Chapter 20 David, son of Motte Tsinne’s


David Efron, b. Amdur, abt. 1826 [RS012; RS013], d. Amdur, 1858, married his niece, Taibe Efron, b. abt. 1826 [RS024; cite Amdur book].  She was the daughter of Mashe, and remarried after David’s death.  See page --.  David ].  In 1850, David lived with his brother Gdalia and Gdalia’s family in the agricultural colony Moysevo in the Kurilovichi subdistrict, Slonim district [RS013].


He was the third son of Motte Tsines.  He married a girl called Taibe.  They had only one son called Motte.  David, the father of Motte, died young. [GEN029-SD]


>          Motte "Taibe's", b. Amdur, 1849, d. Sajaroff, E. Rios, 1920, married Peshe Sergei, b. Shishlewicz, Lithuania, 1848, d. Sajaroff, E. Rios, 1936. The Sergei family also came from Amdur and was registered there in 1858 [RS108], although Yedidia Efron says the Sergeis lived in a town “near Bialystok” [MISC19]. She was the daughter of Yudel and Gittel [RS108]


Yedidya Efron, author of Amdur, Mayn Geboyrn Shtetl, was the son of Motte and Peshe, so this branch is well known. Motte’s family is also discussed in Sam Effron’s genealogy [GEN029-SD].


Because David, the father of Motte died young, Motte was known in Amdur as Motte Taibe's, after his mother.  Motte married and had seven sons, namely:  David, Chaim, Gdalia, Shevach, Yedide, Leibe, and Yuddel.  Motte was well educated in Hebrew, and all of his sons received a good education in Hebrew.



He emigrated to Argentina in 1895 with all of his family, except Chaim who came there in 1911, and from there, Chaim came to the United States in 1915 with his family. [GEN029-SD]


Acknowledgements: Julio Mazo; Gabriela Benatuil; Paula Efron


David, son of Motte Taube’s, son of David, son of Motte Tsinne’s


David Efron, b. Amdur, 1868, d. Sajaroff, Entre Rios, 1940, married Sara Debora Lesnik, b. Berestovich, Lithuania, 1870, d. Sajaroff, E. Rios, 1948. She could be the same as the Devora Lasnick who was believed to have been killed in the Holocaust. See page --.


Extensive genealogical research of this branch was done by Julio Mazo, son of Teresa (Taibe Effron) Mazo.


David’s six children were:


Celina Shlime Fingerman


Catalina Gitel Rais

Elias Elie

Teresa Taibe Mazo

Raquel Pustilnik


The son of Motte Taibe's married and had two sons and three daughters:  Shlime, Ellia, Gitel, Rachel and Youdel. [GEN029-SD]


>          Celina Shlime Fingerman, b. Amdur, 1892, d. La Plata, Argentina, 1966, married Isaac Fingerman, b. Poland, 1893, d. La Plata, 1966


>          Yauda Effron, b. Amdur, 1894, d. Buenos Aires, 1962, married Bebeca Lea Mosovich, b. Col. Carmel, E. Rios, d. Buenos Aires


>          Catalina Gitl Rais, b. Sajaroff, 1902, married Miguel Rais, b. Lublin, Poland, 1886, d. Salto, Uruguay, 1970


>          Elias Elie Efron, b. Sajaroff, 1904, d. Buenos Aires, 1974, married Catalina Huberman, b. Entre Rios, 1903, d. Buenos Aires, 1986


>          Teresa Taibe Mazo, b. Sajaroff, 1908, d. Resistencia, Argentina, 1983, married David Mazo, b. Baranowicz, Lithuania, 1908, d. Buenos Aires, 1938


Julio Mazo, son of Teresa Mazo, contributed to this genealogy details on the Argentinian branches of Effron and some of the Israeli families. His research includes Argentine Effron families not related to his own.


