Chapter 14 Israel Chaim of Grodno


Israel Chaim Efron, b. approx. 1857, married Kuna Diskin. Jacobís military service certificate has his patronym as Israelovich-Chaimovich.


See† also Jacob Efron, son of Israel bí Mordecai the Baker (page --). These two Jacob Efrons, both of whom are the sons of Israel Chaim, need to be straightened out


>††††††††††††† Jacob (Meyer Yakov), b. abt. 10/5/1887 or 10/15/1888, Grodno, d. 12/31/1962 [SSDI060R; CEM047; Verify old DEATH record 84; NAT060; ARR048],married abt. 1913 in NY to Ida (Chae Tsivyah), b. 6/16/1893, d. 3/23/1958 [CEM048; Verify old DEATH record 70; EST 17; CEN2063; CEN3117]. He was the son of Israel Chaim. She was the daughter of Yichael Michel and arrived in 1916 [sic?].† He served in the Russian Army abt. 1910.† He arrived in 1910 and then again on 10/30/1913 on the Imperator and was naturalized in 1919.† In 1920 Meyer was a raincoat cementer and lived at 35 (or 757) Kelly St., Bronx with Berman Israel (should be Israel Berman?).† In 1913 he lived at 693 Monroe St., Brooklyn.† In 1920, he lived at 46 Ridge St., in 1921, at 346 Barrett St., Brooklyn, where he was a hatter. In 1930 he was still in Brooklyn and a haberdasher. There is some confusion between Jacob Meyer and Jacob, both sons of Israel. Verify source records to correct errors between these two confused records.


[Verify that naturalization and ship arrival both have identical datas, proving that the Jacob who arrived in 1913 is the one with these two daughters.]


>††††††††††††† >††††††††††††† Sylvia Miller, b. 9/1/1921, Brooklyn, d. 8/11/2005, married Dr. Elliott Miller, b. 1908, d. abt. 3/11/1965, Macedon, NY [OBIT NYT015; OBIT NYT016]. He was also from Brooklyn. She lived in Wilson, Macedon, NY in 1958.


>††††††††††††† >††††††††††††† Miriam,. Spoke to her in 8/06. She has little information about her family