr 8/28/21


Mendel, 22, sing, hairdresser, dark hair, gray eyes

Cypka, sister, sing, 17, dressmaker, black hair, dark eyes

both last reside Grodno, whence - Gdalja Efren, Grodno, ul. Grandzicka 19, to brother Sala Efren, 1384 Boston Rd., Bronx, b. Grodno . [Max and Celia. See ARR029]



SS Main, arr. Baltimore 12/20/1913 from Bremen

Sara Schor, 22, Hebrew, last resided Indura, whence father Mort. Schor, Indura. Annotation says: C/A [certificate of arrival] Los Angeles 23-13/468 Bates 10945 10/10/1944. Only one page to this manifest, but index and date indicates there are more than one page.



SS Koln, arr. Baltimore 3/30/1912

Isaak Schor, 21, Sellar, Russic, Hebrew, from Amdin, whence father Mates (?), going to Chicago, IL. No second page, though there should be.



SS Britannia, arr. 10/?/1922 from Lisbon

Jacob Schor, 27, single, farmer/gardner, Hebrew, from Grodno, from his “father Matias, Leia,” going to the Bronx to his brother-in-law, Moses Smith, 1500 Boston Rd. He was born in Minsk.



SS Rotterdam, arr NY 12/14/1904 from Hamburg

Leib Efroim, 19, tailor, resides Amdul [Amdur], going to Poughkeepsie to brother Willy Efroim, 199 Church St., Poughkeepsie.



Castle Island arr

Isaac Segelowitz of Minsk

Arr 4/2/1886, age 20, 55 Gellert St.

From Hamburg/Havre



SS Gneisenan, arr at Sydney from Bremen on 4/27/1914

Facob Efron (indexed that way on Ancestry)

Age 21




SS Benalla, arr at Melbourne, Australia 9/20/1922, sailing from London

Morris Efron, 19




SS Stuttgart, arr Sydney 9/1/1904 from Port Said

Markus Efron, 32, Russian



SS Grosser Kurfurst, arr Melbourne 2/6/1908 from Bremen

Effron, Mrs. Odel, 42

Saphie, 11

Salle, 7

Moses, 5




Queen Mary, arr. NY 10/20/1953

Esther and Morris Bardas, visiting



SS Persia, arr 12/15/1897, NY, from Hamburg

Ephrain (indexed by Ancestry as Ephraim)

Ester, 46

Rifka, 17

From Sapotskin (?), going to NY to her son [sic], David. [same last name as hers, so and understandle because they have the same last name.



Hamburg departures

Esther Ephraim, departs 11/27/1897 on the Persia, resided in Sapotschin, Russia, with Riwke



Source document

Westernland (Westmoreland?) from Liverpool, arr. Philadelphia, 8/19/1906

Efron, Isaak, age 19, Printer, last resided in Wilno, to brother Aron Efrron c/o Mr. Levi, 25 N. 5th Street, Harrisburg, PA. A notation says that [Aron] was here 8 years



Source document: Page 1, Page 2 is missing (verify)

Merion (?) from Liverpool, arr. Philadelphia, 9/30/12

Efron, Josef, 20, Shoemaker, b. Vilna and last resided there, his father Baruch Efron lives there now. He is going to Harrisburg to his brother Aron, who is at 533 Filber Street, Harrisburg, PA. He is 5’6 with brown hair and eyes.



[44-48 ndx]

Etti Ephrian, arr. 10/16/04 SS Arabic (27-93-1006), from SF office file 1300-136318 7-13-54



[44-48 ndx]

Ellia Efron, 9M, child

NY b. Vilna, arr 12/2/10 ship unk CR 256965

Also found as “Elie Efron”

Same as #26



SS Pennsylvania arr NY 11/21/1909 from Hamburg

Benzion Grossefrau, 18, single, butcher, last resided Kaminkin (?), whence father, Shacne Grossefran (?), Kaminkan (?), to uncle Yudel Caplan, 210 Madison, NY



[44-48 ndx]

Gizella Efrain of Sicheloban, Hung., bro is Jacob of Columbus, OH. W/ sis Zali, father is David.



Julius and Marks Ko(a?)tkin, brothers. Vol 3440, p 111, lines 29 & 30: Julius is 16, a clerk; Marks is 17, a tailor machinist(?), nationality both is English, whence Abr. Kotkin, 100 Columbia Rd. London East, going to Uncle Joseph Gornitzky of 182/4 Van Winkle Ave., Jersey City, NJ (next column says 6 years, both b. London, arr. NY on the SS St Louis from Southhampton 7/17/10-9/24/10.


134 Tentatively placed

[44-48 ndx]

Alte Efrim, 17, male (sic?), housemaid (sic?), manifest 18-141-4997, b. Grodno, arr 10/12/13 Pres Lincoln, salst reside Grodno, whence uncle Leib Efrim, Grodno, going to St. Louis to father Chaim Efrim, 1218 W. 15th St., St. Louis, 5'4", fair, black/gr [Chaim Cheikel’s]



[44-48 ndx]

Jean Ivan Auguste Effront, 48, manifest 15075-120-2, swiss citizen, race French, b. Brussels, arr. 8?/22/45, plane #2315 visa v. 257 section 3(2)B, issued Paris 8/2/45, last resided Beclin (Nord) France CR index card 0300-934703 10/17/45 whence wife Effront F (?) Raymonde, Lyon France. Destin: Seclin, France, prev. in US in 1936, going to Leo Wallerstein, 180 Madison Ave, NYC, temp stay, 5'11", gray/blue; mission French embassy



David Efron, 41, mar, occup: ILO, arr 18-135-15147 on SS Athos II, citizen of Argentina, race latin american, b. Villaguaz, Arg, visitor nrby country, sec. 105.3 (D), transmit to Canada



[44-48 ndx]

David Efron, 42, govt Official, 23-45-15552 Arg, arr 1/22/1947, SS Wash, wife Genevieve, 34 US Citzen, Genevieve b. Baltimore is with him.



