Chapter 14 Shevach, son of Motte Tsinne’s


The fifth son of Motte Tsinas, had two sons: Motte and Chaim. [GEN029-SD]


Sam Effron’s understanding of this is not complete, according to several sources.


Shevach Efron, b. abt 1809 [RS002; RS082], married to 1. Unknown, b. approx. 1812. There is no record of Shevach having a wife prior to Soshe, who is identified in the 1858 revision list, but he must have been previously married based on the ages of his children compared to Soshe’s age. Soshe was born in 1826 [Revision --], and it appears that Shevach’s son Motte must have been born around 1836.


Much of this information stems from a letter written by Myrtle Kotkin to Edward Rutstein, dated February 11, 1946, forwarded to me by Lewis Rutstein of Miami [INT024-SD]. According to Myrtle, Mottie "Tubia" had 21 children -- from this bunch, twelve are in Argentina. Some came back to the U.S...." This is at odds with Yedidia's Efron’s book. Also, Myrtle wrote that Rabbi Avram Ezra’s [the biggest rabbi in Amdur] “wife was called "mommie" (instead of Tante) Hetchie -- he was your [Ed Rutstein’s] mother's uncle..." [INT024-SD]


Shevach was the father of 10 children, according to the letter from Myrtle Kotkin. (Myrtle's letter says that "Mottie Tubbies" was the first cousin of Scheva.") [INT024-SD], but RS082 suggests an eleventh child, Faia [MISC--] The letter says he was a civil servant in Odessa.


From the first wife, unknown name, his children were:


Leib Velvel


Sharny Berszczowski (also known as Cohen)




Married 2. to Soshe (Sasiya) Unknown, b. abt 1832 [RS082]. She must be his second wife because Shevach has children who were born when she would have been only 6 and 11 years old . It may be that the RS record that showed Soshe’s age was incorrect. The revision list; in 1858, shows Shevach as 49 and his wife, Sasiya, as 26. [RS082].


For four of the daughters of Shevach, listed in Myrtle Kotkin’s letter – Shielke, Peshie; Libbie and Sarie -- nothing is known: It is only conjecture that they were born to the second wife of Shevach.


From the second wife, his children were:


Haicha Rutstein

Morris Affron







Possibly another member of this branch is Raquel Lia Teitelbaum. Her family was found in the Jewish Genealogy Family Finder, as entered by Mario Jeifetz (?). Raquel Lia (Efron) Teitelbaum’s family lived in Moisesville, and is considered more likely to be part of this family than any other Efron family because this family had a large branch that lived in Moisesville.


There was a Morris Teitelbaum in NYC who is the cousin of Leib Efron. The Leib Efron who is found in ARR014has not been placed in this genealogy: on the Belgravia from Hamburg 11/25/04, arr 12/11/04, Efron, Leib, 35, mar, tailor, last reside Grodno, to cousin Morris Teitelbaum, 64 Market St., NY [ARR014]. [verify that Morris Teitelbaum not found] See also ARR209]. There is a M. Teitelbaum and a Max Teitelbaum who are members (or, could be the same individual) of the Amdur Benevolent Society). There is a Manuel Teitelbaum, b. 1909, who married Clara Efron, daughter of Isaac, son of Jose Efron of Cordoba, Argentina ( See page --, Chapter --).


SEE GEN014 for the family tree of Rochel Leah (EFRON) Teitelbaum.


Acknowledgements:  Mario Jeifetz; Roberta Berman; Meg Furman, Bill Cohen, Raquell Lia Efron, Alvin Rutstein, Lewis Rutstein, Sylvia Raines, Bob Scrinopskie, Lillian Cohen, Bernie Samuels, Edwin Kartman; Jamie Lassman


Leib Velvel, son of Shevach, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Leib Velvel Efron, b. abt. 1824 [RS011; RS086], married Sara Peshe, b. abt. 1834 [RS011; RS086]


The first researcher to translate RS011, an 1858 revision list entry, gave the patronymic as Tevel (a variation of David). If this father was a “David,” then he would be born too early to be the David who is the son of Motte Tsinne’s. His name also is unlikely to be Tevel, as this is not a name typically found in the Efron family tree. The second researcher  [RS086] recorded his patronymic name as Shevakh, which is much more likely. However, if he is a son of Shevach then he was born long before the other siblings whose birth dates are known and he would have been born when his father was only 15 years old – not entirely out of the question for that era.


Ø  Sheina Malka, b. abt. 1852 [RS011; RS086]. Nothing else is known about her.


Motte (Mortkhel; Mordechai), son of Shevach, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Motte, b. 1836, d. after 1907 [VOT037], married before 1858 to Malka, b. 1838 [RS082]. He was registered to Amdur [RS082].


