Chapter 19 Gdalia, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Gdalia Efron, b. abt. 1822 [RS012; RS013], died probably before 1865, married Pesya, b. abt 1822 [RS013].  In 1850, Gdalia lived with his wife and sons, “Mortheym” (Motte) and Yankel, and his brother David in the agricultural colony Moysevo in the Kurilovichi subdistrict, Slonim district [RS013].  Gdalia moved to the colony from Amdur in 1850. [RS012]


The fourth son of Motte Tsinas [Gdalia], had two sons:  Motte and Yankel. [GEN029-SD]


Kurilovichi (Kurilovice) is located on the road from Mosty to Slonim, closer to Mosty. It is directly east of and close to Pieski and not too far from, Zaludok (southwest of it). It is very close to the small town Lancavicy.


He had two known children:



Yankel, known as Yankel der Shenker.


Amos Krasnitzki told Lunna researcher Ruth Marcus that his mother Sima (Efron) was a cousin of Yitzchak Efron, son of Meir. Yitzchak Efron emigrated from Lunna and settled in 1913 in Palestine. [INT012]


Based on Ruth Marcus’ information from Amos Krasnitzki [INT012], I determined that the entry I had of “Sh’mo Mesha”, son of Shalom Shacne should actually be Shmuel Moshe, brother – not son -- of Shalom Shacne. More importantly, if Sima Krasnitski was a cousin of Yitzchak Efron then the “Mordecai Efron” they both have as a grandfather is one in the same person. Based on this, two branches have been joined as related – the branch formerly identified as “Motte Efron, father of Shalom Shacne Gross-Efron of Kaminka and Meir of Lunna,“ and, the branch formerly identified as “Gdalia, son of Motte Tsinne’s.”


Acknowledgements: Ruth Marcus; Amos Krasnitzki; Barry Effron; Irving Effron; Roselyn Roose; Edith Didario; Barry Efron; Eleanor Antin, Mark Odess, Francis Ladinsky, Helen Smith, Ilene Marko, Frieda Odess; David Brenner; Sharyn Reiner; Walter Winshall; Marshall Golden; Barry Effron; Edna Levins; Bess Pierson; Batya Dashefsky; Jason Hoffman; Marty Miller; Roy Effron


Motte, son of Gdalie, Motte Tsinne’s

Motte Efron, b. 1823 [RS013], probably Ros, married to Esther Reizel Mikhalovski (Mikhaloski?). [MAR105]. He was from Ros [INT015]. Motte’s mother lived to be 105 years old (see below) (or was it his wife? Unlikely to be his wife, as that would have her dying around 1950, which would have likely been known, especially because she would have survived the Holocaust). It was previously thought that he was married to “Fruma.” When Abram Ezra was married, they were living in Simnas.


Their five known children are:


Shalom Shacne Gross-Efron

Shmuel (Shimon?) Moshe



Avrom Ezra.


From Gdalia Efron, son of Leib of Kaminka, came the information that the father of Shacne was Motte, and that the children of Shacne included Simcha, Lazar, Leib, BenZion, Ruben, Udes and Dovka. (Note the similarity here with the names of the children of Yosef Nachum of Lunna.) He said that there were two brothers and a sister from Jaludek [Zheloduk?]. He said that there was a brother of Shacne who had a son with a cement factory in Israel. Based on that information, the family of Meir of Lunna (married to Goldin) has been joined as a son of Shalom-Shacne. There were altogether about 15 or more children of Shacne, but many died at Auschwitz with their families.


Dobke Zuckerman Cohen told her daughter Ilene Marko that the name was originally Gross-Effron.


Shalom Shacne of Kaminka, son of Motte, son of Gdalia Motte Tsinne’s


His nine known children were:




Benjamin “Bennie” (BenZion)

Dore (Dobke) Zuckerman

Julia (Yudes) Odess







According to Mark Odess there were ten children, but several of them did not come to the US and were killed in the Holocaust. Gdalia, son of Leib, said the children included: Simcha, Lazar, Leib, BenZion, Ruben, Udes and Dovka


Another possible child is Yakov Efron, based on the Yad Vashem entry for his son, Yeshayahu Shakhna Efron. Yakov might be the son of another Efron from Kaminka – this has not yet been determined. This Yakov’s wife was Khana [YAD172].


Shalom Shacne Efron, b. approx. 1862 or 1870, d. age 69 in Aushwitz, married to Alta or Chae Peshe. His name is given as “Charlie” on the marriage certificate of Julia. Her name is Altie Czersky, according to Benjamin’s marriage certificate, and Ida Pescher according to the marriage record of Julia. Mark Odess recalls his grandmother speaking of a large family, affluent, who lived in the south, maybe in Atlanta, and had a big dept. store (Morgel's??). This suggests a relation to the Chatanooga family.  Many members of the family are referred to as “Gross-Effron” in immigration records.