[44-48 ndx]

Iserie Efronas, 34, single, mgr. Druggist, 4-333-15297, citiz Lith, race LI, born Simnas, Lith, arr. 5/10/1946, plane NC 88845 PAA going to Uncle Isidore Bialosky, 3273 Bershid Rd. Cleveland [Irving b Gedaliah?]



[44-48 ndx]

Effront, Jean I., 48, Co. Pres Occup., #28-59-15532, swiss, race French, b. Belguim on 1/1/47 Queen Elizabeth.



[44-48 ndx]

Jean Effron, 49, arr. 11/28/47 plane



SS Estonia, arr NY 3/1/1909 from Libau

Grois-Efron, Dobe, 22, 5’5”

Judes, 21, 4’7”

Both are going to their cousin S. (?) Kagansansig (?), whence Shachne Grois-Efron, Kaminka. Both are tailoresses, have gray eyes and were born in Kaminka



SS Pennsylvania, arr 6/16/1904 NY from Hamburg, Chane Bremer, 36; Ester, 11; Vigdor, 9; Sore, 7; Breine, 3.All are from Narewka. Going to Wolf Bremer in Syracuse.



SS The Konigin Luise, arr 7/14/1903 at NY from Bremen

Abram Efrin [indexed as Efrim in the Ellis Island database] [age?]

Single, from Narovky [indexed as Naronky]

To brother-in-law Dino Efron, c/o E. (?) Goldstein, 306 Delancy St., NYC



SS Rijndam, arr 1/24/1917 at NY, from Rotterdam.

Basche Schneider, 63, widowed

last reised n Krynki where she left her daughter, L. Yelekowitz

Going to Bridgeport, CT

Initially going to her children, Ch. Schneider at 404 Madison St., NY

5’1”, brown, brown, and born in Krynki.



SS Blucher, arr 2/6/1906, NY from Hamburg

Abram Schneider, 21, single, tailor, last residedin Krinki, going to brother Chaim Schneider at 10 Lewis St.



SS Ryndam, arr 6/6/1905 NY from Rotterdam

Schneider, Gale (indexed as Gate), 30, wife

Berel, 5

Liebe, 3

Efraim, 11 mos.

She last resided in Suprasl and is going to her husband, Louis Schneider at 10 Louis St., NY



SS Haverford, arr 8/26/1920 at Philadelphia

Selikarrier, David, 49, Merchant

Leja, 42 (?)

Chaia, 21

Rusel, 19

Lynker, 17

Rachel, 15

Teigel, 13

Dobe, 8

Whence friend Efraim Sussina, Ureritz

Going to son-in-law, Sam Berger, 1418-20 W. Maden St., Chicago

All last resided Krynki

Many handwritten annotation, including “Selikovich”



[44-48 ndx]

George A. Efron, 50, married, jeweler, 9-61-163(?)81 on 4/28/49, a stateless Russian, b. Vilna, last reside 25(?) Nanking Rd., Shanghai, in US before, 1959 (sic); going to Mayo Bros. Clinic Rochester, Minn. Is staying to 8/1/1949, wife Anna S-151, V130 R37


*149 No entry in genealogy for this person

C. (L?) Ephrain, 25, male, merchant, natnlty US, last perm Reside US, destin US, arr. New Orleans, Louisianna on the (Iadem? Nodem?) on 11/2/1837, No. 142, p. 10


150 No entry in genealogy for this person

Julius Ephreign, 20, merchant, German, last perm Reside Germany, arr. Baltimore 10/1/1832, Balt 25 P52


151 SS Vaderland from Antwerp, arr. 9/28/1910
Kraselink (sic), Scheine, 27; Rochel, 7; Ely, 3 and 6 months. Going to Abram, at 204 Madison St., NYC. All born in Berestovitsa and last residing there. Whence father Samuel N. Efron of Berstovitsa. She is 4’ 10”. Also from Berestovitsa is Esther Suchowitzky and her children: Series T715, Roll 1542  Frames 294 & 295 lines 26-28 (misindexed in Ellis Island database), List 13 (aka Page 31). She is going to her husband M. (?) Suchonitzky c/o  M. Lewin, 96 Vaskin Str., NYork, whence her parents Solein Saperstein, Berestovitsa. Children are Pincho, Jossal, Judel and Rosalie.



Boarder crossing at Buffalo, NY 10/2/1933: Ida Levine Mones, b. Grodno, age 60, Last resided at Mount Forest, Ont., CAN, whence daughter, Bessie Davidson, 343 Is?lington Ave, Toronto. Previously in the US for one month in May, 1933. Going to her Husband, Harris Mones,  of 20 Chambers St., Kingston, NY, 5’4”, grey hair, brown eyes. Reference to Montreal, 1889, and #731409. Petition 213874 approved by Dept of labor 9/7/1933. Married at Poughkeepsie 5/13/1933, husband Harris Mones, b. Poland, naturalized at county court, Kingston, NY, 3/21/04.Signs in Hebrew and English. Born 5/16/1873.



Arr on the Vaderland at NYC 6/4/1912

Moscha Efron, 20, baker, last reside in Luna [Lunna], whence father, E. Efron of Luna, to brother S. (?) Efron of 111 (?) Madison St. He is 5’6” dark features and mark of smallpocks, b. Lunna



Seimen Kapuler, 48, tailor, last lived in Indura, going to Pittsburgh, PA to his son. Contact is A. Kopelsohn, 45 Congress St.



[verify and get proper abstract]

Louis arrived on 9/13/03 at Baltimore on the ship Neckor (?), sailing from Bremen on August 27 as "Leazer Osher Effron".  He is going to meet his brother David at 536 West St., Cincinnati.  He was 16 years old.


156 SS The Russia from Libau, arr. NY

Gole Browermann

Going to brother in law, Gedalia Levin, 3 Auburn Court, Chelsea. 5’2”, b. Amdur, Grodno, 20, last permanent residence Indur. Cosest relative whence she came is her father, Schlame Braverman, Indur.


157 SS Milano, Arr NY 7/9/1901

Itzke Lewin, b. abt. 1879, last resided Adelsk (indexed in Ellis Island database as Jterke Lenir of Adelsh). Going to his brother (sic) Gedalja Lewin, 48 Spruce St., Chelsea.


