Chapter 3 Abraham Abba, son of Chaim Tsinne’s


Abraham Abba, b. abt. 1808, Amdur, d. abt. 1860, married Itka, b. abt. 1808, d. abt. 1870 [RS078]. His only known child was his son, Nissan, based on RS078.


>          Nisan Effron, b. Amdur, abt. 1826, Amdur, d. abt. 1886, married Channa Etta [MISC019-Amdur, Mayn Geboyrn-Shtetl] Sterenfeld (Sternfeld) [Death163], d. Tevet 24, (5663) (1/23/1903), Amdur, [GEN008-SD] His wife might also have had the name Esther Leah (per Joy Adams), b. Amdur, abt. 1826, d. abt. 1886 [RS078]. Eli Effron’s death record records her name as “Anna Sterenfeld.”


Description: Efron, Nisan, maybe, and wife, maybe.jpg

1 Believed to be Nisan Effron and his wife, Channa Etta


The Sternfeld family came from Amdur. The name appears in an 1835 prenumeratn list: Yosef, son of Yacov SternFeld.


In the 1858 Revision List the family is in Amdur:

Yosel, son of Yankel, age 62

His wife Basia, age 58

Daughter Khaia Fruma, age 14

Son Mortkhel, age 27

Mortkhel’s wife, Rakhilia Leah, age 30

Mortkhel’s son, Khaim Shmuel, age 4

Mortkhel’s daughter, Sheina Keila, age .5


In all likelihood, Channa Etta was also a child of Yosel.


Sheina Keila, above appears to be Sima Stern-Feld, wife of Samuel Specter of Cincinnati. Her death record, found on, lists her as Sima Specter, d. 1/10/1938, Cincinnati, 3446 Knott St., abt. 76, married, b. 1862 Poland, father Mordecai Feld, mother Rose Leah, spouse Samuel Specter. It should be noted that Lick Run is where many of the Cincinnati Effrons are buried.


Her name was originally Sternfeld, according to the birth record of her daughter, Katherine (2/14/1890, Cincinnati), which states that Katherine’s father is Samuel Specter and her mother Sima Stern-Feld.


I corresponded extensively with a descendant of this family – See Other Amdur family for more about the Sterenfield family.


Nissan and Channa Etta had four known children:


>          Eliezer Elihu “Eli” Efron of Cincinnati, OH [SEE BELOW]

>          Aryeh Leib [SEE BELOW]

>          Rivka Rochel Braverman [SEE BELOW]

>          Mottel Yosef [SEE BELOW]


Sources: Amdur revision lists (cites); GEN008: Julie Effron; Susan Sorrel

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Eliezer Eliahu “Eli” Effron, son of Nisan, son of Abraham Abba, son of Chaim Tsinne’s


Eliezer Eliahu (Leib Eli), “Eli” Effron, b. Amdur [GEN008-SD; RS078] abt. 1840, 1841 or 1846, Amdur, d. 8/1/1918, Cincinnati, OH, [CEM261-SD] married abt. 1866 to Yetta (Nettie?) “Ida”  Block, b. 1848 or 3/1852, Mintchik, Naraike or Minsiker Naraike [GEN008-SD] (Narevka?), Russian Poland,  d. 1/14/1931 [CEM260-SD]. One of Eli’s grandmothers was Chana,Mintchike, and she died Tevet 6, 1876 (5636), Berestovitsa [GEN008-SD]. According to the genealogical notes that Eli left, he came to the US in Shevat, 1891. A Hamburg emigration record fits pretty closely: Elie Efrom/Efron, 45, from Liskew (?) or Liskine (probably Lyskovo), on the Livonia, arrived  2/18/1891 (3/6/1891 per Castle Island) to NY [ARR200]. In fact, Shevat and February do overlap. According to RS078, Leyba-Elya was a son of Nissan. Yetta’s father was Nathan Block, according to the death certificate for Joseph.


A nephew of Eli named Abraham Effron arrived in the US in 1906 at age 16. He is going to his uncle Elie Effron in Cincinnati. Tentatively, this is the Abraham who is the son of Jacob Effron of WV, although Eli and Jacob are far from being brothers. Perhaps there is some relationship through one or more of their wives? See ARR186.


Yankel Efron, aka Jacob Feld, son of Shmuel Nisel (see below), also came to the US to his uncle (actually, great uncle) Eli Efron.


This news item appeared in the Bourbon News (Paris, KY) on 8/6/1918:

Mr. David Feld was called to Covington Friday by the death of his uncle, Mr. E. Effron. Mr. Effron was a prominent merchant in Covington.


Nachum and Ephraim Frei arrived from Volkovysk in the years 1903 and 1904, going to their Uncle/cousin Eli Effron/N. Effron in Cincinnati. I could not find any other records for them.


A Cincinnati family that has a perfect DNA match (based on a 67 marker test) to the Efrons of Amdur is the Brown (or Braun) family. Jacob Brown immigrated in 1869 and according to the census, had origins in Warsaw. His oldest son was born in Elizabeth, NJ, the next two children were born in NYC and the remaining children were born in Cincinatti. Jacob died in 1892. There is no known grave or death certificate for him. In the 1870 census his name is spelled Braun. His wife was Emma Korb, and she was from Prussia. No connection has been made to the Efron family, in Cincinnati or otherwise.


Pearl (Effron) Chaskin of Cincinnati


In April 2009 I found on the death certificate of Max Chaskin of Cincinnati, who died in 1950. The death certificate indicates he was born in 1864, but other records indicate he was born in or around 1870.According to the death certificate his mother was Pearl Effron and his father Alex Chaskin.  Additional research of census records fills out the family history [CEN2153].


His wife was Anna. In the 1910 census his family is enumerated as “Cogskin.” [CEN10--]  They emigrated from England around 1901 or 1903, where they had lived for at least a few years, based on the birth information for the older children. At least two of the oldest children were born in England, indicating that they lived there at least from 1896 to 1902.


Their children [verify] were Alex, Jane, Bessie, Isadore and Ruth – maybe others (see census).  An internet page has the family history of Bess’ husband’s family, the Russotto family. Bess and Daniel Russotto are living with Max and Anna in 1930 [Census--, indexed as Rossotto]. In 1930, Max and Anna have Bess Russotto (spelled Rossota) only living with them.


One possibility is that Pearl is Peshe Effron, daughter of Shevach, granddaughter of Mordecai. That would suggest that Max was named after his mother’s paternal grandfather.


On 12/4/1925 Max and Anna Chaskin are returning on the Berengaria from Southampton, England. The passenger list says he is 55 and she 49, that he was naturalized at US court in Cincinnati in 1911; that his passport number is 127048.  An annotation for him (probably passport date) is 10/12/1925. For her, she was naturalized by marriage, and has passport 110080 of 8/10/1925. They both then reside at 3461 Harvey Avenue, Cincinnati.


Anna died 12/8/1964 in Cincinnati, age 94. She was then a widow (Ancestry index to deaths). Alex was born 4/5/1896 in London. In 1918 resides at 929 W. Court St., Cincinnati [Ancestry, Index to OH military men].


In section 1, row 9, grave 33 etc. of the Schachnus cemetery in Price Hill are buried the following Effrons: Anna K.; Father (Eli); Frieda; Frieda; Hiram; Jacob; Joseph; Morris; Mose; Mother (Yetta); Nathan; Rebecca and Robert. Abraham Effron and others are also buried there, but those records have not been indexed yet – indexing is now in process.


The notes of Eli and Nathan Efron [GEN008-SD] bear very close scrutiny. Analysis of the first portion indicates that part was written by Eli, and the second portion is written by Nathan.  At first, it appeared that both Eli’s and Chana Esther’s fathers were both named Nisan, but based on the above research, it appears that Channa Etta’s father was Yosel. Eli writes “My father-in-law” was the Sandiker of Chaim Note. Further on, Nathan dedicates the genealogical notes: “This is written from my heart, sent to my father, the renowned and educated Eliezer Elihu, son of Nisan Effron, who lives near the Capital and is now in Nefarzinitze, near the settlement of Paplaftse, property of the great Vishfing.”   It may be that there is an error in the translation of the notes. For one thing, it is likely that when the notes were written, Nisan was already deceased. Also, they say that the mother (i.e., Chana Esther) died in Amdur. [RE-translate notes!]


Possibly, Eli was married twice. This would explain why two of his children have the same name, if one was a step-son (Abba (a nickname for Abraham) and Abraham Isaac). Perhaps this would also explain how the mother of his children might have died in Amdur, even though he was married in the US [cite????]. This would also explain why Ida appears to have had her first child when she was 12 years old; perhaps Nathan and Abe were born to Eli’s first wife.


The family was living at 532 W. 5th St. in Cincinnati in 1900. Yetta then has all eight of her children still living. [CEN0008; CEN0031 (enumerated twice in 1900); CEN1014; CEN3028]  In 1930 Ida, a widow, is living with a friend, Mollie Guttman.


Some of the locations listed in the genealogical notes left by Eli and Nathan have not been identified with certainty.  Shambelain  might be Izabelin, a town where some other Efrons (e.g. the Minnesota branch) lived. [GEN008-SD]


Their eight children were:


Nathan (Chaim Note)

Abe (Abraham Abba)


Rebecca “Becky” (Rivka) Cohen

Abraham Isaac “A.I.”  “Abe”

Anna (Hanna) Rosensweig


Jennie (Tzina) Kohn


Sources: Genealogy notes of Eli and Nathan Effron; Amdur Revision Lists; Grodno Gubernia Voter lists Elaine Ninio; Cherie Effron; Shinedling (Jews of West Virginia – verify title); Jo Ann Levine; Vicki Carno; Barbara Effron; Bob Krasilnick, Janet Capolino, Karen Davis, Pat Stack and Miriam Lewis; Raeus Cannon; Jerry Block, MD; Jane-Ellen Schneider; Abe Burnovski; Carol Fairman; Susie Hausman; Patsy Popky; Edythe Elin; Sheila Cherkas [verify current married name]; Sidney and Janice Levine; Elizabeth Levine; Janice Witt; Hilton Weiner; Len Rodman; Joel Braverman; Sonia Keats; Avi Ovadia; Sylvan Braverman; Phyllis Werlin; Edward Abrams; Gladys Pfau, Ethel Baker; Joy Effron Adams; Carol Wiznia; Jason Martin, Mindy Kurlansky.


Ed Effron supplied much initial research, building on what Sam Effron of Poughkeepsie started [GEN029-SD]. Ethel Shriber supplied the essential link between the Boston Braverman families and the Chattanooga branch.


