APPENDIX Z (Prefix MISC): Miscellaneous Sources



001 Burial Permit is in the St. Louis Dispatch on 7/25/1918 for Morris Efrom.


002 September 2003 bulletin of Temple Beth El, Atlanta, on the death of Irwin “Chico” Bomchel. (elsewhere, he came from Argentina). Father of Heidi Klausner, Jenifer Rotenstreich, Todd Bomchel and brother of Chita Weintrob.


003 The Unbroken Chain, pp. 730-731


004 The Unbroken Chain, p. 879.  The descendents of Samuel Eliasberg are at pp. 367-370 and pp. 589-590.


005 . Rabbi Chaim Karlinsky, ”HaRishon LeSholset Brisk, First in the Genealogical Chain of Brisk:  The Gaon Rabbi Yosef Dov Ber Soloveitchik z’l:  His Life, Times and Activities.” (Hebrew).(Machon Yerushalyim, 1984). The following references should be examined and/or translated.


Selected entries from the index:



Rabbi Avraham Baruch, son of YDB

Avraham son of Yitchak (Kovna)

Rabbi Zalmon Yosef, RvKach and Askin of Jerusalem

Rabbi Elihu Tzvi

Rabbi Chaim

Rabbi Chaim Simcha, ACHYU of YD

Yosef Dov, BHGRY’Z

HaRav Yosef Dov, son of Rabbi Simkha

Rabbi Yosef son of Moshe, ABD of Viliampol (Slovodkah)

Rabbi Yitzcha son of Yosef, of Kovna

Rabbi Yitzchak Zev, son of Chaim ABD Brisk

Rabbinit Lipsha Koltu of RYD

Rabbinit Tsirel Eshat RYD

Rabbinit Rivka (AMU of RYD

Rabbinit Rilkeh (daughter of Chaim of Volozhin)

Rabbi Moshe son of Chaim

Rabbi Moshe son of Yitzchak Zev of Zokovitz (sic?)

Rabbi Moshe son of Yitzchak of Kovna

Simcha Rav BARH’V

Simcha (Londiner) of Yerushalim



Rabbi Elihu (HaGaon of Vilna)

Rabbi Elihu Ragoler ABD and Rabbi of Volozhin

Rabbi Aryeh Leib Tzintz, ABD Plotz

Rabbi Yosef Ephron of Volozhin

Rabbi Mordecai Eliashberg, ABD Bausk

Moshe Tzinovitz, Sofer

Rabbi Nachum Kaplan (R’ Nachumkah) of Grodno

Rabbi Shmuel Bakshter, Rav BLUVTZ’

HaRav Shmuel Bialoblotzki



Rabbi Ephraim Zalmon Margoliot Bal “Bet Ephraim”

Rabbi Benyamin Diskin Rav of Grodno and ABD Lomza

Rabbi BenTzion Shternfield ABD Bielsk

Chatanu of R’ Nachumkah of Grodno

Rabbi Gerson Zafron, Rav Kalave region, Chatanu of Aryeh Leib Shapira of Kovna

Rabbi Dov HaCohen, Svu Zknu of YDS, ABD and R’M Niesvich

Rabbi David Tabil, Moreh D’Torah of Minsk

Rabbi Zorach Diskin RABD Grodno

Rabbi Yehoshua Leib Diskin, ABD Brisk

Yerucham Diskin Bnu of Hamahary’l Diskin

Yshat R Chaim Vyym (?)

Peretz Smolenski, Sofer, Krov Mshpachah Lashtu of R YD

HaRabbinit Peshe Rivkah Yoffee, Btu of R YD

Shaul Katznelson of Bobruisk, Mchatanu of R YD

Rabbi Shmuel Shtrushin of Vilna (HRSh’Sh)


[verify – something missing from here?] Soloveitchik



From Boston Globe, 5/17/1994: Who's Who: The Globe 100: All For A Dollar Inc., (variety stores) 3664 Main Street, Springfield, MA 01107, 413-733-1203; CEO: V. Martin Effron; NAS exchange; 1100 employees; 87 in rank


007 Court Records

Max Efron:  A suit was brought in St. Paul by Max Efron and Morgan & Co. re: the landlord defendants right to a portion of the leased premises located at 167 E. 7th St., St. Paul, MN.  The original lessees were Phillip and Benjamin F. Morgan and it was dated 8/20/07.


*008 1914 Pamietnaya Knizlak (business directory) for Vilna:

p. 181, Vilyeiskoya (town) society for Mutual Credit Member is N.A. Efron


*009 Ir Vilna, book, page 87  & 88: on page 88, at the tail end of footnote 1 which begins on page 87, it states that the discussed person was son-in-law (? -- need Hebrew translated) of R’ Avraham Efron of Krieva. Note that Aharon Eliezer of Amdur discusses his cousin, a daughter of Leib Efron, who lived in Krieva.


010 Ir Vilna, book, Pages 178 & 179: on page 179, on the 5th line of the footnote on page 179, carried over from page 178, it discusses Tybl, wife of R’ Avraham Efron of Wilna. This is probably a discussion of the descendants of The Vilna Gaon.


*011 Otzer Zicronote, book, page 381 discusses Eprion/Efrion. I believe that this is a discussion of a Kibbutz in Israel of this name.


*012 A book on Vilna by Goldschmidt, p. 340 (chapter on Yiddish press in Vilna): “Der Yiddishe Walt” refers to St. Petersburg, 1912, then lists: S. Ginzberg, S. Dubnow, Y. Efron & Y. Tseinberg.


*013 A book, Yovel-Bor, Fon Prify Faryn Druker-Arbiter in Vilna, relating to pharmicists in Vilna: on page 43, in each column, is a reference to Efran, in once case listing him as Chaim Efran; on page 117 is a reference to an event on October 18 at Efron’s Drukery (Pharmacy).


014a A book, Wilno, Jeshurin, Editor: Page 722 references Isaac and Yosel Efron, brothers who are the sons of Abraham.


014b A book, Wilno, Jeshurin, Editor: There is a mentioned of a Shepshel Efron, son of Kalman.


015a A book, Vilna, Jerusalem of Lithuania: p. 465 discusses Eliahu Efron who was born 1847


*015b A book, Vilna, Jerusalem of Lithuania: p. 501 discusses a Sheina Efron


015c (tentative) A book, Vilna, Jerusalem of Lithuania:  p. 519 discusses a Chazan named Avraham-Chaim Efron, known as the “Mogilever.”


*016 A Ketubah with a name and a four-digit number scrawled on the side, source is not noted. This might be the one that came with the military papers from Yivo.


*017 HaMagid Search on JewishGen:

Ephron, Eliezer Moshe, in Panevezys, Lithuania, HaMagid Volume 49, 1871.


*018 Yehudot Lida has an entry for Uri-David ben Yosef Apryon (or Afryon). This does not appear to be a member of any of the EFRON families – I believe it is a separate surname.


019 Amdur, Mayn Geboryn Shtetl, by Yedidyah Efron. Portions translated by Chava Berg of Tiberias, Israel under the direction of Steve Amdur; also, translation of chapter on Learned Balabas was done by Hannah Berliner Fischthal, PhD, and subsequent chapters have been translated by Gloria Berkenstat Freund. Editing has been done by many, including Steve Amdur, Jim Yarin, Michael Bonin and Gabriela Efron.


From Amdur, Mayn Geboryn Shtetl, by Yedidyah Efron (draft of chapter on Balabatim as of 11-3-06) (selected portions):


My Uncle and Rebbe,  Reb Avramel Reb Matis’s [published version says “Motes” in error].   He received rabbinical ordination by the age of 13.   He married my grandfather’s sister, and was the religious authority in the town for many years.   He was forced to teach in order to earn a living.   In his youth he was inclined towards [66] Hasidism…   He was the town mohel…  For decades he was the rebbe of the Mishna Brotherhood.  He departed for Palestine in his later years, but he was not permitted to enter, for this took place during the era of Abdul Hamid [Note 4].  He returned to Amdur and lived in his tiny room barefoot and naked, as the saying goes, in such poverty that he was on the verge of begging for handouts…He once told me: “You have to come to the next world with ready money—I have no fear of the angel who escorts the dead to the other side, because I have the entire Mesekhte Shabbes in my pocket.”  And he truly knew all of Rashi’s 157 pages by heart; that used to be the checkbook for religious Jews, the greatest wealth possible.

