Chapter 13 Mashe, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Mashe, b. abt. 1808, Amdur, d. Amdur, married Etke Unknown, b. abt. 1812 [RS085]. In 1850 he was registered to the town of Amdur. Robert Fetik’s genealogy says that her name was Annie. Mashe and his family were grain merchants. He was so religious that he fasted every Monday and Thursday [INT011]


[The] first son of Motte Tsines[, Mashe,] had two sons, Motte and Efraim. Motte was known in Amdur as Motte Matsul, and Efraim was called Efraim Visranker, and those were their nicknames. [GEN029-SD]


Mashe had five known children:


Taibe Effron

Mottel “Motte Matsul”


Ephraim Yudel

Soshe Rochel


There is some evidence that there was another son, named Yudel, b. approx. 1854, but there cannot be two sons both named Yudel, unless two sons were given overlapping names in an effort to fool the authorities in charge of conscription. See ____.


Acknowledgments:  Robert Fetik; HA Efron [verify – who is this?]; Julio Mazo; Pinchus Weiner; Eugene Ephron; Sally Friedman; Lorraine Small; Michael Bohnen; Gary Lee Affron; Joel Effron; Alan Werbalowsky; Ehud Sutskover; Howard Steinmetz; Aaron Efron Berger; Sheldon Berger/Kapuler (verify); Ruth Oron; Stephanie Shell; Max Effron


Taibe Efron, daughter of Mashe, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Taibe (Taube) Efron, b. abt. 1824 or approx. 1830, married 1. David Effron, her uncle, who was the son of Motte Tsinnes. Their descendants are listed with David’s family (see Chapter --).


Married 2. Moshe Unknown. He came from “Zamut.” (lower Lithuania: Ruzhany, Shavel, Keidanai, etc.) [MISC019]. According to Amdur, Mayn Geboyrn Shtetl, “He was an enlightened and extraordinary scholar, and an outstanding prayer chanter… He was a Cohen but without the legendary temper. He wrote a treatise on the Guide for the Perplexed. He wore eyeglasses, a gold watch, handsome, clean clothes, and polished boots…He was a scholar with all good qualities; Jews used to say that holiness resided within him.”


A review of the 1858 revision did not identify any good candidates for this family, either as Taube with Moshe or David.


Motte “Matsul” Efron, son of Mashe, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Mordecai “Motte Matsul" Efron, b. abt. 1834 [RS085], d. Amdur or Jerusalem, Fall of 1910 [INT011], married Couney (“Clara”), b. 1836 [GEN013-SD; RS085] or Rakhel [YAD073], or both. Her name was “Clara Effron” according to Taibe Escoll’s death cert. [FL Death Cert], suggesting that she may have been related. One researcher of the RS lists transliterated her name as “Puna.” In 1850, he was registered to the town of Amdur. [RS085]. Motte may have died in Jerusalem. Harmon S. Ephron says that he was born in Amdur [GEN022-SD]. Harmon Ephron was told that he was a grain and cattle merchant, and “a stern and much feared man.” [GEN022-SD] He is very possibly the Mordecai, son of Moshe who is listed in the 1906 Grodno voter list. [VOT034]


An Efron relative in Israel is in the building materials business and is married to a French woman, according to one family member. “Building materials” sounds like the branch of Meir Efron of Lunna, son of Motted, son of Gdalia Motte Tsinne’s (Chapter --).


The death certificate of Hyman Ephron [cite – in Cincinnati on] says that Motte Matsul’s wife’s name was Channa. Motte Matsul’s father, reportedly, and a son, died in Amdur, therefor Motte Matsul probably did also.


Motte Matsul had five sons and two daughters, namely, Cheikil, Laibe, Mashe, Victor and Yankel; the daughters were: Taibe and Etke, and they were all known as Motte Matsul's children, and very few in Amdur knew them by the name of Effron.


Why was Motte Effron nicknamed Motte Matsul? He was doing business mostly with farmers or peasants around Amdur, and as he was doing some trading with them, and farmers called him Matulka or Matsulka, and some of the Jews in Amdur heard the way he was called by the farmers, so they crowned him with the nickname of MATSUL!


All of Motte Matsul's children came to the United States or Tel Aviv, except his son, Laibe, who remained in Amdur. ... Motte Matsul lived to a ripe old age -- 85-90 years. [GEN029-SD]


Motte Matsul had the following known children:


Chaim Cheikel “Hyman” Ephron

Aryeh Leibe

Mashe “Morris” Affron

Victor (Avigdor) Affron

Yankel “Jacob” Affron

Taibe “Toby” Escoll (Eskolsky)

Etka “Esther’ Efron


Chaim Chaikel “Hymen” Ephron, son of Motte Matsul, son of Mashe, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Chaim Chaikel “Hymen” Ephron (also Efrien), b. 9/1852, Amdur, d. 10/23/1917, New York [Death006? – verify D6 is not correct (see INT022A-SD and PROB-], married 1. in Russia to Unknown, d. abt. 1890, age 35 [verify: my note was that she died in 1935, age 95, per Eugene E., but this seems unlikely). Chaim’s first wife died in Russia (Lorraine Small). He was a peddler, and according to Eugene, died young. Cheikel's wife died at abt age 95, ca. 1934. He was naturalized as “Heyman.” In 1900 they live in Perth Amboy under the name “Affron,” are married eight years, and their three children are all born in New York. The 1900 census says he arrived in 1887. [CEN0049-SD]


In 1890/91, Hymen was in Kingston, NY and was there as of 3/1890 [source?]. In 1900 he and “Lena” are living in Perth Amboy and are recorded with the name “Affron” with their three small children, all of whom were born in New York [CEN10-]. In 1910 he was a peddler in St. Louis [DIR059]. In 1917 he was living with Blackman at 244 E. 13th St., NYC. [His 1910 census return was never obtained (reference: 94/56/200 MO).]



In Missouri there are Efrein families with early origins in that state, but there is no indication that they have Jewish ancestry. Efrein is an alternate spelling found in some of the records for Chaim Chaikel’s family, which also lived in Missouri for a while, but there does not appear to be any connection. See chapter --. [GEN013-SD]


In a letter to his granddaughter Harmon gave some details of the family history [GEN022-SD]: Chaim Chaikel was named "after an uncle who was a famous Rabbi and a great biblical and Hebrew Scholar." 


The first son of Motte Matsul came to the United States about 1890 and settled in Perth Amboy, N.J. He had two sons, Dr. S. Harmon Ephron who now resides in New York, and another son named Gdalie, and two daughters, Nadis and Sarah. [GEN029-SD]


Information about Harmon, Gdalie, (Frank) and Sarah, and their families, has been found. No information about a daughter, Nadis, has been located. Instead, Julia (Yehudit), and Alta, below, who both appear to be daughter, have been found. Either Julia or Alte may be the same as Nadis.


>          Nadis. This name came from Sam Effron [GEN029-SD]. It is not known if she was a daughter of the first marriage or the second marriage (probably the first). Nothing else is known about her. [ARR?]


