APPENDIX N (Prefix NAT): Naturalizations



Source for 1-7 is NY Cty, Supreme Ct. Ntzns 1876-26 Dirn-Epter @ LDS


Also, for 1-5 also received from Ada Greenblatt:

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From: (Ada Greenblatt)


001 Naturalization, Supreme Ct., NY, Morris Efron

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

565 Grand St., storekpr, b. 24 Dec 1870, Grodna, arr. from Copenhagen, 1 Sept, 1904, arr. NY 21 Sept, 1904 on the Island. Wife is Pauline Efron, b. Grodna, resides same. 2 children, Max, b. 10 July 1896 and Frank, 10 Sept 1903, both reside in NY. S/ 29 Dec, 1904. Witnesses Abraham Resnik, confectnr, 253 Madison and Jacob Zugerman, wheelwright, 417 Cherry St..Declaration of Intent: Morris Efron, 41, storekpr, 5'4", 164 lbs, brown/Brown, pock marked complexion. b. (same), resides 565 Grand, last resided Grodna, immig info is same. COPY


002 Issie EFFREN

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

321 E. 121 St., painter, b. Sept. 8, 1880 in Grodna, Russia.  Left Southhampton on May 23, 1904 on vessel America, arriving in NY on May 28, 1904.  Wife Rose b. Austria on June 5, 1886.  Three children ‑‑ Nathan, b. April 14, 1908; Sophie, b. June 10, 1921 and Mollie b. Jany. 5, 1917, all in NY.  Naturalized Jan. 11, 1923. COPY


003 US Supreme Ct, NYC, Alexander Efron

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

resides at 158 E. 113th, student, b. 26 Dec 1897 at Grodna, immig Libau 6 Aug, 1911, arr. NY on 13 Aug, 1913 on the Kursk. Wife is Rose, b. 28 Mar 1898 at Russ., resides same. In US contin. since 13 Aug, 1911. Hon Disch soldier 5140079. /s 12/24/20. Witnesses Julius Helfand, laundryman, 1096 West Farms Rd, NYC and Edward A. Kunitz, clerk, at 158 E 113th St., NYC, stating in US since 15 Dec, 1915. COPY


004 Isidore EFRON

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

8 East 109 St., news dealer, b. Feb. 17, 1877 in Minsk, Russia.  Immigrated to US from Glasgow on Feb. 20, 1904 on vessel Ethiopia arriving in US on March 5, 1904.  Wife's name is Esther Pinchassy Efron, born Minsk, Russia.  Son Samuel b. July 15, 1909 in NY.  Naturalized Jan. 28, 1913. COPY


005 Isidore EFREIN (EFREIM on cert. of arrival), 244 Madison St., tailor, b. Grodna, Russia Feb. 5, 1870.  Left Hamburg on March 1, 1891, arriving in NY on March 10, 1891 on vessel Hamburg.  Wife's name Cecelia (Celia), b. Oct. 10, 1883 in Russia.  Four children ‑‑ Abraham, b. Nov. 10, 1904; Herman, b. July 15, 1906; Jenette, b. Dec. 3, 1914 and Ruth, b. May 28, 1918, all in NY.  Witnesses were Ray EFRON, no occupation, 33 Norfolk St. and Abraham EFRON, tailor, 33 Norfolk St. Isidore signed his name as EFREIN, but the witnesses signed their name as EFRON.


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I had already done the same/similar research, and found in addition under:





*007 Not yet found in genealogy

Isaac Ephron, 548 E. 15th St. COPY


009 Isaac Efron, 2033 Bergen St., Brooklyn, Printer, b. 7/12/1888, Vilno, arrived from Bremen 1906 at NYC on a vessel unknown.. His wife is Emma, b. 2/10/1902, Lubon, Russia. Child is Hyman, 7/6/1927, Brooklyn. He enlisted 5/17/1916 and was honorably discharged 2/6/1920, then renlisted until 1924. He was part of the 15th Co. Coast Artillery corps 316,790. Witnesses are Moses Schmall, sweeper at 2033 Bergen, and Samuel Kravzov, teacher, of 290 Hopkinton Ave., Brooklyn.


010 Israel Efron, Petition (no declaration), 137 Ludlow St., Laundryman, b. 3/15/1880, Minsk, arrived from Liverpool 12/3/1910 on the “Compania” (per certificate of arrival) with Sarah, b. 3/12/1884, and children Kalman, b. 3/14/1906 Benjamin, b. 3/10/1908, Morris, b. 12/9/1914. He had declared on 3/20/1905, but it lapsed. Witnesses are Gussie Knippel, house wife, 111 Rivington, William J. Senker, Investigator, 111 Rivington. Declaration 4/22/1922, 42, Laundryman, dark, 5’6”, 135, brown, gray eyes, b. Minsk 3/15/1880,. Is now at 470 E. Houston St. He arrived on the Campania at NYC 11/25/1910. His wife is Sarah.