Mark Odess recalls that the chicken [turkey?] farm in Poughkeepsie (area) was called "Empire Chicken."


Shacne had hide & grain stores/shoe factories in various towns. Something like 100 or 150 individuals from the family were killed in Aushwitz (per Gdalia) according to some family members. Shacne was one of many siblings.


Shacne's mother was Fruma, who died at the age of 105, when she had a broken leg; at that time Shacne was the only surviving child, and so he received "the keys" to the shop. He lived in the District of Grodno in 1906 and 1907 [VOT031]


The “Gross” in Gross-Efron could be the name of Shacne’s wife’s family.  It might also be a nick name, since its meaning is “big.”  It is said that they were short people (“big” being used facetiously), or it was such a large family they were called this. The actual source of the name “Gross” is not known. There was a family named Gross (“Grous”) in Amdur, but it is not known if there is any connection. [RS Amdur--]


>          Moshe, b. Ostrin, Szczuczyn, Nowogrodek,  abt. 1882 or 1894, d. abt. 1942, Auschwitz [YAD128; YAD131], married Rachela or Rakhel Schwarzberg (or Shvartzbard [YAD128] or Shwarzburd [YAD129]), b. Ostrin 1884 or 1896, d. abt. 1942, Holocaust. [YAD129; YAD132] In 1908 I a directory of homeowners in Alytus Kalvarija, Suwalk Gubernia, Moshe is listed as “Grous Efron,” on Kalvariskaya Street. [DIR077] They lived in Ostrin. He was a glazer [YAD128]. This branch of the family is based in part on the record of internment at Auschvitz for Abram Efron. [YAD cite? VERIFY]. Pages of Testimony [YAD128 thru YAD132] appear to match up with this branch, except that they state that Moshe’s parents are Yitzchak and Khana. This discrepancy needs to be resolved. Nevertheless, those entries have been tentatively incorporated here. Her parents are Tzvi Hirsh and Sara Lea [cite?].


>          >          Shloma, b. abt. 1899, married in Kovno 3/26/1925 to Etta Shapiro, b. 1897. She was the daughter of Moshe and Chaia of Kedainai. Shloma is added here as a son solely due to the Luthianian marriage entry recorded in JewishGen’s All Lithuania database.. That record states that Shloma Gros Efron was the son of Moshe Itsok and Leah of Alytus, and is a butcher. [MAR106] There is a possibility that he is not a part of this branch of the Gross-Efron family.


>          >          Abram, b. 4/14/1904, Ostryna, married Frume Droznin, b. abt. 1904, d. Holocaust. He lived in Ostryna, where he was a blacksmith. Her parents were Asha and Rokhel [YAD127]. He emmigrated to Israel.


>          >          Sara Nickowski (or Nitzkovski), b. abt. 1915, Ostrin, d. abt. 1942, Auschwitz, married to Yona Nickowski. [YAD130].


>          >          Mordecai “Max”, b. 10/10/1918 or 1917, Ostrina, d. 1992, married Golda (Zehava) Kalman.  He submitted Pages of Testimony for this family [YAD129; YAD131]. He is a survivor of Theresienstadt. [YAD145]. According to Mordecai’s grandson, Roy, Mordecai’s parents both were killed in the Holocaust. [INT013]


>          >          Gila Apman. She submitted a Page of Testimony for this family. [YAD128]


>          >          Dvora. She survived the Holocaust.


>          Rivka, b. abt. 1888.


>          Benjamin “Bennie” (BenZion) Efron (Gross Efron), b. 9/5/1892 or 12/5/1891, Grodno, d. 3/1979, Princeton, NJ [SSDI069; NAT054-SD (with photo)], married 7/8/1916 in NYC [MAR036-SD1-SD2; INT014] to Beckie Zaveloff (Zarloff per marriage cert), b. 5/1/1893 or 3/7/1890, Kossovo, Grodno [CEN2053], d. 2/15/1958 [CEM094?]. Her burial record is tentative. He arrived in the US in 1909 at NYC as Benzion Grossefron (indexed in Ancestry as Grossefrow and Ellis Island as “Grossefrau” [ARR131]. She arrived 12/11/1906 at Philadelphia. In the 1920 census he is called “Barney.” In 1920 they lived at 231 Madison Ave., NYC, in 1916 he lived at 1350 Washington Ave., Bronx, and in 1941, he lives at 2185 85th St., Brooklyn. He had a large poultry farm in New Brunswick, NJ called Orchard Farm. In 1916, he lived at 1350 Washington Ave., Bronx. He was naturalized in 1944 while living at 1520 50th St. in Brooklyn, and she was naturalized at the same address in 1945 [NAT054-SD; NAT055]


