Chapter 7 Ephraim Tsinne’s


This is a summary of the Ephraim Tsinne’s branch – details can be found in:


Chapter 8, Chaim Efron (St. Paul Efrons), son of Epharim Tsinne’s

Chapter 9, Avrohm Simcha Efron of Krynki, Connected to Ephraim Tsinne’s

Chapter 10, Elihu Yosef Ephron. He si referenced in records as Elihu or Yosef, but circumstantial evidence indicates that this is one in the same person.

Chapter 11, Yehudah Leib of Grodno


Tsine, mother of Motte [Tsinne’s], had three more sons, namely, Cheikel [] Chaim[,] Lozer and Afraim. [GEN029]


Ephraim Efron, b. 1790 (or 1792), married Ghenya, b. 1790. In 1818 he is registered to Amdur. [RS001; RS067]


The revision list entry RS001 (pretty much the same as entry RS067) is one of only a few historical documents which refer to the Leib Efron, patriarch of the Amdur Family. The original document cannot be photocopied, according to the policy of the Belarus Archives, but a researcher reports that it shows:


In Indura (Amdur), registered resident in 1816:

Efroim Efron, son of Leyb, age 26

Efroim’s wife, Ghenya, age 26

(no children)


Ephraim is believed to be the ancestor of several Bialystok- and Amdur-area Efron families which have been tied to each other through marriage and other evidence. If a person who is proven to be an Efron from Amdur marries another Efron whose ancestry is unknown, can it be assumed that the other Efron also has Amdur roots? Maybe.


The Yehuda Leib of Grodno and Chaim branches are tied to the Efron of Amdur family by DNA testing.


Although the connections in the Ephraim branch are built on several assumptions, they are nevertheless backed up with facts.


Ephraim Tsinne’s is conjectured to be the ancestor of the “Leib of Grodno” branch, the “Avrohm Simcha” branch, the “Chaim” branch, and the “Elihu Yosef” branch.


In this branch of the Efron family tree, these are the individuals named Ephraim, and that is some evidence that they are descended from Ephraim Tsinne’s.


A circumstantial proof that someone is descended from an ancestor in a Jewish family is if descendants have the same name as the ancestor. In the Ashkenazi (generally speaking, German, Polish and Eastern European) Jewish tradition children would often receive the name of a recently-deceased ancestor. Sometime a long-deceased ancestor, sometimes an uncle or aunt or revered rabbi would be the namesake, but almost never would a child receive the same name as a living ancestor. Thus, the same names repeat every two or three generations, and if there are enough children, grandchildren and so forth, the progenitor’s name can be inferred by the sheer commonness of certain given names in his or her descendants.


Descendants of Ephraim Tsinne’s who are named Ephraim:

-          Ephraim Simcha Effron, born about 1847, son of Chaim and father of the Effron brothers of St. Paul branch

-          Frank Efron of Hammond, IN, who was born in 1903 (Avraham Simcha and Leib of Grodno branches – both of his parents were Efrons).

-          Ephraim, son of Avraham Simcha Efron of Krynki, born approximately 1850. Four of his grandchildren were named after him, continuing the name.


Ephraim had these children, and maybe others:



Yehuda Leib of Grodno

Elihu Yosef

Avraham Simcha


A lot is known about Chaim and Avraham Simcha and their offspring. A lot is known about the offspring of Elihu Yosef but virtually nothing about Elihu Yosef himself. Close to nothing is known about Yehuda Leib or his offspring, except his son, Morris.


The following is a summary of the evidence for these family connections. Further details can be found in chapters 8 through 11.


Chaim. He and his family are listed in the 1858 census in Grodno, where it says that he is a son of Ephraim. DNA testing has verified that this branch is part of the Amdur Efron family. (verify)


Yehuda Leib. His son Moshe married Peshe Efron, whose great-grandfather is believed to be Ephraim. Yehuda Leib had a grandson named Ephraim (Frank). DNA testing has verified that this branch is part of the Amdur Efron family.


Elihu Yosef. No reference refers to him as Elihu Yosef, instead he is either “Elihu” or “Yosef.” Yosel Efron, brother of Chaim, was a son of Ephraim, according to the 1858 census. That census shows a daughter, Bashe, who appears to be the same as Bashe (Efron) Schneider. Bashe (Efron) Schneider had two children who married into the Avrohm Simcha Family, whose members are believed to be descendants of Ephraim. DNA testing of the Yitzkhak Meyer Ephron branch of the family has verified that this branch is part of the Amdur Efron family.


Avraham Simcha. He is likely a grandson of Ephraim, but his father’s name is not known. He had a son and a grandson named Ephraim. His grand-daughter Peshe married Morris Ephron, who is believed to be from the Amdur Efrons branch. Two other grand-daughters, Anna and Jennie, married into the Schneider family, a branch believed to be descended from Ephraim.


It is possible that the Eliezer Efron branch (Volume II, chapter 10) is also descended from Ephraim because of the