APPENDIX M (Prefix MAR): Marriages




001 Married on 3/12/05 Manhattan Jacob Effron and Fannie Weiss; his parents Samuel and Esther Minsky; her parents Barnett Weiss and Sarah Weiss (Marriage record on


002 IL marriage index has a Leon Baum married to Ida Levin 3/1/93 Cook Cty. (00197110)


003 Shiffre Effron to Barnett Marrus on 1/24/1906, Manhattan, her parents J. Effron and Sheine Golner, his E. Marrus and Etta Puchalsky (Marriage record on


004 Sophie Rutstein mar. Frank Goldstein 6/29/05 in Manhattan. Her parents are Louis and Chaje Apren (sic). His parents are Samuel and Hodes Josch (Marriage record, indexed on LDS web site)


005 Brooklyn Standard Union, July 29, 1931 Marriage of Hyman EFRON, 27 …..33 Norfolk St to Belle ECKERT, 24 …..354 E. 51st St


006 from Mendel Ephron married to Etta Fridlender on 12/17/1893, Manhattan. His parents are Alie and Rachel Horwitz, hers are Ber and Maine Zalmenovitz.


007 HarrietAffron married 11/7/1869 to William Clifford (Birmingham, England)


008 John Affron married 12/26/1864 to Jane Barbara Cook (Birmingham, England)


009 Martha Affron married 8/3/1874 to Wiliam Hewitt (Birmingham, England)


010 William Affron married 6/27/1864 to Ann Huchsley (Birmingham, England)


011 Rosina Affron married Harold Shaw, 1Q 1914 (from Ancestry’s England and Wales vital records)


*012 (in Colorado) Sophie Affron married George Becker, Arapahoe Cty, 1/28/1891 (not incorporated)


013 Indiana marriage, Moses Affron to Carrie Friedman10/22/1889,Evansville (Vanderburgh Cty.), Indiana Clerk’s office, Book 15 OS page 54 (also Supp Transcript C-2, page 103.


*014 Indiana marriage, Ben Affron to Rose Wood, Lake Cty, 11/1/1919, book 37 OS, page 142 (not incorporated)


*015 (Missourri marriage) Virginia Affron to Frederick C. Koenigsburg, 5/27/1876, St.Louis (not incorporated)


016 from JRIPoland, Tauba Szoelewna Efron to Fiszel Meer Berowicz Wajnrejch, 1891, Akt 56, PSA record of Bialystok. 052, Fond 264 in Bialystok Archive


From IGI, FamilyTreeSearch:

017 Marriage record, Manhattan, NY, 5/16/1898

Davis Ephron, b. Russia, son of Eliott and Chiffa (Shifra?)

Minnie Litman, b. Russia, daughter of Davis and Sarah


018 England marriage, Benjamin Affron of King’s N., Staffordhsire, Warwickshire, England was married in 4Q1873


*019 England marriage, Peisha Alfred Ephron to Milly Berrens at Aston, during July-September quarter, 1900. Vol. 6d, page 683. ORDERED CERTIFICATE 7/30/2007.


020 From Italian GS indexes,  NY Marriage, Ivan F. Israel to Anna Thron, 1/22/1924, Bronx


From Manhattan on-site search


021 Isaac Efron

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

401 Bristol St.





Dora Lessowitz(?)

Emma Kraft

240 Hopkinson Ave




Bella Ka(??)

at 290 Hopkinson Ave, Bklyn


by Rabbi Israel Briskman(?)

w: David G. Nathin(??)

w: Samuel Silverman


022 Joseph Efron

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

50 Boerum St.





Dora Lushitz

Katie Zeligman

50 Boerum St.



Rose Willner

at Bowerum St, Brklyn

on 5/18/19

by Joseph Horowitz, Broadway and First

of 128 Harrison Ave.

w: S Rudin(?)

w: Luis Cohin(?)


*023 Jacob S. Effron

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

13 N. Elm St., Yonkers




Max Effron

Anna Shernick

Jeanette Kirschner

(signed Jennie)

27 Broom St.



Sam Kirschner

Tillie Barone(?)

at 126 Allen St. Synag

on 8/23/1912

Rev. Philip Krasnoff(?)

233-35 E. 3rd st, NY

w: L. Effron

w: (backwards s tilted to left)U.(?) Goldberg


024 Anna Efron

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

126 Delancy St.


Grodno, Russ


Belle Abramson

Isidore Hipshman

126 Delancy St.





Fannie Goodman

at 126 Delancy St.

on 12/10/1921

by Rev. Sam Kaplan of 237 E. Bway

w: Charles Siegel

w: Irving Katz


025 Morris Efron

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

236 Clinton St





Bella Davis

Pearl Efron

16 Clinton


b. NYC


Toba Grogenska

at 203 Bdway, Manhat

on 12/27/1931

by Rab. K.A. Goldberg

Hebrew Comm....?

w: L. Summer

w: Herman (Heman?) Efron


*026 Hennie Affren

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

 (she signs by her mark)

70 E. 114 St.

Kharkov, Russ


Lina Slaviner(?)

