Chapter 18 Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s


The second son of Mashe [eg, Motte] had two wives. With the first wife he had three children: Israel, Mordecai and Channe. With the second wife, he had three children also: Shmerrill, Anna and Chatskill. [GEN029-SD]


Other information indicates that in the above section of Sam Effron’s genealogy [GEN029-SD] it should say “Motte,” not “Mashe”.


Yankel Effron, b. approx. 1819


There was also a Yankel Effron in the town of Lunna, b. abt 1760 [see, e.g., RS016; RS017], but that is a different individual, because of his birth date. He may have been the namesake for this Yankel.


There was a Jan Efron, one of the earliest references to the name Efron, who was a member of the Moravian church, from Poland, c. late 17th century. Was Jan Efron formerly a Jew? Might he have been the origin for the name Efron, because of Jewish workers on his estate, who took his name when they were required to have an inherited family name? Might he have converted from the Moravian Church to Judaism to avoid the persecutions against Moravians (also known as the Bohemian Brethren)? See page -. [Get source info].


This Yankel Efron of Amdur is not found in the Amdur or any other Reviskii Staski. In the 1818, 1850 & 1858 Amdur Reviski Skaski, we should find Yankel and his children in Amdur as they and their descendants indicate that’s where they lived. Perhaps he wasn’t registered to Amdur during those years, or maybe he had used a different name. He may have been somewhere in Volkovysk District, if he is the Reb Yankel,“an uncle of my wife” mentioned by Arye Leib Bialablotsky, husband of this Yankel’s niece, Sheindel (see p--).


Yankel had six known children:









Acknowledgements: Dick Robin; Eric Reed; Susan Moses; Drew Effron; Rae Pappolla; Robert Rutstein; Lloyd Segel; Anthony Amany; Colin Silver; David Silver; Ian Samuel; Sheila Seidman; Susan Dorfman; Andrew S. Effron; Gayle Schlissel Keys Riley Leyton; Adam Schnitman; Shawn Dena Schweitzer; Mel Effron; Marc Maisel; Federico Garcia Efron


Israel Efron, son of Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Israel Efron, b. abt. 1837, Amdur, d. abt. 1924, married Odess (Hodess) Goldman, b. abt. 1837, d. abt. 1923. [MAR167]. Her maiden name or her father's given name was Rubin [MAR051-SD1-SD2], and since Sam’s marriage records says her family name is Goldman, probably her father’s given name was Rubin.


The second son of Yankel had four sons: Motte, David, Tanchun, and Shevach, and two daughters: Chae and Itke. . . Israel and the whole family þ Motte, Tanchun, Itke, Shevach, and mother Odess emigrated to Argentina in 1895 to become farmers on the land of the Jewish Colonization Association. Itke, Gdalia and Shevach (myself) left for the United States in 1899, and settled in Poughkeepsie, where my brother David had proceeded us. The life of the family of Israel [is] as follows: Israel died at the age of 89; mother Odess 88; Chae about 75; Motte about 75; David 75 and Tanchun 82. Itke died young in an epidemic in 1917. She was about 42 years old. Shevach (myself) going on 82. [GEN029-SD]


For a fuller description of this family, read The Autobiography of Sam Effron:

Part I

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Contents of Part I:

My Early Remembrances; About My Family; The Village of Lasha; The Effron Family; The Jewish Inkeeper; Amdur; The Great Fire; Going to Cheder; The Move to the Village of Kosly; Grodno; Life in Kosly; Moonshining; The Fire at the Inn; Motte’s Struggles; I Get a Secular Education; Odelsk and the Trip to Sokolka; The Struggles Continue, for All; A Trip to Bialystok; Another Trip to Bialystok; Cousin Victor; Mote’s Dairy; A Fateful Trip to Bialystok; The Village Routine; Hey, that’s My Harness!; Fratricide; David and Victor go to America; A New Wardrobe; Liquor Runs to Grodno; Household Chores; Preparing for Shabbos; Changing of the Seasons; The Fruit Orchard;


Contents of Part II:

Induction; The Ostrolenski Barracks; The Military Way; Training at the Ostrovno Camp; Cholera; Learning to Shoot; Sham; Back to Ostrolensky; Even Ground


Contents of Part III:

The Jewish Colonies in Argentina; I Make a Plan; On My Way Home; To the Water’s Edge; Our Exodus; An Island Stopover; Arriving at Our New Home; Argentina, a New Life; A New Home; Our Neighbors; High Water on the High Holidays; A Fish Story; Surviving in Sagastuna; A Pestilence and a Profit; I Learn Something About Horses; A Very Good Crop; I See the Future; We Voyage to America;


Although Sam Effron says [GEN029-SD] that his father, Israel, was the second son of Yankel, other information indicates that Israel was the oldest son.


Israel had the following children:








Chae “Ida” “Lena” Schneider, daughter of Israel Efron, son of Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s


The oldest in the family, she was married about 1876 in a town called Slonim. The marriage was not successful, and she and her husband separated. She came to the United States about 1892 and settled in New York City. Her husband went to Montreal, Canada, a couple of years later. He later went to New York, and they divorced there. Chae married again, her second husband was a man by the name of Schneider, and they went to live in Chicago. She died many years ago. [GEN029-SD]


Chae "Ida" or "Lena" Schneider (nee Ephron), b. 9/-/1859 or 9/1/1857, Amdur [CEN0030; CEN1045; CEN2107; MISC112; NAT--], d. approx. 1935, married 1. abt. 1876 in Slonim to Leibowitz (Crolowitz? or Golowitz?), divorced in NYC abt. 1894. She came to the US in 1892 [~ARR]. In the 1910 census it says that she has three children and all are surviving, but the 1900 census says that of her four children, only one survives. Only Elsie is listed in the 1910 census. Sam Effron’s words are interesting “Her only KNOWN child.” [GEN029-SD] Maybe her other two children were put up for adoption or were brought up by their father after the divorce. She obtained a passport in Chicago in 1912 [MISC112]


Her only known child was a daughter by the name of Elsie Schneider, who lived in Chicago. [GEN029-SD]


>          Elsie, b. 10/-/1889 or abt. 10/1899, [(SSDI313?); CEN1045; CEN2107]. Census records indicate she was born in IL, but according to Sam Effron’s Genealogy (see excerpt, above, she was born in Europe. [~ARR] She lives with her parents at 1502 Campbell Ave in 1917, and she is still there, and single, in 1920. In 1923, she still lives at 1502 Campbell Ave. [verify – not in directory listing] The 1900 census lists an Ida, not an Elsie, b. 10/1899, IL as their daughter [CEN0030] This appears to be the same person. There is no “Ida” listed in the 1910 census, instead there is Elsie.


Married 2. 11/20/1894 in NYC [MAR051-SD1-SD2] to Samuel Schneider, b. 7/-/1857 or 5/5/1858, Russia [CEN0030; CEN2107]. They settled in Chicago. His parents were Isaac and Node(?) Chana. In 1900 they lived with his son-in-law Hyman Hirsh at 17 O'Brien St., Chicago. They live at 17 O'Brien in 1905, but they also live at 32 O'Brien in 1900 and 1905. In 1910 and 1920 they lived at 1502 Cambell Ave., Chicago. He is a janitor in 1900, and a peddler of dry goods in 1910. He was naturalized prior to 1900. At the time of their marriage, he lived at 801 28 street (?—illeg) and was widowed. His first wife probably died in childbirth of Morris. At the time of their marriage she lived at 140 Sufflok St., NYC Witnesses were Joseph H. Koplowitz (?) and Barnet (?) Kaplow. The rabbi was Solomon Alperowitz (?). They applied for passports in 1912 and 1914, while living in Chicago. He was naturalized in Chicago in 1898. [MISC112; MISC113]


Samuel’s children from his previous marriage are: Rachel, b. 2/-/1885 NY, she is single and a clerk in 1900 [CEN0030]; Bessie Hirsh, b. 9/-/1881 NY, married 1899 or 1900 to Hyman Hirsh, b. 1/-/1873 Russia, Hyman is a jewelry dealer in 1900 [CEN0030]. Morris, b. 4/-/1894, NY, d. 3/-/1984, Union, New Jersey [SSDI312?; CEN0030; CEN1045; CEN3003?]; he is a messenger in a printing company in 1910 and lives at home.


Motte Efron, son of Israel, son of Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Motte Efron, b. abt. 1863


The first son had four sons: Yankel, Leibe, Meyer and Eizel. [GEN029-SD]


>          Jacobo (Yankel), b. abt. 1887, Bialystok, died Clara, Entre Rios, Argentina, married Sarah Abramovich (Rabinovich, according to Adam Schnitman). His family lived in Colony Clara.


Yankel, the son of Motte, had the following children: Leibel, Aaron, Hadassa, Hanna. [GEN029-SD]. According to Adam Schlitman, his grandmother’s name was Elena, and she was called “Enie.” It may be that she is the same as the Hanna identified by Sam Effron.


>          Leon (Leibe), b. Bialystok, 1889, d. Entre Rios, 1966, married to Rebeca Sturbin, b. Bialystok 1895, d. Concordia, Entre Rios, Argentina, 1975


>          Isaac, married Maria Kamin


Isaac's [e.g., Eizel] children were: Avrom Ezra, Leizer and Benita [GEN029-SD]


The research of Julio Mazo and Sam Effron [GEN029-SD] diverge here. According to Julio’s research (verify) there are two known children of Isaac: Sonia and Marta. The children of Isaac, as described by Sam Effron, are the children of Meyer’s son Isaac, according to Julio. I think it more likely that Sam Effron is correct, and that Julio’s research switched the children between the two Isaac’s. Verify sources.


>          Sofia


>          Sara


>          Jaie Libowsky, married Israel Libowsky


>          Meyer, married Jane Kaplan


David Effron, son of Israel, son of Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s


David Efron, b. February, 1866, Amdur, d. Poughkeepsie, NY, married Anna Chae Efron, b. 4/1871 or 4/1879, Russia. [~CEN20; CEN0014; CEN3004] The 1930 census says that David and “Enna” are 50 years old. She was the daughter of Shmerrill Effron (see page --). He arrived at Kingston, NY about 1896 and then settled in Poughkeepsie because the prospects there looked more promising. [MISC034] . She arrived in the US about 1892 [~ARR]In 1928 they live in Poughkeepsie at 150 Church St. He was involved in real estate. He is the David Efron, born about 1863, who arrived in the US in 1891 with his cousin Victor[ARR185; GEN029-SD; Sam Effron Autobiography]. On the same page of that ship manifest was Chone Braverman, 22; Wigder Efron (David’s cousin, Victor), and Gedalje Lewin (probably not the Gdalia Levine who married a Braverman because this Gedalje Lewin is too young to be the same person– see page --).


In 1928, Anna’s mother Esther R was living with them [DIR057]. David’s relatives, Samuel Effron, Charles and Ida Effron, and Chaim (Eiman) Effron all came to Poughkeepsie via Argentina to join him in Poughkeepsie [MISC034]. He then helped bring over his mother-in-law, Esther Richel, two brother-in-laws, Morris and Jacob, and his sister-in-law, Eva, who a few years later married a “cousin of the Golden family.” (see page --) [MISC034].


