Chapter 21 Kunne Karpovich, daughter of Motte Tsinne’s


Her name could also be spelled as Cunne or Couney. I first latched onto this branch when I was looking at vital records indexes in the Massachusetts Vital Records office. As I recall, I wasn’t even looking for Efrons but simply saw a record with the name Efron. Sandra Karp informed me that the wife of Simcha Karpovich was Kune Efron. Sam Effron’s genealogy [GEN029-SD`] only mentions her first name, and that she is a daughter of Motte Tsinne’s. In April 2006 I learned that the wife of Simcha Karpovich, who I knew only as the Kune Effron and whose family settled in Boston, was the same as the Couney mentioned in Sam Effron’s genealogy. This I learned from the translation of Yedidia Efron’s book about Amdur, Amdur, Mayn Geoboyrn Shtetl. [MISC019] Yedidia Effron’s book has a short biography of Simcha Karpovich.


Simcha Karpovich’s niece, Sara Rochel, married Tanchun Efron (see Chapter--). Further information about the Karpovich family is in Amdur, Mayn Geoboyrn Shtetl. [MISC019] and “Other Families of Amdur.”


Sandra believes that the Amdur Jews went to Treblinka.


Kune Karpovich, b. 1836, d. abt. 1888, married Simcha Karpovich, b. 1810, or 1834, d. Shevat 12, 1912 Palestine [cite]. Amdur, Mayn Geboyrn Shtetl confirms what a descendant stated, which is, that he lived to be more than 100 years old. The 1858 revision list indicates he was born in 1834, but that could be wrong. He was also called “Simcha Byeliver” because he originated from a town with a name something like that. The town has not been identified. [MISC019]. His father was Israel and his brother was Chanuch. Channa, the name of the wife of Simkha in the 1858 census, may reflect an error in the census taking, and that she should have been listed as “Kunne,” [RS098] or that was the name of another wife of Simcha. Kune and Simcha lived in Amdur. She may have been his second of 3 wives.  He, or some of his family, may have also been known as Kaplan. One note I have has a nickname for him of “Paskishalis.” Nachuma and Simcha went from Amdur, via Odessa, to Tel Aviv.


Three of the known children of Kune are based on interviews and related research, and their families are detailed below. A fourth child, Gutke, is based on the chart done by Max Effron of Arizona [GEN013-SD]:


Her known children are:

Itta Nakdimon

Sora Green

Nachoma (Leah, Emma) Lyman

Gutke Effron


Acknowledgements: Sandra Karp, Shelby Lyman; Leo Green, Syd Green,


Itta Nakdimon, daughter of Kunne Karpovich, daughter of Motte Tsinne’s

Itta (Itka) Nakdimon, b. abt. 1863, d. Europe, married Dov Nakdimon, d. Europe [verify – not in Jaffa?]. He established a bakery in Jaffa.


When Itta’s parents, Nachuma and Simcha, went from Amdur via Odessa to Tel Aviv, Itta thought they were killed in a pogrom in Odessa, and as a result Itta suffered a stroke (alternatively: she banged her head against the wall which resulted in her death).


Information about Itta is at odds. Either she had died at a young age from a stroke, or she was 91 years old in 1954. [Sources?]


Nakdimen is a family from Amdur. See “Other Amdur Families” for more information about the Nakdimen family.


>          Arye Leib "Leibke," b. abt. 1/-/1901, d. 1/26/1976, married Penina Benderly, d. 7/23/1956.


>          Kune, married Moshe Resnick.


Description: Shraga Nakdimon - from Grace Ittelman email of 6-03.bmp.jpg

14 Shraga Nakdiman. Courtesy of Grace Ittelman


Nachoma “Emma” “Leah” Lyman, daughter of Kunne Karpovich, daughter of Motte Tsinne’s


Nachoma "Emma" or “Leah”  Lyman, b. 6/11/1881 or 8/5/1885 or 1886, Odessa or Grodno, d. abt. 1965 or 7/29/1973, L.A.,CA [SSDI489; DEATH128], married 1. Odessa on 9/9/1905 to Jacob (Yakov) Lyman, b. Grodno, abt. 1879, d. 2/27/1943, Boston. [CEN1029; CEN2129; CEN3077; DEATH127; CEM222; NAT080] They primarily lived in Boston. In 1910 they lived in Malden, MA, a suburb of Boston. For a period of about 8eight years, in the 1920s, they lived in Middlesboro, KY. Several records, but not all of them, indicate that she was born 1885. In 1910, 1920 and 1930 he was a paper hanger. In 1910 they lived with the Alexander and Alice Bereson family, which could be an Amdur family. In 1840, Emma is living in Dorchester, a section of Boston.