>          Dora (Dobke) Zuckerman Cohen [~CEN20], b. approx. 1893, d. abt. 1970, NYC, married 1. NYC abt. 1913 to Harry (Harris) Zuckerman, b. 1892, Storin, Russia, d. 2/12/1921, Cleveland, OH [DEATH126]. He was a building contractor along with many brothers in Cleveland. Dora early on lived at 210 Madison Ave. They also lived in the Bronx, and then Brooklyn. She arrived in 1909 at age 16 with her sister Julia [ARR141], and stayed with her aunt for about 6 years prior to getting married. She does not appear to be the Dora Effron who lived with Bertha Liss in 1920 because this Dora was already married by 1920 and the one who lived with Bertha Liss was not married., Her name was originally “Gross-Efron,” according to Mark Odess. His parents were “Henry” and “Rose Ceralnik” of Storin. [DEATH126]


>          Julia (Yudes) (Anna) Odess, b. 1/12/1894, Kaminka, d. 11/-/1970, Brooklyn [SSDI457; ~CEN20], married 1/4/1913 in NYC [MAR035-SD1-SD2] to Sam Odess, b. abt. 1891. In 1913, she lived at 26 Rutgers St. He was a jeweler in 1913. Ship arrival manifests indicate that she first came to the US in 1909 with her sister Dora [ARR141], left, and then returned in 1911. When she re-immigrated to the US in 1911 she was coming from her father in Kaminka and joining her sister at 210 Madison St., NY. [ARR028-SD1-SD2]


>          Leib, b. abt. 1896, Kaminka, d. 11/1942 at Treblinka, married to Miriam Goldberg. His son Gdalia wrote a page of testimony for him. [YAD081]. Another page of testimony is from Leib’s brother-in-law, Norman (Nakhum) A. Goldberg of Miami Beach, FL., who also submitted pages for Leib’s children Chaim, Mordechai and Nachum. [YAD173]


According to Gdalia there was a cousin with a cement factory in Israel. Gdalia had found him after the war but they did not keep up with each other. This cousin is probably Zvi Efron or one of Zvi’s brothers, who were in the cement business.


>          Rubin Efron, b. 9/15/1896, Kaminka, d. 7/31/1969, Farragut, LI, NY [SSDI084; CEM101; Verify old DEATH record 101; NAT064; ARR033-SD1-SD2], married 1. 6/2/1918 in Manhattan [MAR037-SD1-SD2] to Dora (Dinah) Shecter, b. abt. 1897 or 1901, Wolno, Russia, d. 5/2/1941 [CEM045; Verify old DEATH record 30; CEN2080]. He arr. at NY on the Vaderland, sailing from Antwerp on 9/17/1912 as Ruwen Efron. His last place of residence was Kaminka, where his father, Shacne, was then living. He went to his sister Dobe at 210 Madison. Dora arrived in 1914.


They are both aliens in 1920. In 1920 he is an operator (machine operator?) and lives at 475 Elton St., Brooklyn. Later, from 1920 through 1922, he lives at 223 Madison. They have a boarder with them in 1920, Sam Fishman. In 1918, Rubin lives at 207 Madison Ave. He was naturalized in 1929.


>          Married 2. to Fannie (Feiga) Unknown, b. 3/31/1903, d. 3/17/1974. She was the daughter of Zev Wolf [CEM100]. She is his wife based solely on the fact that they are buried together and that his first wife died young.


>          Lazar


>          Simcha


>          Malka Goldberg, b. 1908, Kaminka, d. Treblinka Camp in the Holocaust, married to Tzvi Arie Goldberg [YAD083]. Malka is considered a daughter of Shacne because of the page of Testimony submitted to Yad Vashem which says she is the daughter of Khaia Efron and was born in Kaminka.


Shmuel (Shimon?) Moshe of Kaminka and Haifa, son of Motte, son of Gdalia Motte Tsinne’s


Shmuel (Shimon?) Moshe (from oral history he was remembered as “Sh’mo Mesha”), b. abt. 1865, d. 1936, Haifa or d. 1/4/1936, Alytus, Lithuania [DEATH125], married Leah Sirota, d. 1948, Haifa. [INT015] His wife ran a lumber mill and a flour mill. The three daughters, other than Genia, were Zionists and moved to Palestine in about the 1920s.  They and their families settled in Haifa.  These three daughters were in the import/export trade.  I was told initially that “Sh’mo Mecha” was a son of Shalom Shacne, and much later determined that he was in fact a brother. According to Amos Krasnitsky, in fact, his name was Shimon, not Shmuel. [GEN--]


>          Sima Krasnitsky, married Ephraim Krasnitsky. They had a large family. [INT015]


According to Ruth Marcus’s interview with Sima’s son, Sima settled in Israel and was married to Efraim Krasnitzki. They resided in Haifa. Sima had two brothers: Shmuel and another one.