>          Julia (Yehudit) Aduchefsky, d. 12/8/1960, married before 1922 to Benjamin (Benyamin) Aduchefsky, b. 8/10/1879, Minsk, d. 5/9/1940 [CEM279-SD, NAT102-SD , CEN30-; ~CEN20]. They lived in Kingston. Verify if they had any children (does not appear so). She is listed as his wife in 1922, when he applies for his naturalization, but on their gravestone she appears as “Julia Ephron.” He arrived in 1906. His father was Shmuel Yosef, based on other burials in Kingston, Benjamin had brothers who also settled in Kingston. In 1922, he is a shoemaker. They appear in various census records in Kingston, but never with children. In one record, his parents, Samuel and Anna, live with them, and Samuel is a rabbi.


Julia is not listed as a child of Chaim Cheikel by Sam Effron, but her gravestone indicates she is a daughter of Chaim Cheikel Ephron, and she lived in Kingston, NY, so she certainly seems to be a daughter of this Chaim Cheikel.


>          Alte, b. abt. 1895, Grodno. “Alte Efrim,” b. Grodno abt. 1895, arrived in 1913 and is going to her (recorded as a male in error) father Chaim at 1218 W. 15th St., St. Loius, MO [ARR134]. This is the only record of her. No oral history has mentioned this person. Maybe she died young? She is older than Harmon, Frank and Sarah, and arrived later than Julia. Other arrival records exist for her -- she was temporarily detained, and a Hamburg emigration list for also exists. Her nearest relative in the old country is her uncle, Leib. How can she be a sister of Harmon, who was born in 1895 in the US, and a daughter to a father who emigrated in 1887?


married 2., abt. 1892, to Leah Chaya Frankel, b. 7/1852, d. 1937 [~CEN00; CEN1012]. She was from the Perth Amboy Frankels, a family with origins in Konotop, Chernigov. After his death, Leah remarried to a man named Lazarowitz. Hymen and Leah were both buried in Perth Amboy. [CEN0049-SD]


>          Dr. S. (Solomon) Harmon, b. 11/18/1894, Peekskill or Kingston, NY, d. 2/12/1992 [CEN1012; ~CEN20; ~CEN30; SSDI226], married 1. 11/5/1922 in Toronto, Canada to Judith Bronstein, b. 11/9/1898, Kiev, d. [NAT026; MAR060] She immigrated as a child, and arrived via rail 12/24/1933. On their marriage certificate his name is spelled Efrein. In 1952 when she gets her naturalization she lives in Forest Hills and is a teacher and he lives at 147 E. 50th St. According to the 1900 census, he was born Sept., 1895. [CEN0049-SD]


Harmon wrote a letter to his granddaughter Lorraine, dated 2/7/1981 where he speaks of the family history [GEN022-SD].


Harmon was a full clinical professor at Flower Fifth Avenue Medical School in NYC and taught Freudian dream analysis. He graduated Rutgers, undergraduate, and then Cornell in 1931. He lived in Kendall Park, NJ, and was a member of the AP(sych)A, joined in 1942, practiced Freudian Psychoanalysis. Harmon had a harsh personality.


>          Married 2. Pat Carrington (daughter of radio soap opera writer Elaine Carrington).


>          Married 3. Beulah Kanter. She is the daughter of Dora and Joseph Kanter. She is a Ed.D. and author.


>          Sarah (Sara) Blechman, b. 4/1896, NY, d. 1929, married Sidney Blechman, b. 1891, d. 1966. [CEN0049-SD; CEN1012; ~CEN20; CEN30].


>          Gdalia Abraham"Frank", b. 8/20/1898, Roundout, Kingston, d. 3/1987 Pittsburgh, married and divorced, after 1934, Fannie Stein, b. 8/5/1904, d. 11/28/1990. [CEN1012; ~CEN20; ~CEN30; SSDI092; SSDI230]. He lived in New York City for some period of time; in 1934 he lived at 24 Elliot Place and is a salesman [DIR033]. Although some records list him as being born in 1898, the 1900 census lists him as being born in 1899 and being nine months old. [CEN0049-SD] In the 1910 census he is "Abe." Harmon wrote a short biography of his brother Frank. [GEN021-SD].


>          Married 2. Henrietta “Henny “ “Bella Witos” Viders, b. 9/27/1899, d. 7/1894, Brooklyn [SSDI094]. Her mother was Jennie Abrams.


>          Married 3. Rae Unknown, d. 3/1987, Pittsburgh, PA


Aryeh Leibe Efron, son of Motte Matsul, son of Mashe, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Aryeh Leibe Efron, b. Amdur, d. in the 1930s, Warsaw, married to Dvorah Raisel Unknown, daughter of Tudris. They settled in Bialystok. In the 1930s, he was ill and was brought to Warsaw. He died and was buried there. [INT011; GEN013-SD] He has been tentatively identified as the “Leib, son of Mordecai” who appears in the 1906 and 1907 voter lists. [VOT030]


He had four sons, Avrom Ezra, Shevach David, Isaac and Israel, and three daughters, Sarah, Taibe, and Cima.


[Laibe] and most of his family perished during Hitler's onslaught, with the exception of his oldest daughter, Mrs. Sarah Weiner, who is living in Kingston, N.Y. and one grandchild, a son of David, whose name is Joseph and who is in the real estate business in Cuba. [GEN029-SD]


Leibe was not killed in the Holocaust, according to oral history. He would have been extraordinarily old to have been alive by 1940, although he did die at an advanced age. He was alive in 1913 when Alte “Efrim” emigrated to the US, according to her ship arrival – if in fact she is his niece (see above) [ARR134]. All the children except Sarah were killed in the Holocaust, along with their families. [INT011]


Aryeh Leib was wealthy grain dealer and a religious leader as well. He was the prayer leader in the Amdur synagogue during the high holidays. Devora Raisel was also very religious, even more so than her husband. All of the sons went to Yeshiva, and the daughters married men who had attended yeshivas. [INT011]


At this point it would be worthwhile to say something about Kingston, NY. Many families from Amdur settled there. Many can be found in this genealogy because they are Efron descendants. Others married into the Efron family, so we know only about their families from the point where the Amdur person married into the Efron family. But there is so much of it that it is worthwhile to take a look at some of the other Amdur families that settled in Kingston. Most notable of the Amdur families who settled in Kingston, NY are:









>          Sarah Etel Weiner, b. 1875 or 1885, d. 1963, married about 1898 in Amdur to Pinchus Weiner, b. 1874, Krynki, d. 1932 [~CEN00; CEN2159; ~CEN30; CEM--]. He arrived in the U.S. about 1898 or 1905. A possible arrival record for him is ARR083, and may be him if it can be verified that he had a brother “Jossel.” They lived in Bialystok and then Kingston, NY. Sarah arrived in the U.S. 1900 [~ARR]. Sarah was the oldest. Pinchus’ father was Yakov Weiner. [CEM--] In 1920 they lived in Kingston, NY and he is a peddler of rags. Sarah’s husband Pinchus was from Krynki, was a yeshiva student, and studied weaving.


On June 18, 1993 I met Pinchus Weiner and interviewed him [INT011]. He was then living in Jerusalem, but was temporarily in Boston. An Orthodox Jew, and Zionist, Pinchus had the self-confidence often exhibited by Efrons. I learned that he had died about 2000.