Motte's children came to the U.S. about 1888; went to Chattanooga, Tennessee, and established the Effron Deptartment Store there, but we do not know how many descendants there are. [GEN029-SD]


More precisely, Motte’s son Jacob’s son Abe was a partner of Louis Effron of Chatanooga, and together they established the Effron department store.


Motte had three known children, detailed below.


Jacob Effron

Celia Kotkin



Description: Effron, Jacob family of Winchester, KY 1908.jpg



I received a photo of Jacob’s family from the Joy Adams, who received it from the daughter of Aneis Effron.


>          Jacob (Yankel), b. abt 12/10/1862, 3/10/1859, or abt. 1865, Amdur, d. 12/28/1912 (or 1/28/1913), Middlesboro, KY [DEATH092-SD; CEN1009; CEN2026; ARR023; CEM002-SD2], married in Grodno to Mary (Milke) Aronowitz, b. 8/4/1865, Amdur, d. 6/5/1928 or 7/5/1928, Middlesboro, KY [CEM002-SD2]. The entire family was born in Grodno. Jacob arrived 7/1/1906 on the SS Amerika sailing from Hamburg as Yankel Efrin, saying that he is age 41, a peddlar, last residing in Anin or Amin. His ship manifest says he is going to his brother-in-law Moische Aronowicz (sp?) of 176 Broome St., NYC.


Mary came to the US with her four children in 1908. She was then living in Grodno where her sister, Chae? Aronowitz lived. She is going to her husband, Yankel Efron, at 726? Kai??? St., NYC (Newark?) [ARR087]


Aronowitz is an Amdur family and a name connected to the Stein family of Amdur (see p. –). An Aaron Aronowitz, likely a brother of Mary, is buried at the Middlesboro Jewish Cemetery [CEM002-SD3]


Jacob had a store in Winchester, KY. Joy’s notes indicate that Mary arrived with a destination of going to her husband in Winchester, KY. Abe and Hymie and Jacob were already in the US. On Jacob’s death cert the informant is Lou Effron, of Jellico, TN.


Middlesboro is along the route from Lexington to Knoxville, or from Bristol via the Cumberland Gap to Cincinnati. Middlesboro is a trade center of 10 counties, 5 in KY, 3 in TN, and 2 in VA. Coal deposits are so great that it promises to "become the Bluefield of this section." (Middlesboro: And before Middlesboro Was, published by the Hotel Cumberland, (Geo. G. Fetter Co., Inc., Printers, Louisville, by Landon H. Smalling, 1924)) 


The list of burials in the Middlesboro Jewish cemetery can be found at CEM002. Additional information may be obtained from the Supporters of the Middlesboro Jewish Cemetery.


>          >          Sarah Effron, b. abt. 1881, Amdur, d. 1918, Detroit, MI, married David Effron, b. 1878, Amdur, d. 1936, Chattanooga, TN. He is from the Chattanooga branch (see page--). They were married prior to coming to the US. Descendants are listed under David, at p. --.


>          >          Hyman, b. Grodno 3/22/1887, d. San Diego, CA, 4/15/1956, married Annie Abrams (Abramovitz), b. Amdur, 4/13/1885, d. San Diego, 6/1980 [CEN1008; CEN2025; SSDI002]. She is related to the Braverman/Abrams family of Boston – see page --. They settled in San Diego, CA. Hyman and Annie Effron arrived in that town in 1921 from Kentucky and established Effron’s Clothing Store. (San Diego Historical Society Archives’ “San Diego County Pioneer Families.” [SDCPF]). Annie’s niece Irene Leiken, daughter of Sam Abrams, sent me a letter & family tree. Rebecca Annie’s father was Leonard Morris Abramovich, b. 1860, Amdur, d. 1923. Leonard Morris was married abt. 1882 to Esther Richel Sikosky [Abrams GEN]


He arrived at Baltimore in 1906 and is going to his uncle Eli in Cincinnati. He last resided in Amdur [ARR088]


Description: Abrams in maybe Corbin KY abt 1926.jpgDescription: Abrams of Kentucky.jpg             Description: Abrams of Kentucky-1.jpg           




Description: Abrams, Rebecca Abrams Roth Abrams and Israel Roth wedding.jpg


Photo of family was taken abt 7/26/1915 to celebrate the dual occasion of the marriage of Isadore (Israel) Roth to Rebecca Abrams and the bris of James Effron. David Weinstein donated the photo to the Middlesborogh-Bell County library in 1991. David’s father Sam immigrated to Middlesboro in 1888. David has researched his family. He was b. 1912 in Middlesboro, and d. 1992. The photo came from Marion Siegel Abrams of Knoxville (cousin of James Effron). Note that Rebecca Abrams’ second marriage was to her cousin, Jacob Abrams, who is related to the Boston Braverman/Abrams family (see page --). Israel Roth died 3/20/1920 [CEM002-SD2]


