APPENDIX E (Prefix BIO): Encyclopaedic and Biographical references



BIO 001 Source document

 (Hebrew) Todohar, David, Encyclopedia Lakholotzi Hitov Zabotyn (?), Vol 6., DS 125.3 A2T5


BIO 002 Source document

 “Israel Bonds Honors Local Man as Accountant of the Year,” The Jewish Advocate, Oct. 22-28, 1993 (Martin Braver)


BIO 003Source document

 Unknown biographical compilation (of scientists?), in French, p. 639, Effront, Jean


BIO 004 Source document

Unknown San Antonio newspaper, photo and caption “Two-bit money” of Arnoldo Efron. Courtesy of Marshall Effron


BIO 005 Source document

 (from BIO001 source?) (Hebrew) biographical sketch of Yitzchak Efron of Lunna


BIO 006 Source document

 (from BIO001 source?) (Hebrew) biographical sketch of Yisrael Goldin of Lunna, son of (??) Isaac.


BIO 007 Source document

From Who’s Who, sketches of Bradley, Robert and Samuel Efron


BIO 008 Robert Fitzgibbon Gibbon, Comenius in England, pp. 33-34 on Samuel Benedictus (Samuel Ephron of Cambridge University)

Source document: Cover, Page 33, Page 34


BIO 009 Source document

 Page 135 of the original handwritten autobiography of Samuel Effron


BIO 010 Source document

Page 46 of the typewritten manuscript based on the handwritten autobiography of Sam Effron


BIO 011 Source document

HaMisha Alphen, by Aharon Eliezer Ephron (Hebrew), Cover page and first 22 pages, including introductory material about his family


BIO 012 Source document: Cover, Page 4, Page 5

Beizer, Mikhail, The Jews of St. Petersburg -- Excursions through a Noble Past


BIO 013

Yizkor book of the communities of Szczuczyn,Wasiliszki, Ostryna, Nowy Dwor, Rozanka

Source document: Cover, map, Page 316, Page 374, Spine


BIO 014

Jewish Encyclopedia article on Benjamin Finn:

Russian physician; son of Samuel Fuenn; born at Wilna in 1848; died there Aug. 12, 1901. Educated at the rabbinical seminary of his native city, Fuenn taught for two years, and then studied medicine, being graduated as M.D. from the University of St. Petersburg. He settled at Wilna, and devoted his professional skill to the healing of the poor.

Fuenn was very active in interesting the Jews in agriculture, and for three years was a trustee of a society for the assistance of the Jewish colonists in Palestine and Syria. In 1898 he was one of the three elders elected to administer the affairs of the Jewish community of Wilna. He left the greater part of his fortune to charitable institutions and for the furtherance of Jewish colonization in Palestine.

Among Fuenn's numerous papers in scientific journals the most noteworthy is that on the Jewish laws concerning the slaughtering of animals considered from a medical standpoint, contributed to the periodical "Keneset Yisrael" (i. 910 et seq.).

Bibliography: Ha-Asif, 1900-01, p. 387.H. R. I. Br.


Variety? Article from 1977, by Frank Tarloff: Son is Erik Sheppard Tarloff, and that his father was a teacher at USC.



This information is from page 4203 of a series of books about Israeli pioneers. Translation by Sara Mages at the 2006 genealogy conference in NYC:

His father was a dentist. He was born 1/4/1909 in Dvinsk. His father was Boruch and his mother was Vera (Gorbitsh). He studied at the Jewish gymnasium in Lodz, a school established by  (…) Marcus Broide (with cross-reference). He later studied medicine at the U. of Paris and was active in the Polish Jewish Student organization. He got his doctorate, and in 1935 emigrated to Israel. He proposed a clinic, and when it was accepted he began to work on it without salary. In 1939 he married Miriam Litvin, a woman with a great sense of humor. In 1946, on Black Saturday, he was listed as wanted. He died in Tel Aviv 8/9/1962. His daughters were Eliana and Ryka [verify – Rifka?]. 7/31/1963 was the groundbreaking of the diagnostic center “Yad Efron,” located on Bikurei Ha’Itim in Tel Aviv.


017 Source Document

From a large biographical compilation of Rabbis (Hebrew) [verify book name]

Efran,( spelled with an Ayin) Baruch, son of Tsvi Elihu

Rough translation [needs to be translated]

His father, Tsvi Elihu, was Rabbi in Nikopol and – in Shtushzin, Poland.

?? Rav Yehoshua Heshel Margolit of Rehovit.

?? died [year] Vishnevo, Poland



018 Source Document

Hebrew Yehedot Lita (Hebrew), page 205. Biographies. All entries spell Efron with an Ayin. Only a small portion has been translated.


Abraham, son of Yhoshe Heshel. 1820-1904. Born in Vilna. His wife was related to the Vilna Gaon.


Elihu, son of Abraham Efron. 1847-1915. Born in Vilna. Mentions Encyclopedia and Brokhaus-Efron. Hebrew Encyclopedia. Died in St. Petersburg.


Yedidia Efron, 1878-1951. Born in Grodno. Yeshiva in Vilna. .. Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Brazil. His son David – Sorbin in Paris. Columbia.


019 Source Document

Karlinsky, Rabbi Chaim, First in the Genealogical Chain of Brisk: The Gaon Rabbi Yoseph Ber Soloveitchik: His Life, Times and Activities (Jerusalem 1984) (Hebrew)

I reviewed the index and checked off many familiar names and names of possible interest. Tsirel (Efron) Soloveitchik is mentioned on pages 187, 198, 219, 230, 304, 438 and 443. Her father, Rabbi Yitzchak Efron of Volozhin is discussed at page 101.



020 Source Document

10/1/1995Ernest Borgnine interview in Parade Magazine


021 Source Document

Current Biography article on Ernest Borgnine



Someone pointed out to me actress Ines Efron, of Argentina. She was in a film called Amorosa Soledad (Lovely Loneliness) that won an award in 2008.



Scott, William W., History of Passaic and Its Environs (1922), Vol. III (biographical), page


CHARLES ELIAS — In that part of Russian Poland now within the borders of the sovereign state of Lithuania, Charles Elias, son of Meyer and Belle Elias, was born August 21, 1879, and there he spent the first thirteen years of  his life. In 1892 he came to the United States, and in New York City spent many years engaged in various occupations. In 1910 he located in Passaic, New Jersey, and opened a store for the sale of glass, his place of business for one year on Passaic Street. In 1911 he moved to larger quarters on Monroe Street, there specializing in plate glass. His business grew to such proportions that he erected a building at No. 840 Main Avenue, with a ground area 100x190 feet, which he keeps stocked with glass of different kinds to its utmost capacity.


The excellent railroad facilities at his present location are of special importance, shipments and deliveries being promptly made, and with his large stock of commercial and builders' glass he can successfully compete with metropolitan houses. During the war with Spain, Mr. Elias served with the United States forces.


Mr. Elias married, March 1, 1903, in Worcester, Massachusetts, Ida Israel, of Houston, Texas, daughter of Abram and Ray Israel, her father a speculator in cotton. Mr. and Mrs. Elias are the parents of three children:


1. Aubrey, born in Williamsburg, New York, on South Fourth Street, September 19, 1908.


2. Mervin, born at No. 240 Monroe street, Passaic, New Jersey, June 15, 1912.


3. Franklin, bom at No. 63 Quincy street, Passaic, New Jersey, November 5,



Mr. Elias and his family reside at No. 75 Aycrigg [OCR error?] Avenue, Passaic.


24 Source Document

Pinkas Amdur