The second son of Israel came to the United States in 1890 and settled in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. He married his cousin Anna, the daughter of Shmerrill, who was a brother of Israel. They had five daughters: Eva, Jennie, Ruth, Dorothy and Bertha, and one son Alvin James (Billy). [GEN029-SD]


>          Eva R., b. 3/-/1895, NY, d. 9/16/1981 [CEN0014] SSDI077; Verify old DEATH record 124]. In 1928 she lives at home and works in NYC as a buyer [DIR057].


>          Jennie, b. 10/27/1898, NY, d. 2/23/1989, NY. [CEN0014; SSDI228] Not married. In 1928 she lives at home and is a stenographer. [DIR057] She was a Vasser graduate and later a NY librarian and teacher.


>          Ruth, b. abt. 1905, NY.


>          Dorothy, b. 12/31/1905 or 1908, NY, d. 4/1/2005, Poughkeepsie [SSDI584?]. (Information is based primarily on SSDI). In 1928 she lives at home [DIR057]. She lived in Poughkeepsie and did not marry. They did not have any children.


>          Bertha, b. abt. 1909, NY, or 10/24/1907, d. 5/29/1994, Poughkeepsie, NY [SSDI198?]). In 1928 she lives at home and is a clerk [DIR057]. She lived in Poughkeepsie and did not marry. They did not have any children.


>          Alvin James "Billy", b. 11/3/1913, d. Danbury, CT, 3/1987 [SSDI117], married Ruth Feinson. She is related to the Golden family. He owned a men's store in Danbury, CT.


Tanchun Efron, son of Israel, son of Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Tanjum (Tanchun) Effron, b. abt. 1871, Amdur, d. 4/24/1951, Entre Rios, Argentina, married Sara (Sara Rochel?) Karpovich, b. 1877, d. 8/30/1963. [CEM280-SD1-SD2-SD3; CEM285-SD1-SD2] He lived in Rosh Pina, Entre Rios. [MISC019] According to Sam Effron, he died at the age of 82 [GEN029-SD]. His wife is from the Karpovich and she is related to the Schor branch (see p.--)  An outline of the Karpovich/Karp family can be found in “Other Amdur Families.” Sara’s brothers were David Karp of Kentucky and Alter (Abraham Yosef) Karp.


Until June 23, 2008 I had no further information about the descendants of Tanchun other than what Sam Effron of Poughkeepsie had put in his genealogy [GEN029-SD]. Then I found a listing for Tanjun Efron of Colony Rosh Pina in a list posted by CAJPJ. The index of contracts of colonists lists several Efrons, but the indexes hold no other genealogical information except to occasionally describe a relationship between contracting parties. In this case, it says that Tanjun’s son is Salvador (verify). I then did a Google search and found two articles, both in Spanish, about this family. One was by Adela Lefcovich Liberoff of Caracas who wrote about the predecessor of internet dating and the way her grandparents (verify?) got together through a magazine ad for a mate. She spoke of the “Efron Dynasty” of Tangun Efron, suggesting that there are quite a few family members. Her article is on a blog about Los Moscas (literally, The Flies), one of the little villages in Entre Rios. The other article was by Ricard Cesar Bazan, about his “Grandfather Salvador Efron,” long-time leader of a large growers’ cooperative in the Jewish farming colonies of Entre Rios. [article and translation]


One of his daughters in law, no doubt, was Rosa K. de Efron, who was buried with others in this family. She died 6/22/1958, according to her gravestone [CEM286-SD1-SD2], but her husband’s name cannot be determined.


The third son [of Israel], had six sons: Shmerrill, Simon, Yankel, Isaac, Ennach and Avrom Ezra. He had four daughters: Bashe, Channe, Chae, Shanee. Shmerrill is married and has one son; Simon is not married, Yankel is not married, Isaac has one son; Bashe has and [sic] one son and two daughters; Channe has one son and one daughter; Chae has one son and one daughter; Shanee has no children. They all live in Argentina. [GEN029-SD]


>          Bashe. She is very possibly the Berta Efron de Salkind buried at San Gregorio cemetery [CEM281-SD1-SD2] If so, she was born about 1896 and died 7/4/1990.


>          >          Son

>          >          Daughter

>          >          Daughter


>          Shmerril “Salvador” Effron, b. 3/10/1897, d. 10/19/1998 [CEM284-SD1-SD2]


>          >          Manuel, married Elba Teodora Beron (FGE)


I was contacted in 2008 by Federico Garcia Effron of Argentina. His Grandfather was “Salvador,” who was one year younger than a sister named Bashe. The family came from Parana, and before that, from Villa Dominguez. It is not certain that Salvador is from this Effron family, and there is no information to confirm that his Jewish name was Shmerill, but this seems to match up. Federico sent me photos of Efron gravestones found in the San Gregorio cemetery (and perhaps some others not from that cemetery). The cemetery appears to be quite small, and traditions different from cemeteries seen in the US and other parts of the world. See below references and CEM287-SD1-SD2.


>          >          Son


>          Simon, b. 1/10/1899, d. 9/18/1981 [CEM283-SD1-SD2]. He was not married [GEN029-SD]


>          Yankel. He was not married [GEN029-SD]


>          Isaac


>          >          Son


>          Ennach. This name is very uncommon in the Efron family. He was obviously named after his Karpovich grandfather.


>          Avrom Ezra


>          Channe. She appears to the Ana Lefcovich who was buried at San Gregorio cemetery [CEM282-SD1-SD2]. If that is correct, then she was b. 4/25/1902 and d. 7/18/1991


>          >          Son

>          >          Daughter. This would be Adela.


>          Chae


>          >          Son

>          >          Daughter


>          Shanee “Sofia” Flesler, b. 1912, d. 2007, married to Unknown Flesler. I have contacted her daughter, Cloty Flesler Efron.


Shevach “Samuel” Effron, son of Israel, son of Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Shevach "Samuel" Effron, b. Amdur, abt. 12/10/1875, d. Poughkeepsie, 9/15/1966 [SSDI572], married 9/13/1903 in Manhattan [MAR167] to Fannie Labensky (Labenski), b. 1882 or 7/3/1888, d. 10/1968, Pleasant Valley, NY [CEN0022; CEN2066; MISC--] In 1900, the census finds him in the town of Stanford, NY (Dutchess Cty). In 1920, according to the census, Shevach's sister-in-law, Esther Labensky (Levinski), who was born in Russia in 1899, lives with Shevach and his family. Sam arrived in NY on 3/17/1899 on the Alesia, sailing from Marseilles, France [ARR244-SD]. In 1928 they live at 200 Mansion St., Poughkeepsie. [DIR057]


Sam’s autobiography describes his life up to and including his arrival in the US --- see above . Sailing with Sam (on the manifest he is “Savelli”) to the US from Buenos Aires via Marseilles are his cousin, Gdalia (Charles), his sister Itke (Ida) Effron, and Sam’s childhood friend, Chaim (Hyman) Abramovitz (Abrams). Hyman Abrams is related to the Braverman branch – see  page --. Sam, Charles, Ida and Hyman all lived in Buenos Aires prior to coming to the US.


Sam narrated the "Saga of the Effron Family" in the 1950s, a brief genealogy that has been widely distributed among Efron descendants. References to that genealogy are featured in this genealogy in italics and attributed to him as “SE” [GEN029-SD].


Sam established the family business, Effco, Inc., in Poughkeepsie, NY producing bakery goods components, such as jelly filling and the like.


Fannie’s sister, Esther Kaplan of Kingston, was married to Albert Kaplan, an Effron descendant. See page --.


Has two sons William and Robert, and three daughters: Eva, Estelle and Sadie Jane. [GEN029-SD]


>          William, b. 6/12/1904, d. 2/25/1999, Poughkeepsie, NY [SSDI583] married Sadie Levine. Sadie is a second cousin (see page __). In 1928 he lives at home and is a student [DIR057]. He lived in W. Palm Beach.


William went to Cornell University and then revived the defunct bakery supply business of his father. A primary product is doughnut mix, and sales are throughout the US. His three sons, together with Robert, continued the business. [MISC034]


>          Eva Acker Goldin, b. 1907, married Joseph Acker, d. 1956. They lived in Poughkeepsie. He was an attorney. In 1928 she lives at home and is a student [DIR057]. She was a librarian for many years at the New York State Library in Albany and later at an elementary school in Wappingers Central School District in NY state, and wrote “The Jewish Community of Poughkeepsie, NY: An Anecdotal History,” in 1983 [MISC034]. In 1983, she is married to Irving Goldin and has six grandchildren. She remarried 13 years after her first husband’s death.


Her book about Poughkeepsie’s Jews identifies early Jewish residents of the city and has vignettes about several Jewish families, including of course the Effrons, but also familiar Amdur landsman family names such as Abramsky. [MISC034]


>          Married 2. in 1969 to Irving H. Goldin, b. Passaic, NJ. He was an engineer and attorney in NYC, and later with the firm of Levine & Levine in Poughkeepsie. [MISC034]


Estelle is married to Dr. Steven Dobo [GEN029-SD]


>          Estelle M. "Stella" Dobo, b. 1908, d. 1990, married Dr. Steven Dobo. He is a local psychiatrist. [MISC034] In 1928 she lives at home and is a student. [DIR057]


>          Sadie Jane Cahn, b. 1912, married Dr. Simon Cahn, b. 2/9/1905, d. 10/-/1983, Beacon, NY [SSDI314]. He was a dentist in Beacon, NY. [MISC034]


>          Robert J., 8/13/1914, Poughkeepsie, d. 11/13/2008, Poughkeepsie. [OBIT039], married 3/24/1946 in Poughkeepsie to Edith Leibman.


He was a sales representative for the family business, Efco Products, a Poughkeepsie company that makes fillings for bakery goods. He was a member of the Jewish Community Center, the Harding Club and Temple Beth-El. Mr. In the army he was a Sergeant in Europe, Philippines and Japan. On March 24, 1946 in Poughkeepsie, he married Edith Leibman. His last resting place is at the Temple Beth El Cemetery, where there is a family plot. [OBIT039]


Itke Effron, daughter of Israel, son of Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Itke Efron, b. 1877, Amdur, d. 1917, Poughkeepsie, NY, married Gdalia "Charles" Efron.


The second daughter of Israel was married to Gdalia (Charles) Effron, the third son of Motte Taibe Effron while in Argentina. Her family will be described under the name of Motte Taibes, son of David. [GEN029-SD]


See Motte Taube’s branch See page --.


Mordecai son of Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Mordecai, d. abt 1918 [CEM199], married Chaia Leah (?) (“Chaioli”) Sinkovich [DEATH --]. One of the few remaining, legible gravestones in the Amdur cemetery [below, and CEM199] is of a Mordecai Efron, son of Yankel and is likely for this Mordecai Efron. The cemetery was renewed by the Hillel Society of Dartmouth University. The date of death appears to be Tav, Resh, Ayin, Khet, which is the Hebrew year  5678, or the secular year, 1918.