158 Steamship Karlsruhe, 3/19/1892 (does not indicate if that is arrival or departure, nor ports), page 216, Abraham I. Effron, 17, Destination OH, Occupation (illegible), Nativity, Grodna



(indexed as Ettke Efroim of N Door)

Efroim, Osher, joiner, 50, m

Kreinie, seamstress, 16

Ettke, child, 11

Whence his brother in Navador, Moises Efroim?; last resided in N Door (or Dvor)

Has $100. Going to nephew (cousin) Wolf, Tehalel, 125 St? – 46 St., Brooklyn

He is 5 5, Kreinie is 5 3, both have gray eyes (children not described)



[verify date of arrival – 1889?] NY Arrival

William Affron, age 22, Engineer and George Affron, 18, Silversmith (year?). They are are citizens of the US and England.



 Sarah Affron, NY Arrival

 arrived 12/30/1869

b. 1844, arrived with Thomas, b.1867 and

Albert, 1868



SS Aldenburg from Brenen, arr. NY 4/23/1910, Dess, Chaikel, 46, Merchant, last lived in Indura, whence wife Beila Dess at Indura, previously lived in Chicago from 1901-1907, going to son W. Dess at 77 Ludlow St., NYC. Born Andura



Arrived 4/28/1906 in NY from Hamburg:

Eni Lapinski, 40, housewife, last resided in Amdur, to husband Leib Lapinski in Dayton, OH, with children Jankel, 12, Lisa?, 9 and Salmon?, 6.



San Francisco arrival, JW Affron

1852, page 11, to Rasmussen



John Effron, age 30, arrived Boston on Parthia 8/9/1874, Miner

born or nationality: Ireland, last resided England

List 101



James Ephrain, age 27

arrived Boston, 4/16/1875, Br Sch Amelia, list 88



St. Albans records of crossing, Ezka Efron, arr. Montreal 2/28/1912, ser# 177-73-4 from Bobruisk, age 19, male, photographer, last res Minsk Bobruisk. Nearest relative back in country is father, Gershon. 1st time in US. Going to Bayonne to join uncle Schmule Wolfson, 523 Ave C. (?).



St. Albans records of crossing, Arr. at St. John on 2/12 on SS Mt. Temple ???



St. Albans records of crossing, 3C "Arawa" from Avonimouth, Quebec, 9/21/99, #101-2, Isack Efron, 18, carpenter, last perm reside is Rodna, going to NY to cousin L. Oshinsky, 48 Mott St.



St. Albans records of crossing, Josef Efron, 3CL Sururiar Liverpool, Port of Quebec 7/13/1900 #47-10, age 19, occup: coker Cooper, Jew of Russ, going to bro in NYC



St. Albans records of crossing, Marem  (Mare? -- Meyer?) Efron (with Joseph), BCL SS Lake Superior, Liverpool 7/5/00, Port of Quebec 7/13/1900, #47-9, age 26, occup: Coafier ? Cooper? from Vilna, going to cousin V. ?

 M(N?)ogelefsky, F. 113 Henine? Henrie? St, (probably should be Henry St.)NY



Tentatively located, St. Albans records of crossing, 3 Pirtovian, Liverpool 3/14/05 Halifax 3/25/05 #48-1, Lazarus Efron, age 28, confectioner, last lived in Grodno, Bialystok, going to Chic to Hersh Soboroff, 1057 Winchester St.



St. Albans records of crossing, C3L from Grodno, Nixon Efran, age 38, builder, single, SS Lake Ontario, left liverpool 2/17/00, landed St. John to join nephew 35 Sand(ewacker?), Sandewater



 Vol 4 of S.F. Ship Pass. Lists, Rasmussen, Louis J. (Coloma, CA) p. 11) [source: Passenger & Immigration] Affron, J.W., arrived S.F., CA, 1852



Julius A. Ephrain, arrived Phil., 1855



Arrived, NY (from Ancestry)

Chaer Efran, age 6, arr. 7/20/1887

Eugen, father, b. abt. 1840, arr same

Schome, mother, b. abt. 1840, arr same



Arrived, NY (from Ancestry)

A. Efrin, Male, b. 1871, arr. 3/2/1891



Arrived, NY (from Ancestry)

Luib Efrin, M, 1870, 2/27/1888



Tentatively determined

Arrived, NY (from Ancestry)

Moses Efrin, M, 1863, 2/12/1888



Arrived, NY (from Ancestry)

Alexander Efron, 12/23/1935

Edith Efron, b. abt. 1922, arr. 12/23/1935



Arrived, NY (from Ancestry)

Aschne Efron, 19 (?), Spinster, 7/13/1891, with. Nachman, 35



Arrived, NY (from Ancestry)

Benjamin Efron, 19 and Chaim Efron, 30, arr. 6/25/1888



Arrived, NY (from Ancestry)

Benjamin Efron, 27, of 137 Ludlow St. (naturalized DC of NY on 9/17/1931), with wife Lillian, 25, b. 11/22?/1909, NY, resides 666 Dawson St.,

Bronx, both arrived 8/29/1935



Arrived, NY (from Ancestry)  Tentatively as to David Efron

David Efron, 3/26/1891, b .abt. 1863.

Efron Wigder, 17, Baker

Also, on the same page are: Chone Braverman, 22, Brewer;; Selig Weiner, 56 (?); Gedalje Lewin



Tentative Arrived Baltimore, SS Rhein, 4/1/1906

Abraham Effron, 16, shoemaker, last resided. Amdur, to Uncle Elie Efron, 522 5th Ave., Cincinatti, OH



Arrived Baltimore SS Frankfurt, 9/1906

Itchok and Chane Urchatzki or Marchatzki, 42 and daughter 16, both were born and last reside in Wolkowisk

Going to b-i-l Note Effron at 122 Limestone St.,  Lexington, KY



Boston SS Rotterdam, Arrival 2/21/1921

Chana Efron, 22, single

To Uncle J. Bramson 1816 Madison Ave, NY, b. Grinik (Krynki); last resided in Bialystok, whence Beila Efron, Grinik (no relationship specified.

