Chapter 15 Eliezer Tsinnes or Efron, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Eliezer (Leizer) Tsinnes or Efron, b. abt 1812 [RS002] , married Zipporah Sidersky [GEN056B-SD2]. He was also known as “Tzinne’s.” In the 1818 Reviski Skaski, Eliezer lives with his brother Shevakh, and they are 6 and 9 years old, respectively.


The outline of this branch is from the research done by Bill Lowenstein. According to his genealogy, Eliezer had a daughter, name unknown, and a daughter, named Mary, in addition to Abraham Shlomo and Shifra. [GEN056B-SD2]


There is a Yankel-Leizer Efron, b. 1814, who is the son of Shloima, of Lunna [RS020], but this appears to be someone different than Eliezer Tsinnes because Yankel-Leizer’s father’s name is Shloima, not Motte.


Tzinnes (Zinnes, Tsinnes, Zinas, etc.) appears to be an early alternative family name of the Efrons of Amdur, according to the research done by Bill Lowenstein.


There is a branch of the Boston Heffrons that married into a “ZINES” family (see p. --), but no connection has been established.


Irwin Zinnes was the grandson of Kalman Zinnes. Their original name was Dibner (telephone interview). No connection is known.


In the 1858 Reviski Statski for Amdur at household 186 is Yankel Tsines, son of Shlomo, age 38; his wife, Sara Rokhel, 36; son Shlomo, 17; and daughters Peshe, 8, Zlatka, 5, and Chaia 2. [RS105]


At household 205 is Abram Shlomo Tsines (initially transcribed as Tsipes by researcher), son of Lozor, age 31, and his wife Rivka, age 30. [RS106] The household enumerated next to them, number 204, is that of Leib Volter [Velvel?] Efron, son of Shevakh. [RS086]


Eliezer Tsinnes had four known children, but substantial information is only known about Shifra:


Abraham Shlomo

Shifra Goldberg Lapinski

(daughter, name not known). Nothing is known about her.

Mary. Nothing is known about her.


Acknowledgements: Peggy Berez, Steven Lowenstein, Norman Hafron; Rena Kotiwicz; Shula Luria; Daniela Kotiwicz; Dennis Haffron; Saragrace Kenner Haffron; DB; Ed Alschuler


Abraham Shlomo Tsinnes, son of Eliezer Tsinnes (Efron), son of Motte Tsinne’s


Abraham Shlomo Tsinnes, b. 1827, d. between 1895 and 1920, married Rivka Unknown. Her name, according to the 1858 Amdur revision list, was Rivka [RS106]. His death date is based on the fact the Motte Taube’s, Yedidia Efron’s father, was living in Argentina when he heard that Abraham Shlomo had died [MISC019]. His place in the genealogy is according to Bill Lowenstein’s research in conjunction with the Amdur revision list of 1858.


He is featured in Amdur, Mayn Geboyrn Shtetl:


Avrom-Shloma Tsine’s was an old proprietor in the city. He was a Gemara scholar, with an astute, sharp mind. Because of all these good qualities, he was always asked to arbitrate complicated disputes among the wealthy. … His house stood at the corner of Grodno and Volkovysk Streets. Important businessmen would gather on his porch in the summer and exchange information about city matters, about bargaining the tax on kosher meat, about welcoming a new cantor, about sending a delegation to the chief of the district, about voting in the town legislature, and so on... His two daughters had died [in his lifetime], leaving behind them young children… When my father, may he rest in peace, received the news in Argentina that Avrom-Shloma had died, he was in mourning for weeks and could not be consoled.” [MISC019]


>          Daughter. She died leaving behind young children [MISC019].  According to Bill Lowenstein’s research, one daughter’s name was Mary and she may have used the name Tsinnes.


>          Daughter. She died leaving behind young children [MISC019].  Bill Lowenstein also shows two daughters, but the name of one of them is unknown.