Description: CEM 199.JPG


One of the few extant gravestones at the Amdur cemetery, this is the only one known to be for a member of the Efron family. Photo courtesy of Dartmouth University Hillel.


According to Sam Effron’s genealogy [GEN029-SD], Mordecai and his son Israel died before the Holocaust.


He had five sons and three daughters. He was a baker and was called Mordecai the Baker. [Other than his son Isaac and Isaac's son, Morris], the rest of his family I don't know very much. I suppose they all perished during Hitler's regime. I suppose Hitler destroyed all of the daughters. [GEN029-SD]


Mordecai the Baker might be the “Max” Affron whose widow, Minnie (Mina) came to Kingston along with at least three daughters. See page ---. But Shevach “Sam” Effron of Poughkeepsie would have known them, presumably, and included them in his genealogy due to the fact that the descendants lived close by. In fact, Sam’s cousin Ida Levine, who is also related to Sam’s daughter-in-law Sadie, had married Hopsche Mones in 1933, and Hopshe was previously married into the Mina Affron family. In any case, Mina Affron and her daughters were in Kingston and were almost certainly related to Sam Effron, but were not described in Sam Effron’s genealogy [GEN029-SD], and their connection to the Amdur Efron family is uncertain. For purposes of incorporating the branch somewhere, they are included in this chapter.


The death certificate of Louis lists Louis’ parents as Mordecai Effron and Chaioli Sinkovich [DEATH160]. The informant was Louis’ son, Sigmund.


Peshe Sternfeld of Cincinnati, an Amdur native, is somehow related to Sigmund Effron, according to oral history. Chana Etta Sternfeld was the mother of Eli Effron of Cincinnati (see Chapter 3), and presumably the two are related, but that is a very remote connection. See Other Amdur Families and Chapter 3 for more information about the Sternfeld family


They had eight known children:



Israel Chaim “Sam”

Willilam (Victor or Avigdor)

Jacob B. (Yankel)

Louis (Leibe Zissel)

Shanee Stirky Cohen


Rivke Gershune


Isaac Effron, son of Mordecai, son of Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Isaac Effron, married Anna Effron (?). He is very possibly the Isaac Efron, son of Mordecai, who is listed in the Grodno Voter lists for 1907. [VOT027a] Morris’ Social Security application states that his “mother’s full maiden name is Anna Effron.” Nothing else is known about Anna. [SSDIR071-SD] If she is indeed an Effron relative, it is not known which branch she is from.


Isaac, his first son, was also a baker and he moved with his family to a town called Luna and became a baker there. He had a large family.  . . .  All I know of Isaac's family is that he had one son who had a bakery shop in New York at 163rd Street near Jerome Avenue. His name was Morris Effron. . . .  Morris was a baker in the Bronx. In 1917 he lived at E 166th Street. He was the only son to go to the US. He had three sons. [GEN029-SD]


>          Morris (Moshe), b. Lunna, ,8/15/1893 or 8/15/1897 [SSDIR071-SD] d. 10/17/1968 [CEN2067; ARR153; Verify old DEATH record 64; CEM064; PROB—(was EST014)], married 4/18/1920 in the Bronx [MAR108-SD1-SD2] to Frances (aka Fanny) (Feiga) Zipser, b. 4/22/1896, d. 8/17/1961 [SSDI063; Verify old DEATH record 79; PROB—(was EST013); CEM063]. His Social Security application from 1937 shows that he was born in Lunna, that he worked at the Effron-Zipser Bakery, Inc. at 15 W 183rd St., and that he resides at 2290 Davidson Ave. [SSDIR071-SD] Frances was sister to Samuel, Harry and Louis Zipser. Samuel Zipser’s daughter (per 8/26/61 death notice of Samuel) is Lucille Graff.


He arrived in 1912 from Lunna, where his father then lived, and is going to his brother at 111 Madison St. [ARR153]


>          Yankel. Information from a childhood friend of his daughters, from Lunna, his name was “Yankel Izik dem bekker.” Very possibly, his name was Yankel Izik’s dem bekker, meaning he was a baker and the son of Isaac, or more likely, Yankel, son of Isaac the baker. According to the memoirs of Libby Freidowicz, on Ruth Marcus’ Lunna website:  “He used to deliver flour and evidently had a funny stride; he would take a few steps and then run a little, so his nickname was Yankle Luf (Yankel run).


>          >          Merke. She was a daughter of “Yankl Izik dem bekker,” according to the memoirs of Libby Freidowicz.


>          >          Taube. Her childhood friend remembers her and her sister Merke as daughters of “Yankl Izik dem bekker” of Lunna. Memoirs of Libby Freidowicz. “The family was very poor, and when she was 15 or 16, Taube decided to help out by becoming a seamstress. In the early 1930s, Taube left for Warsaw where she had a family.” (posted on the Lunna website page: Memoirs by Libby Freidowicz)


Israel, son of Mordecai, son of Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Israel (“Sam”) (Israel Chaim), d. between 1907 and 1940, married “Florence”.  In 1907, he lived in Amdur. There is some confusion between this Israel and the Israel who is the father of Jacob Meyer Efron. This Israel may be the Israel Efron, son of Mordecai, who is listed in the 1906 Grodno voter list. [VOT028]


Israel, Mordecai's second son, was living with his father, as they had a good business.  Israel had two sons and two daughters. . . . [Other than Israel's son Jack], all the rest of Israel's family went to the gas chambers of Treblenko, but Israel and his father Mordecai died before Hitler came. [GEN029-SD]


>          Jack (Meyer Yakov?), b. 12/26/1892, 7/4/1892 or 10/15/88, Amdur, d. 3/14/1965 [CEN2109?; SSDI070; CEM038; Verify old DEATH record 90; PROP—(was EST001); MIL032], married 1. Betty (Buna) Unknown, b. 9/1/1900, Russia, d. 10/21/1944 [CEM039; Verify old DEATH record 37].


There is a lot of information about him that is conflicting.  He arrived in the US about 1905. He was a Taxi driver. His grave says he is the son of Abraham. (If a Jew’s father is unknown, his gravestone would say he was the son of “Abraham,” though I’m not sure that’s the case here.)  He married the widow of Harry Effron of New York about 1956 (see page --). In 1944, they lived at 1611 Nelson, Bronx.  She arrived about 1925. According to one source, there was no relation between Jack and Harry, the first husband of Jack’s second wife. One relative of Harry described him as Fanny’s “poor relation.” For Harry’s family, see page --.


According to the SS-5 of one Jacob Efran, he was b. 10/15/1888 in Grodno, his father was Israel and his mother Kuna Diskin; he lived then at 1035 Newport St., Brooklyn and works at Jacob Elishewitz sons. [SSDIR060]


According to Jacob’s Russian certificate of military acceptance, he is excused from the military.  He is described as 22 y.o., dark blonde, and gray eyes.  The certificate is dated Grodno 2/18/1910. [MIL053]


YIVO institute has the papers of Meyer Jacob Effron, son of Israel Chaim -- see page – “Miscellaneous New York Effrons, Meyer Jacob, for more information.) 


According to one ship arrival manifest, he arrived in 1905 and is going to his uncle Jacob at 11 Monroe St., NY. The arrival information for him is tentative because the age does not match up correctly. [ARR016-SD]. Note that there is a naturalization record for Jacob Efron, who in 1906 is living at 11 Monroe St. That Jack Efron was born in 1868, and that naturalization record has not been matched to any Jack Efron if the Efron Genealogy [NAT049].


One of his sons came to the United States about 1905.  His name is Jack, he has been driving a taxi in New York City for a long time.  He lost his wife about eight years ago and recently married the widow of Harry Effron of Brooklyn. [GEN029-SD] They did not have any children.


>          married 2. on 9/26/1955 in Sunnyside, Brooklyn Fannie (Feiga) Margel/Effron, b. 1/18/1894, Vilna, d. 4/20/1986, Great Neck, NY. She was the widow of Harry b’ Usher Effron (Nowy Dwor). See page – in The Efron Genealogy Volume II. They did not have any children. Harry Effron, the first husband of Jack’s second wife, was not known to be related to the Efrons of Amdur. See Chapter--.


>          Schlemie, b. abt. 1889, Amdur [ARR065-SD1-SD2]. He was a baker. When he came to South Norwalk in 1907 he was not married. Nothing more is known about him


>          Two Daughters. Their names are not known. [GEN029-SD]


William (Victor) (Avigdor) Effron, son of Mordecai, son of Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s


William (Victor) (Avigdor), b. 7/12/1872, d. 2/26/1943 [CEM072; Verify old DEATH record 47; NAT047], married Leah (Leah Toiba), b. abt. 1868, d. 5/11/1944 [CEM073; CEN0023; CEN2005].  He arrived in NY 3/26/1891 with his cousin David Effron of Poughkeepsie. When he arrived he is “Wigder” and is a baker.  [ARR185; Sam Effron’s Autobiography, Part I, David and Victor Go to America]. He was naturalized 5/28/1898 while living at 162 Cook St., Brooklyn. Witness was Adolph Hoffman. 


He settled in Norwalk. He is listed in the Norwalk directories initially at 35 Fort St. in 1908, with his brothers Jacob and Laibe Zisel living with him. He is a junk dealer, and continues to be in that business until at least 1916. In 1913 he is also listed as being in the coal business. In 1915 he does business as Wm Effron Co, with his wife as president and his daughter as treasurer. For several years the business was run out of 1 Rowan St. and the family lived at 3 Rowan St. [DIR055] His nephew, last name of Cohn, lived with them.  See page ___. Her gravestone says Eva, in error [verify]. The Shlesingers (spelling?) and Lena Jaffe helped set up the marriage. Betty Halpern wrote that her father, Hyman Jaffe, had a brother Isadore who was married to a Lena. Betty’s father was a cousin to Eva Efron. [photos]


In 1920 he lives close to his nephew, Jacob Cohen (see below). Also living nearby is Hyman Jaffee, who was in the junk business early on with William Effron and other Jaffees. Meyer Jaffee, apparently a brother, was the father of a Sol Jaffee, whom Dick Robin told me was a cousin of his mother, and therefore could be an Effron (but might be related on his mother’s mother’s side).


“Victor” is described in Sam Effron’s Autobiography, Part I, in the chapter “Cousin Victor.”


The third son of Mordecai, came to the United States in 1890.  He married and had one daughter, Eva.  She went through Law School, studied law and was admitted to the bar.  She married Edwin Robin of Stamford, Connecticut, who was in the luggage business. [GEN029-SD]


>          Son, name unknown, b. abt. 1897, d. abt. 1899.


>          Eva Effron, b. 10/1/1899, b. Patterson, NJ, d. 9/-/1987, Stamford, CT [SSDI315], married Edwin Robin, b. 5/4/1893, d. 4/-/1986, Stamford, CT [SSDI316].  She kept use of the name Effron. She was a lawyer. Eva and some friends started a sorority at NYU Law School.


