Chaia Shor, daughter of Motte Tsinne’s


Descendants spelled the name as “Schor,” in English, but also appears with alternate spellings.


According to a letter written by Abraham J. Karp, his mother’s paternal grandfather [GEN025-SD] was married to a sister of the grandfather of Yedidya Efron. The relation to Yedidia Efron is explained in the Amdur book, in the section about Avramel Matias’s. [MISC019]  It should be noted that Yedidya Efron’s Grandmother was also an Efron, but the translation of the Amdur book states that the connection is to the grandfather, not the grandmother of Yedidia Efron. The book does not explicitly say that the grandfather is on Yedidia’s father’s side, but this is inferred because: A) If not an Efron, it would likely have been spelled out that it was a grandfather on the mother’s family’s – surname of Sergei – side, and B) according to Yedidia, his Sergei family did not live in Amdur (although the family was registered to the town, according to the 1858). The Sergei family of Yedidia’s grandmother is enumerated in the 1858 revision list for Amdur, and given names for descendants of this Schor family that might be expected if Khaia was part of that family are: Yudel (Leib), Girsh, Efroim, Aaron/Orel, Chana, Freida, Kuna. There is some similarities in given names between the two families, but certainly no more than would be expected by chance. As descendants, presumed here, of the Efron family, one would expect names such as Mottel, Leib (Yudel); Leizer, Yankel. Again, nothing definitive.


Sam Effron’s genealogy does not mention Khaia as a daughter of Motte. If Khaia is not an Efron, then this entire branch is not part of the Efron family.


Chaia Efron, b. 1815, married Avraham Shor, b. 1814. He was the son of Matias  [RS108]. Avramel is written of in Amdur, Mayn Geboyrn Shtetl [MISC019]:


“He received rabbinical ordination by the age of 13.   He married my grandfather’s sister, and was the religious authority in the town for many years.   He was forced to teach in order to earn a living.   In his youth he was inclined towards Hasidism…   He was the town mohel…  For decades he was the rebbe of the Mishna Brotherhood.  He departed for Palestine in his later years, but he was not permitted to enter, for this took place during the era of Abdul Hamid.  He returned to Amdur and lived in his tiny room barefoot and naked, as the saying goes, in such poverty that he was on the verge of begging for handouts…He once told me: “You have to come to the next world with ready money—I have no fear of the angel who escorts the dead to the other side, because I have the entire Mesekhte Shabbes in my pocket.”  And he truly knew all of Rashi’s 157 pages by heart; that used to be the checkbook for religious Jews, the greatest wealth possible.” (pp. 65-66)



The family is listed in the 1858 revision list (census) for Amdur [RS108], as follows:

Abram, son of Matis, age 43

Abram’s wife, Khaia, age 42

Abrams’s daughter, Pesia, age 12

Abram’s daughter, Megia, age 3


It may be that “Meiga,” not a known Jewish name for a girl, was actually a son, Matias. Or, Matias could have been born after 1858. Based on the age of Matias’ wife, Leah Boyarsky, it seems very possible that Matias was born around 1855, and therefore maybe “Meiga” is a misspelling or misreading of the name Matias.




There were two known children:




Acknowledgements: Naomi Goldis; Eli Melitz


Pesia, daughter of Chaia Shor, daughter of Motte Tsinne’s


>          Pesia, b. 1846. [RS108]. Nothing else is known about her.


Matias Shor, son of Chaia Shor, daughter of Motte Tsinne’s


>          Matias Shor, b. abt. 1855 [RS108], married Leah Etta Boyarsky, b. 1857 (NG), [DEATH165; Death166; DEATH167; MISC019; RS109; VOT038]. Leah was the daughter of Tanchum Boyarsky of Amdur (NG) [RS109]. See above comment about the possibility that Matias appears in the 1858 revision list, as a child of 3 years. He does not appear to have emigrated. They both died at an advanced age. He was the son of Avram. mdur book?]. One of their daughters mentioned that she thought that Matias and Leah Etta may have been cousins.


In addition to Leah’s Boyarsky family there are two Boyarsky families, probably related, who also live in Amdur. Leah’s father’ father, Leizer Aizik, lives in Amdur and is 58 in 1850 and died in 1855. He shares a household with his son, Sender Nivel (s/b Kivel) and elsewhere Kivel is living with his wife. Kivel was 24 in 1858, and relocated to the town of Porozovo (1858 Revision List for Grodno Uezd, on Jewishgen).


