Chapter 10 Eliezer Efron of Bialystok


Eliezer Efron, b. abt. 1830, d. approx. 1875  His approximate death date is based on the assumption that his grandson Lazar was named for him.  His family came from Bialystok.


He had two known children:


Joseph W. Efron

Unknown (son) Efron


Acknowledgements: Joseph Bernstein, Anita Gilford, Josephine Berke, Nate Goldberg, Jeanne Kleper, Chicago Jewish Historical Society


>              Joseph W. Efron, b. abt. 1853, d. 6/12 or 6/13/1908, Chicago [ARR060; DEATH047; CEM237], married in London [J. Berke] to Rebecca Unknown, b. Bialystok abt. 1857, d. Chicago, 7/4/1927 [ARR060; ARR206; ~CEN00; CEN1006; ~CEN20; CEM238].  From her graveston, it appears that her father may be “Moshe,” and he may be a rabbi. Joseph sailed on the Vesta to London from Hamburg in 1900 with his son, Leiser. Both are buried at the Oak Woods Cemetery in Chicago. Her father was Moses (Moshe). [CEM238]. She lived with the Bernsteins at 1347 Johnson Av, Chicago in 1910. In 1910, only 2 of the 5 children born to her had survived. Rebecca had a sister with a son by the name of Morris Gdansk. This Morris Gdansk had a son who lived in Hawaii.


According to Joseph Bernstein, a first cousin of his mother was Sarah Passin, who has several children who live in the Chicago area.  If she is a first cousin, then Louis Efron (of New York) and Minnie Goldberg are brothers and sister of Joseph Efron. However, I also note that Joseph Bernstein said that Minnie Goldberg was a cousin of Louis Efron (of Chicago). Based on birth dates, I think that it is more likely that brother and sister Sarah Bernstein and Louis Efron of Chicago are cousins to brother and sister Minnie Goldberg and Louis Efron of New York. That would mean that Sarah Passin was a first cousin once removed.


Joseph was a teacher [DEATH047; ENGCEN0101]. Very likely, he was a rabbi.


Joseph lived in London for 8 years before going to the US in 1906. In 1901, Joseph is at 14 Lucas St. in London with his family: Rebecca, Lazarus, Paulina, Fruma, daughter “Taroch,” b. 1882 (must be Sarah), and cousin Sarah Epstein, also born in 1882. The census taker spelled their name as Ephran. Lazarus works in a sugar factory.  [ENGCEN0101]


>              >              Sarah Bernstein, b. abt. 1882 (census) or 1885 (JB) in Russian Poland, d. 1927, Chicago [ARR060; ~CEN30], married Gershon "George H." Bernstein, b. 12/3/1878 or 1880 (JB), d. 6/-/1964, Chicago [SSDI433; CEN1006; ~CEN20].  His name was was sometimes spelled "Berstein". She arrived in 1906 and he arrived in 1905. In 1910 he was not yet not naturalized. He was a Jeweler in 1910.


>              >              >              Rae (Rachel) Best, b. 1904, Russian Poland [ARR060] or London [J. Berke], married in 1934 to Albert Best, d. 1986.


>              >              >              Josephine Berke, b. 6/1/1908, IL, married in 1928 to Julius Berke, b. 1/12/1904, d. 7/4/1991, Chicago [SSDI434].


>              >              >              Joseph W., married to Micki Emily Jers. Sheila Seidman from the Chatskil (Australian) branch is very fiendly with Joe and Micki. Their common link is through her father, Tevel (Theodore) Efron of Chicago. See p. --.


>              >              Lazar "Louis" (Lazarus), b. 1880 (JB) or 1874 (census) Bialystok (Vilna on death cert.), d. 1956, married in London [J. Berke] to Pauline (Pini) Unknown, b. abt. 1873, Vilna, d. 8/9/1927, Chicago [ARR061; ~CEN10; CEN2011; ~CEN30; DEATH135]. He sailed to London in 1900 with his father. [ARR206] She arrived with Frances in 1905. He was naturalized in Chicago as “Lazarus Efran.” [NAT070 (index only)] Chicago directories identified him from 1905 thru 1910, working in the junk business. In 1923 he is a laborer, living at 1347 S. Peoria St. in Chicago. [DIR039] He had not obtained his citizenship as of 1920, according to the census for that year, and therefore is the Louis Efron whose WW I registration says that he was born on 9/12/1884 (probably should be 9/12/1874 because he is listed as 43 years old in 1918). At that time he lived at 1109 Laffin St. in Chicago, had not been naturalized, and ran a livery stable from his home. The index finger on his right hand was missing. [MIL020]. Prior to 1920 he also lived at 1153 Elbum St. In 1920 he lived at 1347 Peoria St., Chicago and was a mail order picker; he was still there in 1923, but in 1928 he is not. [DIR039]. Jo Berke recalled calling her aunt “Pini.” Pauline is buried at Forest Park cemetery. The record of the US immigration of Lazarus Efron in 1905 from Liverpool to Chicago by way of Halifax is probably for Louis. He immigrated at age 28, having previously lived in Bialystok, Grodno, he is a confectioner, and is going to Chicago to Hersh Soboroff [ARR173].


>              >              >              Frances (Fruma) (“Rose”?) Ikler, b. 2/12/1900 or 12/26/1903 or abt. 4/-/1901, London [J. Berke] or Russia, d. 11/21/2001, Highland Park, IL [ARR061; SSDI500; OBIT012], married abt. 1929 to William J. Ikler, b. abt. 1904, d. 1983 [CEN3099] In the 1923 Chicago directory there is a Rose, stenographer, living with Louis at Peoria st. She worked for the Cook County registry of deeds.


