APPENDIX D (Prefix DEATH): Deaths



NEED TO RECONCILE OLD DEATH INDEX LIST, WHICH IS ELSEWHERE BUT REFERRED TO IN TEXT, WITH THESE ENTRIES. Ada Greenblatt, a genealogy enthusiast, sent me a list of NY deaths, through 1994, on 5/11/1995. She notes that no ages are listed for the 1993 deaths, and there were none in 1994. She mentioned that she has cataloged the Temple Beth Jacob cemetery plot in Newburgh, NY, where her parents live. She had sent a prior list on 4/21/1995. On 12/13/1995 Ada sent me additional abstracts from Efron deaths in NYC.


001 JRI Poland: JRI Poland, Lejb Efron, d. 1884, Akt 180M, son of Hajkel [film 1618510]


002 NY Death index Bessie Effron, d. 7/11/36


003 MN Death index, Bernard Sidney Efron, d. 9/12/98 St. Paul, b. 1/13/13 St. Paul, mother’s m.n is Schlachter


004 MN Death index, Shirley Efron, 11/21/13 St. Paul – 9/27/00 St. Paul, mothers m.n. Winner


005 MN Death index, Isaac Avodia Mintz, d. 12/11/12


006 Death certificate, MN

Julia Mintz of 486 Marshall St., St. Paul, widow of Isaac Mintz, born 1859, d. 5/6/1939. Had arteriosclerosis for five years. She was a housewife, and was born in Poland. Informant was David H. Mintz of 486 Marshall. Buried at Sons of Abraham by Aaron Funeral home. Parents names unknown.



007 MN Death index, David H. Mintz, 11/22/87-6/17/64, Ramsey Cty, m.n. of mother is Eforn [sic? – verify]


008 MN Death index, Lillie Snyder, 12/25/99-5/12/82 Hennipin. Mother’s m.n. is Efran


009 MN Death index, Hanna Zieve, 3/28/87-2/4/73, Hennepin, mother m.n. is Efron


010 CA Death index: Olive F. Bancroft, 11/30/27-1/18/86, b. IL, mother’s m.n. Effron, father’s name Farber.


011 CA Death index: Samuel Ephron, 8/29/1898, NY-6/16/1982, SF, CA

012 CA Death index: Minnie Ephron, 1/1/1880 Outside US – 5/27/1943, SF, CA, Maiden name Littman

013 CA Death index: Sylvia Lowe, 3/26/1909, NY-1/10/93, Solano, CA (m.n. Ephron)

014 TX Death index, Marie Efon [sic] Rosenbaum, d. 7/19/1968, widow, Mclennon Cty


015 RI Death index, Thomas Affron, d. 4/1/1893, 43 years old, kin William and Martha Affron

016 CA Death index, Martin Kroin, mother’s maiden name is Efron, 1/6/24 NJ – 10/11/1985 Ventura


017 CA death index, Marcia Efron, b. SU 1/15/79, d. 12/31/72 CA, cert 062420409


018 CA death index, (spouse is N.), b. USSR 2/27/96, d. 9/18/1963, mother's maiden name: Baron


019 FL Death Index Cert 131625, Dade Cty, for Reuben Efron


020 CA Death Index, Eva S. Segel, b. 12/25/1899, MO 12/25/1899, SS 337-05-5172, cty. 19, d. 7/13/74, Reg No. 31218, State file # 101763]


021 From the internet (from Chicago Tribune???): (reference 1/26/1955) Anna Ephron, w of late Emanuel, mother of Harry, Albert, Henry, Dorothy Adler, Morris, and Sylvia Niva, grandmother of four. Sister of Ida, Abe Davis, and Dora Lepkovsky. Internment at Cong B’nai Israel cemetery,


022 Essie EFFRON

d. LA., CA (see SSDI)

CA death index

(spouse is J.)

b. 8/5/1918

d.   11/21/1977


*023 Henry EFFRON

d. L.A. (see SSDI)