Benny Brown

70 E. 114 St.





Toba Hoffman

at Muni Bldg by Alderman

on 5/5/1916

w: FC Wasserman

(In the 1920 census, Benny and Anna Brown live in Rochester, NY ; he is 30 and she 21. He is a shoemaker. They live in the same house as Morris and Celia Schwartz (they have sons Reuben and Ely). Nearby are Solomon and Goldie Brown. They are all tailors.


027 Harry Efferon

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

 (signed Effron?)

63 E. 100 St.




Abraham Fannie Wapnick or Napnick

Sarah Wapnick or Napnick

72 E. 100 St.




Rose Levine

at Municipal bldg, manhat

on 10/9/1920

by Deputy City Clerk

w: LC Naterman

w: Thos. J. Douglas


028 Isadore Noah Efron

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

42 Leonard St.


Dry Goods



Anna Minkin

May Hauptman

969 57th St.


b. Manh Boro


Rebecca Kellman(?)

at Bway Central Hotel, 673 Bway NY

on 1/16/1924

by Rab Elias Inselbucz(?) of 171 Vernon Ave

w: David Schlesinger

w: Joseph B. Sussman


029 Louis Effron

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

101 Monroe St



Grodno, Russ

Frank Effron

May Pekowsky

Sophia J. Gershon

243 E. Broadway



Joseph J. Gershon

Anna Jonesoff

at 243 E. Bdway, Man

by Rev. Morris Previn

on 9/5/1913

w: Abr. L. Glassenberg(?)

w: Isidor Nappelbaum


030 Abraham Efron

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

33 Norfolk St



b. NYC


Lena Gottlieb

Rachel Stein

(signs as Rae)

236 Blake Ave, Bklyn


b. NYC


Pauline Forman

at 522 Blake Ave, Bkln Colombe Hall

on 12/15/1923

by Louis Karp of 91 Henry St

w: Sam Bialostozky(?)

w: Harry Zaiyetz


031 Samuel Dave Affron

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

24 E. Union Ave, Kingston


Auto dealer

b. Kingston, NY


Ida Goldman

Ida Silverstein

(signs as Edna)

500 W. 177th St., NY


b. Saugerties, NY


Sadie Stone

at 372 Bainbridge St, Bklyn

on 7/21/1918

by Rev. Max Salzberg of St. Nicholas Ave and 185 St.(?)

w: Isador M. Silverstein(?)

w: Arthur D. Strabl(?)


032 Isador Ephron, Jr.

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

reside NYC



b. Russ

I. Hyman

Pearl Levitt

Esther Meyerowitz

reside NYC


b. NYC


Bessie Leavitt

at 126 Forsyth(?) St., Manh

on 3/25/1917

by Aaron S. Bockstein, a rabbi of 214 Rutgers St.

w: Harry Edelman

w: Alexander Somash


033 Morris Affron

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

49 William St.


Brush(?) maker

b. Kingston, NY


Esther Samsonovitz(?)

Ella Petrie

reside 318 Lewisa (?)


b. NYC


Catherine Hanson

in Bklyn

on 4/20/1925

by Deputy Clerk

w: Rose Horner(?)

Joseph F. Agestock(?)


034 Julius Efron (Efrien in index)

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

 (signs as Zussia(?) Efren

212 Forsyth St.




Isaac Efron(?)

Lena Itzkin

Lena Karasick

299 E. 8 St., NY



Israel Karasick

Tillie Tomeshewsky

at 235 E. Bway, Manh

on 11/16/1913

by Abraham Rivkind of 235 E Bway

w: Samuel Nelson (Wilson?)

w: Morris Glaskow


035 Julia Effron

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

 (signs by her mark)

26 Rutgers St.




Ida Pescher

Sam Odess

218 Madison





Lena Gellis

at City Hall, Manh


by Alderman(?)

w: Charles J. Long

w: Patrick Paul


036 Benny Efron

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

1350 Wash. Ave. Bronx


b. Grodno Russ


Alta Czersky

Beckie Zarloff

201 Henry St.

b. Grodno, Russ



at Muni Bldg, Manh

on 7/8/1916

by city clerk

w: TC Wasserman


037 Rubin Efron

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

207 Madison Ave



Grodno, Russ

Schachno Efran

Altie Ezrecke(?)