>          >          Abraham Wolf, b. 2/14/1890, Grodno, d. 1/28/1969, Chattanooga, TN [SSDI170], married Adele “Lulu” Zacharias, b. 12/23/1889, d. 8/-/1974, Chattanooga [CEN1009; CEN2023; SSDI169]. According to one ship’s manifest he could be the Abraham Effron who arrived at Baltimore and is going to “uncle” Elie Effron in Cincinnati [ARR186]. Based on the understanding of the relationship between Abraham and Eli of Cincinnati, “uncle” would be a stretch.


Adele's parents lived in town with them. Abraham had several stores throughout the south east. He eventually closed them all down and became partners with Louis Effron of Chattanooga in the Chatanooga store. Adele’s passport is on Ancestry, indicating that she is travelling to England to see her family. [cite--]

>          >          Leon (Leib), b. abt. 1894, Grodno, d. of Typhoid, Lexington, KY, aft. 1908, as he is a teenager in the 1908 photo. He was buried in Lexington, KY.


>          >          Samuel (Shmuel), b. abt. 1899, Grodno, d. of Typhoid, Lexington, KY, aft. 1908, as he is a teenager in the 1908 photo. He was buried in Lexington, KY.


>          >          Aneis (Asne) Effron Goelman, b. 9/15/1900 or 9/30/1901, Amdur, d. 3/10/1993, Barbourville, KY [SSDI337; CEN1009; CEN2026; CEM002-SD2], married after 1918 to 1. David Effron. He is from the Chattanooga branch (see page --). She married him after his first wife, Aneis’ sister Sarah, had died.


Aneis is in the Roth/Abrams family photo and helped identify the people in there. They did not have children.


>          >          married 2. abt. 1940 to 2. Irving Henry “Izzy” Goelman, b. 1/18/1890, Yedwabne, Poland, d. 8/26/1960 [CEM002-SD2]. He was the son of Tsinne (Tsinovitz) and Moshe Goelman. Tsinne Goelman was from the Tsinowitz family of Yedwabne, Poland. Prior to 1920, he was in business as Effron & Goelman and lived in Youngstown. [MIL029] They did not have children.


His parents, Rabbi Morris (Moshe) and Zina (Zinovitz) Goelman came to the US in 1925 and lived in Chicago in 1930 [CEN30--; ARR044; See Jedwabne Yizkor book]. According to the 1930 census, he was born around 1864 and she around 1870 and they were married around 1886. [CEN3197]


There is a Detroit border crossing of Gitla Effron that says her maiden name is Goelman and that her brother Morris is in Canada (by the dates, he must be a different Moshe Goelman). But her brother is probably a son of Moshe Goelman. Gitla initially filed a declaration of intention for naturalization at Harlan, KY [NAT--]


Tsinnovitz is the family name of the matriarch of the Amdur Efron family, Tsinne of Amdur, according to the chapter “My Parents, of Blessed Memory” in the Amdur book [verify cite]. What is the relation of Tsinne Tsinovitz, wife of Moshe Goelman of Yedwabne, which is near Bialystok, and the matriarch of the Efron family tree, Tsinne Tsinovitz, who came from somewhere near Bialystok? They are certainly not the same person because they were born about 100 years apart, but they may be part of the same family. See discussion in Chapter 1 regarding the name Tsinovitz.


>          >          Sophie (Sheina) Siegel, b. 10/7/1904, Grodno, d. 1/30/1988 or 12/30/1987, Chattanooga, TN [SSDI335; ~CEN10; CEN2026], married Harry Siegel.


>          Celia (Tzipa Sasya) Kotkin, b. abt. 1879, Poland, d. 4/17/1965, married abt. 1903 or 1906 to Julius (Yechiel) Kotkin, b. 7/10/1878 or 7/3/1878, Skidel, Poland, d. 11/28/1961. [CEM218] They lived in Newark. His father was Avraham Falk. [~ARR; MIL040; MIL41]. His original name was Kotok, which is the name of a family from Skidel (see generally 1858 revision lists]


Julius is a grocer in 1914, and lives at 54 Brunswick from 1915 to at least 1925. [DIR053]. In 1910, 1920 and 1930 he is a grocery store owner. She arrived in 1900 and he arrived in 1894 or 1900. [~CEN00; CEN1026; CEN2122; CEN3027; ~ARR]


[verify -- insert Kotkin history here. David Bachrach Natzn (not examined) is at Prov Dist Ct., 10/17/01, witnesses Wm. Monon and Herman Epstein.]