011 Moses Efron, Declaration on on 12/12/1923, 42, teacher, fair, 5’5”, 135, blond, blue, b. Grodna 12/26/1880, of 50 E. 112th St., NYC. Arrived on the Moltke from Hamburg. His wife Rachel is deceased. He arrived NYC 4/4/1904. Peition on 1/1/1917. He lives at same address and is a teacher of mathematics. No children. Witnesses Anna Arons, Milliner, 1131 West Farms Rd. and Meyer Eisenberg, salesman, 1116 Grand Ave.


012 Morris Louis Effron, Declaration 3/4/1930, auto dealer, ruddy, 5’6”, 147, brown, gray eyes, b. Capilla, Argentina, 2/14/1901. He is now at 35Manitou Av, Poughkeepsie. He arrived on the Tennyson from Argentina, last residing in Desparachiados, Argentina. His wife is Mary, b. MA. He arrived at NY 2/10/1911, certificate of arrival says 3/22/1911, as Moses Effron. Petition on 12/31/1923 (?). He now is at 6 Marian Av., Poughkeepsie, b. Desparasciados, married 7/25/1925, NYC. She was born Worcester, MA 8/27/1903. Children are Howard F. b. 7/25/1928, James, b. 11/1/1931, both b. Poughkeepsie.Witnesses are Irving Pashin, 699 Main St. Poughkeepsie, a student, and Felix Goldman, furniture, 571 Main St., Poughkeepsie.


014 Declaration of 2/19/1929, Alexander Livschutz, bank clerk, 35, fair, 6’, 195, brown and blue, b. Smolensk 5/18/1893. He lives at 121 W. 118th St. He arrived on the D&H Railroad from Montreal. His wife is Marie Margrt., b. NYC. He crossed at Rouses Point, NY, 12/21/1928 (Cert.D&H #10). Witnesses are Charles Hoffman, 220 W. 93rd, Manhattan Beach and David Iarshes, 223 Dover, Brooklyn. Petition of 4/27/1934. Aka Alexander Efron, 46 Ft. Washington, Ass. V.P. at a bank. Married 3/13/1927. She is born 4/26/1898, NYC. No children.


015 Not used.


016 Declaration 7/7/1933, Hyman Efron

Source document

of 1125 Evergreen Ave., Bronx, a painter, 62, fair, brown, black hair, 5’5”, 135, b. Minsk 8/12/1970. Married Marcia 5/15/1897 in Russia. She was b. Russia and arrived at NY 9/1902. Children are Jacob, b. 9/4/1899, Russia; Libby, b. 4/23/1905, NY; Nathan, b. 8/17/1907, NY. He last resided in Crementchuh (Kremenchug). He arrived from Hamburg as Chaim Effronon on the Blucher on 12/23/1903. His petition  on 5/12/1937 has him at 3514 Rochambeau Ave, Bronx. He is a newsstand owner.  Says he is from Crementchuk. Witness is his wife and Fannie Efron, a housewife, of 467 Central Park West, NYC


017 Not used


020 Declaration of 7/24/1936 Nathan Efron

Source document

of 995 E. 173rd. St., Bronx, operator, 41, fair, brown and brown, 5’5”, 160, b. Bocki 1/7/1894, married Dora on 3/29/1927 at Zabludowa. She was b. Bocki, 1901, arrived NY in 1927. Children are Harold, b. 11/6/1928, Leonard, b. 8/24/1936, both in NY. Last resided in Bocki. He arrived from Gydnia as Nosko Efron on the SS Kosciuszko 12/5/1933. Petition on 11/6/1939. 236 E. Gunhill Rd, Bronx. Harold b. NYC, Leonard in the Bronx. Witnesses Dora and Anna Dubner, housewives, same address.


021 Jacob Efrain

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

33, laborer, fair, 5’5”, 135, blonde, gray eyes, b. Szekely Udvarhely, Hungary 4/22/1887, In 1921 hee resides at 410 E. 121st  and in 1923 he lives at E 118th st.. He arrived on the “Marian” from Hamburg,. He last resided in Hungary. His wife is Julia, b. Hungary. He arrived 4/27/1910.


022 Isaac Efran, 11/30/1920 40, operator, fair, 5’6”, 160, black hair, gray eyes, b. Grodna 10/15/1880, Now is at 250 Monroe St.. He arrived from Rotterdam to NYC 3/15/1914. Wife is Brele, who now resides in Russia.




024 Jack Efron, 6/28/1922, 25, farmer, dark, 5’6”, black hair, brown eyes, b. Suwalki 1/1/1897. Now lives at 1292 Washington Ave.. He arrived on the Breslau from Bremen at Galveston on 5/2/1912. There is a letter attached to this file dated 12/15/1925 that states that he lives at 907 Tinton Ave., Bronx. (Spokane? Cite?]


