Chapter 13 Moshe HaCohen Efron of Grodno


Moshe HaCohen Efron was the father of Benjamin, according to Benjamin’s gravestone.


Benjamin (Benyamin) Efron, b. abt. 1870, Russia, d. 5/26/1937 [CEM086], married abt. 1889 to Anna (Anna Chaia) Yudkofsky (aka Yodkoff or Yudkoff), b. abt. 1867 or 1862, Russia, d. 4/24/1947 or 4/23/1947 [CEM087; Verify old DEATH record 4; ARR027; ARR195; CEN2054; CEN3113].  Benjamin arrived in the US in 1911. She arrived for a three month stay on 1/10/1911, where she came to her uncle in NY Moses Levidoff. She last resided in Vilna.  Benjamin was a sculptor and had asthma or some other respiratory illness (RE). Anna was a midwife and was very much in demand in New York. At one time, the governor of New York used her for delivering his children. (RE) Anna had a medical education in Russia.  In 1947 they lived at 125 E. 93rd St. Unable to locate any Yudkofsky arrivals that could be related.


Acknowledgements: Irwin Gordon, Robert Efron,


>              Alexander, b. 12/26/1897, Grodno, d. 12/30/1981, Miami Beach, FL [SSDI086R; CEN2054; DEATH034], married 1/31/1919 in NYC [MAR043] to Rose Kunitz, b. 3/28/1898 or 4/2/1995, in Russia, d. 4/3/1989 [SSDI279].  Alex arrived in 1913, Rose in 1909. He also arrived in the US later, having possibly gone back to Europe to arrange for his family to immigrate, together with Edith, according to a record for an Alexander Efron who arrived at NY on 12/23/1935 [ARR181]. He might be related to the Charles Efron who is a launderer at the West Farms Laundry and who was found in Manhattan directories around 1916. That is because one of the witnesses to his naturalization papers lived on West Farms Rd.


According to Irwin Gordon (see below for more), the Kunitz family was related to Maxim LITVINOV, former Soviet ambassador to the U.S.; LITVINOV, a descendant of the ZAK family, was born in Ruzhnoye (Ruzhany), located near Slonim.


In 1917 Alexander lives at 53 E. 47th St. and is an electrical engineering student at Columbia University [MIL008]. Rose's mother, Mary, her brothers Joshua and Edward and sister Fanny, all arrived in 1909. (Mary  possibly died 11/25/55, Verify old DEATH record 61.)  In 1944 he taught at the Rhodes School, 1071 6th Ave., NYC. [SSDI086R; CEN2052; CEN3114; NAT003]. In 1920, Alfred and Sarah live with him. He was sometimes confused with the Alexander Efron who was a banker (RE). In 1920, Sarah and Alfred Kunitz live with them, but they were enumerated as Effron in error. Verify 1920 census records, expecially re: Francis to make sure she is an Efron and not a Kunitz.


On a chance meeting with a member of the Australian Effrons, it was deteremined that there was a physical resemblance between those two families.


>              Frances [CEN2054], (verify – re-check census), b. approx. 1908. Her birth date (subject to finding additional census records) is determined solely on the fact that she was the younger of the two children living at home in 1920