There is a death record of a Moshe Efron of Alytus, Lithuania. That record says that “Mausius Efronas” was the son of Mordchelis, and therefore he probably is a son of Motte Efron of Ros, who has descendants in Alytus – but this “Mausius” does not seem to be the same as Shlomo Moshe. [DEATH125]


>          Rochelle


>          Penina. She may be the Pnina (Efron) Jacobi of Haifa who attend memorial events for Lunna Jewry in 1950 [GEN—(Ruth Marcus Lunna Efron summary)]


>          Son. He            stayed in Russia. He was an intellectual, and was imprisoned for some time in the Soviet Union.


>          Genia "Jeanette" Fineman, b. abt. 1910 or 1912, married Sol (Paroshkaya) Fineman, divorced. Sol is remarried and living in Florida. Genia is the youngest. She arrived after Sol had already immigrated to NY and re-immigrated to NY, approximately 1932 [~ARR]. They settled in New York City. Sol and Genia grew up together in the town of Ros or Ross, which is close to Volpa and Volkovysk. According to Sol, Genia's family came from Lunna.


Gdalia, son of Motte, son of Gdalia Motte Tsinne’s


Gedalia, b. approx 1866, d. after 1921. He was in the lumber business, probably run by his wife as he was likely a talmudist. He is probably the Gedalia son of Mordecai who is listed in the 1906 and 1907 voter lists of Grodno Gubernia. [VOT026]


He may have settled in Jerusalem.  According to emails from Yosef Sa’ar, his Krulewich relative left Simnas before 1880.  “Of the Simnas Efrons, one brother settled in Jerusalem, now deceased I believe, and the second in Cleveland.”  The brother in Jerusalem “survived the war.”


>          Fanny (Feicha) (Feiga Rivka) (Fania) Vlosky, b. abt. 1875, Ros, Poland, d. 11/9/1945, married abt. 1893 to Joseph (Yosel) (Yosef Tsvi) Vlosky (Wloski), b. 1871, Ros, Poland, d. 12/11/1951 [CEN3228; ARR304-SD1-SD2]. They are buried in Brooklyn [CEM288; CEM289]. In 1930 he works in a paper bag factory [CEN3228]. In 1940, Herman Vlasky and his parents live at 55 West. 164th St. Herman is an accountant. (1940 US Census). There is an article from the 2/6/1995 digital edition of the New Yorker about Roz, Ben, Lena and Edna (“Her mentor was Lena Vlosky, an International Ladies' Gar- ment Workers' Union ... Her daughter, Edna, was Wendell Willkie's nurse at Lenox Hill Hospital..”)




There was a William and Gertrude Vlosky living in NYC, as found in the 1930 census, with a 1 year old daughter, Lorraine. [CEN3209] This William appears to be the brother who preceded Joseph to New York. The family next store to the William Vlosky family was Finman, including a son named Solomon, born in 1910. Might this Solomon Finman be the same as the husband of Jeannette Fineman, above? In addition there is a naturalization record for Gertrude Vlosky which says she arrived as Gitla Piroszkier, 17, arriving 10/12/1923 at New York with her brother Szmuel, 14, and father Chaim, 56. They are going to her Uncle, Max Firiman, 520 W. 146th St., NY. Born in Kosi [legible, but may have been “Ros” and copied incorrectly], Poland, where her mother Doba lives. This Gertrude Vlosky was naturalized on 11/12/1940, at 1350 Clay Ave, Bronx. She was born in Ros 12/25/1905. Husband is William, married 11/12/1924 in NY, he b. Ros 4/30/1901.


>          >          Benjamin (Wolf), b. abt. 1900, Ros, d. late October, 1962, Spring Valley, married abt. 1924 to Lena Cibulsky, b. 4/5/1902, Russia, d. 2/1982, Spring Valley, NY [SSDI682]. He had two sons who died young. In 1925 he lives in Spring Valley, next to the David Effron family (see below) [CENMISC012], and in 1930 his young family is living with his parents and siblings. According to the 1930 census, Benjamin came to the US in 1914, then the rest of his family came in 1921. Lena came in 1918 [CEN3228]. They lived on the Old Nyack Turnpike, and had lived in the area since around 1927. He ran the Bondell’s Jewlery store for 15 years, prior to his death. In 1962, he was survived by his son Marvin and his daughter Edna. [OBIT090]


One grandchild of Benjamin seems to be Dr. Richard P. Vlosky, a Professor at LSU and Director of the Louisianna Forest Products Development Center at the University.