My Bubby, Sarah Weiner, she was a very big tsadakis. She came to America in 1900, she died in the 60s, and you might say she never came to America. She hardly knew English. She was a very religious woman, and she raised her family like that, that's what she was busy doing. She was around 85 or 90 when she died. -- Pinchus Weiner [INT011]


Their first child, Moishe, was name after Sarah’s grandfather. Moishe was the only child born in Russia. Two of her children married into Amdur families – the Stones and the Gollops/Gollubs. [INT011]


During my 1999 trip to the Kingston area I was told that the mother of Marcia (Stone) Paige and her brother, Merrill Stone, was an Effron. Their parents, according to the 1940 census, were Samuel and Diane (I have a note referring to a “Dinah Stone). But, based on Marcia Paige’s obituary, it appears that Dinah Stone was a Weiner – a sister of Pincus Weiner. For example, Betty Katzin was her first cousin. [OBIT083] See “Other Amdur Families,” at --.


>          Avrom Ezra, died in the Holocaust.


>          Shevach David, died in the Holocaust. [GEN013-SD]. He lived in Grodno where he had a lumber business and was one of the most wealthy men in the area. According to Pinchus Weiner: When Hitler marched into Poland, the Polish government pulled together the ten richest men and he was one of them. [INT011]


I was told by people who lived in Grodno before the war that he was the epitome of a religious balabous. He was a pious person, he was a learned person, he was a rich person. He was also a baal Svetah. As his father was a baal svetah (led the congregation in prayer on Rosh Hashona and Yom Kippur) in Amdur, he was the baal svetah in the yeshiva in Grodno between the wars. Between the wars there was a big yeshiva in Grodno, led by the world renown talmudic scholar Reb Shimon Shcob. This Shevach Dovid was the baal musah, which means he led the musah prayer during Rosh Hashona and Yom Kippur. [INT011]


Shevach David had one son, Joseph. He was a mercenary in the Russian army and was sold to Britain.  Mordecai Weiner (son of Pincus and Sarah Weiner, and father of Pincus Weiner of Israel) helped to get him to Cuba, and he was there until Castro came in. He had become wealthy in real estate but lost it all when Castro came in. He then went to Miami, again with the help of Mordecai Weiner. From there, Joseph went to Puerto Rico. [INT011]


>          Isaac, died in the Holocaust.


>          Israel, died in the Holocaust. He is tentatively identified as the Israel son of Leib in the 1906 voter list. [VOT021]


>          Taibe, died in the Holocaust.


>          Cima, died in the Holocaust


Mashe “Morris” Affron, son of Motte Matsul, son of Mashe, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Mashe (Moishe) “Morris” Affron, b. 1/1867, Russia, d. 2nd of Cheshvan, 1935 [CEM--] or 11/9/1933 [PROB--], married abt. 1883 to Ida Goldman, b. 2/1865, Russia, d. 7/14/1933 [CEN0040; CEN1061; CEN2062; CEM--; PROB]. According to the 1910 census, two of her seven children had previously died. They arrived in 1887 or 1888. [~ARR] Another record says he arrived 1889 and was naturalized in 1899. In 1910, he is a grocer and the family lives in Kingston. In 1912 he was in Bialystok, according to the arrival record of his son Samuel. In 1930 they live next door to Lena and her family [CEN3196]


He lived in Kingston, NY from at least 1904. He sold groceries and sometimes tinware. In 1904 he lived at Chamber & Meadow Streets and sold groceries and tinware at 78 Broadway. Lena was working in the store from as early as 1904. He later lived at Ann St. and then E. Union St. In 1912 he went into the furniture business, and Meyer and Samuel helped out. Around 1918 he moved to Newburgh, but he was back in Kingston in 1920. From 1922 to 1925 he lived at 35 Murray St. and in 1926 he moved to NYC.


He appears to be the Maurice Affryn who with wife Ida is living at 85 Broadway in Kingston from 1925-1933 (the directory indicates that he died on 11/9/1933) That Maurice Affryn’s name did change to Morris Affron beginning with the 1931 Kingston directory. In the latter part of the 1920s, “Maurice Affryn” sold bicycles. Could this Morris be the same as the Morris who worked at the Hamilton garage in NYC in 1926? [DIR050] In 1891 he is in the Kingston directory as “Maurice Affron,” a peddler. [GEN013-SD]


He had two sons, Myron and Samuel and two daughters, Lena and Tilly. [GEN029-SD]


>          Lena Kalish, b. 12/1887, Russia, d. 1956 [~CEN20; CEM--; SSDI302 or SSDI303], married abt. 1912 to Morris Kalish, b. 1888, d. 1969 [CEM--]. She arrived in the US in 1887 or 1888 [CEN0040; CEN1061; ~ARR]. He arrived in 1901. They lived in Kingston. He had a laundry business and in 1935 they run the Kingston Laundry [DIR050]. In 1930 her parents live next door. [CEN3196]


>          Matilda "Tillie" Mann, b. 7/1891, NY, married Mann [~CEN20]. She lived in Kingston in 1933. They did not have any children.


>          Myron (Meyer), b. 1/1893, 12/12/1892 or 12/17/1892, NY [verify – his younger brother was b. in Bialystok], d. 10/2/1970, FL. [SSDI013; DEATH025] He lived in Newburgh, NY in 1933. In 1912 he is  living with his parents. According to the Kingston directory, he moved to Newburgh in 1916. [DIR050] They did not have any children.


>          Samuel Dave, b. 11/17/1894 or 7/1894, Bialystok, d. 12/1980 [~CEN20; SSDI075, MAR031-SD1-SD2; ARR073-SD1-SD2 – which may be for his cousin and not him], married 7/21/1918 in Brooklyn to Ida (aka Edna) Silverstein, b. 3/8/1897, Saugerties, NY, d. 6/15/1992 [SSDI252]. She was the daughter of Morris and Sadie Stone. (There is a Stone family that came from Amdur.)


From 1918-1922 Samuel is an automobile dealer. In 1927 the Kingston directory says he is a lithographer and that he lives at 35 Murray St. [DIR050]


Many Efron family members recall someone who had a turkey farm. This was Samuel D. and his son, Jerome. Eugene Ephron remembered that it was the brother of the man with the motorcycle shop, and Joshua Effron remembered it was in Highland, NY.


In the 5/13/1948 issue of the Kingston Daily Freeman, an article states that Samuel D. Affron and Jerome S. Affron of 19 Teller Ave, Beacon, filed a certificate with the country clerk indicating their starting a partnership at Old Post Road, Highland, called “Affron Turkey Breeding Farm.” There was a family reunion there, probably the one that is suggested in Sam Effron’s 1954 genealogy [GEN029-SD].


His ship arrival record [ARR073-SD1-SD2] says that Shmuel arrived in 1912 from Bialystok where his father, Meische Efren lives, and is going to his uncle Feivel Saikolski.


>          Annie (or Ann) Fader, b. 12/1897 or 12/27/1898, New York, d. 1/-/1993, Hallandale, FL [SSDI305; CEN2062], married Fader. In 1922-1924 she is a bookkeeper at 85 Broadway, and also lives there. [DIR050] She lived in Newark in 1933. They did not have any children.