There were other children, according to the book about Amdur, where it says he was supported by his children in his old age. [MISC019]


Shifra Tsinnes Goldberg Lapinski, daughter of Eliezer Tsinnes (Efron), son of Motte Tsinne’s


Shifra Tsinnes Goldberg Lapinski, b. 1834 or 1836, Amdur, d. 1906 [GEN056B-SD2] married 1. Jacob Leib Jaffe, who later adopted the name Goldberg, b. 1834 [GEN056A-SD1].


According to Bill Lowenstein, another wife of Yankel was named Chaia Golda and they had four children: Shmuel Pesach, Zalman, Mendel and Sarania. The only additional information is that Sarania was married to a Bregman (Bregman was the name of a prominent Amdur/Grodno family – see chapter --) [GEN056A-SD1]. Shifra was Jacob’s second wife.


Yankel Leib Goldberg is in the 1858 Amdur Revision list. His wife is listed as Khaia and they have one child, a 3-year-old daughter named Sara Genia. In Cyrillic, there is no “H”, so Jewish names like Henia are changed to “Genia.” Therefore, this daughter in the 1858 census was Sara Henia – a nearly perfect match for the information likely passed down by oral history as “Sarania.” [RS107]


Bill Lowenstein identifies the ancestors of Yankel Leib going back several generations. His father and brothers had the family name JAFFE. Yankel Leib was also married a third time, but her name is unknown. [GEN056A-SD1]



“Leiba Jofa Efron,” b. approx. 1830, is known from the death record of Daniel Hafron. That death record, from Jewish Records Indexing Poland database, identified in 2010 [DEATH129], together with some other clues, suggested that the Daniel Efron (Hafron) family is connected to this branch.


Then, another clue: Eugene Stein is a boarder at the home of the Freidman family (a sub-branch of the Daniel Hafron family) in the 1930 census -- another link between the Daniel Hafron branch and the Shifra Tsinnes branch. Upon further analysis, it was observed that the approximate birthdate of Daniel Hafron’s father was one year away from the birth date of Jacob Leib Goldberg (Joffe). The aforementioned evidence, collectively, is enough to tentatively link these two branches together. If Daniel’s father was indeed Leib Jaffe a/k/a Goldberg, why wasn’t Daniel’s surname, Jaffe, or perhaps Goldberg? I suppose if Jacob Leib can change his family name from Jaffe to Goldberg, maybe his son changed his family name from Jaffe to Efron!


The Suvalk/Lomza Special Interest Group identified and sent me a record of an Efron family which may be related because like Daniel’s family, they were from Amdur but lived in Suwalk. Yankel Hanoch Efron, b. abt. 1876, son of Matias, was registered to Amdur when, in 1915, he and his family were expelled from the town of Lejpuny, Suwalk, Poland. They relocated to Mogilev. His wife was Kuna and their children Yosel, Elko, Abram and Oswiej, all under 6 years of age. [MISC046] The 1912 voter list has a Matthias Efron who is the son of Jacob (Yankel), who could be the father of Matias. [VOT014] Yad Vashem has a record for a Yosel Efron, son of Yankel and Kune, who was born 8/11/1909 in Indura, lived in Kolonia Isaaka, and died at Auschwitz. His mother Kune’s family name is Segal. The information is from the Auschwitz list of victims. He died 1/10/1943 [YAD--]. The Yosel in the Yad Vashem record is probably the same as the one expelled from Lejpuny since they have the same parents and appear to be the same age.


>          Daniel Efron, b. abt. 1856, probably in Amdur, d. 1902, Wiejsieje, Suwalk, Poland [DEATH129], married 1. Unknown, d. approx. 1880. He was from Amdur. His first wife died after the birth of Harry. The other children are from his second wife, Chaia Itka (D. Stein) [YAD155].


Chaia Itka was one of the wives of Daniel, and the mother of Benjamin. According to David Stein, Harry was the only child of the first wife, which means that Chaia Itka must be the name of his second wife. Sara Alschuler also remembers her grandmother’s name as Chaia Itka.


This family, according to the biography of Benjamin [cite] and oral history, had its origins in Amdur. Daniel is an unusual given name in Jewish families, and that includes all Efron Jewish families. In this family, however, many descendants were named after Daniel.