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2 Eli Effron's family of Cincinnati


Nathan (Chaim Note),  son of Eli, son of Nisan, son of Abraham Abba, son of Chaim Tsinne’s


Nathan (Chaim Note) ("Emil" in 1900 census), b. Mintchik, Minsiker or Amdur, 4/10/1864 (10th of Nissen, 5624) [GEN008-SD], d. 1/13/1944 [CEM262-SD], married 1890, during parsha Lech Lecha, in Volkovysk [GEN008-SD] to Beckie (Rivka, Rebecca) S. Unknown (Urchatzki or Marchatzki?), b. Volkovysk, Belarus, 4/8/1868, d. 1/18/1958, Cincinnati [CEM263-SD]. [GEN008-SD; OH deaths, Vol15288, cert 03582] [CEN0009; CEN1015; CEN2027; CEN3029] They lived in Georgetown (source?) just outside of Lexington, KY (Scott County).  He is the oldest (per Ed). Rivka’s father died 2/2/1921 and her mother died Tamuz, in the summer of 1921. [GEN008-SD] [check Cincinnati deaths in]


He arrived 1890, or during the Hebrew month of Shevat, 1891, or on the third day of 1891 [GEN008-SD] and was naturalized in 1892 (1920 census). She arrived in 1891. They lived in Carlisle, KY, northeast of Lexington (Nicholas County) in 1920.  Per Nathan's notes:  "in 1890 I married Rivka in Vilkovisk.  The Parsha of the week was Lech Lecha."  Nathan says that he came to the U.S. in Shevat, 1891 (e.g., January or the beginning of February). This matches the arrival record found which is believed to be for Eli [ARR200], but no arrival for Nathan has yet been found. The first born was a son who died before his bris, in 1892.  They lived on Smith Street in Cincinnati at the time.


For a period of time Nathan lived in Prescott Arizona and did business as “Effron Bros.,” though it is not clear which brother. In a 5/5/1897 article from the Arizona Journal-Miner about the May Day celebration in Prescott, the Effron Bros. gave away a suit of clothes to the first place finisher in the boys’ 50 yard road race. [MISC156-SD]


Description: From Ed Effron, Possibly 50 wedding anniversiary.jpg


In September 1906, there is an Itchok Urchatzki or Marchatzki, 42, and his daughter Chane, 16, both born and last resided in Volkovysk, who arrive at Baltimore and are going to their brother-in-law, Note Effron at 122 Limestone St., Lexington, KY [ARR187]. It seems that this is the Isaac and Clara Mesh family of Cincinnati. Research indicates that Isaac died in 1917. In the 1920 census on the same page as the Mesh family is Pauline Feld, mother of Abraham Feld, age 70. Clara Mesh had many daughters.


>          Son, b. 1892, Smith St., Cincinnati, d. before 8 days old. [GEN008-SD]


>          Julius, b. Cincinnati, Ohio, 11/8/1893 (possibly b. 7/4/1888, NY, NY, or 7/1892), d. 9/1/1981, Frankfort, KY [SSDI033; ~CEN20; CEN3030], married abt. 1920 to Margaret Hirshberg, b. 5/18/1900, KY, d. 4/11/1995, Frankfort, KY.  [SSDI203].  He was an optometrist in Frankfort.

Her father was born in Russia and her mother in Tennessee. His military record filled out for the American Jewish Committee says. At that time he lived at Carlisle, KY, and was born 7/4/1888 in NY to Russian parents. Julius was an optician and educated at the Philadelphia Opticians College [AJC record]. He served in the marine corps from 5/15/17 - 3/29/19. [GEN008-SD]


>          Hiram (Hyman, Hymie (Ira in 1900)), b. Georgetown, KY, 8/11/1895 or 8/11/1894, d. 6/4/1967, Cincinnati [SSDI144; CEN1015; CEN2027; CEN2115; CEN3031; CEM271-SD], married abt. 1927 to Freda Linowitz, b. 11/10/1900, Russia, d. 9/4/1968 [CEM269-SD]. She was the daughter of David, who was Sandiker (holds the baby at the bris) to some of Freda’s children. In the 1920 census he was enumerated twice: once in Kentucky and once in Oklahoma. [GEN008-SD]


>          Mose (Moshe), b. Prescott, AZ, 8/25/1897 [GEN008-SD], d. 6/-/1976 or 4/-/1976, Louisville, KY [SSDI034; CEN1015; CEN2027; ~CEN30], married Evelyn Friedman, b. 6/28/1900, d. 9/-/1993 [SSDI035]. They did not have any children.


>          Ida (Chae) Koodish, b. Cynthiana, KY, 3/21/1899, d. abt. 1955 [CEN1015; CEN2027; CEN3032; GEN008-SD], married abt. 1923 to Ben Koodish, b. abt. 1896, Russia, d. abt. 1955.


>          Newman (Nisan), b. Georgetown, KY, 11/23/1901, d. 3/13/1998, Tucson, AZ [OBIT028-SD; CEN1015; CEN2027; SSDI634; GEN008-SD] married Ida Seltz, b. 2/22/1908, d. 7/5/1992. She lived in Palm Springs, CA [SSDI216]. According to Nathan’s  genealogical notes, one Jake Seltz died 4/2/1935, Ellenville, NY (Rosh Chodesh, second Adar, Parsha Shmini) [GEN008-SD]. They did not have children. Newman and Ida were first cousins. Although records say that Ida’s mother was Sarah (Latsky) Seltz, according to oral history, her name family name was Mutschatsky and she was a sister to Rebecca Effron. One of Ida’s nephews was Leonard Shifres, meaning that one of her sisters married a Shifres. Rose Seltz married Leon Shifres of Cincinnati and lived in Newport, KY in 1942 according to death record of Abraham, their son who died at age 21 in 1942 in a car accident.


Abe (Abraham Abba), son of Eli, son of Nisan, son of Abraham Abba, son of Chaim Tsinne’s

Abe (Abraham Abba, or Abka), b. Minsker, Russian Poland, 11/12/1868 (Kislev 12, 5628), d. 9/19/1962 [SSDI178; CEN3034], married abt. 1893 to Augusta (Gusta) Unknown, b. Germany, 5/2/1869, d. 4/15/1948 [CEN0007; CEN2072; CEM011-SD]. His Sandiker was his uncle Leib Effron.  They lived in Winchester, KY (Clark County), just to the east of Lexington, in 1900.  They settled in Bluefield, WV, which is in the very south of that state in Mercer County, right on the Virginia boarder, and were there since at least 1920.  In 1958, when one Angrist of Bluefield died at the age of 84, he and Abe were the oldest Jewish residents of Bluefield. Abe arrived on 3/19/1892 and was naturalized in 1900. [GEN008-SD].


From Eli's notes, 1868 "Abba was born the 12th of Kislev in 5628.  The Sandiker was my brother, Aria Layb.” [GEN008-SD]


>          Anna E. Hall, b. KY, 3/19/1897, d. 5/1976, Princeton, WV [SSDI352; CEN3033], married abt. 1926 to Samuel A. Hall, b. abt. 1897, KY.  They settled in Bluefield, W.V.  In 1930 they lived in Bluefield and his business was tires. They did not have children.


>          Ida Weinberg, b. KY, 2/1899, d. 1962, married Ralph Weinberg, d. abt. 1952 or 54, away from Princeton.  [~CEN30]  They settled in Princeton, WV.  Ralph and his son, Eli, were "theatrical impresarios" in 1956.


>          Nathan, b. 2/26/1901, KY, d. 7/10/1974, West Palm Beach, FL [SSDI179; DEATH026], married abt. 1924 to Anna Abrahamson, b. WV, 3/9/1903, d. 10/-/1988, West Palm Beach, FL [SSDI180; CEN2119; CEN3035]. Her father, Mendel, and mother are buried in Bluefield Cemetery.  In 1920 he is a boarder of a Peter Kaufman in Welch, WV.  He settled in Bluefield, W.V.


>          Hyman, b. KY, 3/23/1904, KY, d. 3/-/1975, Bluefield, WV [SSDI181; CEN3034], married Sylvia M. Forman, b. 2/12/1913, d. 5/31/1996, Richmond, VA [CEN2151; SSDI495]. She was the daughter of Abe, d. Kimball about 1936. She lived at the Beth Shalom Nursing Home in Richmond, VA per Stanley Nelson (5/15/94). When Marc sent along the 1930 census of the Forman family I found on the same page the Samuel Rosenshine family, also of Kimball, WV (See elsewhere re: the Rosenshine family).


>          Robert, b. KY 10/11/1905, d. 7/14/2001, Princeton, WV [SSDI665], married Charlotte Cecelia Miller, b. 7/25/1915, Cincinnati, d. 7/2/2004, Princeton, WV [Bluefield Obit; CEN3034; SSDI638].  Robert had a ladies dress shop on Mercer St. in 1956.


>          Beatrice, b. 1910, OH, [CEN3034] married Frank Nelson, b. 9/16/1909, d. 4/-/1973, Talcott, WV [SSDI354].  Frank lived in Portsmouth, Virginia prior to moving to Bluefield.  Frank owned "Nelson's Dress Shop" (and a shoe store) on Mercer St. in 1956.  Beatrice lives in Naples, FL.


Jacob, son of Eli, son of Nisan, son of Abraham Abba, Son of Chaim Tsinne’s


Jacob (Yakov), b. Amdur, 11/22/1871 (Kislev 27, 5631), d. 7/4/40 [CEM259-SD], married abt. 1894 to Ann (or Anna) Kohn, b. Russia, 1877, d. 6/3/1954.  [~CEN00; CEN2019; CEN3036; CEM258-SD]. His Sandiker was “the well-known” David Isaac [GEN008-SD]. They lived in Mitchell, Indiana (Lawrence County) in 1920.  He arrived in 1897 or 1892 (sic? -- 1887?) and she arrived in 1894.  He was naturalized in 1892. In 1930 they were living in Lockland, OH (Hamilton County).[ GEN008-SD]


It may be that Anna Kohn was a sister to David Kohn, the husband of Jenny Kohn (below). In the 1900 census, Jenny is the only child then living with her parents, and the next door family is the Kohn family which includes a son, David Kohn, born abt. 1888  (close enough to be the same as the David Kohn she married).


Rebecca Cohen , daughter of Eli, son of Nisan, son of Abraham Abba, Son of Chaim Tsinne’s


Becky (Rebecca) (Rivka Elka or Reva Aleka) Cohen, b. Amdur, 11/5/1873, d. aft. 3/23/1942, married abt. 1894 to Louis Cohen, b. abt. 1865, Russia, d. 3/23/1942, Greenfield, OH. His father was “Charles” [~CEN00; CEN1056; CEN2154; ~CEN30). He arrived in 1886 or 1890, and she arrived in 1894 or 1895.


According to Eli's notes, 1873 Nov. 5th, Rivka Elke was born in Amdur. [GEN008-SD]. In 1910 and 1920 the family lived on Smith St. in the little village of Madison, next to Greenfield (Highland County), OH. This “Smith St.” may be the same one where the Effrons first lived when they came to the US, at the time when a son died in infancy (see page --). In 1910 Louis is a dry goods merchant, and in 1920 he is a junk dealer.


>          Bessie (Betsy?), b. abt. 1895, OH. Nothing else is known about her.


>          Anna, b. abt. 1896, OH. Nothing else is known about her.