There are nine known children:

Tony Lavine

Louis Schor

Isaac Schor

Henry Schor

Sonia Smith

Jacob Schor

Rachel Karp

Anna Abramsky

Rivka Ginsburg


In the 1930 list of donors for the upkeep of the Amdur Yeshiva are two listings for Shor: A.Y. [honorific?] R.[Rabbi?] Matih’ Shor; and Motte Shor. The list is arranged by street and presumably in order by household, and these two listings are very close to one another. Motte may be a previously unknown son of Matias.


Description: Matias Shor with Leah Etta, Annie and Abraham J. Karp.JPG


Naomi Goldis sent me a photo of Matias, Leah Etta, and Anna Schor, and Abraham J. Karp. Abraham emigrated around 1930, and was then about 9 years old. This picture then, where he looks to be 4 years old, was probably taken around 1925.


>          >          Tony (Anthony) Lavine, b. 5/3/1878, Amdur , d. 11/21/1947, Chicago, married Justine Kachel, b. abt. 1889. He arrived in the US in 1891 or 1896 and she arrived in 1914 [~ARR; CEN1068; CEN2162; MIL031; DEATH165]. In 1910 he works in a hospital, as an “oiler” (orderly?] and lives in Chicago with his brother, Louis Schor. He worked in the clothing business. He is buried at the Oakridge cemetery.


>          >          Louis (“Lazar”), b. 1/30/1886 or abt. 1883, Grodno, married 11/5/1915 in Chicago to Ida Soskin, b. abt. 1896. [MIL055; MAR164]  He arrived in 1907, 1908 or 1910 [~ARR]. She arrived in 1907 or 1912. In 1910 he is a clothing cutter and lives in Chicago with his brother, Tony Lavine. [CEN1068] In 1920 he is a clothing cutter and in 1930 he has a tire retreading shop. They lived in Chicago. [CEN2163; CEN3207] In many records he is referred to as Lazar.


>          >          Anna (Chana) “Ennia” (Henia) Abramsky, b. 1/27/1885, Grodno, d 1/1/1970, NY, married 7/24/1923, Grodno to Jacob (Yankel) Abramsky, b. 2/5/1886, Dorpot, Estonia [NAT103-SD; CEN3202; OBIT037; See also OBIT038]. More information about his family is under Abramsky in “Other Amdur Families.” She was naturalized in 1944 [NAT103-SD]. They both arrived in 1913 [CEN3202; ~ARR]. Jacob is part of the Abramsky family that has various connections to the Efron genealogy. In 1930 they were living in the Bronx and Jacob was an iron worker. In 1944, when Anna is naturalized, they live at 815 Fairmont Place in the Bronx.


Henia Szor of Indura immigrated in 1923 and was previously in the US in 1913. She is going to a Mr. Smiot and she is 28 years old. This would be her brother in law, Morris Smith. She is listed as 28, but should be older – her naturalization definitely says she was born in 1885.


Dorpat, also known as Tartu, Estonia, is the second largest city in Estonia and during the latter half of the 19th century there were a number of Lithuanian Jews who attended the university there, as well as former Russian Jewish soldiers who settled there. Joseph’s naturalization in 1940 is on Ancestry, and his arrival (under the name Jacques Abramski) says he was born in the town of Gespal, Estonia. In 1923, when he arrives, he is going to his brother, Joseph Abramski. Jossel (Joseph) Abramski, husband of Paulina Golden (Paulina is from the Heffron branch – see page --), arrived in the US from Indura on 3/19/1914, where his father Chaim resided (naturalization and arrival on When Jossel arrives he is going to his cousin, J. Effron at 233 Broome St – that is, Jacob Effron the plumber – see page --.


>          >          Isaac Schor, b. 7/14/1890, Amdur, married 3/10/1922 in Chicago to Sarah Weisberg, b. 1897, Pogrebische, Rusia [DEATH168]. He arrived in the US in 1912 having last lived in Amdur, where his father then lived. [ARR116; MIL042; MAR165; CEN3227] She arrived in 1913. In 1930, they have a daughter, Binah, who is 1 year and 8 months old [CEN3227; ~CEN40]. Sarah lost two babies, Pearl in 1926, and a still birth in 1927. [DEATH168]


>          >          Henry Hayim, b. 3/12/1892, Amdur, d. 1/17/1952, L.A., CA, married12/11/1922 in Chicago to Mary Brisgal, b. abt. 1902, Russia. [MAR166; MIL057] He arrived in the US in 1913 [~ARR] and she arrived about 1909. In I918 he is a machinist in Chicago, and in1930 he is a cab driver, still in Chicago [CEN3206].