[verify – insert David Copperfield article or photo; letter from Frank of Kentucky; Middlesboro history; Jake Zuta (Zacuto?) [CEM002-SD2; article-].


According to Myrtle's letter of 2/20/1946 to Ed Rutstein, Celia was in Kingston in 1906. In this letter, she writes that “Motte Matzoul” was a cousin "to Shevach (Motte) mom's father." She says that Rabbi Avrom Ezra’s wife was called “Momma Haicha.” [cite Myrtle’s letter] There is a Julius Kotkin arrival, but it does not appear to be the same individual based on birth dates [ARR133].


In 1914 there are also the Barney and Isaac (with Mrs. Sophie) Kotkin families in Newark. Isaac and Sophie Kotkin have a grocery there until at least 1925 [DIR053]. The other Kotkin families in NJ also have origins in Skidel – “Barnett” of Jersey City was born in “Skedil” and Isaac of Newark was born in “Skidel” [WW I draft registrations for Ike and Barnett Kotkin of Newark]


Some related Kotkins settled in Connecticut. I received an email from Jane Ellis on 3/23/1996, editor of a book of Connecticut Jewish burials. The information was compiled by Lew Goldfarb and Ed Cohen. She says that the relation of the Pikars came from Col. Frank Kotkin of KY, and that there is a Michael Pikar who lives in West Hartford. Michael is the nephew of the Pikar family of Rhode Island. Some related Kotkins were married into the Radinsky family.


>          >          Nellie (also, Lillian) Lichtenberg, b. 10/2/1908, NJ, d. 7/28/2001, Hoboken, married after 1930 to Raymond Lichtenberg, b. abt. 1910, d. 11/6/1979. They are both buried in Mt. Moriah cemetery in New Jersey. In 1930 she is a teacher.


>          >          Frank, b. abt. 1910, NJ or 6/17/1906, d. 4/1979 in Pikeville, KY [SSDI669]. He had also lived in OH.


>          >          Myrtle, b. 8/13/1913, Newark, NJ, d. 7/29/1959, Newark, NJ, married Samuel Lassman, b. 3/24/1918, d. 4/12/2011.


>          Khasia, b. 1850. Per revision list she is only 12 years younger than her mother, and 14 years younger than her father. Perhaps she is actually a child of the union of Shevakh and Sosia. Nothing else is known about her.


Sharny Berszczowski, daughter of Shevach, son of Motte Tsinne’s

Sharny "Charlotte" Berszczowski, b. approx. 1843, d. before 1904, married Berszczowski. He was a grain merchant in Bialystok. One source says that she emigrated to South America in 1860, but that has not been verified and seems unlikely.


Lillian Cohen and Bill Cohen refer to a great uncle Chaim. This appears to be Chaime “Jaime” Effron of Argentina, whose wife’s name was Malka Mashe Berchansky. That would make Malka Mashe Berchansky possibly another daughter of Sharny. Bill informed me that there was a Nashe who married her uncle, name of Affron and emmigrated to South America where they were professors and teachers. Lillian says that "Amdura" may sound familiar as the place from which the family originated. “Mashe Berchansky” is very close to “Nashe Berszczowski.” Additional information is needed before Mashe (Berchansky) Efron is listed as another daughter of Sharney Breszczowsky. Note that there is already a son named Moshe (for whom nothing is known) -- might I have recorded Moshe as a son when in reality he is a she, and her name is Nashe? This Moshe had a son name Alter. Could that be the son who, according to oral history, became a professor in Buenos Aires? Sure enough, Jaime and Mashe (Berchansky) Efron of Argentina have a son Alejandro, and that may very well be a Spanish, secular version of the Yiddish name Alter.


Sharny had four known children. Some of them adopted the name Cohen:


Benjamin Cohen

David Cohen

Moishe Berszczowski Cohen

Esther Hirshel


Benjamin Cohen, son of Sharny Berszczowski, daughter of Shevach, son of Motte Tsinne’s

Benjamin (Benyamin) Cohen, b. 12/1863 or 1864, d. 1917, married 6/2/1896 in Cincinnati to Anna Levy, b. 12/1873, Cincinnati, d. 1963. [CEN0043; CEN1064; CEN2072; CEN3019] Anna lost a child sometime prior to 1910. Benjamin came to the US in 1884 and was naturalized in Cook County on 9/21/1892, although there is a record of his naturalization in Shawnee County (i.e. Topeka) Kansas in 1892 also [NAT077]. They lived in Topeka from at least 1900. Witnesses to the marriage were Anna's brother Julius and her mother, Sarah [MAR ?]. In 1910, Benjamin has a clothing shop in Topeka.