I learned of this branch through Family Tree Maker’s World Family Tree # 2267 (CD ROM 4). Willie Katz’s niece submitted the information as part of her family tree. Daniel was married twice (SH). His second wife came to Israel after his death.


He had five known children:


Harry Haffron

Esther Friedman

Hilda Goldberg





>          >          Harry (Hirsch) Haffron (in 1910: “Hefron”), b. abt. 1879 or 1881, Russia, d. abt. 1953, married abt. 1903 to Rella Unknown, b. 3/15/1887 or 1883, Russia, d. 12/1975, Glencoe, IL [SSDI493]. He settled in Chicago. He arrived in 1898 [~ARR] and was naturalized in 1904 [CEN1030; CEN2116]. In 1920, he was a butcher. She arrived in 1898 as well. His WW I draft registration shows him as a butcher in Chicago and married to Ralla.


Harry’s daughter-in-law did an interview in May, 2007 in celebration of the renewal of the synagogue in her hometown of Virginia, MN.


>          Married 2. To Chai Itka Unknown [Benjamin Efron biography].


>          >          Esther (Ester Leah) Friedman, b. abt. 1887, married March 16, 1911 to Abraham (Abram Zelik) Friedman, b. abt. 1882. [MAR163-SD1] They lived in Chicago. [CEN3215] The Friedman side also came from Amdur (DB) [MAR163-SD1]. When Esther and the children came to the US in 1925 [ARR276], they stayed with Harry’s family (SH). Abraham, according to the 1930 census, arrived in the US in 1918 [~CEN20S; ~ARR]. She was a daughter of the second wife (SH). He was the son of Karpel (that is, Yakov or Jacob) [MAR163-SD1].


According to their ship arrival, Esther and her four children were all born in “Dura” and the nearest relative from whence they came was her uncle, “Mayer Efros.” Presumably, the town where born should be “Amdura” or “Indura” and the uncle’s last name should be “Efron.”


Eugene Stein, undoubtedly the one who came from Amdur and is a son of Frieda Stein (see p. -- ), was rooming with the Friedman family in 1930 [CEN3215].


Sara (Friedman) Alschuler remembered Eugene Stein – the Friedmans had many boarders over the years. The Dess family owned a well-known fine men’s shop in Chicago. There was a family circle with many Amdur families, including the Dess and Stein families. Sara recalled a relative by the name of Mr. Lifschultz who was somehow related and believes he was in the "junk business."  He had 4 children; two boys and two girls.  Bessy, one of the girls, lived with them for a time. The Friedmans also had relatives in Argentina. Another cousin was named Gibrick (?). Sara remembered that her grandmother had a cousin named Ethel Nathanson (her married name) and that Harris (either his first or last name) was her father.  Ethel was considerably older, perhaps as much as 20 or 25 years.  She was over 100 when she died.


Research has not located any definitive connections for the above information received from Sara Alschuler. There was a Bessy Lifschutz in Chicago in the 1930 census, but she was part of a family with six children, not four, and the father, Alex, was a bricklayer at that time, not in the junk business. Alex and his wife, Anna, are in the database and her gravestone states that her father’s name was Meyer, but a death record for her indicates her maiden name was not Effron [verify]. Based on oral history, Ethel Nathanson would have been born around 1900, and died around 2000. No social security death record has been found that matches that information. With more research, perhaps some of these connections can be fleshed out.


Frank and Saul Kopelson both live in Fredericktown when their WW II draft registrations (they both sayd they were born in Grodno) are completed and they reference each other on those forms. In 1920, there was a Jaffie family in Pittsburgh  ( with the following household members, which match up with quite a bit of Sara Alschuler’s memories:


Jaffie, Anna, b. Russia, married, arr. 1894 and Na 1894, works at home

Abe, 24, salesman clothing

Milton, 23, salesman clothing

Bessy, 21, bookkeeping, wholesale clothing

Bertha, 19, steno electric production

Cilia Levy, niece, 24, salesman traveling children’s wear

Philip Lipschitz, Boarder (something beginning with an R or P is crossed out), 25, salesman traveling mens furnishings wholesale

Sol (Charles is crossed out) Kopelson, nephew, 24, salesman collector clothing

All others beside Anna are b. in PA


Milton Jaffe was part owner of the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas, and his half-brother George was owner of the Casino Burlesque Theatre in Pittsburgh. (Google searches). Milton was also in Florida, where a kidnapping in 1932 may or may not have taken place (newspaper article). In 1930, Milton’s naturalization in FL (needs to be verified because the birth date differs from other records) says he was born in Krenok (Krynki).