Victor (Avigdor) Affron, son of Motte Matsul, son of Mashe, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Victor (Avigdor) Affron, b. Russ., 1873 or 1874, Amdur, d. 3/19/46 [PROB--; NAT--], married abt. 1896 to Susan (Shashka or Shoshana) Rosenthal, b. Russia, 1869 or 1872, d. 7/17/1947 [PROB--; CEN00--; CEN2064; ~CEN30; GEN013-SD]


In 1920, Susan's mother, Ida Rosenthal, age 68, born in Russia, lived with them. The Rosenthal family also came from Amdur. Victor was naturalized in 1903. They lived in Ellenville in 1920 and settled in Kingston and Ellenville, NY.


He arrived in the US on 7/16/1896 and is going to his uncle, “B. Liebermann” in Hoboken, NJ. (Could not locate such a person). On the same page of the manifest is listed a Leiser Kaplan of Grodno, but it is not known if he is related (Victor is listed as coming from Grodno also). [ARR084]


“Sosche” arrived in 1908 with her mother, Chaje Sore Rosenthal and 11 month old daughter, Sheine. They all had come from Amdur. [ARR085]


In 1900, the Victor Affron family lived at 24 Ann St., Kingston: Victor, Susan, Jennie and “Morris.” Residing with them is Victor’s cousin Meyer Sachs, and Victor’s mother-in-law, Ida Rosenthal. Ida is a widow. “Myer Sachs” appears to be a member of the Zuks/Zaks/Zacks family of Amdur. Meyer Zacks was the son of Morris Zachs, who was the son David Zachs. The 1858 revision list for Amdur shows this family as the “Zakon/Zaks” family (see “Other Amdur Families).


Also living at 24 Ann St. in 1900 are the Bahl and Basch families, two families from Amdur. Living at 22 Ann St. is the family of Myer and Dora Rosenthal, son David and nephew Samuel Bareman (Berman?) [CEN00-]


In 1902, Victor lives at 27 Murray and is a peddler; in 1904 he sells tinware and lives at 74 Broadway; from 1906 until 1911 he is at 22 Ann St., doing business in 1907 at 24 Ann St. By 1911 he has moved to Ellenville, NY. [DIR050]


He had one son, Mashe (Buddy) who lives in Pawling and a daughter Jenny who is married to a man by the name of Buchsbaum, and they live in Ellenville, N.Y. Buddy has one son, Charles, and Jenny has a daughter, Dawn, who is married and living in New York. [GEN029-SD]


>          Jenny Buchsbaum, b. Russia, 6/15/1897, d. 7/-/1969, Ellenville, NY [SSDI306], married Buchsbaum (Bauxbaum?). They lived in Ellenville, NY.


>          Maurice (Mashe) B. "Buddy", b. Kingston, NY 7/18/1899, d. 7/18/1964 [verify – died on his birthday?], Peekskill, NY, married Toby Lebow (Leibowitz), b. 4/5/1903, Brooklyn, NY, d. 1/4/1934, NYC. He lived in Peekskill in 1946, and also in Pawling, NY. He was called Maurice in the 1920 census. In 1925 he was at the Hamilton Garage on Hamilton St. in NYC.


Yankel (Jacob) Affron, son of Motte Matsul, son of Mashe, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Yankel Affron, b. 1874, Amdur [ARR064-SD1-SD2] married 1. Esther Samsonevitz [CEN2065]. She was the mother of Morris and Ella. The entire family settled in Palm Beach, Florida. He arrived in late 1906 on the Smolensk where he is going to his brother in law, Mr. P. Sokolsky at 230 Clinton Ave. NY [ARR064-SD1-SD2]. He was an alien as of 1920.


Over the years Jacob lived at several residences in Kingston. His first known home was when he boarded at 39 Chambers St. Later, he lived at Ann St. with Victor, then 11 E. Union St., and then from about 1919 to at least 1933, at 35 Murray St. [CENMISC003.] His first known job, in 1907, was at HB Manufacturing Co. In 1912 and into the 1920s he is a carpenter and wood turner, though in 1912 he is also listed as being a confectioner. In 1928, he is in the junk business. [DIR050] Yankel and Etke were twins. [GEN013]


He had three sons: Mashe, Gdalie, Laibe and three daughters, Sarah, Taibe and Fanny. [GEN029-SD]


>          Ella Brafman, b. 5/3/1901, d. 11/20/1995, Delray Beach, FL [SSDI307], married Brafman [~CEN20]


>          Mashe "Morris", b. abt. 1902, Kingston, NY [SSDI092], married in Brooklyn on 4/20/1925 [MAR033-SD1-SD2] to Ella Petrie, b. abt. 1906, d. 6/2006 [ART--]. [~CEN20]. Morris and Ella are in Kingston, NY in 1928, but no other years [DIR050]. Morris donated a 2.7 acre parcel of land to the city of W. Palm Beach, FL in 1986, and it was later developed into “Affron Park” in his honor. The Affrons bought the land shortly after they moved to W. Palm Beach, in 1953. They later moved to Haverhill, FL. He was an outdoorsman who loved children. The plumbing supply business he built still exists, as of 2006.


Some members of this family are trying to find out more about what happened to Morris’ twin brother, who was killed by the Nazi’s. This brother owned a power factory in Warsaw that was taken by the Nazis. Such a brother has not yet been identified.


2. married to Esther, b. 1879


>          Louis (Laibe), b. 9/6/1905, died 2/1976 West Palm Beach, FL [CEN2178; SSDI015]. In 1928 and 1932 he is listed as living at home. In 1932 he is a peddler. [DIR050] They did not have any children.


>          Tillie (Taibe) Miller, b. 1908 NY, married Miller [CEN2065]. She is a stenographer at Central Hudson Gas and Electric in 1928 and lives at home. [DIR050]


>          Charles (Gdalia), b. 1910, NY [CEN2065]. He lives at home in 1928 and 1932. In 1932, he is a painter. [DIR050]


>          Fannie Pearle, b. 1911, NY (SSDI308?), married Pearle [CEN2065]. In 1932 she is living at home and is a clerk at a business at 62 Broadway. [DIR050]


Taibe Escoll, daughter of Motte Matsul, son of Mashe, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Taibe "Toby" “Tillie” Escoll, b. 3/1862, d. 11/15/1934, Miami, FL, married abt. 1881 to Philip (Feivel) Sokol “Sokolsky” (Escoll?) (Saikolski; Escolsky), b. 1/1860, d. before 1930. They initially came to Kingston (Poughkeepsie, according to one person, but that is not likely) when they arrived in the US, but soon moved to the East Side, NYC. He arr. 1892 or 1894; the rest of the family, except Sarah, came to the US in 1892 or 1896. Sarah was born in the US. In 1900 he is a tinware peddler in Kingston, NY, and four children live with them. In 1910 he works in a picture framing factory in New York City and all four children live with them, and they are listed under the name Eskolsky. In 1930 she is widowed and living with her daughter Sadie. Toby is buried in Brooklyn.[CEN0042; CEN1079; CEN3213;~ARR; DEATH114]


In 1912, when nephew Samuel Affron came to the US he stated that he was coming to join his Uncle, “Feivel Saikolski” of 347 Blikenven (?) Ave., Nyk [ARR073-SD1-SD2; GEN013-SD] and when Jacob Affron arrived in 1906, he is going to his brother –in-law, P. Sokolsky, of 230 Clinton St., NY [ARR064-SD1-SD2]


She had three daughters -- Sadie, Molly and Sarah and one son -- Mashe (Morris). Sadie is married to Mr. Ike Mannheimer and she resides in Florida. Sarah is Mrs. Sarah Harris of Florida. Molly who lived in New York is deceased. Morris lives in Pennsylvania. [GEN029-SD]


Taibe gave a child's gold ring to Motte Weiner, the son of Sarah Weiner, because Motte was named for Taibe's father. [INT011]


>          Sadie Mannheimer, b. 8/1888, Russia, married abt. 1913 to Ike Mannheimer, b. abt. 1879, NY. According to the 1930 census he was born in NY to German parents. In 1930 he was a manufacturer of hats and they lived in Brooklyn. She arrived in 1892 and was also involved in the manufacture of hats [SSDI309?; GEN013-SD; CEN3213]. She travelled extensively, including a trip to Argentina in 1954.