Yankel, son of Mordecai, son of Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Jacob (Yankel) Benjamin Effron, b. 8/24/1884, Russia, mar. abt. 1911 to Jennie Kirschner, b. 5/31/1891, Romania, d. 1/1970, Maple Shade/Merchantville, NJ [~CEN20; CEN3005; SSDI010; NAT079-SD; see also SSDI118; MIL--].


He arrived in 1907 and is going to his brother Viktor in “Norfolk” (sic – s/b Norwalk) CT. He is then a baker. He is the Jakob Effron, age 25 and from Grodno, who sailed from Hamburg to NY on the Batavia and arrived at NY on 5/26/1907. [ARR226-SD] Jacob appears in the 1908 directory for Norwalk, and is there until at least 1952 [DIR055]. In 1908 he is a peddler, and together with Louis Effron, another peddler, boards with junk dealer William Effron at 35 Fort St. [DIR055]. In 1921 he is a trucker, and in 1925 he is married to Jennie, and is a peddler again and lives at 36 2d. St. in Norwalk. In 1941 Jacob is a Farmer in W. Norwalk. In 1948 he lives at 121 W. Norwalk Ave. and in 1952 at Strawberry Hill Av., Near County, in North Norwalk. [DIR055] He may be the Jacob Efron, son of Mordecai, who is listed in the 1906 Grodno voter list [VOT029]


The fourth son of Mordecai, came to the United States in 1904 and settled in South Norwalk, Connecticut.  He has a family, but I don't know much about him or his family. [GEN029-SD]


Jacob was in Russian Army, very handsome in uniform. He played an instrument in an army band.  Despite “baker” listed as occupation on immigration records, daughter Edith had no recollection of him ever actually knowing that skill.  After getting married, he moved to Atlanta or Alabama to develop junk business but after Jennie had a miscarriage they returned to NY/CT area.  Jennie Kirschner’s parents were Russian, not Rumanian.  They emigrated to the US from Rumania but they may have been there to escape legal trouble in Russia (counterfeiting?).  Jennie was pretty with blonde hair and blue eyes.


Leibe “Louis” Zisel Effron, son of Mordecai, son of Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Leibe "Louis S." Zisel, b. 7/15/1884, 8/15/1888 or 1885, Amdur, d. 4/16/1949, Cincinatti [MIL033; DEATH160] married in NYC, abt. 1908, to Minnie Stoff, b. abt. 1886, Romania, Austria or Germany. He arrived in 1904 [ARR118] and she in 1907. They were naturalized by 1930 [CEN2120; CEN3006]. In 1920, in Tampa, Louis was a junk dealer, and in the 1940s he is a metals dealer. Per Bernard, Louis originally went from Stamford, CT to Tampa, FL, for reasons unknown. However, the Norwalk directory shows he was in Norwalk, CT in 1908, residing with his brothers William (Victor) and Jacob. He was also in Norwalk in 1912, when he was a boarder at 21 Raymond St. In 1908 and 1912 he was a peddler. [DIR055] Minnie grew up in Germany. Louis moved to Cincinnati because he was told that that is the best place to educate his children. Louis lived in Cincinatti in 1920. Grandfather Mordecai was a baker and was leader of the Jewish Community in Amdur. Laibe Zisel went to Yeshiva and was to become a rabbi but had to escape from conscription into the Russian Army and go to America.  He may be the Ziskind Efron, son of Mordecai in the Grodno voter list records of 1907, though some evidence indicates that he had already emigrated by then. [VOT032]. His death cert is on


According to his WW I draft registrations, he was living in Tampa, FL in 1918 [cite] and in 1942 he is living in Hamilton, OH [MIL033]


The fifth son of Mordecai, came to the United States about 1906 and went to Cincinnati and married there.  He had two sons, one is a violinist with the Symphony Orchestra in Cincinnati.  He also had one daughter.  Labe Zisel passed away at the age of 55. [GEN029-SD]


>          Sigmund, b. 1911, Bridgeport, CT, d. 1986, married Babette Holstein, b. 10/17/1912, Dayton, OH, d. 2/13/1995, Cincinnati, OH [L. Knoll; SSDI197].  He was a violinist, beginning in 1935, and later Concertmaster, from 1946-1973, of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. Sigmund was a child prodigy. He was named for a maternal uncle. She was a CSO pianist.  He studied in Prague and Vienna.  He was a member of the faculty of the College Conservatory for 37 years.  Sigmund was the founder, first music director and conductor of the Cincinnati Youth Symphony. [OBIT086-SD; OBIT087-SD].  He began at the College Conservatory of Music at the age of 10. Their son David is also an accomplished conductor [NYT003].


“They were two of the most outstanding people I have ever known in my life!  I was his violin student all the way through high school and college. Mr. Effron was a virtuoso concert violinist and pedagogue. He was the concertmaster of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and professor of violin at University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music.”


Mrs. Effron was a concert pianist as well. She also played in the Symphony and was on the faculty at the University of Cincinnati too. Together they formed one of the most magnificent duos ever to perform on the concert stage. They performed all the great sonata literature and chamber music written for the violin and piano. They have two sons. Their son David Effron is a world renowned conductor on the faculty at Indiana University's Jacobs School of Music.” (Violinist Leo Knoll)




>          Edna Platnick, married Nathan Platnick, b. 7/8/1899, Kielem. He arrived at Camden, NJ from Bremen abt. 9/24/1913. They settled in Bluefield, WV.


Nathan Platnick’s memoir, “From Kielem to Bluefield,” was published in Amer. J. Archives XXI-1 (April 1969), pp. 48-56. He immigrated in 1913; he then had an uncle in Roanoke and an uncle in Bluefield. In the late 1950s he was co-owner of Platnick Bros. in Bluefield. He was very involved in Cong. Ahavath Sholom of Bluefield. His parents were Joseph (d. abt. 1903) and Ida Mary, and his siblings were: Bessie, 1902-1931; Philip, a dentist in Germany; Dora, an older sister who immigrated to the US at age 15; Ben; and David. His uncle died abt. 2/1914.


>          Bernard D. (Bernard Sr.), b. 11/14/1916, Tampa, FL, d. 4/10/1998, Orlando, FL [SSDI666], married and divorced to Donzell Reid, and later married twice more, lastly to Shirley D. Unknown. They moved to Orlando sometime after 1940.


Bernard recalls being in New York and someone called out "Hey Effron." He turned around, but they were looking for another Effron, who was the manager of the Palace Theatre. The uncle in Connecticut was named Victor, but everyone called him William.


>          Marvin, b. 6/11/1919, d. 1/14/1990 [CEM012-SD; SSDI206], married Amy Abramsky, b. Boston, 7/14/1919, d. 6/5/1978, Bluefield [CEM012-SD; SSDI125]. She is the grand-daughter of Chae Heffron Golden, who in turn is the daughter of Yehuda Zvi Heffron of the Eliezer branch. See ____. See also the notes on the Abramsky family in Other Amdur Families. Amy is also a descendant of the Schor family – see page --. They did not have any children. He owned an auto junkyard that was very successful in Bluefield, WV (M. Maisel) and once played semi-pro baseball.

Marc Maisel recalls:

They came up to NY quite a few times and I recall thinking- as Marvin had a strong, slow Southern drawl- WOW - a cousin (and a Jew!) with a Southern accent - I couldn't believe my ears. Marvin was a baseball coach - I think little league or maybe for older kids and I think he might also have been an umpire… He was a very friendly and warm guy and I remember how my hand inside my baseball glove would burn when catching his pitches during a baseball catch, and, that it was thrilling to catch such pitches, which I had never experienced.

In ‘75 I hitchhiked around America and visited Marvin and Amy in their home in Bluefield and vividly remember sitting on their front porch and directly opposite were mountains - it was spectacular… Amy had a Bronx or Brooklyn accent and so I remember the juxtaposition of the 2 accents when I was with them ! Fun !


Shanee Stirky Cohen, daughter of Mordecai, son of Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Shanee Stirky Cohen, married to Nathan (?) Cohen. Shanee died in childbirth of Sylvia.


The first daughter of Mordecai was called Shanee Stirkey, who married a Mr. Cohn.  One of their sons lived in South Norwalk, Connecticut.  He came to this country as a young boy and went to live with his Uncle Victor, and he died at a young age. [GEN029-SD]


>          Jacob "Jake" Cohen (aka Cohn), b. abt. 1892, Russia, d. 2/23/1949 [DIR055], married abt. 1910 to Fannie Eisig, b. 12/25/1890, Russia, d. 11/20/1979, Norwalk, CT. He arrived in 1908 or 1909 [~ARR], she in 1906 or 1908. They were naturalized in 1916. He was born in Russia, she in Austria or Romania. Her parents were born in Austria or Romania. [DEATH124; CEN2150; CEN3007] In 1920 he is a truck driver for Effron Coal Co. This family was located primarily by research in the Norwalk directories. When he came to the US, Jacob lived with his uncle William Efron of Norwalk.


He is probably not the same Jacob Cohen who was the son of Anna Effron Cohen Simon of Kingston because there are significant differences, such as birth date and mothers’ names. On the other hand, there are significant similarities, such as their connection to the Poughkeepsie area Effrons and the fact that his wife’s name is Fannie. Perhaps if his father was Nathan, and Nathan remarried to Anna Effron (Mina’s daughter) of Kingston, after Shanee died, and then Nathan died. Verify they are different.


Channa, daughter of Mordecai, son of Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Channa. She died in the Holocaust.


The second daughter was called Channa. I suppose she was also married. [GEN029-SD]


It is not known if she was married or had a family. Nothing else is known about her.


Rivka Gershune, daughter of Mordecai, son of Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Rivka Gershune, died in Holocaust, married Gershune. Nothing else is known about her.


The third daughter Rivka married a man named Gershune in Grodno. [GEN029-SD]


A Leon Gershuny is a boarder of Nathan Feld (see page --) in 1900 in Cincinnati but it is not known if he is related to this family. There is a Leon Gershune who was in Chicago – he may be the same person.


Chana Rutstein, daughter of Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Chana Rutstein, b. abt. 1844, Amdur, d. 1899, Bialystok, Poland [DEATH--], married in Bialystok to Lipa Rutstein. [CEM220] According to the death record for Minnie, Chana’s husband was David.


Channe, the daughter of Yankel by his first wife was married in Bialystok to a man by the name of Rothstein.  They had two sons:  Lazar and Abram and one daughter, Mandel (Minnie).  She came to the United States and married a Mr. Siegel.  He lived in St. Louis and was in the building trade.  In Miami, Florida there is a grandson of Channe, Edward Rothstein, who is engaged in the jewelry business. [GEN029-SD]


Jewish records Indexing has a Bialystok death for a Chana Yankelewna Rutsztejn, d. 1899 [(record 40F) DEATH--]. It is not confirmed that this record is for this Chana Rutstein, but pending more information, she is presumed to have died in 1899 in Bialystok.


They had three known children:


Louis (Eliezer)


Minnie (Mindel) Segel


Louis (Eliezer) Rutstein, son of Chana Rutstein, daughter of Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Louis (Eliezer), b. abt. 1865, married Haicha Effron. [~ARR] She is his cousin, the daughter of Shevach, son of Motte Tsinne's. See page ____ for descendants.