A researcher placed the family tree of the Benjamin and Anna Jaffe family on Ancestry. It shows Benjamin b. approx. 1865 and d. before 1930, and Hanna/Anna bat Nisan. It shows Benjamin’s first wife, b. abt. 1853 and d. bef. 1892 as “Ethel?” and Ethel’s children as Joe, Morris 1873-1943, Frank 1878-1931, and George 1884-1951. These dates and Ethel’s estimated date of birth suggests Benjamin was more likely boan around 1850. This family tree also shows Anna as deceased on 5/15/1943, in Pittsburgh, and says she is the daughter of Nissan. Anna’s children are listed as Abraham 1894-1975, Milton 1895-1091, Bessie Jaffie 1897-1969, Beila. 1899-, and Bertha Blau 1901-1966.


A Benjamin Jaffe arrival on 4/25/1888 is 38 (28?) and from Grodno. Listed next to him is Chajem Stein, 34(?), also from Grodno.


>          >          Hinda Goldberg, married and divorced Goldberg. She settled in Haifa.


>          >          Leo (also Leonard, Leon or Louis) (Leib) Efron, M.D., b. abt. 1887, married Esther Peltstein, b. abt. 1889, Bralobyzez or Bialobyzez, [ARR233-SD1-SD2] He was a pioneer in Israel, and settled in Haifa. There is a street named after him near a hospital, called Efron Street. He served with the Turks in the war against the Palestinians. In 1927, Esther, Ra’Anan and Penina came to the US to visit Esther’s brother, their uncle, I. Peltstein [ARR233-SD1-SD2]


>          >          Benjamin Efron, b. Amdur, 1887, d. Treblinka, 1942, married to Paulina Bryn, d. Holocaust. He was an engineer, and during the war he was in Bialystok. There is a photo of him on the Page of Testimony submitted by his daughter Renata. His mother was Chaia Itka, according to the Page of Testimony. [YAD155]  In the Suwalk Memorial book [MISC--], he is well remembered as the director of the Hebrew Gymnasium. [INT020]


In one photo in the Suwalk Yiskor book is a young man whose name is given as Daniel Efron, but it is not known which Daniel Efron. [cite]


>          >          Abe Hafron, b. 3/15/1893 or 4/15/1893, Losovicze, Suwalk, Poland, d. 2/1975, Chicago [MIL038; SSDI--; ~CEN20], married abt. 1925 to Frances Unknown, b. abt. 1902, NY. [CEN3078] They lived in Chicago. He arrived at Baltimore in 1912 and settled in Chicago [ARR271]. He had a grocery store. Her parents came from Russia.


>          Meir, b. approx. 1856. He is known solely from the arrival record of his niece Esther Friedman and her family [ARR276].


>          Frume Arkin, born 1871, Amdur, d. Holocaust, married Lazar Arkin. She was in Bialystok and died in the Holocaust [YAD170]. In addition to the Yad Vashem page of testimony written for her by Bill Lowenstein, there is also a collection of pages written in memory of Frume and other Goldbergs (VERIFY – see Yad vashem entries by same submitter as who submitted for Fruma Arkin). Might she be the same person as Frieda Arkin, who was the second wife of Israel Jacob Gilbert?