            Leizer Efron (we used to call him Leizer Shael’s) was a son of wealthy Shael Efron.  An unusual event in Amdur happened during his lifetime.   Reb Shael used to deal with gold in the time of Alexander II, a business forbidden to Jews.   He was arrested and spent a long time in solitary confinement, in the Grodno Citadel.  A guard was bribed, and Reb Shael’s body was exchanged with that of an executed prisoner’s.  He was carted out of the fortress like a corpse.  Then he escaped to the other side of the border.  The story shook up the entire government, but without results.  Reb Shael lived in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany, for more than forty years.  He was always rich, but rigidly fanatic.   He would not touch meat in Germany because he did not trust the ritual slaughterers in Frankfurt, even thought they were devout and strictly orthodox.   He died in [69] 1897, leaving a rich inheritance to his sons Moshe, a county judge, and to Leizer.

            Leizer Shael’s was a son-in-law of Moni Khozes [Khozeh-tran.] , an extremely wealthy and prominent Jew.  He lived in the courtyard formerly belonging to Count Kozlovsky, former Prince of Amdur.

            Leizer Shael’s studied in Volozhin as a youth.   He knew Russian, Polish, and German well, and he was very advanced in Talmud and Hebrew.   He received many newspapers.   He served as Rebbe of the Torah Brotherhood.   He was good-hearted.  His son Berel (my friend) was not inclined to learn Torah.   When I left Amdur, he left to study in Vilna.   He became a dentist for the military.   The older daughter of Leyzer Saul’s married a grandson of Shmuel-Yoshe Finn in Vilna, a well-known Jewish personality of the nineteenth century.  And what became of this honorable family after the Holocaust?

            Reb Simkhe Bytslyver [Ed: Karpovich; Betsilovo, Ukraine?].  His name was derived from the name of the village in which he once lived.   He was a distinguished scholar and a true holy man, quiet and calm.   He spoke slowly.   …

            The night when my father and mother, may they rest in peace, and our whole family left Amdur, almost the entire town came to say goodbye.  Among them was Reb Simkha; he was my father’s uncle.  My father asked Reb Simkha to bless him.  He was a Cohen [fn 19], a distinguished Jew.  I remember how the Rabbi responded.  Nu, of course, of course.”  Reb Simkha lay his hands on my father’s head and tearfully recited all of the priestly blessing, and the huge crowd answered, “Amen.”  My father was cheered; the kosher Cohen, Reb Simkha, had given his blessings.

            After I left Amdur, Reb Simkha left for [74] Palestine.   His eternal wish was to walk in his socks on the Temple Mount -- Cohen’s dream.   In 1908 a messenger from Jerusalem arrived.  He brought regards from my uncle.   “From Simkha?” I asked him.  “Even in Mea Shearim he’s called Reb Simkha,” the messenger answered.   I learned that in Jerusalem Reb Simkha was called “Rebbe.”   He died when he was more than 100 years old.   May he rest in Paradise.

            Hanokh Likhnyover.   I find I am also indebted to the memory of his brother Hanokh Likhnyover.  He lived in the courtyard Likhnyove.   The prince owning the courtyard, Pan Lyekhnitsky, used to call him “honest Jew,” especially regarding finances.   He built the first wall in Amdur.  …   A dear, kosher Jew, he had many children.   One of them, Alter Hanokh’s, was an extraordinary scholar, a son-in-law of the Rabbi of Adelsk.  Alter Hanoch’s youngest daughter lives here in Argentina.   There are also many other members of Henakh Likhnyover’s family in Argentina and North America with the family name Karp or Karpovitch.  Tankhum Efron, from the colony Rosh Pina (Entre Rios, Argentina) is also a son-in-law of Hanokh Likhnyover.

            Avrom-Shloma Tsine’s was an old proprieter in the city.   He was a Gemara scholar, with an astute, sharp mind.  Because of all these good qualities, he was always asked to arbitrate complicated disputes among the wealthy.  He was not overly good-natured and he was also a bit of a pedant.   People would joke that in Amdur it was hard to find two things:  first, that Avrom-Shloma would laugh at someone else’s funny tales, and second, [75] that nobody would laugh at Avrom-Shloma’s .   His house stood at the corner of Grodno and Volkovysk Streets.  Important businessmen would gather on his porch in the summer and exchange information about city matters, about bargaining the tax on kosher meat, about welcoming a new cantor, about sending a delegation to the chief of the district, about voting in the town legislature, and so on.

… “After the death [needs more translation],” after the morning service, he would burst out crying.   There is a prescription in Jewish books for preventing children from dying while their parents are still alive.  Avrom-Shloma, however, was not successful in this regard.   His two daughters had died, leaving behind them young children.   No wonder he always sobbed at this passage about the death of Aaron’s two sons.

            When I left Amdur, he was already in financial decline and he had turned to his children for help.   When my father, may he rest in peace, [76] received the news in Argentina that Avrom-Shloma had died, he was in mourning for weeks and could not be consoled.
            Moshe Toiba’s.  My grandmother Toiba’s second husband hailed from Zamut.  He was an enlightened and extraordinary scholar, and an outstanding prayer chanter.   …

          He was a Cohen but without the legendary temper.   …He wrote a treatise on the Guide for the Perplexed.   He wore eyeglasses, a gold watch, handsome, clean clothes, and polished boots…   He was a scholar with all good qualities;  Jews used to say that holiness resided within him.      

            Leibe Efron (Leibe Khane-Ete’s).   His name was derived from his mother’s.  A fervent Kotzker Hasid, he was an extraordinary scholar with a thorough knowledge of Hasidic literature.   He used to drink 90 proof liquor in a tea glass.   …  Leibe Khane-Ete’s, however, was never drunk, and he never forgot to say the appropriate prayers at the right time. 

…   His income came from teaching.   My younger brother Arye-Leib was one of his students.


            Monye Khozeh is a good example of a wealthy Jew in the old days.   He hailed from a prominent family in Amdur.   The Amdur courtyard, which used to belong to the polish Count Kozlovsky, fell to Monye after the last Polish uprising.   So all of Amdur belonged to Monye, according to old Polish laws.  Jews in Amdur used to have to pay the owner property tax. There were constant harangues and interruptions during the readings in the synagogue in order to persuade Monye to give this up.  Jews were angry because [80] he did not let them use his lawns for pasturing their horses, cows, and goats.  …

I knew Monye Khoze when he was already an old man, a Jewish personage with a gray flecked beard who always walked proudly.   He was very learned, wrote a fine Hebrew, and spoke Polish and Russian grammatically.   He was highly regarded by the Polish princes.   Pan Khoze made a mark.   He had four daughters and one son.   One daughter, Tsine, married Leizer Shael’s, about whom I wrote earlier.   Another daughter Mary, a very stingy person, wed Zshamen (Serebrenik), a young Hasid who was very educated, a son of a Polish-Jewish very wealthy man.    They were among the richest people in Amdur.   They owned mills.  The third daughter, Etke, after 30 days of mourning for her father, married a Boris from Bialystock, a young man of prominence.   She always wore a cape, and in winter she wore  skunk fur. [81]

Munye was considered educated by both Jewish and universal standards.   Abke, his son, was completely paralyzed.   Munye brought a Jewish governess from Vilna for him, one very assimilated in outlook.  They fell in love;  the result: a wedding.   One of their sons is in Sao Paolo, Brazil.  Shoshke (or Sofia), the fourth daughter, was also paralyzed. 

Munye lived by himself on the estate.   He would pray in Bregman’s House of Study.   He came to hear the Megilla in his carriage drawn by the Christian coachman.   On Simchas Torah he would read the most important, the last, portion of the Torah, and he would weep at the prayers.  When I left Amdur, he really was in his glory.   In addition to being wealthy, he lived in a place with a huge orchard on the side.  He was strictly Orthodox.   His daughters were also.   Before Passover he himself would go to the Rabbi, driven by his coachman, to sell his own khomets.   I was told that when he died, a huge crowd came to his funeral, Jews and Christians alike.   All the princes of Amdur came to hear him praised, which did not please the Rabbi of Amdur.  After his death, none of his riches remained.


p. 179 -- Borukh [STEIN] the baker, who had his own house in the middle of Grodner Street; this house was built of bricks. All of his sons – I remember only the names of two, Chaim and Kasriel – were also bakers; all carried themselves well as businessmen. Chaim, Borukh's son, was an influential businessman; he possessed a few thousand rubles; such a sum was an enormous treasure in Amdur at that time. During the last years, Chaim Borukh's – that is how we referred to him – recited the Shakharis [morning prayers] during the Days of Awe in the Great Synagogue, which not all men were worthy of in those times. Besides, at the time of my departure from Amdur, in addition to his treasures, Chaim Borukh's also had his first dozen children, about whom the Amdur jokesters would say that his rolls were the cause of his wife, Khaskhe, being pregnant year-in, year-out and often with twins… One of his sons, who was named Shmuel, with the nickname Bulke [roll], studied in the yeshiva. He is now in Lisbon, Portugal.



