Chapter 10 Elihu (Yosef?) Ephron son of Ephraim Tsinne’s


>          Yossel, b. 1828, married Khaia, b. 1832. In 1858 he is registered to the City of Grodno, together with his wife and daughter [RS074].


He could be the conjectured Elihu Yossel Efron who would connect several families who have either Elihu or Yossel as a progenitor. This would make Yossel’s daughter Bashe the same as Bashe Schneider. They are certainly the same age.


>          >          Bashe, b. 1852. [RS074]


Elihu is the name of the father of Bashe Schneider [CEM206-SD] and Emanuel Ephron [CEM214-SD], as determined from their gravestones. They are buried in very close physical proximity to each other. Anglicized versions of his name also appear on Emanuel’s (Alie), Davis’ (Eliott) and Max’s (Elie) marriage certificates [MAR006; MAR017; MAR155].  A “Baptismal” (?!) record, which appears to be for Davis, identifies the father of the subject as Elijah. [MISC155-SD]


Zohn David Ephron, who appears to the same as Davis Ephron, is listed as baptized by JM Eppstein in 1892. [MISC155-SD]. His parents are listed as Elijah and Schiphra, his residence as Grodno, and his profession is rabbinical judge.


The marriage records for Davis and Max and the baptismal record for Davis list some variation of “Shifra” as their mother. Davis and Emanuel both had daughters named Sylvia, born in 1909 and 1916. Presumably both of those Sylvias have the Hebrew name of Shifra. The Yossel found in the revision lists, considered as perhaps Elihu Yossel, possible progenitor of this branch, was married to a Chaia, not a Shifra, but she could have been a first wife or her name could have been Chaia Shifra.


Elihu is the name of the father of Yitzchak Meyer Ephron of London, according to his gravestone, and DNA testing indicates that the London Ephron family is an offshoot of the Amdur branch of Efrons. None of Yitzchak Meyer’s children or grandchildren have a name that might be Shifra, but it may be that the children were all born before the mother, Shifra died, and so they were not named after her and did not know her in order to name their children after her, either. Bashe Schneider had granddaughters whose names may have been Shifra


Based on the birth dates of these five – Bashe, Emmanuel, Davis, Max and Yitzchak Meyer, they could all be siblings, the children of Elihu Efron. This chapter presumes that they are all siblings, subject of course to further information.


The link to the London branch was first suggested by the fact that Elihu, father of Bashe, had an approximated birth date of 1835, and so did Elihu, the father of Yitzchak Meyer. This led me to hypothesize that they might be the same person. The fact that the London branch is shown to have the same DNA profile as the Chicago Ephrons, let’s call them, is enough support to tentatively make them all one family. Perhaps only coincidentally, the London branch, like Emanuel and Davis, spelled the name with a PH.


Elihu Ephron, b. approx. 1835, married Rachel or Shifra Myers or Shifra Horowitz.[MAR006; MAR017; MAR155] Having records showing that Elihu had wives with different names is problematic, but does not mean that these are different Elihus. Women often had two given Yiddish names, and might be called either or both. Also, records are notoriously inaccurate because the person who reports the information does not supply the correct information. It is also possible that Elihu was married more than once, and that some of the siblings are half siblings or step-siblings.


Nothing else is known about Elihu. It would be great to find more information about him.


On January 6, 2010 I found several gravestones for Chicago branches, including those for Bashe Schneider and Emanuel Ephron, on the website [CEM206-SD; CEM214-SD]. Incredibly, Emanuel Ephron’s stone was located very close to to Bashe Schneider’s, both have as a father the name “Elihu.” This is contrary to the family tree for Bashe Schneider, which shows her father’s name as Avrohm Simche Efron [GEN--] – see chapter – at page --. Bashe Schneider does appear to be an Efron, based on the Schneider family tree [GEN--], but her father is reported to be different.


Based on nothing more than the physical proximity of the gravestones and the identical name of their fathers, Bashe Schneider and Emanuel should be considered siblings. , and therefore, the sister of Davis as well since it is determined that Emanuel and Davis were brothers. (how?)


Up to the point of the discovery of the gravestones of Bashe and Emanuel, it was believed that Bashe’s father’s name was Avrohm Simcha – based on the family tree that was made for the Bashe Schneider family circle.