Dorah Schechter

207 Madison Ave.


Wolno, Russ


Feigo Pukuloway(?)

at 26 Rutgers St, Manh

on 6/2/1918

by Rabbi S. Bafhulertz(???) of 257 Henry St.

w: B. Efron

w: Sam Odess


038 Ida Efran

Source document (Verify – no page 2

322 E. 100th St.



Jacob Efran

Rosie Zipin

Israel Shereff

180 Bridge St. Br.(?)





Bertha Muss.

at 322 E 100, Manh

on 6/7/1908

by Rabbi Sam Lepsiptz(??)

w: J. Levin

w: Hilsenloch


039 Nathan Efran

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

239 Prospect St.



b. NYC


Rose Ziprien

Mollie Schulsky

77 Eldridge St.



--rris Schulsky

Gussie Miechle..(???)

her second marr.

at Muni Bldg, Manh

on 10/26/1915

w: H. Wasserman


040 Harry Effron

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

251 Columbus Ave.


Leather Goods

Grodno, Russ


Hannah Isaacson

217 E. 114 St.

Fanny Margel

65 E. 103 St.


Wilna Russ


Martha Eptikas

at 217 E. 114 St., Manh

on 8/21/1915

by Nathan Schislowus(????), Rev. Bene Isaac, 58 E. 104th

w: S. Margle

w: J. Margel


041 Joseph Effron

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

259 Dumont Ave.





Annie Adler

Mary Schwartz

1724 Park Pl.




Rebeca Sokolof

at 1724 Park Pl, Bklyn

on 8/20/21

by Josef Kuznetzky, Reverend, 242 Madison St.

w: Ben Weiss

w: Sam Ball


042 William Efron

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

259 Dumont Ave





Mary Kleitman

2815 W. 28 c.j.





at 745 Howard Ave, Bk.

on 11/23/1930

by Aaron Kronuly(?), Rabbi, 745 Howard Av

w: William Asler(?)

w: Nathan Kleitman


043 Alexander Efron

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

467 Manhattan Ave.





Anna Yodkoff

Rose Kunitz

158 E. 113 St.




Molly Lipschitz

at Muni Bldg, Manh

on 1/31/1919

by City Clerk

w: H. Waterman

w: Douglas


044 Frieda Efron

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

976 Home St., Bronx


b. NYC


Annie Feldman

Nathan Du Bow

10 W. 118th St.





Ida Zurofsky

at 452 W 152 St., Manh

on 6/6/1926 (25?)

by Samuel Kantor, Rabbi, 1510 Caroll St., Bklyn

w: Abraham Shapiro

w: David Levenson


045 Anna Efron

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

b. St. Paul, MN




Dora Marks

Samuel Bernstein

b. 15 Ftuya(?) St., NYC


Transfer Business

b. NYC


Rebecca Semansky

at 232 E. 10th  St., Manh

at 8/24/1920

by Rabbi G. (L.?) Baris (or Boris) of 232 E. 10th St.

w: Herman Niberall ??

w: Joseph Fishman


046 Ben Efron

Source document (verify: no page 2?)

42 Leonard St.





Anna Minkin

Dora Board

1518 E. Pivay


Podal, Russ.


Rosa Aaronson

at 1518 E. Parkway(??), Bklyn

on 2/10/1922

by Rabbi Mossi(?) Feiler(?) of 1515 Lincoln Place

w: Samuel B. Sussman

w: Jacob Kaplan


047 Max Effron

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

20 E. 100 St.





Sadie Shendle

Pauline Yergunsky

75 E. 105th St



Dellia Yrusiw (??)

at 814 Jefferson Av, Bklyn

on 6/18/1921

by Rev. A. Singer, shul @ 742 Jefferson Av

w: Sam Rislrin (?)/Rubin?

w: Morris Lorelsky/Leralsky


048 Beckie Effron

Source document (verify: no page 2?)

402 Madison St.



Ephraim Effron

Racheal Epstein

Jacob Sugerman

164 Henry St.


Carriage maker


Aaron Sugerman

Pesche Alexandrowitz

at 266 Henry St., Manh

on 6/12/1909

by A. Rosenthal of 197-9 Ellery St., Bklyn

w: I. Levin

w: M. Shapira??


049 Anna Efron

Source document (verify: no page 2?)

