Chapter 15 Moshe Efron of Stutzin


Moshe (Morris) Efron [CEM151], b. approx. 1840, probably died after 1925 (when Frank died), married Rebecca (Dina Rebecca) Stein (?) Could this be Seltzer?], b. approx. 1840, probably died before 1896 (when her granddaughter Rebecca was born).  They came from “Stutzlu” according to Frank’s naturalization record, which may be the town of Stuchin [DEATH140] [alternative names for that town are --]. Her name is derived from Hyman’s death certificate.


Morris may have survived Frank because Frank’s gravestone says “Beloved son and father,” suggesting that at least one of his parents was alive at the time of his death.  Since it seems that Rebecca died long before Frank (since her granddaughter Rebecca Clurman has the same given name as she – at least in English) then it must have been Morris who was then still alive.


Frank and Hyman are brothers based on the fact that Nathan Seltzer was the witness for both of their naturalizations, and that their parents’ names are similar. They both immigrated at about the same time. One discrepancy, however, is that Hyman grave says his father’s name is Eliezer, although his death certificate says that it is “Morris.”  Frank’s grave says that his father’s name is Moshe. Frank and his offspring spelled the name with two Fs, but Hyman spelled it with one F.


Acknowledgements: Edward Effron, Spencer Effron, Herbert Effron, Elizabeth Gray of the Garfield Historical Society, Daniel Friend, Milton Friend, Bernice Gruber, Rose Frederick Horowitz, Lori Pink


>          Frank (Ephraim) Effron, b. Stutzlu(?), Grodno, 11/1/1872 or 10/1869 (tombstone says b. abt. 1857; death cert says b. abt. 1864), d. 12/26/1925 [CEM151; Verify old DEATH record 13; NAT046], married to May (Mamie) (Mashe Malka) Pekowsky (also Pekoff or Bikoff), b. Stutzlu(?), Grodno, abt. 1863, d. 12/19/1934 [CEM021; Verify old DEATH record 20; CEN0017; CEN2058].  He arrived at NY 7/15/1889. A witness to his naturalization was Nathan Seltzer. Frank lived in the Bronx, at 194 Chrystie St. in 1900 and at 513 E. 172nd in 1920.  In 1920 he was the proprietor of a fruit store and lived at 513 E. 172nd Street around 1917. In 1925, they lived at 1614 Washington Ave., Bronx. He was a fruit peddlar at his time of death. He arrived in 1889, and Mamie arrived in 1893 or 1914 (per death certificate).  They were naturalized in 1899.  In 1934 Mamie was widowed, and living at 1555 Inwood Ave., NYC. In 1934, she lived at 1764 Weeks St. His gravestone says “beloved son,” suggesting that his mother or father was then still alive (see discussion above).


The family is said to have come from Grodno.


>          >          Louis, b. 7/-/1888 or 12/18/1890 Stutzin , Grodno, d. 2/1/1920, Brooklyn [CEN0017; CEM049; Verify old DEATH record 11; DEATH043; EST 41; Draft—(ancestry)], married 9/5/1913 in NYC [MAR029-SD1-SD2] to Sophia J. (or L.) Gershon, b. abt. 1893, Russia [CEN2085; CEN3121]. He was in the Silks and Yarns business.  Louis arrived in 1891, and was naturalized in 1915.  Sophia arrived in 1903.  Her father is Joseph Gershon, a machinist.  They all lived at 138 Hewes St., Brooklyn in 1920, and he worked at 459 4th Ave., at Metropolitan Yarn Co. [DIR024].  Her second husband was Samuel Rosenhaus, b. 1889, according to a review of the 1930 census.  This Samuel Rosenhaus died 1/1983 in Brooklyn. In 1930, Sophie Rosenhaus is works in a beauty parlor and lives with her children Herbert and Muriel Effron. [NYT002]


>          >          Betty (Rebecca) Clurman [CEN2058; CEN3120], b. abt. 1902, NY, d. prior to 4/1974, married abt. 1926 to Abraham “Abe” Clurman, b. abt. 1896, Russia, d. abt. 4/19/1974. He arrived in 1908 (?) and ran a garage. At the time of his death he had grandchildren. [NYT017]



Death Cert., Hyman Efron, Garfield, NJ, 7 Cambridge Ave., b. 1871, widowed, wife was Rose Ellen Frankel, 67, Pickle business, b. Russia, father Morris Efron and mother Dina Rebecca, both born Russia, informant Morris Efron, 15 Hobart Pl., Garfield, buried at Riverside Cem, funeral director Henry  Vander Plaat, d. 2/8/1938 of coronary thrombosis. Dr. Martin Memirow, Passaic.



Death Record, transcribed, Rose Efron, died in the Psychiatric Institute (probably Greyston, in Morris Cty.). She lived at 7 Cambridge Ave., Garfield, NJ. Died 11/3/1930, age 59. Wife of Hyman Efron, mother of Murray, age 59, d. 11/3/1930. Her mother’s maiden name was Rose Frankel (sic – that was her maiden name?)