In October 2010 I found an abstract for the marriage certificate of Max Heffron, who had lived, according to family history, in Spring Valley, NY. His parents, Elihu and “Sheefrah” are close to the names of the parents on the marriage certificate of Davis Ephron (Elliott and Chiffa)


Elihu had three known children:


Bashe Schneider

Isaac Ephron

Emanuel Ephron

Davis Ephron

Max Hefron


Bashe Schneider, daughter of Elihu Ephron


Bashe Schneider, b. abt. 1851 or 1854, Krynki, d. 1/27/1925, Chicago, married Nachman Schneider, b. 1830, d. 1916. [CEM206] He lived in Krynki, Belarus.  She arrived in the US in 1917 from Krynki and is initially going to her children,“Ch. Schneider,” at 404 Madison St., NY, but subsequently is going to Bridgeport, CT. Hyman and Jennie Shneider did live in Bridgeport at that time, according to a WW I draft registration card for Hyman. According to the ship arrival, she leaves in Krynki her daughter L. Yelekowitz. [CEM ARR144]. That daughter is almost certainly Leah Selkoff, who arrived after Bashe. In 1920: she lives with her daughter Ida Friedman and her family in Chicago and she is 68 years old. [CEN2158]


On January 6, 2010 I found Basche Schneider’s gravestone on the website, and at the same time found that Mendel Ephron’s gravestone was also there.


In the Krynki 1858 revision list is an Aron Nakhman Shnaider, b. abt. 1837, son of Volf, who was the son of Leib. He is married to Tsipe Rokhelia, but this does not appear to be the same person as Bashe’s husband. There is a very large family of Shnaiders in those records.


There are many family burials in the Krinker section of Waldheim cemetery, in Chciago. Dubby Gerson was responsible for fixing up that cemetery. One Schneider burial in that cemetery section [verify Jewishdata number is ABT ca. 3500-3700], but not known to be part of this family, is “James Schneider, Myer Nachman b’ Ephrym, died 3/25/1902, age 75. He does not appear to be the Nachman Schneider who is patriarch of this branch because that Nachman Schneider’s years of birth and death are different from those reported for the husband of Bashe in the genealogy done for this family tree [cite to genealogy].


The children of Bashe Schneider were:


Joe Schneider

Leah Selkoff

Jennie (Yudes) Kaplan

Ida Friedman




Riva Levitz


All of the Schneider sons arrived in New York about 1906 or 1907.  They left Europe after a failed socialist uprising in Russia.  Hyman and Philip were very involved in the labor movement.


Norm Levitz put together a newsletter for the Bashke Schneider Cousins Club called “Schneider Shalom-O-Grams” and sent me three volumes (not included in appendix because of extensive personal information). Jerry Shneider did the printing. Text in bold indicates portions incorporated in the text of the genealogy.


>          Joseph “Joe” (Yosef Elihu) Schneider, b. abt. 1873 or 1872, d. 6/12/1952 [CEN2081; CEM208], married abt. 1895 to Golie (Gussie) “Gertrude” (Galya) Unknown, b. abt. 1872 or 1874, d. 10/8/1970. He arrived 1900, 1902, 1905 or 1906 [~ARR – maybe the Jossel who arrived 9/16/1902 from Sokolly eg Sokolka]. Gertrude arrived in 1905 with the three oldest children. She had last lived in Suprasl, and is going to her husband, “Louis,” at 10 Louis (sic) St. [ARR146] In 1910 they lived in New York City and he was a tailor. [CEN1059] In 1930 he is the proprietor of a hotel and they live with Sadie’s family in Chicago. [CEN3192]. Her father was Aryeh Leib. [CEM208]


>          >          Benjamin “Ben,” b. abt. 1896 or 1898, Grodno. [CEN2167; CEN3212], married 8/17/1919 to Mary S. Mishkowsky, b. abt. 1899, Grodno [MAR098]. In 1920 and 1930 he was the manager of a boarding house. They both arrived in the US in 1904, or for her, perhaps 1905.


Mary and Israel (husband of Libby, below) were the children of Dora (Rokovitsky) and Meyer Leib Mishkovsky. Meyer Leib was the son of Moshe. [CEM277-SD] Dora was from Molchad [Ancestry death index].  Mishk(c)ov(w)sky is the name of a son-in-law of Avram Ezra Katz, rabbi of Amdur.  See Chapter --.