>          married 2. Zisie Gerszman, b. Miedzyrzec, Poland, 1899, d. Resistencia, 1967


>          Raquel Pustilnik, b. Sajaroff, 1910, married Julio Pustilnik, b. Clara, Entre Rios, 1913, d. Entre Rios, 1958


Zvi Chaim, son of Motte Taube’s, son of David, son of Motte Tsinne’s


The second son of Motte Taibe's was married to a girl by the name of Braverman, and they had one son Pesach (Paul) and a daughter Betty.  Chaim's wife died, and he remarried.  His second wife was the daughter of the Chazen of Amdur, a girl named Chave Elitzer.  Chaim and Chave had five daughters and two sons...Chaim and his family came to the United States in 1915 and settled in Poughkeepsie. [GEN029-SD]

(Zvi) Chaim (variously also Herman, Emon, Edman, Eiman) Effron, b. abt. 1869 or 1872, Amdur, d. 8/13/1959, New York, NY [CEN2060; CEN3229-SD; CEM029; D73 old ; EST 30 old; ARR106-SD1-SD2], married 1. Peshi Leah Braverman, b. approx. 1874, d. between 1897-99. Originally he went to Poughkeepsie, NY, then later to Brooklyn, where he was a Rabbi.  It is not known if Peshe Leah is related to the other Braverman family in this genealogy, which came from Amdur (see page --). Peshi Leah died after (or during) the birth of their second child, Paul.


Description: Effron, Yedidia and Chaim.jpg

13 Yedidia and Chaim Effron

He arrived 3/22/1911 in NY on the Tennyson, sailing from Santoe (Argentina?) together with his second wife and children Paul through Ida [ARR106-SD1-SD2]. According to his ship manifest, he had previously lived in Philadelphia from 1888 to 1903 (the wife from 1888 to 1906). The manifest also states that children Paul through Toibe were born in Philadelphia. These two affiliations with Philadelphia have no other support, and therefore appear to be in error. The manifest states that he is a teacher, and that he and his wife were born in Kovno (the reference to Kovno also appears to be in error). He was previously residing in Argentina.


In 1908 the family was living in Warsaw when they left Hamburg port, apparently for Buenos Aires. [ARR305-SD]


In the late 1920s, Chaim, urged by his wife, moved from Poughkeepsie to Brooklyn to ensure that his five daughters find suitable husbands. Their three sons remained in Poughkeepsie. [MISC034]


In the 1940 census they are still at 2061 82nd St., Brooklyn (where they lived in 1930) and living at home are Dora, 40, Edith, 35, and Ida, 30. All daughters are single, and where Dora was born in Poland, Edith and Ida were born in Argentina.


He had nine children, as detailed below:


By his first wife:

Betty Rosenberg



By his second wife:

Morris L.

Dora Apfel

Edith Werner


Tillie Pincus

Ida Kalburn

Rose Stern


>          Rachel "Betty" "Bebe" or “Baba” Rosenberg, b. 10/24/1896, prob. Amdur, d. 8/6/1963, El Paso, TX [DEATH093-SD], married in Russia to Leo Rosenberg (nee Gonionsky), b. 9/23/1896, d. 1/4/1970 [SSDI344]. El Paso, TX.  They were childhood sweethearts and married prior to emigration. They emigrated in 1922 and settled in El Paso, where several of Leo's brothers and his father had already arrived. They lived at 4006 Santa Anita, El Paso.  Rachel was the sole owner of the Royal Dry Goods Company, and had a major interest in Le Rose, Inc.


The Rosenberg family is written up in The El Paso J. Historical Review, Vol 2, Fall 1984, pp. 267-274, by Ruth Braun. Ruth Braun is related. This issue of the periodical has brief family histories of selected El Paso Jewish families.  Leo Rosenberg, with his parents Ben and Fannie, his wife Rachel and his son Harry all arrived at New York in 1922 and joined her father, Chaim Effron, in NY.  A brother of Leo, Harry Rosenberg, worked for the A. and J. Stolaroff brothers in the Boston Store until 1916, and the rest of the family joined him in El Paso. A & J Stolaroff were Jewish pioneers and their brother was the Kuznica rabbi.


The Rosenbergs were also from Kuznica.  Their original name was Gonionsky, but the father, Ben Rosenberg, was adopted by his step-father and took the name Gonionsky. When he came to the US, he reverted to Rosenberg..  All four sons changed their names when immigrating to the US. Harry was first to come, in 1904 at NY.  He returned to Russia and then returned at Galveston in 1906. The Rosenbergs came from a successful merchant family in Kuznica, and were fluent in several languages and well educated, both secularly and religiously. Family members were leaders of Congregation B’nai Zion. In 1932, Leo and his brother Herbert opened Rosenberg’s Department Store, which later became Superior Dry Goods. After that business failed, Leo opened the Royal Dry Goods store on Overland Street.. He died in 1970 and the business was sold, though the building is still owned by his family.