Ref No. 3/30210; also stamped “legal entry for permanent resident verified 6/8/1939”



Arrived Boston on Ivernia, 9/1903

Elke, 20 and sister Judes, 16, both single going to uncle Gottlieb Effron, 50 Eldridge St., NY



Boston Arrival, Saxonia, arr. 11/1909

Schimen, 19 and Hersch, 6, both last reside Wilno and born Wilno, whence Schimen’s aunt Tenbe or Teube Sluoorsher ??? at Koje , Wilna (Hersch’s grandmother)

Schimen’s CA 7-112449 11/21/1938

Hirsch’s C/A 1-420262 12/10/1942

Going to Boston to Brother and father Lueles Chimon Efrom ????47 Bromley St., Boston

This is Sam Effron of Cleveland – see naturalization



Boston arrival  Ivernia 9/26/06

Itzko Gold, 20, single, Jeweller; last reside Wilno, to NYC to cousin, Mordche Efron of 233 Broome St.



Detroit arrival 5/6/1943 Elkona Efron aka Alex Effron

CIV # 1497 issued at Windosr, Ont., b. Grodek, Poland 5/27/1903 (or 1902?), at 39, furrier, whence father  (?) Maurice, at Tel Aviv, Palestine. Was previously in the US from 7/4/1935 to date, at Detroit. Going to brother Max Efron at 2675 Rochester , at. 308. Arrived at Halifax, N.S. 11/24/1928 on the Polonia. Reference to an avvidavit in lieu of passport Dist. 4141/ 0-5   C.O. 5604 2/201 (difficult to read)



California arrival 5/12/1931 on the Thurland Castle

Alberto Efron, 39, single, speaks Argentine Spanish,  born Kieff, from Columbia, his last permanent residence, going to Manila, Philippine Islands. Blue eyes

Whence Edide Efron (cousin), of Yenish. Colonizaise Pacion, Buenos Aires, Argentina



Tentative California Arrival, George Efron, 50 on the President Pierce, arr. From Kobe Japan 2/1/1939

married, Jeweler, speaks English, b. Welno, Poland, Last resided Shanghai.


Entries 195-231 Hamburg departures found on Ancestry 1/1/07:



Anna Efron, 37, from Vilna, Blucher, 12/31/1910, to US



Nachman Efron, 35 and Aschne Efron, 18, from Wilna, Huddersfield, 6/27/1891, to NY



Chaim Efron, 20, from Swislovitz, Vesta, 12/2/1904, to London



Tentative Channe Efron, 43, and Sore Efron, 3, from Swislawicz, Viola, 3/3/1903, to London



Eisik Efron, 25, from Luna [Lunna], Graf Waldesee, 2/2/1907



Elie Efron, 45, from Liskew ??, [ship?], 2/18/1891, to NY



Simon Efron, 19 and Hersch Efron, 6, from Wilna, Leicester, 3/11/1909, to Great Britain ports



Itzok Efron, 24, from Bialystok, Viola, 4/22/1905, to London



Riwa Efron, 27, and Jacob Efron, 11 months, from Bobroisk, Graf Waldesee, 12/16/1905, to NY



Jankel Efron, 30, from Bialystok, President Lincoln, 11/16/1907, to NY



tentative Jankel Efron, 24, from Luna [Lunna], Graf Waldesee, 12/24/1904, to NY



Jossel Efron, 46, and Leiser Efron, 28, from Bialystok, Vesta, 3/15/1900, to London



Jossel Efron, 24, from Grodno, Olivia, 5/10/1905, to London



Lea Efron, 18, from Mariampol, Persia, 1/6/1895, to NY



Leib Efron, 35, from Grodna, Belgravia, 11/26/1904, to NY



Masche Efron, 30, and Lippe Efron (female), 4, from Wilna, Scandia, 2/3/1895, to NY

(could be May Pekowsky or Malke Aronowitz)



Malkel (?) Efron, 7 (?), Nowidor, Blucher, 12/12/1903, to NY



Meer Efron, 28, from Wilna, President Lincoln, 10/5/1907, to NY



Moses Efron, 26, from Warschau, Moltke, 3/17/1904, to NY



SS Vaderland, arr 6/24/1913 at NY from Antwerp

Selikowitz, Sonor, 19, single, last resided Krinyk, whence father Duvid (?) Selikowitz, Krinyk, going to uncle M. Schneider, 404 Madison St., NY. Born Krinyk



Susse Efron, 22, from Bobruisk, Nerissa, 3/26/1905, to London



Victor Efron, 23, Grodno, Furst Bismarck, 7/8/1897



Nissel Efrin, 52, Amdur, Graf Waldesee, 11/28/1903, to NY [see also NY arrival]



Minie Efrin, 50, Bialystok, Graf Waldesee, 9/1/1906, to NY



Merc Listokin (female), 21, and Basche Listokin, 11/12 of Amdur, The Empress, 6/17/1890, to North America via Hartlepool



Abe and Michle Margolis, and daughter Chaje, of Amdur



Abram Mischkowski, b. 1890, from Amdur



Abram Effron, 17, from Minsk, Patricia, 11/7/1903, to NY



Chaim Effron, 30, Minsk, Blucher, 12/12/1903



Chaim Effron, 40 and family, Chawe, 30 ?, Peisach, 8, Taube, 2, Moische, 5, Gittel, 3, Dwoire, 5, all of Warschau, Konig Friedrich 8/30/1908, arriving at Rio de Janeiro



Itte Effron, 18, from Grodna, 8/30/1890, Suevia, to NY



Source document

Jakob Effron, 25, Grodno, 5/11/1907, Batavia, to NY



Leibe Effron, 25, Wilna, 11/15/1906, Oldham, to Grimsby and Liverpool



Not used



Yankel Efrin, 24, Reise, 22, Chaje, 10 months, from Seree, 4/14/1891, German Empire, to NY



Source document

Jankel Efrin, 41, from Amin, 6/21/1906, Amerika, to NY



Gedalje Hefron, 22, from Bialystok, 5/1/1898, Palatia


End of Hamburg departures



Minnie Segel, 42, married, arrives at NY 9/29/1913 on the George Washington, sailing from Bremen. . She was naturalized at St. Louis, MO 9/13/1896 in the Court of Criminal Correction and currently resides at 1103 Delman St., St. Louis



