Chapter 11 Lazer Efron of Knyshin (Aiken, SC and Cordoba, Argentina branches)


Lazer, b. abt. 1803, married Guillermina Unknown. His brith date is based on the oral history that says that Arie of Argentina was born when his father was 55 years old (see below). Before it was known that the St. Louis/Aiken, SC family was related to the Cordoba branch, it was conjectured that Lazer, father of Morris of the St. Louis/Aiken branch, was born approx.1840. [CEM of Aryo]


Not enough information is known about the family to determine if they are connected to one of the other branches. The DNA results of one descendant do not match up with any other Efron branches participating in the DNA project.


Harry Effron told his son Marvin that their branch was related to the Efron family of “Cardiba,” Argentina. This is how the two branches, Morris of St. Louis and Ari Joel of Cordoba, were connected.


The Argentina family was researched by Julia Mazo, who learned that Lazer’s wife name was Guillermina and that Arie was born when Lazer was 55 years old.


The children of Eliezer/Lazer are:


Morris (Mashe) Efron, of Knyshin and St. Louis, MO.

Ari Joel of Cordoba, Argentina


Acknowledgements: The detailed genealogical information was gathered by Joanne Efron Goldberg. Invaluable assistance came from Marvin Efron. Additional help was received from Ed Effron, Neil Efron; Harry Efron, Sylvia Weissman, Jackie Ziff, Kathryn Wallach, Tara Beth Watson, Megan DeAnne Cohen; Julio Mazo, Alfredo Karasik, Alfredo Bernardo


Morris (Mashe), b. abt 1869, possibly in Knyshin (the K is not silent), Belarus, d. 7/23/1918, St. Louis, MO [DEATH149-SD; MISC001], married Ida Surasky, b. 7/8/1869, 7/8/1867 or abt. 1866, Poland or possibly Knyshin, Russian Poland, d. 4/7/1949, Aiken, SC [~CEN00; CEN1013-SD; CEN2042; CEN3101; CEM168].  Morris arrived abt. 1897 and Ida arrived in 1900 [ARR302-SD].  Morris was in Minsk, and he was a saddle maker. At the time he died, he was in the business of burlap bags. He died from typhoid fever in the 1918 epidemic. They came from Knyshin, near Bialystok.


Ida Surasky Efron, d. 4/7/1949 in Aiken, age 81 and 10 months – her parents are listed as Mandle Surasky and Sophia Rose Brauer. [ ].


Ida’s mother was Sophie Rose (family name unknown), and she was married three times: first to Mendel Surasky, then to Leiser Efron, and lastly to Hyman Levy. (M.E.) In fact, in 1900, a Shifra Surasky, age 50, immigrated to the US on the same ship as Ida and her children – she is listed only one person away from Ida and Ida’s children [ARR302-SD]. 


Shifra Reizel is living with the Efron family in St. Louis in 1910, as Sara R. Levy. Hyman is age 58 and Sara age 65, and they have been married for 7 years. [CEN1013-SD] No marriage record for them has been located.


According to oral history (M.E.), Morris’ mother was Rose Brauer, but in fact the death record abstract for Ida and two of her brothers indicate that Brauer was the family name of Ida’s mother, Shifra Reizel Brauer, or Sophia Rose Brauer. The death record abstract of B. Morris Surasky of Aiken, SC, a brother of Ida (b. 1862, d. 12/1934) lists his parents as Mandle Surasky and Sophia Rose Brauer. The same is true of Samuel Surasky, who d. 11/8/1949 in Morganton, NC (b. 1880). His parents are listed as Mandle Surasky and Shifra Razel Surasky . ( Ida’s death record has the same parents listed.