The family settled early in Topeka, KS, Benjamin having been brought to the U.S. by his uncle Morris Affron. Benjamin changed his name in Topeka. He arrived at New York City (Sam Cohen). He arrived in 1884 or 1887 [~Arr]. Anna’s parents were from Russia.


Anna's brother Max married Elizabeth Siegel from the St. Louis Segal family, also related to the Efrons -- see page --. Sylvia recalls that her Aunt Elizabeth mentioned visiting Effrons in Poughkeepsie who had a large turkey farm (see page -).


Lillian says that there is a Rutstein family that is related in some way – that is, undoubtedly, the St. Louis family of Segal. She says that there is a connection to Carmine (spelling unknown), Illinois (not found on a map yet) (Carbondale, PA???). Lillian also says that her aunt Elizabeth Seigal (spelled "al") was divorced from her husband, name of Levy. She says that Elizabeth is related to the Efron side of the family and that she had a brother, a sister named Anna who had a son, and that their father was in the real estate business.  Unquestionably, this is the Rutstein/Segal family of St. Louis.


Lillian also supplied me with Jewish names for the family. She told me that Benjamin Cohen's sister was Rivka, who married her Effron uncle and went to Argentina. Other information suggests her name may have been Nashe (if in fact a “Mashe” was confused for Nashe). Their son was the president of a university in Buenos Aires. She says she recalls that there may have been a great uncle in Topeka (e.g. Jacob, who appears briefly in the directories?), but believes that he may have returned to Russia.


Lillian told me that in Europe, Benjamin drove a truck for a farming business.


Anna's father and mother came from Cologne (Koln, Germany). Her mother was Sarah, nee Rothstein, b. 1836, d. 1926 Cincinnati. She came from Cologne. Her father Louis Oberstein was a glazier in London and died in an accident, possibly involving glass. Her mother remarried to Nathan Levi (or Levy), also of London. The family had settled in Cincinnati. Benjamin arrived in 1884, possibly at Baltimore, but maybe at New York.


Anna Levi's siblings were Rebecca "Bek" Goldstein; Esther Block; Dora Hyman; Max; and Julius. Anna, Esther and Rebecca were children of the first husband, Louis Oberstein. The other children were born of Nathan Levi. Nathan Levi, b. 1839, London, d. 1928, Cincinnati, arrived 1858 in Cincinnati and was a Glazier. Rebecca had a daughter who died young, who married to Shaw (Czarkowsky?), and had two children, Stanley and Frances. Dora had a son Mervin who lives in Miami. Max had a daughter, Cristal, and they lived in Chicago. Julius lived in Toledo, OH, and his two sons Norman and Mervin lived in Chicago. There is no known blood connection to any Efron family, but because two siblings from the Levy family married Efron cousins, there is the possibility of a blood connection.


1880 Census

Cincinnati, OH

429 Fifth St.

Nathan, 30, Glazier Poland

Sarah, 35, Poland

Anna, 8, OH

Rebecca, 12 Hair Dresser (?), Poland

Hester, 10, Poland

Tadly, 6, OH

Marx, 1, OH


>          Lillian (Lila Esther), b. 10/1898, IA or abt. 1896, KS. She was a teacher. [CEN2070] She lived in Topeka.


>          Cyrus (Shevach). b. 8/4/1900, KS, d. 2/-/1986 [CEN2072; SSDI328]  They did not have any children.


>          Sylvia (Sharney) Cheplove, b. 1903 KS, d. 1998, Buffalo, NY, married Max Cheplove, M.D., b. 8/30/1901. His name was originally Cheplowitz. She provided information about the Levy family when I spoke to her in the 1990s.


>          Dorothy (Devhorah) Vehon, b. 2/2/1906, KS, d. 9/7/1995, Miami, FL, married Herbert Vehon


>          Adeline (Hadassah) Briman, b. 1912, d. 6/2009, married Ray Briman


>          Louis (Leibe) Cohen


David Cohen, son of Sharny Berszczowski, daughter of Shevach, son of Motte Tsinne’s

David (Dovid) Cohen, b. abt 1869, Poland, d. abt. 1961, married abt 1895 or 1897, Russia, to Rebecca "Rivka" Unknown, b. abt. 1871 or 1875, d. approx 1923 or 1927 [CEN1065; CEN3020] According to the 1910 census, three of her children had not survived at that time. They arrived in 1904.


She died at the age of 52. He died at the age of 92. Sylvia says that her mother would tutor the children in Hebrew each evening; and her father would do the dishes! He arrived after his brother Benjamin, and came directly to Topeka. He may have arrived at the port of Philadelphia. He arrived in 1905 [~ARR]. She arrived in 1907 with Fannie and Joseph, having last resided in Amdur and they are going to David in Topeka. [ARR089]


Sylvia recalls that they received a letter from family in New Jersey shortly after WW I and they were looking for sugar – probably the Kotkin family.