CA death index

b. LA, 2/17/16

d. 4/7/72


Florida vitals at NEHGS – checked deaths 70-79, 80-89


*024 FL deaths, Affron, Louis vol 4380 pg 14305 cty 60 12/6/5-2/13/76

025 FL deaths, Affron, Myron 3445/58611 cty 23 12/15/92-10/2/70



026 FL deaths, Effron, Nathan 4094/50197 60 2/26/1-7/10/74

*027 FL deaths, Affron, Frieda 7473/106431 60 11/14/16-10/12/89

028 FL deaths, Effron, Abraham 7452/95885 60 10/1/17-9/12/89

029 FL deaths, Effron, Benjamin 6479/118566 60 6/16/11-12/10/85

030 FL deaths, Effron, Benjamin A. 6794/28406 39 4/23/98-3/9/87

031 FL deaths, Effron, Lottie 6359/58557 26 10/6/91-6/13/85

032 FL deaths, Effron, Manny 5691/66841 23 7/8/09-8/9/82

033 FL deaths, Effron, Merrill 6785/23817 16 3/26/09-3/1/87

034 FL deaths, Efron, Alexander 5543/104261 23 12/26/97-12/30/81

*035 FL deaths, Efron, Bernard 7050/27177 23 6/8/21-3/4/88 (tentatively located)

036 FL deaths, Efron, Harris 5822/22465 16 9/20/27-3/21/83

037 FL deaths, Efron, Morris 5665/53789 60 1/15/99-6/28/82


NYC Death records


038, Bronx 3181, Ephron, Isaac, #320402, 52

Cem: Mount Zion

Father Hyman

Mother Levitt, Pearl

Wife Gussie


039, Manh 22601, Efran, Jacob, #331023, 65

Cem Mt. Judah

Father Isaac

Mother Harriton, Sarah

Wife Rose


NYC Mormon Death Records – searched Manh, 1888-94; Manh & Brklyn, 95: these is difficult to search, broken down by month within boro, then by first letter of surname, then by date. Also searched Manh & Bklyn, 96-97; all boros 98-99: is difficult to search, is also in month by month, but now in strict alpha order.  I checked 1896 – nothing. 1900-1904: is ordered by year, then by first letter, then by month, then strict alpha.  1900 is difficult to read, faded. 1901 checked, almost nothing found. Searched 1905-1908: by year, then by boro, by first letter, by month by strict alpha. 1905 checked, nothing.  1918-1921: by year, by boro, by strict alpha - checked all three years:


*040 Bronx

Alexander Efforrin

age 4 months, d. 2/20/01, cert 718


041 Brooklyn

Sophia Effrin

age 47

d. 10/13/1919, cert 20276


042 Brooklyn

Emanuel Effron

age 1 year

d. 11/1/1920 cert 20977


043 Brooklyn

Louis Effron

age 29

d. 2/1/1920, cert 2985


044 Brooklyn

Usher Effron

age 55

9/18/1920, cert 18816


045 Brooklyn

Philip Efrom [sic?]

age 38

d. 2/9/1920, cert 4487


*046 Brooklyn

Dora Efron

age 2 days

d 2/14/1920, cert 5222


Cook County Deaths 1871-1916 checked


047 Source Document

Effron, Joseph

957 Johnson St., Chicago. Teacher, Buried at DaKorood (?) cemetery

6/13/08 age 50 Chicago Cert # 4359


*048 Effron, Samuel, 12/29/07

2 mos Chiagoc 4030


*049 Effron, Silvie, 12/14/14

4 yrs Chicago 4969


England & Wales deaths (Ancestry index, 1837-1983)


*050 England death, Benjamin Efren, 3Q d. 1852


*051England death, Patrick Efrin, d. 1Q1842, Bolton, Lancashire


*052England death, Bessie Mary Efron, b. abt. 1867, d. 4Q1908, London


*053England death, John Efron, d. 1855, Auckland, Durham


054 Conn death index Anne W. Israel b. 8/11/00 RI, d. 6/18/92 in New Haven, spouse Bertr, she is widowed, 169 Davenport Ave


055 Emandel Ephron, cert. 0030865, d. 10/28/48, Chicago


Australian Death Records

Entries 56-87 are from the “Victorian Death Index” – see: This list was sent to me by Rodney Eisfelder of Australia, on 2/10/2001. Index fields are name, father and mother, death location (abbreviated0, age, year and registration no. Registration number has not been copied.