They settled in St. Louis because of her cousins, by the name of Berger, who were in the pickle business, according to family. The undertaker for Morris was a HB Berger – maybe just a coincidence. Morris was buried in the Sherith Israel cemetery. [DEATH149-SD] In 1902 Morris is a presser and lives at 1314 N. 9th St., St. Louis. [DIR059] In 1920 Ida, Morris’ widow, is still at 3115 Franklin Ave. [DIR059].  Ida moved to Aiken, South Carolina after Morris died because she had several brothers living there, going back toward the turn of the century..  In 1910, 6 of Ida's 7 children were then living. Morris was naturalized in St. Louis, but the original records has not been examined [NAT093]. According to Tara Beth Watson, Morris died from drowning, but his death certificate says Typhoid.


Arrival located Nov 2011: Ida and three children arrived in 1900 from Galsgow under the name Efraim [ARR302-SD]: Chaje, Jankel, Merdie and Gerson. Two lines further down is the name of a Surasky, a much older woman.


Morris arrived in 1900 as Moische Efrom from Knicien, and is going to his cousin, “S. Kaplan of Essex St., NY.” [ARR303-SD] I found a match in a Sore Kaplan arrival in 1898. She arrived with children Dwore and Chaim and is going to her husband James in NYC. In 1910 the James and Sallie Kaplan family have living with them as lodgers two Surasky young women, .Sarah and Rebecca. In 1900 the Kaplan family is living on Norfolk St., not Essex, as James and Sallie Kaplan with children Jennie and Hyman. In the 1910 census “Dwore” is listed as Jamie, and there is now a child, Mamie, age 9. Further research shows there are several Surasky arrivals from Knisin (including Rive in 1906 – Rebecca).


The Surasky family came from Knyshin. One brother, Abram, was murdered in Aiken in 1903. His descendant, Jerry E. Cohen of 5 Gruber Drive, Glen Cove, NY (516)759-9882 corresponded with Jackie Ziff, a Surasky cousin, around 1994 and I received copies of the correspondence from Jackie. An article about Abram Surasky appeared in a local paper.


>          Jake, b. 7/4/1892 or 7/4/1893, Russ.d. 10/1968, Aiken, SC [SSDI164; CEN1013-SD] married Helen Kabak, b. 8/15/1893 or 8/15/1894, d. 5/15/1969 [CEM170]. His naturalization papers are indexed, but not yet examined [NAT094].


>          >          Molly Rifkin, b. 8/1/1912, d. 1/11/1975 [CEN2077], married Marvin Rifkin, b. 4/5/1912, d. 12/28/1990 or 12/29/1990 [SSDI481].  They lived in Aiken, SC


>          >          Minnie Shanker, b. 11/24/1916, d. 12/-/1982, Spartanburg, SC [SSDI482; CEN2077], married Sam Shanker.


>          >          Martin, b. 8/16/1920, d. 3/31/1966 [SSDI167], married Muriel Cohen


>          Max (Mendel), b. 12/12/1895 or 1/11/1895, Russia, d. 12/15/1967, Aiken, SC [SSDI165; CEN1013-SD; CEN2134; CEN3102; CEM171], married abt. 1916 to Theresa Wise, b. 10/11/1895, MI, d. 11/16/1989 [SSDI244; CEM172]. In 1930 he was a truck driver. Her father was born in Germany and her mother in NY. In 1920 he is a burlap buyer.


His naturalization might be the one in St. Louis that is indexed as: [(searched through volume 32 of St. Louis PL index of naturalizations. [NAT095]


>          >          Julius, b. 5/25/1918, MO, d. 3/10/2001, Atlanta, GA [SSDI654], married Katarina Peters [CEN2134]


>          >          Beatrice Mink, married Morris Mink


>          Harry H. (Gershon), b. 8/11/1897 or 8/1/1896, on board ship (per S.Weissman), d. 11/5/1999, West Columbia, SC [CEN1013-SD; CEN2041; CEN3103; SSDI652; OBIT--], W. Columbia, SC, married abt. 1915 to Mary Fadem, b. 12/2/1902, MO d. 2/-/1973, St. Louis [SSDI055].  They lived in St. Louis.  He was buried in St. Louis. In 1920 his business is bags (burlap?, luggage?) and in 1921 he is a furrier. During this time he is living at 1430 N. 15th St., St. Louis, MO. [DIR059] In 1920, he lived with her father, Joseph Faden and is enumerated as having been born in Bialostok. Her parents were both born in Poland.