10 Lewis St.



Efroim Efron

Rachel Epstein

Philip Shneider

10 Louis St.




Nachman Shneider

Bashe Efron

at 10 Lewis St., Manh

on 12/2/1905

by Samuel Golubewicz(??) of 8 Ludlow

w: Joseph Siegal

w: Abrom Jacobs


050 Abraham Effren

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

229 Monroe St.




Charles Effren

Rosa Epstein

Pauline Hollender

222 Madison St.



Max Hollender

Yetta Smolensky

at 61 Bristol St., Brklyn

on 7/7/1910

by Rev. Hajman Grossman of two Tompkins Ave, Bklyn

w: Louis Adelsohn

w: Harry Matsky or Matzky or Matszky


051 Semeul Schneider

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

801?? 28 S?  (Suffolk?) cert damaged



b. Russia


Noda Chana


Chie Ephron

140 Suffolk St.



Isakovitz?? Golowitz???

b. Russia




by Solomon Alperowitz?

43 Suffolk St

Thur, November 27?, 1894

w Joseph Koplovitz?

w Barnet Kaplowe ??

add'l info cannot be read

both sign in Hebrew

she spells Ephron with two Ayins


052 Max Efron

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

400 Madison St.




Pauline Efron

Betty Goldberg

568 Grand St.




Leah Richman

on 7/13/1924 at 554 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn by Rab. Harry Halpern, 905 E. 15th St.

w. Abraham Lieberman

w. Florence Epstein

w. Isidore B. Goldberg


053 Jewish Advocate, 7/4/1930 Marriage of Beatrice Pauline Israel to Irving Brandon Rosenfield, both of Lynn



England & Wales marriages (Ancestry index, 1837-1983)

*054 Ann Efran, 1Q1878, Birmingham

*055 Joseph Efran, 3Q1907, Bethnal Green

*056 Nathan Efroiken, 4Q 1907, London

*057 Jacob Efran, 2Q 1880, Islington, London

*058 Jacob Efran 1Q 1901, Islington, London


England & Wales marriages (Ancestry index, 1984-2004)


*059 Nathan Efron to Suzanne E. Bloore, 12/1991, South Staffordshire



Ontario Marriage index 1858-1899 (Ancestry)


060 Judith Bronstein, abt. 1898, on 11/5/1922 to Solomon Efrein, b. abt. 1895, in York Cty.


*061 Lillie Efron, b. abt. 1884, on 2/20/1905 to Charles Tounsberry, b. abt. 1867, Peterborough Cty.


062 Mary Ann Efron, b. abt. 1838, on 12/19/1862 to John Farthing, b. 1839, in Wentworth Cty.



MORMON's NYC Marriage Index--for films, see the locality catalog fiche, under NY, NY, vital records, (#0009)


checked 1906-1921, earlier records are difficult to check (excluding those already found)


*063 Effron, Jack S., 12/11/14 , Manhattan, 30862


*064 Efferen, George J., 12/30/10, Manhattan, 767  , 1911 - Correct borough?


*065 Efferenn, Henry, 7/1/11, Bronx, 1329


066 Effrain, Jacob, 4/3/21, Manhattan, 11499


067 Effrain, Murray E. and Josephine Ochs, 6/2/21, Brooklyn, 6286

Source document: Page 1, Page 2


*068 Effrat, Jacob, 6/27/07, Manhattan, 17887


*069 Effrom, Meyer, 4/18/20, Bronx, 2153, 


*070 Effron, Jack S., 1/10/15, Manhattan, 17390


*071 Efron, Jacob, 1/2/21, Manhattan, 349


072 NY Marriage 1/29/07, certificate 3020

Philip Efron to Eva  Metlitzky

He resides 549 Bushwick Ave., Brooklyn, 25

Blond, single, businessman

b. Russia to Joel Hiim Efron & Rose Lifshitz

First marriage

She resides 36 Market St., NY, 22

Brown hair, single

b. Russ. To Bear Metlitzky and Duash [Dwoshe] Krasavitzky

First marriage.

At Beth Hacknesses Anshei Slutzk, 34 Pike St., on 1/29/1907.

Witnesses Leb Newmark & Jacob Breslau (or Breslav), by Samuel Ratshig (?) of 5 Orchard St., NY. The brides sign in Hebrew –Chava.]


*073 Chicago, 3/9/1894, Heyman Ephraim married to Henriette Wertheimer (formerly this record was with Chaim Chaikel Motte Matsul’s)


continue here index and incorrporate


NY Brides index (new as of 2006) from Italian Geneal. Site (duplicates removed)


*074 Effron, Bertha, 8/2/1916, 17427


*075 Effron, Frances, 2/1/1936, 3475


*076 Effron, Matilda, 8/21/1929, 20617


*077 Effron, Matilda, 6/18/1929, 16680


*078 Effron, Shifre, 1/24/1906, 3034


*079 Efron, Lillian, 4/3//1930, 6746


*080 Efron, Lillian, 4/21/1923, 13428


*081 Efron, Pauline, 12/21/1913, 293


*082 Efron, Pearl, 12/27/1931, 977


*083 Ephron, Chie, 11/29/1894, 16042


*084 Ephrain, Rosa and Isaac Simon, 12/28/1884 40879

Source document: Page 1, Page 2


*085 Efferenn, Anna A. 12/23/1917, 33289


*086 Efferenn, Pauline, 2/24/1885, 54893


*087 Efran, Blanche E., 6/21/1930, 14726


*088 Ephrien, Gussie, 12/24/1912, 1023 (1913)


089 MAR-- , #18064

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

Henry Effrain

344 Ashford St.



b. Manhattan Boro.


