Chapter 9 Avrohm Simcha Efron of Krynki , Related to Tsinne based on DNA testing

Avrohm (Avraham) Simcha Efron, b. approx. 1825. Very little is known about him. Based on the connections in his family to other Efron branches he is conjectured as a descendant of Ephraim Tsinne’s.


Avrohm Simcha Efron is known solely based on the 1954 family tree from the Basche Schneider cousins club. The information on that chart was put into columnar format by Jerry Shneider in 1989, and can be viewed here [TO BE POSTED  - GEN036]. The chart, and subsequently, the list based on that chart, identifies Basche Schneider as one of four children of Avrohm Simcha Efron. HOWEVER, in January, 2010, a photo of Bashe’s gravestone was located and that showed that her father’s name was Elihu. [CEM206-SD] Presumably, the gravestone, from 1925, is more accurate than the chart, which was made in 1954. Therefore, Basche Schneider is presently NOT considered a child of Avrohm Simcha, but instead is a child of Elihu Ephron, as indicated on the gravestone. Her family is discussed at chapter –. It may be that the original 1954 chart was misread or has an error.


There is no reason to believe that Avrohm Simcha is not the father of the other three children shown on the Basche Cousins Club family tree. I received the Schneider family tree from Norman Levitz. Some additional details, for the more recent generations, were taken from the Basche Cousins Club newsletter, “Shalom-O-Gram,” and from genealogical research.


It does not appear that Avrohm Simcha is the same as Ephraim Simcha of the St. Paul branch. For one thing, Ephraim is not the same as Avrohm, and Ephraim is definitely the name of the ancestor of the St. Paul group. Ephraim Simcha, of the St. Paul branch, appears to have been born approximately 1847, not close enough to the estimated birth date of Avrohm Simcha – Avrohm Simcha’s first born child was born around 1850.


On 11/19/2009 I received results from a DNA test that shows that a member of the Shneider/Efron family is a perfect match to the DNA profile of the Amdur Efron family.


Avrohm Simcha’s known children are:


Ephraim Efron

Yudel Efron

Ruth Payes


Acknowledgements: Raylene Fenton, Anita Gilford.



[VERIFY from prior version, before privatization.]


Ephraim, son of Avrohm Simcha Efron of Krynki

Ephraim (referred to as “Frank” in at least one record), b. approx. 1850, d. in Eastern Europe prior to 1905, married Rachel (Rokhel)“Rosa” (aka Rebecca) Epstein, b. abt. 1845, 1849, 1852 or 1860, Russia [ARR020; CEN1057; CEN2082], d. 7/4/1934, Chicago, IL [CEM203]. His name was Ephraim according to the Schneider Cousins Club genealogy [TO BE POSTED  - GEN036] and based on the gravestones of his daughters Peshe and Anna. In 1910 she is living with her daughter Anna and Anna’s young family. In 1930, “Rosa” is living with Jennie and her family in Indiana [CEN3191]. Rachel’s father was Ephraim Mordecai.


According to Raylene Fenton, some notes written by her mother Esther Abrams state that Rachel was a sister of Nachman Schneider. (Nachman Schneider is the father of the two Schneider brothers who married daughters of Frank and Rachel.) Other evidence contradicts this, though.


According to Raylene Fenton, Ephraim, her great-grandfather, was a “head rabbi” in either Krynki or Grodno. The written notes of Esther Abrams say that “Rachel had a twin sister who lived some place near New York City. Rachel and Frank Efron (or Efroyem Evron) had 8 children, 1 boy and 7 girls. The boy and 2 of the girls died of diphtheria. The 5 that lived all had children. Two of the sisters married first cousins, Ann to Philip and Jenny to Hymie. Pesche married one of her father's students to carry on the name as there was no son and he was a rabbi. Since they had no dowry for the other 2 sisters the girls did not make good marriages.


According to Raylene, “My grandfather [David Bergen] left Russia and ended up in Chicksaw, Oklahoma where I believe he either met Philip or Hymie and they fixed him up with my grandmother. How they ended up in New York, I do not know.”