>          Charles R. “Charlie,” b. abt. 1898, OH [CEN3037], d. 11/27/1962, Greenfield, OH.  In 1930 he lived at Brown’s Creek in Welch County, WV and at that time he was not married.


>          Myra Jean Lapinsky, b. 3/23/1903, Greenfield, OH, d. 11/27/1949, Cincinnati, OH [OH deaths on – get exact dates], married abt. 1924 to Joseph “Joe” Lapinsky, b. abt. 1897 or 1899, OH, d. 2/18/1977, Dayton, OH. In 1930 he is in the waste paper business. [CEN3187] She is buried in the Beth Abraham cemetery in Dayton.


Louis Cohen, d. 3/23/1942, Greenfield, OH, father Charles, informant Charles, wife still living (FamilySearch OH Death Cert) OH death index

Robert A. Lapinsky, married, abt. 1928 3/10/1960, Dayton, OH

Marilyn L. (Lapinsky) Smith, married, 12/3/1928 – 5/26/1995, Dayton, OH

Joe Lapinsky, abt. 1899 – 2/18/1977, Dayton, OH


Myra Jean Lapinsky, 3/23/1903, Greenfield, OH- 11/27/1949, father Lewis Cohen, mother Rebecca Effron, buried Beth Abraham, Dayton, OH, informant Joe Lapinsky (Death Cert,


Charles R. Cohen, d. 11/27/1962, Greenfield (Highland), OH, age 64


Joe Lapinsky is from the Lapinsky family of Dayton is the Jaffe/Lapinsky family from Steve Lowenstein’s genealogy. Louis and Harry Lapinsky lived in Dayton and were brothers. Steve Lowenstein’s genealogy lists Harry’s family with the name of “Louis.” While Louis’ children do not match Steve’s genealogy, Harry’s do. This is an understandable error, probably due to the fact that Harry’s Hebrew name was Leib, but instead of Americanizing Leib to Louis (he already had a brother who Americanized his name to Louis), he took a variation of Arye: “Harry.”


Abraham Isaac “A.I.”, son of Eli, son of Nisan, son of Abraham Abba, Son of Chaim Tsinne’s

Abraham Isaac "A.I." "Abe", b. 10/16/1875, 11/1/1875, abt. 11/15/1875 or abt. 12/04/1877 (Kislev 1, 5635), Nefarzanitze, d. 6/-/1971, Cincinnati [SSDI138], married abt. 1905 to Rose F. Unknown, b. Ohio, 6/5/1884, d. 6/1975, Cincinnati, OH [SSDI139; ~CEN00; CEN2073; CEN3038; MIL023].  His Sandiker was Moshe Paplaftzen (Moshe Paplaftse) according to Eli Effron’s notes [GEN008-SD]. They settled in Cincinnati.  In 1918 he worked at Effron Merchandise. According to the 1920 census, they have living with them household help named Amelia Bachmann, age 19, born in Ohio.  Her parents were from Austria.  [GEN008-SD]


He arrived on 3/19/1892 on the SS Karlsruhe as “Abraham I. Effron.” [ARR158]  His arrival is attached as file “immigration.jpg.”, sent by Marc L. Effron.


>          Harold J., b. OH, 7/30/1906, d. 2/21/1988, Fairfield, Butler Cty., OH [SSDI149], mar. Louise Maria Wellhoefer, b. 10/20/12, Dayton, OH, d. 12/29/1999. He was her third husband, preceded by Aaron Jacob Pearlman and Leon “Tubby” Snyder. [GEN002] They did not have any children.


Anna (Hanna) Rosenzweig, daughter of Eli, son of Nisan, son of Abraham Abba, Son of Chaim Tsinne’s

Anna (Hanna) Rosenzweig, b. Shamberlain or Shamblin, 5/28/1877, d. 7/11/1961, married abt. 1894 to Sam Rosenzweig, b. abt. 1874, OH or Russia, d. 8/11/1953 [~CEN00; ~CEN10; ~CEN20; CEN3041]. They lived in Milford, OH as early as 1930. His parents were born in Russia. He owned a dry goods store.


>          Mort (Morris), b. 11/22/1898, Mt. Sterling, KY, d. 1/19/1969, married abt. 1904 to Hazel Cohn , b. 8/1/1902, Aurora, IN, d. 12/8/1963 [OBIT029-SD1-SD2; CEN3040]. Hazel was the sister of her sister-in-law Betty. Hazel and Betty were the daughters of Abraham and Elizabeth Cohn. He owned and operated Mort’s Army Store in Welch. They are buried at Monte Vista Cemetery, Ceres.


>          Nathan, b. abt. 1900, KY, d. 6/-/1961, married abt. 1923 to Betty Cohn, b. abt. 1900, IN.  [CEN3039]  She is the sister of her sister-in-law, Hazel. They lived in Welch, and Betty lived in Bluefield, WV. Nathan died in a car accident a few weeks before his mother died. They did not have any children.


>          Joseph, b. abt. 1904, KY [CEN3041]. He lived in Milford, OH.


>          Charles “Charlie”, b. abt. 1906, OH [CEN3041]. He lived in Milford, OH.


>          Esther Michaelson, b. 10/10/1909, OH, d. 11/17/1995, Blanchester, OH [SSDI355; CEN3041], married Mort Michaelson b. 3/12/1909, d. 3/-/1979, Blanchester, OH [SSDI356]. They lived in Blanchester, OH.


Joseph, son of Eli, son of Nisan, son of Abraham Abba, Son of Chaim Tsinne’s

Joseph, b. Shamberlain or Shambelain, Russia, 3/25/1881, Shambelain, d. 11/8/1948 [CEM273-SD, married 1. abt. 1904 to Freda Bein (Frieda Bein per death cert of Robert J. (LEM)) [CEN1010; CEN2074; CEN3042], b. Poland or German, about 1884, d. 12/18/1929 [CEM270-SD].  She was the sister of Augusta, wife of Abe.  They lived in Welch, the seat of the southern-most county of W. Virginia (McDowell), in 1920.  He arrived 1892, and was naturalized by his father.  He had a dry cleaning store in Cincinnati (per Ed).  In 1930 he was living in Brown’s Creek, WV and was manager of a dry cleaning store.  He was a founding member of Congregation Emanuel, about 1922, and still lived in Welch in 1959.  The earliest reference to Effrons in the Bluefield area is in 1916, where Joseph is a member of the Jewish Publishing Society Association.  [GEN008-SD]


His death certificate is abstracted on His father is Eli and his mother is Yetta Block. He died 11/8/1948 in Cincinnati at the age of 67.


>          Harry (Hershel, per BE), b. 7/1/1908 or 7/2/1908, Bluefield, WV or KY, d. 7/5/1994 Cincinnati, OH [SSDI200], mar. 7/4/1935 in Cincinnati, OH to Lillian Baumring, b. 7/4/1908,Cincinnati, OH, d. 11/13/1999, Mason, OH [SSDI636]. Lillian lived in Cincinnati. Spoke to her on 6/6/95.


>          Robert J. (Joseph (LEM)) "Buddy" (per Ed), b. 2/5/1910 Middlesboro, KY (LEM), d. 10/22/1990, Cincinnati [SSDI238], married 8/29/1937 in Cincinnati to Ruth (Rachel) Michaelson, b. 8/20/1916, d. 1/-/1992 [SSDI239]. She was the daughter of Julius and Gertrude Cohn (per BE). She died 15 months after he did (LEM). He grew up in Welch (LEM). Robert was honorably discharged 11/13/1945. He was in the dry cleaning business. The family cemetery is at Price Hill (LEM). Elaine says that Ruth had told her that there were relatives by the name of Gould.


>          Leon (Leibel), b. 11/22/1917, WV, d. 7/6/1992 [SSDI240], married Rebecca "Becky" Hart, b. 8/30/1922, d. 5/12/1991 [SSDI241]. They lived in Cincinnati on 5/7/1995,


Married 2 after 1929 to Lottie Unknown, b. 10/5/1895 or 10/6/1891, Germany, d. 6/13/1985, Jacksonville, FL. [SSDI014; DEATH031]


Jennie Kohn, daughter of Eli, son of Nisan, son of Abraham Abba, Son of Chaim Tsinne’s

>          Jennie (Tzina) Kohn, b. Shamberlain or Shambelain, Russian Poland, 11/5/1887 or 5/1887 (1/1887, per 1900 census), d. 11/18/1957 [CEM272-SD], married Dave Kohn, b. 2/1/1887, OH, d. 9/5/1943.  [CEN0024; CEN1014; ~CEN20; CEN3043; DEATH097; CEM267-SD]  In 1930 they lived in Cincinnati where he was a milliner.  According to Eli's notes, “in 1887 Sister Tzina was born in Shambelain Nov. 5 (or May 5).” [GEN008-SD]


In the 1900 census, David and Meyer Kohn (probably the same as buried with the Effron family [CEM274-SD]), both b. OH, are children of Louie and Lena Kohn of 530 W. Fifth St., right next to where Eli Effron lives (with Jennie), at 532 West Fifth Street.  Louis and Lena were born in Russia. [GEN008-SD] His mother’s family name was Singar. [DEATH097] BenKohn and Dora K. Happer are also buried at Schachnus Cemetery [CEM266-SD; CEM268-SD] David might be a brother of Anna Kohn, the wife of Jacob (above).


>          >          Louise Vogel, b. abt. 1914, OH, d, married to Jim Vogel. He predeceased her by a few years.



Aryeh Leib, son of Nisan, son of Abraham Abba, son of Chaim Tsinne’s

Arye Leib, b. 1842, d. after 1906. [VOT035]  Eli Efron of Cincinnati had a brother Arye Leib who was, in 1868, the Sandiker of Eli’s son Abba. [GEN008-SD] A Leib Niselovich (son of Nisan) Efron is listed in the Grodno voter list of 1906 [VOT035]. He is not listed in the 1907 voter list.


Arye Leib’s only known child is Shmuel Nisan.


The 1858 Amdur Reviski Staski census [RS078] lists a “Leyba Eli,” son of Nissel (Nissan). It is not certain whether that record is for this Leib or his brother Eli. There are many instances where official records appear to list one son with a double name, incorporating his brother’s name, essentially making  two boys into one, a trick that helps at least one of them to avoid conscription.


This is probably the Leibe Efron, known as Chana Etta's, who is mentioned on page 77 of Amdur, Mayn Geboyrn-Shtetl:


His name was derived from his mother’s.  A fervent Kotzker Hasid, he was an extraordinary scholar with a thorough knowledge of Hasidic literature.   He used to drink 90 proof  liquor in a tea glass.   …  Leibe Khane-Ete’s, however, was never drunk, and he never forgot to say the appropriate prayers at the right time.  His income came from teaching.   My younger brother Arye-Leib was one of his students.” [MISC019-Amdur, Mayn Geboyrn-Shtetl]



>          Shmuel Nisan, d. after 1913, married Malke


He is listed in the voting list for Grodno Gubernia in 1906 as Shmuel Nisel Leibovich (son of Leib) Efron [VOT022]. He is not on the 1907 list. There is also an Izrail Leibovich Efron in the Grodno Gubernia 1906 list. There is a Leiba Mordkelhevich (son of Mordecai) in the 1907 voter list for Grodno Gubernia, but there is no reason to believe that this is the same Leib -- or that Nisan was actually named Nisan-Mordecai.