056 Norma, Wm. Jno., Sadie Efron, Melb W., , 1931


057 Laurance Efron, Jack, Fanny Lucks, Arm, , 1922


058 Eskel Efron, Mordcha, Rachael Sheghupsky, Carl C., , 1928


059 Shewack Efron, Chaskin, Chaya Rebecca Levin, Carltn, 63, 1930


060 Syd David Silver, Jacob, Liwsha Efron, Wsor., , 1934


061 Leon Efron, Schevack, Riva Knichinsky, Melb., 48, 1949


062 Mark Efron, Haskell, Hannah Unk., Cfield, 77, 1949


063 RoseChasta Efron, Max, Rachel Szyshubski, Lorne, 18, 1943


064 Efron, Leon, Gerte Fryberg, S. Kilda, , 1933


065 Olga Efron, Benjamin Glogowski, Reva Unk., Bwk, 58, 1935


066 Rebecca Efron, Samuel Elysi, Lipha Kinishiaski, N. Carl., 69, 1939


067 Nathaniel Efron, Shevack, Sherina Unk., Dford, 51, 1951


068 Max Efron, Shevach, Shena Chaya Lapidus, Stki, 66, 1959


069 Morris Efron, Shevach, Rebecca Knishinski, Warr, 58, 1962


070 Fanny Efron, Joseph Alman, Jane Davis, Camb, 85, 1965


071 Gertie Efron, Nathan Caplan, Rachel Green, Park, 50, 1965


072 Maurice Efron, Mordechay, Odel Ologowski, Park, 62, 1965


073 Hyman Trevaks, Gershon, Tauba Efron, Melb, 57, 1967


074 Solly Henry Efron, Mark, Olga Glagowski, Park, 57, 1969


075 Joyce Hannah Efron, Robe Robertson , Rachel Phillips, Caul, 67, 1971


076 Norman Benjamin Efron, Mark, Olga Glogos, Elst, 62, 1976


077 Leah Gott, Shevach Efron, Sheina Unk., Nort, 68, 1976


078 Leah Esther Slonim, Max Efron, Olga Goglowski, Stki, 78, 1979


079 Tauba Trevaks, Chaskiel Efron, Unk., Stk, 90, 1968


080 Jack Efron, Trevor, Shena Chaja Lapidus, Malv, 79, 1969


081 Gertrude Efron, Henry Fryberg, Rose Marks, Malv, 71, 1970


082 Jacob Trevaks, Gershon, Tauba Efron, Prah, 65, 1973


083 Fanny Efron, Joseph Lucks, Rose, Prah, 88, 1981


084 Sadie McGregor, Mark Efron, Olive, Stki, 85, 1982


085 Lionel Efron, Leon, Gertrude, Frna, 57, 1984


086 Martin Efron, Harold Russell, Diane, Park, 0, 1984


087 Liwsha Silver, Shevach D. Efron, Ricka Rach, Stki, 75, 1984


Other Death records


088 Source Document

Braver, Abraham Died  9/30/1935

21 Nazing St., Boston, MA

Buried Roxbury Mutual, Boston

Age 73

Wife Ella Diamond

Father: Solomon Braver

Mother: Rebecca Effron


089 Moses Efron

Source Document

Death Cert, St. Paul #25765, at Macubin & Dayton Ave., Morris Efron of 5 33 Iglehart Ave. He was born in 1868 and is about 58 years old and married to Dora Marks. He works in the Manufacture of children’s clothes. He was hit by a car and had internal bleeding from a broken rib. He was buried at sons of Abraham. Informant was M.J. Efron, 1623 Irvin Ave., Minn, MN.