025 See entry 011


026 Judith Ephron, USDC Brooklyn, 8/15/1952, of 303 Burns St., Forest Hills, NY, Teacher, 53, b. 11/9/1898 in Kiev, fair, brown, auburn, 5’5”, 130, Canadian. Divorced from Harmon. Married 11/5/1922, Toronto. He was b. Kingston, NY 11/18/1894 now resides 147 E. 50th St.. Children are Eugene, b. NYC 3/6/1928 and Ethel, b. Baltimore 1/8/1932 and they now live in Forest Hills. She arrived at Rouses Point, NY as Judith Bronstein Ephron on 12/24/1923 by railroad (certificate of arrival agrees). Admitted on 11/13/1952.


027 David Marein Efron, 12/10/1942, 255 W. 98th St., wool merchant, 51, b. 1/5/1891, Krynki, fair, gray, 5’3”, 176, wife is Dwojra. They were married 1/6/1922 in Bialystok. She was b. in Bialystok on 5/3/1903 and now is I Mexico. They have children Sara, b. 1/22/1925, Bialystok; Samuel, b. 5/5/1933, Budapest.. They both now live in Mexico City. He arrived from Havana 7/11/1941 on the Sharmee.


028 Declaration of Intent, Israel Efron, 216 E. Broadway, NYC, tailor, 70, b. 7/15/1870, Grodna, 5’5”, 110. His wife is Lena, They were married 10/31/1896 in NYC. She arrived at NYC on 12/10/1892 and is the time of this declaration. Rae is 12/13/1896;  Abe, 3/3/1898, Hymie, 12/12/1903; Lillie, 11/3/1906, all born in NY. He last resided in Grodnoa and arrieved on the Umbria, sailing from Liverpool to NY as Israel Efron in 3/1889.


030 USDC Brooklyn, Walter Ephron, Declaration on 4/24/1941, at 319 W. 76th St., NYC, Art Historian, 45, b. 9/15/1895, Vienna, fair, brown, Black-grey hair, 5’0”, 13, Hebrew race. Widower of Grete. Married 10/12/1924 in Vienna. She was born in Vienna 2/15/1898 and d. 7/11/1940, France. No children. He last resided in France. He arrived from Lisbon, Portugal at NY as Walter Ephron on 9/12/1940 Nea Hellas


033 Otto Efran, declaration on 4/25/1940. Resides at 600 W. 161 St., NYC. Cleaner’s clerk. Age 56, fair, blue/brown, 5’3”, 140 lbs, Hebrew/Bohemian nationality. Born in Prossnitz, Czech 10/8/1883. Wife Selma married 1/4/1931 in Vienna. She was born in Misslitz, Czech., 9/5/1888 and arrived in the US 2/21/1940 at NYC. No children. He last resided in Brunn, Czechoslavakia, and arrived at NYC on the “Manhattan,” sailing from Genoa Italy.


036 Benjamin Efron, student, 20, fair, 5’6”, 135, brown and brown, b. Bobroisk 3/10/1908. He resides at 137 Ludlow. He arrived on the Kursk at NYC from Libau 11/23/1913. He last resided in Bobroisk and is not married. Declaration on 11/23/1913, Benjamin Efron, student , 20, fair, 5’6’, 135, brown and brown. 3/10/1908, not married. Witnesses Israel Efron, 137 Ludlow, teacher, b. Bobroisk and Lester Lewis Jay, 276 Thropp Ave., Brooklyn


037 Charlie Efron, declaration on 12/5/1940, 56 Willett St., NYC, unemployed. Born in Bobinsk (Boboisk? Borboisk?), Russia 3/3/1877, age 63, fair, blue and brown, 5’3”, 159. Wife is Rebecca, resides in Baltimore. Married in 7/1901 in Dulebno, Russia. She was born in Dulebno 11/15/1877 and arrived NYC 7/1910. Children Bernard, 11/1902, resides in New Orleans; Jacob, 12/1903, Max, 11/1905, resides in CA, all b. in Russia, Clara was b. 3/30/1912 in NYC and lives in Baltimore. They last resided in Dulebno prior to immigration. He arrived as Falk Efron on 9/14/1906 on the Smolensk.


038 George Efron, 61 W. 85th St., NYC, admitted on 5/22/1936. Engineer, 38, fair, brown and brown, 6’0”, 150, Russian race and nationality. B. St. Petersburg 1/27/1898. Wife is Hedwig, married 12/31/1927 Berlin. She was born Ishora, Russia, 7/28/1894 and she arrived 4/1/1936 at NYC. No children. He last resided in Berlin. He arrived from Southampton, England to NYC under the name of Juri Liwschuetz on 4/1/1936 on the “Berepsaria” (Bessebarabia?)


040 Kalman Efron, student Declaration 3/23/1928, 22, student, fair, 5’5”, 128 , brown and brown, b. Bobroisk 3/14/1906, resides 137 Ludlow St. He arrived on the Kursk 11/22/1913.  Petition 3/1/1927. He lives at137 Ludlow, a law student, b. Bobroisk, 3/14/1906. Not married. Witness Herman Rashwald, law clerk, 1441 Overing St., Bronx and Israel Efron, 137 Ludlow St.