>          >          Julius (Judel), b. abt. 1907, Ros. In 1930 he is a painter and is living with his parents. [CEN3228]


>          >          Hyman (Chaim), b. abt. 1913, Ros. He never married.


>          >          Roselyn "Roz" Roose, b. 1914, Ros, d. 3/5/2005, New York, married Dr. Lawrence J. Roose. She lived in Provincetown, on Cape Cod, and in New York City. [OBIT088]


>          Solomon "Sol", b. Grodno abt. 1894, d. New York City, [ARR029; CEN3011] married abt. 1920 in U.S to Rose Unknown, b. abt 1897, Russia. In 1930 they lived in Brooklyn. When he immigrated to the US in 1911 he was going to his aunt, E. Friedman, in NYC.


>          >          Edith D’addario, b. abt 1921, NY, d. 3/4/2007 married D’Addario. She lived in New York City and was Executive Director of the Joffrey Ballet School.  She joined the Joffrey School in 1961. [OBIT089]


>          Mendel "Max" Efron, b. 4/15 or 4/16/1898, Grodno, d. 1/-/1975, New Rochelle [SSDI090; ARR114; CEN3012] married abt. 1922 in U.S. to Bertha Unknown, b. 10/15/1895, 11/10/1890 or 1891, Wolozin, d. 9/1973, Fresh Meadows, Queens [SSDI064]. He arrived 8/28/1921 with sister "Cypka" on the Gdansk at NYC, both as "Efren." He was then a hairdresser. They both last resided in Grodno, where their relative (father) Gdalja Efren lives at 19 Grandzicka. They are going to their brother, Sala Efren of 1384 Boston Rd., Bronx. In 1/12/1928 Max and Bertha live at 785 Home St. On 10/2/1922 they lived at 1392 Boston Road and in 1930 they lived in the Bronx at 3971 Gouvernors Avenue.


>          Sipka "Celia" (Cecilia) Seide, b. Grodno, 9/1/1904 or 1903, d. 7/13/1995, Monsey, NY [SSDI300; ARR114], married abt. 1926 in U.S. to Oscar Seide, b. 2/15/03, Poland, d. 2/1969, Bronx [SSDI496; CEN3013]. They settled in New York City. She arrived with her brother Mendel on 8/28/1921, see above. [INT016] He was an electrician.


>          Monya, d. Israel. His family settled in Israel. [INT016]


Meir of Lunna/Grodno, son of Motte, son of Gdalia Motte Tsinne’s


Meir Efron, b. abt. 1870, Grodno area, d. abt. 1917, Amdur?, married Golda Golden, b. Lunna. Golda emmigrated from Lunna to Palestine about 1920. Golda Golden's half-brother was Aaron, the father of Joseph Golden of West Danbury, CT, whose wife was Eva Rivka Effron Golden (see page --). Ruth Marcus, who has researched the families who lived in Lunna, had spoken with one of the descenda

nts about his family history.


According to Zvi, Yitzak’s son, Meir was a brother or a cousin to Henry Ephron of California (see Vol. 2, Chapter 23 ) and had once visited him in California, and has been in contact with Nora. (R. Marcus)


There are other Goldin/Golden/Efron connections. For more information about the Golden/in family, see p. --.


>          Yitzak (Isadore), b. 2/7/1892, Lunna or the city of Grodno , married Dvora Hurvitz. He is the oldest child. He attended the Reali School in Grodno and came to Eretz Israel in 1911 or 1913. He was the first child to go to Palestine. He was the managing director of Olamit Asbestos Cement Works Ltd. For many years he was chairman of the Colony Committee, Rosh Pinah. In 1952 he lived at 47 Hen Blvd., Tel Aviv.  He is written up in the 1952 Who's Who in Israel. [BIO -- ]. He also wrote a book about Rosh Pina [verify-- translate and incorporate info]


Translation from the book: "Encyklopedia le-halutse Ha'yishuv u- bonav" by David Tidhar, courtesy Eli Melitz:

Yitzhak Efron

Born in Luna, Grodno Gubernia, 7-Feb-1892 to his father Meir (forests / woods trader).

His mother: Golda, daughter of Yitzhak Goldin.

Received traditional education and studies in a Russian high school.

Occupation: forests / woods tarder

Came to Israel: 1913

Worked as agricalture worker in Yavniel, Mikveh-Israel and moved to Rosh-Pina, recruited to work in the Turkish army.

Built an agriculture farm in Rosh-Pina and lived there.

In 1918 married to Dvorah, the daughter of Shmuel Horowitz from Rosh-Pina.

He served for years, as the head of the commitee of Rosh-Pina and took an active position in the public institutions in Rosh-Pina.

In 1934, he established Quarries in the Galilee area and in 1937, became to be an official constructor for the British army in the Galilee and built some of the roads there.

