Chapter 12 Motte Tsinne’s


Motte Efron “Tsinne’s,” son of Leib and Tsinne of Amdur


Motte and his family is the best known of the Amdur Efron family branches. This is because of the genealogy written up by his great-child Sam Effron of Poughkeepsie (see page --) and the Effron family history contained in the history of Amdur, written by another great-grandson, Yedidia Effron (see page--).


His known children were:


Mashe (Chapter 13)


Shevakh (Chapter 14)


Eliezer Tsines or Efron (Chapter 15)


Shifre. Nothing is known about Shifre. She is identified in Sam Efron’s genealogy, and he says that she was married in Amdur. That is all that is known of her. According to the birth dates of the other children of Motte, she would have been born approximately 1808 to 1826, and therefore in the 1858 revision would be between 32 and 50 years old. There are seven Shifre’s in the revision list for Amdur, but four of them are far too young, and one of them, Shifre Baranovich, age 54, is too old. One of the remaining two is the wife of Yankel Efron – Shifre’s brother -- so she can be excluded. It should be noted that many assumptions being made in this process might not be true, but to come up with some hypothesis, we now have one possibility: Registration 108, Shifra KHAM, age 34, wife of Josel Manel KHAM, also 34. They have no children and are living with his parents and siblings


Hetche Mitsfies or Katz (Chapter 16)


Chaia Shor (Chapter 17)


Yankel Effron (Chapter 18)


Gdalia Effron (Chapter 19)


David Effron (Chapter 20)


Kunne Karpovich (Chapter 21)