Chapter 22 Max Affron’s Family of Kingston, NY


Max’s widow, Mina Affron, lived in Kingston, NY, and was the matriarch of the Mones, Simon and Sherman families. The only record of Max is a reference in a street directory stating that Mina is the “Widow of Max.” Max Affron/Efron should be considered a part of the Efrons of Amdur family because Mina, his widow, lived in Kingston, where a number of Effron and Affron families lived, and there is a marriage in this family to someone in the “Poughkeepsie” Effron branch – Harris Mones and Ida (Effron) Levine of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada were married in their later years.


In 1907 she is listed in a directory as Minnie, widow of Max, and she stays at 15 E. Union St., Kingston. [DIR050] In 1910 Minnie is living in Kingston with her daughter, Mary Shurman, at 9 E. Union St. and is there, and at 15 E. Union St. until 1913 [DIR050].


This Max Affron is possibly the same as Motte Matsul, based on the fact that other Affron families of Kingston were related to Motte Matsul. Mina may have been Motte Matsul’s second or subsequent wife, and her children could even be children from her prior marriage. Until gravestones or vital records of Mina’s daughters are located, their father’s name cannot be known for sure.


I first caught on to this branch when visiting the Jewish cemeteries in Kingston, NY. There I found the gravestone of Mina Affron. I then traced the family through public records and a few phone calls until I was connected with Jon S. Simon. He sent me a family history that was put together by his uncle Sidney J.”Tiff” Simon [MISC033]. That genealogy helped me expand the outline of the Sherman family tree which I had assembled based on online research.


Acknowledgments: Sidney J. “Tiff” Simon; Jon S. Simon; Sue Simon


Max Affron, b. approx. 1840, d. Russia, married Mone “Mina” (Minnie) Unknown, b. abt. 1840 or 1854, Russia, d. 2/4/1916, Kingston, NY. [CEN1050; ARR268] She is buried in Kingston [CEM224]. Her father was Yaakov (Jacob), according to her gravestone. A search of Grodno Uezd (district) 1858 revisions found one candidate for Mina: an eight-year-old Mindlia Dynes of Amdur, daughter of Kadush, but even here the father’s name is not correct.


She arrived in 1906 as Minie Efrin, age 52, last residing in Bialystok. She is a widow and is going to her son-in-law Hirsch Aronis? – probably Harris Monis. [ARR268]. She was the daughter of Yaakov. According to Tiff Simon, “Hirsh Aroni’s” was the nickname of Samuel Sherman, but this doesn’t seem to make sense.


They had the following known children:


Anna Cohen Simon

Betsey Mones

Mary Sherman


Anna Cohen Simon, daughter of Max and Mina Affron of Kingston


>          Anna Cohen Simon, b. 1867 or abt. 1869, d. 1948 [CEN1052; CEN2149; CEN3184], married 1. Unknown Cohen. His name might be either Meir or Shmuel, or maybe Meir Shmuel, based on the gravestones of sons Abe [CEM225] and Jacob [CEM226]. She lived on the bottom floor of 21 Anne St. in 1930. A large family by the name of Brown lived upstairs. It is not known when either of them came to the US, if in fact Anna’s first husband came to the US. There is a Morris Cohen who lived in Rondout, was married to an “Anna” in 1926 and at that time lived at 16 Broadway, Kingston. That Morris Cohen came from Grodno, but he seems to be substantially younger than this Anna (he was born in 1877), so it is not known if he is related [NAT082].


Possibly related is a Max Cohen, who was born in Grodno in 1885. His naturalization papers show that he lived at 19 Ann St. in Kingston in 1927, the same address where the subject Cohen and Mones families lived. [NAT083] Based on the age difference of 16 years between Max Cohen and Anna, Max may have been a step-son or a nephew.


Anna’s granddaughters, Miriam “Mitzi” Spiegle (wife of Milton) and Harriet Kaufman (wife of Dan) may have additional information because they were brought up by Anna.