>          Fannie Hurwith, b. abt. 1900 or 1903, Russia, married Hurwith. She immigrated to the port of Baltimore in 1907 with her mother and brother, Joseph.


She taught computer science in Westport, Connecticut, as early as 1970. A recently published book on computer science was dedicated to her.


>          Joseph, b. abt 1901 or 1904, Russia. He immigrated to the port of Baltimore in 1907 with his mother and sister Fannie. A Rose Berman of Topeka married a Joseph Cohen, but further verification is needed to determine if this is the same Joseph Cohen. [MARR102]


>          Sylvia J. Eveloff or Everloff, b. abt 1907, Kansas, married Eveloff or Everloff.


>          Louis, b. abt 1909, Kansas. He is named for the same ancestor as his cousin Louis. In the 1910 census, his name is given as “Roy.”


>          Cyrus, b. abt 1910, Kansas. He never married.


>          Sam, b. abt. 1913, Kansas, d. 6/1996, age 83. He owned the Ramada Inn in Topeka.


>          Ralph, b. abt. 1915, Kansas


Moishe Berszczowski (Nashe Efron?), son (daughter?) of Sharny Berszczowski, daughter of Shevach, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Moishe Berszczowski, married Cheilel. Moishe sent letters to Benjamin between 1912 and 1922, or so, from Bialystok and Grodno. One letter mentions a Rivka who was also in the old country. Moishe had the name Berszczowski. Moishe may be the Mashe (or Nashe) Berchansky, a daughter of Sharny, who married Chaim (Jaime) Efron of Argentina, based on the oral history given by some family members. The reported spouse’s name thus might be Cheikel, a common variation of Chaim.


>          Alter. If it turns out that Moishe, a son, is actually Nashe (Berchansky) Efron of Argentina, a daughter, then Alter is probably the Alexander who is a son from that branch.  See above discussion.


Esther Hirshel, daughter of Sharny Berszczowski, daughter of Shevach, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Esther Hirshel, married Hirshel. She did not emigrate with the rest of the family. Hirshel may be the name of another brother and not her married name.


Faia, daughter of Shevach, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Faia or Khasia, b. 1850 [RS082]. Her name is in the 1858 revision list as a daughter of Shevach. [RS082] or possibly as a daughter of Shevach’s son, Motte [1858 revision list project], but she is not identified in Myrtle Kotkin’s letter. Perhaps the spelling is mistaken and should be “Chaia.”


Chaim “Jaime” Efron, son of Shevach, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Chaim “Jaime” Efron, b. 1852, Amdur, d. 1925, Dominguez, Argentina, married Maria Mashe (Malka) Brechansky, b. 1854, Amdur, d. 1925, Dominguez, Argentina.


Except for the Shawnee County, KS naturalization index entry found for Jake, and the brief mentions by Myrtle Kotkin and Sam Effron [GEN029-SD], all of the information for the descendants of Chaim Efron came from the research sent to me by Julio Mazo. His research does not indicate that Chaim’s wife’s name was Malke. Where there were conflicts regarding dates, I used the dates supplied by Julio.


[Verify there is not additional information to show that Chaim or any of his children, other than Jacob, came to the US (and probably to Topeka), especially Jacob, Shmuel Esther and Yosef]


He had five children and was in Argentina. [M. Kotkin]


The second son of Shevach, emigrated to Argentina in 1895, together with his family. He had three sons, Shevach, Gdalia, and Yankel. [GEN029-SD]


He had seven known children, detailed below.


Severo (Shevach)




Esther (Chae?) Bajaroff

Yosef “Yossel”

Alejandro (Abraham)


>          Severo (Shevach), b. 1873, Amdur, d. 1957, Basavilbaso, Entre Rios, Argentina, married Maria Mashe Edelcopp, b. 1876, Brisk, d. 1947, Basavilbaso, Argentina. [ARR099]. He was probably a twin. [Verify – Maria Mashe is also the name of Severo’s mother]


There was a Shevach Efrin who was the nephew of and going to L. Rutstein, 179 Spruce St., Newark, arriving in NYC on the Noordam on 5/24/1904. He is age 26, [eg b. abt. 1878] a tailor, last residing in Amdur, who may be the same person. [ARR099]


>          Gedalie, b. 1875, Amdur, d. 1952, Dominguez, married Rosalia Margulis, b. 1873, Amdur, d. 1937, Avellaneda, Buenos Aires. According to Alberto, Mauricio’s son, Rosalia arrived when she was pregnant with Mauricio -- abt. 1897 or 1898.