Shmuel Nisan had five known children:

Unknown daughter. She died in the cold in Europe. Nothing else is known about her.

Jennie Krasilnick

Jacob Feld

Ida (Chaya) Seligman

Elie Effron>

Harry Feld


The Feld information is very uncertain. There may have been many relatives who came to Cuba, then more recently to Miami. It is not known why the brothers went by the name Feld. The Felds around 1937 lived in a town in Kentucky, possibly Paris, KY. They were a family of redheads.


>          >          Sheine "Jennie" Krasilnick, b. abt. 1882, Russian Poland, d. 1968, married Abram Krasilnick, b. 7/15/1878, Russian Poland, d. abt. 1960. [CEN3046]  He came from Bialystok. He arrived in 1904 and is joining his uncle, Judel Zanovitz [ARR299]. Upon arrival, he indicates that he is a blacksmith.  In 1930 they lived in Brooklyn and sold poultry. They were also in Brooklyn in the 1940s. [MIL054] Early on in this country, prior to his wife arriving, he lived in Kentucky on a farm with landsman. Then he settled in Brooklyn. They were very religious, and she spoke Yiddish her entire life. According to some, Sheine and Abram were cousins.


She arrived on 9/28/1910 with Rochel and “Eli”, ages 27, 7 & 3, and they are going to Abram, who lives at 204 Madison, St., NYC, the same address that Abram identifies when he immigrates six years earlier.  Travelling with them, also from Berestovitsa, is the Esther Suchowitzky family. All family members, according to the ship manifest, were born in Berestovits and her father (and mother), Samuel N. Effron, lives there at that time. [ARR151]




Abram was naturalized in 1949, at age 70, in US District Ct., Brooklyn (index card on Ancestry)


>          >          Jacob (Yankel) Feld, nee Efron, b. 1891 [ARR234-SD1-SD2; CEN3045], Berestovice, married Katie Unknown, b. abt. 1900, Russia. ARR234-SD1-SD2


He arrived 1910 and she arrived in 1911. In 1930 he is a soda bottler and she is in millnery sales and they live in Newark. They also lived in Brooklyn. They went to Miami late in life.  He arrived as “Jankel Effram” on 2/16/1910.  When he arrives, he is going to his uncle, Elly Efram, 251 Smith St., Cincinatti. In 1930 Jacob is living in Newark. According to his ship’s manifest, back in Berestovits (Berevic) is his father, Schmul Effron. [ARR234-SD1-SD2] See Rebecca Abrams Roth Abrams, whose immigration history is identical.


>          >          Chaya "Ida" Seligman, b. abt. 1892, Berestovitsa, married Harry Seligman. (ML)  In the 1930 census he is listed as Harry [not abstracted]. She arrived in 1913 [ARR236-SD1-SD2] from “Berestoviza.” When she arrives, she is going to join her brother-in-law Krasilnick. Their son Paul was a well-known photojournalist.


>          >          Elie Efron, b. abt. 1893, Berestovitsa [ARR026-SD1-SD2; ARR130]. Descendants are not known.


He arrived in the US on 1/11/1911.  He was naturalized in the Miami office on 1/24/1956, file no. A4-263-948 1-423, according to an annotation on his arrival record.


>          >          Harry Feld, b. abt. 1895, Russia, married abt. 1929, and divorced, Ida, b. abt. 1907, NJ. He arrived in 1913. [CEN3044] In 1930, he lived in Newark, NJ. He was the youngest, and died in a car accident. In his later years he was in Florida.


Based on this article from the Bourbon News (Paris, KY), 3/14/1922, one would think that David Feld is related, given all of the Efrons who attended his daughter’s wedding:


One of the most impressive wed-
dings of the season was that Miss
Ruth Feld, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
David Feld, of Paris, and Mr. Jack
Cohan, of Winchester, which was
solemnized Sunday afternoon at five
o'clock, in the parlors of the New
Lafayette Hotel, in Lexington.
Rabbi Leventhal, of Cincinnati, offi-
ciated. The impressive ceremony
was witnessed by a large number of
friends and relatives of the young
Miss Feld's charming brunette
beauty was enhanced by her wedding-
gown of henna crepe metere, trim-
med with beads. She wore a black
lace hat and slippers to match and a
corsage bouquet of lilies of the val-
ley and Ophelia roses.
After the ceremony a wedding sup-
per was served, at which the mem-
bers of the bridal party and mem-
bers of the families were present.
The tables were lovely in their dec
orations. In the center of the bride's
table was a large wedding cake, with
fifteen ribbons leading to the fifteen
girl friends of the bride. Dr. W. C.
Ussedy presided and read the shower
congratulatory telegrams and mes-
sages sent to the bride and bride
groom. At the conclusion of the
supper and after receiving congratu-
lations and best wishes from the as
sembled guests Mr. and Mrs. Cohan
left for a bridal tour to New York
and other Eastern cities. On their
return they will be at home to their
friends, in this city, where Mr. Co
han will engage in business.
During the supper and ceremony
music was furnished by the La'fay
ette Hotel orchestra.
When the big wedding cake was
cut by Miss Pearl Davidorf, of Cin
cinnati, cousin of the bride, the
slice containing the ring was secure
ed by Miss Esther Goldberg, of Cin
cinnati. The thimble' went to Miss
Essie Cohan, of Winchester, sister of
the bridegroom, and the dime was
secured by Miss Ruth Davidorf, of
Cincinnati. Following the supper a
theatre party was given at the Ben
Ali, and the young couple left for
their wedding tour.
The following were guests for the
ceremony and at the wedding sup
per: Mr. and Mrs. David Feld, Mrs.
B. Friedman, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Mar
golen, Dr. W. C. Ussery, Miss Ruby
Elder, of Paris; Mr. and Mrs. Na
than Effron, Miss Ida Effron, Moses
Effron, Carlisle; Misses Rebecca
Kravetz, Esther Roseburg, Tyna
Levy, Mrs. Max Levy, Lexington;
Misses Pearl and Ruth Davidorf,
Birdie Silvergrade, ' Esther Goldberg,
Mrs. Abe Davidorf, Mrs. Abe Effron,
Cincinnati; Mrs. M. Effron, Miss
Sophia Effron, Middlesboro; Mr. and
Mrs. Julius Effron, Frankfort; Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Cohan, Ben Cohan,
Miss Gussie Cohan, Mrs. Fannie
Friedman, Winchester; Miss Evelyn
Firedman, Eli Friedman, Paris;



Rivka Rochel Braverman, daughter of Nissan Efron, son of Abraham Abba, son of Chaim Tsinne’s


Rivka Rochel Braverman, b. 1838, d. approx.. 1915, married Shlema Braverman, b. 1832, d. after 1912 [RS100]. Their dates of death are based on the dates when their offspring, named after them, were born.


Most of the oral history for the family came from my mother’s cousins, especially Ethel Shrieber. A cousin of my grandmother, Ethel Baker, was also very helpful. When I first became curious about my family’s history and spoke to my mother about her family she gave me her grandfather’s death certificate. What a find! It showed the full names of both of his parents: Solomon Braver and Rebecca Effron. This was the very first I had heard of the Effron family. [Death088-SD]


I had always been told that they had eleven daughters and one son – my great-grandfather. However, one great find in the project I undertook in 2009 to obtain the 1858 Revision Lists (censuses) for Amdur and surrounding areas was to find an actual record of Shlema and Rivka Rokhel, and a bonus: their son Moshe Chaim.


Of the eleven daughters, seven names are known, and the others are unknown. For one of other seven daughters, all that is known is her name: Rishka.  Another of the seven daughters settled in Israel, and not much is known about her. The other five known daughters settled in the US, mostly in and around Boston, and their families are well documented.


The four unknown daughters may have been killed in the Holocaust with their families, or they may not have reached adulthood. Eleven daughters -- this is the story that was passed down to me. And one son. Iin April 2009 I got the results of a search in the Grodno Archives of the revision list (census) supplement for Amdur, 1874. In it, there was a Moshe Chaim Braverman, son of Shlema and Rivka Rokhel. He was registered in the town of Amdur, was then 24 years old and married to Chernia, who is age 22.


Shlamie (Solomon) was living in Amdur in 1912 because he is listed on the ship manifest of one of his daughter’s, who emigrated in that year. Ruth Shriber and Ruth Ganz were given the name Rochel, after Rivka Rochel, their great-grandmother. Sheila Cherkas and Sylvia Housman were named after Shlema, their grandfather.


The Braverman family came from the tiny shtetl of Odel’sk, which is near Amdur, and more particularly, they lived in the village of Lapenovice (Lapenovichy), close to Odel’sk. Ethel Baker told me that her mother told her that Shlema referred to himself as “Shlema Lapenovitcher.” Odelsk is close to Amdur, on the road from Amdur to Bialystok. A good bit of this Braverman clan were farmers on the Colony Isaaka, near Odel’sk – see discussion below, with the family of Nechama. Odel’sk was a tiny shtetl (town where Jews lived), and the Lapenowice and Colony Isaaka are that much smaller, as indicated on a small portion of this extraordinarily detailed map. [MISC160-SD]. “Adelsk” will show up on most good maps; it is right on the border between Poland and Belarus.


Only a few families have been identified as coming from the town of Odel’sk. Simon Maister, of Canton, OH, came from Odel’sk. His son (?) Alex, d. 4/6/1978, from Detroit, was married to Eva Browarny.


Shlema's last name was initially Abramowitz, but it was changed to Braverman -- according to oral history. His father (or brother?) was Jacob Abramowitz.  Jacob Abramowitz’s wife was Rachel Stuchinsky. Jacob's known children, the brothers and sisters of Shlema Braverman,  were: Louis Abrahams, of Framingham MA, Lena Rheinhart, Leike Levine, Gullie Arkin, and Shimai "Simon" Abrams.  They all came to Boston, but not Shlema. Many members of the Abrams family married descendants of Shlema Braverman. See “Other Amdur Families.”


An interesting research project was done for families named Braverman. One Charles Braverman, residing in Los Angeles and in the entertainment business, sent a letter asking about Braverman roots to several dozen Bravermans throughout the United States.  He then compiled the responses and sent a copy of the compiled letters to all who sent in responses. I have a copy of ‘The Braverman Letters,” which consists of about 100 letters and sundry attachments, all discussing some branch of a Braverman family.


More information about the Braverman family can be found below, for the branch of Necha Braveraman who married a Braverman cousin.