>          >          Abe (Aryeh Leib) Cohen, b. 12/26/1887 or 1/1/1888, Lunna, d. 1966, Kingston, NY, married to Esther (Ester Malka) Unknown, b. 1890, d. 1969, Kingston, NY. [CEM225] He was a butcher (Tiff Simon). He came to the US in 1903 on the “Seeland,” according to his naturalization papers [NAT084; NAT085], which seems to match up with the “Leib” who emigrated on the Zeeland with Jacob [ARR269]. Abe’s headsone shows his Hebrew name is Leib [CEM225]


>          >          Jacob “Jake” Cohen, b. 2/26/1889, Amdur [NAT086], married Fannie Unknown, b. abt. 1891, Grodno. [CEN2148; CEN3185] He arrived in 1904 with his brother, Abe (who was using the name Leib) [ARR269]. In 1920 he lived in Kingston, with a large family by the name of Abrahams. In 1930 they lived at 19 Anne St.


He could be the same as the Jacob Cohen who is married to Fannie Eisig in the Shanee Stirkee branch. If they are the same, then he is probably a step-son of Anna, which makes sense considering their relative birth dates. See discussion at page --.


>          >          Benjamin “Ben” (Benyamin) Cohen, b. 12/25/1895, Sakolka (?), d. 1993, Kingston, NY, married Goldie Unknown, b. 1903, d. 1987, Kingston, NY [NAT087; CEN2149, CEM226]. He was a meat inspector, and other occupation(s) (Tiff Simon). He came to the US in 1905 of the SS Ryndam, based on the first papers he filed for his naturalization [NAT087]. He has not been identified on a ship manifest [~ARR]. She was the daughter of Avraham.


In the 1920 census, living at 19 Anne St. with Max and Ann Mones are Isadore and Rose Cohen. Not known what relation, if any, Isadore is to the Cohen family. In 1930, though, Jacob and Fannie Cohen live at 19 Anne St.


>          Married 2. abt. 1905 to Harris Simon, b. 1868 or abt. 1865, Riga, Latvia. [CEN1052; CEN2149] He was previously married to Mina Faga Simon and after her death to Fanny Lena Simon. His first two wives were sisters from the Simon family -- possibly his nieces. Harris Simon’s first two wives came from Kook, Latvia. In 1910 he is in the junk business and resides at 21 Anne St. [MISC033]. He was the father of Louis Simon, by one of his previous wives (see below).


Harris Simon purchased 21 Anne St. in Rondout, Kingston, NY from Harris and Bessie Monas (see above).


According to the 1910 census, Harris “Harry” has two sons, Abraham, age 17, and Louis, age 15. They are from his previous marriage because Anna and Harris had only been married for 5 years as of 1910. Louis married Eva Sherman/Shurman, a niece of his step-mother (see below). [CEN1052; CEN2149]


Anna  was step-mother to the children of her second husband, Harris, from when the children were quite young, according to one account, but the 1910 census indicates that Abraham and Louis would have been 12 and 10 – young, but not very young.


Betsey Mones, daughter of Max and Mina Affron of Kingston


>          Betsey (Peshe) Mones, b. 1/1870 or abt. 1873, probably d. before 1930, married abt. 1890 to Harris (Hirschel) “Hopsche” Mones, b. 1873 [CEN1051]. [VERIFY – THERE CANNOT BE TWO HOPSHEs!!] Hirschel arrived in 1898, is single, and is going to join his uncle, Lewin, at 76 Broadway, Rondout [ARR?]  [An Amdur person? Related to Ida Effron Levine Mones of Hamilton, Ontario???]. That record says he was from Wilna, but other evidence shows that the Mones family of Kingston comes from Amdur (see note below regarding the Max and Susie Mones family) [ARR--]. In 1900 the family lives at 76 Broadway with the family of Michael Levine (born in 1857) and his children, Ida (b. 1883) and Max (b. 1892). [ARR0046-SD1-SD2]


When Mina arrived in 1906 she was going to her son-in-law, Hirsch, last name could be “Aronis,” but it is difficult to read and might be Monis, who lives in Rondout (Kingston). In the Sidney Simon genealogy [MISC033], Sidney says that Mary was “sister to Hop (Hopcha) Mones’ mother Minnie,” but this does not appear correct in light of other evidence. When the facts are combined with census records it appears that the son-in-law of Minnie is Harris Mones.  In the 1900 census, Harris and Betsy Mones live in Kingston with their four children, Hyman, Esther, Jacob and Max. Harris may have married later to Fannie.


