APPENDIX J (Prefix PROF): Professional Directories



Direct of Med'l Specia'sts, 87/88

*001 Alan Michael Effron, , Radiologist, Radiologist, Presbyt. Hosp 



002 Barry Allan, Internal Medicine, (


003 Cheryl L. Effron, Dermatologist


004 Harris Gregory Effron, , Internal Medicine


005 Marc Kersten Effron, Internal Medicine


006 Mark Bernard Effron, Internal Medicine


Biog'l Dir. of APA, (1983)

007 Abraham S. Effron, Fellow, AP(sych.)A, joined 1952


Contemporary Authors

008 Marshall Efron, Actor in the late 60's, from Contemp. Authors


009 Charles and Mirella Jona Ephron Wrote studies on Theatre, Publ in NJ and NY

Children are:Matthew [source uncertain]