Chapter 11 Yehudah Leib of Grodno


Yehuda Aryeh Leib, married Sarah Goldberg. This is not the same Yehuda as Yudel (Yudel is a nickname for Yehuda -- Yudel is derived from Leib, the name given in oral history, because Leib is a kinnui (symbolic name, see Genesis --) for Yehudah, and a nickname for Yehudah is Yudel.) who is the son of Avrohm Simche. That Yudel married Bashke Payes and there are no children’s names in common.


He is possibly the same as the Yehuda Efron who was b. 1827 and in 1840 (1844?) is registered to Amdur. [RS003]  If they are one and the same, it would mean that his children were born at an advanced age.


This Yehuda Leib may be the Yudel, b. 1827, who was the son of Efroim (b. 1790) and Ghenya (b. 1790) of Amdur [RS003].  That Efroim’s father, Leyba (a nickname for Yehuda), was b. about 1770 and was the head of the Amdur branch of Efrons [RS001; RS003].  That possibility is based on the fact that the Yehuda Leib of this sub-branch has a grandson named Ephraim, is connected by a marriage to the Efron/Schneider branch (p. --), and by that marriage is presumably related by blood to the Efron family as well.


In 2009, the results from a DNA test taken by a descendant of this branch shows that this branch is part of the Amdur Efron family. By extension, if it is assumed that Morris and Pauline/Peshi were related (both have the surname “Efron”), it follows that Peshi is part of the Amdur Efrons. In turn, the husbands of her sisters, two of whom are the children of Nachman and Basche (Efron) Schneider, can also be considered part of the Efron of Amdur families. For more on these related families, see chapter – and chapter --.


There is evidence that indicates that the Efron/Bernstein/Goldberg family of Chicago and the Jacob Effron family of Broome St. NYC, are related, but no corroborating evidence has been found. See discussion below regarding Sarah’s ship arrival record.


It appears that the Efron/Bernstein/Goldberg family of Chicago, detailed below, is descended from Eliezer Efron, born about 1830, whose origins are in Bialystok and Krynki. The reason for this conclusion is that Morris Effron, son of Yudel, son of Avrohm Simcha Efron, was a cousin of some nature of Sarah Effron Bernstein (Joe Bernstein).


Sarah Effron Bernstein, it can be concluded, was related to her cousin Minnie Goldberg through the Effron side, but what if it was through the Goldberg side? Have I assumed that Minnie’s maiden name was Effron? If related through the Goldberg side, might this family also be related to the Effron/Bernstein/Goldberg family through the Goldberg family? Regardless, since the name Effron appears in both families, they very probably are also be related through the Effron side of the family. Additional,  careful  analysis is needed.


There is a Sara Genia (Henia) Goldberg, daughter of Yankel Leiba (Jacob Leib) and Khaia Goldberg, who was born in 1850 and is listed with her parents in the 1858 Amdur revision list. There is no certainty that this Sara Genia Goldberg is the same as Sarah Goldberg, the wife of Yehuda.


Yudel and Sarah’s children were:


Morris (Moshe)




Information is known about Morris only.


>          Morris (Moshe) Efron, b. abt. 12/24/1870, Grodno, d. NYC 1/18/1935 [Verify old DEATH record 23; CEM155; ARR103; CEN2084; NAT001-SD1-SD2], married, before immigrating, to Pauline (Peshi) Effron, b. abt. 1875 or 1880, d. 3/30/1945, Chicago. [CEM215]. He is buried at McDonald Ave., Washington Cemetery. Information about her family is in Chapter --.


According to Esther Abrams, a great-niece of Pauline, Pauline “married one of her father's students to carry on the name as there was no son and he was a rabbi.” That student, Morris, was also an Effron, because one of his descendants’ DNA profile matched that of the Amdur Efrons.


She was the daughter of Ephraim Efron. See Chapter --.


He arrived in 1904 and was going to an M. Siskin (Liskin ?) at 274 Madison St. in NYC [ARR103]. This does not appear to be Morris Listokin of Philadelphia because Morris had children born to him in and around 1904, and they were born in Philadelphia, not New York City. (see page --)


Peshe arrived at Boston on 9/26/1906 on the Ivernia, as Pesse, age 33, with sons Morrie, 9 and Efroim, 3. They last resided in Grodno and are going to Peshe’s husband Morke or Maric, at 233 Broome St., New York. [ARR259] This is the same address as Jacob Efron the plumber (page --). On that same ship and the same page is Itzko Gold, age 20, going to his cousin, Moshe Efron, at the same address [ARR191]. The ship’s manifest for Pauline strongly suggests that either Pauline or Morris (or both…) is related to Jacob Efron, who lived at 233 Broome Street for many years. Itzko Gold may be a Goldgleit, which is an Amdur family, or maybe he is a Goldberg and is related to Morris through Morris’ mother’s family.


Morris was naturalized in 1915.  He spent at least the years of 1915-1920 at 565 Grand Ave, New York, and he died while in NY.  He first owned a candy store.


Morris was always studying Torah, according to Anita Gilford.  In 1935, they lived at 554 Grand St., NYC. He is buried at Washington Cemetery in NYC, but his grave could not be located by someone who went there for me.


>          >          Max, b. 7/10/1896 or 6/14/1895, Russia, d. 1/6/1969 in Lincolnwood, IL [SSDI018; CEN2084], married 7/13/1924 in NYC [MAR052-SD1-SD2] to Betty (Bessie) Goldberg, b. 2/22/1904 London, d. 7/1983 in Lincolnwood [SSDI022]. In 1928 he is an office manager at Tabin Picker & Co. and lives at 3701 Sunnyside Av. [DIR039]  Her parents were Abraham and Leah (Richman). (Note that there is an Abraham and Rachel Leah Goldberg family, but in that case Rachel Leah’s maiden name is given as Cwikler). Witnesses to their marriage were Abr. Lieberman and Florence Epstein (note that Epstein is the family of Max’s maternal grandmother).


>          >          Frank, b. 9/23/1903 or 9/10/1903 in Russia, died Hammond, Indiana, 7/-/1979 [SSDI031; CEN2084], married Mary Freedman, b. 4/5/1907, d. 8/1976, Hammond, IN [SSDI108?].  He was an attorney and a judge.  Her maiden name may have been Freedman because she was the heir of real estate from the estate of Isidore Freedman of Elmsford, NY. [NYT013]


>          Channe, b. abt. 1875 [ARR103]. She arrived in NY, single, with her brother, Morris. Nothing else is known about her. [~MAR]


>          Emma. She was already in NY when Morris and Chane arrived.  Her Yiddish name is probably Chana or Nechama. Nothing else is known about her. [~ARR; ~MARR; see ARR103] The names in this branch are similar to those in the Green/Nakdiman family that settled, in part, in Boston, but beyond that there is no known connection.