Chapter 1 Yankel of Lunna


The basic structure of the following family is derived from the revision lists retrieved for Lunna. There is a question as to the interpretation of entry RS014 in the 1816 Revision list for Lunna:  “Girsh Shlemavich-Yankelevich Efron.”  In 1816 he is 8 years old.  Does this mean that the father was Shleme-Yankel, or that the father was Shleme and HIS father was Yankel? I will presume for now that Solomon was the son of Yankel. One reason is that according to naming traditions, the father and son would not have the same name, except in the rare instance where the father died prior to the birth of the son.  In the tradition of Ashkenazy Jews, children are not named after family members who are still living. But here, it appears that the younger Yankel’s brother Moshe was born later, to the same father, so that the father could not have died before the child’s birth.  The researcher believed that Yankel the older died prior to the birth  of his son, Yankel, but another researcher [source?] found that Moshe was born in 1820.


Also listed as a member of the Lunna community is a Yudel Efron [not RL003 – verify source], but no patronymic is given by the researcher, and a Khatskel Tsivin, aka Efron, b. abt. 1840.  Khatskel’s wife is Etka Fruma, b. abt. 1844 [RL003].  Unfortunately, no links


Yankel Efron [RS014; RS016; RS017], b. approx. 1757, d. approx. 1813.  The birth date is based on the birth dates of his children and grandchildren; the date of death is based on the date of the birth of descendant’s who were likely named after him.


>              Shloyma (Solomon), b. approx. 1779 [RS014; RS015; RS018; RS019; RS020]


>              >              Benjamin Wolf (Velvel) [RL003; RS015; RS019; RS083], b. abt. 1795 or 1798, d. probably after 1871, married Beila, b. 1801. Her father was Shmuel (Samuel) [RS019]. A “Wolf”, son of Shlomo, lives in Lunna in 1871 [RL003]. See Volume II, Chapter 2.


>              >              Hirsh, b. 1808 [RS014]


>              >              Jacob Leizer, b. abt. 1814, married Shifra, b. abt. 1816 [RS015; RS020]


>              >              >              Hirsh, b. bef. 1858. He is absent in the 1858 RS [RS020] [VERIFY RS ?]

>              >              >              Sheina, b. abt. 1843 [RS020]


>              >              Moshe, b. abt. 1820 [RL003], d. after 1871, married Rivka, b. abt. 1818 [RS018].  Moshe was absent during the 1850 and 1858 revisions. He was registered to the town of Lunna.


>              >              >              Ghenia, b. abt. 1846 [RS018]

>              >              >              Sorka (Sora), b. abt. 1848 [RS018]


>              Nokhim, b. abt. 1783, married Sheina Unknown, b. abt. 1783 [RS017]


>              >              Midla, b. abt. 1811 [RS017]


>              >              Shmuel (Samuel), b. abt. 1812 [RS017]


>              >              >              Jacob Meir, b. bef. 1871 [RL002] In 1871 he lives in Lunna with his uncle, Yankel, and with Yankel’s brother  (the RL source says “Lunensk,” almost certainly in error). I interpret the Resident List information to say that Yankel Meyer’s brother is Israel. [VERIFY – need to take another look at this]


>              >              >              Israel [RL002]


>              >              Jacob, b. abt. 1816, d. after 1871, married Golda (Gilda) , b. abt. 1820. Her father’s name was Itsak (Isaac). [RL002; RS021]  Jacob was not enumerated in 1818, for some reason. He was living with his nephew, Jacob Meyer, in 1871 [RL002]


>              >              >              Shloima (Solomon) Hirsh, b. abt. 1836, married Soika (Sarah), b. abt. 1838 [RS021]. He was missing from the 1850 RS.


>              >              >              >              Sheina, b. abt. 1856 [RS021]


>              Isaac, b. abt. 1788, married Channa, b. abt. 1788. [RS016] Isaac was not found in the 1850 and 1858 revisions.  They may have died before 1850 because neither was found in that revision.


>              >              Rivka, b. abt. 1812 [RS016]