Abraham (Avraham) Rutstein, son of Chana Rutstein, daughter of Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Abraham (Avraham) Rutstein, b. 1868 or 3/1870, Bialystok, d. 3/6/1937, Newark, NJ, married abt. 1894 to Bertha (Beyla) Coleman, b. 6/1865, abt. 1869, or 1871, Russian Poland, d. 8/7/1959, Newark, NJ.  [CEM220; ~CEN1900; CEN1053; CEN2164].   Her father was Nechamia. They led a bohemian, avante guarde, unconventional lifestyle, according to one descendant. Perhaps they were communists or socialists. They were members of the Arbiter Ring. She was possibly related to the Freedmans of Utica. Abe lived in Newark in 1914 to at least 1925.  [DIR053] Bertha arrived in 1887 or 1888 and Abraham in Boston from Liverpool in September, 1888. [MISC114] Alternative dates of immigration are 1887 and 1889 [~ARR]. The family lived in Haverhill, MA for six years, then 15 years in Yonkers, and finally Abraham lived in Newark. [MISC114]. In 1900, 3 of her 3 children born were still alive. She was previously married, when she was 23 [CEN10--]. Abraham was a state worker in 1900, and lived in Yonkers, NY. In 1920 and 1930 he is a hatter and lives in Newark, NJ. [DIR053; CEN2164; CEN3208] He was naturalized at Westchester County, NY Supreme Court in White Plains on 1/18/1896. [MISC114]


1910 Census

101 Jefferson St., Yonkers, NY, arr 1887, in US for 13 yrs

Abraham Protstine (corrected by reviewer to Rutstine), Abraham, Mar 1870, 30, m. , married for 12 yrs, b. Russia, arr, 1888, 12 yrs in US, Na, Stat worker [state?]

Bertha, June 1865, 34, marr. 12 yrs, 3/3 children survive, b. Poland Russia

Rose, Feb 1889, b. NY

Louis, Apr, 1894, b. MA

Leo, Apr. 1896, b. NY


>          Rose Dobrin, b. 2/16/1889, NY, d. 2/-/1975, Long Beach, NY [SSDI321], married Unknown Dobrin. She was the president of a synagogue. She was the only one in the family who was at all religious. She had a daughter Dorothy [?]. If Louis was a step-son of Abraham, then Rose would probably be a step-child also.


Doris Dobrin in the Temple Beth Miriam bulletin has a remembrance of her husband, Harold E. Dobrin, f-i-l, Edward Dobrin, m-i-l, Rose Dobrin, her parents, n/o Singer, sister in law Gertrude Piper, sister in law Dorothy Welker.


According to the 1940 census, Rose Dobrin of Long Beach was married to Edward Dobrin and had daughters Dorothy, Gertrude, and Ruth, and son Harold. Edward and Rose are buried at Mount Ararat cemetery.


>          Louis H. Stern, b. 1894, MA. He was probably a step-son of Abraham, Bertha’s first marriage. He had a restaurant called Chanticleer in New Jersey, around Newark, possibly in Maplewood or Montclair [interview?]. In 1915 Louis is living at home and is a bookkeeper at 76 Washington St. [DIR053] Harry Lyman remembers that the Stern family lived next to the EFRON family in Middlesboro, KY. In the 1920 census for Middlesboro, there is a Mack Stern and family there, but they are Jews from Austria, according to the census. Harry says the Sterns later came to Boston. Not certain if this Stern reference relates to Louis Stern or not.


>          Leo (Leon?), b. 4/12/1896 or 4/13/1896, Yonkers, NY, d. 1/1986, Hallandale, FL [MIL034; SSD671], married to Lillian Pine, b. abt. 1898, d. abt. 8/3/1955, Long Beach, Long Island, NY. His birth record refers to him as “Leopold Roodstein.” She was the daughter of Sara Pine of Miami, who survived her.  She was a substitute teacher in the Long Beach school system, and he was a chemist and a field director of the American Technion Society. [OBIT040; OBIT041] In 1925 he lives at 88 Rose Terrace, Newark [DIR053]. In 1955 they lived at 104 Tennessee Street, Long Beach, NY. She is buried at the Mt. Ararat cemetery in Queens.


In 1918 he applies for a passport to travel to England and France for business purposes. He then works for Edward C. Worden. [MISC114]


Minnie (Mindel) Segel, daughter of Chana Rutstein, daughter of Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Minnie (Mindel) Segel (Segelovitch), b. 1/8/1870, 1/1871, abt. 1874 or 1881, Bialystok, d. after 1930, married abt. 1891 or 1892, probably in Poland, to Isaac Segel (nee Segelovitch), b. 1/1870 or abt. 1872, Poland, d. abt. 1925, St. Louis.  [CEN0039; CEN2146; CEN3008]. He arrived in 1886 [ARR119MISC115]. Isaac was naturalized in a St. Louis Court in 1896 [MISC115].


Illinois Deaths (Ancestry)

Minnie Segel

2/28/1939, Chicago, IL

Father David, mother Anna Ratstein

Spouse Issac (sic?) Segel


According to the 1900 census, they were born in Germany, but this is probably incorrect. In 1900 he is Segelovitch, but by 1920 he is Segel.  She arrived in 1892 [~ARR] and was naturalized in St. Louis in 1896, although the 1920 census says she was naturalized in 1903, but this is less likely. She returned from a trip to Europe in 1913 [ARR232].  He arrived in 1883 [verify in 1900 census] and was naturalized in 1889. [Could not find arrival records for Minnie or Isaac.] They must have been married in the old country because in the 1900 census Minnie is reported to have immigrated in 1892 and their oldest born in 5/1892, meaning he was conceived in 1891 before her immigration. Isaac, on the other hand, is reported to have arrived in the US in 1883 (in the 1900 census) and so he must have traveled back to Poland to marry Minnie.  The 1920 census says that she came to this country in 1896, which does not make sense given the dates and places of birth of the oldest children – unless they are her step-children. The 1900 and 1930 census says she arrived in 1892.  They were in St. Louis in 1900, and settled there.  He was a brick layer in 1900, then by 1920 is a general contractor. He built one of the synagogues in St. Loius. He and Mindel came from the Bialystok area. When he came to this country, he first went to Des Moines, IA.


Elizabeth, Eva and Pauline were friendly with the Chicago Efrons. Around 1940, Mindel, Lloyd and Eva went to L.A. because Mindel had a heart condition. They then went back to Chicago and later returned to Los Angeles. (Lloyd Segel).


In 1930, living at the same residence as the Segel family are Charles H. Kotkin, 40, b. Russia, his wife Ida, 25, b. MO, and Charles’ daughter, Selma, 15, b. MO. Charles was first married at age 23, and Ida at 24. [CEN3008]. It is not known if this Kotkin family is related to the Segel’s cousins, the Kotkins of New Jersey. Also there in 1930 are Isadore Roth, 45, b. Austria, wife Anna, 43, b. Poland, and their sons, Bernard S., 20 and Leslie, 16, both born in IA [Query – Des Moines, IA, where Isaac supposedly had first settled when he arrived in the US?]. In 1910 Isadore and Annie (with son Sidney) are in Cedar Rapids, and he is described there also as being from Austrai (she from Russian Poland). Some of the Rutstein/Rothstein family supposedly shortened their name to Roth.  A Goodman family also lives there. [CEN3008]


>          David, b. 5/1892, Iowa [CEN0039; SSDI322?]. He was the oldest. He set out on his own when he was young, and no longer had any contact with the family. He may not have married.


>          Mollie Gelb, b. 8/1893, MO [SSDI323?], married Unknown Gelb. She was the oldest daughter and was not living at home in 1920, according the 1920 census.


>          Elizabeth “Lizzie” Levy, b. 6/1895, MO, d. 7/5/1973, L.A., married and divorced, Max Levy, b. MO.  She was still at home in 1920. [CEN2146] They met because both of them were selling movies. Max was in Chicago, and she went there. Max was the brother of Anna (Levy) Cohen, of the Cohen branch of Topeka, KS (see p. --). They did not have children.


OH Births (Ancestry)

Max Levey



f. Nathan Levey, 32, b. Kiev, Russia

m. Sarah Rothstein, 30, b. Kieve, Russia


>          Pauline Ginzberg, b. 12/1897 [SSDI324?], MO married abt. 1920 to Israel (Eli?) Ginzberg, b. abt. 1891, IL [CEN3009]. She was still at home in 1920 [CEN2146] He was publisher of the Jewish Courier. His parents came from Poland. In 1930 they lived in Chicago.


1930 Census

1417 Sherudin (Sheridin?) Ave, Chicago

Israel Ginzberg, 38, President, Publishing, b. IL to parents b. Poland

Pauline, 32, b. MO to paretns b. MO

Edith, 7, b. MO

Catherine Hermes, 22, servant


No additional children in 1940, but name is spelled with a U. They may be the Ethel and Israel J. Ginsberg who were married in Chicago on 2/14/1917. No obit or biographical information has been found generally for Israel, but his father was well known in his day.


Ginzburg, Publisher of Chicago Courier, Dead at 75

CHICAGO, May. 8 (JTA) – (5/9/1938)

Moses Phillip Ginzburg, founder and publisher of the Daily Jewish Courier, died yesterday morning of a heart attack. He was last month honored by a dinner celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of his founding of the Courier, at which Secretary of the Interior Harold L. Ickes was principal speaker.

Mr. Ginzburg, who was 75 last December, is survived by a widow, Feige Rachel, a son, Israel, and three married daughters. Funeral services will be held Monday afternoon. He was born in Marianpol-Suwalk, came to Chicago in 1883 and became publisher of the Courier in 1893.



>          Eva Sara, b. 12/27/1899 or 12/25/1899, MO, d. 7/13/1974, L.A., CA. She was still at home in 1920 and 1930 [SSDI513; CEN2146; CEN3008; D020]


MO Births (Ancestry)

Eva Segel, b. 12/27/1899

St. Louis

Minnie and Isaac


1940 Census (Ancestry)

In Chicago, Eva Segal lives with brother in law Max Levey, Florence Levey.


>          Clarence, b. after 1900. He died young. He is not listed in the 1900 census, which states that all five of Minnie’s children are still living. [CEN0039]


>          Ella, b. after 1900. She died young. She is not listed in the 1900 census, which states that all five of Minnie’s children are still living. [CEN0039]


>          Anne Goldberg, b. abt. 1903, MO [SSDI325?], married David Goldberg


>          Lloyd, b. abt. 1914, MO, married Anna Belle Blender.


Chatskill Efron, son of Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Chatskill Efron, b. approx. 1848, d. after 1906 [VOT008], married Chaya Rivka Even [D059]. He was also married to “Hannah” [D062], the reported mother of Mark. He was a son of the second wife of Yankel, Motte Tsinne’s. Chaya Rivka’s family, Even, was from Amdur, and are listed in the 1858 Revision list.


The Amdur revision list has a Shmerko Khatskel, son of Yankel, age 8 in 1858. This is another case of two brothers in a census listed as one person. [RS084].


Her parents’ names were Shevakh (son of Leib) and Taibe and she was born about 1849. Additional information about Chaya is found in certain Lithuanian records.