>          >          Libby (Elizabeth; Lizzie) Mishkovsky, b. abt. 12/1899, Russia, d. 2/25/1996, Arlington Heights, IL, married 5/18/1919 in Chicago to Israel Mishkovsky, b. 7/15/1889, 7/15/1891, or abt. 1893, Slonim, d. 6/-/1966, Knox, IN [MAR099; OBIT031; SSDI444; CEN2117]. Israel had five sisters, and they grew up on a farm in Knox, IN (Stark Cty.) [MIL039]. In 1920 he has a junk yard. In 1990 she was the grandmother of 21, and four more on the way. [Shalom-O-Gram 1]. In 1990, she lived with her daughter Lee Katz in Lincolnwood, IL [Shalom-O-Gram 1]. There was a family reunion for Libby in 1992 at Bass Lake, IN, where she had lived for 54 years. At that time she had 17 grandchildren and 26 great-grandchildren; an article appeared in the Kankakee Vallee newspaper, “The Leader”. [Shalom-O-Gram 3]. [Her obit is in the Chicago Tribune, 2/26/1996]


>          >          Frank (Ephraim), b. abt. 1902, Russia or 1906, NY [CEN2081], d. 10/2/1961, Chicago, married Sylvia (Sima) Tikolsky, b. abt. 1906, d. 1/18/1964. He was in the jewelry business in Chicago. He was buried at the Krinker (someone from the town of Krynki) Aid Society section of Chicago’s Waldheim cemetery. [OBIT032; CEM209]


Frank is buried next to Samuel Kapuler, husband of Esther D. Kapuler of the Ephraim Visranker branch. See page --.


>          >          Harry (Arin (sic?) Leib) [CEN2081], b. abt. 1905, NY, 1908 or 1909, d. 4/21/1934, Chicago, [CEM210] married Rose Kirshner, b. 3/23/1907, d. 4/23/1995, Hammond, IN [SSDI442]. After Harry died, Rose remarried to Hy Matasar, b. 5/16/1901, d. 2/-/1979, Hammond, IN [SSDI443]. [See also CEM211]


>          >          Sadie Schiffman, b. abt. 12/1909, Russia or NY Russia [CEN2081; CEN3192], married abt. 1927 to Morris Schiffman, b. abt. 1904, Poland (SSDI445?). In 1930, Joe and Gussie live with them and baby Samuel in Chicago and Morris has a child’s coat shop.


>          Leah or Lena Selkoff, b. abt.1873, Poland ,d. 3/6/1943, Chicago, married abt. 1892 to David Selkoff  (Selikowitz) , b. abt. 1871, Poland, d. 4/1/1955. He was the son of Zelig. [CEM207] Leah was the oldest.  David Selkoff was related to the Effrons, possibly a distant cousin of Theodore Effron of Chicago. In 1930 he is working at a shoe factory. Nearly the entire family arrived in 1920, having last resided in Krynki They are going to son-in-law Sam Berger in Chicago. They arrive with the name “Selikarrier,” but other information indicates the name was originally “Selikowich.” [ARR147; ARR214; ~CEN20; CEN3110]  Next to their gravestone is that of Zelda Berger, who died in 1938 at the age of 74, but it is not known if she is related.


According to Basche’s ship manifest [ARR144], Bashe had left a daughter in Krynki when Bashe emigrated in 1917. The daughter’s name according to the ship manifest was L. Yelekowitz and she is very likely Leah.


Possibly related is one Masza Leja Szelkowska of Indura, who arrived in 1920 from Indura, whence her father “Abe Leib” then lives, with several sons, destined for NY to her husband, B(er?) Shelkowsky, at 118 E. 104th St.  Benjamin Schelkowsky (husband of Masza Leja???) also comes from Amdur.  Children are Josef, Ephraim, Mottel and Rubin, ages 16-11. Benjamin Shelkowsky’s father was Ephraim Simcha (gravestone, with Masha Leah (her father was Aba Leib), on Their family tree is on ancestry. They are buried in one of the New York Amdur cemeteries. Her burial is in NY – See JewishGen. Any connection is not known, and it should be noted that the immediately discussed family was “Selikowich,” not “Selikowsky.”


>          >          Sophie Berger, b. abt. 1894, Krynki, Poland, married possibly on 8/13/1916, Chicago to Samuel Berger, b. 5/7/1892 or abt. 1894, Mlenow, Russia [MAR100; MIL024]. In 1930, they lived in Hammond, IN. She arrived in 1913 on a ship sailing from Antwerp. She was then single and had last lived in Krynki with her father, David, and is going to an uncle in NY by the name of Schneider [ARR214] He arrived in 1913. In 1920 he is the proprietor of a hotel in Chicago, and in 1930 he is the proprietor of a boarding house.[CEN2157; CEN3111] In 1920, there are over 20 boarders living in their building. In Hammond in the 1940s they lived at 5236 Gakley Ave. and Samuel is employed at the Gakley hotel [MIL024]. A marriage license in Chicago on 8/13/1916 is between Sofie Schneider and Sam Berger (that is, not for Sophie Selkoff). The marriage was conducted by Rabbie M.A. Lipshutz; the groom and bride are both 22 (no further information is available. [MAR100]


>          >          Ida "Hychie" Wilks [SSDI438?), b. approx. 1897, married abt. 1924 to Israel (Sol?) Wilks, b. abt. 1899. In 1930 they are living with the Solomon and Sarah Spector family in E. Chicago, IN. This may be the same as the Samuel and Sima (Sternfield/Feld) Spector family of Cincinnati – see Chapter --. He arrived in 1921. [CEN3194]


>          >          Dinah "Dinky" Berger, b. approx. 1898, married Sol Berger. Her birth date is approximated from her birth order and the dates of birth of her sisters.


