Introduction to the Efron Family History APPENDIX


This document will describe the appendixes to the family history. It will refer to the general introduction to the family history regarding how to use and how to find your family. It will also briefly describe the different appendixes and why it is worthwhile to look at the appendix entry even if there is also a source document.


Over the course of many years of collecting information about Efrons and Efron families Ive examined many, many documents. The appendixes here collects those documents , and organizes them into approximately 25 categories, named Appendix A through Appendix Z, with some letters not used. The full list of appendixes appears below.


The appendixes were named in an effort to correspond to the references which cite to them. The citations in the body of the genealogies Efrons of Amdur (Volume I) and Other Efron Families (Volume II) have also been named to correspond to the appendixes. Thus, if there is a discussion about someone and afterwards a reference: [ARR032] then you can go to Appendix A, and look down the list of ship arrival references until you reach 032. There you will find a summary or annotation of the document consulted which gave the information found in the genealogy discussion. If you then find a reference there to source document (or documents) which are hyperlinked, then click on those hyperlinks to see the actual document.


There are many appendix entries which do not include source documents.In those instances, typically, the actual source document was not obtained when the record was consulted.


Appendix Description of materials (with form of reference in BOLD)

A ship ARRivals

B BIRths

C CENsuses


E ENCyclopaedia/biographies

F (not used)

G GENealogies

H Headstones/ CEMeteries

I INTerviews

J Jobs/PROFessional listings

K Street DIRectories

L LDS records (other)

M MARriages

N NATuralizations

O OBITuaries

P PRObate

Q LIBrary Catalogs

R GARF (Czarist Secret Police records)

S SSDI/Social Security Death Index/SS-5 Applications

T NYTimes

U (U think Im only descended from Efrons? My family history)

V VOTing Lists

W War/MILitary

X (not used)

Y YAD Vashem Holocaust Pages of Testimony

Z MISCellaneous


All sources, other than oral history, are intended to be listed in the appendixes. In those cases where the source of information is a document which has been obtained either as a paper or electronically, then that document will be included as a Source Document hyperlink next to the information about that document in the appendix.