1920 Brooklyn, NY

1856 60th St.,

Isaac Mannheimer, 41, manufacturer of Millnery

Sadie, 31

Clare, 5

Ethel, 4

Milton R. 4/12

All b. in NY except Sadie, who was b. Russia and was Naturalized.


>          Molly Roselle, b. 9/1890, Russia, married Unknown Roselle, lived in NY. He was a Cantor in NYC. They did not have any children. Have not located them in any census record.


>          Morris J. (Mashe) Escoll, b. 12/1891 [1900 census] or 2/17/1893 [Passport, SSDI] Russia, lived in Pennsylvania. They ran a camp in the Poconos (mountain range in Pennsylvania) for 40 years. In 1919 he applied for a passport to go to England and France on behalf of the Jewish Welfare Board [Passport on Ancestry]  [GEN013-SD]. He founded Blue Mountain Camp located in East Stroudsburg, PA. He died 9/1971, Elkins Park [SSDI]. In his WW I draft registration he is a botanist and lecturer in Milwaukee, and states that he was born in Amdur, Grodno. He is single, and supports his mother.


In 1940 (Census on Ancestry) they live at 8210 Brookside Rd., Elkins Park, PA.

Escoll, Morris, 47, b. Poland, He is the Camp director of a private camp

Bertha, 44, b. NJ

Hilda, 18

Jean, 16

Elaine, 15

Phillip, 12

Margaret, 8

All children born PA, and in 1935 the family lived in Phila.


In 1930 his mother in law, Bessie Kotinsky, lives with them.


Philip J. Escoll, 81, analyst and professor

June 23, 2009|By Sally A. Downey INQUIRER STAFF WRITER (

Philip J. Escoll, 81, of Penn Valley, a retired psychoanalyst and clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, died of complications from Alzheimer's disease Sunday at Sunrise Assisted Living in Haverford.

Dr. Escoll helped establish the psychiatric clinic for older adolescents at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, and was a former chairman of the committee on clinical faculty at HUP. He was a training and supervising analyst at the Philadelphia Center for Psychoanalysis and a past president of the Philadelphia Psychoanalytic Association.


In 1985, he received an excellence in teaching award from the residents at Penn's medical school, and in 1998, he received the Philadelphia Psychiatric Society Practitioner of the Year Award. He retired in 2003.

His family said Dr. Escoll's warmth, kindness, and empathy made him a sought-after teacher and analyst.

Dr. Escoll grew up in Elkins Park. In the summer, he was a camper and later a counselor at Blue Mountain Camp in the Poconos; the camp was founded by his father, Morris.

Dr. Escoll graduated from Cheltenham High School, where he played basketball, and attended the University of Pennsylvania. He earned a medical degree from Jefferson Medical College, where he won the biochemistry and psychiatry prizes, and was a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society.

He interned at Philadelphia General Hospital and completed a residency in psychiatry at the Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital, where he maintained a practice for many years.

A lifelong tennis player, he also enjoyed sailing, swimming, and spending time with his children and grandchildren at his summer home in Harvey Cedars on Long Beach Island.

Dr. Escoll is survived by his wife of 55 years, Audrey Golden Escoll; sons Andrew and Paul; a daughter, Linda; and five grandchildren.

A memorial service will be at 11 a.m. today at Bringhurst Funeral Home, 225 Belmont Ave., Bala Cynwyd. Donations may be made to the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia, 3810 Mount Pleasant Dr., Philadelphia 19121.

>          Sarah Harris, b. 6/1896, NY, married Harris.


Etke (Esther) Efron, daughter of Motte Matsul, son of Mashe, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Etke "Esther" Alte [ES; YAD073] Effron or Marantz [YAD073], b. Brzostowica Wielka (Berestowitsa), 1882, d. Holocaust, married Mashe (Moishe) Efron [YAD014; YAD074; YAD075; YAD076], d. Tel Aviv (?) after 1943. [ARR 192]  He is the son of “Judil Effron,” identified on Max Effron’s (of Arizona) family tree [GEN013-SD].  


It seems that Mashe is a son of Ephraim Yudel Efron, who is also called “Ephraim Visranker” in Sam Effron’s genealogy (see p. --), meaning that Ephraim Visranker and Judil Effron are the same person. Max Effron of Arizona’s chart [GEN013-SD] shows Ephraim Visranker, but does not show any of his descendants. The chart shows that Mashe is married to Etke Effron and is the son of Judil (pronounced Yudel) Effron and Judil’s second wife, Gutke. It does not show the parents of Judil Effron. It can be argued that Ephraim Visranker and Judil, shown as separate individuals on the chart, are one and the same person. This is supported by the fact that in the 1850 revision list, the son of Mashe Efron (born 1808) is listed with the combination name of “Ephroim-Yudel.” [RS085] In other words, Etke and Mashe were first cousins. If Judil and Ephraim Visranker are the same person, then their known children were all siblings, or at least half-siblings.


Etke and Mashe had children in Amdur, Tel Aviv and in the U.S. They moved to Tel Aviv in 1933. Etke emmigrated to Nesher, Israel, a small village in then Palestine, in the first decade of the 1900's [INT011].


According to the family tree researched by Ehud Sutskover, his ancestors were Ephraim and Peshe Ephron. , son of Ephraim Visranker Efron, had an additional daughter, Ester Dovidovski (Davidovski or Davidowski), as entered below. Further, if Ester Dovidovski is the daughter of the Moshe Efron, then the additional siblings based on the Pages of Testimony submitted by Ester Davidowski should also be listed here. There are some inconsistencies, though, which suggest that these are two distinct families, and they should not be joined.


Additional information is needed. For example, how is it that Esther emigrated to the US and Israel, but died in the Holocaust?


Ehud Sutskover researched the family of Ephraim Visranker [GEN--] and it partially agrees with what Sam Effron said in his genealogy [GEN029-SD]. They both identify children of Ephraim Visranker as Shprintse, Mashe and Itke. From there, they diverge a bit. Ehud also lists another daughter, Dvorah Berger. Sam Efron lists details for Itke, while Ehud has no information about that child (this is obviously due to the fact that Itke came to the US). Similarly, Sam Effron says nothing about Shprintse, but Ehud’s chart has all of her (including Ehud himself). Both show a son Mashe, but while Sam Effron has no further information about him, Ehud does show a child of this Mashe.