In 1920 “Rebecca” was living with her daughter Annie, and in 1930 “Rosa” is living with her daughter Jennie.  She arrived as "Rachel" on 9/26/1905 [ARR020] from Antwerp at NYC on the Finland. She arrived with her daughter "Rebecca" and they were going to her daughter Elke at 10 Lewis St. (?), NY [verify – in the 1930 census she is listed as arriving in 1908, four years after Jennie’s arrival date]. She is widowed in 1905. She resided in Grodno prior to emigrating.


The two Schneider men were brothers.  Anita says that the older generation are all buried in Waldheim cemetery near Roosevelt Rd. “Rochelle” last lived with Joseph and Gaulie Schneider, according to Anita.


Note that the mother of siblings Abraham, Isaac, Celia and Devora Effren of Bialystok/Jersey City was Rosa Epstein Effren, but her husband was Chaim, not Ephraim and there is no other connection to that branch. Her family is found in Chapter --.


The children of Frank and Rachel were:


Pauline (Peshi) Efron

Anna Schneider

Ida Bergen

Jennie Schneider

Rebecca (Riva) Sugerman



Pauline (Peshi) Efron, daughter of Ephraim, son of Avrohm Simcha Efron of Krynki


Pauline (Peshi) Efron, d. abt. 1945, Chicago, married Morris Efron. She may have been the oldest. See Chapter – for the descendants of Pauline and Morris. He is the son of Yehuda Leib.


Anna Schneider, daughter of Ephraim, son of Avrohm Simcha Efron of Krynki

Anna (Elka) Schneider, b. 1883 or 1885, d. 1950, Chicago, IL, married on 12/2/1905 in NYC [MAR049-SD] to Phillip Schneider, b. 1883 or 1885, d. 1967, Chicago, IL. [CEN2082; CEM204] He was a cousin and came from the town of Krynki. (See page -- for Phillip’s branch.) In 1905, they all lived at 10 Lewis St., Manhattan. They both arrived in 1903. In 1910 he is a cigar maker and the family lives on Delancey St. in New York. [CEN1057] Anna arrived in the US with her sister Jennie in 1903 and they are then going to their uncle, Gottlieb Effron in NY [ARR189]. See the note at Jennie’s family, below. Philip arrived in 1903. [ARR058]


>          Faye (Fannie in 1920 census) Hanock, b. abt 1906, NY [CEN2082], married Hyman "Hy" Hanock, b. 10/14/1901, d. 10/25/1988 [SSDI447]. In 1990 she is living in a home in North Hollywood, CA.


>          Esther Gomberg, b. abt. 1908, NY [CEN2082], married Dave Gomberg


>          Frank, b.3/23/1909, IL [CEN2082; Shalom-O-Gram 3], d. 8/21/1992 [Shalom-O-Gram 3], married Rose Kushner. They may have settled in Whiting, IN.


>          Becky Friedman, b. abt. 1913, IL [CEN2082], married Victor Friedman. In 1992 she is active in Hadassah in Southern CA [Shalom-O-Gram 3]


Ida Bergen, daughter of Ephraim, son of Avrohm Simcha Efron of Krynki

Ida Bergen, b. abt. 1885, married abt. 1909 to Dave Bergin (also, Bergen), b.6/12/1889, d. 5/1978, Hammond, IN [SSDI451?; CEN1058; CEN2155; CEN3190; ~MARR]. She arrived in 1904 [~ARR] and he arrived around 1908.  In 1910 he works at a coat shop in NYC. In 1920 they live in Chicago and they have many borders living with them so they are probably in a hotel or large bording house. In 1930, the family is living in East Chicago, IL. [see also MARR096]


In many records the name is spelled incorrectly as Bergin, Bergan, Berger, etc.