During the years 1938-1944, worked in Syria and Lebanon as an official constructor for the British army and built a network of military roads there.

In 1947, he opened a factory "Olamit" Ltd. in Petach-Tikva for cement and asbestos products, this factory supplied the products all over Israel and managed to save this way, a lot of foreign currency as those products were imported before to Israel from overseas.

Elected in 6-Jan-1955 to serve as the president of "Hakochav" ("The star") Chamber of Bney-Brit, , in Tel Aviv.

An active member in Bney-Brit`s chamber "Yitzhak Yalin" in Tel Aviv.

A Presidency member of "the Action Foundation" of "The General Zionists movement in Israel".

His Descendants: Meira (the wife of Baruch Klienmann), Zvi, Shmuel and Ezra.



>          Aaron. He was in business with Yitzak.


>          Chaya. She was not married.


>          Tova Rubenstein, married and divorced Unknown Rubenstein They did not have any children.


>          Pnina (Pearl) Neeman or Nieman, married Unknown Neeman/Nieman. Spelling of the name is unsure. There is another child, other than Yitzhak.


>          >          Yitzhak.


There is a Yitzhak Neeman, b. 9/15/1928, Tel Aviv, in the 1980 Who's Who in Israel, who is presumed to be the same as this Yitzhak Neeman [Verify – what proof that they are the same?]. The Y. Neeman (or Ne’eman) in Who’s Who is the Director of Bronfman's Agency, Ltd., publisher of “Who's Who in Israel” since 1980!  Previously, he was with the Ministry of Defense and was also attached to the Malawi Embassy to Israel in the late 60s. The Yitzhak Neeman, in Who’s Who is married to Hava Sokolovsky and they have children Rachel, Erez and Ziv. In 1980 he lives in Tel Aviv. (1968 Who's Who in Israel).


Avrom Ezra, son of Motte, son of Gdalia Motte Tsinne’s


Motte had a son Avrom Ezra and he had a son, Rubin. [GEN029-SD]


Avrom Ezra, b. abt. 1882, Ros, married in Simnas, 5/16/1907 to Sora Mirel Bialosky (Bialotsky?), b. Simnas, Alytus, 6/11/1886, probably in Simnas, d. Hola, Israel or d. in the Holocaust.  [MAR105] Avrom Ezra died young from Pneumonia. Her parents were Israel and Rakhel (Korchmar). During WW II she was in Balbieriskis. [YAD139]  He lived in Simnas, Lithuania, which is near Alytus.

[Jewishgen All Lithuania database]


Rubin is a lawyer in Washington, D.C. [GEN029-SD]


>          Reuben, b. 4/12/1911, Russia, d. 11/22/1993, Miami, FL [DEATH019; SSDI194], married Edna Unknown, b. 10/2/1911, d. 4/5/1994, Miami, FL [SSDI188?]


Reuben attended the University of Vytantas the Great in Lithuania and practiced law for five years in Kovna (Kaunes), Lithuania prior to coming to the United States.  He immigrated through Cuba [~ARR]. He entered the Atlanta Law School, Atlanta, GA 9/14/1940 and graduated 2/3/1943 in the top of his class.  While attending Atlanta Law School he worked at the Shirley Cloak & Dress Co., Alabama St., Atlanta.  During that time he lived at the following addresses:  223 Ramona Av., SW Atlanta; 266 Atlanta Av.; 66 Quilan St., and 28 Clark St.  Reuben practiced law in Washington, D.C. in the 1960s. Reuben worked for the Pentagon. [cite] They did not have any children.


>          Irving Effron, b. 4/10/1912 or 4/10/1914, d. 2/26/1996, Beachwood, OH, married Amalia “Mona” Wilk. [OH deaths vol. 30593, cert 016823; SSDI637].  He came from Sopeckin, near Grodno.  He was in the jewelry business and lived in Cleveland.  He first came to the US in 1930 [~ARR]. He also arrived in the US in 1946 as Iserie Efronas and is going to his uncle, Isadore Bialosky [ARR138]. He is buried in the Park Synagogue cemetery in Cleveland. [OBIT--]  His oral history (with his wife) is on file at NYPL AJC Oral History Collection (not transcribed – accessible by special permission only). For permission, contact NYPL


In 1930 he lives with his maternal uncle, Ben Bilasky in Cleveland.


* * * * * * * * *


The descendants of Moshe (of the Shalom Shacne branch) may be the same as the descendants of one Mashe Efron of Alytus, Lithuania, as per Gershon Efron:


>          Abraham, settled in Israel


>          >          Benjamin, some of his children may be in the US

>          >          Rivka, some of her children may be in the US


>          Shacne, settled in Capetown, South Africa


>          >          Gershon, b. 3/30/1929. [~CEN20]  He has 3 children.  They live in Pikesville, MD. In 1973 he lives in Scarsdale, NY and then applied for citizenship.