>          Paul (Pesach), b. Amdur, 10/6/1897 or 1899 or 1900, d. 4/-/1969, Poughkeepsie, N.Y. [SSDI085], married 1. Dora, d., married 2. Jean Stein. Paul and Jean may not have been married (according to some in the family). He operated a diner for many years [MISC034]


married 2. Chave "Eva" (or "Eve") Elitzer, b. abt. 1878, d. 10/5/1948 [CEM030; Verify old DEATH record 44; EST 43; ARR106-SD1-SD2; photo --]. She was the daughter of the Amdur Chazon (Cantor), “Tsvi Hirsh” Elitzer.” In 1948, they lived at 2061 82nd St., Brooklyn.


>          Morris Louis (Moses), b. 2/14/1901, Capilla, Argentina, d. 12/28/1951, Poughkeepsie [OBIT NYT004; NAT012], married in Nashua, NH, 8/23/1924 [MAR –] or in NYC 7/25/1925 [NAT012] to Mary S. Zieve, b. Worcester, MA, 8/27/1903. According to the 1908 ship manifest, he was born before that emigration from Europe [ARR305-SD]. Her parents are Max and Sarah (Salinsky). In 1928 they lived at 6 Worrall Av., Poughkeepsie, with his brother Joseph. Together they ran The Auto Exchange [DIR057].  In 1930, he sold cars and lived at 35 Manitou St., Poughkeepsie. He was once the president of the Poughkeepsie Board of Education and a partner in Effron Fuel Oil Co. He arrived 2/10/1911 or 3/22/1911. He had last resided in Desparachiados, Argentina.


He was in a few businesses with his brother Joseph, and then they ran a fairly sizeable car sales business. After a short time in that business he joined his cousin Jacob Effron and Jacob’s son Sydney in the coal business. He was very active in local organizations, especially Jewish organizations. He was on the board of education, and helped to put up a new high school in the city. [MISC034] See further information under Jacob.


Morris had two sons, Howard and James...Morris died at the age of 48. [GEN029-SD]


Howard is married and has a son and a daughter, his son is named after his father Morris. [GEN029-SD]


>          Dorothy (Dvora) "Dora" Apfel, b. 8/17/1902, d. 6/-/1984, Hawthorne, NY [SSDI345], married 6/30/1936 to Milton Apfel, b. 12/29/1905, d. 4/1978, Miami, FL [SSDI346]


Dora married to Milton Apfel and they have one son Herbert; they live in Brooklyn. [GEN029-SD]


In the 1940 census she is shown as still single, and living at home.


She is probably the same as the Dora Effron, b. abt. 1900, who appears in the 1920 census [CEN2057; Verify old DEATH record 39]. That Dora Effron, from the 1920 census, is not married; she arrived in the US in 1911 and was naturalized in 1914. The Dora Effron in the 1920 census is probably the same as Dora Effron Apfel because of age, date of arrival, and likely having Amdur roots. Dora is enumerated as living in the house of her cousin, Bertha Liss, and other relatives of Bertha. Bertha (Abramsky) Liss, 34, came to the US in 1913 and is a daughter of Chaim Abramsky, whose family is found in various places in this genealogy. See “Other Amdur Families,” page-- for information about the Abramsky family.


According to the 1920 census, Dora, Bertha and the others reside at 234 Broome St., across the street from, it seems, Jacob Efron and family, of 233 Broome St.  Jacob Efron was a cousin to Bertha because Bertha’s brother Joseph was a cousin – but just how is not known. As for Dora, maybe Eva (Elitzer) Effron was from the same family as LISS.


Living with Bertha in 1920, in addition to her immediate family and Dora Effron, are other cousins:

1. Max Feinberg, age 23, who arrived in 1913.

2. Abraham Eisen, 27, who arrived in 1919.


Max and Abraham are from Amdur, based on other research. Some analysis is required to determine how  Bertha’s other “cousins” might be related to Dora. Bertha’s parents were Chaim Abramsky and Tscherna Margolis. See Other Amdur Families.


