Chapter 12 Abraham Jacob Efron/Efrein of Grodno


According to the gravestones in the Washington Cemetery in New York City, both Israel and Isidor have the Hebrew name of “Israel,” and both were the son of Abraham Jacob. Abraham and Ray were witnesses to the marriage of Isidore. Israel and Isidor are reported to have different mothers, further complicating matters.  Possibly, Israel’s mother’s name was recorded in error when he died in 1948, as it is the same family name as that of his wife, who died much earlier, in 1911. The long time since his wife’s death may be the reason there was confusion. I’ve  requested that the gravestone information be looked at by two people, and it appears to be accurate, although I do not have any photographs. I cannot explain how two brothers would have the exact same Hebrew name. One possibility is that someone made a mistake. It may also be that they are step brothers. It appears that the husband of Lena, Israel Efron, has the Hebrew name Ezriel.


Possibly related to the Efrons who have connections or origins to the town of Botski/Butka, based on the fact that these Efrons are buried in the Butka section of the Mr. Lebanon cemetery in NYC.


Abraham Jacob (Avrahom Yakov [CEM 153; CEM156]) Efron, b. approx. 1840, prob. d. bef. 1897, married Ida Dora Gometz (“Dara Esar” [MARR110] of Grodno. According to Israel’s death certificate, her name was Sarah Gottlieb; but there may have been some confusion with Lena Gottleib, wife of Israel (Ezriel) Efron. There are Efrein and Gometz (and one “Gowetz”) burials at the Butka section of the Mount Lebaon cemetery in NYC.The society gates are posted on which shows that Efron and Gometz were founders of the cemetery (there are EFREIN burials in that cemetery section). On there is the gravestone of one Abraham Mordecai [verify] Gometz, d. 1925. His father’s name was Ezrael. If he was Ida’s brother, then he was maybe named after the same ancestor for whom Ezrail was named.


Acknowledgements: Laurie Chester, Jeffrey Satenstein.


>             Israel (Ezrail) Efron, b. abt. 1866 or 7/15/1870, Grodno, d. 11/12/1948 or 11/13/1948, NYC [CEM153; NAT028; Verify old DEATH record 45; ~CEN00; CEN2079; CEN3104], married 11/18/1894, NYC to Lena (Zelda Leiba) Gottleib, b. abt. 1870, d. 12/19/1911, NYC [CEM158; Verify old DEATH record 3].  The marriage date on his naturalization was 10/31/1896, but their marriage record shows their marriage date as 11/18/1894. [MARR110]  In 1920 no wife is listed for him.  He arrived in 1888 and was still an alien in 1920 (census).  According to his death cert, he arrived in the US abt. 1898. He was a tailor and in 1920 lived at 33 Norfolk, NYC. He lived at 216 E. Broadway, NYC when he was naturalized. She arrived in 12/10/1892. He arrived 3/1889 on the “Umbria” at NYC from Liverpool.  In 1930 he is a tailor. She was the daughter of Joseph and Ida Levin (“Sevin” according to their marriage record [MARR110]). A witness to their marriage is Sam Bialostozky. Bialstozky is another name of the founders/organizers of the Botki cemetery section where he is buried.


He may be the Asriel “Efrin” who sailed from Hamburg to Liverpool in 1891 at the age of 21. That Asriel was then single and from the town of Bocki. [ARR292] See below regarding the Bocki branches of the Efron family, at p. --.


>             >             Ray, b. 12/13/1896, NY [CEN3104]. She appears in the 1930 census, as the daughter of Israel, but nothing else is known about her.


>             >             Abraham, b. 3/3/1897, 3/3/1898 or 3/3/1899, NY, d. 5/16/1977, Farragut, NY [SSDI087; CEM154; Verify old DEATH record 118], married 2/15/1923 in NYC [MAR030] to Rachel "Rae" Stein, b. 11/16/1898, 11/4/1900 or 11/14/1899 , NYC, d. 1/15/1978 [SSDI089; CEM154; Verify old DEATH record 119; EST 46; CEN3105]. Abraham is a tailor in 1920 and 1923. In 1930 Rae is a music teacher.  They are buried in the Washington cemetery. In 1930 her father and mother, Isaac (Yitzchak) and Pauline Stein live with them. Also living with them in 1930 is the Cohen family. His gravestone says his father is Yakov (Jacob), but all other records say Israel. Buried right next to Abraham and Rachel are Isidor and Celia Efrein.