Sofie Podnus

Ettie (?) Fink (signs as Ethel Fink)

1245 Liniola (?) Pl. (?)


Grodno, Russia


Jennie Ikofsky

By, Rabbi Jacob Lewisman??? Of 836 Eastern Parkway, at  Cong. Choveres Torah, 885 E  Parkway,Brooklyn, 12/20/1925

Edward J. Goldberg

Ben L. Helfman


090 Affron-Preston, Newspaper (Sag Harbor, NY) Notice of marriage, In Sag Harbor, on the 16th, by Rev. Clarence H. Wilson at the residence of the bride’s mother, William Affron of Birmingham, England to Bernice E. Preston of Sag Harbor.

Source document


091 Affron-Thomas, Newspaper (Sag Harbor, NY) Notice of marriage, at the MB (ME?) parsonage in Sag Harbor, George Affron of Newark to Cora K. Thomas of Sag Harbor by the Rev. BR Reeys (??)

Source document


092 Schenck-Affron, Newspaper (Sag Harbor, NY) Notice of marriage, on May 28 in Sag Harbor, Frank Schenck of Bridge Hampton to Madeline Affron of Sag Harbor, by Rev. Wallace F. Thompson

Source document


093 Dublin, Ireland Marriage certificate, 8/13/1924, Samuel Lewis Coml. Traveler, son of Solomon Lewis, a shop keeper, and Annie Bernstein, daughter of Morris Bernstein, a practical tailor, Witnesses Harris Daniel Noyek and Hyman Byrne

Source document



Mass. Marriage [verify – date]

Annie Braver to Samuel Solomon, she 21, he 26. He lives at 1 Herald Place, Mattress maker, b. Russia; She is at 602 Third St.. His parents are Isaac Solomon and Bessie Lebovitz; her parents are Ella Diamond and Abraham Braver, by A Rosen of 332 Gross (Cross?) Street, Malden, MA.



8-29-03 St. Paul Globe (Chronicling America web site) Marriage license issued to Mary Mintz and Joseph Zieve.



Hammond Times (Ancestry)

1/13/1958 M&M Abrams announce the engagement of their daughter Raylene to Stuart Fenton, son of Dr. & Mrs. of Detroit. She attended E. Chicago High School and is now getting an Ed. Degree in Detroit.



WEDDINGS; Abigail Sadler, B. L. Shneider

NY Times   Published: September 13, 1992

Abigail Emerson Sadler, the daughter of Sheila E. Sadler and Harry M. Sadler Jr., both of New York, was married yesterday to Dr. Benjamin Leighton Shneider, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon B. Shneider of Elburn, Ill. The Rev. Nancy Arnold, a Unitarian Universalist minister, officiated at the Stonehenge Inn in Ridgefield, Conn.

Mrs. Shneider is a research associate in pediatric neurology at Yale University School of Medicine in New Haven, where her husband is an instructor of pediatric gastroenterology. She graduated from Vassar College and received master's degrees in psychology and neuroscience from Columbia University. Her father, now retired, was a consulting engineer in New York. Her mother, also retired, was the founding director of the Village Community School in New York.

Dr. Shneider graduated from Stanford University and received his M.D. from the University of Chicago. His mother, Constance Shneider, is a painter in Elburn. His father is a law professor at Northern Illinois University.

Photo: Abigail Shneider (Michael Serao)



Chicago Marriages [FamilySearch]

8/17/1919, Benjamin Schneider, 21 and Mary S. Mishkowsky, 20, by Rabbi Michael Levinsky (?)



Chicago Marriages (FamilySearch]

5/18/1919, Israel Mishkousky, 26 and Elizabeth Schneider, 19 by Rabbi Michael Lerensky



Marr record (FamilySearch)


Chicago, Sam Berger to Sophia Schneider by M.A. Lifshutz



Chicago Tribune, 12/20/01, marriage license issued to Emmanuel Ephron and Annie Davis, 32-28.