090 Noah Effron

Source Document

219 5th St. NW, Cedar Rapids, IA, in city for 50 years

b. 1852; wife is Shifra

Religious leader

Parents unknown

Information Chas. Greenberg


091 Samuel B. Heffron

Source Document

Soldiers Home, Chelsea, MA

d. 2/23/2976

age 80/2/19

Wife is Isabelle Edelstein

Parents Benjamin and Anna

Buried Sharon Mem’l Park


092 Jacob Effron

Source Document

Died 12/28/1912, Middlesboro, KY

Born Russia, town of Endory, State of Grodno, March 10, 1859

Father is Max, Mother Unknown

Informant: Lou Effron of Jellico, TN

Burial at Israel cemetery


093 Rachel Rosenberg

Source Document


094 Slutsk Pinkas (Burial Registry)

Source Document: Page 1, Page 2

Courtesy of Carlton Brooks in a 1995 email; project leader Harry Boonin

Yoel Chaim and (Lifshitz) Efron of Slutsk Entries 731 and 2093

Monday, Markeshvan 17 (11/10/1919) the elderly Yoel-Chaim Efron, son of the rabbi Israel Shmuel of Volozhin and son in law of S. Feitel Lifshits. Buried near his borther in law Yosef-Meir.

Reizil, daughter of N. Feitel Lifshits and wife of Yoel Chaim Efron

Wednesday, 23 Tamuz (7/26/1905) She died suddenly.


095 Ray Israel

Source Document

NY State Death Cert

Died 8/27/1933 at Peoples Hospital, Manhattan

Resided at 2026 Ave. T, Brooklyn

Born 4/15/1857 in Russia, to Russian born parents

In US for 60 years; in NY for 60 years (sic)

Father is Kalman, mother is Bertha Freeman

Buried at Mt. Carmel Cemetery


096 Abraham Israel

Source Document

NY State Death Cert

Died 9/24/1916 at Lebanon Hospital, Manhattan

Resided at 907 Tinton Ave.

No date of birth; he and parents born in Russia

In US for 50 years; in NY for 50 years (sic)

Father is Talmud (?) Israel, mother is Sarah Efron

Retired Tailor

Buried at Mt. Carmel Cemetery



Death Cert ( Cincinnati, OH David Kohn, 2/1/1887. Resided at 915 Dana Ave., Cincinnati. Wife Jennie lives there. Buried at Lick Run. Father Louis Kohn, mother Lena Singar. [verify – DOD?]



JRI Poland death records index

Akt 11M, PSA records of Bialystok

Uryia-Lipa Lejbowicz Efron/Kacenelenbougen, d. 1900



MN death  index (Ancestry)

Fannie Efron, d. 4/17/1921, Nicollet Cty., MN



Death Certificate, MN, St. Paul

Mrs. Bessie Efron of 1075 Osceala, d. 7/11/1936. She died of heat exhaustion, and also was senile and had arterial sclerosis for many years.

Widow of Frank Efron, she is 83 years old, being born in 1853. She was a housewife, born in Poland. Her father was B. Kinitsky, mother unknown. Informant is Sam Efron of 1075 Osceola. Burial at Sons of Jaocb by Aaron funeral home.



Death Certificate, MN

Sarah Bulgatz of 1433 Portland Ave., St. Paul, in city for 40 years. D. 5/4/1950, at 74. She is the widow of Jacob. She died of a stroke after falling from a chair and breaking a hip. The informant is B. Snyder of 1433 Portland. She is to be buried at Adath Yshurun


102 MN Deaths index (Ancestry)

Jacob Bulgatz, 5/12/1941, Ramsey Cty.


103 NY Index

Nochimoff, Anna, 5/2/1941, age 66 (sic!), 5/2/1941, 9767 Kings


104 NY Times 1899 Yetta Ephron of 83 Henry St. died.


105 MN Death Index (Ancestry)

Isaac Jack Snyder, 5/15/1901 – 1/3/1970, Ramsey Cty., mother’s m.n. is Bulgatz.