Nachoma was an independent minded woman who read Tolstoy. She was a seamstress, and had learned other languages. She had a great love for life. They came to the US in 1906 and had last lived in Odessa. Upon arrival they are going to (his?) cousin Israel Greenburg in Lawrence, MA [ARR057] After Jacob’s death, Nachoma moved to California.


Emma and Jacob were cousins (SL), but how is not known. Jacob’s parents were Joseph (Yosef) and Zlata. Jacob was a Cohan. From interviews, it was learned that Nachuma met her husband in Odessa, who was a first cousin through her mother – not yet verified. This suggests that his mother Zlata was an Efron and a sister of Kune –for which there is no other evidence. Perhaps Zlata was a Limon and a relative of Joseph. Lyman may have originally been Limon. When Nachoma arrived in Boston, she was pregnant with Katherine. She said she arrived under the name of Lizah Limonya, but the ship's manifest says Nechama Liman.


Jacob had a brother who settled in CT, whose name was Lamont or Lermont. He had a son Eddy who lived in Middlesboro, KY in the 1920s, as did the Lyman family, and more recently in CT. There was also a family named Stern that lived in Middlesboro around that time, and they later moved to Boston. Eddy Lamont was a doctor, born about 1910 or 1920. There was an Edward Lamont who was a well-known plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, but it is not known if he is the same person.


>          Katherine "Kitty" (Katie) (Kune) Skluth, b. 6/8/1906, Boston. [~CEN30] She lived in CA. Her husband had a brother who was very wealthy. There is a birth record for a Cora Lyman, b. in Boston in 1907 (vol. 569, page 318), but the record has not been examined. Perhaps the index is a mis-reading of the name Cona?


>          Charlotte (Lottie) (Zlata), b. 9/26/1908, Boston [CEN3077], d. 12/19/1971, Boston, MA. She is buried in W. Roxbury, with her father. [CEM222]


>          Edith (Itta) Frank, b. 10/7/1909 (register of births) or 10/4/1910 (naturalization of Emma), Boston, married to Eli Frank. [CEN3077; BIRTH032] In 1910 her name is given as “Nettie.”


>          Lewis, Dr. (Arye Leibel), b. 12/7/1911 [CEN3077; BIR033], Malden MA, married Rachel Boyarsky, b. 1908, Burlington, VT [verify]. One of Shelby’s uncles was a red-headed magician. Lewis never went to college, but nonetheless became a doctor.


Her Boyarsky nephew is Saul, a urologist, of Brookline, MA. Lewis was a cousin to Sidney Kuhn (sp?) of Boston, a pianist. Sidney’s father was an operamaster and physician in Boston. Lewis grew up in Middlesboro, KY, where his father had a store. The family came from a town near Amdur.


Her father was Joseph H. Boyarsky, who died ca. 4/2/1937, Boston, age 75 [Jewish Advocate index]. His relatives were Bayer, Tucker, Geffen and others [ditto]. Census records show the Joseph and Anna Boyarsky family settled in Burlington, VT. There were at least six children. Joseph Boyarsky’s death record, from Vermont, says that his father was Louis, his mother Ruth, and that he was born in “Must,” which almost certainly is the town of Mosty.


>          Samuel (Shmuel), b. 12/25/1913, Malden, MA


>          Harry/Henry (Hershel), b. 6/16/1915, Boston.


Married 2. abt. 1945 to a religious man and they lived in Dorchester. A daughter of this man was religious and rode a motorcycle. Myra might know the family. At that time, she lived at Wales St., Dorchester.


Ida Sarah “Sorki” Green, daughter of Kunne Karpovich, daughter of Motte Tsinne’s


Ida Sarah "Sorki" (Chaya Sora) Green, b. abt. 1885, 1888 or 12/16/1887, Grodno, d. 10/10/1978, Boston, MA, married in Boston 6/3/1909 to Benjamin Green, b. 4/15/1888, Vilna [MIL035] (Jewish Advocate obit index). Her mother died about a year later. Benjamin's sister, Eva, married Emmanuel Bravaman and they lived in Boston, but there is no known connection to the Braverman family of Boston (Chapter --).  He had a clothing factory, and was a designer at Continental Waist company around 1918, at which time his parents were still living [MIL035]. His obituary in the Jewish Advocate (not examined – from index only) of 12/26/1974 lists relatives with surnames of Karp; Weitz; Bernstein; Weiss, Slavin and Bereson. Other data was also gathered from Jewish Advocate indexes. I have a note that this family arrived at Boston in 1891, and that the first to arrive was Morris I. Green. [~ARR] Census records indicate that he arrived in 1900 and she in 1905. [CEN1069; CEN2165; CEN3214; CEM223] They lived in Boston.


Gutke Effron, daughter of Kunne Karpovich, daughter of Motte Tsinne’s


Gutke Effron. She married Judil (Yudel) Effron of Bialystok. She was his second wife [GEN013] See page --.