APPENDIX W (Prefix MIL): War and Military Records



001 Draft Registration, from Ancestry

9/12/1918 Gonzales, Gonzales Cty, Texas, E, image 27

Jake Aaron Efron

b. 1/16/1875

nearest relative wife, Raye Joseph Efron

He is a merchant, working for himself. He says he was born in the US.

Medium build, brown eyes and black hair


002 WW I Draft Card

Julius Efron

907 Triton Ave, Manhattan [verify: Manhattan or the Bronx?]

b. 7/15/1892, Alien, b. Russia, single

works as Bottom Maker?, Illeg company, 220 East 19th St.

Medium build, blue eyes, black hair


003 WWI reg:

Harry Banerer, b. 5/15/80


004 Draft registration, June, 1917, Meyer Jonas Efron of East Norwich?, Nassau Cty., b. 1891, short, slender, brown & brown (precinct 6)


005 WW I draft registration, Isidore Effren (very illegible), b. 9/8/1881. In Manhattan, NY


006 WW I draft registration, Abe Effren, resides 284 Madison, b. 7/10/89, has first papers, b. Groda, Russ, Tailor

Employed at S. Poley, 282 New York Ave, JC, NJ, supports wife and children and mother, medium build, brown eyes, black hair, heart trouble. Dated Abe Effren 6/5/17


007 Draft registration 1917/1918, Chicago, precinct 44, on 9/12/1918, Ben Effron, 1156 Hastings, Chicago, b. 4/20/1898, Clerk for the govt at Dearborn & Adams, Nearest relative is Sarah, mother, at same add., Blue eyes, brown hair


008 Alexander Efron, Draft registration, b. 12/26/97 and lives 53 E. 47th St. and is a student of Elec (?) Engineering at Columbia U.


009 WWII registration card, Louis Effron, 6330 N. 18th St., Phila, PA, age 48, b. Slonim 1/5/1894. Person who will always know his address: Mrs. Edith Morganstern, , same address. Employer: Commonwealth Beneficial Association, Phila.


010, Arthur Effron, WW II registration, resides 1912 E Orleans St., Phila, b. 2/4/1896, Sloman. Person who will always know his address: Samuel Zolotnik, 3002 Kensington Ave. Self-employed at 216 Chanellor, Phila


011 WW II registration, Israel Nathan Zlotnik, 3007 N. Kensington Ave. Phila, b 2/6/1892, Smela, Russia. Person who will always know where to find him: Mr. sR. Effron, 1912 E. Orleans St.. In business for himself at same address.


012 Draft registration for Hyman Efron, b. 12/15/1887 says born Lunna, and is tall with gray eyes, that he has a wife and three children and works for Davis & Grein? As a tailor, 396 3rd Ave. Also that he lives at 31 Orchard (Ashland?) St., Manhattan. He signs in Hebrew!


013 Civil War Pension (probably actually some other pension type, i.e. WWI)

For Dave Ephron, who served in the E6 US Artilliary; E1 US Artillary; H12 US infantry

Invalid status 3/30/26 file date

Widow 3/11/1933 file date, in CA. The widow is Minnie Ephron.


014 Draft Registration, from Ancestry

9/9/1918 Waco Texas, E, image 64

Leopold Isadore Efron

Reside 1015 Washington St., Waco

b. 11/16/1879

nearest relative is sister Hannah at 1015 Washington St., Waco

works at Snelling & Sung? Clo. Co., Broad & Malliere ? St., Phila., PA


015 Draft Registration, from Ancestry

9/9/1718 Waco Texas, E, image 63

Harry Nathaniel Efron

Reside 1015 Washington St., Waco

b. 12/23/1884

nearest relative is sister Hannah at 1015 Washington St., Waco

Merchant at Efron & Florsheim

705 Houston ? ??, N. Loome ?, TX

Tall, blue eyes and brown hair


*016 C. Efron, a sailor in Brooklyn,  1890 US Veterans Schedule


017 WW I draft registration, Flint, MI, Isadore Philip Israel, has wife and child. He was b. 10/30/1886 in Waco and works for Buick.


018 In 1918 (WW I record) he was at 907 Triton Ave., says that he was born in Corsicana, TX.


019 Bert Eli Israel of 127 Pembroke Ave, Prov, RI, b. 5/31/95 in Corsicana, wife is Anne W. Israel, employed by Prov Institute of Music WW II


020 Precinct 23


Louis Efron

1109 Laffin St., Chicago

b. 9/12/1884 (but says he is 43 years old!)

Not a US citizen

Livery stable for self at same address

Index finger of right hand missing


021 WW II draft

Maurice Ligom, b. Sevnix, Kovno. Jacob Ligom of Fitchburg will always know where to locate him.


022 WW I draft registration

Nathan Rossovsky. He works at Elite Button Co., Note that Julius Effron makes buttons.



WWI draft registration

Abraham Isaac Effron

848? Cleveland, Cincinnati

42, b. 10/16/1875, merchant of Effron Merchandise?