>          Abram Goldberg, b. 4/1/1875 or 4/15/1876, Amdur (or 6/1877), d. 3/4/1974, Pittsburgh, PA, married 1895 in Pittsburgh to Rachel Leah Cwikler, b. 4/1876 (or abt. 1879), Lazdijai, Lithuania, (or Minsk, per census), d. 12/11/1938, Pittsburgh, PA. [~CEN00; CEN1027; ~CEN20; CEN3057] He always went by the name Abram. He came to Pittsburgh because the Jaffee family lived there. The Kopelsons of Chicago were related. A Frank Kopelson of Fredericktown, PA was related. Also related were the Alexander and Jaffe families. The Dess family lived in Chicago. Abram was a hosiery store merchant in 1910. He arrived on 10/10/1891, and she arrived in 1891 [~ARR; NAT078]. In 1910 only 4 of her original 7 children survive. Abram was naturalized in 1897, in Pittsburgh. [NAT078]


In Ancestry the 1900 census entry is listed under Abrahan and Rachel Goldberg, in Braddock, PA; in the 1910 census they are indexed as Abe and Rachel Goldberg of Pittsburgh. The WW I registration is listed for Abrem Goldberg, and that spelling is used frequently in news items in the Pittsburgh Jewish newspapers.


As of 12/2007, Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh is imaging Pittsburgh Jewish Newspapers. There are a number of relevant articles, such as marriage notices for this Goldberg family.


>          >          >          >          William Martin “Bill”, b. 4/8/1953, Pittsburgh, d. 2/17/1990 in Pittsburgh. Bill was the great-grandson of Abram, and was not married. He did extensive research on all sides of his family. I met with his sister and mother at his sister’s home. I learned a few more things than what was in the electronic family tree I received, which was put together by Bill. David Shapiro of Detroit was a friend of Bill’s, and he founded the Zev Moshe Levi Yiskor book collection at Brandeis University (in memory of Bill?). The Silverblatts of Chicago are believed to be from Amdur (for more on the Silberblatt/Choze family, see page --).


Bill produced a thorough genealogy, tracing portions of his family more than 12 generations (along the Lourie Rabbinic line). His brother-in-law Steve Berez sent the family tree, on computer diskette, to me in 1992. I originally tried to contact Bill Lowenstein because I saw that he had similar research objectives, based on his submission to the Jewish Genealogical Family Finder, a database of names and places and the genealogists who are researching those places.


Bill Lowenstein's genealogy of the Efron family roots [GEN056B-SD2] is very similar to Sam Effron’s [GEN029-SD], enough to indicate that Bill derived much of his information from Sam Effron’s family tree. There are differences indicating some facts are from other sources. First off, Bill gives Motte Tsinne's name as Mordecai Motshe Tsinne's, and his birth date as 1791. Except for his branch of the Effron family, Bill only gives the names of Motte Tsinnes's children, and no further, except to show that it is Etchee who marries Rabbi Avrom Ezra, and that David Efron's wife's name is "Tibe." The most important difference between these family trees is that the Lowenstein genealogy shows that Motte Tsinne's had another child, although Bill doesn't indicate that child’s name or gender. Also, the Lowenstein genealogy does not show Shifre as a daughter of Motte Tsinne's.


>          >          Annie (Ann) Colker, b. PA, 11/1/1900, d. 10/-/1984, Pittsburgh [SSDI341; CEN3057], married Maurice Colker (SSDI342?)


>          >          Elsie Rosenshine, b. PA, abt. 1903, married Reuben Rosenshine. [CEN3057]. He was the son of Myer Rosenshine, of the Clarksburg, WV Rosenshine family. See comments under the Rosenschein family, at p. --.


>          >          Gerald “Jerry”, b. PA, 7/5/1911, d. 11/-/1985, Pittsburgh [SSDI343; CEN3057], married Carolyn Lieberman. He and Sylvia were twins.


>          >          Sylvia Feldstein, b. PA, 7/5/1911, married Charles Feldstein. [CEN3057] She and Jerry were twins.


married 2. to “Marcus” Lapinski. His first name was learned from Harry Lapinsky’s death certificate. [DEATH116]. He appears to be the Mordecai Lapinsky who is identified as the father of Marietta (Lapinsky) Langier.