The Jewish Chronicle, the London Jewish newspaper ( entries 20-26, 28-30 and 37-45.

Indexes only include short portions of articles, including the search term used. Full text of those articles have not been examined. Others have been examined in full and abstracted.



11/16/1953, p. 7, birth to Bernice Vivienne (Ephron), wife of Malvin R. Salkind… (portion only)



1/22/1954 … Husband, daughter Rose (Ephron), sons, Ben and Sam…Shiva at Stamford

2/4/1853, p. 138 [no text] … (portion only)



9/13/1872, p. 322/3, The Emperor of Russia has conferred a gold medal on Herr Efron, president of a Jewish District school, and a silver medal… Herr Golder…… (portion only)



12/3/1897, p. 12/13, Woschod called “My Uncle, by one H. Efron, which treated Jewish famiy and public life most sympathetically. It has been discovered that Litwin and Efron are one and the same person…… (portion only)



2/4/1916, p. 20, EHRIMP, Pte. Luvine, 50th Canadian Infantry EPHRON, Pte. Leopold, 17th R. War R. EPPEL…… (portion only)



1/31/1941, p. 12/13, …ing were elected, Rabbi J. Shacter, President; Mr. Efron, Chairman; Mr. Sidney Smith…… (portion only)



6/23/1950, p. 12/13, …two delegates are, Mr. Elias Efron, who was born and lived all…years…… (portion only)



1/1/1914, p. --,Ad placed by Jim Yarin in the Glasgow Jewish Times

Glasgow descendants

AMERICAN Jim Yarin is looking for descendants of Noah Chaim Miscovsky, who died in 1950 in Cathcart. He was the head of Glasgow Beth Din. His wife was probably Rebecca, who died in 1958, also in Cathcart. Noah Chaim was the son of Dina (nee Katz) and Baruch Ben Zion Mishkovsky.

Jim is also seeking descendants of Noah's brothers or sisters. One brother, Avram Ezra, named after his grandfather, the rabbi of Amdur (Indura) Poland, also moved to Glasgow. A sister, Rebecca, married in 1892 in Glasgow to a Benjamin (last name unknown), also related to Bialablotsky. The mother of Dina was Haiche (Etche) (Nee Efron) Katz and the father was Rabbi Avram Ezra Katz of Amdur.



12/20/1935, p. 12/13, At Amdur, Lithuania. In his youth he studied at various Lithuanian yeshivot, where he became known as the “Amdur Ilui.” After his marriage he settled in Odessa. Though having control of a large…[Golumb]



1/14/1955, p. 14/15 … through her maternal uncle …Jewish Chronicle …

with the Effront family, descendants of the Vilna Gaon… [book review of book about Popski, WW II military hero.  Explains that he kept his jewish identity a secret. His maternal grandmother was Basche Rosenthal Braun, a sister of Ephraim Leiser Rosenthal, who was the husband of Frieda Effront]



1/16/1914 The Jewish Chronicle

Betrothels:  Annie, third daughter of M&M J. Goldstone, 109 So. Portland St., Glasgow, to Abrham Miscovsky, of Glasgow, youngest son of Frau Miscovsky and the late Rabbi Baruch Benzion, of Amdur, Russia, and cousin of Rabbi J. Astrensky of Leeds.


Miscellaneous newspaper articles



Dallas Morning News (full text imaging until 1922) Searching Efron and “San Antonio – 99 hits (many could not be viewed)

Dallas Morning News 5/7/1890

Corsicanna cullings, says that Rabbi Israel of Brenham circumcised the son of Mr. and Mrs. Marx of W. Ninth St., Waco


032 Jewish Advocate 1918

Israel Ligham, b. 1884, Russia, married to Ida Dorothy Lewis of Roxbury.


033 Family History of Mary (Effron) Sherman and Harris Simon (by Sidney J. [Tiff] Simon, 2/28/1995)



His purpose for writing the family history. Suggests that there is a streak of longevity in the family


Mary Effron Sherman

Tells the story of how Mary’s husband died young and how she and Eva were swindled in Hamburg before they could immigrate to the US.


Harris Simon

He was born in Riga, 1868, and d. 11/19/1923. First papers in 1890. His first two wives, both sisters of Sam Simon, probably related but I can’t make out the connection. He bought 21 Anne St., Rondout, from Max and Bessie Monas. They had purchased it from Jacob Furmansky on 5/25/1907. Mina Feiga was forced to come to the US to marry Harris, though she was in love with another. She was born in Kook, Latvia.


Family tree of Mary Effron (Sarah R.) 1877-1932 ? From Grodno

She is sister to Hop (Hopcha) Mones’ Mother Minnie also sister to Anna Effron Cohen, 3rd wife to Harris Cohen. Husband is Sam Sherman, 1871-1905, Cabinetmaker.  Has children and their spouses and children. Shows Judy and Douglas Posner, too.


Family Tree of Harris Simon

Has some information about his two sisters. Some family was in Washington, DC. Shows his marriages. Only offspring is from first wife: Two children, Louis and Abe. Abe’s descendants detailed. For Louis, only Eva’s family is detailed. Shows that his third wife was Anna Effron Cohen “Bubba.”  She has no children with Harris, but is mother to Ben, Jake and Abe Cohen. Not indicated if she is the one who brought up Louis and Abe.


Family Tree of Sam Simon, of Kook, Latvia, 3/15/1875-1953.

Shows his two sisters, who were wives of Harris Simon, and his other siblings. Shows his marriage and children. Does not indicate what relation, if any, between Harris and Sam.


Family Tree of the father of Sam Simon

Possibly Sam was the nephew of Harris

Shows Sam’s family


Harris Simon

Sam Simon of Wash, DC thought Harris caused his wives deaths, but they died of TB.  Harris was a hard worker. He was a peddler in the US, a good husband and provider, he bought their house on 21 Anne St. Louis and Eva lived in the house and their two oldest children, Florence and Sidney, were born there. Grandmother “Bubba” Cohen Simon lived on the first floor.




Goldin, Eva Effron Acker, “The Jewish Community of Poughkeepsie, NY:  An Anecdotal History.” Refers to some history of families by name (e.g. Eisner, Abramsky and Effron) and some info about Eva Acker.



Researched the Yizkor index cards from the Bialystoker Center (of New York), a synagogue, old age home or society (unsure), which were available at the 2006 JGS seminar in NYC. Was able to search through the letter G, for various individuals.


Sabel, Jack


Somach, Yekel


Leon Stern


Dora Effron



Philadelphia Jewish Exponent

Effron, George J., 87, other names Brand Ameis, died 3/25/94, with issue, page 68 (source?)



7/24/1931, The Jewish Chronicles:

Glasgow Hebrew College, Diploma to I Miscovsky



9/3/1937 The Jewish Chronicles:

Death of Leah Goldstone, wife of Jacob Goldstone, at 33, Glasgow, sons are Morris and Abe, daus are Mrs. Freeman, Moscow and Osayer (Olsaver?), Newcastle, sisters are Mrs. Miscovsky and Mrs. Soffer



1/12/1940 The Jewish Chronicles:

H. Miscovsky elected Rebbe of Queen’s Park Synagogue



12/23/1960 The Jewish Chronicles:

Engagement of Anthony Hyatt, son of Mrs.Shane Hyatt of Cyncoed, Cardiff, to Gloria, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Brown, of 10 Grasmere Gardens, Belfast, granddaughter of Rebbe Miscovsky of Glasgow



6/23/2001 The Jewish Chronicles:

Obituary of Israel Moss. 8/2/1917, Glasgow – 3/9/2001, Glasgow, age 83. Deputy Head of Glasgow’s prestigious Allan Glen School, he helped turn the school into a coed, city-wide institution. He was the youngest of the six children of Rebbe Noah Chaim Miscovsky. He was born into impoverished circumstances in Gorbals. He taught Talmud Torah at Turiff Street. Graduated from Glasgow U. with honors in math and physics. He taught math at the Reali school in Haifa. Married to Halina Lewiner in 1953, who he had met while visiting Glasgow. They remained in Glasgow.  He is survived by his wife, daughters Micheline and Gillian, son Jonathan, and five grandchildren.