>          >          Sylvia Weissman, married Jack Weissman


>          >          Joseph "Joe", b. 7/14/1924, SC, d. 8/8/1971, Aiken, SC [SSDI168], married Rosalie Unknown.


>          >          Lyn Rosoff, married Jerry Rosoff.


>          >          Marvin, married Sara Lyon Timmerman


The Bergers were cousins and were in the pickle business. Harry told Marvin that the Efrons of Cardiva (that is, Cordoba, no doubt), Argentina, were from Grodno and are cousins. This family pronounces the name like the Texas Efrons, with a long “E.”  See page—for the family of Eliezer Efron of Cordoba.


>          Isadore, b. 6/14/1903, MO, d. 12/14/1980, MO [SSDI186; CEN1013-SD; CEN2042; CEN3101; CEM173], married and divorced Dena Srago. In 1930 he is the owner of a cab company and lives with his mother in Aiken.


>          Gertrude "Annie" (Anna), b. 4/27/1905, MO, d. 10/3/1983, Aiken, SC [SSDI166; CEN1013-SD; CEN2042; CEM174]. She appears to be “Jamie” or “Jennie” in the 1920 census and “Lindie” in the 1910 census. In 1920 she is a clerk at Shapleigh Hardware Co. and lives at home [DIR059]


>          Dena "Dinnie" Lusher, b. 11/11/1906, MO., d. 7/6/1987, Aiken, SC [SSDI483; CEN1013-SD; CEN2042; CEN3101], married after 1930 to Lou Lusher.  She appears as “Dora” in the 1910 census and “Dolly” in the 1920 census.


>          Lillian Passink, b. 1913, MO, married Sol Passink, b. 3/15/1906, d. 5/15/1990 [SSDI484; CEN2042; CEN3101].  They lived in Savannah, GA. Her father had died young from drowning and she was the youngest of three children (Tara Beth)


Jose Efron of Minsk (family of Cordoba, Argentina)


I received this family tree from Julio Mazo. It is very thorough, all the way down to current generations.


Harry H. Efron of the Aiken, SC branch told his son that there were Efron cousins in “Cardiva,” Argentina. See page --. The head of the Aiken family is Leizer, whose birth was estimated to be approximately 1840, because his known son Morris (Moshe) was born abt. 1870.  However, he could have been born much earlier. Therefore, it has been presumed that Morris and Arie are both descendent s of the same Leiser.


>          Arye Joel Efron, b. Minsk, 1849 (or 1858), d. April 5, 1933, married Raquel Jane (Ruchel Yana) Aaronovich, d. 1/13/1935.  He was a rabbi before he immigrated to Argentina, but not afterwards. In his house in Mioses Ville, however, he had a mikvah (A. Karasik). His gravestone states that he is the son of Eliezer. She was the daughter of Avraham Uzer [CEM245]


>          >          Abraham Isidoro (Eizer ) Efron, b. abt. 1880, married Raquel Lea Borovic, b. abt. 1880, d. 9/26/1951. Note that his name looks a bit like Avram Ezra, and his birth date is consistent with the other people named after Rabbi Avram Ezra of Amdur


>          >          >          Bernardo Effron, b. 9/20/1902, Minsk, d. 2/18/1987, Cordoba, Argentina, married Cecilia Volovich, b. 12/16/1904, Lithuania, d. 1/16/1992, Cordoba, Argentina


>          >          >          Fany Rabinovich, b. 1904, Bobroisk, married Jaime Rabinovich, b. 1893, Besarabia, d. 1954, Cordoba, Argentina


>          >          >          Leon Effron, b. London, 3/29/1908, d. 5/7/1991, Cordoba, married Esther Wodoovsoff, b. 12/23/1912, Moises Ville, Argentina, d. Cordoba, 9/7/1987


>          >          >          Berta Feigin, married Isaias (Jose) Feigin, b. 1907, Russia, d. 1966, Cordoba. They did not have any children.