The child of Mashe, son of Ephraim Visranker, is daughter Ester Davidowski. She appears to be the only child to have survived the Holocaust, based on a number of Pages of Testimony completed by Ester. From those memorial pages more information about Ephraim is determined. Ester identified her mother’s name as Alte. Now, to revisit the purpose of this analysis, it was proposed that Etke Effron’s husband Mashe was the son of Ephraim Visranker, aka Ephraim-Judel Effron. But here, Esther Davidowski is saying that her mother’s name was Alte, not Etka.


Might Alte and Etka be different wives of Mashe Efron?


If my conclusions are correct, Etke and Mashe had the following 15 children/step-children:


According to Max Effron, there were six sons and three daughters: 3 immigrated to the US in 1928, sister Dana was killed in the Holocaust, and the remainder settled in Israel between 1929 and 1933.


Avrom Ezra


Rosa Weismann


Shmuel David “Sam”


Donna Dembowicz

Yonna (Taible) Weisman



Batia (Shoshana) Lisogurski (her entry here is questionable; if she is another sibling, she would be the oldest)


Five additional siblings are based on the Pages of Testimony written by Esther Dovidowski, and research of this branch by Ehud Sutskover.


Esther Dovidowski






9 children: 6 boys and 3 girls [GEN029-SD]


[Etke] Second daughter of Motte Matsul married an Effron in Bialostok and emigrated to Tel Aviv in 1920. They had five sons: Avrom Ezra and Shevach in Tel Aviv, Shmuel in California and two more sons in the United States (Alex and Max).



>          Avrom Ezra, married Chae. [GEN013-SD] He is deceased. They settled in Israel. Sara Nelson Efron of Seattle, Washington received a letter from Aliza Naor. She speaks of the visit of her father to America, when he stayed with the Seattle Efrons.


>          Pinchus, married Rochel. [GEN013-SD] He is deceased. They settled in Israel.


>          Rosa Weisman, married Zwi Weisman. She is deceased. They settled in Israel.


>          Schevach, b. Tel Aviv (?), married Rohama. He is deceased. He settled in Israel.


>          Samuel David “Sam” (Shmuel), b. 12/25/1898 or 1896, Bialystok, d. 7/31/1959, Redwood City, CA, married to Gitla Goelman, b. about 1909, Stawiwka. [ARR274] Samuel arrived 5/31/12, and is going to his uncle, Feivel “Saikolski” at 347 Blaikman (?) Ave, NYC; that would be Philip Sokolsky, husband of his aunt Taibe [ARR073-SD1-SD2 – which may be for his cousin and not him]. He was naturalized in Harlan, KY [ARR274] In 1930 he is an insurance agent for Met Life and lives at 1237 W. Euclid. In 1935 he lives at 1926 Pingree. [DIR040] . Gitla travelled to Canada in 1930, where she had some family. Gitla is probably related to Irving Goelman, second husband of Aneis Effron of Kentucky.


>          married 2. On 7/31/1943, Detroit to Harriet Frances Nadleweiss, b. 2/5/1913, Boro Park, NY, d. 2/1980, Cupertino, CA [~CEN20]. He was her second husband.  Harriet worked for many years in retail sales management and was also an elementary school teacher.


Harriet's first husband's surname was Marshall. She later remarried after Sam’s death to a third husband, named Gottfried. [OBIT001]


>          Alex (Elchonon), b. 5/27/1903, Grodek, [SSDI044; ARR192], married Edith [~CEN20]. He lived in the US from 1935, at Detroit. His naturalization, which he obtained in 1943, states that he arrived as Elkona Efron, with a passport issued at Windsor, Ontario. He was then a furrier. His father at that time lived in Tel Aviv and was called “Maurice.” When he re-entered the US in 1945 he is going to his brother Max, who is at 2675 Rochester St. He arrived from Halifax, N.S. 11/24/1928 on the Polonia. At that time he was going to his uncle, Joseph Silver, in Montreal. [ARR273]. This is probably the Joseph Silver whose mother was Tillie Efron. When he emigrated in 1928, he states that his father Moses lives in Bialystok. He may not have been naturalized until 1943 because of some problem with his arrival record [ARR192]


About Joseph Silver, son of Tillie Silver, of the Silver family of Montreal

When Alex arrives in Canada in 1928, he is going to his uncle, Joseph Silver. If this uncle is the same as the Joseph Silver whose mother (according to Joseph’s wedding registration) is Tillie (Efron) Silver, then Tille Silver is related to this branch of the Efron family. Other information suggests that Tillie is related to the St. Paul branch of the family. A full discussion of the Silver family of Montreal, and its possible connections to the Efron family, is discussed in Chapter 8.


>          Dana (also, Donna) Dembowicz, b. Michalowa, 1908, d. Holocaust, married David Dembowicz. The family was living in Bialystok .[YAD021]


>          Yonna (Taible) Weisman, b. abt. 1910, Michalowa, Poland, d. 1967, Nesher, Israel, married in Israel to Yosef (Joseph) Weisman or Weissmann, b. 1906, Stanislavov, Galicizia, Poland. She is buried at Givaat Nesher, Israel. She emigrated to Palestine in 1923. [GEN001] Ehud Sutskover knew this family well.


>          >          Rami was killed in the upper Gallily during his military service as a demolition officer while clearing an old mine field.” [GEN001] He is buried in the military cemetery in Haifa.


>          Max, b. 8/11/1912, Michalawa, Bialystok [BIO-], d. 1/23/2012, Sun City, AZ married Mildred Chaiken, b. 7/24/1916, d. 8/17/1998, Sun City West, AZ [SSDI646]. They lived in Sun City, Arizona. [~CEN20]. He is probably the Morechai Effron who arrives in Canada in 1929, age 17. The Mordechai Effron who arrived in 1929 was joining his brother Elicona in Montreal. At that time, his father Mowsza was living in Bialystok. [ARR272]. Max and Mildred did not have any children.


She was the daughter of Isadore, who was in turn the son of Leizer Hillel Chaiken (who was b. 1866, Nezhin, d. 1934, Phila), according to a genealogy published on the web.


Is he the same as the Mottel (a brother, below) who is a brother described by Ester Dovidovski in a Yad Vashem page of testimony?


He arrived 12/4/1942, having previously resided in Detroit. He is 20 and married. He was in Detroit until 1935. His wife Mildred is in Detroit. He is a furrier. He arrived at Halifax 12/12/1929 [ARR?]. He is coming from his cousin, Samuel Sofer of Montreal. [ARR264]


He gave a family tree to Joel Efron, showing the details of this branch of the family. [GEN013-SD]


He had a retail furniture and hardware business called Henry Tarring & Sons in Aberdeen, MD. He arrived in Canada from Bialystok in 1929, later immigrated to the US and obtained his citizenship in 1939. He was in the US Army Quartermaster Corps during WW II. He was the founder of the US Ordnance museum in Aberdeen, MD. He became deeply involved in Alzheimer’s research after Mildred was diagnosed with the disease in 1990. In the article, he says “I was inspired to public service by my parents and grandparents.” (Phoenix Daily News-Sun (1994?) (courtesy of Sarah Efron of Seattle)


>          Batia (Shoshana) Lisogurski, b. abt. 1897 [verify b. date – initially written as 1877], d. 1942 at the Majdanek camp in the Holocaust, married Yitzchak Lisogurski. This entry is based on a page of testimony by, Aliza Naor of Israel, in 5/22/1999, described (erroneously) as Batia’s granddaughter; she is in fact her niece. [YAD030; YAD031]


>          Ester Dovidovski, married Shmuel Dovidovski. This daughter was not listed in the family tree obtained from Joel Effron, created by Max Effron of Arizona.