4/21/1972 The Jewish Chronicles:

Obituary of Alice Brown, of Belfast widow of Albert, d. 4/15. Children Gloria and Anthony [sic], granddaughters Gillian (Cardiff), Beverly and Russell (London). Separately, Sidney and Diane Cohen of Belfast, Machinistas, extend sympathies (as does Anthony’s parents)



12/12/1969 The Jewish Chronicles:

Death of Albert Brown, remembered by children Kenneth, Shirley and granddaughter Beverly (London), Gloria and Anthony and granddaughter Gillian, Cardiff. Also remembered by the Hyatts and Cohens.



10/27/1995 The Jewish Chronicles:

birth, Lachs/Hyatt. Martin and Gill have a son, Noah Oliver, on 10/13. First grandchild of Gloria and Anthony Hyatt (Cardiff)



3/10/2000 The Jewish Chronicles:

Birth, Hyatt/Lachs, Ellen (Ellie) Tamsin joining Gill, Martin and Noah.



Source Document

Yankel Hanoch (Chanoch) Efron, son of Mattias, was expelled with other Jews from the Polish town Lejpuny, Sejny, district of Suwalk in 1915. He was registered to the town of Amdur. He is 38 in 1915. Wife Kuna, children Yosel, Elko, Abram and Oswiej, all under 6 years. Relocated to Mogilev Gubernia. Baranove, Galina, “Jews Evicted from the Suwalki Gubernia in the Summer of 1915” (Landsman Press, 1999) (Courtesy of Warren Blatt)



I requested  information from The Irish Jewish Genealogical Society & Family History Centre (est 1999), (A division of the Irish Jewish Museum) 3 Walworth Road, Portobello, Dublin 8 Ireland, Stuart Rosenblatt P.C. FGSI (2005) Facilitator  Jasonia Centre. 76 Dame Street Dublin 2 Ireland, Email:  Phone: ++ 353 1 677 3808, Irish Jewish Community web site  SKYPE: Stuart Rosenblatt. I had a lengthy phone conversation with him, but it turned out that the info he had to give me was info he had learned from the family, or that he did not know its source.


Stuart sent me an email with the following data:


Samuel Lewis aka Ephron 21 RAYMOND STREET S C RD 1944. occupation MACHINIST 1942. TAILOR 1944. died 08/09/1944 Dolphins Barn cemetery Dublin. Inscription SAMUEL LEWIS D 8TH SEPTEMBER 1944 M/B HIS WIFE AND CHILDREN. Cause of death HEART ATTACK. GRO DEATH RECORD LOMBARD STREET EAST Q3 V2 P399. CHANGED NAME TO LEWIS. Married c1922 GREENVILLE HALL SHUL DUBLIN MARRIED BY RABBI HERTZOG ( no certificate found. yet)




Samuel’s mother was Rachel.



From: THE MACCABBEAN (on the web) -- 199?

The Jewish Medical Society in Jaffa

The Jewish Medical Society in Jaffa was established in January, 1912, and contains eighteen members, namely, ten doctors and a chemist in Jaffa, five doctors in the col- onies of Rishon-le -Zion, Rechoboth, Petach-Tikvah, Chederah, and Zichron-Jacob, and two doctors in Tiberias. As there are only forty Jewish doctors altogether in Palestine the new society contains a very good proportion. The society has already acquired the nucleus of a medical library in the form of the collection of medical books that belonged to Dr. Finn of Vilna, and proposes to make statistical inquiries into the health conditions of the school children of Palestine. It has also appoint ed a commission to study the question of tuberculosis in Palestine.



Translated at 2006 seminar by Sara Manges 049 - 053



Efrion, Uri David, son of Yosef, in 19th century, b. Carlitz (Korelitz?), father was rabbi in Simna, studied in Eyshishook, rabbi in Namuksht, later in Tzagur. He wrote, titled “Efrion David—Questions and Answers, published 1873.  The great Torah sages asked him questions: Tseitlen, Zaar…, Taurig and others.

He corresponded with I. Elchonen Spector, in his book “Ber Yitschak.” His sons Elihu Dov Rabinovitch d. Jerusalem, Rabbie Yosef Rabinovitch, , shocet and Examiner in Rostov; Manach Mendel (etc.). His daughter married Rabbi Shabti-Chaim Shocet, a well-known slaughterer and examiner in Boisk. His book “fool’s gold” and he also wrote a book in Berlin.



Ilya Efron, p. 465, an important person, born in Vilna 1847, he centered his activities in the capital city with the German Publisher Broakhus-Efron. He published a great Russian dictionary in 86 volumes, 1889-1907. He also published in 16 volumes the Hebrew Russian Encyclopedia.



Page 501

Sheina Efron and Haddash Gorbytsh, painted neo-classicism.


p. 519 re: conductors, Cantors of synagogue choir



Avraham-Chaim Efron was asked to replace for services in great synagogue.  When a child in district of Mogilev, he was called “The Mogilever.”  He was licensed educator.  He received his rabbinic education from Bitsalel HaCohen of Vilna.



Also translated, Levi of Dvinsk


Registry of Holocaust survivors database 054-055



Emma Efron, later Emma Frank.. Her spouse was Sandler. She lived in Kaunas pre-war



Mona Effron, m.n. Wilk. She is from Oslo, Norway.


HIAS case files viewed at YIVO during 2006 seminar in NY 056-058



Irving Effron, case file A 31133. Was in US from 1929-1933, on a student visa; was in Scotland in 1943 (no MKM number)



Mordici Efron, b. 1908, wife Ada CF 64-1630 (MKM no. 27.73)



Walter Ephron, b. 1895, wife Grete. He arrived in 1940 (MKM 29.3, Box H09, CF #A11197



Ir Vilna, pg. 261-2 has biography of BenZion Berkowitz



At The Jewish Theological Seminary Yeshiva Library, during JewishGen conference in 2006, translation assistance from Sifra Hollander, a book by Avraham, son of Yehoshua Heshel Efron, published Vilna (verify?), translated to “Sources of Laws and Statutes”. Approbation were by:  Shlomah b’ Yisrael Moshe HaCohen of Vilna. He says that Avraham was a merchant (p. Bet, column 1). Tzvi Hersh Rabinowitz, ABD of Kovno, Rabbi & Gveer (a man of substance). He describes Avraham. (p. Bet, column 2). The introduction begins on page Gimel: It took 20 years to write this book. I am not a torah scholar by profession, but a merchant, and proud of it. I was under the wing of my father. This book is good for ordinary people, not just scholars. He wishes Blessings on his son Eliyhu and also my other sons and daughters. Signed, with copyright warning.



At YIVO archives in NYC during 2006 seminar, files of Leon Arkin of Lunna. He was head of the Jewish Forvard.. His sister in law was Adela. Menashale is sick. Sister and aunt Zina. Brother is Laybele.


At YIVO, American Jewish Committee questionnaires 062- 063



Effron, Julius, of Kentucky, Box 12, Folder 2.



Silverbrook,David, MA Box no 22

9th infantry, Co. F, d. 11/18/1918 JWB (?), next of kin is Mrs. Anna Silverbrook, 99 Spruce St., Chelsea


Industrial removal 064-065



Shevach Effron 8/30/05 to Topeka, KS Box 8, ledger 122/13870

From 48 Market St. to Topeka. He is 27, single, a peddler, in the US for 1 year.



 Minnie Ephron, 7/22/1913 to San Francisco Box 11, p. 220, entry 37472

Lives at 229 Madison St., going to SF. She is 33, Sam is 14, Florence is 13, Sophie is 14. Going to join head of house. In the US for 8 years. They are still there in 1913.