Abe Eisen arrived around 1919; his ship manifest was found (but not retrieved here) and shows his hometown as “Amdo.” His parents were Moshe Eisen and Rivka Chavitz (?) (or possibly Zinas). Abe Eisen’s half brother, Chaim Eisen, was born in Amdur about 1887 to Moshe and Chaia (“Helen”) nee “Zinas.” “Helen Zinas” is the name given in Chaim’s social security administration application.  According to Chaim’s son (father of Sandy Eisen, source of this information), Moshe Eisen’s second wife -- the mother of Abraham Eisen -- was “Rivke” and was perhaps a sister of Helen. Chaya (Helen) died in the childbirth of Chaim [INT004], abt. 1888. Chaim came to NY in 1908.  From a social security application from one of Rivke’s sons, however, her family name is given as something like “Chavitz.”. Note the similarity of “Zinas” and “Zinnes” and “Zines” – “Chavitz,” not so similar, but if the V should be an N (not an uncommon mistake) and the CH is pronounced as in “church,” then the sound of the names would be the similar.


Max Feinberg, another cousin enumerated with Dora and Bertha in 1920 was the son of Zachariah Feinberg and Leah Abramsky. Leah (Abramsky) Feinberg and Chaim Abramsky were probably brother and sister. Leah Feinberg’s children refer to Chaim Abramsky of Amdur as their uncle when they immigrate to the US.


Mote Feinberg (presumably the same as the Max Feinberg, above) arrived in the US on 2/18/1914, age 18 years old. He was born in and last lived in Amdur, where L. Feinberg, his parent, lived. He is going to his sister, Gida Feinberg at 80 Norfolk St., NYC. This Mote is possibly the same as the Max Feinberg who lives in Brooklyn, according to the 1930 census, who is the Max Feinberg cousin found in the 1920 census. The Max Feinberg who lives in Brooklyn in 1930 is from Amdur, is married to Eva who was born in 1901 (this Max is born in 1896), and they have children Arthur L., Herbert L. and Lorraine D., born 1922, 1925 and 1929, respectively. See section on Feinberg family in “Other Families of Amdur.”


Second daughter of Chaim, is married to a man named Werner and she has one daughter, Matilda. [GEN029-SD]


>          Edith Werner, b. abt. 1906, Argentina, married Albert “Al” Werner after 1940. Her name is given as "Katrina" on the 1911 ship manifest, age 4 (in 1911). Is she the Gittel, age 3 ˝  in the August 1908 manifest [ARR305-SD]? In the 1930 census she is shown as born in Argentina, abt. 1906.


Joseph was the second son of Chaim and is unmarried and resides in Poughkeepsie. [GEN029-SD]


>          Joseph, b. 2/1/1907 or 2/22/1907, Desparamados, Entre Rios, Arg., d. Poughkeepsie, 1/-/1987 [SSDI106; NAT053-SD]. He never married. He arrived 3/23/1911. He was an auto dealer at the time of declaring his intent to be naturalized and he then lived at 2061 82nd St. in NYC. In 1928 he lived in Poughkeepsie with his brother Morris and Morris’ wife, and ran The Auto Exchange with Morris. [DIR057]


The third daughter is married to Ted Pincus and has one daughter Paula and a son Robert. [GEN029-SD]


>          Matilda "Tillie" (Taube) Pincus, b. abt. 1904 or 1908, married Theodore “Ted” Pincus. She became a high school teacher when the family moved to Brooklyn.


In 1940 Theodore and Matilda live at 1758 E. 17th St., Brooklyn with their children, Robert M. and Paula S., and a maid, Oneatta Darby. Theodore is 38 and a native of New York, Robert and Paula 7 and 2 years old. In 1930 they live at St. John’s Place. They are newly married, and he is an accountant.


Ida, the fourth daughter, is married to Jack Kalburn, they live in Brooklyn and have no children.



>          Ida "Idabelle" (Itta) Kalbern, b. 9/26/1910, married Jack Kalbern, b. 2/26/1911, d. 7/-/1972 [SSDI348]. She was naturalized in 1940 when she lived at 2061 82nd St. in Brooklyn. [NAT068].


Rose, the fifth daughter, is married to a man by the name of Stern and she has two daughters, Phyllis and Marcia, and they also live in Brooklyn. [GEN029-SD]


>          Rose Stein, b. abt. 1911 or 1913, NY, married Leo Stein [verify: Stein or Stern?]