>              Unknown Efron. He is a brother to Joseph Efron.  This is based on the conclusion that Sarah and Louis (of Chicago) are first cousins to Minnie and Louis (of New York) [Joe Bernstein; J. Berke].


>              >              Minnie Goldberg, b. Russ, abt. 1868 or about 1861, d. 9/4/1941, Chicago, married Joseph Goldberg, b. abt. 1865 or abt.1872, d. 5/10/1919, Chicago [~CEN00; CEN1077; CEN2174; DEATH136; DEATH137; DEATH138]. In 1920 she owns her home, runs a junk shop, and lives at 1745 Clybowan Ave., Chicago. When she passed away she had seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. [OBIT015]. She was buried at Bnai Israel cemetery in Forest Park, IL (Waldheim), and he was buried somewhere in Forest Park, probably in the same section as Minnie.


According to Morris’s death certificate, her maiden name was “Bublick” [DEATH139]. There is a Bublik family in the 1858 revision list for the city of Grodno. In that record, the mother’s name is “Minke” and she is 45. Her husband Aaron, son of Moshe is 46. Living with them are several children and nephews. Louis’ marriage record has been located, and should be retrieved to verify their parents’ names.


>              >              >              Louis, b. abt. 1885.He was the oldest.


>              >              >              Ben. His estimated birth date is 1887, based on everyone else’s birth date and his absence from census records. He may have died young.


>              >              >              Sarah Passen, b. abt. 1888, Krynki, married in Chicago in 1905 to Alexander “Alex” Passen, b. abt. 1882, Mogilev. She arrived in 1907.  In 1930 he is president of an automobile finance company. [CEN30--; BIRTH034; BIRTH035; BIRTH036; BIRTH037]


>              >              >              Morris, b. Krynki, abt. 1892, d. 2/24/1927, Chicago [DEATH139]. He was the second oldest.


>              >              >              Nathan “Nate” (Nisan), b. 2/1900. He was the 3rd oldest.


>              >              >              Harry, b. IL abt. 1902


>              >              >              Rose Field, b. IL, abt. 1904, d. 12/1993, married Field.


>              >              Louis Effron, b. 4/-/1871 Russia, d. after 8/1941, married 7/14/1897 to Sarah Fine in NYC, b. 5/-/1873 Kovna, [CEN0021; CEN1003; CEN2012; MARR109].  They lived at 228 Clinton St., NYC in 1900. He was already naturalized by 1900.  Between 1900 and 1903 they moved to Chicago. In 1908-1909 he was a foreman on S. Ashland St., and lived at 151 Johnson St. In 1910 he keeps a junk shop at 41 S. Ashland and lives at 1352 Johnson. [DIR039]. In 1920 thru 1923 they are found at 1156 Hastings St. In 1923 he is a laborer. [DIR039]  In 1928 he lives at 1536 S. Ridgeway in Chicago and is in the meat business.  He arrived in the U.S. in 1887, she arrived in 1885.  Therefore, they probably married in NYC. Louis is a second cousin of Sarah Effron Bernstein; one of the sons was a pharmacist in L.A., another was a M.D. in L.A.; the wife's name was Fanny (per Jos. Bernstein).  The three brothers Benjamin, David and Maurice were pharmacists, according to street directory information. [Refernces CEM024 and CEM025 may be for Louis and Sarah]. According to Joe Bernstein, Jean Kleper knows that Minnie Goldberg was a cousin of Louis Effron (the son of Joseph).  Note that Mary Efron Krinsky (Israel of Lunna branch) of Chicago’s husband was also in the junk business.


>              >              >              Benjamin, b. 9/29/1897, IL or New York City or 4/20/1898, d. 1/26/1977 in Los Angeles. In 1917 thru 1923 he lived in Chicago at 1156 Hastings St. In 1918 he was a clerk for the government at Dearborn and Adams streets, and he was working for the post office as a clerk in 1923. [SSDI003; CEN0021; CEN2012; MIL007; B006; DIR039]]. In 1928 he is a pharmacist and lives with his family. [DIR039] He later lived in New York [J. Berke]. He had blue eyes.


>              >              >              Harry, b. abt 1900, NYC, d. after 8/1986.  Harry was not living at home in 1920 [~CEN20]. He died after Maurice.


>              >              >              David, b. 12/24/1903, Illinois, d. 12/24/1987, Phoenix, AZ [SSDI021; CEN2012; B007]. In 1923 he is a clerk at Liberty drug store and lives at home. In 1928 he lives and works at 4458 S. Rairfield Av, Chicago and is a pharmacist. [DIR039] He was a doctor [J. Berke]


>              >              >              Maurice (also, Morris), b. 12/21/1905, Illinois, d. 8/1986 Chicago [SSDI023; CEN2012]. He was a pharmacist for many years at the Effron Pharmacy, 4458 S. Fairfield Ave. He served in WW II [OBIT013]. In 11928 he was living at home with his family. [DIR039]


>              >              >              Fran Michaelson, b. abt 1912, IL [CEN2012], married Leutenant Norman Michaelson, d. abt. 6/18/1975.  He was a member of the Chicago Police Department. He was the son of Israel and Lilly Michaelson. Norman was buried at the West Lawn Cemetery. [OBIT014]