>             >             Hyman, b. 12/12/1903, NY, d. 12/1/1996, Silver Springs, MD [SSDI582], married July 29, 1931 to Belle Eckert, b. 5/12/1907, d. 12/3/2004, Silver Springs, MD [CEN3104; SSDI544; MAR005]  His death notice on 12/2/1996 has daughters and cities where they live and his wife, living at same address where Hyman is listed in 1994 in a phone directory in Silver Springs. In 1930 he is an accountant. At the time of their marriage he lived at 33Norfolk St. and she at 354 E. 51st Street. He is buried at the King David Cemetery (DL39 lot 474)


>             >             Lillian [CEN3104]


>             "Isidor" (Isidore) (Israel) EFREIN, b. Grodno, 2/5/1870 or 2/15/1871, d. 11/6/1966, NYC [SSDI182R; CEM156; EST 29; ~CEN00; CEN2078; CEN3106; NAT005], married abt. 1902 to Celia (Cecelia) Cohen (L. Chester)  ("Tsipa" per gravestone; "Talia"? in 1920 census) [JS: Cohen] , b. 10/10/1883, Lunna, d. 6/16/1967, NYC.[CEM157]. She wss the daughter of Yitzchak and Celia [LC: Celia].  She arrived in 1897.  They are both buried at Washington cemetery. He is listed as one of the founders of the Butka cemetery section at Mount Lebanon cemetery in NY, though he is not buried there (Abraham, Hilda and Henry are buried there). They lived at 244 Madison St. in 1920, and he was then a tailor. In 1936, he works for Sam Wolf, dba Supreme Clothing Co. and lives at 10 Astor Place, NY.  On his naturalization, the witnesses were Ray and Abraham EFRON, tailor, both of 33 Norfolk St.; Isidore signed his name as EFREIN, but the witnesses signed their name as EFRON (and his name is given as EFREIM on his cert. of arrival). He left Hamburg on March 1, 1891, arriving in NY on March 10, 1891 on the vessel Hamburg. Possibly related to Nathan (Nasko) EFRON of California. In 1903 he is a tailor. Isidor and Celia are buried right next to Abraham and Rachel Efrein. An unsigned email sent to me through the Efron web page points out that he did indeed die in 1966, and that it is Isidor, not Isadore.


Her naturalization (Ancestry) says she was b. 10/15/1883 at Luna and at the time of her declaration, 6/16/1926, resides at 2?4 Madison St., NYC. Arr. 2/10/1897 on the Minecha at NY sailing from Bremen. Husband Isidor, b. 2/15/1870, naturalized 10/2/1923 in NY, lives with her, together with children: Abraham, 11/11/1904; Hyman, 7/15/1906; Jeanette, 12/3/1914; 5/28/1919. Jeannette alone lives with her. Witnesses are Mamie Klein of 211 Madison St. and Ray Efrein of 33 Norfolk St. [NAT--]


>             >             Abraham J. (“Al” [LE]), b. 11/10/1904 or 11/11/1904, NY, d. 11/2/1979, Brooklyn [SSDI183; EST 44; CEN30?], married Hilda F. Unknown, b. 2/22/1904, d. 1/9/1993 [SSDI185]. He is an attorney in 1932. At one point he lived in Maryland. They are buried at the Butki section of Mount Lebanon cemetery where his father, Isador, was one of the founders/organizers.


>             >             Henry (aka Herman), b. 7/15/1906, NY, d. Peekskill, NY, 2/-/1976 [SSDI184; CEN30?], married Florence Unknown, b. 2/4/1906, d. 10/31/1996, Peekskill, NY [SSDI585]. He is buried at the Butka section of Mount Lebanon cemetery.