APPENDIX Q (Prefix: LIB): Library Catalogues



Harvard Library Catalog


*001 Adelina Efimovna Efron, b. 1900, d. 1969, Author


002 Not used


*003 Daniel H. Efron, wrote a book about Psycho...drugs


*004 David Effron, sound recording (1983)


*005 David Efron, Costume and Environment (1941, 72, etc.), also in Spanish


*006 E. E. Efron, Evreiskie Prazdniki (1971)

also, re Feasts and Fasts in Judaism (1972)


007 Edward Effron, Planning & Designing Lighting (Publ. Leicester, Eng., 1986)


008 John Maurice Efron, Defining the Jewish Race... Responses to Scientists to Racism, 1882-1933, on microfiche at Widener Lib


*009 Joshua Efron, b. 1919, wrote various Talmud studies, 1966-87


*010 Joshua Ephron Causes of Difficulties in the Teaching of Hebrew


*011 L. Efron, author re Jet Propulsion Lab. Pasadena, CA


012 Ran Efron, Tel Aviv Sound Recourding, 1990


013 Taible Efron, sound recording in Buenos Aires (195-), Hebrew songs


014 Zusia Efron, wrote re: Artist Chaim Atar, Etc. Etc. in 1970's, En Harod, Israel, Museum of Art