The known children of Shlema and Rivka Rochel were:


Moshe Chaim Braverman

Abraham Abba Braver

Sheina Udis “Ida” Levine

Malke “Mary” Listokin

Necha “Nettie” Braverman

Peshi “Bessie” “Polly” Abrams

Golli “Gertrude” Davis

Itka Grabinski


Four more sisters, but nothing is known about them


Description: Braverman Chanukah Party picture guide.jpg

3 Braver Cousin's Club Chanukkah Party, ca. 1938


First Row, Left to Right: Elliot Madow, Sheldon Madow, Unknown, Gloria Goldman Sax, Unknown, Sheila Baker, Lenny Braverman, Unknown, Unknown

Second Row: Bea Levine Yarin, Paul Goldman, Margaret Braverman Werlin, on lap Unknown, Jason Stone, Rosalyn “Honey” Shapiro Sorkin, Esther Cohen, Philp Levine, Irving Levine

Third Row, Gladys Levine Pfau, Norma Levine Olmer, Sydney Levine, the rest Unknown


Moshe Chaim Braverman, son of Rivka Rochel Braverman, daughter of Nissan Efron, son of Abraham Abba, son of Chaim Tsinne’s


Moshe Chaim Braverman, b. 1850, Amdur, married Chernia, b. 1852. In 1874, they are registered to the town of Amdur. [CENRS101] Nothing else is known about them.


Abraham Abba Braver, son of Rivka Rochel Braverman, daughter of Nissan Efron, son of Abraham Abba, son of Chaim Tsinne’s

Abraham Abba “Abby” Braver (Braverman), b. Grodno or possibly in Lapenowice, near Odelsk, 8/3/1863, d. Dorchester (Boston), 9/30/1935 [DEATH088-SD], married abt. 1881 or 1884 to Elka "Ella" Nakdimon (Diamond, Nagdiman, etc.), b. 1865 or 1869, possibly in Amdur, d. Dorchester, 5/9/1939 [CEN1028; CEN2139; CEN3047].  Abby lived in South Boston for many years. In 1910 he was a junk collector and lived at 1 Harold Place in Boston. He was a partner in a paper company, with a Healey.  He arrived at the port of New York City 1/8/1899 on the Pennsylvania; he last lived in Grodno and his final destination is NY and he is going to his brother-in-law (?) who appears to be Max or Nat Litwin or Letwin [ARR237-SD].  Note that Gdalia Levine is referred to as Litwin in one early record, and he was in the US before Abby.  The address where Abby is going in New York is 50 Chrystie St.  He bought his South Boston house from his uncle, Louis Abrahams (Abrams).  He lived at 597 First St. in Nov., 1903.


Elka arrived at Boston on Sept 2, 1904 on the Republic, sailing from Liverpool with her five young children Malka, Channa, Jankel, Baske, and Itke [ARR159].  Elka is the daughter of Benjamin and Helen, according to her death certificate. Her family name is sometimes listed as “Diamond” [MAR094; MAR156] and it is possible that some of her family used that variation.


Their children were:

Minnie Abrams

Annie Solomon


Jacob “Jack”

Bessie Levine

Edythe Rubin

Alice Gray


>          Minnie (Malka) Abrams, b. 1884 Grodno, d. 4/22/1956 [verify – FTM says 4/22/1962] in Dorchester, MA, married 6/26/1906 in Boston to Hyman Abrams, b. 4/9/1878, Grodno, d. 6/29/1948, Malden, MA. [CEN1028; MAR156] In 1910 she is living with her parents, siblings and children, but without Hyman, as “Molly Abrahams.” Hyman arrived on 4/5/1895 with Sam (Shevach) Effron of Poughkeepsie [ARR244-SD]. Minnie and Hyman were first cousins once removed.


As a boy, Hyman’s family and the family of Shevach “Sam” Effron of Poughkeepsie jointly ran an inn near Amdur, and both families lived there. Sam writes about that in his autobiography.  [Autobiography of Sam Effron - Part I] Shevach and Chaim were boyhood friends, and both traveled together to Argentina and then to the US.  My mother’s first cousin Ethel Shriber remembered visiting the Effrons of Poughkeepsie when she was a girl. Hyman and Minnie are believed to be first cousins, once removed, but so far that is based only on oral history. In 1930, the family lived in Rhode Island [CEN--]


>          >          Ethel Shriber, b. 1/21/1907, MA, d. 10/12/2003, married 8/9/1942 to Nathan Shriber, b. 7/22/1909, d. 4/-/1981, Newton, MA [SSDI361]. Ethel lives in Brookline, MA


>          >          Estelle Fix, b. 5/13/1908 or 5/13/1909, MA, d. 1/16/1977 [SSDI363], married Julius "Yudi" Fix, b. 8/17/1919, d. 2/12/1991 [SSDI362]. In 1910 her name is given as “Celia.”


>          >          Helen Kreponitsky, b. 9/10/1911, MA, married 6/30/1962 to Albert Kreponitsky, b. 1922 They did not have any children.


>          >          Beatrice "Bede" Herf, b. 1/15/1914, married Hyman J. Herf, b. 11/26/1907, d. 3/23/1956. Bede lives in Brookline, MA.


>          >          Alice Freedman, b. 5/18/1915, RI, married 12/20/1936 to Lawrence Freedman, b. 8/17/1912, d. 10/1991, MA


>          >          Ruth R. Ganz, b. 9/23/1921, RI, married 6/29/1947 to Benjamin Ganz.


>          Annie (Channa) Solomon, b. abt. 1887, Grodno, d. 6/7/1968, Boston, married 6/22/1909 in Boston to Samuel (Shmuel) Solomon, b. abt. 1884, d. 3/11/1947, Boston [CEN1028; CEN2125; CEN3048]. He is the son of Isaac (Itzak David) and Bessie (Lebovitz). He arrived in 1896. In 1910 they lived together with her family.  In 1920 they lived in Malden with her aunt Bessie Abrams and her family. [MARR094]


>          >          Morton J (Morton N.?), b. 6/15/1910 or 7/15/1910, MA [CEN3048], d. 6/7/1968 or 2/-/1976 [SSDI364], married Violet Fine, b. 8/14/1904, d. 2/-/1987, Marlborough, MA


>          >          Leo D. (Leo J.?), b. 11/13/1911, South Boston [CEN3048], married 1934 to Charlotte Klein, b. 10/16/1911, Bayonne, NJ, d. 10/1997, Newton, MA. In 1930 Leo was in the tire business.


One of Leo’s grandchildren, Marc Dennis is an art professor at Elmira College and an outspoken entomophogist [personal correspondence].


>          >          Ruth Shriber, b. 10/31/1917, Boston [CEN3048], married Al Shriber, b. 6/28/1913, Dumbrovitz, Poland. Al and Nathan "Nat" Shriber are cousins. Ruth and Al live in Delray Beach, FL


>          Nathan (Nissan Hillel), b. abt. 1889, Grodno, d. 9/15/1938, Boston, married Jenny (Dina) Jampolsky, b. abt. 1894, RI, d. 9/22/1946, Boston. [CEN1028]  Her father was Israel Jampolsky. He arrived in the US as Nisen Braverman at NY on 11/27/1903. Arriving on the same ship and listed near Nathan is one Nochem Buchter, a 22 y.o. cabinetmaker from Grodno, although no connection is known. [ARR240-SD] In the 1930 census Nathan is listed as a “waste paper merchant.”


>          >          Sylvia Hausman, b. 6/18/1922, d. 4/16/2007, L.A., CA, married George Hausman. They lived in California.


>          >          Martin, d., married and divorced Gilda Cooper. Marty was founder of an accounting firm in the Boston area.


>          >          Elaine Goldenberg, married Martin Goldenberg, b. 5/23/1934, d. 8/27/1997.


>          Jacob "Jack" (Yankel) Braver, b. 9/10/1896, Grodno, d. 7/-/1975, Atlanta, GA [SSDI366, CEM – (Cemetery project: buried at Greenwood cemetery, Atlanta); ~CEN30], married in Atlanta to Helen Levin, b. 1902, Atlanta, GA (?), d. 1987, Atlanta, GA [CEM – (same as for Jack). She was the daughter of Jake and Fannie Levin of Atlanta. Jack worked for his father's cousin, Lou Effron, at the Atlanta location of Effron's Department Store. Before that he worked at Filene’s Department Store in Boston.


They were long-time residents of Dalton, GA


[Articles of interest are in the Southern Israelite.]


>          Bashe “Bessie” Levine, b. 3/16/1897, 5/1898, or 5/1/1897, Grodno, possiblyAmdur or in the shtetl of Odelsk (also Adelsk or Odel’sk), d. 10/31/1984, Brookline, MA [SSDI367], married 3/16/1924 in Dorchester to Harry Levine, b. 2/21/1899, Canada, en route from Great Britain to Boston, d. 11/5/1977, Brookline, MA [SSDI368; CEN3049; NAT088-SD]. He was a used tire merchant. She arrived in 1904, he arrived in 1899. His parents were Isaac (Itzhak) and Sarah. Their family arrived in Canada in 1899 under the name of Lewin.


Harry Levine’s ancestry can be found in Appendix U.


>          Edythe (Itka) Rubin, b. 9/7/1899, Grodno [CEN3047], d. 5/13/1965, Boston, MA, married 7/4/1935 in Boston to Robert "Ruby" Rubin, b. 4/12/1898, d. 4/8/1951. He was the son of Hanoch.


Sheina Udis “Ida” Levine, daughter of Rivka Rochel Braverman, daughter of Nissan Efron, son of Abraham Abba, son of Chaim Tsinne’s

Sheina Udis "Ida" Levine, b. 1861 or 1868, Amdur, Grodno?, d. 9/25/1918, Chelsea, MA, married abt. 1878 to Gedalia Levine, b. 1867 in Lida (?) [CEN2123; CEN3054] , d. 3/9/1933, Chelsea, MA. She arrived in 1903 with their youngest five children except that Sophie was born in the US [ARR300-SD] He arrived in 1901. They lived for many years at 3 Auburn Ct. in Chelsea, MA and some of their relatives named them when immigrating to the US. In 1920 he is a junk dealer.


Their children are:

Rose Trushinsky


Celia Cohen

Ethel Shapiro


Ida Levine


Sophie Weisberg


>          Rose Trushinsky “Trushin”,b. 1883, d. 5/25/1933, Boston area, married Samuel Trushinsky “Trushin”, b. 1880, Meretz, d. 8/8/1932, Boston area [CEN2124; CEN3050]. He was a jeweler. Rose arrived in 1902. Samuel arrived in 1905.  In 1930, he is a shoe factory worker and the family then lived in Chelsea.


>          >          Saul "Sydney" (Shael or Sholm) Trushin, b. 10/15/1913, d. 1/20/1973, married 9/14/1941 to Mildred Roslyn Lerner.