>          Frank, b. abt. 1910, NY, married Sylvia Unknown


>          Esther Abrams, b. abt. 1912, NY, married Abe Abrams


>          Mary Fink, b. abt. 1914, NY, married Unknown Fink


Jennie Shneider, daughter of Ephraim, son of Avrohm Simcha Efron of Krynki

Jennie (Yehudit; Udis) Shneider, b. 5/15/1886 or 7/1/1887, Russia, d. 11/13/1978, Hammond, IN, [SSDI--] married Hyman (Chaim) Shneider, b. 5/15/1886 Russia, d. 9/20/1968. They both arrived in 1905. They lived in Hammond, IN from at least 1920 [CEN2156; CEN3191; CEM205]


He was a cousin. See page—for his family. This family spelled the name without the “c” – “Shneider.”


He owned stores in Hammond and Gary.  Her mother lived with them for a period of time (A. Gilford). In 1920 they are living in Hammond with her mother, Rose. He arrived in the US in 1905, having last resided in Krynki, and is going to join his brother “Louis” at 10 Louis St. in NYC [ARR059]. Shneider’s Department Store began in 1918, and in 1956 it moved to Hohman and was renamed “Shneider’s Women’s and Children Wear.” Hyman ran the store with help from Jennie, Norman, and Norman’s wife Adeline. Hyman was also a director of the Hoosier State Bank of Hammond, president of the Hammond Merchants Association and was a long-time fundraiser for the March of Dimes. [MISC111]


Jennie is the “Judes” who arrived in the US in 1903, aged 16, at Boston with sister Elke, going to Uncle Gottlieb Effron at 50 Eldridge St., NYC. [ARR189]


The identity of the uncle “Gottlieb Effron” has not been ascertained. Through a tedious search process, the residents of 50 Eldridge St., NY were located in the 1900 census (Ancestry: ED 170, image 37 (sheet 15B)) and the 1910 census (Ancestry: ED 187, image 26 (sheet 13B). In neither case was an Effron found at that address.


>          Becky (Rebecca) Shlens, b. 8/6/1906 or 8/12/1906, NY, d. 5/14/1991, Redondo Beach, L.A., CA, married Harold Shlens, b. 9/22/1903, IN, d. 2/14/1985. [DEATH113] [Verify: They did not live in WV, according to Jennifer, so dates of death need to be verified (they were based on SSDI info)]. They lived in Redondo Beach, CA (J. Shlens).


>          Frank, b. abt. 1910, NY, married Doretta Goldman (SSDI448?), b. abt. 1910, d. abt. 11/16/2004, Chicago, IL [OBIT030] He predeceased her. At the time of her death she was a great-grandmother of six. [See MARR097].


>          Norman, b. abt. 1920, NY, married 6/8/1940 (Shalom-O-Gram 2) to Adeline “Addie” Kaplan. They live in Munster, IN, and half the year in FL (Shalom-O-Gram 1). Her father is Nate Kaplan.


Rebecca (Riva) Sugerman, daughter of Ephraim, son of Avrohm Simcha Efron of Krynki

Rebecca (Riva) (also Beka, Beckie) Sugerman, b. abt. 1888 or 1893,Russia [ARR020; CEN3112], married 1. on 6/12/1909 in NYC [MAR048-SD] to Jacob Sugerman, b. abt. 1888 in Russia [SSDI452?; CEN2083]. In 1909 he is a carriage maker.  He is then living at 164 Henry St., and she then lives at 402 Madison St.  In 1920 they are at 304 Henry St. Oral history says that her married name was Cohen, and her husband Sam Cohen. They had three children. She was probably the youngest. She ran a boarding house in Chicago with her second husband, and maybe with her first husband as well.  It is unknown if the first husband died or was divorced.  She arrived with her mother in 9/26/1905 on the Finland from Antwerp, last residing in Grodno. [ARR020] See above.


>          Lillian, b. abt . 1911, NY [CEN30?]. She may be the “Lil Berman” who is in the Shalom-O-Grams.


>          Esther, b. abt. 1913, NY [CEN30?]


>          Fannie, b. abt. 1915 or 1919, NY [CEN30?]