043 Morris Efron, 118 Broome St., NYC, Provisions, 21, dark, brown eyes, black hair, 5’8 ½”, 160, b. Lune 12/18/1912, married 12/27/1931 NYC to Pearl. She was b. NYC 5/28/1908. No children. He last resided in Lune and arrived from Hamburg to NYC on 8/9/1921 on the “Mt. Clinton” as Mosza Efron.


044 Rosa Efron, declaration 1/17/1935, 44 Ft. Washington Ave., NYC, housewife, 63, fair, gray/gray, 5’7”, 170, race is Russian, b. Smolensk 11/8/1871. She is widow of Simon. Married 6/23/1903 at Smolensk. He was born in Vilna 1886 and died 6/21/1933. Children are Alexander, b. 5/18/1893, resides in NY, George, b. 1/27/1898, resides in Berlin, Vera, b. 1/27/1905, resides in NYC, Sophie, b. 6/22/1915, resides in Paris. All b. in Russia. She last resided in Paris. She arrived from Havre to NYC 11/14/1934 as Rosa Schweitzer Efron on the “Champlain”


046 Frank Effron, USDC Brooklyn, 194 Christie St., NYC, grocer, b. 11/1/1872, arr. NY 7/15/1889, witnesses: Nathan Seltzer, 29 Hester St., Peddler (other witness, if any, not abstracted). Nat’d 6/24/1899, Vol. 15, #1004. On his original application he signs his name in Hebrew as Efrym Efron (spelling Efron with an Ayin)


047 William Effron, USDC Brooklyn, 162 Cook St., Brooklyn, peddler, b. 7/12/1872, arr NY 3/20/1888. Witnesses Adolph Hoffman, 24 Ewen St., Brooklyn, RE agent. Nat’d 5/28/1898, Vol.11/482


048 Heyman Efron, USDC Brooklyn, of 93 Hester St., NYC, peddler, b. 3/11/1872, arr NY 5/19/1888. Witness Nathan Letzer (Nathan Seltzer – See NAT046), 29 Hester St., Peddler


049 Jacob Efron, USDC Brooklyn, 11 Monroe St., NYC, Carpenter, b. 1/3/1868, arrived NY 5/25/1892, witness: Abe Liebgold, 18 Pike St., Agent. Naturalized 9/17/1906, vol 99 # 690 (or 640?)


050 Philip Efron, USDC Brooklyn, 644 Driggs Av.,Brooklyn, Clerk, b. 7/1881, arrived NYC 7/14/1900, witness Hyman Goldman, salesman, 4345 Orchard St. Naturalized 2/23/1906, vol 79, #362


051 Isidor Ephron, No. 538604, Pet # 12019, Vol. 49, admitted 12/17/1914. His petition appears to be #1143 (also?).  Declaration of intent says he is 20, a salesman, fair, 5’5”, 145, brown and blue, , b. Vilna 12/27/1889, resides at 415 Cherry St. Arrived from Liverpool on the Caronia. Cert of arrival says name was Szoel Efron, arr 10/3/1906. From the petition (1143) he was then living at 1143 44th St., Brooklyn. He was b. 12/27/1891 in Volozhin (Wolozhin). Witnesses are Elies Pessky, roofer, 18 Montrose St., Brooklyn and Jacob Jacobsen, peddler, 85 Bayard St., Manhattan.


*052 Effrain, Ethel, 3100 Brighton 2nd St., Brooklyn, 43, admitted 3/9/1943, USDC Brooklyn, Petition 349769 AR3109272/No. 5180423 (not abstracted)


053 Effron, Joseph

Source document

2061-82nd St., Brooklyn, 28, admitted 12/31/1935, USDC Brooklyn, Pet 199887. In his declaration of intent he lives at 2061 82nd St.. Born in Desparamados, Argentina, 2/22/1907 and last resided there. Arr. At NY as Jose Effron, 3/23/1911 on the Tennyson. His occupation is auto dealer. Witnesses are Harry Milton Schwartz, Broadway, NY and Felix Goldman, 1201 Avenue K, Brooklyn. On 1217/1934 he is not married.


054 Source Document

Benjamin Efron, (registered), 1520  50th St., Brooklyn, 52, admitted on 11/14/1944 USDC Brooklyn petition 414157. 10/22/1941 declaration of intent, he was formerly known as Benzion Grossefraw (sic – should be Grossefron), resides at 2185 85th St., Brooklyn. He is a clothing operator, b. 12/5/1891, in Grodna, fair, gray, 5’ 2 ½”, 158. His wife is Rebecca, married 7/8/1916 at NY. She was b. Grodna 5/1/1893 and arrived at NYC on 5/1/1893 [verify – mis-transcription?]. He has 3 children, Helen, 10/17/1918; Martin, 10/4/1920, who is in the army at Fort Hancock, NJ; and Seymour, 6/12/1925, all b. NY. He arrived 11/21/1909 on the Pennsylvania. His prior declaration No. 343428 was on 1/19/1924 in NYC. In his petition he lives at 1520 50th St. Now says wife was b. Kossover 3/7/1890 and entered Philadelphia 12/11/1906.