>          >          Pauline (also, Pearl) Levine, b. 1/20/1916, d. 6/6/1969, married Jacob "Jack" Levine, b. 7/11/1911, d. 9/6/1964


>          Isaac "Itchky", b. 6/19/1884, Grodno, d. 11/14/1930, Chelsea, married abt. 1905 to Minnie Freedman, b. 1889, Russia, d. 8/8/1964, Chelsea or Brighton (Boston), MA [CEN3051]. Isaac emigrated from Hamburg and arrived at NYC on 7/9/1901 on the "Milano."[ARR157]  Minnie’s father was Abraham and her mother was Rose Ash. (There is an Amdur family named Ashkewitz).


His first naturalization paper state that he arrived from Montreal by rail and arrived at Boston on 7/15/1900, however, his final naturalization papers say that is erroneous [NAT072-SD]. In fact, the Isaac Levine of Boston who arrived by rail is the Isaac Levine who is the father in law of Bessie (Braver) Levine (see page --)  – a coincidence!


Samuel Trushinsky was one of the witnesses on Isaac’s petition for naturalization.  Isaac was a baker.


>          >          Abraham, b. 3/16/1913 or 3/16/1912, Chelsea, MA, d. 2/7/1985, Chelsea or Brockton [SSDI371; CEN3051], married Sylvia Sossen, b. 2/2/1914, South Africa. Sylvia lives in Brockton, MA


>          >          Ida Moshin, married Rubin Moshin, b. 10/5/1911, d. 12/19/1988, Allston, MA [SSDI372; CEN3051]


>          Celia “Simi” Cohen, b. 7/15/1887, Russia, d. 9/17/1974, Newton, MA [SSDI373], married Harry Cohen, b. 1886, Romania, d. 5/9/1963, Boston area. Celia arrived in 1903[ARR300-SD], Harry arrived in 1905 or 1906. In 1930, he is in the burlap bag business and they live in Chelsea. [CEN3188].


>          >          Eva Berger, b. abt. 1908, MA, d. approx. 1976 (SSDI374 or SSDI375?), married Unknown Berger. In 1930 she is a stenographer, working in law.


>          >          Louis, b. 1910, MA, married Lillian (Leah), b. 1909, d. 11/8/1958. He lived in Chelsea, MA, then Salem, NH and then moved to Florida. He was married a second time, and has no children. They did not have any children.


>          >          Annie Nadler, b. abt. 1912, MA, married Unknown Nadler.


>          >          Ruth Zeitlan, b. abt. 1917, MA married 1. Van Der Muelin (Molen?), d. abt. 1968.


>          >          Married 2. Sidney Zeitlan


>          >          Jeanette, b. abt. 1921, MA


>          >          Marion "Micki" Goldman, b. abt. 1926, MA, married Milton Goldman, b. 2/5/1925, d. 4/-/1985, Peabody [SSDI376]


>          Ethel Shapiro, b. 9/18/1891, Russia, d. 8/29/1980 (SSDI377?), married abt. 1911 to Harry (Moshe Aaron) Shapiro, b. 2/9/1886, Grodno, d. 4/10/1983 in the Boston area [SSDI378; CEN3052]. She arrived in 1903 [ARR300-SD] and he arrived in 1905. In 1930 they lived in Chelsea and he was an upholsterer. His original surname may have been Schuster, according to one granddaughter. Harry’s mother was Chana Rochel Levine and she is understood to be a relative of the Levine family. According to her gravestone, her father was Rabbi Yosef [gravestone]. Harry immigrated to Chelsea via East Boston in his late teens.


>          >          Joseph J., b. 12/6/1912, d. 2/19/1985 [SSDI379; CEN3052]. He was not married.


>          >          Nettie Kamens, b. abt. 1915 [CEN3052], d. 8/14/2006, married Israel Kamens, M.D., d. 3/29/1992, Chelsea, MA [SSDI381]. They lived in Chelsea. He was a Harvard Medical School graduate.


>          >          Mitchell, b. abt. 1922, d. July, 1994 [SSDI380; CEN3052]. He was not married.


>          >          Rosalyn "Honey" Sorkin, married Richard Sorkin


>          Shmuel "Sam", b. 4/15/1894, Russia, d. 1/2/1973, Everett [CEN2123; SSDI382], married Elizabeth “Libba” Melemed, b. abt. 1906, Semofka village, Zvill, Novagraduk. Elizabeth lived in Everett, MA.  He arrived in 1903 [ARR300-SD]. She arrived in 1915. [~CEN30]. Sidney has a picture in his livingroom of Celia, Ethel, Gedalia, Sam, Ida & Jack.


>          >          Irving (Israel Leib), married Shirley Gimpel.


>          >          Sidney (Shlema), married Janice Mankin.  When I told Sidney about my research, he told me that, coincidentally, he used to rent an office from Louis Effron (father of Max Effron of Boston).


>          >          Philip (Pinchus), married Frances “Fran” Goldman


>          Ida Stone, b. abt. 1896, d. bef. 10/1971, VA, married abt. 1918 to Julius W. Stone, b. abt. 1893. [~CEN20; CEN3053]


>          >          Jason (Yankel), b. abt. 1928, Everett, d., married Rhoda.


>          Jacob "Jack", b. 5/10/1900, Russia, d. 10/18/1971, Holbrook, MA [SSDI383], married abt. 1926 to Dora Shaffet, b. abt. 1906, d. bef. 10/1971, Boston area. [CEN2123; CEN3053]. He arrived in 1903 [ARR300-SD]. In 1920 he is a baker.


>          >          Esther Cohen, [CEN 3053] married Philip Cohen.


>          >          Gloria "Gittie" Katz, married Unknown Katz. They did not have any children.


>          Sophie Weisberg, b. 6/15/1904, MA, d. 12/-/1981, Chelsea [CEN2123; SSDI384], married abt. 1924 to Hyman Weisberg, b. abt. 1899. (SSDI385?) [CEN3054]  He was a plumber.


>          >          David (Dovi), married Latty.  They did not have any children.


Malke “Mary” Listokin, daughter of Rivka Rochel Braverman, daughter of Nissan Efron, son of Abraham Abba, son of Chaim Tsinne’s


Malke “Mary” Listokin, b. 2/1868 or 1870, Grodno, d. before 1930, Philadelphia area, married Morris Listokin, b. 2/1870, Russia, d. aft. 1930, Philadelphia area. [CEN3055]. Mary arrived in 1881 [correct? – source?], he immigrated in 1879 [source?] or 1890.


The arrival of “Merc Listokin” appears to be Mary: departed Hamburg 6/17/1890 on The Empress, via Hartlepool, Merc Listokin is 21 and has a baby Basche, 11 months old, with her. They are from Amdur. [ARR219].


In September, 1906, Breine Lisztokin, 18 years old arrives in New York. This appears to be the Rebecca Liskoken who married Samuel Parris of Philadelphia 1914 (verify date). When she arrives, she is going to her uncle, Moishe Lisztokin in Philadelphia. On her initial trip from Hamburg to England she says she was born in Sokolki, and in the second leg of the trip she states that she resides in Bransk.


Their children (detailed below) were:

Bessie Abrams



Annie Katz






>          Bessie (Bashe) Abrams, b. 12/1887 or 5/1888, Amdur, married abt. 1907 to Sam Abrams, b. 7/15/1883, Grodno, d. aft. 1960, Philadelphia [CEN3055]. Sam is the son of Shimon Abrams (Abramovitz) (see page __). Sam first lived in Argentina where he was a jockey and he was living for some time in Malden, MA before marrying.The Russian Consular records indexing project has an entry for a document for Samuel and Minnie Abrams, NYC, ref.# N045-02-528, but it is not known if this would be the same Sam Abrams (and his sister-in-law, Minnie Abrams).  He arrived at age 16 with his father, brother Tevel and Tevel’s family. He arrived on the "New Turk" [at New York?] 5/15/1899. [ARR238-SD1-SD2].


Bessie appears to be the Basche who left Hamburg with her mother, Merc, in 1890 [ARR219]; if that is the case, then Bessie was born about 5/1888.


>          Jack, b. 10/1893 or 10/18/1892, Philadelphia, PA., d. 5/-/1965, PA [SSDI386], married abt. 1913 to Rebecca Unknown, b. abt. 1895, Russia, d. [CEN3056] They lived in Philadelphia in 1930 and he was a clothier. She arrived in 1906.


>          Barney, b. 6/1896, Philadelphia, PA, d.. In 1930 he lived with his brother Jack’s family and he was a clothier.  [CEN3056]


>          Esther, b. abt. 1899, Philadelphia, PA


>          Samuel, b. 3/19/1900, Philadelphia, PA, d. 5/29/1990, Philadelphia, PA. [SSDI388], married abt. 1924 to Jessie Unknown, b. 10/29/1902, d. 2/4/1993, Philadelphia, PA [SSDI389] [CEN3059]


>          Willie, b. 3/3/1904, Philadelphia, PA, d. 2/8/1991 [SSDI390; CEN3060], married Ellen.


>          Annie (Hannah) Katz, b. abt. 1904 or 1898, Philadelphia, PA, married Isadore “Izzy” Katz, b. abt. 1901, PA. [CEN3058]  In 1930 they live in Philadelphia where he is a lawyer with his own practice and she is a public school teacher.


>          Edward, b. 12/14/1910, Philadelphia, PA, d. 2/1994, Philadelphia, PA [SSDI391; CEN3055]



Necha “Nettie” Braverman, daughter of Rivka Rochel Braverman, daughter of Nissan Efron, son of Abraham Abba, son of Chaim Tsinne’s

Necha "Nettie" Braverman, b. 1871, Odelsk or Amdur, d. 3/7/1937, Boston, married abt. 1889 to (Moshe) Fishel Braverman, b. 8/15/1870, Grodno, possibly Odelsk. [CEN3061] Necha arrived with the four older children on the "Nomidian" sailing from Glascow, arriving 7/8/1912 in Boston. She had come from Amdur, and her father Shlema was living there then. When Necha and the children arrive in the US, they are going to 3 Auburn Court, to Fishel [ARR242-SD1-SD2]. Fishel arrived on the Petersburg sailing from Libau and arriving in 1908.  He states that his wife is then residing in Adelsk (Odelsk, aka Odel’sk) and that he is going to his brother in law G. Litvin (Gedalia Levine) at 3-F Court St. (sic.), Chelsea. [ARR241-SD1-SD2] At that time, his last permanent residence was in the city of Grodno. In 1930 Fishel is living in Chelsea where he is a rabbi.


According to their grandson, Samuel Braverman, Fishel and Necha were third cousins. (Joel Braverman)


The Braverman family were once farmers on the farming colony Kolonja Izaaka, which is located near the town of Adelsk, right along the border between Poland and Belarus [MISC160-SD]. From : “Until 2011, the sole source of information regarding the founding of Kolonja Izaaka was the report given by Salomon Salit in his 1934 book,  Kolonja Izaaka: Wies Powiatu Sokolskiego. The information in Pinkas Hakehillot seems also to derive exclusively from Salit.