>          >          >          Grune (Catalina) Romangas, married Bernardo Romangas, b. 1908, Lithuania, d. 1987, Argentina.


>          >          >          Mery Wolansky, b. 7/1/1917, Montefiori, Sante Fe, Argentina, d. 11/6/1959, Cordoba, married Marcos Wolansky, b. 6/21/1915, Buenos Aires, d. 6/21/1980, Cordoba


>          >          >         Maria (Mercedes) (Mashe)  Karasik, married Carlos Karasik, b. 12/31/1914, Kiev, d. 9/11/1986, Buenos Aires


>          >          Jaime Efron, married Jashe-Fanny Fridemberg


>          >          >          Jacobo, married Lea Ostrosky


>          >          >          Luis, married Berta Unknown


>          >          >          Maria Luqui, married Samuel Luqui


>          >          >          Rosa Sandoval, married Mauricio Sandoval


>          >          >          Eshter Lobistein, married Silver Lobistein


>          >          >          Catalina Saladujim, married Abraham Isaac Saladujim.


>          >          Marcos Effron, b. 1885, Minsk, d. 6/2/1973, Col. Dora, Stgo. Del Estero, Argentina, married Matilde (Manye) Geleroff, b. 1895, Ukraine, d. Col. Dora, 7/9/1924


>          >          >          Abraham, b. 1915, Stgo. del Estero, d. 1973, Buenos Aires, married Margarita Gomez Llanos


>          >          >          Greta Brontvain, married Enrique Brontvain, b. Bahia Blanca, Argentina, 11/7/1917, d. Kiron, Israel, 1/23/1988


>          >          >          Jose Effron, married Monica Elva Godoy


>          >          Isaac Effron, married Esther Kusevitzky, d. 10/22/1964


>          >          >          Jacinta Sabadifker, married Moises Sabadifker, b. 12/16/1916, Tucuman, d. 12/13/1963, Tucuman


>          >          >          Jose Efron, married Fanny Rabinovich


>          >          >          Clara Teitelbaum, b. 5/4/1919, d. 2/28/1982, married Manuel Teitelbaum, b. 4/28/1909, d. 10/2/1974


>          >          >          Guillermina Yankielewicz, b. 5/24/1922, d. 7/6/1985, married Ajzyk Yankielewicz, b. 4/13/1910, d. 6/2/1978


>          >          >          Ines (Yente) Melnik, married Simon Melnik, b. 9/22/1918, Buenos Aires, d. 6/17/1983, Cordoba


>          >          >          Moises, b. 2/11/1928, Colony Dora, d. 1/22/1985, Tucuman, married Aida Albertinsky


>          >          Elias Efron, b. 6/5/1885, Jasan, Russia, d. 9/2/1953, Buenos Aires, married Rosa Aisicoff, b. 4/4/1897, d. 12/24/1976, Cordoba


>          >          >          Rebeca Boyanovsky, married Benjamin Boyanovsky, b. 1/6/1913, d. 6/13/1944, Col. Dora


>          >          >          Sara Carreras, married Francisco Carreras


>          >          >          Guillermina Sabate, married Carlos Sabate


>          >          Sara Bass, b. 2/3/1900, England, d. 3/15/1985, Cordoba, married Abraham Alfredo Bass, b. 2/27/1880, Varsovia, Poland, d. 1/16/1945, Cordoba


>          >          >          Saloman Jacobo, b. Chaco, Argentina, 8/15/1917, d. 3/3/1983, Cordoba, married Clara Pluer, b. 1/9/1925, Bolivia; d. 1/2/1985, Cordoba


>          >          >          Mauricio, married Raquel Gagine


>          >          >          Jose Bernardo; married Raquel Abut


>          >          >          Flora Bolomo, married Salomon Bolomo