>          Mottel, b. Amdur, d. Holocaust. He was a teacher and was not married. This entry is according to his sister Ester Dovidovski, who completed a Yad Vashem page of testimony for Mottel in 1955. Is it possible that this is Max of Arizona, and that she did not then know that he had survived the Holocaust? [YAD014]


>          Yudel (Yehuda), b. 1904, married Rachela, b. 1904, Grodno, d. Holocaust. They resided in Amdur [YAD074] and were grocers. Her mother was Dvora. This family is entered here based on the Pages of Testimony submitted by Ester Davidowski. [YAD063; YAD074].


>          Rachela, b. 1906, d. Holocaust. She lived in Amdur and was single. This entry is based on the Page of Testimony submitted by her sister, Ester Davidowski. [YAD076]


>          Mejlach (Melekh), b. 1910, d. Holocaust. He lived in Amdur and was unmarried. This entry is based on the Page of Testimony submitted by his sister, Ester Davidowski. [YAD075]


There is a K. Efron of Detroit in the Bialystoker Yizkor book, p. 118. I am not sure why I think that she is related to this branch.


Yudel, son of Motte Matsul, son of Mashe, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Yudel Efron, b. approx. 1854, Michalowo, near Bialystok (JF), married 1. Sheina [YAD022]. According to the Yad Vashem page of testimony from Pnina Efron (YAD022), Yudel’s wife was Sheina. Pnina is a relative. There appears to have been two wives, but it is not known to which wife the children were born.


Married 2. Gutke. She was his second wife. [GEN013-SD] According to the family tree done by Max Efron of Arizona, received from Joel Effron, her children were pretty much the same as the web site of Joach Freimann and the Lasnick genealogy identified by Sam Lightstone.


According to the Max Effron chart [GEN013-SD], Gutke was perhaps a daughter of Cunne, Motte Tsinne’s (that is, Kune Karpovich). It is not clear how Yudel is related to the others on Max Effron’s chart, but as a Yudel, he is therefore a Leib, and there is much unconnected information about one or more Leib Efrons of Bialystok.


>          Shmuel Yitzchak. He is probably the son of this Yudel, based on the pages of testimony entered by Pnina made for Malka [YAD024]. Shmuel Yitzchak’s and Malka’s addition here is based on the page of testimony for Malka [YAD024], his daughter, which was created by the same person who created a page of testimony for Moishe, son of Aaron, below (YAD026). The Pnina who created these pages of testimony has not been located in this family.


>          >          Malka, b. 1895, Bialystok, d. 1942, Holocaust. She was married and lived in Bialystok. [YAD024]. She was related to Pnina Efron, who wrote pages of testimony for this family. See note above for her father, Shmuel Yitzchak, re: her connection to this family.


>          Aaron, b. 1884 or 1890, d. 1942, married Malka Yushinski (JL) (Mika Ushimski per JE), d. abt. 1942. He lived in Bialystok and was an accountant. [YAD022] JF’s family tree has an Aaron, who died in about 1942.


>          Riva Unknown


>          Deborah, died in Holocaust. JF’s family tree did not list a Deborah. Might this be the Sara Debora Lesnik who married David Effron of Sajaroff, Argentina? See page --.


>          Chana (Hannah, per JE) Rabinovitch, died in Holocaust, married Lozer Rabinovitch.(JF’s family tree has Chana, whose birth and death information is unknown, and who is married to Lozer Rabinovitch).


>          Itka Sofer, married Hershel Sofer. (JE has Etke, and son Sam, both who died in Holocaust (sic.) The correct spelling is Sofer (SL)


>          Esther Lev, b. Michalowo, d. abt. 1942, married Unknown Lev.


>          Sara Lasnick, d. 1963, married 1924 to Moshe Meir Lasnick, b. 1875, Michalowo, d. 12/13/1940. Moshe-Meir was previously married to Sheina-Malka (Soloveitchik), daughter of Tzvi of Druskininkai, 1880-1923  The step-children of Sara were: Luba, d. 1993, NYC, married to Bill Lasnick (???), b. after 1891, d. 1971; Mordechai, b. 1913, Bialystok, d. 1938, Lydda, Israel, immigrated 1934, killed by shooting; and Arie (Liebl) [Geneal: Lasnick]


Peshe, daughter of Mashe, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Peshe (Pesya), b. abt. 1843 [RS085] She was registered to Amdur in 1850. Nothing else is known about her. She could be the Peshe that married Sternfeld and came to Cincinnati, and thus related also to Chana Etta Efron, wife of Nisan (see Chapter 3).


Efroim "Visranker" Efron, son of Mashe Efron, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Efroim Yudel “Efroim Visranker” Efron, b. abt. 1850. [GEN013-SD; RS085], married Peshe Buky [DEATH115]. There is a large family named Buky that lived in Amdur. On Esther Devor’s death record, the name is spelled “Bucky.” In 1858 he is registered to the town of Amdur. According to the research by Ehud Sutskover, Ephraim’s wife is Peshe. He appears to be the Ephraim Efron, son of Moshe, who is listed in the 1906 Grodno voter list [VOT033]


His name is rendered as Efrom Yudel [RS085].

Text Box: 7 Efroim "Visranker" Efron
02 Ephraim Visranker Ephron.bmp

The second son of Mashe, had one son, Mashe, and two daughters, Etke and Sprina. Etke married a man by the name of Kaplan in Grodno. They came to the United States and they had two sons, Albert and Mashe. Albert married and three sons were born to him: Stanley, Billy, Rodney -- they are now living in Kingston, N.Y. Mashe, the second son, also lives in Kingston and he has one son and one daughter. [GEN029-SD]


Again, [about the name of] Efraim Visranker: this is a Russian farmer's expression. Vistranke [sic?] means droppings, human or animals. The surplus of the food which they consumed was dropped out by nature. Efraim was living out of the city limit, but very close to it, so the Jews of Amdur called it Visranker, and anyone who was living in that house was called by the same term ”Visranker”. [GEN029-SD]



There were four known children:



Etke Kaplan

Shprintza Omanuti

Dvoira Kapuler


Mashe Efron,son of Efroim Visranker Efron, son of Mashe Efron, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Mashe, married Etke Efron. Sam Effron’s genealogy is silent about him, and likewise he writes that Etke Efron, daughter of Motte Matsul, “married an Effron in Bialystok,” and no more. Analysis suggests that she was his first cousin, the daughter of Motte Matsul Efron. His descendants are listed under Etke. See p. --.


Etke Kaplan, daughter of Efroim Visranker Efron, son of Mashe Efron, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Etke (Ida) Kaplan, b. 1869 or 1874, Poland, d. 1927 [CEM--, PROB--] married Zelig Kaplan, d. before 1910. [CEN1063; ~CEN20; ~CEN30]. Zelig’s mother was Itka Rochel (Lubelsky), sister of Esther Lubelsky (see p. --). Ida was a widow in 1910 and ran a dry goods store. She lost two children prior to 1910. Ida, Morris and Abraham all arrived in the US in 1904. In 1910 the boys work in a cigar factory.