>          >          Moishe, lives in South Africa.  Has three children.


>          >          >          Mark, lives in Los Angeles.


>          >          Rivka, deceased.


[verify tabbing done correctly]


Yankel “Der Shenker” Effron, son of Gdalia, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Yankel “der Shenker” Effron, b. abt 1847 [RS012; RS013], married Sheina Golner [MAR003].  They lived in Narevka (Narefka). A “shenker” is a tavern keeper.


The people in Poughkeepsie knew of him, and Edna used his name when she went there visiting. Yankel had a very long red beard. He was very learned. He and his family came from the town of Narefka. Narefka (better known as Narewka Mala or Narevka) is located 50 km ESE of Bialystok at 52/50 23/45 coordinates (WOWW).


According to one descendent from this branch, there was once an ancestor, a woman, whose name was Efron and she had 20 children. [INT017]


They had nine known children:


Channa “Ann” Brenner

Gdalia “Joe”


Mashe Grune “Minnie” Leibowitz

Jennie (Shifre) Marrus



Unknown Supraski



Channa “Ann” Brenner, daughter of Yankel “Der Shenker” Effron, son of Gdalia, son of Motte Tsinne’s

Chamma "Ann" Brenner, b. abt. 1867, d. prior to 1945, married William (Wolf) Brenner, b. abt. 1867, d. 12/11/1945 [~CEN20; CEN3014?]. Chamma arrived in 1904 with Esther, Victor, Sarah and Bess [ARR142], and William arrived abt. 1899. She was the oldest daughter. They settled in Seneca Falls, NY. All of the family came to them at one time or another. The second to youngest child was born in Europe in 1902. 1930 census reference is not verified and so information from there is not incorporated here.


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>          Esther, b. abt. 1893. She never married. She lived with her sister Sarah and her family. [cite]


>          Victor (Avigdor), b. abt. 1895, d. after 1915 (per NY State 1915 census)


>          Sarah Rosenblum, b. abt. 1897, Russia, d. 8/29/1979, marrried 7/13/1919 [cite] in Syracuse to Obie Rosenblum. He was the son of Jacob and Bluma (Scrinopska). They lived in Syracuse. Scrinopsky is (coincidentally?) the name of a Jewish family in Topeka, where the Morris Affron branch settled (see --). Although an unusual name, there is no known connection.


>          Bess Pierson, b. 1909, Seneca Falls, NY (Ship Arrival), marr. Charles Pierson. She and her husband were great supporters of Israel. At one time, Golda Meir was in the US and she stayed with them.  They lived in Syracuse. They did not have any children. His name appears to be Charles, based on a ship arrival identifying a Bess Pierson, born in Seneca Falls.


Joe (Gdalia) Effron, son of Yankel “Der Shenker,” son of Gdalia, son of Motte Tsinne’s

Joe (Gdalia), b. 11/12/1874, Svisloch, suicide 1/19/1929, married before 1904 to Sonya (Sore) Unknown, b. Waronis (Waronisch, from ship manifest), d. 1/16/1932. She may be the Sophia Efron in the 1930 census living at the Jewish Home [~CEN20]. They lived in Syracuse. He was the oldest son. She (?) arrived around 1884 or 1901. He arrived on 6/18/1904 on the SS Pennsylvania. [ARR100-SD] They did not have any children.


Avraham Effron, son of Yankel “Der Shenker,” son of Gdalia, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Avraham, b. approx. 1884, d. 12/24/1913 [CEM022]. His surname may have been Heffron. He was b. abt. 1884 according to my interviews. In 1904 when his brother Gdalia arrives he then lives at 133/35 Canal St. in NYC. He arrived in the US in 1903 from “Narovky” [Narevka] and was then going to his brother-in-law Dino Efron, c/o E. Goldstein of 306 Delancey St., NYC [ARR143]. “Dino Efron” and “E. Goldstein” have not been identified.


His cousin was Schiea Friedman, who arrived in the US in 11/15/1904 and indicates that he is going to his cousin, A. Efron, of 33 Canal St., NYC. It is not known how this cousin is related.


Mashe Grune “Minnie” Leibowitz, daughter of Yankel “Der Shenker” Effron, son of Gdalia, son of Motte Tsinne’s

Mashe Grune "Minnie" Leibowitz, b. abt 1886, Russia, d. abt. 1969, married abt 1909 in NYC to Israel David "Srul" Leibowitz, b. abt 1881 or 1883, Russia, d. abt. 1965, age 83 [~CEN20; CEN3017].  She arrived around 1904 [~ARR], and he around 1905.  All of their girls were college educated. She was a tailoress.