055 Betty Efron, 1520  50th St., Brooklyn, admitted 11/20/1945, USDC Brooklyn, petition 43534 ? 3, not abstracted


056 tentative Emma Efron, 440 Rockaway Ave., Brooklyn, 40, admitted 1/24/1939, USDC Brooklyn, Petition 252086, not abstracted


057 Hanna Efron, 761 Miller Ave., Brooklyn, b. 4/4/1897, admitted 12/30/1952, USDC Brooklyn, Petition 495262, not abstracted


058 tentative Ida Efron, 1035 Willmohr St., Brooklyn, 46, admitted 5/13/1941, USDC Brooklyn, Petition 299504, not abstracted


059 Joseph Efron, 212 E. 95th St., Brooklyn, 41, admitted 10/1/1940, USDC Brooklyn, pet. 276626

9/1/1933 declaration. Jos. Efron, 212 W. 95th St., 34, black hair, 5’6”, 150 lbs, brown eyes, b. Budka, Russia, married 8/20/1921, Brooklyn, wife Mary, by. NYC 2/10/1897, child Stanley, b. 4/12/1922, Brooklyn; Mildred, b. 11/12/1926, Brooklyn. Last resided in Budka, Grudna Gub., arrived in US as Yossel Mayer Efron on 9/9/1903 on Grosser Kurfurst to NYC. 3/1/1940 petition lives at same address, same children, is a chauffer, witness Louis Efron, 761 Miller Ave, Brooklyn, chauffer, and Barnet Gellerstein, 775 Hopkinson Ave., Brooklyn


060 Jacob Efron, 38, petition 65638, USDC Brooklyn, admitted 1/25/1927, declaration of intent 235472, Supreme Ct., NY, minors Sylvia, 5, and Miriam, 1

Declaration 11/19/1920, Jacob Efron, hatter, 32, dark, 5’6”, 195, brown and brown, b. Grodna 10/15/1888, resides at 46 Ridge St. arrived Imperator from Hamburg, not married, arr. NYC 11/1/1913 (certificate of arrival says 10/30/1913). Petition filed on 10/1/1921, lives at 346 Barrett St., Brooklyn, hatter. Wife is then Ida, b. 6/16/1893 in Russia. Child Sylvia, b. 9/1/1921 and Miriam, b. 6/7/1925, both in Brooklyn. Witnesses are Louis Dorff, Pharmicist and Louis Dorff OK!, mason contractor


061 tentative Louis Efron, 730 Miller Ave., Brooklyn, 34, admitted 8/18/1931, USDC Brooklyn, petition 16? (is not 0, 5 or 6) 5296, not abstracted (could not find declaration) – 155291, according to the Italian Genealogy web site index .


062 Milton Efron, 2069 Union St., 23, admitted 6/3/1930, USDC Brooklyn, petition 141010

Declaration on 2/24/1927, age 20, Millnery business, fair, 5;8”, 160 lbs, brown, blue, b. Luna [Lunna] 8/26/1906, resides at 129 Clinton St., arr. Mount Clinton as Meyer Efron on 8/12/1921 (certificate of arrival), last residing in Luna [Lunna]. Wife is Rose. Petition filed on 6/3/1930, now living at 2069 Union St., Brooklyn. He is then a cutter, b. Luna [Lunna]. Married 11/14/1925, NYC. She was b. Warsaw 5/26/1903 and arrived in 1911. Child is Albert S., b. 10/16/1929, Brooklyn. Witnesses are Harry Shainman, a manufacturer, and Rebecca Shainman, both of 1684 49th St., Brooklyn.


063 Morris Efron, 41 Graften St., Brooklyn, 52, admitted 3/21/1939, USDC Brooklyn, petition 255218 (?), not abstracted


064 Rubin Efron, 475 Elton St., Brooklyn, 33, admitted 10/1/1929, USDC Brooklyn, petition 134214

6/28/1922 declaration, 25 operator, dark, 5’5”, 148, brown and brown, b. grodno 9/15/1896, 223 Madison, NYC, arrived on Vaderland from Antwerp; last resided in grodno, wife Dora. He arrived NYC 9/17/1912. (certificate of arrival has him as Ruwen). 1/1/1920 Petition: lives at 475 Elton St., Brooklyn, a manufacturer of pants. Dora was b. 1901, no children. Witnesses are Kalman Hilfman, 709 E. 9th St., NYC,furrier and Samuel Odess, merchant, 535 Warnick St., Brooklyn.


065 Salman Efron, 34, Petition 81111, USDC Brooklyn, admitted 12/13/1927; Declaration was in the Supreme court of Kings cty, 6/28/1923. Minor child is Vivian, 9 months old.