“In 2010 archivists in Grodno came upon the 1853 Supplemental Revision List for Kolonja Izaaka. In 2011, researchers from the Belarus Jewish Heritage Research Group (JHRG) undertook copying out and translating the list at the request of Kolonja Izaaka descendant Marilyn Cohon. The list gives new details, corroborates many of Salit's, and provides some new names and facts altogether. It also reveals that although the colony was founded on paper in 1849, it was not actually inhabited until 1851, the year most of the families in the List report moving there. A few families came later and they were added on to the Revision List subsequently. According to JHRG, archival policies in Grodno prevent the actual list from being copied or scanned, so we are reliant on JHRG's careful handiwork here.


“The chart below reflects the transcription by the JHRG team (with some alternate family name spellings added for ease of internet searches). All information in List was marked as taken on October 6, 1853 except, obviously, for the couple families at the end of the list whose arrival date was later. The town for each person was listed as Isaakovo, of the Sokolsky Uzeyd, of Grodno Gubernya.


“We are grateful to JHRG et al for doing this work and to Marilyn for making it possible.”


Here then is the portion of the table listing the Braverman family:





Head of Household


Came from Odelsk, there are 11 women in the family
























































According to the Ketubah of Fishel's sister, Sophie Gordon, Fishel’s father was Yehuda Ari, his mother may have been Sarah, and Yehuda Ari's father was Yehoushua [MAR157]. In this chart is a Yudel, son of Ovsey, and these names are equivalent to Yehuda Ari, son of Yehoshua. The Yudel in the chart was born in 1843. (The 1853 lists of males give the age as of the 1850 revision, which is probably the case here). This makes perfect sense for him to be the father of Fishel, who was born in 1870 (or thereabouts).


Yankel Braverman, son of Chaim, was born about 1773, and would be a direct ancestor of Necha, because Necha and Fishel were second cousins. So where in this table is Shlema, Necha’s father? He is not the Shlema Braverman in the table because the one in the table was born in 1844, and our Shlema was born in 1832, according to the 1858 revision list for Amdur. And, our Shlema Braveraman, according to oral history, was the son of Jacob. Thus, our Shlema was another son of the Jacob Braverman in this table, but is not enumerated here. In fact, in 1853 Shlema Braverman would have been 21 years old and so it makes sense if he was not living with the family at the colony.





Description: BravermanPic - from Joel Braverman.jpg

4 Fishel and Necha Braverman and progeny

Left to Right, Standing: 3 Unknown youths, Helen (Kaplan) Braverman, Hyman Braverman, Ethel Braverman Madow, Max Madow, Sara (Braverman) Goldman, Hy Goldman

Middle Row, Seated: Sylvan Mael; Mary Lillian (Tepper) Braverman, Jacob Braverman; Nettie/Necha (Braverman) Braverman, Fishel Braverman, Nellie (Braverman) Mael, Harry Mael, Unknown Mael (on lap)

Bottom Row, on Floor: Samuel Braverman, Margaret Braverman Werlin, the remaining are unknown


Joel Braverman sent a photograph of the family via email on 12/5/2006. BravermanPic is Moishe Fishel/Nettie Braverman and their children.  My grandfather Jacob/Yankel and grandmother are seated in the first row to the left of centre, to the right are Nellie and Harry Mael.  Behind their parents are Hymie/Hyman and Helen Braverman, to their right are Ethel and Max Madow.  At the far right are Sara and Hy Goldman.  The kids are difficult to sort out, but I recognize most of them.  My uncle Sylvan is seated at the far left, my father Samuel is in the first row at the left,  Phyllis’ mother Margaret is next to my father.


In 1868 there was a Moshe Braverman, son of Yehuda (Yudel), who was born in 1841 and then lived in Berestovitsa [RL024], but his relation to these Bravermans, if any, is unknown.


Their children were:


Jack “Jake”

Nellie Mael


Sara Miriam Goldman

Ethel Madow


>          Jack "Jake" (Jacob) (Yakov Yehoshua), b. 7/4/1895, Krynki or Odelsk, Grodno, d. 8/28/1966, Malden [SSDI392], married abt. 1918 to Mary Lillian Tepper, b. 4/1/1897, Amdur, d. 2/27/1968, Boston. [CEN3062; NAT099-SD] Jake was a rabbi and a shochet. He was very active in the Jewish Community. At one time he was the youngest shocet in the United States. Jake arrived in 1912 and Lillian arrived in 1916.  Jake arrived as “Jankel” with his mother. The Teppers were an Amdur family – see p. –  and settled in Kingston along with many other families from Amdur. The naturalization declaration for Jack is signed by Carl Tepper and Jack Abrams, and states that Lillian was born in Indura. [NAT099-SD]


They lived in Corbin, KY, just prior to when their son Samuel was born (he was born in Kingston), and they also lived in Coeburn, VA.


Description: lil&jake-wedding.gif


>          Nellie (Nechama) Mael, b. 6/17/1898 or 6/1/1898, Odelsk, Grodno, d. 3/2/1982, Millis or Brookline, MA [SSDI394], married abt. 1919 to Harry Mael, b. 9/28/1898, d. 3/1/1992, Brighton (Boston) or Brookline, MA [SSDI395] [CEN3063] She arrived with her mother as “Chame.” [ARR242-SD1-SD2] He kept cattle. He arrived in 1904 and she arrived in 1912.


The Mael family is large, with seven children, and they lived in the small semi-rural community of Millis, south of Boston. Sidney was a veterinarian [OBIT079]. Leon was an animal inspector in the towns of Milford, Mendon and Hopedale, MA and longtime leader of the Jewish community of Milford. [OBIT080].


In June 2009 I met Helen Spiro, sister-in-law of Harry Mael. She had just recently celebrated her 102nd birthday. I met her while visiting Ethel (Davis) Baker, a cousin of my grandmother, who was celebrating her 96th birthday.


>          Hyman (Chaim Zould), b. 7/3/1905 or 7/4/1904, Odelsk, Grodno, d. 4/14/1983, Pompano Beach, FL [SSDI396], married Helen Kaplan, d. 4/20/2006, Lake Worth, FL. Hellen lived in Pompano Beach, FL  [~CEN30] He arrived with his mother as “Chaim Zauld” (a Gordon  cousin, arriving on the same ship, is listed as “Ishia Zauld” [ARR242-SD1-SD2]). Helen, at the time of her passing, had 17 great-grandchildren.


>          Sara Miriam Goldman, b. 3/17/1908, Odelsk, Grodno, d. 11/15/1948, Everett, MA, married Hyman Goldman, b. 2/11/1908, MA, d. 3/24/1983, Brighton (Boston) [SSDI398]. [~CEN30] She arrived with her mother. [ARR242-SD1-SD2]


>          Ethel Madow, married Max Madow, b. 7/18/1911, d. 5/13/1983, Boston area [CEN3061]



Peshi “Bessie” “Polly” Abrams, daughter of Rivka Rochel Braverman, daughter of Nissan Efron, son of Abraham Abba, son of Chaim Tsinne’s


Peshi "Bessie" "Polly" Abrams, b. abt. 1873, Grodno, d. 4/6/1949, Boston, married Tevel “Tom” Abrams, b. abt. 1873, Grodno, d. 8/4/1961, Malden, MA.  In 1920 he deals in junk tires. They were second cousins. See page ---. 


They arrived at New York, saling from Genoa, on 4/18/1900 on the Keiser Wilhelm as Tevel, Pessie (?), Bebo?, 4, Ari, 2, Beila, 1 month (?) and Jacob, 10 mos. These names and ages don’t quite match up to what is known about the family, but it is the correct family, for sure. They arrived with Sam, Tevel’s brother (see page ---) and Tevel and Sam’s parents, Semson and Lisa Abrams, 50 and 51, respectively.  On the same ship is the Rudinski family, who are possibly landsmen. Their voyage originated in Argentina. [Autobiography of Sam Effron - Part I]. [ARR238-SD1-SD2; CEN2125; CEN3064].  In 1920 they lived in Malden, MA, with her niece, Annie Solomon, and Annie’s family.


Their children were:

Celia Sneider


Bella Lappin



>          Celia Sneider, b. 6/7/1894 or 3/7/1894, Argentina or Russia, d. 12/4/1981, Brookline, MA [CEN2125; SSDI401], married Philip Sneider, b. 1890, d. 9/10/1961. They did not have any children.


>          Jack, b. 5/30/1896, or 1899, Argentina, d. 11/-/1981, Ashland, KY or 1973, Beverly Hills, CA [SSDI400], married abt. 1924 to Rebecca Abrams (Abramowitz), b. 12/5/1892 or 1890[CEN1008; CEN2125; CEN3065, NAT100-SD], Amdur. She was the daughter of Leib Moshe (Abramovitz) Abrams, and the sister of Anna (Abrams) Effron. See -----.


She was married before, to Israel Roth (see wedding tphoto, above). The June 15, 1917 WW I registration for Israel Roth, then in Norton, Wise Cty., VA says he is married and his wife is expecting a child. He also says that he has bad rheumatism, had his left leg operated on, had lost three brothers already in this war, and is supporting his mother in law (who lives in Russia). Oh yes, he also says he is morally against bloodshed. “Isac” and Rebecca Roth appear in the 1920 census, also in Norton, VA (Gladeville section), but they have no child. The WW I registration says he was born in Starokos


In 1930 Jack and Rebecca owned a house and had many tenants living there.  In 1930 they live in Norton, VA and he has his own store. He arrived in 1900 [ARR238-SD1-SD2] and she arrived in 1910 [ARR235]. According to ship arrival records, he was born 1899 and she was born abt. 1890 (contrary to census records).


Jacob Effron Feld of Berestovitsa, son of Shmuel Effron of Berestovitsa, arrived on the same ship as Rebecca. She states that she is the sister-in-law of E. (Eli?) Effron of “521 Smith St., Cincinnati,” according to her ship arrival, but that doesn’t seem correct. For one thing, she and Elihave an age difference of about 50 years, assuming that the initial ‘E.” is for Eli – that was his address, it seems. Also, from what is known of the siblings of Eli and Rebecca, it doesn’t seem there is anyone who could make them sister- and brother-in-laws.


Rebecca’s sister was Anna Effron, wife of Hyman Effron (of the Shevach branch – see page __) of San Diego. Rebecca and Anna’s parents were “Morris Leib” Abramovitz and Esther Richel Sikolsky.


An old photograph depicts an older man and an older, but youthful looking woman together with a younger man and woman, perhaps in their mid-30s.  I think this might be Jack and Rebecca and her parents.  It could also be Jack Braver and his wife. They did not have any children.


>          Bella Lappin, b. 9/17/1899, Argentina, d. 8/21/1988 [CEN2125; SSDI402], Far Rockaway, NY, married Irving Lappin, b. abt. 1898 (SSDI403?) [ARR238-SD1-SD2]


>          Richard, b. 10/17/1907, Chelsea, MA?, d. 12/15/1989, Boston area, , married Sara Weinstein, b. 2/2/1929. (Another source says he was b. 11/20/1908, d. 6/-/1992, Poughkeepsie, NY)


Golli “Gertrude” Davis, daughter of Rivka Rochel Braverman, daughter of Nissan Efron, son of Abraham Abba, son of Chaim Tsinne’s


Golli "Gertrude" Davis, b. 3/25/1883, Amdur, d. 11/9/1974, Roslindale, MA [SSDI405], married 6/28/1911, Malden, MA to Abraham J. Davis, b. 1/12/1884, d. 8/22/973, Roslindale, MA [SSDI406; ARR156; CEN3066].