Gdalia "Charles", son of Motte Taube’s, son of David, son of Motte Tsinne’s

Gdalia "Charles" Effron, b. 1878, d. 10/29/1951 [OBIT NYT005], married 1. in Argentina to Itke "Ida" Effron, b. 1/1877, Amdur, d. 9/25/1916, Poughkeepsie, NY. She was his cousin, the daughter of Israel Effron (see page --) [CEM290-SD; CEN0013-SD; CEN2055; ARR244-SD]. In 1928 he was in the junk business and lived at 31 S. Clinton in Poughkeepsie. He was then married to Leah, his second wife [DIR057]  He was in the scrap iron and metal business for many years. He was a president of Congregation Schomre Hadath.


The third son of Motte Taibe's, was married to Itke, the daughter of Israel Effron, while living in Argentina.  They came to Poughkeepsie in 1899.  They had two sons and three daughters. [GEN029-SD]


The 1900 U.S. census index says that Charles' wife is Ida, b. January, 1877, and that she is 24 years old, and that there is one son, Ima, b. March, 1899 in New York. It says that Charles' age is 66 and that he was born 1834 – which is incorrect [CEN0013-SD]


They came to the US in March 1899, shortly after their marriage in Argentina. For details of the marriage and voyage, see the autobiography of Sam Effron [ARR224; Autobiography of Sam Effron, Part III].


>          Ima (male), b. 3/1899, NY [CEN0013-SD]. In the 1910 census it says that Ida has four of her six children surviving, so this son must have died young.


Matilda, the oldest child, is married to Donald Taylor, and they live in New York.  They have one daughter called Effron Ida (Ronnie). [GEN029-SD]


>          Matilda E. Taylor, b. 1904, married Donald Summerfield Taylor. They live in Manhattan, NYC and Milford, CT.  In 1928 she lives at home and is an editor at Central Hudson Gas & Electric. [DIR057] He died prior to publication of Eva Goldin’s book. She was an executive with “Women’s Wear.” [MISC034]


Mary, the second child is married to Harry Guthait.  They have no children and they live in New York City and California. [GEN029-SD]


>          Mary Guthait, b. 9/16/1904, d. 2/-/1992 [SSDI349], married Harry Guthait, b. 4/28/1903, d. 5/1986, NYC [SSDI350]. In 1928 she lives at home but works as a clerk in NYC [DIR057]. They settled in California. [MISC034]


Ethel, the third daughter, is married to Milton Bruml [sic] and they reside in Princeton, New Jersey.  They have one daughter, Elise. [GEN029-SD]


>          Ethel Brumel (Bruml), b. 1907, married Milton Brumel (Bruml). In 1928 she is a student and living at home [DIR057]. Eva Goldin and Sam Effron spell the name as Bruml [GEN029-SD], but records indicate it is spelled as Brumel. They settled in Princeton, NJ.


The older son is Abraham Effron, who is unmarried and is carrying on the business started by his father when he first came to Poughkeepsie. [GEN029-SD]


>          Abraham, b. 12/25/1908, d. 2/13/1991 [SSDI232], married Ann.  In 1928 he was in school and lived at home [DIR057] He was in the scrap business with his father and continued it after his father’s death  By 1985 he retired, and sold the business to a Kingston business owned by descendants of a family who also had origins in Amdur. [MISC034].


Dr. Benjamin Effron, the younger son, is married, and has one daughter Kathe, and resides with his family in Poughkeepsie. [GEN029-SD]


>          Benjamin, b. 6/16/1911, 12/10/1985, Palm Beach, FL [SSDI116; DEATH029], married Mildred Litton, b. 8/17/1913 or 8/17/1914, d. 10/-/1995, Palm Beach, FL [SSDI208].  He was a pediatrician in the Poughkeepsie area and retired to Florida. [MISC034]


married 2. between 1917 and 1920 to Leah Kahn, b. 1874 [DIR057]


Shevach Abraham, son of Motte Taube’s, son of David, son of Motte Tsinne’s


The fourth son of Motte Tsine's was married in Argentina and had two sons:  Bernardo and Raphael, and also three daughters, names unknown. [GEN029-SD]