Declaration 6/28/1923 as Salman Jefroika, 30, secretary, fair, 5’4”, 130, brown and brown. Born in Wekshna, Lithuania 4/18/1893 and is now at 15 Van Buren St. Arrived from Bremen on the “America,” last residing in Libau. Wife is Esther, born in Lithuania. He arrived 10/24/1921 (per certificate of arrival). Petition on 5/1/1922, he lives at 677 Greene Ave and is a Hebrew teacher. He was born 4/18/1893 in Wekshna. His wife was born 5/12/1894, daughter Vivian was born 2/28/1927, in NY. Witnesses are Larry Breyer, salesman of 635 W. 170th St., NYC and Morris Mark, student, of 928 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn.


066 tentative Sarah Efron, 39-55 46th St., Sunnyside, NY, b. 3/10/1888, admitted 12/20/1949, USDC Brooklyn. Petition number 464490 does not lead to the correct record and is therefore probably wrong., not abstracted


067 Effrain, Lena, 396 Hendrix St., Brooklyn, 60, Admitted 9/4/1945, USDC Brooklyn, petition 434912 not abstracted


068 Effron, Ida, 2061-82nd St., Brooklyn, 30, admitted 1/9/1940, USDC Brooklyn, Pet 263832 (or 263882) not abstracted


069 Maras Affron, 23, 1888, Shawnee Cty., KA index to naturalizations


070 Lazarus Efran, Cook Cty Superior Ct., #A-110128 (eg vol 110A, pg. 128)


 071 Ephron, Isaac,-NY Supreme Ct,

Source document: Page 1, Page 2

Ephron, Isac, Petition for Naturalization,  residing at 348 East 15 St., manufacturer, b. 15 Dec, 1877, "Volozin," Russ. Emigrated from Bremen 5 Jany [sic], 1904, arr. NY 16 Jany [sic], 1904 on the Frederech der Grossi. Intent declared 20 June 1904, NYC at Supreme Ct., Sof NY 1 J.D.. Married to Gittel (Weinstein) Ephron, b. Skidel, Russia, resides same. Children are Harry, b. 7/6/1904; Israel, b. 4/6/1906; Charlie, b. 5/28/1909; Henry, b. 7/26/1911, all in NYC. Resided continuously for at least 5 years prior, since 16 July, 1904. S/ Isaac Ephron, 8 Jany, 1912. Witnesses Samuel Einsohn, slsman, 43 East 112 St. and Charles Steiner, bkkpr, 17 Montrose Av, Bklyn, s/ 1 Sept, 1906. Declaration of Inetnions  on 20 June, 1904 Isack Efron appeared...arrived 16 January 1904. Signed 20 June 1904, reside 254 E. Houston St. (from Vol 41 (1 seems to be underscored), page 107.


072 Levine, Isaac, Petition for Naturalization, Fed. Circuit Court, Mass.

Source document

of 3 Auburn Ct., Chelsea, a baker, b. 6/19/1884, Grodna, came to US 7/9/1901 from Hamburg to NY, NY on the Milano, erroneously on Declaration of Intention said arrived at port of Quebec on 7/15/1901. Witnesses are Abraham Galler, a tinsmith of 7 Poplar St., Chelsea, and Samuel Trushinsky, a launderer of 274 Firvoy ?? St., Everett. His declaration of intention on November 1907 in Boston at the Circuit Court. Declaration corrects his Declaration of Intention and states his arrival was at NY on the SS Milano in Dec., 1901.


073 Maras Affron, 23, 1888, Shawnee Cty., KA index to naturalizations


074 Jake Affron, 27, 1906, Shawnee Cty, KA index to naturalizations


075 MN Natzn Index (Ancestry)

Isaac Mintz, Ramsey Cty, MN

Reel 32, Code 88, Vol. E, page 236



Naturalizations, Cook Cty Superior Ct. index (checked 1906-26, A-K, found Emanuel and Lazarus) (also checked Cook Cty Circuit Ct, 1906-26, A-It, nothing found & difficult to use)



Nat’n index (Ancestry)

B.G. Cohen, in 1892, age 29, naturalizations of Shawnee Cty



Naturalization, US Dist Ct, Pitts (Ancestry)


Abram Goldberg, resides 6 Court Street, Pitts., Salesman

b. 4/1/1875, Grodno

Arr NY 10/10/1891


079 Source Document

Connecticut Naturalization Cert.

Jacob Benjamin Effron

W. Norwalk, CT

Cert 16396, Sup. Ct., Bridgeport, 9/16/1931

With photo.

Age 47

West Norwalk Ave, Norwalk.

(Certificate received courtesy Mel Effron, 1/15/2011).