Source document: Page 1, Page 2

Arr on the Adriatic at  4//11/1927 at NY, from Alexandria, departed 3/25/127

Esther Efron, 37, and sons Raanan, 7, and Prina, 5. They are residents of Palestine and all read English. She was born in Bralobyzez, Poland, and the children were born in Palestine. Last resided in Palestine, where her husband, Dr. L. Efron lives in Haifa.  They are going to see per brother, I. Peltstein, of 200 East Broadway, NYC. All three have brown hair and blue eyes. They were released, according to a notation, to her 4 brothers, a sister, and the father



Source document: Page 1, Page 2

Arriving at Baltimore

On the Main, 2/16/1910, Jankel Effrom, 18, single, merchant, last reside Brestovic, whence father Schmul Effrom, Brestovic, to uncle Elly Effram, 521 Smith Str., Cincinatti, OH, b. Brestovic. Also arriving on that ship is Rivke Abramovitz (ARR235)



Arriving at Baltimore

On the Main, 2/16/1910, Rivke Abramozitz, 20, single, last reside Pestanitza ?? (Berestovitsa?), whence mother Rachel Abramovitz ??, to Cincinnati, OH, to sister, br-i-l, E. Effron, 521 Smith St., Cincinnati, OH, b. Pestanitza. Also arriving on that ship is Jankel Effron (ARR234)



Source document: Page 1, Page 2

SS Finland, arr. 6/7/1913 from Antwerp. Chaje Efren, 20, single, seamstress, last resided Prestowiz, whence father ShamuelEfren of Prestowiz, going to B-i-law and sister, Krasilnick at 125 Madison St., NY. Born Prestowiz.



Source document

Pennsylvania, from Hamburg, arrived NY 1/8/1899, Abe Braverman, last reside Grodno. Going to NY to brother-i-law ? Max or Nat (?) Litwin or Leitwin of 50 Chrystie Street.



Source document: Page 1, Page 2

Difficult to read.. The Abrams family came to the US at NY on 4/19/1900 on the Kaiser Wilhelm II, sailing from Genoa 3/11/1900. Their final destination is Boston.

Abromovich, Simson, 50


Salomon 16

Jacob, 10 months

Abramovich, Berol ?, 26

Juni ?, 24

Debo ?, 4

Ari, 2

Beila, 1month

Last reside in Buenos Aires

To uncle ? and brother at 26 Brighton St.



Source document

On the Karlsruhe, 3/19/1892, Abraham I. Effron, to OH, last resided Grodna



Source document

Braverman, Nisen, 15, Bookbinder, arrived at NYC on 11/27/1903 on the Barcelona, sailing from Hamburg, last residing in Grodno, joining his father, Abey Braver, 597 First St., Bosotn



Source document: Page 1, Page 2

The Petersburg, sailing from Libau on 5/11/1908, arrived at NY 5/28/1908, Fischel Bravermann, 35, joiner, whence N. Bravermann, Adlesk, going to Chelsea, MA, joining brother in law G. Litvin, 3-F Court St., Chelsea. Born in Grodno, Grodno.



Source document: Page 1, Page 2

Neche Braverman , 39, Jankel, 16, Cherne (?), 11, Chaim Zould, 7, and Sore, 3. They last resided in Amdur whence her father, Schloime Braverman, lives. They are going to Chelsea, MA to her husband, Fishel Braverman, at 3 Auburn Ct. Arriving with Necha and her children is Sasha Gordon, Fishel’s sister, and Sasha’s children. They last lived in Krinik/Kurney whence her father in law lives, S. Gordon. They are going to the same address, to Sasha’s husband, N. Gordon.



Source document: Page 1, Page 2

(Verify: second page only?)

Abram Nagdimann, arr. 7/2/1910, going to cousin, Hessel ?? Bolstein (Bolsition?)16-41 E. 5th St., Dayton , OH, whence wife Feige in Biealystok, b. Grodno (related to Bramsohn/Bramson family?)



Source document, Variant

From Marseilles 3/17/1899, arrive NY

Gidal Ifron, 24, single,

Iteu (?) Ifron, 25, married,

Sevelli Ifron, 25, married,

Chikim (?) Abramovitz, 24, single,

All Russian nativity, all last resided in Buenos Aires. The “Ifrons” are going to their brother “S U D. Efron, 150 Church St., Poughkeepsie, NY

Chikim is going to his brother D. Abramawitz, 5 Haverhill St., Boston



Source document

Arrived NYC, 12/19/1905 on the Finland, sailing from Antwerp

Judes, Kaplan, 26

Itte, 5

Leib, 3

Efroim, 1

All last resided in Krynik (likely indexed under something else). They are going to their husband/father Mores Kaplan, of 344 E. 4th Street, NYC

Image is Yudes Kaplan Manifest.gif

(Courtesy of Seth Gellis)



Arrival at St. Albans, Manning Ephron,b. London,  age 22, single, male, stenographer, speaks English, mother is Fanny, 42 Henagett, London, to Uncle Samuel Mankin, 910 S. Lincoln St., Chicago, IL, green eyes, only visiting, is Jewish. Last permanent residence was Winnepeg. He arrived in Quebec on 7/21/1922, Emp. of Scotland.



Continue inputing info from Ancestry month of full free access



Here begins add’l entries from Ancestry free search, for EFFR*:



Arriving at Boston:

On the Ivernia, arriving 9/26/1906, Effron, Pesse, 33, f, , last reside Grodno, with Morke or Monic ??, 9, and Efroim, 3, to NYC to husband/father, Morris Effron, 233 Broom St. [e.g. Broome St.]



On the Arabic, arriving 12/1/1906, Leib Effron, 20, single, tailor, last reside Vilna, , going to Cleveland, OH to brother, Abram Effron, at 2333 Orange St., b. Wilno



On the Ivernia, arriving 9/1903, sisters Elke and Judes Efron, 20 and 16, tailors, to Uncle Mr. Gottlieb Effron, 50 Eldridge St., NY



On the Chemnitz, 7/17/1904, Mordche Backer, 37, shoemaker, last resided Walkowisk, going to Cincinnati, OH to b-i-law E. Effron, 532 W. 5 St.