>          Jacob Efron (Jake Affron ?), b. abt. 1878. According to Sam Effron, he is a son of Chaim [GEN029-SD]. His birth date is based on an index entry for the naturalization of one Jake Affron of Topeka, there in 1906 [NAT074]. The naturalization itself has not been examined.


>          Shmuel, b. abt. 1879.


>          Esther (Chae?) Bajaroff, b. 1885, Amdur, d. 1971, Basavilbaso, Entre Rios, married Gregorio Bajaroff, b. 1884, Russia, d. 1970, Basavilbaso. She is probably the same as Chaia, b. abt. 1884. [verify cite -- ARR ?]. Note that the Effrons of Cordoba, Argentina also have a Bajaroff marriage, and the husband there is also from Basavilbaso.


>          Yosef “Yossel”, b. abt. 1887


>          Alejandro (Abraham), b. 1900, Vilaguay, Entre Rios, d. 1986, Buenos Aires, married Elisa Arbetman, b. 1904, Carlos Casares, Buenos Aires, d. 1993, Buenos Aires


Haicha Rutstein, daughter of Shevach, son of Motte Tsinne’s


She is presumed to be a child of Shevach by his second wife. This is based on various information, including a gap of years between the birth dates of Shevach’s children.


Haicha (also Chaie [MAR004] or Hattie) "Ada" Rutstein, b. 1/1860, Russia, married abt. 1877 to Lewis (Eliezer) Rutstein, b. 4/1860, Russia. [CEN0041; ~CEN20; CEM219] Louis' was the son of Lipa and Chana (Efron) Rutstein [cite?]. His mother, Chana, was a daughter of Yankel Motte Tsinne’s, making Haicha and Lewis first cousins once removed. See page --. Lewis was a haberdasher in Poughkeepsie. They lived in Bialystok and Odessa and settled in New York. He was a weaver in Odessa. In 1900 the family lives in Newark, and in 1920 he lived in Yonkers. The family first came to Newark (Sylvia). [~ARR] According to the 1930 census entry for Edward, she was born in the US and he was born in Russia, but this is almost certainly incorrect because she was born in Russia.


JewishGen has a record in Bialystok of a marriage of Dwora Chasza [no last name], daughter of Benjamin, married to Lejzor Rutstein, son of Lipa, in 1877, in Bialystok. This is the precise year of marriage estimated for Ada and Lewis, based on known records.


There is a Louis Rutstein (Eliezer b. David) d. 7/27/1930 buried near the Bialystoker centre section of Beth David Cemetery in NYC, near where Benjamin Effron of Grodek is buried.


According to Alvin, Lillian Roth, actress (b. 1910, Boston as Lillian Rutstein, to Arthur and Kate (Silverman) Rutstein) was a relative. She was the author of “I’ll cry Tomorrow” which was a motion picture in the 1950.


Haicha had six children, of which five are known. All are detailed below. The known children are:


Sophie Goldstein

Jacob A. “Jack” Rutstein

Jennie Levine

David Rutstein

Edward A. Rutstein

Unknown child. This child died before 1900


>          Sophie Goldstein, b. 3/1883, Russia, married 6/29/1905, Manhattan, to Frank Goldstein, b. abt. 1881, Russia [CEN3024]. She arrived in 1900 [~ARR] and he arrived in 1902. Sophie arrived when she was about age 12. His parents were Samuel and Hodes (Josch). [MAR004]


[Verify – 1910 census in Manhattan. Also, WW I draft registration]


>          Jacob “Jack” Herbert, b.5/1886, Russia, married abt. 1912 to Beatrice I. Unknown, b. abt. 1892, NY [CEN1054; CEN2121; CEN3026]. They lived in Buffalo. Her father was born in Russia and her mother in Germany. In 1930 he is a Jeweler. He arrived in 1895 [~ARR]. In 1910 he lives with his sister Jennie in Newark -- he is then 23, is single, had arrived in 1899, is an alien, and is an Engraver in a jewelry factory.


>          Jennie (Sheindel) Levine, b. 8/1888 [in US?], d. 3/27/1917, Newark, NJ [CEM219], married abt. 1909 to Louis Levine, b. abt. 1883, Russia. [CEN1054] She arrived in 1900 [ARR?] and he arrived in 1896. In 1910 they live in Newark. He remarried around 1925 to “Helen,” who was born in 1893. [CEN3025] In 1930, he is a plumber. She is buried in Newark, NJ.


>          David, b. 9/1889, Russia. He did not have any children.


