Chapter 2 Chaim Efron/Tsinne’s , son of Leib and Tsinne of Amdur


Chaim Cheikel, b. abt. 1780, d. abt. 1853, Amdur, married Leah Katzenellenbogen, b. 1790, d. abt. 1860 or 1888, Amdur [RS077; RS079; RS078; CENMISC007]. In 1858, she is a 68 year-old widow living with her son Shael in Amdur. At least one of her sons sometimes used Katzenellenbogen as his name, or hyphenated with Efron.


She was a descendent of Saul Wahl Katzenellenbogen, the famous “King for a Night” of Poland, according to Leizer Aharon Efron [MISC --]. Chaim was favored by the Russian government and traveled to Koenigsburg to sell Russian state produce. He was devoted to the Shulcan Aruch, an important Jewish text.


I searched Neil Rosenstein’s genealogies of the Katzenellenbogen family at The Jewish Theological Seminary’s library when in NY for the Jewish genealogy conference in the summer of 2006. I could not find Leah in his genealogy of the Joel Isaac Katzenellenbogen or the other works I examined there [MISC--]. I corresponded with him in 2004 but he was not able to suggest any new avenues of inqury for my Katzenellenbogen connection.


Chaim Tsinne’s had four known children, detailed below:


Abraham Abba (See Chapter 3)

Leib Efron-Katzenellenbogen (See Chapter 4)

Shael (or Shaul), also known as Samuel Lowenstein (See Chapter 5)

Tsipporah “Tsipa,” married to Shmuel CHOZE (See Chapter 6)