Marietta (Lapinsky) Langier (1876-1959 Dayton), daughter of Mordecai Lapinsky and Hannah Langier, was married to Abraham Isaac Langier (1877-1948) and they lived in Dayton. She was born in Amdur. Abraham Isaac was the son of Phineas Langier and Leah Eizid. Their only known child was Hyman Louis Wilks (1908-1966). This information is based on a family tree posted on by a descendant of the family. I met that descendant when I first started doing research of my Amdur roots because he and I both belonged to the local Jewish genealogy society and both had ancestors with Amdur roots. Accordign to that family tree, Marietta and Abraham’s son was Hyman Wilks (reason for the name change is unknown).


According to the 1920 census, however, Hyman Wilks, b. 1908-ish, is the son of Abe and Etta Wilks; in 1920 they are in Toledo, OH and own a second hand store as do their neighbors, Abraham and Anna Schneider (with son Edward) – They may be partners. In 1900 and 1930 they are in Dayton. In 1910, it says that she had six children, and only one survived. They also had a daughter, Hanna/Anna, who was born after Hyman. In 1900, Abraham and Esther are roomers with and Louis and Annie “Labinsky” (Louis appears on a prior page, and is indexed as “Labinstay” in Ancestry) who have children Joseph and Willie. Louis is a fruit dealer, and they’ve been married for 3 years. Both children were born in OH, suggesting that Louis was married in Dayton. In other words, Marietta “Etta” Wilks lives with Louis Lapinsky according to the census, and is described in an online family tree as a daughter of Mordecai Lapinsky. Possibly, based on her birth date, she was a child of Mordecai after Mordeai’s marriage to Shifra.


There are two Amdur families with the name Lapinski in Amdur in 1858 [1858 revision list]. One is an Orel [Aaron] Mordecai Leipunski, son of Josel, who is then 27 years old, married to Leah, with a three-year-old daughter named Sara. The other family is a Josel Volf, who is then (in 1858) 51 and married to Khana Rivka who is 24. Josel Volf is the son of Mortkhel. The age for Khana Rivka looks a bit suspect – maybe she was in fact a daughter, or the age is written incorrectly. Josel Volf and Khana Rivka both have prior household numbers, which is usually only for spouses, and so it suggests they were married in the prior revision list, eight years earlier, when she would have been 16. The fact that there is a Volf here is good evidence that this is the same family: William (Wolf) was the son of Marcus (probably Mordecai) who was the son of Josel Volf, who in turn was the son of Mordecai. Very traditional naming pattern. Additional information would be nice, to support this theory.


>          Becky (Beila) Dess, b. abt. 1869, married Chaim Cheikel (Hyman) Dess. They came from Amdur and lived in Chicago. [CEN2137] She and Ben, Tema, Morris and Sophy all arrived in 1911. [~ARR] He arrived in 1898 [ARR090] and again in 1910 [ARR163]. The Dess family came from Amdur. The father of Hyman is Yakov. Her gravestone on says her father is Zev (that is, Wolf). [grave is on]


In 1858 there is a family named Desse living in Amdur. [1858 revision list] The head of that family is Leib, born in 1811, son of Wolf. Another Dess family is Hanna (Dess) Koppel and Joseph Koppel of Chicago. They arrived before the turn of the century and were born in the 1860s. She was from Amdur and he was from Krynki. [abstracted death records on]. They had several children, mostly sons.


When he arrived in 1898 he was then a resident of Amdur and was going to his brother-in-law Max Leibman. Travelling with him at that time was Mosche Tepper of Amdur, who was then going to Rondout, Kingston, NY


>          >          William (Wolf), b. 1/8/1892, Amdur, d. 4/1971, Chicago, [SSDI514] married Sarah Victor, b. abt. 1890, Russia [CEN2138]. He arrived in 1906 and she in 1911. In 1920, her mother, Rose Victor, a 63 year old widow who arrived in 1911, lives with them. WW I draft card (verify view card) he was born in Grodno). He arrived in 1907 from “Amdar” (indexed by Ancestry) as “Wolf Dess” and is going to his uncle M. Dess in NYC. [ARR107] His death notice is on Ancestry.