His mother may have been in the US, and she died before 1930 [The note related to this fact is questionable – have I confused Etka’s facts as being those of Zelig’s mother?] In either case, my notes say that Itka Rochel Kaplan came to the US, and d. before 1930.


According to the 1910 census, she had another living child (three altogether), but information about that child is not known.


In the 1920 census there is an Aaron Kron lives at 22 Union St. in Kingston with his wife Ida and children Albert and Morris, who were b. in NY and are 27 and 25 y.o. This appears to be the same family. [verify – get full abstract].


There was a Leiser Kaplan of Grodno whose is listed on the same ship manifest page as the 1897 arrival of Victor Efron [ARR084], but there is no evidence that this Leiser is the same as Zelig Kaplan.


Ehud Sutskover’s genealogy has Ita as a daughter of Efroim Efron, but no other information.


In the summer of 1999, while on vacation with my family in New York State, not too far from Kingston, NY, I had an opportunity to do some genealogy research, and even visited the Effron family of Poughkeepsie. I visited the Effrons on 6/17/1999 at the home of Marshall and Marion Effron. In honor of our visit, Marshall and Marion invited Sadie Jane Kohn; Sadie Effron; Florence Rimai; Jesse; Ira, Merrill and Ruth Golden Katz. My wife Suzi and baby Amy, not quite a one year old, came with me.


I spoke at length to Alan Werbalowsky. Alan knew a lot about families in the area, and helped me to get in touch with members of the Kaplan family. He is not sure of where his Werbalowsky family came from in Europe – maybe Germany. He knew Julius (Yudel) Alcon, whose wife was a sister of his grandmother. The children of Julius Alcon were Florence, Jay and Natalie.


>          Albert (Abraham), b. abt. 1894, d. 12/14/1948 [PROB-] or 12/15/1948 [CEM-], married abt. 1925 to Ester Labensky, b. abt. 1900, d. 10/28/1945. [CEN3001] He arrived in the US about 1900 [~ARR]. Her father was Zev [CEM-]. Esther had a bad heart. Albert remarried after Ester died. Ester was a sister of the wife of Sam Effron of Poughkeepsie. [?? This is the same as Mashe’s mother in law??]. In 1930, he was a wholesale dealer of produce. He arrived in 1900 and was naturalized by 1930. She arrived in 1913. They lived in Kingston, NY in 1930 and 1935. In 1935 he is in the fur business and they lived at 96 McEntee St. [DIR050; MIL028]


Billy Kaplan, the middle one of the three Kaplan sons, died young, after he was married, of a heart attack. His mother Ester also had a heart condition. The oldest Kaplan son was Stanley. The youngest of the Kaplan sons was Rodney, who would have been born about 1933. All 3 are deceased.


>          Morris (Mashe), b. 1898, Amdur, d. 81979, Miami, FL [CEM--; ~CEN;  SSDI668], married abt. 1925 to Sadie (Sheina) Unknown, b. 1901, NY, d. 1961 [CEM--] [CEN3002]. They settled in Kingston, NY (?) Her father was “Mordecai.” Mashe arrived 1904 [~ARR] and was naturalized by 1930. In 1930, he was a seller of hides and tallow.. For some period of time, he lived in California. [SSDI668]


Sprina (Shprintza) Omanuti/Kunst, daughter of Ephraim Visranker Efron, son of Mashe Efron, son of Motte Tsinne’s


I located this branch as follows. As is my habit, I was doing some searching on the web while taking lunch at work. I was not doing anything very particular on this day. As I looked at a ship manifest, I saw “Indura” as the place of the immigrant’s origin, but it was not for the person for whom I was searching! It was in fact for “Dora Kapuller” and her two children, “Chaim” and “Peshe”. I did more research, and learned that Chaim was Herman, and the name was actually Kapuler. I found his death notice in the newspaper (not online) and called the cemetery which gave me the name of the person responsible for the burial, Sidney Kapuler of Chicago. Sidney gave me the name of his cousin, Sheldon Berger, who had visited cousins in Israel on that side of the family. Sheldon gave me the name of Ehud Sutsikover, who sent me a family tree of his family. His grandmother, it turned out, was Shprintza Efron, and her parents were Moshe and Peshe Effron!


In research I had already conducted, I had Ephraim Visranker, with children Etka Kaplan and her descendants, Moshe and his children, and a daughter “Sprina,”of whom nothing else was known. I have verified that “Shprintza” and “Sprina” are the same person. (nevertheless, none of the siblings of Shprintza were definite connections: Ita (nothing known about her); Moshe, whose one daughter was not someone I had recorded in my research; and Devora, who I had only just discovered (again, not in my research). Although Ehud had not listed Ruthie Weissmann on any of the family trees sent to me, he has been sending email to her and so that verifies that this is the same family.)


All information about Shrpintza Omanuti is from Ehud Sutskover


Shprintza Omanuti, b. approx. 1885, married Nachum Dov Omanuti (Kunst or Kunsht). Her place in the family tree has not been verified.


There was a Kunst family that lived in Amdur and there was a branch of an Amdur Kunst family that lived in Kingston, NY: See “Other Amdur Families.”


>          Tova (Gittle) Sutskover, b. 1910, d. 1995, married Baruch (Borech) Sutskover, b. 1910, d. 1999


>          Itzchak Omanuti, married 1. Zhanet Unknown


>          Married 2. Lea Unknown


>          Arie, married Tzipora Unknown


>          Eliezer, married Hemda Unknown


>          Shulamit Bobrovski, married Yosef Bobrovski


>          Anshel Kunsht


>          Haim Kunsht


>          Fruma Kunsht


Dvoira Kapuler, daughter of Ephraim Visranker Efron, son of Mashe Efron, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Dvoira’s connection is subject to verification of the research of Ehud Sutskover showing that she is from the same family as the Ephraim Visranker family which was identified by Sam Effron of Poughkeepsie [GEN029-SD]]. In Ehud Sutskover’s genealogy, Devora Ephron is identified as marrying Shalom Berger, and her daughter also married a Berger.


Dora Ester (Dvoira) “Esther D.” Kapuler, b. 12/15/1882, Amdur, d. 8/23/1967, L.A. [DEATH115; CEM216; CEM217], married Scholem “Samuel” Kapuler, b. abt. 1877, Krynki, d. 6/27/1931, Chicago. He arrived in the US in 1909. When he arrived he is going to his brother-in-law, Hirshil Deverstzi (?) in Chicago [ARR080]. A California death record confirms that this Hirshil is on the Kapuler side of the family. She arrived with the two children in 1916, having left her brother, Moshe Efron, in Indura [ARR086]. Scholem died when he was hit by a streetcar in Chicago. Some details are from Ehud Sutskover.


Samuel’s grave is located next to the grave of Frank Schneider, the son of Joseph and Gussie Schneider of the Basche Schneider branch. See page --.


A possible relative is Seimen Kupler of Amdur, who arrived on 12/17/1898 on the SS Munchen, arriving at Baltimore. His final destination is Pittsburgh, to his son. His contact is A. Kopelson, 45 Congress St. [ARR154]


Soshe Rochel, daughter of Mashe, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Sosha Rukhel (Sosye Rochel), b. abt. 1853 [RS085] She was registered to the town of Amdur in the 1858 revision list, but she is not mentioned in Sam Effron’s genealogy [GEN029-SD; RL--].