>          >          Rose "Razel" Smith, b. 1/10/1900, Poland, d. abt. 11/16/1991 [OBIT033; Shalom-O-Gram 3], married Samuel Smith, b. abt. 1887, Russia. In 1930 he is a proprietor of a hotel, and the family lives there [CEN3195]. He arrived in 1906.


>          >          Ruth Sacks,b. approx. 1903, married Julius Sacks. Her birth date is approximated from her birth order and the dates of birth of her sisters.


>          >          married 2. Nota Koslowsky


>          >          Fay (Feige) Saleson, b. 5/15/1906, Russia, d. 4/9/1997, Riverside, CA [DEATH117], married James Saleson, b. 5/8/1906, d. 4/20/1988 [SSDI440]


>          >          Dora "Dubby" Gershon, b. 7/20/1912, Poland, d. 12/21/1994, Chicago, IL [SSDI441; CEN3110; OBIT034], married Jack Gershon. Her family arrived in 1920 on the "Haverford" into Philadelphia port.  Dubby is the youngest. Her next sister was born in 1906. She was instrumental in fixing up the Krinker cemetery section of Waldheim Cemetery in Chicago. Many family members are buried there. [Shalom-O-Gram 2]


>          Jennie (Yudes) Kaplan, b. abt. 1878, d. abt. 6/8/1962 [OBIT035], married Morris Kaplan, b. 6/10/1877, Krinki [CEN1055; CEN2152; CEN3186; OBIT035; MIL025]. Prior to immigration she lived in Krynki with her children. Jennie and her children arrived in 1905 on the SS Finland. They last resided in Krynki and are going to Morris who is at 344 E. 4th St., New York. [ARR245] In the 1940s Morris and Jennie live in Brooklyn. [MIL025]. Unable to find her place of burial using usual online sources.


>          >          Yetta “Etta” (Itta) Rubin, b. abt. 1900 [ARR245], married Dave Rubin [~CEN30]


>          >          Louis (Leib), b. abt. 1902 [ARR245], married Ruth Unknown[~CEN30]


>          >          Frank S. (Ephraim), b. 5/8/1903 or 1904 [ARR245], d. 7/20/2002, married Sylvia Gellis, [CEM200-SD; CEM201-SD]


>          >          Harry, b. abt. 1906, married Ruth Unknown [~CEN30]


>          Ida B. Friedman, b. abt. 1880, Russia, married abt. 1901 to Joseph Friedman, b. 2/15/1880, Russia. [CEN1060; CEN2158; CEN3108; MIL026]. In 1910, they are living in Sapulpa, OK, which is near Tulsa, and he sells mens’ clothing. In 1920 and 1930 he is the owner of a hotel, which in 1930 is located at 300 South Hamlin Ave., Chicago. They both arrived in 1907, or he arrived in 1900. No arrival information has been located for her [~ARR]. In 1920, Ida’s mother is living with them.


>          >          Florence F. Golan, b. 9/22/1905, IL, d. 8/-/1979, Miami [SSDI436; CEN3109], married abt. 1924 to Abraham “Abe” E. Golan, b. 9/4/1904, IL, d. 9/-/1975, Miami [SSDI437]. In 1930 he is a lawyer for the City of Chicago. His parents were born in Lithuania. In 1930,


>          >          Betty (Rebecca) King, b. abt. 1/1909, OK, married Jack King. In 1930 she owns a lingerie shop and lives with her parents at the hotel. [CEN3108]. In 1910 the family lived in Sapulpa, and so that may be the town where she was born. Sapulpa is just outside of Tulsa. [CEN1060]


>          >          Bernard J., b. abt. 10, 1915, IL, married Irma Rumizen.


>          Abraham, b. abt. 1884. [ARR145] There is a ship’s manifest for an Abram Schneider of Krynki, who, like the other Schneider children, came to the US in the first decade of the 20th century. This Abraham, in fact, was also going to 10 Lewis St. in NYC to a brother, Chaim Schneider, which is where Hyman lived at that time. Based on that ship arrival, he is too young to be Joe, whose ship manifest has not been found, and he is not Hyman or Philip, whose ship’s manifests have been located. He was not included on the genealogy provide by Norman Levitz.