In 1900, living with Harry and Betsy’s family is a Michael Levine, born in 1857, with two children Ida and Max. [CEN0046]Might this be the uncle, Motte Levine, referred to by Sam Effron in his genealogy as an uncle of Ida Levine Baum Levine Mones? See p. –


Betsy appears to be the Pescha Mannix who came to the US in 1899 with three children, though the names do not match up well. [ARR270]


In the Kingston Freeman newspaper is an article about surrogate court activity. It says that Bessie Mones as executor signed as surety for the estate of Mina Affron (estate size: $240!) and that she signed in Yiddish – the first time this had ever been done in that court [found on Ancestry, not yet retrieved – search under “Bessie Mones”]


His second marriage is based on the 1930 census where there is a Harris Mones, age 58 and his wife Fannie, age 48, who reside at 20 Chandler St., Kingston. The 1930 census indicates that Harris was born in Amdur. This appears to be the same Harris Mones found in the 1900 census, though Fannie does not appear to be the same as Betsy, who would have been 60 years old in 1930 (based on the 1900 census), not 48.


Harris was married again in 1933, according to the arrival manifest for Ida (Chae Rivke) Effron Levine Mones. [ARR152]This would be his third marriage, and her third marriage. Ida is a descendentof the Poughkeepsie branch of Effrons (see page --)


From a local newspaper, he was 68 and resided in Kingston when he was stopped and fined for speeding. (what year?!)


There was a Ruby Mones of Ann St., Kingston, who died 7/20/1908 [OBIT025]. He may have been the father of Harris Mones.


>          >          Hyman, b. 3/1893, Russia. In the ship arrival, his name is given as Avraham. [ARR270]. [See WW I draft registration for Herman – b. Amdur???]


>          >          Esther, b. 6/1894 or 1895, Russia


>          >          Jacob “Jack”, b. 7/1896 or 1897 or abt. 3/1899, Russia, married Nellie. [CEN3182] In 1930 they lived at #6 of an unidentified street in Kingston, NY. In the ship arrival his name is given as Leib, and his birth date is abt. 3/1899. [ARR270]


>          >          Max, b. abt. 4/1900, NY, married before 1920 to Anna Unknown, b. abt. 1901. [CEN2147; CEN3183] In the 1930 census, Max and Anna Mones of 26 E. Union St. are the parents of Ruth and Beatrice.


There was also a Max (Meische) Mones, b. abt. 1857 and a Susi (Sosche) E. Mones, b. abt. 1857 or 1855, living in Kingston according to a 1910 census entry. They had a daughter, Anna H., b. 1893, and daughters Bobke and Friede. In 1910 they live at 79 Broadway, Kingston. He is a Junk dealer and arrived in 1901. Susi had 3 of her 12 children surviving.  In 1910 they live with the Margolis family.  Arriving from Amdur at NYC on 5/9/1905 are Sosche Mones, 50, daughter Bobke, 20, and Friede, 19, arrived from Amdur at NYC on 5/9/1905, and are going to their husband and father Mische Mones in Rondout (Kingston). It is not known how these two Mones families are related.


Mary Sherman, daughter of Max and Mina Affron of Kingston

>          Mary (Mere) Sherman, b. abt. 1875, d. after 1930, married 1895 to Sam Sherman, b. 1871, d. 1905 [CEN1050; MISC033] He was a cabinetmaker. She was a dressmaker.” Mary came to the US in 1904 with her four oldest children. The name used to be Schuman, according to Mary’s ship arrival record [ARR271; ARR275] and other records [Probate article re: Mina Affron]. In the 1920 census Mary’s family is listed as “Shurman.” No arrival record has been found for him. [~ARR]


In 1905 (NY State census on Family Search) is a family at 19 Ann St. – Max Sherman, b. 1869, with wife Sophie and children.