Marriage (tentative)

Cleveland Jewish Marriage records

Rose Berman, 26, b. Topeka, dau of Sarah Blum and Mose E. Berman, to Joseph Cohen



Australian marriages index (Ancestry)

Esther Bardas to Balloul, 2nd quarter of 1962



Marriage cert, Ancestry

Tillie Baum, 18, resides Arom (?) Owen (?) Sound with sister, father Louis Baum, mother Ida Levine, to Samuel Cadesky, 29, junk dealer, father Issie (?) and Ester Levinsky. At Gray court, Owen (?) Sound, 6/14/1918



Jewishgen All Lithuania database

Lithuanian marriages


In Simnas, Kalvaria district, recorded at Alytus in 1930/31

Groom: Abromas Efronas, son of Morchelis and Ester Reize MIKALAUSKAITE / [MIKHALOVSKI] 
 of Simnas, age 25

Bride: BIALOCKAITE / [BIALOTSKI], Sara, daughter of Izrael and Roche KARCMARAITE / [KORCHMAR] of Simnas, born 6/11/1886

Groom was born in Rozhe, near Grodno



Jewishgen All Lithuania database

Lithunian marriages

3/26/1925 Kaunas

Recorded Kaunas 1925

Groom: GROS / EFRONAS / [EFRON], Shloma, 26, son of Mausha Icchokas / Mausha Itskhok and Leya of Alytus 

Bride: SHAPIRAITE / [SHAPIRO], Etta, b. 1897.daughter of Mausha and Khaya Reyzel of Kedainiai.

Groom a butcher, wife a seller


107 MAR107


Register of marriage of corporation of English, German and Polish Jews of Montreal 1902-1903

No. 12


Joseph Silver, Bachelor, of Kingston, Ontario, son of Marcus Silver and Tillie Efran to Miss Rose Jackson, Spinster, of Detroit, Michigan, daughter of Abraham Jackson and Fannie Upin.

Minister: S. Goldstein

Witnesses: Benjamin Silver, L H (??) Jackson and another (illegible)


108 Source Document Page 1, Page 2

Meyer Effrom (sic), 1320 (1330?)Intervale Ave, 25, single, baker, b. Russia, Isaac, Anna Schwartz, first, Frances Zipser, 1320 (1330?) Intervale Ave, 23, single, b. NYC, Morris, Kate Lowenstein, first

At 764 Beck St., Bronx, by J. Greenbaum (??) same address, 4/18/1920



ItalianGen Brides index:

Louis Effrom (sic) and Sarah Fine

Manhattan, 7/14/1897

Cert 11166



Marr. Annotation on

11/18/1894, Mahnattan

Esral or Esrael Afrin, son of Abram and Dara Esar

Lena Gotbib, daughter of J. Gotbib and Ida Sevin (probably should be Levin)


111 Marriage record abstract

1/10/1903, Manhattan

Abraham Afrin, son of Isaac Afrin and Anna Puem

Anna Adler, daughter of Noah Adler and Rebecca Adler



Ancestry England BMD marriage index

Elsie M. Rawlings, of Aston Dist., married to Ephron

Leopold Ephion (sic)

They are registered in the July-Sep 1921 records.



Italian Gen Groom Index

6/1/1917 in Manhattan, Alexander E. Somach to Frieda Rosenbaum

6/30/1918 in Bronx, Alexander Somach to Frieda Rosenbaum



Marriage, Mass.


Nathan Effron, 35

Ida S. Leshefsky, 26.

 He is at 62 Johnston Rd. 35, lawyer

b. Russia to Aaron S. Efron and Fannie Lotow.

She is of 284 Columbia Street, Boston

daughter of Harris and Rebecca Finn.

 By J.M. Jacobson, 37 Intervale, Boston.



Family Search NY Marr abstracts

5/25/1902, Manhattan

Mayer Effron, son of Abraham Effron and Sory Wilensosy

Annie Feldman, daughter of Simon Feldman and Rosa Katler



From ItalianGen NY Vital record indexes

Meyer Solon married to Irene Efron

2/25/1919, Bronx Cert #800

(FHL US/CAN Film 1941355)



Gonzales Records Center

Marr. Cert of J. A. (H?) Efron and Sweetie Rae Joseph

2/14/1909 at Gonzales, TX

by Rabbi Samuel Marks of San Antonio



Marriage License of Gonzales Cty

H.O. Robertson and Soline Efron


by Pat Corrigan, Justice of the Peace

Bexar Cty.

witnesses CC Tribble and RD McGee


119 Source Document

Marriage Cert, City of New York No. 800

Meyer Solon, groom

Resides Bronx



Lunchroom business

b. Grodno, Russia

father Jacob

mother Ida Sondak

first marriage

Irene Efron

Resides “Irene Efron” (sic.)



b. Suwalki, Russia

father Abraham

mother E(d?)ith Zarenbrasky

first marriage

at 1011 Union Aven, Bronx on 2/25/1919

by L. Cipervitz (??), Rabbi of 1011 Union Ave.

witness: N. Goldsmit and Julius Efron


120 Source Document

Marriage certificate, courtesy of Frank and Dory Effron

November 30, 1893, Mr. Leon A. Effron DDS

Miss Sadie W. Shepard

At Camden, N.J.