>          Philip. He married his cousin Annie Efron. Their family is listed under her name. See Chapter --.


>          Hyman. He married his cousin Jennie Efron. Their family is listed under her name. See Chapter --.


>          Rebecca (Riva) Levitz, b. abt.1893, Poland, d. 2/29/1980, married abt. 1914 to Frank (Ephraim) Levitz, b. 10/15/1887, Sokolka, d. 7/11/1958. In 1930 he runs a hotel and later owns a cleaning business [MIL027]. He arrived in 1924 and she arrived in 1920. His original name was Mordchelewicz, and they immigrated to the US with that name. [ARR257; CEN3107]. He was the son of Mikhel. [CEM213].


>          >          Ida (Chaia) Litwin, b. abt. 1914, Poland, d. 9/1978 [CEN3107; ARR257] Bronx, married Jack Litwin. Her social security death index says she was born on 12/25/1925, but other records say she was born in 1914.


>          >          Norman, married Doris Berger.


Isaac Meyer, son of Elihu Ephron (London, England)


Acknowledgements: Diana Diamond, Michael Ephron, Neville Teller, Valerie Newburg


This family is considered to be descendants of Elihu because Isaac Meyer’s gravestone shows this as his father’s name, and DNA testing shows that this family is part of the Amdur family. The Elihu who is the patriarch of this branch is of the correct generation to be the same as the Elihu who heads up this chapter. Additional, circumstantial proof is that this London family, like others in the chapter, spelled the name with a PH.


>          Yitzhak Meyer “Isaac Myer” Ephron, b. abt 1865, d. 11/12/1907, London [CEM239-SD], married 1893 to Chana Feigel "Fanny" Venitsky, b. 1870 or 1872, Wolpa, d. 11/9/1956. Chana Feigel came from Volpa (Wolpe), near Lunna and Volkavysk. Yitzhak arrived in London, England about 1891. The family settled in London.


In 2012 an EFRON DNA Project participant’s results showed conclusively that this branch of the family is connect to the Amdur branch. But how? For a long time, it has been apparent that Elihu Ephron, the earliest known ancestor for this branch, has an approximate birth date which is the same as the approximate birth date of Joseph Elihu Ephron who is the earliest known ancestor for a number of families which settled in Chicago.


There is an emigration record for the SS Viola, sailing from Hamburg to London, that could be for this family. That record says that Channe, 43 and Sore, 3, came from Swislovitz and left Hamburg on 3/3/1903. [ARR198] Yitzhak Meyer is buried in the Edmonton cemetery (block H, Row 7, No. 20), as is Fanny, her gravestone reading Fanny Kiverstein (and referencing her prior name of Ephron [JewishGen]. If that arrival is for this branch, then other information from oral history is incorrect.


I received a detailed family tree for this family. Due to the large amount of personal data for living people, I have not made it available.


After Isaac Meyer’s death, Chana Feigel remarried.


>          >          Chaya Sara "Sarah" or "Sally" Teller, b. London 3/4/1896, d. 8/3/1988, married 8/26/1930 to Chaim "Hyman" Teller, b. Kalisc, 4/14/1898, Kalisc, d. 5/21/1972.  He arrived about 1911 or 1912. His sister Gertrude married Sarah’s brother, Manning. See ARR198, which may be for Sarah and her mother.


>          >          Leah, b. 1898, d. 11/84, married Isaac (Israel?) Kiverstein, b. 1898, d. 1940 during an air-raid. Isaac was one of the children of Chana Feigel's second husband from his previous marriage. Leah is supposed to be the third oldest, but according to the dates of birth, she is second oldest. Isaac's sister was a columnist with the London Jewish Chronicle. Israel Kiverstein and Leah Ephron’s marriage is indexed in the 2d Q of 1918 (Vol. 1c, p. 577)


>          >          Jack, b. 1900, d. 12/65, married 1928 to Rose Bard, b. 1903, d. 6/1971. [Her mother’s obituary: MISC021]  Jack was said to be the second oldest.


>          >          Manning “Morris”, b. England, b. 1903, d. 4/1984 or 1986, married Gertrude Teller, b. 1902, d. 1989. See note under Chaim Teller. (One source says Manning was the youngest, and was only a few months old when his father died; Neville says that Alec was the youngest.) In 1922 Manning visited his uncle Samuel Mankin of Chicago, according to a record of Canadian boarder crossings of that year. The Chicago 1917 business directory lists a Samuel Mankin residing at 1359 N. Maplewood.


Directory, Chicago, Mankin, Samuel, resides at same address as Harry, Manuel & Nathan (not certain if this is the same Samuel Mankin that Manning visited). There is a Samuel and Anna Mankin buried at Waldheim cemetery in Chicago who could be the family that Manning had visited. He was born around 1875 and she was born around 1880. Her father was Abraham, and his father was Shmaryahu.