California Deaths index (Ancestry) 106-112


106 Herman Bulgatz, 6/14/1919-8/11/1981, Los Angeles. Mother’s maiden name is Gollub


107 Morris Aaron Bulgatz, 5/3/1895-10/1/1959, Los Angeles


108 Mary Bulgatz, 5/6/1891-3/14/1963, Los Angeles


109 Samuel N. Bulgatz, 3/14/1904-8/3/1968, Hennepin Cty.


110 Minnie Bulgatz, 8/8/1912 -3/11/1968, Hennepin Cty, mother’s m.n. Gordon


111 John Bulgatz, 3/14/1904, other country – 4/21/1977, Los Angeles


112 Adeline Bulgatz, 7/8/1907 other country – 3/6/1994, Los Angeles, m.n. Gilman


113 CA death index (Ancestry)

Rebecca Shlens

b. 8/12/1906, NY

d. 5/14/1991, L.A.

father’s name Schneider

Mother’s name Efron



Florida death certificate on

Lillie Escall, d. 11/15/1934, Miami, FL, age 74, widow of Philip, daughter of Mordecai Effron and Clara Effron. She was buried in Brooklyn, NY.


115 CA Death abstract (Ancestry)

Esther D. Kapuler

b. 12/15/1882

d. 8/23/1967

mother’s maiden name is Bucky

See also CA death index record (not in Ancestry) Betty Berger, mother’s maiden name is Efren



FamilySearch OH deaths

Harry Lapinsky

d. 11/12/1938, Dayton

b. abt. 1868, widowed

555 Richard St.

Buried KK House Abraham

Father Marcus, b. Poland



CA Death index: Faye Saleson, b. 5/15/1906 non-US, d. 4/9/1997, Riverside, CA. Mother’s m.n. Schneider. Father’s name Selkoff.



FamilySearch OH deaths

Anna Lapinsky

d. 6/7/1935             

Dayton, OH

b. 1866, Russia

reside 551 Richard

buried KK House of Abraham

spouse Harry Lapinsky



FamilySearch Ohio Deaths

Louis Lapinsky, d. 10/9/1942, Miamisburg, OH

b. 3/12/1870, Poland


Resides 537 Richard St., Dayton

Owner, Waste Paper Mill

Buried House (of) Abraham.

Informant William Lapinsky, 1335 Wakefield Ave.



Ancestry, OH deaths

Robert A. Lapinsky

b. 1928

d. 3/10/1960, Dayton




Ancestry, OH deaths

Joe Lapinsky

b. 1899

d. 2/18/1977




Ancestry, OH deaths

William C. Lapinsky

b. 1900

d. 3/16/1964




Ancestry, OH deaths

Marilyn L. Smith (Lapinsky)

b. Dayton, 12/3/1928

d. Dayton, 5/26/1995

Mother’s maiden name is Cohen




CT death index (

Fanni Cohen, d. 11/20/1979, Norwalk, 88, b. 12/25/1890, widow of Jacob. Father’s surname: Essac



Jewishgen All Lithuania database

Lithuania Deaths

Mausius Efronas, 65, son of Mordchelis, d. 1/4/1936, Alytus, diabetes, resident of Alytus, recorded in Alytus



Death cert (FamilySearch)

Harry Zuckerman, d. 2/12/1921, Cleveland, b. 1892, Storin, Russia, cement worker, resided 11806 Union Ave. son of Henry and Rose Ceralnik, who were born in Storin



2/27/1943, Jacob Lyman of 60 Wales St., Boston, MA, mar. to Emma Karpovitz. She is 57, he is 63. Self-employed interior decorator, b. Russ. To Joseph and Zalata (m.n. Unknown), both b. Russ. Informant is H. Lyman, son. (ref: 43/10/9)



CA Death index

Emma Lyman, 8/5/85 Russia-7/29/73, LA, CA, ssn 032143194



Jewish Records Indexing Poland database:

Town of Wiejsieje, Suwalk

Daniel Efron, d. 1902

Father Lejba Jofa

Mother Estera

LDS film 1,496,956



MA deaths

Maurice Ligham, d. MA 1963



CA death index

Morris Efron, b. 12/20/10, d. 5/6/96 LA



Interview with Mt. Sinai Mortuary, says that Pearl Efron, husband of Morris, died 5/9/2001



L.A. Times

Norman Efron

 4/24/47, Son of Morris and Mrs.

Groman Mortuary



MA Death index: d. 4/14/1977, Brockton. Born Ohio. Cert 026521



Death Cert, IL

Pauline Efron, d. 8/9/1927, in US for 20 years

married to Louis

about 50 y.o., housewife

b. Vilna, Russia,

parents names Unknown,

 informant is hospital

Buried at Forest Park cemetery in Cook Cty.