Sam Sherman was in the US when he was killed by a kick to the head from a horse. At the time, Mary was pregnant with Sam. (Tiff Simon).  In 1910 she is a widow with four children living at home and lives with her mother. She lived in Kingston until at least 1930.


He was known as “Hersh Aron’s,” according to Tiff Simon (and see the arrival record for Minnie Affron, above), but that would make more sense for someone named Harris – either Harris Mones or Harris Simon.


In 1904, Mary left Grodno for the US with Eva, who was then age 8. At Hamburg port she failed the medical examination because of an ear infection. They returned to Grodno. When her infection cleared she returned to Hamburg. She was duped into giving her ticket money to a swindler who did not come back with her tickets. “Mary was desolate, with no money and a child in a strange country, sat down on a curb and cried.” A kind gentleman stopped, heard her sad story and offered her a job as a dressmaker for his family in exchange for shelter and food. Several months later she and Eva were able to get a boat to the US. [MISC033]


>          >          Jacob (Yankel), b. abt. 1895, Russia (Kiev according to the 1910 census), married Rose Unknown, b. abt. 1898. In 1920 and 1930 he is living in Kingston with his mother [verify – should be wife], Rose. [CEN --]. He was a confectioner. [ARR271; ARR275]


[ has Eva and Mollie’s burials in the Kingston cemetery]


>          >          Eva (Rivke) Simon, b. 10/13/1896, d. 12/14/1985, married Louis Simon, b. 3/3/1895, d. 5/2/1967.  According to the arrival record of her mother, her Jewish name was Rivke (“Riwke”). [ARR271; ARR275; CEM--] Her full Jewish name was probably something like “Chava Rivka.”


Louis was the son of Harris Simon by one of Harris’ first two wives. Harris’ third wife was Anna Effron (or Affron) Cohen (see p. -- above), Eva’s aunt.  In 1920 Louis lives with Anna and Harris, is married to Eva, and they have a daughter, Florence [CEN1052; CEN2149].


Eva Simon is the same as Eva Sherman because of similarities from census data – not yet confirmed. Additional information on the Simon family is based on census information (unless otherwise indicated) [CEN20--; CEN30--] She lives at home in 1910, but is married with her family by 1920. There are several other Simons living with Louis and Eva in the 1920 census. In 1930, Ancestry has them indexed as Semin. He was a taxi driver.


Eva told a story about when she was a little girl, the Cossacks invaded her house, “bursting through the doors in their imposing uniforms. She cowered in a corner scared out of her wits.” [MISC033]


>          >          Mollie Singer, b. abt. 1899, married Abe Singer, b. abt. 1898. Mollie Singer is the same as Mollie Sherman because of similarities from census data – not yet confirmed. In fact, if she is the daughter of Mary Sherman then she is not listed on the ship arrival record when Mary and her four children come to the US. It may be that she was listed as son “Moishe” on the list in error – see entry for child Moishe below. [ARR271; ARR275; CEM--]


Additional information on the Singer family is based on census information (unless otherwise indicated). She lives at home in 1920, and is married shortly thereafter. Mollie Singer was born in Grodno [CEN30--]


>          >          Benjamin (Chaim), b. 10/14/f1901 [CEN10--], d. 5/1971, Kingston, NY [SSDI1672], married Lillian Lerner, b. 7/28/1898, d. 5/1982, Kingston, NY [SSDI673]. The ship arrival of his mother lists a child named “Chaim” who was 3 years old in 1904 when she came to the US. [ARR271; ARR275] This must be Benjamin, and in fact Chaim is usually paired with another name – his Jewish name must have been Chaim Benjamin. She had previously lived in Massachusetts. [SSDI673]


>          >          Moishe, b. abt. 4/1903, according to the ship manifest of his mother, Mary. That ship manifest is the only information about him. He may have died young, or it may be that Mollie, who does not appear on that ship manifest, was listed as Moishe and should have been listed as Mashe. [verify – listed as a boy or a girl?] [ARR271; ARR275]


>          >          Samuel, b. abt. 1906 [CEN10--], married Gertrude Tunk