>          >          Alec, b. 1906, d. 1991 or 10/1992, married Ethel Singer, b. 1906, d.1986


Emanuel “Mendel” Ephron, son of Elihu Ephron


>          Emanuel “Mendel” (Menachem Mendel) Ephron, b. 1867 or abt. 1869, Vilna, d. 10/28/1948, Chicago, IL, married 1. 12/17/1893 in Manhattan, NY to Etta Fridlender, b. abt. 1874, Vilna, d. possibly 10/23/1899. [CEN2009; CEN3155; MAR006; DEATH021; DEATH055; CEM214-SD] He was naturalized at Cook Cty. Superior Ct. (“Emanuel Epron,” Vol 100A, pg. 104). His parents are Alie and Rachel Horwitz, and her parents are Ber and Maine (Zalmerovitz) [MAR006]. His mother’s name is different from the name recorded as the mother of Davis, which suggests that Emanuel and Davis are not brothers – see discussion below under Davis Ephron.


No record has been located to learn what became of Etta. has an index entry for the death of a Yetta Ephron on 10/23/1899, age 26. Perhaps this is the Henrietta Ephron buried at Mt. Carmel.


In 1920 and 1930, Emanuel and Anna are living in Chicago with five children and he is then a Hebrew teacher. He arrived in 1890 and was naturalized in 1919. Chicago directories show him living there in 1905 as “Emil Ephron” a teacher at 167 Gault Ct., and he is a teacher in the 1923 and 1928 directories at first 2246 Burlington, then at 757 Brompton Ave. [DIR039]. In 1920 he is a teacher of Hebrew and lives at 1909 Orchard St. In 1930 he is a private tutor. People who knew Henry said that Emanuel was a rabbi.

Curiously, no census record has been found for Mendel or Anna in 1900 or 1910. Anna’s family: Samuel, Sara, Abe and Dora are found in the 1900 census, living in Chicago. This suggests they were not in this country for a number of years. Nevertheless, records for children born to them during those years all say the children were born in Illinois.


A DNA test by someone in this branch should match the established Efron of Amdur group DNA profile, based on the connections discussed here. The connection of the families in this chapter ultimately (through inter-Efron marriages) relies on a DNA test that shows a connection to the Efrons who lived in Amdur.


Emmanuel’s and Anna’s gravestones are located on the website. They are very close to the gravestone of Bashe Schneider and other members of the Effron and Schneider family – see discussion above. The obituary for Anna [OBIT036] gives the name of the section of the Waldheim cemetery where many burials have been identified on Emanuel, Anna, and many members of the Schneider and Efron families of Chicago are buried in the Congregation B'nai Israel section of Waldheim Cemetery.


He was married twice. It is unknown if there were any children from the first marriage.


>          Married 2. 12/22/1901 in Chicago to Anna (Annie) (Chana Zelda) Davis, b. abt. 1873, d. abt. 1/24/1955 [~CEN00; ~CEN10; CEM214-SD; OBIT036; MAR101]. Anna arrived in 1896 [CEN2009]. She was the daughter of Shmuel Simcha. In October 1901 an Emanuel Ephraim immigrates from England – and next to him on the manifest is 24 year old Arthur Davis.


Anna  had a son from her previous marriage that had ended in divorce (EA). His name was Harry Davis [DEATH021; GA]; there was some sort of a cousin marriage (GA).


Her sister Dora Lepkovsky’s sons were Seymour and Nathan Lepp of Chicago (GA). Her sister Ida had a daughter married to a dentist in L.A. named LaBowe, with children Jim LaBowe and another son and daughter (GA). Gene Adler has kept in touch with Jim LaBowe. Gene remembers coming to Chicago from his high school and attending the funeral of his grandfather on the weekend after Thanksgiving, 1948.


>          >          Albert, b. 8/26/1902 or 8/8/1903, IL, d. 2/12/1972, L.A. [SSDI020; CEN2009; CEN3155], married Maxine (M.) Unknown.  In 1930 he is a practicing lawyer and living at home. But he did not practice later on, because he had a stutter. Instead, he was employed by the US Postal Service and he lived in L.A. They did not have children. (GA)