On the Rhein, 4/1906, Abraham Effron, 16, single, shoemaker, last reside Amdur, going to Uncle in Cincinnati, OH, Elie Efron, 522 5 St



On the Darmstadt, 1/20/1905, Chaim Effron, 18, single, butcher, last reside Amdur, going to Cincinnati to uncle E. Effron, 532 W. 5th St.



On the Neckar, Noah Effron gives an affidavit for David Subotnik, on page 143. To summarize; Noah Effron of Cedar Rapids, IA, is 51, and is worth 10,000 dollars. David Subotnik, resident of Coidenov, Minsk, about 50, proposes to emigrate to the US. He is his brother in law. Noah swears to support him until he can support himself. Sworn 8/20/1906.



On the Chemnitz, 7/1904, Ephraim Frei, 18, single, shoemaker, last reside Wilkowiski, going to Cincinnati, to cousin, N. Effron, 122 Limeston St. also 532 W. 5th St.



On the Breslau, 2/1903, Nachman Frei, 20, Single, hatter, last reside Wolkowisk, to Cincinnati to uncle, Elie Effron, 532 W. 5th St.



On the Cassel, 8/1904, Efroim Liamperin, 20, single, smith, last reside Ozar [probably Ozer], toing to cousin, Meyer Effron, of 100 ?? So. Holstead St., Chicago



SS Haverford, arr 8/26/1920 Philadelphia

Same ship on which Leah arrived

Mordchelerwicz, Rivka, 28, from Krinki

Chaja, 6

Whence cousin Efr. Sussmanarity

Going to cousin in Chicago, Efr. Sussmauritz (y?)

82 W Madison St., Chicago

(2nd page not available)

Going to Filip Schneider. She was born in Krynki

(indexed as “Riker Mardchelewicz)

(verify info)



SS Switzerland 8/1/1900 to Philadephia, from Antwerp (Ancestry)

Lewin, Gedalje, 36 (indexed as Lewis)

last reside Adelsk (indexed as Fdelsk)

to brother-in-law Abe Brawer at 97 3rd Ste., (illeg. – Shelswo (eg, Chelsea?)), MA



SS Ivernia arr 9/26/1906 Boston

Efron [verify spelling of last name], Pesse, 33

Morrie, 9

Efroim, 3

Last resided Grodno

going to Pesse’s husband Morke or Maric at 233 Broome St., NY



Hamburg ship lists (Ancestery)

SS Nottingham, arr Grimsby, departed Hamburg, 7/23/1891

Efroim, Schmuel, 18, resided Wilkowisk, Russia

Efroim, Mosche, 15, resided Wilkowisk, Russia

(did not find arrival in US – possibly at Galveston?)



SS President Grant,p. 96,  is Schlojus Rosenshein of Wolkowysk, whence father Jossel, to cousin at 3th ? Rd., NY to Doris? (Floris?)  Kane. VERIFY TO GET ADDITIONAL INFO.




SS The Russia, arr. NY 11/1/1909 from Libau

Bugacz, Hinde, 17, single, no occupation,

Bugacz, Girsch, 16, single, (annotation – maybe for both), shoemaker

For both of them: last resided Rashanny (indexed as Rashamy), whence Jankel Bugacz, Rushanny, going to Minneapolis, MN; fare paid by brot (?) in law; going to brother in law, Liew, 1009 (not sure about “9”) Brene (??) place, Minneapolis, MN, both b. in Rashany, Grodno [Name of brother in law must be “Ziev”] – see 1910 census for Hannah Zieve]



SS Aquitania, arr 6/10/1921 at NY, from Southhampton

…Nochimowsky (indexed that way at Ellis Island site), Izaak (blotched), 52, Lumber business

Chana (blotched), 49

Ch (Chai ?), a female under 16,

Whence daughter, CH. Nochimowsky, Valkoneizk (also, Valovizk)

Going to NY to daughter R. Nachinof, 162 (6 is uncertain) Henry St.

All born Wolkoveisk



Max Effron, 12/4/1942, b. Michalawa, Byalistok, age 20, married, Furrier, last resided Detroit, nearest relative is cousin Samuel Sofer, 4647 Esplanade Ave, Montreal, was previously in US until 1935, at Detroit, going to join wife Mildred Chaiken Effron at 2675 Rochester, Detroit. Arrived at Halifax 12/12/1929



SS The Nieuw Amsterdam, arr 11/17/1916 at NY, from Rotterdam

Nochimowski, Hinde, 16

Rochel, 19

Both born Wolkowysk

Both last resided in Wolkowisk, whence father Izak Nochimowski, of Wolkowisk

Going to Uncle, Chaim Nachimowski, 21 Catherine St., NY



1/2/1908, SS Dominion, arr 1/2/1908 to Portland, ME, from Liverpool

Crossed out: Ann Zanes ??, 5’3, b. Grodno (difficult to read)

Neche Zanes, 38

Sarah Zanes, 15

Dora Zanes, 11

Rose Zanes, 10

Fanny Zains, 4 years, 10 months

Lazarus Zains, 3 years, 10 months

Last resided in London, and before that in Volkovysk.

On the second page of listings are:

Fanny and Lazarus Zanes, whence father, and are going to St. Paul.

The other children, with their mother, are coming whence their mother’s brother-in-law, M. Zanes, 134 Jordner (?) St., London and they are going to St. Paul.

Further down the page is Minnie Levenson, 58, widow (?)

occupation Dowisher (?), last resided in London

Whence friend M. Siens, 130 Wardour (?) St., London

to son, B. Levenson, 619 Jackson St., St. Paul, MN.

Necha’s place of birth appears to be Simnas, and she is going to her brother-in-law, B. Levenson, in St. Paul.