>          >          Benjamin, b. abt. 1894, Russia, married Irene Unknown, b. abt. 1903, IL to Russian parents. [CEN3175] [See WW II draft registration]


>          >          Tema, b. abt. 1896, Russia


>          >          Morris, b. 7/7/1898, Russia [WW I reg], d. 2/1980, Bridgewater, NJ, [SSDI515], married abt. 1928 to Sophia Unknown, b. abt. 1903, Poland. In 1930 he is an auto dealer. [CEN3176]


>          >          Sophie (Sophy) Shapiro, b. abt. 1908, Russia. There is a Chicago Tribune Obit for Sophie (Dess) Shapiro in the 10/20/1995 edition.


>          Frieda Stein, b. abt. 1860, married Kasriel Stein. [YAD171; GEN056C-SD3]. The first name of her husband and subsequent information was derived from the Page of Testimony supplied by Eugene Stein of Chicago, in conjunction with the Amdur book entry for Stein, in the chapter about Amdur Craftsmen [MISC019].


The Stein family came from Amdur. There they were a leading family of the town, and were merchants of the third guild. Kasriel’s brother was Hyman Stein, who settled in Mississippi and founded what later became the Stein Mart department store chain. See “Other Amdur Families.”


While reviewing the names in the Craftsmen chapter of the Amdur book [MISC019] I decided to try to learn the family name of a family discussed there, where there were brothers Kasriel and Chaim. I searched for any Kasriel from Amdur, and found a Kasriel Stein. A brother, Chaim Stein was also found, and thus I learned that the family being described was the Stein family of Amdur. The next day, while looking at Amdur residents killed in the Holocaust (on the Yad Vashem website) I found a page of testimony for Freda Stein by her son, Eugene, and that the name of Freda’s husband was Kasreel! According to Eugene’s page of testimony, she was born in 1860. Eugene in 1979 lived in Chicago at 1901 W. Granville Ave., 60660.


>          >          Suri Rozel Wolinsky, b. 1890, Amdur, d. Holocaust. [YAD171], married Max Wolinsky


>          >          Tevel, b.1894, Amdur, d. Holocaust. [YAD171]


>          >          Ezra, b.1907, Amdur, d. Holocaust, married Chanka Lush, b. Krynki, d. Holocaust. [YAD171] There is also a Page of Testimony written for Chanka.


>          >          Shlamie, b.1909, Amdur, d. Holocaust. [YAD171]


>          >          Eugene, d. after Sept., 1979. He lived in Chicago in 1979, when he wrote a Page of Testimony for Yad Vashem. [YAD171; ~ARR]. No further information about him had been located until 3/2010 when I located the 1930 census record for the Friedman family (Daniel Efron/Haffron/Hafron branch), and who is a boarder with them? None other than Eugene Stein! [CEN3215] I then learned that The Friedman, Stein and Dess families were all involved in a family circle organization.


>          Harry (Leib) Lapinski, b. abt 1868 or 1871, Amdur, d. 11/12/1938, Dayton, OH, married abt. 1900 to Anna (Eni) Unknown, b. abt. 1865, 1866, 1870 or 1875, d. 6/7/1935, Dayton, OH. He arrived in the US in 1900. He had previously lived in Amdur, and was going to his brother Leiser in Dayton, OH. [ARR110] She came to Dayton, OH from Amdur with children Israel, Lizzie and Jacob, although Israel is listed on the ship as Yankel, and Jacob is listed by his middle name (according to the WW I draft reg), Salomon. They arrived in 1906. [ARR164] In 1910 Abe, Israel, Lizzie and Jacob are living at home with their parents, in Dayton, and Harry is a fruit vendor. In 1920 only Jacob is still at home [CEN1066]. In 1920 Harry is a junk peddler, and he is still in Dayton in 1930, at which time no occupation is listed for him. [CEN2160; CEN3198] They are buried at the KK House of Abraham cemetery. [DEATH116; DEATH117]


Harry, and perhaps Anna, was apparently previously married. According to the 1930 census, they were married in 1900, the same year he emigrated. Since she emigrated four years later, they must have been married in Amdur. In the 1910 census Anna is listed as 36 and son Abe as 22. Just the same, Harry is listed as 38, so maybe Abe was born when she was only 14. Another curious thing about the 1910 census is that Anna is listed as having 6 children, of which 6 still survive. Since it is unlikely that she had children before she was 14, it suggests there are other children. No further information about other possible children is known.