>          >          Sonia (Sara) Smith, b. abt. 1894, Russia, d. after 1969, married abt. 1920 to Morris (Moses) Smith, b. abt. 1888, Russia. She arrived in 1913 from Amdur, where her father was then living [ARR115; see also ARR117]. He arrived in 1903. Sonia Schor was a surviving sister of Anna Abramsky at the time of Anna’s death.  In 1930 he is a clothing salesman, and the family lives in San Bernadino, CA. [CEN3204] In 1940 they live in Santa Monica, CA, with their daughter, Miriam, 17 years old


>          >          Jacob (Yonkel) S., b. 9/1/1896, d. 1/8/1947, San Bernadino, CA, married abt. 1925 to Ruth Schultz, b. abt. 1890. [DEATH167] He arrived in the US in 1922 having last lived in Lisbon. At the time, his parents were living in “Grodno.” According to his ship’s manifest, he was born in Minsk. When he arrives in the US he is going to his brother-in-law Moses Smith. [ARR117] In 1930 they live in San Bernadino, CA where he is a citrus farmer and she is a teacher at a public school. [CEN3205]


>          >          Rachel (also, Ruth?) (Sosha Rochel) Karp, b. abt. 1899, Grodno, d. after 1969, married abt. 1920 to Aaron (Arel Karpovich) Karp, b. abt. 1894 in Essen, Germany or Minsk.


Aaron was the son of Abraham Joseph “Alter” Karpovich [GEN025-SD]. Rachel arrived in 1930, according to the 1930 census [~ARR]. He arrived in the US in1924 from La Plata, Argentina, and is going to his “friend” J. Schor, c/o H. Smith. He had lived in Argentina for five years and three months prior to emigrating. His ship’s manifest entry says he was born in Essen, Germany [ARR112], though other sources say he was born in Amdur. The 1930 census says he was born in Minsk. The father of Alter Karpovich was Chanoch Karpovich. See the discussion of the Karp family at page --. In 1930 he is a fur cutter and the family lives in the Bronx. [CEN3203; See also SSDI670]


Their son was the well-known Jewish historian and author, Rabbi Abraham J. Karp. He was president of the American Jewish Historical Society, professor of history and religion at the University of Rochester, and a faculty member of the Jewish Theological Seminary. He was the author of numerous books and articles. [OBIT084; OBIT085]


Mark Maisel recalls being at summer camp in the Catskill Mountains with his siblings, for several years in the 1950s, as a child. “There was a site named Amdur Park. It may have been co-owned by Abe Karp's father Aaron (Arel).”


“Many bungalow colonies in the Southern Catskills had quite a few Schors and the Abramskys owned some. My sister remembers that Marvin and Amy visited every summer, as Amy's dad Joe Abramsky was up there. My grandparents on my mother's side, Yankel and Ennie Abramsky (she was also a Schor) named their colony [in Highland Mills, NY] Tel Aviv.” (M. Maisel)


There is also information about the Shor family in Pinkus Amdur. [MISC154-BIO124]


There may be some books written by members of the Shor family that have information, such as Torat Chaim and Tzon Kdoshim, by Avraham Haim Shor (d. 1632).  In Zvi Shor’s book: Zvi and Hamid [cite?], in the preface, he states the fact that he is "Nin and Neched" ("son and grandson") to the author of the books: Torat Chaim and Tzon Kdoshim. The translation of “son and grandson” might be better rendered as “descendent.”


Zvi Shor of Amdur is from another Shor family of Amdur, as written in Pinkus Amdur [MISC154-BIO124] and other sources, and descends from Avraham Haim Shor (died 1632), No connection has been found between these Shor families. Sources checked include books about Shor family such as Toldot Mishpacht Shor. Regarding Avraham, Pinkus Amdur says that he was the son of Matityahu (Matis), that he was a teacher and a circumciser, that he immigrated to Israel but came back to Amdur.


In the family tree of Eli Melitz’ Shor family the only people from Amdur are Zvi Shor and his wife Zlatke. They left for Bialiystok around 1873. Their children were: daughter Leah-Dvorah Shor; son Haim Shor, born 1850 (he is not in the 1858 list), left later to Grodno, his children were born in Grodno and Wolpa; and wife Basha Sidransky (1852-1922) their children were born in Grodno; son Alter Shor born between 1860-1865, killed in German bomb on his house near Grodno – 1915; his wife, Sara-Pesha Luchinsky; some of his children immigrated to the US.


The connection between the two families is not clear, but Avraham and Matis are names that occur a few times in the other Shor family (though later) so the families are probably connected somehow. The connection may be to Zvi Shor, born 1828 – perhaps to a brother.


>          >          Rivka Ginsburg, married Chaim Ginsburg. No ship arrival or census has been found for her. [~ARR]