Jennie (Shifre) Marrus, daughter of Yankel “Der Shenker” Effron, son of Gdalia, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Jennie (Shifre) Marrus [also, Marus], b. abt. 1887, Russia, d. 2/28/1969, married 1/24/1906 to Barnett “Barney” Marus, b. 1/15/1883, Russia, d. 12/7/1966 [SSDI454; CEN3016; CEM221]. She arrived in 1900 [~ARR] and he arrived in 1903. He was the son of E. Marrus and Etta Puchalsky. [MAR003]. [Verify spelling: one R or two?]


The Marrus family appears to have come from Narevka. On 9/5/1909, Hinde Marrus came to the US and joined her brother, Isidor. With her are her mother, Liebe, and sister Friede. Her brother, E. Marrus, is back in Narevka. The extended Marrus family is interred at the Narevker Society section of the Mount Zion Cemetery in New York, including an Elias, who is probably Barney’s father, and both an Ida and a Yetta, one of whom may be his mother.


David Effron, son of Yankel “Der Shenker,” son of Gdalia, son of Motte Tsinne’s

David Effron, b. abt. 1890 or 1893, Narefka (Grodno), d. 8/13/1953 or 8/15/1953, Spring Valley, NY [CEM088; ARR011; CENMISC012; CEN3018; OBIT--], married abt. 1916 to Minnie (Mina) Haberman (EL) or Hoberman (Adlowitz?), b. abt. 1897 or 1898 in Podulsk, d. 4/1/972 [CEM089; CEN2056]  David arrived in 1910 at NY on the "New Amsterdam". He was then single and came from “Mariwski” or “Marenski,” Grodno, where his brother [sic?] Yankel lived, and came to his brother-in-law Srul Leibowicz at 34 E. 3rd St. The town referenced on his arrival is most certainly Narewka. Minnie arrived in 1906.  David was naturalized in 1917.  In 1920, David is a cutter in wholesale clothing, and they lived at 822 Trinity Ave., Bronx. He was a big union supporter. He was the youngest. He lived in Spring Valley where he had a farm. There were Effron Cousins club meetings at a farm in Spring Valley. At those meetings was a big picture with all the family. [INT018] They were all redheads. He had a store in Oradell, NJ. In 1930 Elise and Anna Hoberman, probably her parents, lived with them. Living near the family in 1925 is the Vlosky family, cousins (see above) [CENMISC012]


Someone sent an email from the Efron family history website, but did not give their name or email, and said that the mother of the David Effron of Spring Valley family was Minnie Adlowitz. This doesn’t match up with any records except David’s wife, though her name is believed to be Haberman or Hoberman.


Isaac (Isadore, Yitzchak), son of Yankel “Der Shenker,” son of Gdalia, son of Motte Tsinne’s

Isaac (Isadore, Yitzchak), b. abt. 1892, Grodno [ARR051] or Amdur, d. abt. 1962, married abt. 1913 to Fruma "Florence" Liniewska (Linevsky), b. Narevka 1/10/1893, d. Syracuse, NY 7/1979 [SSDI072; ARR111; ~CEN20; CEN3015]. He arrived in 1914 and was going to his brother-in-law “B. Kones” and was discharged to his uncle, N. ...kin at 26 Henry St. He resided in Narefka prior to immigration. She arrived on 6/29/1920 at NYC with daughter Scheine, age 6. Fruma and Scheine had last resided in Narefka, where her father, Abram Liniewska lives. They are going to I. Effron, residing at 308 Mource St., (sic, should be Munroe St) Syracuse, but he is temporarily at 1475 Longfellow Ave., NYC.


His family tree and other family information was contributed by Batya Dashefsky [GEN032-SD; INT019]


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12 Isaac and Fruma Efron, wedding photo [verify], ca. 1913

Unknown Supraski, daughter of Yankel “Der Shenker” Effron, son of Gdalia, son of Motte Tsinne’s


Unknown Supraski, married Unknown Supraski. She lived in Lodz, where she ran a store. Edna and Bess visited her daughter after the war. [YAD?]


Her son Leizer was a resident  at Pearsall Rd., Parkridge, NJ in 1954 when he arrived in the US with his children Yvette, Rosa, Simon, Louis & Benjamin B. [Ancestry]. He was born 9/9/1910, Lodz and had lived in Lodz. Leizer’s wife (?) Roza was born 1921 in Lodz and Simcha (Simon) was born 10/3/1947. [YAD174]


Yasha, daughter of Yankel “Der Shenker” Effron, son of Gdalia, son of Motte Tsinne’s

Yasha. She was too sick to make the voyage to America. Minnie went in her place. (EL) [YAD?]