Declaration of Intention, US Dist. Ct., MA, Emma Lyman, 23 Browning Ave., Dorchester (Boston), 60, b. 6/1881, Odessa, Russia. Blue eyes, 5’3”, 160. Wife of Jacob. Married 9/9/1905, Odessa. Jacob was b. Grodno, 1879. Entered US at Boston on 3/2/1906; Katie, 6/8/1906, b. Boston, resides NY; Lottie, 9/26/1908, Boston; Edith, 10/4/1910, Boston, resides Brooklyn; Lewis, 11/16/1912, Malden, resides Dorchester; Sam, 12/25/1913, Malden, resides Boston; Harry, 6/16/1915, Boston, resides Dorchester. She arrived from Odessa at Boston on 3/2/1906 on the Saxonia, as Lizah Limonya. Has photo.



Petition, USDC MA at Boston, Emma Lyman, adds to her declaration the following info: Resides 60 Wales St., Dorchester, MA, blue eyes and gray hair, widow of Jacob. He is deceased, but was naturalized 11/28/1922 in Middlesboro, KY, cert # 1255466. Children (differing from declaration): Edith now lives in Boston. Affidavit of witnesses: Polly Newman, 65 Nightingale St., Dorchester & Eva Litman, 67 Nightingale St., Dorchester



Naturalization (Jewishdata)

Morris Cohen, 48, occup. Tarln (?)

b. Grodna, 12/11?/1877

Last resided Liverpool, Eng

Wife is Anna, reside 16 Broadway, Kingston

Arr Bostin (sic), 12/28/1903 (?)

Dated 3/29/1926



Natn (

Declaration of Intent

Max Cohen, age 41, machinist

b. Grodna, 3/15/1885

resides 19 Ann St, Kingston

arr on the Karen Augusta Victono from Hamburg on 12/16/1912

wife is Julia

dated 1/31/1927





Declaration of Intention

Abe Cohen, pedlar, b. Luna, arr on the Iceland/Zeland

Arr NY abt. 4/20/1903 on the Seeland from Antwerp

Last resided Lune

b. 12/26/1887, 5’3½”

resides at 21 Ann St., Kingston

Dated 6/3/1911




Declaration of Intent

Abe Cohen, 41, butcher, b. Luna 1/1/1888

Resides 40 Ann St., Kingston

Arr on the Zeeland from Antwerp at NY abt. 3/1904

Married to Esther

Dated 6/25/1929




Declaration of intention

Jacob Cohen, 22, b. Amdur, Tishy (Tishrei?) Feby. 26, 1889

Arr on Seeland 4/20/1903, last resided in Bialystok

Dated 6/3/1911




Declaration of intention

Benjamin Cohen, 19, b. Rapolka (? – Sakolka?). 12/25/1895, tailor

Arr on Ryndam, 8/10/05 at NY from Hamburg, last resided in Bialystok

Resides at 27 Ann St., Kingston

Dated 2/17/1914


088 Source Document

Bessie Braver Levine Certificate of Citizenship


089 Source Document

Andrew Efron

Declaration of Intention, USDC CT at New Haven


440 Edgewood Ave., New Haven, CT

Scientific Research, age 39

Race and Nationality are Russian

b. St. Petersburg, 1/23/1899

Married Julie on 7/24/1921 in Kuokkala, Finland

She was b. 2/10/1901 in St. Petersburg

Arrived at NY on 12/2/1937 and now resides at New Haven

One child: Anna, b. 11/1/1922 in Kuokala, Finland and she lives in New Haven

Last resided in Paris, France and came to the US from Le Havre, France as Andre Efron on 12/2/1937 on the SS La Fayette

(with Photo)


090 Source Document

McLennan Cty Court, TX on 8/19/1891

B. Efron, b. Russia Poland, 49

Arr NY, NY 4/15/1866


091 Source Document

McLennan Cty Court, TX on 6/8/1892

Declaration of intent on 6/6/1894

Jacob A. Efron, b. Marinpoll, 21

Arr NY, NY 9/20/1889

Rec. Dec/Int., Vol I, p. 128, Co. Ct.



Naturalization, USCC Vol. 42/6 page 135 (Boston), on 2/23/1904, Eli Heffron , a butcher, b. Russ. 1/15/1880, arrived Boston 7/10/1896, witnesses Aaron E. Myers and Simon Harris



U.S. District Court - Eastern Division, Eastern Judicial District of Missouri, Volume  25 – Declarations of Intention, A-G, (2 Nov 1915-28 Feb 1916)
Vol 25, page 331, declaration 11735, FHL film 1749649, St. Louis Cty. Lib. Film # 64



NAT094] U.S. District Court - Eastern Division, Eastern Judicial District of Missouri, Volume  22 – Declarations of Intention, A-G (26 Feb 1915-18 May 1915, Vol. 22,  page 293,  declaration 10197, FHC film #1738629/, St.Louis Cty. Library film # 63 (from online index of library)



Elson, Max, Declaration 12865, Page?. 461,Vol.?  27, District, Declaration 1749650, film item 65  [recheck reference info]



Ancestry,USDC, Eastern Dist of Wash (Spokane)