By Howard Weinstein, H. & P. Weinstein, 3556 West Roosevelt Rd.



Chicago Death record abstract:

Minnie Goldberg, 9/4/1941

80, born Russia

Buried at Bnai Israel in Forest Park, IL

Resides Chicago, spouse is Joseph



Family Search, Chicago Death record abstract

Joseph Goldberg

d. 5/10/1919

b. 1872, age 47

Junk Dealer

Buried Forest Park



Family Search, Cook County Death record abstract

Joseph Goldberg

d. 5/10/1919

reside 1745 Clyborne Ave.

47 and 10 days old

Junk dealer

Pneumonia bronchitis

Married – no other family info

Buried at Forest Park by S. Gratch (?)

Informant: Louis Goldberg, 4720 So. Ashland Ave.




Morris Goldberg

Chicago Death abstract

d. 2/24/1927, Chicago, age 34

b. Krinisk, Poland

father Joseph

Mother Minnie Bublick

Mother born Krenisk

Resided Chicago

Buried Forest Park, IL



Death Cert., Hyman Efron, Garfield, NJ, 7 Cambridge Ave., b. 1871, widowed, wife was Rose Ellen Frankel, 67, Pickle business, b. Russia, father Morris Efron and mother Dina Rebecca, both born Russia, informant Morris Efron, 15 Hobart Pl., Garfield, buried at Riverside Cem, funeral director Henry  Vander Plaat, d. 2/8/1938 of coronary thrombosis. Dr. Martin Memirow, Passaic.



Death Record, transcribed, Rose Efron, died in the Psychiatric Institute (probably Greyston, in Morris Cty.). She lived at 7 Cambridge Ave., Garfield, NJ. Died 11/3/1930, age 59. Wife of Hyman Efron, mother of Murray, age 59, d. 11/3/1930. Her mother’s maiden name was Rose Frankel (sic – that was her maiden name?)



Death Record transcribed

Maley Krain, 7 Cambridge Ave, married to Harry Krain. She is a housewife. Parents are Hyman Efron and Rose Frankel, both b. Russia. Buried in Riverside Cem, Rochelle Park, NJ. Rawinski Funeral Home in Passaic, 10/14/1938



Italiangen NY Death index

Eleanore Solon, 2/21/1920, age 2 months, 8309, Manhattan



(Source: Gonzales Records Center?)

Death certificate

Mrs. Raye Efrom (sic)

d. 3/27/1944, Gonzales.

She was there for 52 years.

Born 1/9/1892, Gonzales

She was a widow.

Daughter of S. Joseph, b. Germany, and Sarah Greenthal, b. Brooklyn, NY.

Buried at Gonzales, TX. Primary cause of death was Brain Tumor, contributory causes were “severe burns of third degree.”



Death cert for Barner (abstracted by Cafi Cohen):

Deceased Barner Roy Goldberg, died July 1, 1970, male, caucausian, widowed,
born March 19, 1888, age 82 last birthday, occupation realtor, born Waco,
Texas, US citizen, father Jacob Goldberg, mother Ida Efron, SSA
466-50-4712-A, informant L.C. Goldberg - son, cause of death
arteriosclerotic heart disease and cerebral arteriosclerosis; burial 3 July
1970 at Hebrew Rest Cemetery, Waco, Texas; undertaker Wilkirson & Hatch,



CA Death index (Ancestry)

Herman Sabel

SS# 046017163

b. 5/27/1919

Non-USA born

d. 4/28/1989

Contra Costa, CA

mother’s maiden name is Berman

father’s family name is Efrom.



CA Death index (

John Baranaoff

b. 3/30/1891

d. 6/22/1945

Napa, CA

Mother’s m.n. is Effron



Death Cert City of New York No. 9767

Anna Nochimoff

Source Document

201 Keap, Brooklyn, NY

Married to Isaac Nochimoff

b. 1875, age 66

d. 5/2/1941, buried 5/4/1941

housewife b. Poland, in US and NY for 19 years

father Chajam Effron

mother Shaina Rosenschein

informant Jacob Schlachter, son-in-law

201 Keap St.

Conjestive heart failure

Buried at Montefiore (?) Cem

By Zion Memorial Chapel



Death Cert, Missouri Board of Health

Efron (“Efrom”), Morris

File 25017, Reg# 7081

Married, d. 7/23/1918

b. ab 1868 (or 1869), Age ab 49

Burlap Bags

b. Russia

Father, Louis Efrom (?), mother Unk, both b. Russia

Informant B. Efrom (?), 3115 Franklin St.