350 Main St., Cincinnati

wife is Rose Effron



WW II Draft Reg

Samuel Berger

5236 Gakley Ave., Hammond (Lake) Ave., IN, b. 5/7/1892, Mlenow, Russia

Person who always knows where they are: Sophia Berger

Employee of Gakley hotel



WW II draft reg

Morris Kaplan, 69 Bay 29 St., Brooklyn, NY, b. 6/10/1877, Krinay. Wife is Jennie Kaplan



WW I draft reg

Joseph Friedman

1700 (?0 W. Madison, Chic

Hotel Keeper

Wife Ida. B. 2/15/1880



WW II draft reg

Frank Levitz

3115 W. Warren Blvd, Chicago

b. 10/15/1887, Cokolka [Sokolka], Poland

wife Rebecca, Own business of cleaning



WW II draft registration

Albert Kaplan, 90 Broadway, Kingston, NY, single, b. Grodno, Alien [This does not match up, and where is his birth date? Cannot find again on Ancestry]



WW I draft registration

Irving H. Goelman

155 E. Main, Youngstown, KY

Born 1/1/1890

Nat’d, born Edwabno, Lomza

Employed at Effron & Goelman



WW I ristration

(difficult to read)

Jacob Solomon Lapinsky

557 Richard St., Dayton, OH

b. December 23, 1898



WW II Draft registration

Tony A. Lavine, 1325 Touhy, Chicago, b. 5/3/1878, Indura

Mrs. Justine Lavine

Amalgamated Clothing Workers



WW II Draft Reg

Jack Effron, 665 Casanora St., Bronx, b. 7/4/1892, Amdur, Always know his address: Betty Effron (same address). Employed by Nat’l Transportation Co. [a taxi company] at 440 E. 40th St.



WW II draft reg

Louis S. Effron, b. 7/15/1884, Indura. Always know where he is: Sigmund Effron, 3958 Abington Ave. Louis is a metal broker.



WW I draft reg

Leo Rutstein

489 So. 15th St., Newark.

b. 4/13/1896, Yonkers. Chemist. Married with a child



WW I Draft reg

Benjamin Green

67 Philips, Boston

b. 4/15/1888, Nat’d, b. Vilna

Designer, Continental Waist

Has wife & 2 children and also supports mother and father



WW I draft reg

Morris Bulgatz, 231 Norma ?, St.Paul, b. 5/4/1894, Rojaney, Grodno, Russia



WW II draft reg

Morris Arron Bulgatz, 5031 N. Troy, Chicago

b. 5/3/1896, Rojany, Russia, wife is Mary, works at Alfred – Decker & Cohn



Draft registration

Abe Hafron

Chicago, 6/1917

3743 W. 16th

b. 4/15/1894 at Suwalky, Russ.

Single, clothing cutter, short and stout



Israel Mishkovsky WW I registration, he is in Knox Cty, Indiana, a farmer, b. 7/15/1891, has first papers. Born Slonim, Russia. Supports father and mother; single. He is short and stout with dark features.



WW I reg

Julius Kotkin, Newark (address is illegible)

b. 7/10/1878. Relative is Celia.



WW II registration

Julius Kotkin, b. 7/3/1878

21 Parkhurst, Newark

Born Skibel (sic)



Ancestry WW II draft

Isaac Schor, 1134 Pratt Boul., Chicago

b. 7/14/1890, Indura, Russia

employer is Hart, Schaffner & Marx



WW I draft registration

Abraham Schleifer, b. 3/15/1877, 2386 E 46 St., Cleve., Peddlar, wife Ida, signs by his mark



WWI Draft Registration Card, 1917,

Isidor Abramsky of 583 E. 78th St., Manhattan

Proprietor of Baby Carriage store

Married with one child.

Born  in 1878, Zellman?, Russia



WWI draft registration

Hipshman, Isidore

resides at 29-31 E. 3rd, NYC

b. 1/15/1897, Amdura, Grodno

employed at Roman (?) Bros., 635 Hisdale St., Brooklyn

Supports his mother, Fanny Hipshman of Amdura.



WWII draft registration

Isidore Hipshman, b. Indura, resides Somerset, NJ



WW I registration: indexed as Aloysius Efron, b. 6/8/1874, reside at 976 Home



WW II draft registration

Jack Efron

212 Madison St., NY, NY; mailing address is same, c/o Harry Zuckerberg

b. 1/1/1897, Lithuania

Person who will always know where you are: Irene Solan, 1437 E. Cartona Park (sic – should be 1436 Crotona Park East), Bronx.

Employed at Red Toad (Load?) Shop, 355 Thrid Ave, NY, NY.



WW I registration

Meyer [verify spelling]


1321 No. Maplewood, Chicago

He is naturalized.



WW II draft  (Ancestry)

John Baranoff

2024 Cedar St., Berkeley, CA

b. 3/30/1891, Russia

Wife Mary, 1832 F St., San Diego, CA

Employed at Bond Col., 1443 Broadway, Oakland, CA

5’10 ½ ” 160 lbs.



WW I registration: Louis Effroimsky, b. 1/5/1894, Slonim, Grodno. Works for father as manager of rolling chairs, at Boardwalk.



WW I registration, Aaron Effroimsky, b. Slonim, Grodno, b. 2/7/1896, resides 132 No. Georgia Ave., Atlantic City.


053 Source Documents Certificate 1, Certificate 2, Translation of Certificate 1

Discharge/travel permit papers of Jacob son of Israel Chaim of Grodno (Russian) With English translation of certificate.


054 WW II draft registration (Ancestry)

Abraham Krasilnick

590 Amboy St., Brooklyn, NY

b. 7/15/1878, Russia

Contact is Ray Braunstein of 659 Rockaway Parkway, Bk, NY

Employed at 9606 Church Ave., Brooklyn



WW II draft reg.

Lazar Schar

4130 N. Kimball Ave., Chicago

b. 1/30/1886, Grodno

Reference person: Ida Schor

Employed at Hart, Schaffner & Marks



Not used



WW I draft registration

Henry Hayim Schor

1508 N. Sarabee (?) St., Chic.

b. 3/12/1892


b. Indura, Russia

Machinest at Ill Tool Works

Poor sight