Harry Efron, 32, janitor

5’4”, 150 lbs, light complection, black hair, blue eyes

b. Mariampol, Poland, 1/4/1887

resides at 228 W 4th St., Spokane

Sailed from Hamburg on the Breslof

Last resided in Mariampol


Arrived at Galveston around 1/15/1915



McLellan Cty Naturalizations Index, B. Efron, Rec. Declaration of Intent, Vol. I, p. 55, Co. Ct., of Poland, age 49 on 8/19/1891


McLellan Cty Naturalizations Index, I. Efron, Civ. Min., Vol. F, p. 724, case #1974, Dist. Ct., of Poland (no age given), on 8/31/1871: Declaration of Intent [could possibly be 1891, which is the year Benjamin made his declaration of intent]



Sam Effron of Cleveland naturalization


099 Source Document

8/11/1924 Declaration of Intention

Western Dist. of Kentucky

Jacob Braverman, 29, merchant, fiar, 5’2”, 132 lbs, dark brown hair, brown eyes, b. in Krynki, 7/4/1895, now lives in Corbin, KY, Arrived at Charleston, Mass., 7/8/1912.

With a certificate of arrival for Jankel Braverman, arr at Boston J/8/1912 on the Numidian.


Petition for Naturalization

US DC Western Dist. of Virginia

Jankel Braverman, resides in Coeburn (Corburn?), Wise Co., VA. Merchant. Born 7/4/1895 in Krynki, Russia (now Poland) and immigrated from Glasgow, Scottland 6/28/1912 and arrived Boston 7/8/1912 on the Numidian. Declaration was at London (?), KY US DC . Wife is Mary R. (K?) Braverman, b. 4/28/1898 in Indura, Russia, and now lives at Coeburn,, VA. @ children are Solomon, b. 4/1/20 at London, KY and Samuel, b. 11/9/1921 at Kingston, NY. Both live at home. He has lived in VA since 1/5/1926. Signed 7/1/1927. Witnessed by Carl K. Tepper, merchant of Appalachia, VA and Jacob Abrams, merchant of Norton, VA.



100 Source Document

Ancestry, Declaration of Intention, US District Ct for Western District of Virginia, 7/22/1921

Rebecca Roth, 29, merchant, b. Indura 12/15/1892 and now lives in Norton, VA. She last resided in Indura. She is a widow. Maiden name is Rebecca Abrams, married to Israel Roth. She is 5’3”, dark complexion, 128 lbs, brown hair and brown eyes.


Certificate of arrival shows arriving at Baltimore 2/16/1910 on the Main as Riwke Abraomowitz. On Memorandum of Continuances on 5/3/1926 she is Rebecca Roth Abrams.


Petition, US Dist. Ct., Western Dist. of VA, 2/18/1925

Mrs. Rebecca Roth, of Norton, VA, merchant b. 12/15/1892, Indura, Russia, emigrated 1/27/1910 from Bremen. Declared at Big Stone Gap, VA. Husband is dead. No children. Lived in VA since 1/25/1917. Witnesses GW Moore, Bank Cashier in Norton, VA and DF Kennedy, Atty in Wise, VA


101 Source Document

Declaration of Intention of Charles Elias Declaration from passaiccountynj dot org

Court of Common Pleas, Passaic Cty., NJ

Charles Elias, 35, Merchant, dark complection, 5’11”, b. Kovno, Russia 8/21/1879, resides at 63 Quincy St., Passaic, arrived from Hamburg on date “do not remember,” last residing in Kovno, Russia.

Arrived at NY, NY around July, 1894.


102 Source Document

11/18/1922, Superior Court, Ulster Co. NY, Declaration of Intention (

Benjamin Aduchefsky, age 43, Shoemaker, 5’2”, b. Minsk on 8/10/1879, resides at 34 Meadow St., Kingston, NY

Emigrated from Hamburg (cannot remember ship’s name), last residing in Minsk.

Wife is Julia, born in Russia and resides at 34 Meadow St., Kingston.

Arrived at NY approx. 3/10/1906


103 Source Document

Petition for Naturalization


Anna Abramsky, formerly Anna Schorr

815 Fairmont Place, Bronx, housewife

56 yo, b. 1/27/1885, Grodna, white, fair, brown eyes, gray hair, 5’2”, 125 lbs, Russian, married to Jacob on 7/24/1923 at Grodna. He was b. Dorpot Russia, now Estonia, 2/5/1886, and arrived at NY 12/18/1923, now lives at 818 Fairmont Pl. was nat’d 2/5/1940 in NY, cert 4518996. 1 child Selma b. 9/23/1924 in NY NY. Last resided at Grodna, emigrated in the US at Quebec and entered at Detroit as Anna Schorr on 6/16/1913 on the Canadian Pac. Ry. Witnesses Dora Eisen, 815 Fairmont and Margaret Goldman, 1547 Longfellow Ave. (Petition is 2nd page, 1st and 3rd pages not retrieved from Ancestry).



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