At YIVO 066-070



Jewish Community of Chatanooga



Dor v’ Dor, by Yehoshua Efron DS 102.4 A2E3 1995 (was not on shelf)



Igron le-milim…Aruch, by Daniel Efron PJ 4815.C6



Yehoshua Heshil b’ Eliy 1818-1883

BM 755.E6L4 (1874)

Rare Book Room

BM 525 H.33 Z8

BM 497 (1894)

BM 506.A23 H366 (1858)

BM 506.A23 E4



Rosenstein, N., Zarei Yitzchak: Genealogy of Joel Isaac Katzenellenbogen



Searching Amdur at JTS library 071-078



Re: Chaim Cheikel of Amdur b’ Samuel, d. 1787

BM198.H37 1891


BM198.S428 v. 16

Bio. BM750.K51


BM700 Rabbinic referencem



Otzar HaRabanim BM750 F72 – Ref (I examined this)



Pinkasim Minsk, MS 8824/Shf 1677:4 90 ”Pinkas HaMedino (I examined this. It has about 250 pages, handwritten script, with some indexing in back


074 Vilna imprint 1880 rare book MS10462


075 Vilna accounts MS8956/SHF1678:68


076 Sefer Poland MS3972/SHF1554:27 (1841)


077 Bialystok 1865 MS 3968/SHF1554:25 (I looked at this. It is very short)



Ir Vilna

DS135.R93V5 M34


NY Public library, books and research done during 2006 JG seminar 079-099


079 Philadelphia Jewish Exponent 3/25/1994


080 Death of George J. Effron (d. 3/9/1994) married Pearl Gastwirth (sp?)


081 Barbara Effron married ? Ameis, a banker in NY


082 Bonnie Effron married Mel Brand. Remarried, 3 or 4 children


083 Dorot Oral History Collection has oral history of Effren, Irving. Access restriction – need permission to listen to tapes


084 Amdur Benevolen Society materials for 1930, 1937 & 1939

*ZP – PYP n.c. 15 no. 2

*ZP – PYP n.c. 20 no. 6

*ZP – PYP n.c. 8 no. 6


085 Efron, Adelina Efimovna, SEE Adalis, Adelina


086 Efron, Savelii Konstantinovich, SEE Litvin, S.K., 1898 imprints in St. Petersburg


087 Efron, Tsevi, Rosh Pinah, *PWZ (Efron, TS) 93-1048


088 Efron, Yehoshua, Dor-le-Dor *PBO (Efron, J.) 95-2008


089 Aniskovich, L., Sergei Efron, Krylatyi Lev ili… *QEB 05-4095


090 Efron, Sergei, Zapiski Dobrovo Has


091 Soloveitchik bio, *PDW (Pentateuch) 01-44


092 Solomon, Normon *PHX 94-2036 The Analytical Movement: Hayyim Soloveitchik and his circle


093 Sefer Igrot…, Soloveitchik, Joseph Baer, PIZ 06-2551


American Jewish World (St. Paul newspaper, (NYPL has films beginning with 6/16/1916) I reviewed up to but not including the 10/20/1916 issue. Lots of local social news, eg caught my eye: 094-098


094 8/4/1916, Miss Anna Bernstein of Chicago is at her cousin’s, Mrs. LJ Ryder, 545 Ashland Ave.

095 Maurice Lewis of Chicago is the guest of Mrs. Samuel Cohen of Grand Ave.

096 The Benson family, with their daughter, Miss Della, of Lidgerwood, ND, are visiting relatives

097 Lots of references to families with the name Marx or Marks.


098 In the AJW, 7/10/1936, Bernard Efron, his wife and daughter, Kay and Judith, of Mason City, IA, visited their parents, the Myer D. Friedmans and the Joseph Efrons.


099 Also at NYPL, the Grodner newspaper, Grodner Moment, is very legible. *GrodZY P83 Available are volumes 3-5, covering 6/9/26 – 1/6/1928


Matriculates from U. Zurich (online source) (I was searching Efron and Bialystok, and left off at hit 141) 100-101


100 11271 med. SS 1896, Efron Raissa *1873 w Mohilew russ: Reich, Abg. Zgn. Bern Dr. Med, Diss. “Uber angeborn…  (J’verz 1902/1903 Nr. 69, E.J.E.; Mohilew


101 11273 philos SS 1896 Efron Zazilie *1875 w Mohelew russ: Reich, Zgn. Gymn. Mohilew, E.J.E; Mohilew am (Dnjepr)


102 I have the cover page for a book, but not the pages copied from it:

Avinoam, Reuben, Compiler and Editor, “Parchments of Fire: An Anthology comprising the literary and artistic works of the fallen heroes of the War of Liberation in Israel.” Vol II


Newspaper articles from searches on Library of Congress, Chronicling America imaged newspaper site 103-107


103 Source Document

Mountain Advocate (Barbourville, KY), 9/2/1910


Ceremony of Little Hebrew Largely Attended in this City Last Sunday

Both Jew and Gentiles In Attendance


For the first time perhaps in the history of Barbourville, the Jewish custom of circumcising on the eighth day after birth was carried out at the home of Mr and Mrs H Effron, on Pine Street, in this city last Sunday.


 The custom is a very sacred one with the Jews, and among the rich is often followed with a celebration and feast of perhaps two days.


Immediately following the circumcising the infant is christened by the Rabbi by the laying on of hands, accompanied by the regular ceremony of christening.


Rabbi S. Krasne, of Lexington, was here and performed the ceremony in the presence of the male members of the assembly gathered for the occasion.


Immediately following the ceremony the invited guests were ushered to the dining room and seated at two large tables, where they were permitted to partake freely of the hospitality of the host.


The Rabbi and all the male members of the guests were seated and served first, as it was impossible to seat the entire assembly at one time. After the male guests had dined, the tables were cleared and re-spread and the ladies present were all served in like manner as the gentlemen had been. A bountiful feast was served and greatly enjoyed.


The Hebrews present were, Rabbi S. Krasne, of Lexington;  Mr. Jacob Effron, of Winchester, and daughter, Miss. Anos Effron, father and sister to Mr H. Effron. Mr A Effron, a brother and Mr. H. Abrams, a brother to Mrs. Effron, both of Middlesboro. Mr Joe Effron, a cousin, Mr. S S Shefres, and Mr J. Singer, all of Middlesboro, Mr. J. Spector, of Philadelphia, Pa, Mrs. Sarah Effron and little daughter, Bertie, of Georgetown, sister-in-law, and Miss Rebecca Abrams, a sister-in-law, of this city.


The invited Gentiles [see original for spelling] present to witness and partake of the genuine hospitality of this estimable Hebrew family who have for the past year been residents of our city were the following Rev J D Hitchcock and wife Judge ??JlI?? Riddell and wife Dr B F Herndon and wife Editor D W Olark and wife John M ??insley and wife A N Herndon and wife A W Hopper and wise G W Tye and wife J R Jones and wife W M Baker and wife R W Cole and wife ?? Smith and wife A M Decker and wife H?? Hurshburg and wife Mrs J II Owens Mrs A Id Homphill Mrs A J Oroloy Messrs Geo F Tinsley James Jarvis L H Jarvis Dr J 11 Lock Col W R Hughes M Bornard all of this city and Mr Poclesta of Cincinnati.


The occasion is one that was enjoyed by all and will not soon be forgotten by those who were permitted to be present.



The Hartford Herald (Hartford, KY), 8/10/1904

Crossed Sea to Wed Lover LEXINGTON KY Aug 8

Miss Sarah Effron, a beautiful eighteen-year old Russian girl who journeyed to this city from Russia was married today to Davis Effron, a sweetheart of her youth who left Russia six years ago. The wedding was a notable event in Russian circles in this city. The couple were given a wedding breakfast by Nathan Effron, brother of the groom. The couple will reside in Georgetown, Ky.



The Jewish Herald (Houston) 8/17/1911

GONZALES On Wednesday evening July 26th the beautiful home of Mr and Mrs S Joseph was thrown open to friends and relatives the occasion being the 25th anniversary of their marriage On the front porch was stationed a Mexican band whoso music filled the hearts of every guest with a joyous welcome to this hospitable home where many had previously assembled at the weddings of three daughters Messrs David Stahl Hyman Friedman and Jacob Efron sonsinlaw of the host and hos tess received the guests and at the receptiin hall Mrs David Stahl asked each guest to register in a dainty booklet done in silver with the names of the couple engraved thereon together with the date of mar riage and date of anniversary The guests were then Invited to the south parlor to view the handsome array of gifts in silver At the appointed hour the sweet strains of Mendelsohns wed ding march were rendered by Mrs I Friedman and the bridal party enter ed as follows Mr and Mrs D Stahl Mr and Mrs Hyman Friedman Mr and Mrs J A Efron and last the bride and groom of twentyfive years ago Rabbi Marx of San Antonio stood in the floral bay window beneath a golden design symbolizing the Shield of David where he pronounced the short and solemn ceremony as custo mary giving both the Hebrew and English interpretation so that all might understand and enjoy it The cup of joy and sorrow was then drunk after which every one pressed for ward with congratulations and best wishes Congratulations over the guests were requested to enter the dining room to eat drink and be merry After some words of benediction Mrs C Han burger assisted by Misses Gussle and Llllle Gurlnsky refreshed the guests with punch after which all were serv ed with dellclotiB refreshments of cake wines and fruits Telegrams from friends and relatives wore read and toasts abounding with good wishes


106 6-29-1901

 St. Paul Globe (Chronicling America web site) Reports that Isaac and Jehudith Mintz are charter members of the fourth Knights of Zion organization in St. Paul. It’s purpose is to place poor European Jews in Palestine. Another member is Bessie Markowsky.