>          >          Abe, b. abt. 1887, married 1910, Dayton to Rosie Sacks. Abraham and Rose E. Lapinsky are in Springfield, OH, in the 1920 census [CEN20--]. He is then 31 years old, in the junk business, and married with three children. See also WW II draft registration for Abe Lapinsky. Also, on FamilySearch, daughter Anna Belle died at 16 (states her mother is Rose Sacks). In 1910 he is a cigar maker.


In Prominent Jews of America; a collection of biographical sketches of Jews who Have Distinguished Themselves in Commercial, Professional and Religious Endeavor, on Google books (1918), under the listing of Joseph Spector and Abraham Lapinsky, is a discussion of their stationary business in Springfield, OH. The portion about Abraham Lapinsky says he was b. in Grodno 7/2/1868 (sic), and came to America as a young boy. He went to school for three months and then began selling newspapers, after which he learned the cigar making trade. He gave all his money to his father to help bring over his mother and the rest of the family from Europe. He was married in Dayton in 1910 to Miss Rosie Sacks, and they have two children, a boy and a girl.


>          >          Israel, b. abt. 1893, Amdur. When he emigrates he is listed as Yankel. In 1910, he is working in a shoe store.


>          >          Lizzie, b. abt. 1896, Amdur. When she emigrates, she is listed as Lisa or Liza.


>          >          Jacob Solomon, b. 12/23/1898, Amdur. [MIL030] When he emigrates he is listed as Salomon.


>          Louis Lapinsky, b. 3/12/1870, Amdur (probably), d. 10/9/1942, Miamisburg, OH, married abt. 1896, probably in the US, to Anna Unknown, b. abt. 1869. [~ARR], d. after her husband. [DEATH119] In 1910 he sells fruit, in 1920 he is a metals dealer, and later he owned a waste paper mill. He lived in Dayton from at least 1900, when his brother Harry came to the US, until his death. They arrived in the 1890s. [CEN1067; CEN2161; CEN3199]. He is buried at the House of Abraham cemetery.


In both the 1920 and 1930 census there is an Elizabeth Kahn, born about 1865, who lives with them. Elizabeth’s on Theodore also is there in 1920. There may be a connection between their boarder, Elizabeth Kahn, and Joe’s wife, Myra Jean Cohen.


He is listed as Harry “Leib’s” brother when Harry arrives in the US, which is how he was determined to be Harry’s brother.


>          >          Joseph “Joe”, b. abt. 1897, OH, d. 2/18/1977, Dayton, OH, married Myra Jean Cohen, d. 11/27/1949, Cincinnati, OH. [DEATH121] She was the daughter of Rebecca (Effron) Cohen and Louis Cohen. See page – [CEN3200]. In 1930 he is in the waste paper business.


>          >          >          Robert A. Lapinsky, b. abt. 10/1927, d. 3/10/1960, Dayton, OH. He was married. [DEATH120]


>          >          >          Marilyn L. Smith, b. Dayton, OH, 12/3/1928, d. Dayton, 5/26/1995 [LDS--], married Unknown Smith. [DEATH123]


>          >          William C. “Willie,” b. 1900, OH, d. 3/16/1964, Dayton, OH, married abt. 1925 to Bess Unknown. In 1930 he was in the paper business. [CEN3201; DEATH122]


>          >          Clara, b. abt. 1904, OH


>          >          Goldie M., b. abt. 1909, OH. In the 1910 census, the daughter who was Goldie’s age is named Myallita, or something like that (difficult to read).


In Dayton there is also a Frank Lapinsky, born in Russia, who in 1910 (OH census on Ancestry) is 26 years old and married to Francis, who was b. NY. They have a 2 year old, John, who was b. in Penn and an infant (?), Charles, who was b. in OH.