>          >          Henry D. , b. 3/9/1905, IL, d. 8/-/1992, Missoula, MT [SSDI220; CEN3155; BIRTH012], married Margarite. In 1930 he is not working and is living at home. His birth record is indexed as Henry Ephrom. He was in Montana at the time of his WW II enlistment record, in 1942. He became a professor of classics at Montana university. On 11/18/06 I spoke with Prof. John G. Hay, a Classics professor, a neighbor Mrs. Horst Jarka, a colleague (and fellow Jew) Meyer Chessin and the executor of Marguerite’s estate, Vicki Mikelson. Both Henry and Marguerite taught at U. of Montana, Missoula. University pressure against nepotism resulted in Henry resigning, though the intent was to have Marguerite resign. She taught Latin. She met him in Chicago. She was a grad student there and he was at the same school. She was born in Deer Lodge, MT. Her cousin was Mildred Hinsch (Heinsch?) of MN. After he left the school he continued with his scholarship. He was very involved in cryptology and edited a magazine, Cryptoanalysis, during the war. His father was a rabbi. Also on the web I note that he was a WW II cryptoanalyst. His 1962 article in Harvard Studies in Classical Philogy, “Hygieia Tharso and Iaon: The Phaistos Disk,” explains his work to translate an ancient Minoan text. Gene Adler told me that he was a master sergeant, the highest non-commission position, and that he did not want to have a commission. Also, that he had worked on the dead sea scrolls and was also consulted to help solve the Zodiac Killer murders. They did not have children.


>          >          Dorothy (Dorothea) Adler, b. 12/30/1905 or 12/30/1906, Chicago, d. 6/29/1997, Lincolnwood, IL, married 1929 in Chicago to Herbert I. (Israel L.) Adler, b. 1/13/1903, Chicago, d. 5/20/1986, Skokie, IL. In 1930 she is a stenographer working for the US government. [CEN3155] (see also SSDI for Dorothy). Dorothy had worked with the Army in Chicago during WW II. She was an amateur cryptologist. Later, she was an executive secretary for the South Side Hebrew Congregation and the Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies.


His family is in JGFF, based on Jenny Schwartzberg’s research [GEN031-SD]. The executrix of Marguerite Ephron’s estate had the address of Herbert I. Adler of Chicago. I found his name in JGFF, and sure enough, with a wife “Dorothy ” I emailed via JGFF and received a detailed family tree from Jenny Schwartzberg. I contacted Gene Adler who helped fill in the family tree. Her email includes addresses and much detail.


>          >          Morris, b. 5/16/1909, IL, d. 2/-/1986, Troy (or Southfield), MI [SSDI027; CEN3155; BIRTH013], married abt. 1942 to Ida Schwartz. In 1930 he is an accountant, working for radio management (?). In the 1928 Chicago directory Morris is a clerk with Saml Goldman and lives at 757 Brompton Av. with his parents. [DIR039]. It is assumed that he married Ida, who was his fiancé according to an article in the Chicago Tribune. [MAR162]


>          >          Sylvia Niva, b. 1/29/1916, IL, d. 2/27/1983, Los Angeles [CA Death Index], married Weldon N. Niva, b. 12/18/1929, MT, d. 1/28/1972, CA [CA Death record]. Weldon. Sylvia married later in life. She was matched up by her brother Henry as Weldon lived in Missoula. They did not have children. (GA)


Davis (David) E. Ephron, son of Elihu Ephron


Davis Ephron has many commonalities with Emanuel Ephron to indicate they are brothers, but apparently nothing definitive to prove it. They have in common the PH in the spelling of their last names, a father’s name which appears to be Elihu (e.g., see the baptismal record for Davis, below), and their move from New York to Chicago. In addition, both seem to be rabbis, albeit Davis appears to be a baptized rabbi. Different mother’s names, however, certainly throws some doubt on this theory.


>          Davis (David) E. (Effron) Ephron, b. 6/1872 or abt. 1867, Russia, d. between 1929 and 3/11/1933 (probably close to the latter date) [CEN0015; CEN1042; CEN2001; CEN3156; CEN3157], married 5/16/1898 in Manhattan, NY to Minnie Littman (Litman), b. 1/1/1880 or 2/1875, Russia, d. 5/27/1943, San Francisco, CA [MAR017; DEATH012; CEN3157].  In 1900 they lived at 270 Cherry St, NYC.  Davis had his first papers in 1900. In the Chicago directories for 1908-1910 David is at 36 Oregon Ave, then 70 Hastings St., and then at 1519 W. 12th, rear. He is a tailor. [DIR039].  In 1920, living in San Francisco, David still only has his first papers.  In 1920 he lived at 709 Grove St., San Francisco.  In 1930 he is found in Los Angeles, still married, but living on his own (possibly traveling). The information in the 1900 (New York) and 1920 (California) federal census entries differ in several respects, but the common information in those two censuses suggest that this is the same family. He was in the service, possibly WW I, in E6 US Artillary, EI US Artillary, and H12 infantry. His service status was “invalid” as of 3/30/1926. [MIL013] According to his marriage certificate his parents were Elliot and Chiffa. Minnie’s parents were Davis and Sarah.