Their children are:


Ida “Judy” Goldenberg

Ethel Baker

Ruth Rutstein


>          Ida "Judy" Goldenberg, b. abt. 1912; d. 6/10/2006, married Melvin Goldenberg, d. 10/1992, Phoenix, AZ They did not have any children.


>          Ethel Baker, married Charles Baker, b. 11/9/1911.  I met her several times in the 1990s and in June 2009.  She told me that her mother once referred to herself as a daughter of Shleme Lapenovicher.  She is the one who told me that the Braverman family lived in the village of Lapenovice, near Odel’sk (aka Adelsk), on  the Russian/Polish border. In 2009 she is living at the Levine Estates on Admiral Hill in Chelsea, MA where I visited her for her 96th birthday.


>          Ruth Rutstein, b. abt. 1921, d. winter of 2007, married Arthur Rutstein


Itka Grabinski,, daughter of Rivka Rochel Braverman, daughter of Nissan Efron, son of Abraham Abba, son of Chaim Tsinne’s


Itka Grabinski, b. abt. 1875, d. Israel, married Unknown Grabinski, b. abt. 1875


>          Chae Karpel, b. abt. 1900, d. Israel, married Yehuda Karpel, b. abt. 1900


Their son Eitan died in the Six Day War. An online tribute to him refers to him as Eitan Tsuvtsik Karpel, son of Chaya and Yehuda. The information below is reverse.


ןושאר למס


לפרק קי'צבוצ ןתיא

הדוהיו היח ןב

הפיח:ןימלעה תיב

א :רוזא  למרכה יאבצ

3 :רבק  4:הרוש  2 :הקלח

הקלחל העגה לולסמ

הקלחה תפמ לע רבקה ןומיס



ןוחטיבה דרשמ ,לארשי תנידמ .2002 © תורומש תויוכזה לכ
רתאב רקבמל" ףד האר)
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All rights Reserved.




Mottel Yosef, son of Nisan, son of Abraham, son of Chaim Tsinne’s


Mordecai “Mottel” Yosef, b. Amdur aprox. 1853, married Alta Goodkes Silverston (also known as Sarah, Rebecca, Leah, Rachael?). [YAD077]  It seems likely that Mottel had more than one wife. Altogether there were 19 children; but only 4 survived and are known. Mottel Yosef and family appear very similar to Moshe Efron who was married to Alta (see YAD073, etc.) in that there were many children, the wife’s name is Alte, and many children died in the Holocaust. But still these appear to be separate families. Most of the information on this family came from Joy Adams.


Description: Motel Yosef, Nisan Shevach's or NOT.jpg>     >          Description: Sarah, wife of Motel Yosef.jpg


5 and 7 Motel Yosef (not verified) and Motel Yosef’s wife Sarah


The known children were:


Masha Itta Gilule

Sara Neshke Polachek (conjectured to be a child)



Bessie Gordon


Masha-Itta “Babke” Gilule, daughter of Mottel Yosef, son of Nisan, son of Abraham Abba, Chaim Tsinne’s


Masha-Itta "Babke" or “Bebke” Gilule, b. Amdur, 1873, d. abt. 1942, Holocaust, married Zacharias Gilule, b. Amdur or Skidel, 1875, d. abt 1942, Holocaust, last residence Amdur. Zacharias was a merchant in Amdur. Several of their children also died in the Holocaust. [YAD077]


>          Morris Gill, b. Amdur, 12/11/1893, d. Chattanooga, 12/11/1963, married 9/29/1932 to Ella Wise, b. 3/4/1901, Cabri (Kobryn), Poland, died 3/13/1964.  They lived in Chattanooga. He arrived in 1933 and joined his wife who was living at 603 Miller Ave., Brooklyn. [ARR078]


>          Mary Pollard Abrams, married Sidney Pollard, b. 4/10/1905, Amdur, d. 4/1960, Chattanooga. His mother was Sara Neshke Effron Polachek, who lived in Amdur with her husband, Azreal. Sara Neshke and Azreal perished in the Holocaust.  Sidney was a merchant in Chattanooga. [ARR078] [VERIFY and do more research!] Mary arrived in 1935 and joined her uncle, Louis Effron, in Chattanooga. She was then unmarried. [ARR079]


>          Married 2. to Carroll Abrams


>          Other children of Babke and Zacharias had died in the Holocaust.


Sara Nashke Polachek, CONJECTURED to be the daughter of Mottel Yosef, son of Nisan, son of Abraham Abba, Chaim Tsinne’s

Sara Nashke Polachek married Azreal Polachek. They both died in the Holocaust, according to the page of testimony done by their daughter in law, Mary Effron Pollard Abrams (see above) [ARR078]. I have conjectured that Mary and Sidney were a first cousin marriage, SUBJECT TO VERIFICATION.


David, son of Mottel Yosef, son of Nisan, son of Abraham Abba, Chaim Tsinne’s


David, b. 1878, Amdur, d. 1936, Chattanooga, TN, married 1904 to Sarah Effron, b. abt. 1881, Amdur, d. 1918, Detroit, MI. They settled in Cincinnati and Detroit. His two wives, Sarah and Aneis, are sisters and the daughters of Jacob Effron of Middlesboro, KY (see page ___). David was a merchant in Chattanooga. In 1920 the US census finds him in North Rockwood (Roane Cty.), TN. He then has a dry goods store and shares a room with Edwin E. Ellison. Nearby, the only other person with Russian origin, is Carl Tepper, brother of Lillian (Tepper) Braverman (see -). [CEN1007; CEN2071]. David lived in Cincinnati in 1903 when his brother Louis immigrated to the US. When David immigrated he stated that he was going to his uncle, Eli Effron, who lived in Cincinnati. Sarah came to the US in 1904 and first went to her uncle, “M. Aronowich” at 233 Broome St., Newark, NJ. It may be that Newark should be New York. [ARR080] The ship arrival for David has not been located. [~ARR].


Sarah arrived in order to marry David, her childhood sweetheart, according to a 1904 article in a small, Kentucky newspaper [MISC104].



6 Bertha and Raymond Effron


>          Bertha Borisky, b. 8/25/1906, Detroit, MI, married 2/13/1927, Chatanooga, TN,. to Abe Borisky, b. 2/17/1906 in Atlanta, GA, d. 6/10/1974, Chattanooga.  Photos of Bertha and Raymond, and photo of David and Sarah, courtesy of Susan Sorrel.


Abe and brother-in-law Raymond died on the same day. “My poor grandmother lost both her brother (to cancer)  & her husband (a sudden massive heart attack) in the same night.” (SBS)


>          Raymond, b. 12/23/1908 or 12/23/1907, Georgetown, KY, d. 6/10/1974 in Chattanooga, TN [SSDI172], married to Fannie Kahn.  Raymond was a merchant and financial advisor in Chattanooga.  He was also a lieutenant in the Army. [Myrtle Kotkin]


Married 2. after 1918 to Aneis Effron, b. 9/15/1900, Amdur, d. 3/10/1993, Barbourville, KY. She was the sister of Sarah, David’s first wife and likewise a daughter of Jacob Effron of Middlesboro, KY.


Aneis remarried after David’s death, to Irving “Izzy” Goelman, whose mother was Tzina Rochel (Tzinowitz) Goelman of Yedwabne – see discussion in Chapter 1.


Louis (Lazer Osher) Effron, son of Mottel Yosef, son of Nisan, son of Abraham Abba, Chaim Tsinne’s

Louis (Lazer Osher), b. Amdur, 9/15/1887, d. Daytona Beach, FL, 11/16/1949, married 4/27/1920 to Lucille Heymann, b. 11/13/1900 or 11/3/1900, Fayetteville, TN, d. 9/9/1984, Chattanooga, TN [SSDI171]. He arrived in Baltimore in 1903, then went to Cincinnati where he met his brother David. Louis’ and David’s uncle Eli Effron lived in Cincinnati, OH. Louis was a co-founder with Abe Effron, of the Middlesboro Effrons) in the 1920s of the Effron Department Store in Chattanooga.  It was sold in the 1960s. Louis was naturalized in 1913, and he served in World War I.  They lived in Chattanooga.


Louis arrived on 9/13/03 at Baltimore as Leazer Osher Effron and is going to meet his brother David at 536 West St., Cincinnati.  He was 16 years old. [ARR155]


Description: Lou and Lucille Effron Chatanooga abt 1938.jpg


Description: Effron L to R Elizabeth, Joy, Lucille, Lou, Jo Ann, Louise Chatanooga about 1944.jpg

7 Louis Effron of Chattanooga Family



Effron’s Open in new Home Monday Morn: New Department Store Complete in Every Detail:

Growth of Business has been Phenomenal

 Enterprising Brothers, Starting Here Eight Years Ago, Have Established One of City’s Leading Emporiums




The article says the store is owned by Lou and Abe Effron, brothers who manage fourteen other stores throughout the south, and one located in Cincinnati. Lou came there from Jellico. The new store is 30,000 square feet and has 3 floors and a basement and a wide variety of goods, including groceries. Lou was stationed at Fort Oglethorpe during WW I; prior to that he had a store in Jellico. Lou came to the US in 1903 and Abe followed 2 years later. Together with a “large plant” in Atlanta, they have a wholesale ready-to-wear warehouse in Cincinnati, and stores in Cleveland, Athens, Etowah, South Pittsburg, Alton Park, Dayton, all in Tennessee, and Chickamauga, Rossville and East Point, GA, Scottsboro, AL, and Middlesboro, KY. The store had a full heating and ventilation system and was trimmed with mahogany and ivory. (Chattanooga Times, 9/30/1928, p. 59, courtesy Joy Effron Adams) [MISC158]


A major four page advertisement in the Sunday paper preceded the grand re-opening of the store. [MISC157-SD1-SD2-SD3-SD4]


Joy Effron Adams added, in a note, “They were NOT brothers, but everyone thought they were, except family.”


Bessie (Bashe) Gordon, daughter of Mottel Yosef, son of Nisan, son of Abraham Abba, Chaim Tsinne’s

Bessie (Bashe) (Bosky) Gordon, b. 12/15/1898, Amdur, d. 9/5/1982, Chattanooga, TN, married in Amdur 6/12/1919 to Wolf Gordon, b. 1895, Skidel or Amdur, Poland, d. 12/18/1948, Chattanooga. Bessie and Wolf were merchants in Chattanooga.  They arrived with Anna at NY in 7/28/1922, en route to Louis in Chattanooga. His father was Jacob, who lived in Skidel at the time that they immigrated to the US. [ARR082; CEN3189]