>          Edward A., b. 4/11/1902, NJ, d. 3/25/1988, Miami, FL, married abt. 1920 to Rose A. Unknown, b. abt. 1903, NY. Her father was born in Poland and her mother in England. [SSDI334; CEN3023]. He was named after Rabbi Avram Ezra, (per Myrtle Kotkin, who she refers to as “an uncle on your [Edward’s] mother’s side”). In 1930 the family lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Morris Affron, son of Shevach, son of Motte Tsinne’s

Morris Affron, b. 1/2/1866 Poland, d. 4/27/1936, Topeka, Kansas, married 10/22/1889 in Vanderburgh County, Indiana to Carrie Dora Friedman [MAR013], b. 12/22/1870 Sweden, d. 1957. [~CEN00; ~CEN20; CEN3021; NAT071-SD1-SD2] He arrived in 1882 or 1883 [~ARR] and she arrived in 1892. He was naturalized in Shawnee County, Kansas, in 1888 as “Maras Affron” [NAT073]. From at least 1916 through 1935 Morris is in the clothing business. First he lives at 412 Topeka Av., Topeka, KS. The family lived at 412 Topeka Ave. from at least 1916-1935. His stores are called The Globe Clothing Co. and the Boston Shoe Store and are located at 514-516 Kansas Ave. [DIR061] Her parents were born in Sweden.


His name was originally Efrom per Lilian Cohen [does not appear so].


Morris, Carrie and Abe M. are buried in the Topeka Cemetery, Jewish section.


Carrie had one brother, Jake, and four sisters: Etta (married Abraham Samuels); Jane (married Hoffman); and two other sisters, whose names are not known. The Samuels were originally Samuel. The entire Friedman family settled in Topeka. Abraham Samuels had three children: Lee (Bernie's father); Harry (father of Donald and Harold (Brookhaven, Miss., 601- -- he may have additional information)); and Odis, b. 1891. Carrie's uncle was Louis Friedman, who arrived in the U.S. in 1852. He may be the same Louis Friedman referred to as being a trader and marrying an indian princess. The Friedmans all came from Sweden. Bernie says that the Diamants (spelling?) of Topeka are also related to him somehow. In 1920, Jake Friedman, Carrie's brother (age 52, b. Sweden) lived with them [CEN--].


Carrie was the daughter of Harrison and Bessie Friedman. They had a sizeable family in 1880, when they are found living in Vanderburgh City in Indiana. They were born in Poland though there children were born in, from youngest to oldest, Poland, Norway, Sweden and Indiana [CEN8008]


According to Bernie Samuels, the Friedmans settled in Topeka. The entire family: Morris, the Friedmans, the Cohens, etc., were in the clothing business. Abraham was a haberdasher. David Cohen was a cobbler. The girls were identical twins. A Jacob Affron is listed as working for Morris in the 1907 Topeka directory – probably the son of his brother (presumed to be his half-brother), Chaim. This Jacob later went to Argentina.


Dora came through Evansville, IL, where the family first settled (Edwin). Morris first owned the Globe Store in Chicago before he went to Topeka. He went to Topeka because it was the geographic center of the U.S. and therefore would have a great future. There may have been some family in Davenport.


>          Abraham M. "Bobby", b. 4/24/1895, Kansas, d. 1/4/1972 [SSDI032], Topeka. From at least 1916 through 1935 he works at the family stores and lives at home. [DIR061] He never married.


>          Charlotte Shifrin Dal, b. Topeka, KS, 7/2/1903, d. San Antonio, TX, 8/-/1971 [SSDI331; CEN3022], married abt. 1927 to 1. Gurin Shifrin, b. abt. 1904. In 1921 and 1926 she is a student and lives at home. In 1924 she works at the family store. [DIR061] Charlotte lived in Dallas and then in San Antonio. She attended Northwestern U. in Chicago with her sister. (Charlotte Shifrin lived in Cantor, Miss., according to Myrtle Kotkin). Gurin worked at a shoe store in 1930.


>          Leah Kartman, b. Topeka, 7/2/1903, married Ben Kartman, b. 3/8/1901, Chicago, d. 10/6/1991, Wilmette, IL [SSDI332]. In 1921 and 1926 she is a student and lives at home. In 1924 she works at the family store. [DIR061] He was a journalist and taught journalism at the U. of IL, Willmette. At the time that Ben died he had 5 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. One of his grandchildren lives in Bellingham, Washington and contacted Gerald Shifrin about the family history. Leah and Charlotte were twins.


Esther, daughter of Shevach Efron, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Esther. Almost nothing is known about her. She married to Hirshel, last name unknown (or, his last name is Hershel) [INT024-SD]


Libbie, daughter of Shevach Efron, son of Motte Tsinne’s

Libbie. Nothing is known about her. [INT024-SD]


Sarie, daughter of Shevach Efron, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Sarie. Nothing is known about her. [INT024-SD]


Shielke, daughter of Shevach Efron, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Shielke Nothing is known about her. [INT024-SD]