SS Russia, arr Port Huron 8/5/1913 from Libau via Halifax

Moisey Lipschitz, 55

Ette, 48

Sophia, 23

Going to David Levenson in St. Paul

Last resided Mir

Born Mir



SS Graf Waldersee, arr 9/13/1906

Efrin, Minie, 52

Last resided Bialystok

Widow, going to son-in-law, Hirsch Aronis (?)



The Zeeland, arr 3/22/1904 at NY, from Antwerp

Kahn, Leib, 16, tailor, last reside Bialystok, to Kingston/Rondout

Jankel, 15, same

Both are going to Uncle Joseph Schiran (?), c/o K Lonas (?), Chambers St., Rondout



Arr on the SS Trave at NY  4/27/1899 from Bremen

Pesche Mannix (?), (indexed as Pesehe Masenio), 26, a wife

Abraham, 5

Ester, 4

Leib, 1 month.

Going to her husband in Kingston.?


Detroit border crossings



SS Koln, arr 9/19/1912 Baltimore, from Brennan

Afron, Abram, 19, single, farmer (?)

Last resided Losovicze (?)

Whence mother Chaje Afron, Losovisze (?) Bersewitz (?), Suwalki

Going to Chicago to brother, Afron Hirsch, 1854 S. Taylor (?) St., Chicago, b. Losovicze



Ancestry Canada arrivals

December 12, 1929 arrival at Halifax from Copenhagen is Mordechaj Effron (with two Fs) Nat. 23-10-34 (ref? 10839). 17, single, b. Michalow, farm laborer, going to his brother, Elicona Effron of 3624 Colonial Ave., Montreal. Ref? 416862 . Whence father, Mowsza Effron, Bialystok, Ul. Grajewska 3



Ancestry Canadian Arrivals

Arrival at Halifax from Danzig Nov. 24, 1928 on the Polonia, Elkono Efron, 25 (5 per index – difficult to read), born Grodek, Poland, single. Naturalized 7/9/1933 (reference nos. 20365 (6 is difficult to read) and 416862). Weaver, going to uncle Joseph Silver, 781 St. Lawrence St., Montreal. Whence father, Moses Efron, Bialystok.



Gitla Goelman Effron, 5/28/1930, accompanied by husband Samuel. 21, b. Stawiska, Poland, last reside Windsor, CAN, going to Detroit, MI, was previously in US 6/28 – to 6/29/1929, at Detroit MA. Coming to join husband Samuel at 1237 Euclid, Detroit, MI, whence brother Morris Goelman, 114 Belmont Block, Edmonton. She arrived at Halifax, 3/10/1927 on the Arabic. Husband naturalized at US C Nat # 2275651, Harlan, KY.



SS Zeeland, arr 3/22/1904 NY from Antwerp

Annotated: “Not on board” and entries struck through

Schuman (indexed as Schunnan, Mere, 28

Jankel, 8

Riwke, 7

Chaim, 3

Moishe, 11 months

Last resided Bialostok

To husband/father Jos. (?) Schuman, c/o H. Manas, 39 Chambers St., Rondout

Going to Rondout, NY



NY Arrival (Ancestry)

Arr at NY on the SS Berengaria,3/20/1925 from Southhampton

Frydman, Estera, 37

Dyna, 13

Pesza, 9

Inda, 6

Sara, 1 and 8 months

Everyone’s last permanent residence was in “Dura”, Grodno, and they were born there. The nearest relative was an Uncle Mayer Efros (sic), who lives in “Dura.” They are going to Chicago to their husband/father Abraham Frydman, at 3210 So. State Street.



Jakob Zinnes

 arrival at NYC 10/13/1913

Frankfurt sailing from Bremen

24, single, bookbinder

Whence his father, Shmuel Zinnes, in Amdur

Previously in the US, in NY, in 1904 “1904/10” (that is, until 1910)

Going to his friend, A (?) Goldin, at 2-4 Suffolk St., NY

He is 5’7”, born in Amdur.



NY Arrivals, SS Kroonland, 6/1/1903, Leib Afron

17, single, last lived in Wasilkow, going to uncle Ellis Efran in Boston at 28 Lewiss (??) St., Boston



Arrival, [for Eli Heffron, name on manifest not determined] “Peruvian” arr. Boston 7/29/1896



William Effron, b. abt. 1846, was in 1875 Canadian census, in Ontario.



Arrived in Philadelphia

On the Kenilworth, 4/1875, female, 18, Lasse Effroim



On the Koln, 2/6/1914, Pessie Ratcen (Katcen?), 15, last resided Vilna, whence father Elia Ratcen, in Wilna, to Clevland to uncle A. Effran (Effron?), 1302 E. 53 St., Tailus ?? indexed as Possie



On the Lord Gough, 10/3/1894, Leon Schramar ?? (indexed as Schirman ), 16, laborer, last resided Wilna, to Phila to cousin L. Effron, L. Effron, 333 S. 8th St., Phila

This ends the search for non NY entries for Effr*.



Arrived at Boston:

Berstein, Sara, 24, daughter Rachel, 2, father Joseph, 48, tailor, mother Rivke, 48, arrived 6/17/1906 on the Cymric. All their entries are crossed out. They are going to Sara’s husband Gershon Berstein, 108 Chicago St., Chicago, and to Joseph and Rivke’s son, Lasar Ephron at 505 Jefferson St., Chicago. Listed right after them is Barnet Matlin, 28, a Tinker, married last resided in leeds for 2 years, going to his cousin in NY – probably not related.



Arrive at Boston (verify)

8/25/1908 on the Kroonland, sailing from Antwerp, Judel Hefron, 59; Ester, 60, and Berl, 6. They last resided in and were all born in Wasilkowe, and are going to Elie Hefron (their son) in Boston. Whence Channe, in Wasilkow



Arrive at Boston (verify)

(date??), Leib Afrom, 17, last resided in Wasilkow, going to uncle Elie Efron, 28 ? St., Boston



California arrival: Gussie, 54, and Henry, 21, Ephron. Reside at 1667 Selwyn Ave. Gussie was naturalized at Dist Ct NYC 1909.



Galveston arrivals Zelik Gralelja and Sam’l Tewelewitsen, arr 9/15/1911 on the Hannover, supposed to reference Ephron but second page is missing.