D. Typhoid Fever

Buried Sherith (?) Israel by HB Berger of 4715 McPherson (?)



Meer Joselewicz Efron, d. 1893, akt 15

JRI-P Bialystok PSA Deaths (records in Fond 264 in Bialystok Archive)



(no name) Efron, son of Szewach, d. 1893, akt 210

JRI-P Bialystok PSA Deaths (records in Fond 264 in Bialystok Archive)



Rachel Wolfowna Efron, d. 1897, akt146

JRI-P Bialystok PSA Deaths (records in Fond 264 in Bialystok Archive)



Samuuil Szewachowicz Efron, d. 1898, akt 206

JRI-P Bialystok PSA Deaths (records in Fond 264 in Bialystok Archive)



Szejna Chaja Judelewna Efron, d. 1899, akt 317F

JRI-P Bialystok PSA Deaths (records in Fond 264 in Bialystok Archive)



Tauba Mordchelewna Efron, d. 1899, akt 325F

JRI-P Bialystok PSA Deaths (records in Fond 264 in Bialystok Archive)



Majba Ioselowna Efron, d. 1900, akt 190F

JRI-P Bialystok PSA Deaths (records in Fond 264 in Bialystok Archive)



Sora Efron, father is Jankiel, d. 1867, akt 4F LDS Film 1191934



FamilySearch Ohio Deaths, name of Effron, location Cincinnati, records 158-



Nathan Effron, 4-10-1864-1-14-1944, Cincinnati, son of Elias and Yetta. Wife is Rebecca Effron, Merchandising, Buried at Lick Run



Joseph Effron, d. 11/8/1948, Cincinnati, age 67, son of Eli Effron and Yetta Block, married, wife is Lottie Yaffee Effron



Louis Effron, 8/15/1888, Russia - 4/6/1949, Cincinnati, son of Mordecai Effron and Chaioli Sinkovich



Yetta Effron, d. 1/14/1931, Cincinnati.age about 83. Married to Eli Effron. Father is Nathan, mother unknown.



Jacob Effron, d. , Symunes, (Hamilton Cty, OH), son of Eli Effron and Yetta.Age 68 y, 7 mo, 7 days. Wife is Anna Effron



Eli Effran, b. 1841, d. 8/1/1918, Cincinnati, son of Nathan Effran and Anna Sterenfeld. Married. Buried at Lisk (sic) Run



From Find A Grave (contributed by John Smolarek)


Oct. 2, 1908


Jul. 28, 2001
Hudson County
New Jersey, USA

Wife of the late Raymond; mother of Beverly (Michael) Miller, Sanford (Agnes) Lichtenberg; grandmother of Matthew and Jeffrey Miller, Susan and Mark Lichtenberg.

Mount Moriah Cemetery
Bergen County
New Jersey, USA



Illinois deaths, Ancestry

Anthony Lavine

b. 5/3/1878, Indura, Russia

d. 11/21/1947, Chicago

bur. Proviso, IL at Jewish Oakridge

Stationary Engineer

Resided Chicago

Father Matthews Schor, b. Indura, Russia

Mother Leah Biarsky, b. Indura, Russia

Spouse Justine



CA Death index (Ancestry)

Henry Hayim Schor

b. 3/12/1892

d. 1/17/1952, L.A.

Mothers m.n. is Boyarsky



CA Death index (Ancestry)

Jacob Schor, b. 9/1/1896, d. 1/8/1947, San Bernadino, mother’s mn Boyarsky.



Illinois death of Pearl Schor, 2/28/26, dau of Isaac and Sarah Weissberg Schor. IN 1927 she had a still birth – her town of birth identified as Pogrebische, Russia