107 8-29-1900 St. Paul Globe

Isaac Mintz failed to win a law suit against several ice companies. He owns a dairy farm near Lake Phelan (sp?). A cow fell through a hole in the frozen lake.


108 2-5-1890 St. Paul Globe

Marriage license issued to Moses Efron and Dorah Marks yesterday.


109 2-26-1896 St. Paul Globe

A girl was born to M&M Moses Efron



Email correspondence between Michael Press and Jim Yarin

<<I was able to track down Nathan Silver.  In the book there is a list of photographs that mentions his grandfather Nathan Silver, a tavernkeeper, as well as his (the author's) aunt Bess.  I was able to find census entries for a Nathan Silver who ran a tavern and had a daughter Bess, and they (from 2 different census years) indicate he was from Austria.  So this must be coincidence.


Also, I was able to find out a little more about Dinah Silber, Max Efron's wife.  She was apparently the daughter of Rabbi Solomon Mordecai Silber who was rabbi of Kenesseth Israel in Minneapolis for many years.  I was able to find the family in one of the censuses which said that they were from Latvia.  So it appears that this marriage is a coincidence also.


You're welcome to include the Efron/Silver tree in the book.  You might want to talk about it with Stephen Silver, who alerted me to the existence of this family and gave me the initial information I used to construct the tree, so it's also his tree in a way -- plus he may be able to fill out the tree a little for you. 


As you said, it's unclear where "Tillie" Efron would fit in, but given the location and perhaps the Silver connection as we have said she is likeliest connected to the Rosenshein/Nachimofsky branch.  Given the ages of her children she would probably be the same generation as Shmuel/Chaim, perhaps a sister?  Also, as you have noted there is the occurrence of the name Moses both as of a son of Mordecai and Tillie and of a grandson (although in the latter case note that Jane Chmielnitsky Silver's grandfather was probably named Moshe).  I also note that the Rosenshein Moshe is Moshe Yitzhak (compare Isaac Moses son of Mordecai and Tillie).




On Thu, Jan 14, 2010 at 2:24 PM, Jim Yarin > wrote:

In other words, Nathan Silver's mother must have been the daughter of Hyman Nachimovsky, and she must have married a Silver. Maybe this Silver, father of Nathan, was related to the Isaac Moses Silver who came to NY from Montreal. It may be that Nathan's parents were cousins or landsmen and it may be that Nathan, being a researcher and author, knows something of the family history. But like I said, I was unable to track him down to call him or send an email. I suppose if I searched Google long eneough I'd find him.



----- Original Message -----

Sent: Wednesday, January 13, 2010 6:45 PM

Subject: Re: Efron family from Volkovysk


Ok, so this is what I found today -- I happen to be working on the St. Paul branch of Efrons, so your email came at a good time. I'm going through all my work to look for arrivals not previously identified. Of the seven known "St. Paul" Efron, four came to the US. Three lived in St. Paul, and one lived in NY. In NY was Anna Nachimoff (nee Nachimovsky), married to Isaac Nachimoffsky. I found Anna and Isak's ship arrival today, and they are going to their daughter, who arrived before them. I found their daughters' arrival, and they are going to their uncle, Chaim Nochimowsky. There is a Hyman Nachimowsky -- spelled that way! in NY who could be the right age to be their uncle -- and Isaac's brother. Hyman and Sophie Nachimowsky did have children (1930 census) and he came from "Grodno" (WW II draft registration). I could not get a read on the WW I -- an error on


Here's the thing. With such a unique name, I searched Google. I found a book about old NYC buildings that talked about the author's grandparents, Hyman and Sophie Nachimowsky's candy store (same people I found in the 1930 census, on 178th St.). The author's name: Nathan SILVER! Coincidence? Do you know if the Silver who went from Montreal to NYC had a grandson named Nathan? I've tried to find a contact for author Nathan Silver, but couldn't find one.>>


<<Various records (mostly US passenger manifests from many years later) indicate that the family originated in Volkovysk.  One of the members of the family that I was in touch with indicated that they came specifically from Mscibow.  The four Silver brothers all emigrated to Canada in the 1880s and 1890s: Benjamin, Moses, and Nahim arrived c. 1885-1886, while Joseph followed around 1894-1895.  They all originally settled in Ontario, but eventually made their way to Montreal shortly after 1900.  All of the brothers (as well as all of their sons) were in the fur business.  Benjamin was the first, with a fur business established in Kingston by the early 1890s.  All of the families remained in Montreal except for that of Isaac/Moses, who emigrated with his family to the US in 1911/1912 and settled in Brooklyn.  (In Canadian records this man always appears as Moses, but in US records he appears as Isaac or Isaac M.)>> M. Press



10/23/1956 Hammond Times, “Shneider Store Moving to Hohman”  Hyman Shneider has had Shneider’s Department Store for 38 years and is moving to a larger location, now to be called Shneider’s Women’s and Children’s Wear. His wife Jennie and son, Norman and Norman’s wife, Adeline, help to run the business. He is an active director of the Hoosier State Bank of Hammond, was a president of the Hammond Merchants Assn, and has held a polio drive dinner for 11 years, earning about $2000 each year for the March of Dimes.



Passport application is on Ancestry

8/16/1912 at Cook Cty, Ill.

Ida Schneider, a naturalized citizen, b. Amdur, near Grodno on 9/1/1857; husband emigrated from Hamburg in 1887 and has since lived in Chicago and NY. He was natrualized at Superior Ct in Cook Ct. on 10/20/1898. They have lived in NY and Chicago. She is traveling but plans to return within one year. She is described and signs her name in Yiddish.



Passport application is on Ancestry

Samuel Schneider, application for a passport at Cook Ct., May, 1914, giving the same date for his naturalization. It says he was born on 5/5/1858 in Russian Poland, naturalized Superior Ct., Cook cty, 10/20/1898. He gives his street address as 502 Aldine (sp?) Square, Chicago.



Passport application (

Leo Rutstein, (called Leopold Roodstein on birth certificate), at Essex Cty, NJ, b. Yonkers, NY, 4/12/1896. Father Abraham Rutstein was b. Bialystok, Russia, 1868, and now resides at 495 14 St., Newark, emigrated from Liverpool to Boston September 1888, and livecd 6 years at Haverhill, MA, 15 years at Yonkers, and 9 years at Newark, and was naturalized at the Supreme Ct of Westchester Cty, NY at White Plains, on 1/18/1896. Leo resides at 100 Rose Terrace, Neark. He is travelling to England and France for business puposes. He works for Edward C. Worden. Photo. Dated 10/20/1918



Passport Application (

Minnie Segel, b. Bialystok 1/8/1870, wife of Isaac Segel, he arrived on the Vaderland from Antwerp about 5/15/1886 and always resided in St. Louis. She resided in the US uninterrupted from 1890-1913. She intentds to return to the US in 2 years. Dated 7/25/1913. Isaac was naturalized 9/3/1896 at the St. Louis Court of Criminal Correction (?). She is 43, 5’4”, blue eyes, round chin, black hair, round face. Isaac then lives at 1103 Dolman St., St. Louis.



Deed of half interest in Hobart Pl., held by Harry Kroin as Special Guardian of Betty Kroin, Rose E. Kroin and Bernard M. Kroin, “infants”, to Morris Efron of Garfield, 4/27/1943.



LA Times Calendar, 2/16/1992, Andy Marx, “This is Her Life, Too: Screenwriter and working mother Nora Ephron recognized herself in Meg Wolitzer’s novel, and seized the chance to direct the movie.”  She is 50. Her directorial “This is My Life” debut stars Julie Kavner, with Carrie Fisher. She has been nominated for Oscars for her screenplay of “Silkwood” (with Alice Arlen) and “When Harry Met Sally…” In 1986, after Silkwood but before When Harry Met Sally, her screenplay “Heartburn,” starring Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep came out, but it was not a success. That movie was based on her autobiographical book about her marriage and split up from reporter Carl Bernstein, of Watergate fame. In 1989 “Cookie” came out, but was also a box office disappointment. She became a screenwriter in the 1970s after being a reporter for magazines like Esquire, New York, and Cosmopolitan. Her first project to be produced was the television movie “The Perfect Gentleman,” in 1978.[(sent to me by Ida Kalbern]



[In the book "The Juvenile Stage, A History of the Yiddish-Hebrew Dramatic Societies 1890-1940" by David B. Tierkel (The Federal Press, Philadelphia, PA, 1940 (in Yiddish)), page 29, Dr. Effron is noted as a member of the cast of a play by Gogol, performed in Russian in 1894 in Philadelphia. [courtesy Harry Boonin of Philadelphia].