Shevach Abraham Efron, b. abt. 1878, Amdur, d. Entre Rios, 1950, married Sara Pustilnik, b. Hashvota, Ukraine, 1888, d. Entre Rios, 1956


Yedidia, son of Motte Taube’s, son of David, son of Motte Tsinne’s


The fifth son, was married in Argentina.  They had three sons:  David, Tobias, Raphael and two daughters, Taibe (married to Dr. Kaplan) and Teina [sic – daughters are Sima, married to Dr. Kaplan, and Taiba].  They all lived in Buenos Aires, S.A. [GEN029-SD]

Yedidia  (Iedidio) Efron, b. Amdur, 1878, d. Buenos Aires, 1951, married Sara Maria Szteimberg, b. Entre Rios, 1881, d. Buenos Aires, 1956. [BIO018-SD] He wrote a book about Amdur: Amdur, Mayn Geboyrn Shtetl, (“Amdur, My Hometown”). The original Yiddish version of the book is on the New York Public Library web site and translations are on the website. He was an educator and a leader in the Jewish Community of Argentina. His biography is in the introduction to the book about Amdur (see JewishGen link). His biographical vignettes of various Efrons from Amdur have been abstracted at Appendix – [MISC019] and an entire chapter of his book is devoted to his own family.


See photo of brothers Yedidia and Chaim, above.


Yedidia Efron is buried in the Liniers Cemetery (Cementerio de Liniers), in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, which is the most exclusive of the Jewish cemeteries. [CEM-- ]


David is at present living in Geneva, Switzerland, where he has a post with the U.N. [GEN029-SD]


>          David, b. Villaguaz, Entre Rios, Argentina, 1904, d. Geneva, Switzerland [ARR136; ARR137; BIO018-SD], married Genevieve Unknown, b. abt. 1913, Baltimore, MD.  He was a social scientist and author. He wrote a book about gesticulation and culture, focusing on the presumption that there was such a thing as Jewish gesticulation.


>          Sima Kaplan, b. Entre Rios, 1906, married Dr. Yehuda Kaplan, b. Santa Fe, Argentina, d. Buenos Aires.


>          Tobias, b. Argentina, married unknown, b. Argentina


>          Rafael, b. Argentina, 1911


>          Paloma (Taibe) "Blackie", b. Argentina, 1912 [ARR071], d. Buenos Aires, 1977, married Carlos Olivari, d. before 1970.  They were married for 12 years.  She was a famous TV personality with an acerbic wit.  She began her career in 1939 by singing negro spirituals on the radio and performing in variety shows. Some of her singing has been recorded. [Art 5/3/70 B.A. Herald Sunday Supplement; Art 8/1/36 “Dulce de Limon: Blackie & Thorry”; LIB013]. They did not have any children.


Leon (Leibe), son of Motte Taube’s, son of David, son of Motte Tsinne’s


The sixth son of Motte Tsine's [sic, should be: Motte Taube’s] lived in Argentina, and had two sons:  Bernardo; second name unknown and three daughters, Taibe, Gittel and Rivke. [GEN029-SD]

Leon (Leibe) Efron, b. Amdur, 1881, d. Buenos Aires, married Juana (Anna) Pustilnik, d. Buenos Aires.


Yudel, son of Motte Taube’s, son of David, son of Motte Tsinne’s

Yudel Efron, b. Amdur, 1885, d. Buenos Aires, 1929, married Rosa Graschinsky, b. 1886, d. Buenos Aires, 1973.


>          Francisco Pine, b. Entre Rios, 1910, d. Buenos Aires, 1968, married Rebecca Yankelevich, b. Argentina, 1921, d. abt. 1989.


>          Idite Badische, b. Entre Rios, 1912, d. Buenos Aires, 1985, married Juana Graschinsky, b. Entre Rios, 1913.


>          David, b. Entre Rios, 1914, d. Buenos Aires, 1932.


>          Sime Stubrin, b. Entre Rios, 1916, married Aron Sturbin, b. Entre Rios, 1913, d. Buenos Aires, 1978.


>          Simon, b. Entre Rios, 1922, d. Buenos Aires, 1974, married Olga Zentner, b. Argentina, 1924.


>          Taibe Wallach, b. Entre Rios, 1925, married Gustavo Wallach, b. Poland, 1921.