Russell H. Conwell, Clergyman

Witnesses: Wesley (??) Sheppard and Mary R. Sheppard



EFRON, Mordchel Szmerkow Chackelew, married 1894 to Golda Benjaminowna GLOGOWSKA, Akt 207

JRI-P, Bialystok PSA (records in Fond 264 in Bialystok Archive)



EFRON, Benjamin Judelewicz, married 1895 to Fejgel Sroelewna NETUPSKA, Akt 34

JRI-P, Bialystok PSA (records in Fond 264 in Bialystok Archive)



EFRON, Benjamin Wolfowicz married 1896 to Gitlja Mowszowna NISENBAUM, akt 193

JRI-P, Bialystok PSA (records in Fond 264 in Bialystok Archive)



EFRON, Chana Judel Gerszowna married 1896 to Jankel Szmuelewicz GELBERD, akt 196

JRI-P, Bialystok PSA (records in Fond 264 in Bialystok Archive)



EFRON, Estera Judelewna, married 1899 to Lejb Ickowicz LEW, akt 162

JRI-P, Bialystok PSA (records in Fond 264 in Bialystok Archive)



EFRON, Jankel Mordchelewicz, married 1900 to Rejzel Mowszowna SZOSZKES, akt 6

JRI-P, Bialystok PSA (records in Fond 264 in Bialystok Archive)



EFRON, Szewach Szmerko-Chackelewicz, a widower, married 1900 to Rivka-Rachel Jankel-Szmujelewna KNYSZYNSKA, a widow, akt 43

JRI-P, Bialystok PSA (records in Fond 264 in Bialystok Archive)



EFRON, Biniamin Judelew-Girszew, a widower,  married 1901 to Szyfra Lejbowna MENKES, akt 259

JRI-P, Bialystok PSA (records in Fond 264 in Bialystok Archive)


FamilySearch Ohio Marriages, name of Effron, location Cincinnati, records 129-



Idah Effron, b. KY to Nathan Effron and Rebecca Saltz, married 12/9/1923 in Cincinnati to Ben Koodish, b. Russia to Ben (sic?) Koodish and Jennie Tafel


130 Hiram Effron, b. KY to Nathan Effron and Rebecca Mushatzky, married 8/21/1927 in Cincinnati to Freda Linowitz, b. 1902, Russia, to Aaron Linowitz and Fannie Silver


131 Abe Effron, b. Poland to Ely Effron and Metta (sic) Block, married 9/3/1905 in Cincinnati to Rose Fridman, b. 1884 in Austria, daughter of Adolph Fridman and Lena Rosenstein


132 Jacob Effron, married Anna Kohn on 5/2/1897 in Cincinnati


133 Joseph Effron, 26, son of Eli and Henrietta Block, married 7/28/1907 to Frieda Bian (sic?), 22, daughter of Louis and Hannah Hansel


134 Jennie Effron, age 25, daughter of Eli Effron and Ida Block, married 5/26/1912 in Cincinnati to David Kohn, 27, son of Louis and Lena Singer


135 Rebecca Effran, married 9/6/1894 in Hamilton Cty, OH to Louis Cohen




*136 Affren, Hennie, 5/5/1916, 18587

Same as 026


137 Effrain, Florence, 3/19/1921, 16471


138 Efferenn, Mary, 4/8/1894, 4100


139 Efferen, Eliz., 10/5/1899, 15597


140 Efroa (sic?), Dotty, 7/7/1935, 10384


Groom index (?)


141 Affrim, Jos., Manhattan, 1923


142 Arnstein, Louis 12/21/1913, 294 (1914 certs), Man


143 Abe Efrein, 5/24/1923, 19211 Man


144 Henry Efrein, 8/14/1936, 21679 Man


(selected Heffron entries)


145 Heffron, Alexander, 6/13/1926, 10719, Kings


146 Heffron, Frank, 4/30/1913, 10653, Man


147 Heffron, Samuel, 6/15/1935, Kings


Chicago Marriages from LDS film 1288995 – no E165 entries


Chicago Marriages Index (1871-1933) (from LDS film 1295945, viewed at NYC conference summer of 2006.