Harry Boonin also found “a listing of 42 signatures that include a Leon A. EFFRON. I understand he was a dentist, who graduated in 1889. A party was given in Philadelphia for Dr. Charles D. Spivak and his wife and family on the evening of February 28, 1896, and they were given a book as a gift. A total of 42 attendees at the party signed the book, among them Leon A. Effron.

The attendees were: Friends and family of Dr. Charles D. & Jennie (Charsky) Spivak surprised them with a farewell party at their home, 529 Pine Street, on the evening of February 28, 1896.  Most of the attendees that evening were immigrants from Russia.  Many were doctor friends and other leaders of the Russian-Jewish intellectual society of Philadelphia.  Attendees signed a book given to the Spivaks as a gift that evening.  (Some signatures may have been added a few weeks later).  The signatures are all in English:


E. M. Nolovick

A. J. Krimont

J[ulius]. D. Love, M.D.; He graduated Medico-Chirurgical College, 1893]

C. B. Voynow [A member of the Blitzstein banking family]

A. O. Margolin

Elias Goldensky 3-14-1896  [Art photographer]

M. Peissakovitch

A. Tort…..

Sophia W. Blitzstein [A member of the Blitzstein family]

A[nna]. M. Tolochka  [singer]

R[ebecca] M. Goldsmidth [actress, Yiddish stage]

Henry B. Golden

Bertha V. Tolochka

Simon V. Santz

Anna I. Seldes [wife of ……………….]

M[ichael] V[alentine] Ball [doctor, graduated from Jefferson Medical College, 1889]

Lina Schwatt [Wife of Dr. …………………]

Rachel S. Skidelsy [doctor, graduated from Women’s Medical College of Pa, 1894]

Betty L?iegot

Sidney [Simon] Skidelsky [journalist]

Michael Stolberg

Bernice Skidelsky [Nine-year-old daughter of Simon & Rachel Skidelsky]

M. Dub. Mandelsteam

Fanghette I. Sachs

Fannie Charksy [Dr. Spivak’s sister-in-law]

Leon A. Effron [Dentist, Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery, 1889]

Fenny Mandelstam

Isidor Sacks ?

Jennie Blitzstein [A member of the Blitzstein family]

Leon K. Glassman

Fannie Zentner

D[avid] Apotheker [Yiddish newsman, editor and author]

S. Apotheker [David’s wife]

Charles Zent???

Fannie Glassman

Morris L. Zimmermann

Minna L. Mandelstam

Harry Blitzstein [A member of the Blitzstein family]

Leo N. Gartman [medical student, in his last year at Jefferson]

B. Gurtman [Gartman?]

E. Tolchinsky

D. Tolchinsky

Harry Boonin observes that many of the attendees of the party were also in the acting society, including Dr. Spivak. The group broke up shortly after Dr. Spivak’s departure.]


Entries 120- 133 are from the The Dallas Morning News (1865-1922) , which is available online. These entries are a result of a search of: Efron and “San Antonio” There were 99 hits total.


120 5/23/1908, Mrs. Meyer Efron of San Antonio is visiting Mrs. J. Brand


121 2/8/1908, Mrs. Efron of Tyler has been spending several days in Hillsboro on a visit to Mr. and Mrs. Jake Keller


122 9/7/1907, Misses Efron of Waco were recent visitors to their sister Mrs. L. Rosenbaum in Oklahoma City


123 7/27/1907, Mrs. M. Efron of Bartlett is visiting Mrs. Jake Keller of Hillsboro


124 5/3/1907, LI Efron had paid a $46.42 disability as a member of Post D of the state T.P.A. [tax payers association?]


125 9/15/1906, Grossbeck --  Mrs. A. Efron of Tyler is visiting friends in Houston


126 5/21/1904, Mexia – Mrs. A. Efron has returned to San Antonio


127 4/17/1903, Bankruptcy petition – Isadore Efron, Cotton and Wool Buyer, the principal San Antonio. Unsecured creditors in Japan, Philadelphia, New Orleans and D&A Oppenheimer of San Antonio.


128 2/4/1903, Fifty-seventh Dist. Ct., Sarah and Isidor Efron vs. Ben and Ida Hansel, suit for debt and foreclosure dismissed by plaintiff.


129 1/4/1903, M. Efron was an attendee at the New Years eve party at Harmony Club in San Antonio


130 10/13/1900, Some of the people registered with the newspaper at the fairgrounds, Miss Maymie Cohen, Miss Leah Efron, Ennis, Miss Gertrude Cohen, Houston, J. Keller, Hillsboro – many others


131 3/21/1897, J. Efron of San Antonio is staying at the oriental hotel in NYC


132 10/4/1887, Efron [indexed as Elron] and Schram fail – similar to NY Times article


133 6/24/1887, San Antonio – a 10 day old infant corpse was found in the sink of the privy in the residence of I. Efron. Believed that the mother lives at Boorne. There is a secret inquest.]


134 Tyler Daily Courier, 6/25/1906

Mr. Efron and son of Waco are attending funeral of deceased Mr. Efron

Courtesy Susie Brown, Tyler Public Library, Tyler, TX



Dalllas Morning  News, Mexia, 1/25/1891

 “EFRON-LEWIS WEDDING. The Social Event of the Season at Mexia – list of Presents


The following individuals were listed, along with the presents they gave:


John G. Roch & Col,Louisville, KY

George Levy, Waco

M & M D. Leventhal

Mac Leventhal

M & M BH Marks, Groesbeeck

Madeline and Sylvan Marks, Groesbeeck

M & M M. Mindek

Mr. B. Rosenberg, Corsicana

M&M Julius Nussbaum

Miss Jennie Nussbaum

Sol Nussbaum

Mr. L. Scharff

M&M Joe Nussbaum

Miss Lula Belitzer, Dallas

Miss Billie Fox

Mr. BF Brunow

Schulz, Kelly & Co.

Sol Flaum, Groesbeeck

Prendergast, Smith & Co.

Phocion S. Park

M&M WL Murphy

M&M Tom Griffith

Miss Sadie Myers

Mrs. Roxy Roberts

M&M A. Efron, aunt and uncle of the grroom of San Antonio, ($1250 check)

Mr. Keller, Itasca

M&M Cohen, Brenham

Paul Levy, San Antonio

M&M B. Efron, Waco

Myer Efron, San Antonio

M&M J. Goldberg, Waco

Laura Rodgers

M&M Burgswer

Miss Sophia Watelsky

M&M G. Flaum

Emil Schwarz

John Schoienberg

Miss Minnie and Mr. Isaac Kamsler

Miss Ida Schwarz

Wm. Kamsler & Bro

Miss Sallie Weitman, Fort Worth

Sadie Frixie and Leon Lewis, Hillsboro

Lillie and Kate Lewis, Hillsboro

Miss Emma Kampt

Mrs. A. Eisenberg

M&M Bessling

Miss Sallie Prager

M&M M. Lewis, Hillsboro

Julius Sherck, Sherman

M&M A. Israel, Corsicana

Mr. J. Desenbur and Miss Nora Scharff

Miss Babette Baum

Mr. H. Richert

Sam Bernstein

Dr. and Mrs. Cook

Mr. Frank Deming and wife

Mr. Prager and wife

Dr. Robinson and wife, Waco

Charles Robinson, Waco

Mr. N. Bloom and wife

Mr. H. Kempner and wife, Galveston

Karner, Phillips & Co.

Mr. H. Mittenthal and wife

M&M Martin Kohn

H. Karrin, San Antonio

H. Arstein, San Antonio

M&M L. Kohn

Abe Cohen, San Antonio

B. Lang



Dallas Morning News, 1/26/1891, p. 6

“Efron-Lewis Wedding”

Her mother is Dora Lewis of Hillsboro. Others are I. Efron of San Antonio; Mr. and Mrs. Cohen of Brenham; May Efron of Waco; Mr. and Mrs. B. Efron of Waco; Mr. & Mrs. Goldberg of Waco; Mrs. Israel of Corsicana; Dr. & Mrs. Mois; Dr. & Mrs. Cook, etc.