Married 2. to Sam Cohen, b. abt. 1893, NY. His parents were born in Romania. In 1930 he is a hotel manager [CEN3112]


Indeed, oral history is correct!  After much searching for the Sugerman family in the 1930 census, I searched for the family according to the oral history.  I chose Lillie Cohen  (no close hits), and then Lillian Cohen, in Illinois.  After checking several close matches (there were a total of 48 total hits), I found them!


Yudel Efron, son of Avrohm Simche of Krynki

Yudel Efron, b. approx. 1865, married Bashke Payes. See below for more information about the Payes family. She was the daughter of Yehuda Leib Payes, b. 1840, and his wife Rivka.  Yudel’s sister Ruth was also married to a Payes. Most of the family of Yudel and Bashke (Payes) Efron is taken from the Schneider family tree [TO BE POSTED  - GEN036], and other than the information there, very little is known of this family.


A full discussion of the Payes family appears in the appendix


Yudel and Bashke had the following children:











(According to Sarah, there were five children: Yonkel, Label, Rosa and 2 more whose names she did not know)


The only information known is for Chitche and Geuta.


>          Chitche, married Unknown. All that is known about her is the names of her children.


>          >          Ben-zion (Benjion)

>          >          Lova

>          >          Alexander

>          >          Benjamin

>          >          Aaron


>          Geuta Mundlak, married David Jacob Mundlak, b. 1881, Nowy Dwor, Poland [BIR--]


JRI Poland, Jacob David Mundlak, b. 1881, Nowy Dwor, Poland. Not known for sure if this is the same David Mundlak.


>          >          Sara Spilman Suprun, b. 1/3/1919, Poland (P. Leonard), d. 10/17/1998 (P. Leonard) [~CEN20], married 1. Aaron Spilman, deceased. She had an Army store in San Antonio, TX. [Shalom-O-Gram 2] She was married four times altogether. (P. Leonard).


>          >          married 2. Abe Suprun, b. 1/15/1906, d. 8/22/1978 [SSDI446], San Antonio, TX (P. Leonard). Abe was previously married to Faye Gurvitz, who died in 1967. Abe and Faye had three children: Burton, Albert and Leora. Albert was killed. (Hedva). They also had a son who died in infancy. See also the family of Joe Suprun, p. --.


Abe was the son of Dov Ber Suprun and his wife, Ethel (or Mima, according to Sarah). Abe’ brother Joseph married Bertha “Bashke” Payes, who was a Payes first cousin to Geuta (Efron) Mundlak.

According to Philip Leonard, the wife of Dov Ber Suprun was Ethel, who died in Russia, and then later, Mima (possibly). They came from Tolna, Ukraine, near Kiev. The children were: Pessy (Bessy) Gershowitz (husband Morris); Abraham; Joseph; Sonya Poliakoff; and Fanny Rosenberg (husband Abe Rosenberg). Leon Poliakoff is someone that Alex Suprun identified for Sarah as possibly having more family information.


The name Payes is somewhat unusual. One Payes family is being researched by Azriel “Azi” Graeber. No connection has been determined. His family tree looks like this: Solomon Payes, came from Warsaw to US in 1892, married to  Annie (Meisner) Payes. Their children were: Isaiah, Cain, Morris, Paul Aaron and Bella (Weintraub). The wife and children arrived two years after Solomom. Isaiah was the father of Azi’s maternal grandmother.


Ruth Payes, daughter of Avrohm Simcha Efron

Ruth Payes, married M. Payes. [TO BE POSTED  - GEN036]


They had four children. It is not known how they are related to any of the other Payes family.  M. Payes, who is reported in the Schneider family tree as the husband on Ruth Efron, could be the Moshe Payes who is a son of Yehuda Leib and Rivka Payes. The Schneider family tree reports the following children for Ruth and M. Payes:


>          Bertha

>          Josef

>          Afroim (or Ephraim)

>          Riva


Moshe Payes, son of Yehuda Leiba and Rivka Payes, is reported to have a daughter named Sonia, and in this family tree there is no “Sonia.”