148 Efron, Harry, 1156 Hastings, 4/19/1917, 13166-10


149 Efron, Janis Francis, 4901 N. Sawyer, 5/3/1932, 12733-25


150 Efron, Joseph,  Michael Reese Hospital, 6/13/1908, 14752-1


151 Efron, Samuel, 648 N. Artesian, (7) 12/29/1907, 110-36


152 Efron, Silvie, 1156 S. Hastings, 12/14/1914, 32048-7


153 Ephrain, Morris, Michael Reese Hospital (o), 5/4/1887, 220-6


154 Ephrain, Eva, 5727 Wabash, (b1), 5/29/1892, 104-2 (there is a Minnie Ephraim also at this address)


155 Marriage abstract (

Manhattan, 3/22/1902

Max Efrem, son of Elie and Sheefrah Myers

Bessie Fisher, daughter of Isaac and Yettie Newbonsky


156 Massachusetts Marriages

6/26/1906, Hyman Abrams, 27, to Minnie Braver, 21. First marriage both. Both reside Malden. He is a mattress maker, b. Russia to Samuel and Leah Zuck. Her parents are Aby Braver and Ella Diamond, both b. Russia. By Rev. Avon (?) H. Chaimovitz, Boston.


Ketubah (marriage contract) of Sophie Braverman) Gordon, sister of Fishel Braverman : Shoso Poyo, mother of Yaakov, contracts with Yuda Leib, father of the bride, Shosho. Yaakov is the son of Leib Gourdin and is to wed Shosho. Yuda Leib is the son of Yeshua. The financial conditions of the dowry are set forth. The wedding is to take place in Adar II, 5665, in Odelsk. (some portions were not translatable). Signed on Adar 7, 5665, location untranslatable. Signed by Yehuda Arie, son of Yehoshua and Shosho Poyo, daughter of Shmuel Berl. To summarize: Bride is Shosho, daughter of Yehuda Leib [Braverman], son of Yehoshua. The groom is Yaakov, and his parents are Shosho Poyo and Leib Gordin. The father of Shosho Poyo is Shmuel Berl.


158 ItalianGen NY Marriage indexes

Mildred Elkin Marriage to Meyer J. Efron, 8/8/1926, Bronx (cert 4950)



8/13/1924, Dublin Marriage cert.

Samuel Lewis, Bachelor, Coml. Traveller, 14 St. Vincent St., S.C.R.

His father is Solomon, a shop keepter

Annie Bernstein, Spinster, 1 Rosedale Terr., Lr. Clanbrassil St.

Her father is Morris, a practical tailor

Witnesses: Harris Daniel Noyek and Hyman Byrne

(Courtesy Jonathan Lewis)



12-9-1901 St. Paul Globe (from OCR text)

Married at Pfeiffer's Hall.,
The marriage of Sanuel.Efron and Miss
Anna Marks took place at Pfeifer's hall
at 5:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon, in :
the presence of a number of friends.
Rabbi Aronsohn performed the ceremony.
The groom was attended by Samuel.Pa
vian as best man and M. P. Abrahams.
Miss Mary Mintz and Florence Abrahams
. attended the bride. After the marriage
ceremony a wedding supper was served
to the , guests. • Bros's orchestra furnislT
ed music for dancing. Mr. and Mrs Ef
ron will live at 492 Mississippi. street.


161 Source Document


Marriages registered in the City of Worcester, MA, 1903, Married on March 1, in Worcester, by Rabbi Heyman J. Silver

Charles A. Elias, 26, 1st, Reside NY, NY, contractor, b. Russia to Meyer Elias and Bessie Algaye

Ida Violet, 22, 1st, reside Worcester, at home, b. San Antonio to Abraham Israel and Ray Efron



Chicago Tribune, 1/5/1941, engagement of  Ida Schwartz, dau of M and M Louis Schwartz, to Morris Ephron, son of M and M Emanuel Ephron of North Wilton Ave.


163 Source Document

Marriage record, in Russian, from the head rabbi of the Jewish community in the city of Grodno

In Russian, rough translation (needs to be verified):

No. 4372 in the Jewish Records in Grodno

Marriage certificate 45 of 1911 from March 16, 1911

Resident (Obywatel) of Indura, Abram-Zelik, son of Karpel Frydman, 29

Resident (Obywatel) of Indura, Ester Leja, daughter of Daniel Efron, 24

By Rabbi A. Gelbart (?), Secretary

(translation not verified)



Illinois Marriage Index on Ancestry

On 11/5/1915 at Chicago

Louis Schar, 30

To Ida Soskin, 22

(in Cook Cty. Records it is Lazar Schar)



IL Marriage index on Ancestry

Isaac Schor and Sarah Weisberg, 3/10/1922



Cook Cty Marriage index (Ancestry)

Henry H. Schor to Mary Brisgall, 12/11/1922



Marriage record on

Samuel Effron to Fannie Labenski, 9/13/1903, Manhattan.

His parents are Israel and Hadess Goldman; her parents are Woolf and Eva Lismilewish