First son of the second wife of Yankel had four sons:  Shevach, Noske, Mottel and Yankel and three daughters:  Itke, Taibe, and Sima. [GEN029-SD]


A photo in the Bialystoker Yiskor book shows the administrators of the Bialystoker Center in Melbourne in 1950-51, including one M. Effron (Max).


All of the family that settled in Australia spelled the name with only one “F.”


He had seven children:


Shevach David


Mottel “Max” (Mark)






Description: Australia - grandchildren of ---.jpg

8 Grandchildren of Shevach and Rivka Efron



Description: Australia - Family of ---.jpg

9 The Australian Efrons


Shevach David Efron, son of Chatskill, son of Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Shevach David (Trevor) Efron, b. Amdur, abt. 1867, d. Melbourne, 5/26/1930 [D059], married 1889 1. Shaindel (Sheina; Shena Chaya) Lapidus, b. abt. 1865, d. abt. 1899 [D067; D068; D077; D080; D087]


He married twice.  With his first wife, he had four children:  Jack, Max, Leah and Nathan.  His wife died, and he married again.  His second wife was a widow with one daughter, Sonia.  She was adopted by him and bore the name of Effron until she married.  Shevach had four children with his second wife.  They were:  Leon, Maurice, Lionel, Lola (Lifsha). [GEN029-SD]


Shevach was in Russia in 1918, in Poland in 1925, to Melbourne on 9/27/1927 (Silver) [~ARR]


>          Yankel "Joe" “Jack” [D057; D080], b. abt. 1891 Bialystok, d. 6/14/1969, married 5/14/1918 Fanny Lucks, b. abt. 1897 or 1893 [D083], Melbourne, d. 10/8/1981 (?). She was the daughter of Joseph and Rose [D083]


Yankel arrived in Australia in 1914 [ARR120], and married a girl who was born in Australia, whose name was Lucks, in 1918.  Their son David's son  John taught at Indiana U., Bloomington, then more recently at Berkeley. Professor John Efron is a Professor in Jewish History, and his area of interest is in 19th and 20th century Jewish History.


>          Monia "Max", b. Bialystok, abt. 1893, d. 6/19/1959 [D068], married Rachel Sheshupski (Szyshubski, per D063), b. 3/4/1904, d. 5/9/1981. He arrived Australia in 1925 [~ARR]. David Silver says he died in his late 40s or early 50s., but the death record for him appears unambiguous, and says he died at the age of 66.


>          Leah “Lotchie” Gott, b. 7/3/1895, Bialystok, d. 7/14/1975, married 12/19/1939 in Melbourne to Max Gott (Gotteiner), b. 5/11/1906, d. 4/9/1986. According to the index of her death record, she died in 1976 at the age of 68. [D077] She arrived in Australia in 1927. [~ARR] They did not have children.


>          Nathan (Nathaniel), b. Bialystok, 4/26/1898, d. Melbourne, 11/26/1951 [D067], married 8/13/1925 in Melbourne to Elizabeth "Beth" Feiglin, b. 10/25/1904, Palestine, d. He arrived in Australia in 1923 [~ARR]


married 2 abt. 1900 to Rifke Rohel "Rebecca" Kinishinsky (or Kneshinski, Knichinsky, Kinishiaski, Knishinski), b. abt 1868, d. 9/3/1939. She was previously married, abt. 1890 (and had daughter Sonia). Their marriage record is indexed in JRI-P Her parents, Eli Shmuel (Samuel Elysi) and Liwsha (Lipha) were both born in Bialystok, and died in Jeruslaem in the early 1900s. [D066, D069; D087] She arrived in Australia in 1927. [~ARR]


Sonia Efron-Kinishnisky Sheinker, b. Bialystok, 10/1893, d. Melbourne, 3/27/1972, married 3/22/1931 to Nathan Sheinker, b. England, abt. 1891, d. 6/20/1971. She was adopted by Shevach David as his own daughter. Like her mother, she came to Australia in 1927 [~ARR]


>          Leon, b. Bialystok abt. 1902, d. Melbourne, 8/24/1949, married 1/12/1926 in Melbourne to Gertrude “Gertie” Fryberg, b. Bendigo, abt. 1900, d. 1970. [D081] She is the sister of Esther, her sister-in-law.[D061] Her father was Henry, her mother Rose Marks. He arrived in Australia in 1923. [~ARR]


Leon passed away at the age of 48 in Australia. [GEN029-SD]


>          Morris, b. Bialystok, 1/5/1903, d. 3/4/1962 [D069], married 12/14/1932 to Esther Fryberg, b. 7/25/1908, d. She is the sister of Gertrude, her sister-in-law. He arrived in Melbourne, Australia, sailing from London, in 1922. [ARR121]


>          Lionel (Lipa), b. Bialystok, abt. 1907, d. Surfer's Paradise, 11/12/1985, married 1/24/1934 in Melbourne to Gertie Caplan, b. 9/16/1914, d. 5/26/1965. She was the daughter of Nathan and Rachel (Green) [D071]. He arrived in Australia in 1926. [~ARR]


>          married 2. Fay Reynolds. She came from New Zealand. She was previously married to Braham, with 3 children, but they did not have children between them.


>          Gedalia, b. abt. 1907, d. abt. 1907, twin of Lionel (Lipa) (D. Silver)


>          Liwsha (Lola) Silver, b. Bialystok, 2/6/1909, d. Melbourne, 8/24/1984 [D087], married 12/22/1932 in Carlton to Jacob "Jack" Silver (Zylberblat), b. Bialystok, 4/1/1906, d. Melbourne, 4/2/1982.  They met on the voyage to Australia in 1927 [~ARR]. It is not known if Jacob Silver is related to the Amdur Silverblatt (Choze) family (see p. --).


Noske, son of Chatskill, son of Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Noske, b. abt. 1869


He was the second son of Chatskill; his children were:  Osher (killed), Yetta (killed), Yente (killed), Mottel (killed) and two children survived. [GEN029-SD]


>          Osher, died in Holocaust


>          Yetta, died in Holocaust


>          Yente, died in Holocaust


>          Mottel, died in Holocaust


>          Raisel (Shoshana) Perelman, d. 1987, Israel, married Unknown, d. 1988.  Moved to Tel Aviv in the 1960's.


>          Married 2. in Israel to Joseph Leibel Perelman, her cousin, the son of Sima Mariapolski (see page --).


>          Child. He survived the Holocaust. According to the genealogy of Sam Effron of Poughkeepsie, two children survived the Holocaust. The only child to survive whose name is known was Raisel [GEN029-SD].


Mottel, son of Chatskill, son of Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Mottel (Mordechai) "Mark" "Max", b. 7/5/1871, d. Melbourne, 9/1949, married abt. 1896 [JRI-Poland record?] to Olga (Hudel) (Olive) Glogos (Glogowski), b. Bialystok, 10/28/1876, d. 7/1935, arrived 2/6/1908 to Australia with 3 children. [D062]. Her parents were Benjamin and Reva. [D065; D072; D074; D076; D084] He arrived in Australia in 1904 on a ship that left from Port Said. [ARR122]. She arrived in Australia in 1908 with Sadie, Morris and a third child with the name “Salle,” who is age 7. This may be Sollie, or another child who did not survive. According to Solly’s death record, he was born in 1911, but this may not be correct. [ARR123] He was a draper in and around Melbourne. According to one descendant, Darren Lew, he emigrated to Melbourne from Russia on the Stuttgart in 1904.


Mottel or Max arrived in Australia in 1905, died 1941.  His wife's name was Odel (Olga).  His children were Sadie, Leah, Maurice (born in Bialystok), Jenny, Solly, Norman, Philip (born in Australia). [GEN029-SD]

Description: Mark and Olga Efron.jpg

10 Mark and Olga Efron


>          Sadie (Shifra) McGregor, b. Bialystok, 1/21/1897, d. Melbourne, 7/25/1982 [D084], married 2/19/1915 to William Johnathan McGregor, b. 7/4/1895, d. 2/16/1970


>          Morris Samuel “Maurice,” b. Bialystok, 1/21/1903, d. 3/1965 [D072], married 11/1938 to Hannah Robertson, d. 12/1971. She was the daughter of Robe [verify spelling] and Rachel (Philips) [D075]


>          Jeannie Segal, b. Bendigo, 12/18/1908, married 8/9/1933 in Melbourne to Nathan Segal, b. Newlands, South Africa, 1905


>          Solly Henry, b. Kyneton, 8/27/1911 or 1901 [ARR123], d. 1969 [D074], married 8/4/1936 in Melbourne to Sylvia Borowich, b. Carlton, abt. 1913


>          Norman Benjamin, b. Melbourne, 9/1913, d. 8/1976 [D076], married Melbourne, 10/17/1950 to Josephine Davis, b. 1922


married 2. 11/6/1947 to Fanny "Fairy" Alman (or Alp), b. abt. 1880, d. 1965 [D070]. She was previously married to Abadee. Her parents were Joseph Alman and Jane Davis.


Yankel, son of Chatskill, son of Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Yankel Efron, b. abt. 1876, Bialystok, d. in Holocaust, married Rivka "Rachel" Wolf, d. Holocaust. He arrived in the US in 1907, and is going to his cousin, Joseph Saloi?n?y[Saloway?] at 733 Milwaukee Ave, Chicago. In 1907 he is single and his father, Chatskill, lives in Bialystok. [ARR105-SD1-SD2; ARR204] [verify: How is it that they came to the US, but they died in the Holocaust?]


The family that died in the Holocaust died at Bergen Bielsen (SES).


>          Tevel "Theodore", b. Grodna, 6/23/1901, d. Chicago, 9/15/1979 [SSDI024; ARR004], married 1923 to Fanny Itskovitz, b. 9/23/1907, d. Tucson, AZ, 3/27/1982 [SSDI025].  Tevel arrived 5/26/1925 after an approximately 18 month stay in Argentina. (S. Seidman). He appears in the Chicago directory of 1928 as a buyer, living at 1106 Christiana Av. [DIR039].


1940 census

2147 Farwell Ave., Chicago

Efron, Theodore, 34, Peru, So. America, Division Magr Warehouse, Dept. Store.

Fanny, 32, Russia

Janice L., 10, IL

Sheila, 7, IL

Carol S., 2, IL


1930 census

1106 No. Christiana Ave., Chicago

Effron, Theodore, 23, married at age 20, b. So. America (Argentina is crossed out), arr. 1925, Pa, Buyer of Merchandise

Fanny, 22, married at age19, b. Poland, arr. 1923

Janice L., 5/12 as of April 2, b. Illinois


>          >          Janice Berger, b. 10/17/1929, d. 4/17/1969, married 1948 to Bernard “Bernie” Berger, b. 1925. He is a member of the Berger family of the Schneider/Effron family. See page --. After Janice’s death, her father handled the estate because Bernard was not able to do so (SES).


Tevel came to the US because of his wife’s family. Fanny was best friends with Tevel’s sister, Dora. Fanny married Tevel when she was 15 years old, in 1922, at which point she went to America to join her father, who was there since 1914. Tevel went to Buenos Aires with a cousin and an uncle – Efrons. Within two years, Tevel came to Chicago and lived the rest of his life there.