Historic newspaper (Fulton website?)

daughter was married at mother’s (Fannie Effron’s) Funeral, in Atlantic City [cite ?]


138 Cover Page, Page 6

Arye Leib Bialoblotcky, Rosh Aryeh, Vilna, 1892

Partial translation, courtesy of Ruth Marcus:

The cover of the book "Rosh Arie" says that Arie's father was Shmuel Shraga son of Yaakov. Arie's younger brother was Rabbi Mordechai N"Y.  [I believe that N"Y stands for the abbreviation of the two Hebrew words: Nero Yair meaning (according to my dictionary): May his light shine [words of respect and blessing after mentioning the name of a living person].

On the second page there is an agreement of Rabbi Yitzchak Elchanan that the Rosh Arie book will published (it is written in Rashi letters). It is also mentioned that Arie's mother was named Frida. The uncle of Arie's wife was the famous Gvir (meaning: very wealthy person) Rabbi Yaakov, son of Matitya from the town of Volkovisk. [Interestingly, there is no mention to Arie's wife's father ].

Biography details on page 6 are:

Arie Leib, son of Shraga Shmuel, son of Yaakov. Arie's second grandfather was named Avraham. The brother of Arie's father was Reb Baruch son of Yaakov, who died in this year (i.e. 1892).  Those are all the biography details.
On page 4 there is a mention of  4 famous rabbis: Rabbi Yitzchak Elchanan, Rabbi Shmuel Moholiver from Volozhin, Rabbi Zvi Arie and the famous Gaon Rabbi Mordechai Eliashberg z"l.   [My paternal grandfather's grandfather who died in Bauska in 1889].

139 Source Documents Cover, Copyright page, Thanks/Blessings,
Rabinowitz, Feivel, Imrei Sofer (1928 Wilna)

(Hebrew-portions have been translated). In the Thanks and Blessing section he gives thanks to his aunts Chana Liba Mintz and Yehudit Bulgatz and describes their relationship to him.


140 Source Documents Spine, Cover, pages 2 & 3, pages 8 & 9

Nod Shel Dmot, by Yehuda Leib Gordon. Page 9 has a poem about Nomi Efron.


141 Source Document

Map of Grodno (“Hrodno”) and surrounding area. Close by, to the south, can be found Amdur (“Indura”) and right next to it, Odel’sk (“Adel’sk”). To the southeast can be found Lunna. Much further to the southeast can be seen Volkovysk (Vaukavysk) and directly south of that, Izabelin. Other towns on this map, mentioned in this genealogy, are Ros, Berestovitsa, Szszuchin, Svisloch, Ostrin, Zaludok – although not always spelled those ways.


142 Source Document

Map of Indura (Amdur) and nearby villages, very detailed, (Russian). Indura is spelled: “ИНДУРА.”


143 Source Document

Detailed map showing towns near Indura and Odelsk, especially those to the south and west in Poland.


144 Source Document

Very detailed (1:50,000) map of the area north of Krynki, includes Indura and Odelsk.


145 Source Document

This map shows towns southwest of Minsk. Directly to the west and close by is Ivenets, and then further to the west is the town of Bakshty, the town of origin of Chaim Bakshter, aka Chaim Zeloduker (Zheloduk is another nearby town). Southwest of Minsk, along a major route, is the town of Koidonovo.


146 Source Document

This is a more extensive view of the map in MISC141


147 Source Document

This is a portion of a map of Volkovysk, though not showing that town. In the upper left can be seen Indura, and directly to the east, Lunna.


148 Source Document

“Efron’s Cave” wine. Yakov Efron (Hebrew) Reserve. Jerusalem

Courtesy Ronnie Argo.


149 Source Document

Conveyance of mortgage interest in Abraham Braver’s South Boston property to his uncle, Louis Abrahams. 1907. First page only.



From Cambridge University Alumni listing

Samuel Benedictus, Alias Ephron

sizar (age 24) at SIDNEY, Nov. 5, 1632. S. of Tobias Ephron. B. at Meseritsch, Moravia. School, Prerovia and Lipsicusis Academy (? Prerau and Leipzig). Matric. 1632 as Bennett; B.A. 1634-5; M.A. 1638.


151 Source Document Page 1, Page 2

Reference to Samuel Benedictus


152 Source Document Cover, Published, Contents page, Page 178, Page 179, Page 180, Page 181, Bibliography, End matter, End Matter 2, Index page

Book (title? Wszelkie Prawa Zastrzezone?) by Jolanta Dworzaczkowa

Reference to Jan Efrona, 17th century, page 181 near top.


153 Source Document

WOMAN SCARES OFF BURGLARS:Bound, Gagged, Gets Telephone for Alarm. Miss Celia White Protects Employer's Money and Child. Home of Saul Ligham at 53 Coral St Entered.
Special Dispatch to the Globe.  Boston Daily Globe, Dec 18, 1915.  p. 9, Text of article from “Proquest.”


154 Source Document Pinkas Amdur, Outline/Translation

Lita:  Historical Comments on the Spiritual Life of the Jewish Communities of  Lithuania (Vol. II)

Published in Bnei Brak by Z. Yankelovich, 1977

Edited by Rabbi Shmuel Chasida and Moshe Chinovitz, with the assistance of  Rabbi and Mrs. Isaac Sochanitzky of Amdur, Dr. Yitzchak Rifkind of the USA, and the memoirs of Yedidya Efron. 

See source documents for a partial list of residents in 1930


155 Baptisms book for St. John at Bethnal Green, London, England

Entry 665, dated 4/7/1892

Zohn David Ephron, born July 1875

Son of Elijah and Schiphra

Resides in Grodno, Russia

Occupation: Rabbinical Judge

(no sponsors listed)

By JM Eppstein

(one of three Baptisms that date referencing the “Jews Chapel,” by Epstein: also Paul Samuel Cohen of Suwalk, an infant, and Adolph Abraham Burdo of Grodno, b. 1870.



5/5/1897 Arizona Journal-Miner

A Day of Fun and Frolic!

Our Citizens Turn Out En Masse to Celebrate May Day With the Children--

No End of Amusement to the Young People. – The Workmen and Woodmen Deserving of Praise--

Effron Bros. supplied a boys’ suit to winner of the 50 yard dash


157 Source Document page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4

The Chattanooga Sunday Times



Four-page Advertisement in newspaper



Chattanooga article 9/29/1928 (source?)

Effron’s Open in new Home Monday Morn: New Department Store Complete in Every Detail:

Growth of Business has been Phenomenal

 Enterprising Brothers, Starting Here Eight Years Ago, Have Established One of City’s Leading Emporiums


159 Source Document

Photo of Sheindel Bialoblotsky and her family (Courtesy of Ruth Marcus)


160 Source Document

Map showing Odel’sk in detail, also Colony Isaaka and Lapenowice.



Hebrew book written by “Boruch Ben Tziyon Eizenschtadt [Mishkovsky], son of Noach Chaim the Rov and Av Beis Din of Amdur”

 אזכור לטוב .נשמת שביז הגניר השלם נמדע וניראה המפורסם נגדבתלנו וכצדקת פזרונו מ׳ שאול אפרון
זלליה,שנפטר י״ג מנחם אב תרניז. וכן אזכיר לסוב נשמת בן אחיו של המנוח הגיל. הגביר המפורסם
בצדקתו וגנדבתי. השלם מרה. אליעזר הכהן בערגמאן זללהיה שנפטר כיה אלול תרניו יהי׳ מנוחתם כבוד נגיע אמן:

Mention for Good (i.e. Thanks) The soul of my relative the Nogid (is a respectful reference to a wealthy person) who was complete in knowledge and (G-d) fearing who was well known for his generous heart and righteous distribution of his wealth, Shaul Efron of blessed memory who passed away on the 13th of Menacham Av 5657 (1897).

I would also like to mention for good, the soul of his (Shaul Efron's) cousin who was well known for his generosity and righteousness, Eliezer HaCohen Bergman of blessed memory who passed away on the 25th of Ellul 5656 (1896).

May they rest respectfully in Gan Eden. Amen
(translation courtesy of Jonathan Lewis)


162 Source Document – p86

Pages 86 and 87 from the German language book Ubert die Hardt, by Michael Korner, about a German town of that name, has a story titled “Versteckt in Hardt”  - hidden in Hardt. Reproduced on the pages is a page from the registration book of Möenchengladbach showing Rosa, Else and Irene Aenna Löwenstein