A baptism by JM Eppstein, a prosthletyzer for the Episcoplean Jewish Chapel [web references] of a “Zohn David Ephron (indexed as “John David” by Ancestry) appears to be the same as Davis Ephron of San Francisco. [MISC155-SD]. The baptized David’s parents are listed as Elijah and Schiphra, and the San Francisco Davis’ parents are Elliot and Chiffa. Baptized David is from Grodno, but there is no reference to San Francisco Davis’ place of origin. Interestingly, or perhaps oddly, the profession of baptized David is rabbinical Judge! Baptized David was born July 1875, while San Francisco Davis was born, depending on the record, 1867 or 1872.


It should be noted that “zohn,” means “son,” so maybe the information in this record was somehow created by Elijah, for his son? It may be that these baptisms did not take place in England, but instead in Grodno. The history of JM Eppstein is that he travelled throughout the Eastern world to preach the gospel and convert Jews. So “Zohn David Ephron” may not have even lived in England. There are two others baptized by Eppstein which are recorded on April 17, 1892 – Paul Samuel Cohen from Suwalki, a shopman, born 1892, and Adolph Abraham Burdo from Grodno, a grain merchant, born 1870.


>          >          Samuel, b. 8/29/1898, NY or 10/1898, NY, d. 6/16/1982, San Francisco, CA [SSDI004; DEATH011]


>          >          Florence (Fannie) Austin, b. abt. 5/1899 NY. Her descendants are based on unverified documentary information.


>          >          >          Jewel (Bernice??) Winfred Cluff, b. 3/19/1915, d. 12/26/1978, Sacramento, or San Francisco, CA, married Earl William Cluff, b. 9/9/1906, d. 7/21/1991, Sacramento, CA. They divorced in San Francisco in 7/1966. He remarried to Lois I. Lewis.


>          >          Sylvia (Sophie) Lowe, b. 3/26/1909, Chicago, IL, d. 1/10/1993, Solano, CA [CEN2001; BIRTH009; DEATH013], married Unknown Lowe. She was probably named Shifra, after Davis’ mother.


In the 1930 census, Minnie was living with Sylvia and a granddaughter, Bernice (Bernce? Leonce?) Austin, who is 15 years old, born in CA and whose parents were born in NY. It cannot be determined from the census who Bernice’s parents are, but since her last name is not Ephron, presumably her mother was Florence (Fannie).


Max Heffron, son of Elihu Efron


Max is believed to be another son of Elihu because his marriage record shows his parents as Elie and Sheefrah, the same names as the parents of Davis. His marriage record says that his mother has the last name Myers, whereas Davis’s record says his mother comes from the Horwitz family. [MAR155] It is possible that Meyer is the given name of Shifrah’s father, which is commonly found instead of a surname for early records of Jewish women, serving like a patronymic.


>              Max Heffron, b. Grodno, abt. 1880, d. 2/28/1955 [CEM278], Spring Valley, NY [oral history], married 3/22/1902 in NYC to Bessie Fisher, b. abt. 1877, Grodno [CEN1034; ~CEN20; CEN3115, MAR155], d. 11/19/1947 [CEM278]. In 1910 he is “Max Efran” of 88th St., Manhattan, a cutter (tailor). He arrived in 1890 (?), 1903 or 1902, and she arrived in 1895, 1897 or 1902. [verify, cite]  They were both still aliens in 1920. In 1920 they lived at 376 Saratoga Ave., Brooklyn. He was a tailor, and not religious, according to his grandchildren. Max was buried somewhere on Long Island. Linda remembers him playing a lot of cards. Max also lived in Spring Valley, NY. A ship arrival has not been found for them. Bessie’s parents were Isaac and Yettie Newbonskyy. [MAR155] In 1940 they are Max and Bessie Heffron and live at Park Place, Brooklyn. They are buried in the New Montefiore cemetery in NY.


The family is related to a family named "Natkiel" (Haywood Efron) There was a niece named Rose Schaefer in Brooklyn. According to Howard, the family came from Amdur.  In the 1930 census, one Rose Natgel, wid, 45 2 children and father Philip Schwartz and sister live in Manhattan, but it is not known if this is the family referred to by Haywood.


Acknowledgements: Linda Efron, Howard Efron, Haywood Efron.


>              >              Aleck "Alex" (Abraham) Bertram, b. abt. 1903, d. 1976. [CEN30?]


>              >              Jack, b. 1905


>              >              Samuel, b. abt. 1910, NY d. 1993.  [CEN3115]. He was a dentist.