According to Sheila Seidman, the family had many connections to other Efron families:


- Mickey and Joe Bernstein. Joe Bernstein of Chicago is a descendant of Leizer Efron

- “Red” Rutstein (Miami Jeweller) and son Lewis

- Harry and Fanny Efron of NY (parents of Charlotte (Husband Henry) Libman) of NY

- Bernard Berger (son-in-law of Tevel) Efron connection.

- Zvi Effron (and his brother and sister) of Tel Aviv, b. abt. 1920s


Yankel was a saloonkeeper, and there may be a connection between him and Gdalia’s Yankel (Yankel der Shanker, see p.--). Gdalia was this Yankel’s uncle, and Motte Tsinne’s was probably his grandfather. “My dad told me that he and his cousins used to hide in the hay as his (father? Uncles? Cousins?) went across the German bordedr in a wagon to smuggles sacccharin into Poland. They used the saloon as a base. I figure this must have been around 1910.” (S. Seidman)


Tevel was very friendly with Red Rutstein (see page -), who was a beautiful person and was in the Jewelry business in Miami Beach. His son Louis Rutstein is still in the business.  Tevel and Fanny were friendly with Harry and Fanny Efron, who were in NY. They had a son and a daughter, Charlotte Libman, husband Henry, who lived in Chicago. She died quite young. “When Harry died a very wealthy man, Fanny then married Jack Efron (see page --), a poor relation.”


Sheila Seidman was once invited to a meeting of Efrons in Hammond, Indiana, many of whom were related to her late sister’s husband “through another side of the family. Tevel was a conservator of her brother in law (Bernie Berger) because he was not competent, and Tevel built up quite a lot of money for him and her nieces. Some of the cousins wanted to get at some of that money, and a large division developed in the family over that money. A long and expensive legal battle took place. Mort Efron, Susie Gilford et al. did not get involved, though.” (S. Seidman)


Sheila describes the whole family, including the Australian branch, as having “large baggy eyes and wide jowls. Liposuction can’t even get all of it,” she wrties, jokingly.


Sheila wants to look up the Efrons who are in Israel. She’s met Zvi Efron from Tel Aviv and he had a brother and a sister. Her parents knew him, and her sister might have some information. They would be (then) in their late 70s.


>          Dora "Fanny" (Devora) Zameschansky, b. abt. 1907, d. Holocaust, married Samuel Zameschansky, d. Holocaust. The family perished at Bergen-Belsen.


>          Mottel, b. abt. 1912, d. Holocaust, married abt. 1937.  His wife and a baby boy also died in the Holocaust, all at Bergen Belseon.


Taibe Trevaks, daughter of Chatskill, son of Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Taibe Feiga [VOT039] Trevaks, b. abt. 1878, d. 1968 [D079], married 1902 to Gershon Trevaks, b. abt. 1878, d. 1958. [D073] They moved to Australia about 1929. In 1949, they lived in Edward, Burke, Victoria. [~ARR]



Australia voter registration (Ancestry)

1949, Gershan and Taibi Feigi Trevaks, in Edward, Burke, Victoria


Her husband was Gershon Trivaks [sic].  Her children live in Argentina.  She had one son, Hershell, one son Jack and one son Hyman, and two daughters:  Genia Blumental [sic] and Esther Bards. [GEN029-SD]


>          Genia Blumenthal, b. 9/28/1903, married 1. on 5/1933 to Zvi Blumenthal. b. 1903, d. Israel, 1982


>          married 2. ? Jubal


>          Hershel "Hirsh", b. 1905, d. 1980, married Chaya Salman, settled in Argentina. This branch may have spelled the name as Trivaks (verify).


>          Jacob, b. 1/1/1907, d. 12/30/1972 [D082] Argentina, married 1/26/1929 to Ethel Zavalowska, b. 12/25/1907, d. 1990. This branch may have spelled the name as Trivaks.


>          Hyman, b. abt. 1909, d. Melbourne, 8/14/1966 or 1967 [D073], unmarried. [~ARR]


>          Esther Bardas, b. Bialystok, 12/17/1914, married 2/16/1936 to Morris Bardas, b. London, 8/15/1905, d. Melbourne, 9/27/1959. Esther and Morris visited the US on the Queen Mary, arriving in NY 10/20/1953. [ARR124] This may have coincided with the family reunion of the Poughkeepsie Effron family, which may have happened around that time. There is no record found for her immigration to Australia [~ARR]. They were living in Kooyang, Victoria from 1943 to 1954. [VOT040]


>          married 2 10/15/1962 to Jack Balloul, b. Egypt, 10/12/1919 [MAR103]


Itke Kaganowitz, daughter of Chatskill, son of Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Itke Kaganowitz, b. approx. 1885, married in Pinsk, approx. 1905, to Mendel Kaganowitz. They settled in Moscow.  Parts of the family are still in Moscow.


She was married in Pinsk to a man by the name of Kaganowitz. [GEN029-SD]


>          Sonia, married


>          Alex, married Sonia


>          Haskiel, d. 1954, married


>          Son


>          Celia, d. 1981


Sima Mariapolski, daughter of Chatskill, son of Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Sima Mariapolski, married Mariapolski.  Both perished in the Holocaust.


She was married to a man named Mariapolski and she had three sons.  Only one survived Hitler and he is living in Israel. [GEN029-SD]


>          2 sons, both d. Holocaust


>          Joseph Leibel Perelman, emmigrated to Israel, married his cousin Raisel, the daughter of Noske Efron (see page --).  They settled near Tel Aviv. It is not known why his name is Perelman, if his father’s name was Mariapolski.


Shmerril, son of Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Shmerril Efron, b. about 1851, d. abt. 1882 or 1884, Amdur, married Esther Rachel Minsky [GEN029-SD], b. July, 1849, Russia, d. 10/1929, Poughkeepsie. In 1900 she lived in Poughkeepsie with Jacob, Morris and Eva. At that time she had outlived 3 of her 7 children. [CEN0016; ~CEN20] Esther Richel arrived in the US in 1897 [ARR125; ARR126]. In 1928 she is living with Anna and her son-in-law (and nephew) David Effron in Poughkeepsie. [DIR057]


The Amdur revision list has a Shmerko Khatskel, son of Yankel, age 8 in 1858. This is another case of two brothers being listed in a census as one person. [RS084].


The second son of Yankel by his second wife.  He married near Sapotskin in Poland.  He had two sons and two daughters.  Anna Chae was the oldest, the second child was Yankel, the third Morris and Rivke (Eva) the youngest.  Shmerrill died very young, possibly in his 30th year.  Anna, the oldest daughter, came to the United States about 1892, and she married David Effron in Poughkeepsie.  Then came Yankel (Jake) and Mashe (Morris) and Eva, and their mother Esther Richel.  They all established their home in Poughkeepsie, New York. [GEN029-SD]


Esther Richel, the wife of Shmerrill (who was affectionately known by her grand-nieces as "Tante Bubby") died at the ripe old age of 84 in Poughkeepsie. [GEN029-SD]


Esther Richel (Minsky) Effron, with her three youngest children, Jacob, Morris and Eva, emmigrated to the United States in 1895 to join her elder daughter, Anna, who had arrived in Poughkeepsie, NY in 1892. She died in Poughkeepsie in October, 1929. [GEN030-SD (introduction)]


Their known children were:


Jacob “Jake” (Yankel)

Morris (Mashe)

Anna Chae Effron.

Eva (Eva Rivke) Goldin


Yankel, son of Shmerril, son of Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Jacob "Jake" (Yankel) Effron, b. Russia, April, 1876 (or 1875 or 1878), d. Poughkeepsie, 2/22/1945 [NYT001], married 3/12/1905 to Fanny C. (or L.) Weis(s), b. 7/3/1888, d. 10/-/1968 [SSDI061]. [CEN2068]. He arrived in 1892 [CEN0016; ~ARR] He owned a coal business in Poughkeepsie for more than 40 years.  In 1928 he lives at 154 Garden St., Poughkeepsie and is in the coal business. [DIR057]  Her parents were Barnett Weiss and Sarah Weiss [MAR001]. Cousin Morris L. Effron jointed him and Sidney in the coal business. [MISC034]


The oldest son was married to Fanny Weiss and had two sons and a daughter.  Yankel died at the age of 68. [GEN029-SD]


>          Sidney L., b. abt. 1911. In 1928 he is living at home and is a bookkeeper. [DIR057] Not to be confused with Sidney Efran, who also died at about 47 years of age.


Sidney, the oldest, was married and had one son Edward Raymond and a daughter, Louise.  Sidney died at the age of 47. [GEN029-SD]


>          Harold L., b. 5/19/1911, d. 4/6/1995, Pikesville, MD [SSDI199], married Sybil Klaff, b. 7/27/1915, d. 8/17/1995, Pikesville, MD [SSDI212].  Lived in Baltimore, where his children also lived. She lived in Bal Harbor?, FL


His son Barry traveled to Amdur with his cousin Stewart Cahn.


Harold was in business with his father, but left that business to go to Baltimore to be in the scrap metal business with his wife’s family. [MISC034]


Harold married Sybil Klaff of Baltimore and is living there. [GEN029-SD]


>          Florence Rimai, married Theodore Rimai


Florence married Dr. Theodore Rimai. [GEN029-SD]


He was a doctor in Poughkeepsie for many years and very active in Jewish communal organizations. [MISC034]


Mashe, son of Shmerril, son of Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Morris “Mashe” Effron, b. September, 1878, married abt. 1906 to Sarah Weiner, b. abt. 1883. [CEN0016; CEN2069; CEN3010]  He and his son Marshall owned a dry goods store in Poughkeepsie. He was naturalized prior to 1930. He arrived in 1895 or 1897 [~ARR] and Sarah arrived in 1890. In 1928 they live at 11 Noxon St., Poughkeepsie, where he has The Ready-to-Wear Shop. [DIR057].


His dry goods store early on sold women’s wear and millnery, and later, children and young people’s fashions. It was managed by Morris’ daughter, Anna Dorfman, and then by Marshall. [MISC034]


The third child, second son of Shmerrill, has four sons and two daughters:  Merrill, Jesse, David, Marshall, Anna and Betty Jane. [GEN029-SD]


>          Merrill S., b. 3/26/1909, NY, d. 3/1/1987, Hollywood, FL [SSDI112; DEATH033], married Ruth Unknwon, 11/4/1912 or 11/14/1912. In 1928 he was a student and living at home. [DIR057] He was an attorney in a local partnership in Poughkeepsie [MISC034]


The first son of Morris, married late and has no children. [GEN029-SD]


>          Anna Dorfman, b. 3/2/1911, Poughkeepsie, d. 7/-/1973, Poughkeepsie [SSDI326], married William Dorfman, b. 9/24/1908, NYC, d. 8/1974, Tehran, Iran [SSDI327].