Ship arrival for Nathan: Nochem, going to cousin N. Rosoff



8/3/1908 from Antwerp arr. NY on Vanderland, Sleifer, Chaike, 25; Mendel, 3 yrs. 6 months; Melke ?? (indexed as Merke), 2 yrs. 6 months, all resided Luni?; Whence mother R L. Efron, of Luni, to Brooklyn, to husband/father Abrah. Sleifer, 193 Columba?? St., Brooklyn, all b. Louisnetz ??, Russia.



Arr: Danzig, 7/5/21

Bencjon Abramicki, b. Lunna, 31, to brother Isidor Abramsky, 503 E28th, NYC, Farm laborer, last reside Lunna, whence housewife Dwera



Hamburg passenger lists

SS Warrington, 2/28/1891

Asriel Efrin, age 21, single, from Bocky, occupation is Drisbinder (?)

Hamburg to Liverpool, 1891



SS President Harding

Arrived from Southhampton to NY on 4/22/1927

Dwojra Kleszczelska, 25, single, farmlaborer, Hebrew, reads and writes Polish, born and last resided at Bocki, whence father Lipa Kleszczelska, going to uncle Jakob Webman, 410 So. 2nd St., Brooklyn, NY. Annotation (ie, released to) if Anna Dubner, 360 Powers Ave., Brooklyn, Ny.



9/9/1903 on the Grosser Kurfurst arriving at NY

Ruben Efrein, age 5

Meier Efrein, age 3

They arrive with and are the nephews of Baruch (Barnet?) Gelabracher ???, age 32. They are all from Kamenetz ???

Ruben and Meier are going to their father, Gedalje Efrin at 47 Baynard ?? Dr ??

The uncle is going to his uncle, H. Bohss ?? at 47 Bargardth St. ??  He is indexed as Baroch Gebratein, and the children are also indexed as Gebratein (though one can see that Efrein was penciled in as an afterthought). His name, whatever it is, was probably mis-indexed. He is almost certainly Barnett Gellerstein.



SS Magallanes, from Lisbon, arr. NY 7/9/1940

Efron, David (or Dawid) Marejn, 49, married, builder, speaks German and Polish, Hebrew, Polish citizen, b. Krynki

Passport issued in Brussels and last resided there

Departed from Mexico

Original typed name of person being met: Mr. Efrom, 255 (??) W. 98th St., NYC. H/W annotation (some not legible) is Mexico City, Mexico, temp. add. Brother Louis Bramson, 9710 Carol St., Brooklyn, 10 days transit (purpose of visit)



Arrival, 6/24/1914, Gipschmann, Isaak, from Hamburg to his brother “Jutel Gipschmann, at 113th St. (at W155th?), New York, a tanner, whence his mother, Pessie. He was born in Amdur.



Arrived 5/31/1910 on the George Washington at NYC [ARR--].

Chiena Efron (Ancestry indexed as Elron) 36

Joseph Beer, 14

Neuch Feschia, 11

Chaia Sarah, 9

Elia, 7

Last resided at Minsk

whence father/grandfather Wigde ?oucko Minkis (?) of Bobroisk

They are going to Egypt, PA to Husband/father Saloman Efron

All born in Bobroysk ]



Ancestry, Hamburg ship manifests/

Arr. NY 8/31/1889 SS Wieland

Jacob Efron, 16, from Mariampol



Abram Krasilnik, arr. 6/16/1904 SS Pennsylvania from Hamburg

26, blacksmith, last resided in Prowarz

Going to NY to uncle (?) Judel Zanovitz at 204 Madison, NY

(also found on Hamburg passenger list)



SS Cassel sailing from Bremen, Jan. ?, arriving NY 1/19/2003

Hodes Levin, 41 with children:

Sirne (?), 14

Ettel, 10

Schmuel, 8

Chaike, 5

Jankel, 3

Last resided in Bialystok, going to Boston to Hus/Father Gedalje Levin, 50 Spruce (?) St., Chelsea, Mass.


301 Source Document: page 1; page 2

SS Vestris from Buenos Aires, 7/9/1923 (

Mojsze Efron, 23, single, weaver, last resided in Buenos Ayres, whence his sister Chai Burstein of San Inis, 2155, Buenos Ayres. Going to his brother, Meyer J. Efron, 938 Longwood Ave., NY. Born in Bjalystok, Poland


302 Source Document

SS Anchoria from Glasgow on 12/18/1900, arriving NY.

Efraim, Chaje, 31 Going to her husband in NY at 1221 (?) 7th

Jankel, 6

Medle, 5

Gerson, 2

(next line is a passenger from Austria)

Schrifre (sic) Suraski, 50, marr., to her son in law

They all last resided in Rotterdam


303 Source Document

SS Maasdam, sailing from Rotterdam on 9/8/1898, arr. 9/19/1898 at NY

Moische Efrom, 29, Married, Saddlemaker (?), Last residence Kurecsin (sp?), going to NY to Cousin S. Kaplan at Essex St.


304 Source Document 1, 2

SS Susquehanna, from Danzig 3/12/1921, arr. Boston 4/12/1921

Wloski, Josel, 50, Dealer, 5’, 0”, Gr, Bl

Fania, 46 (stamp: Legal Entry for Permanent Residence verified May 2, 1928, 374747, 4’8”, Bl, Bl

Wolf, 16, Scholar, 4’, 6”, Bl, Bl

Judel (annotation: c/a 2-927093 Jan. 14/1942), 14, scholar

Chaim, 8

Rosia, 6

Last residence for all is Rosz/Grodno, left there his (& her) uncle, Moses Seroto, in Rosz, Grodno. All going to NY, NY. All are going to his brother, Josel Vlosky (sic??), 686 Beck D(overwritten with S)tr. NY. All are born in Rosz.


305 Source Document

Hamburg Direct list, August 1908 (Ancestry)

SS Konig Friedrich August

Effron, Chaim, 40

Chawe, 30

Peisach, 8

Dwoire, 5

Moische, 5

Gittel, 3 ˝

Taibe 2 ˝

Jossel, 1

All last resided in Warsaw on 8/30/08. Destination “Ailes”??