Anna is married to William Dorfman [GEN029-SD]



>          David, b. 8/4/1913, NY, d. 7/19/1999, Sarasota, FL [SSDI598], married Judith G. Unknown, b. 4/15/1922, d. 9/30/2004, Sarasota, FL [SSDI608]. He was an attorney with the Duchess County public defender’s office. [MISC034]


David [GEN029-SD]


>          Jesse, b. 9/19/1915, NY, d. 9/2/2004, Poughkeepsie [SSDI600], married Lee Unknown. He had a book and art store called "Three Arts Store" in Poughkeepsie, opposite the Vassar College campus.


Jesse [GEN029-SD]


>          Marshall R., b. 6/3/1920, NY, d. 7/10/2001, [SSDI605] married Marion Unknown. Marshall owned Effron’s Clothing Store in downtown Poughkeepsie.  The author, his wife, and our then-one-year-old daughter Amdura “Amy” visited Marshall at his house in the Poughkeepsie area in the summer of 1999 (we were on vacation in the general area).  Other local Effrons were there. Marshall has sent me various clippings from local papers related to the Effron family of Poughkeepsie


Marshall [GEN029-SD]


>          Elizabeth (Betty Jane) Katzin, married Dr. Benjamin Katzin.


Betty is married to Dr. Benjamin Katzen. [GEN029-SD]


Anna Chae Effron, daughter of Shmerril, son of Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Anna Chae Effron, married David Effron of Poughkeepsie.


See family of David Effron, son of Israel, Yankel Motte Tsinne’s at page --. David helped bring to the US Esther Rachel, Yankel, Morris and Eva [MISC034]


Eva (Eva Rivke) Golden, daughter of Shmerril, son of Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Eva (Eva Rivke) Golden, b. 9/28/1884 or 9/1882, d. 5/24/1960, married 12/29/1908 in Poughkeepsie to Joseph Golden, b. 1878.  [CEN0016; CEN2002] The settled in New Milford, CT. [MISC034] Joseph owned a dry goods store.  City directories list many other Goldens, almost certainly related.  She arrived in 1897 with her mother [ARR125; ARR126]. He arrived in 1898 and was naturalized in 1904.


"Eva" was the second daughter of Shmerrill, married Joseph Golden of New Milford, Connecticut.  They have four sons and one daughter:  Merrill, Lawrence, Walter, Archie and Ruth. [GEN029-SD]


Eva Rifke Effron, daughter of Shmerrill and Esther (Minsky) Effron, was born at Grodno, Russia, on September 28, 1884. Her father died when she was two years old, leaving his widow and four children. Her mother, younger brother and she emigrated to the United States in 1895, where they joined the older brother and sister in Poughkeepsie, NY. A few years after her arrival, she enrolled in a millinery school, but did not complete the course.  She left to assist her brother, Morris, in his small store which he had established at Wappingers Falls, a few miles south of Poughkeepsie.


The Effron home at Poughkeepsie was a center for Jewish social activities and many area peddlers were regular guests, among them was Joseph Golden.  He and Eva were married at Poughkeepsie on December 29, 1908 and they made their home at New Milford, CT, where the Golden business was located. From 1910 to 1919, they had five children.


She was an ardent believer in the rituals of Judaism and maintained the tenets of Kashruth despite the difficulties presented by the lack of facilities in New Milford and the tiny Jewish population. She was a most devoted mother and wife and made a delightful home for her family, which occupied her time fully.


Had she lived to the present time, she would have been one of the most zealous supporters of women's rights. She believed that women could accomplish as much and as well as men if only given the opportunity. She greatly admired Eleanor Roosevelt for her achievements.


She died on May 24, 1960 and is buried in the family plot at the Miry Brook Cemetery of the United Jewish Center, Danbury, CT.  [GEN030-SD]


Joseph is part of the Golden clan which has its roots in the shtetl of Lunna, not far from Amdur, and is related to various Effron branches [GEN030-SD].  For example, Suzi, the author’s wife, is the granddaughter of Ruth (Goldin) Ruskin, part of the Heffron of Boston branch (Efron Genealogy Volume II).  . The Golden family is also part of the Meir Efron family of Israel (Meir, son of Motte, son of Gdalia, Motte Tsinne’s).


Merrill has two children. [GEN029-SD]


>          Merrill Samuel, b. 1910.  He was named for his grandfather. His grandmother was Esther Rochel Minsky, and she came from Sapotskin.


Lawrence has four children. [GEN029-SD]


>          A. Lawrence, b. 1912. He goes by the name of Lawrence. After his first child, he remarried.


Walter has two children. [GEN029-SD]


>          Walter R.


Ruth is married to Joseph Katz. [GEN029-SD]


>          Ruth E. Katz, married to Joseph Katz.


Archie. [GEN029-SD]


>          Archibold "Archie" J.


Anna Levine, daughter of Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s


The daughter of Yankel by his second wife married a young man in Amdur by the name of Avrom Levine.  They had two daughters, Chae Rivke and Itke. Avron [sic] Levine died as a young man, the same age as Shmerrill, his brother-in-law, about 1881.  Anna married again, and her second husband lived quite a distance from Amdur.  She took her youngest child with her.  Chae Rivke (Ida) remained with her grandparents the Levines. [GEN029-SD]


Anna (Genia) Levine, b. abt. 1855, married Avrom Levine, d. Amdur, about 1881. Genia Efron, daughter of Yankel who is the son of Mortkhel, is listed in the Amdur Revision List as being 3 years old in 1858 [RS084]. Avrom had two brothers in Chicago, and a brother Motte Leib in NY.


>          Chae Rivke "Ida" Levine, b. 5/16/1873 [ARR152], d. 2/20/1935, Poughkeepsie, married 1. On 3/1/1893, Cook County (Chicago), IL, and divorced, Louis (Leon) Baum, b. 7/1872, Russia. [MAR002] She initially arrived in the US in 1888, 1889, 1894 or 1900 [~ARR]. He arrived in 1894. [CEN0032-SD]  She is buried in the McCaul St. Cemetery, Toronto, but there is a gravestone in Poughkeepsie that appears to be for her as well.


Ida returned to the US at least twice after having settled in Mt. Forest, Ontario. Once, when she got married to Harris Mones in Poughkeepsie in 1933, and later that year, when she travelled back to Kingston, NY from Mt. Forest [ARR152].


She was a girl full of life, and at the age of 15 she left for America, and went to Chicago where she had two uncles.  After a couple of years, I suppose she married a young man and they had two daughters:  Bessie and Tilly.  Then trouble began, and she divorced her husband.  Then in 1903, she came East to look for a husband.  She had another uncle living in New York, Motte Leibe Levine, and she went to visit him.  At the same time, a young man came to New York from Canada, also named Levine, but no relative.  His wife was dead, so the two young people became acquainted and were married.  She journeyed to Mt. Forest, Canada [northwest of Buffalo, NY and Toronto, Canada] with him, where they made their home, and three daughters were born to them:  Etty, Sadie and Rebeccah. [GEN029-SD]


>          >          Bessie Davidson, b. 1893, Russia,d. 10/17/1960, Toronto, married before 1933 to David Davidson, d. before 1961. She arrived in 1894. [CEN0032; ARR- (her mother’s, in 1933)] In 1933 they are living in Toronto. They were members of the Tzedec Synagogue and their burial was at the Dawes Road cemetery. [OBIT042]


Ontario, Canada marrs. (Ancsetry)

8/15/1912, marriage in York Cty.

Bessie Baum, b. US, 18, f. Louis Baum, m. Ida Levin

David Geo. Davidson, 28, b. Russia, f. Boruch Davidson, m. Leba Broudy


>          >          Tilly Cadesky, b. 8/1900, married 6/14/1918 in Gray, Owen Sound, Ontario to Samuel Cadesky. [Marr- Ontario; OBIT042]. At the time of their marriage, he is a junk dealer. He was the son of Issie (?) and Esther (Levinsky) [MARR104]


Chicago Birth Cert index (Ancestry)

Tillye Baum, b. 8/30/1900, Chicago

f. Louis Baum, m. Ida Levin Baum


The Cadesky family is well established in Owen Sound, Ontario. There are many records from the town of Gray Ontario, including that of the marriage of Tillie and S., which shows her father as Louis Baum and her mother as Ida Levin. The synagogue in Owen Sound is named after Ezeqiel Cadesky, a member of the family who lived there.


>          married 2. in 1904 to Jacob LeVine, b. Usilion, Minsk, 2/2/1867 or 2/9/1867, d. 7/7/1925 or 7/27/1925, Mt. Forest, Ontario. He was the son of Benjamin Isaac and Bella (Cohen) LeVine. It was also his second marriage. His children by his first marriage were Samuel, Morris, Ann Holand, and Nellie Taylor.  He was first married to Ida Slobadkin, according to his daughter Nellie’s marriage certificate, or Sora Slobodkin, according to Gayle Leyton.


Information received from Gayle Leyton. Gayle also sent me a copy of the 1930 Amdur Benevolent Society’s commemorative booklet in early 1996. Her grandmother was Rachel Levine Drucker, sister of Samuel and Dan Levine; their mother was Mary Levine. (Originally my notes say her grandfather was Samuel LeVine, step-son of Ida Levine, and that he is buried in Waldheim cemetery in Chicago.) [Verify relation of Rachel LeVine Drucker to this family tree.]


Gayle Riley Keys has done research on this branch.  I met her at the 1995 Washington, DC Jewish Genealogy seminar.  We were attending a small lecture (Slutsk group) around a table, and I was between her and someone else who wanted to look at her family tree.  As I passed it, I glanced at it.  Out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw the name Effron, and so I asked her if she had Effrons, and she said Yes!  We met again at the 2006 JG conference and she then added more information about this branch.


>          >          Etta Gold, b. 11/4/1904 or 3/1904, Durham, Ontario, d. 2/22/1991, Scarborough, York, Ontario, married 1929 in Toronto to Edward Gold, d. 2/7/1958, Toronto. She is buried in the Dawes St. Cemetery in Toronto. [CENMISC004; OBIT042]


>          >          Rebeccah "Becky" “Beatrice” Fine, b. 3/5/1907, Lyons Head, Bruce, Ontario, d. 3/1978, Poughkeepsie, NY, married George Gershon Fine, b. 7/23/1902, Montreal, Canada, d. 6/21/1963, Miami Beach, FL. 


After a stretch of 18 years, William married Sadie. [GEN029-SD]


>          >          Sadie Effron, b. 3/5/1907, Lyons Head, Bruce, Ontario, married 9/7/1930 in Poughkeepsie to William “Bill” Effron, d. 2/25/1999 (see page ___).  Sadie and Beckie were twins.


Becky and Sadie were twins. [CENMISC004; OBIT042]



>          Married 3 on 5/13/1933 in Poughkeepsie to Harris Mones [ARR152]. He was previously married to Betsey (Efron) Mones of Kingston, NY. [ARR152] See p. --.


>          Itke, b. approximately 1873. No information is known about her. There is an Ida Levine buried in Poughkeepsie or Kingston (see which could be her.


Married 2. to Unknown. Daughter Itke lived with her mother and step-father far away from Amdur, while her sister, Chae Rivke, was brought up by her grandparents.