>          Hyman (Herman) (Chaim?) Efron, b. 3/11/1872 or 1869 or 1/1871, Russia [CEN0018; CEN1041; CEN2046; NAT048; CEN3152; NYT030], d. 2/8/1938, Garfield, NJ [DEATH140], married abt. 1890 to Rose (Rose Ellen) (Rokhel Elka) Frankel, b. abt. 1/1871, Russia, d. 11/3/1930, New Jersey [DEATH141].  He arrived at NY 5/19/1888 and was naturalized 7/1/1899. Like Frank Effron, the witness to Hyman’s naturalization was Nathan Seltzer of 29 Hester St. She arrived in 1892. In 1910 he has a pickle store in Manhattan. They are buried at the Riverside Cemetery in NJ, Block A, section 28. He lived in Garfield in 1930. In 1930 he is in the wholesale pickle business. She arrived in 1893.  In 1920 they live in NJ. He was very religious and was a founder of and very involved in the Chevra Tillim synagogue of Passaic. They lived on Cambridge Ave., across the Passaic River on River Rd was the pickle shop/laundry shop. It was known as “Efron’s Pickle Works” and there were lots of cats around the shop. Later, it became Harry’s Pickle Products after the business split up. (RKFH) There was also a pickle business called Efron & Nowick (or Novick). [DIR078]


After more than a month of intensive searching I finally succeeded in contacting a member of the family. Incredibly, he was living in his childhood home, although no longer owned by his family. Having visited the house after many years having lived elsewhere, he noticed there was a room for rent. Since he had some time to relocate, he decided to lease the room.


All of the Efron women were short, about 5’1”. (RKFH).


There had cousins named Karp, probably on the Efron side of the family (RKFH)


In the 1920 census there are three additional children listed for Hyman, but this appears to be an error, and the three boys do not show up on other censuses when they should still be living at home, based on their ages. [CEN2046] They might be visiting family, or from another family completely. They are Isaac, b. abt. 1907, N.Y., Herman, b. abt. 1910, N.Y.; and Jacob, b. abt. 1913, N.Y. The family of Tanchun Efron, of Argentina (see page -- ) has sons Isaac, Ennach and Yankel (Jacob), and Tanchun was married to a Karp, but this is the closest I’ve come to figuring out who the three sons are and who the Karp cousins might be.


They lived at 2 Hester St, NYC in 1900 and at Garfield, NJ in 1920.  Hyman arrived in 1890 and was naturalized in 1899. Hyman was in Pickles in 1915 and living at 36 Allen St., Manhattan. He should not to be confused with Hyman Efron, who lived at 35 Allen St., NYC, in 1930.


>          >          Rebecca “Ray” (Rochel Leah (D. Friend)) Friend, b. abt. 4/1896, N.Y., d. 1928, Passaic, NJ [CEM189], married Eli (Elias) Friend, b. 5/1/1897 or 5/1/1898 [CEN3153; (FL death index)], d. Miami, FL 12/15/1982. In 1930, the family lived with a cousin of Eli Friend. Eli (also known as Louis or Lewis) may be the same person as Josel (?) Freund, who arrived at New York in 1914. He is generally the right time and age to be Eli Friend. This Josel last resided in Bransky, Grodno, and is going to his brother, Leiser in the Bronx. Perhaps Eli is the same as this Leiser (Leiser (Eliezer) => Eli). It appears that this Josel was born in “Indure.” After Rebecca’s death Eli re-married to Rae Kaplan (D. Friend). With her were born Irving W., Daniel S. (and others?). Eli married a third time as well. [DIR079]


Daniel Friend told me: “I still remember the unparalleled taste of a fresh Efron pickled tomato. The closest-tasting now available is at the 2nd Ave Deli in Manhattan.


>          >          Mollie (Martha) Kroin, b. 3/1899 or 1901, N.Y., [CEN2046], d. 10/14/1938 [DEATH142], married abt. 1922 to Harry Kroin, b. 1894 or 1900, Poland, d. 10/1986, Garfield, NJ or in FL. [SSDI499; CEN3173] He is buried in the King David cemetery in Clifton, NJ. (RKFH) He immigrated in 1921 and in 1930 he is in the pickle business. She is buried at the Riverside Cemetery in NJ, Block A, section 36. In 1920, before they were married, he lived with his parents in the same house as the Efrons. [MISC116]


The Kroins came from Lubomel. He married twice after her death, first to Ruth Bernstein, then to Anna Warhaftig. After the business split, Harry opened “Harry’s Pickle Products” (RKFH)


Their marriage was arranged. Mollie went to college for two years. When she died, she left a will. (RKFH)


>          >          Maurice “Murray,” b. abt. 1904, N.Y., d. 2/3/1961 [CEN2046; CEN3174] married Rose Riger, b. 11/10/1904, d. 3/8/1989, Passaic [SSDI223]. They are buried at the Riverside Cemetery in NJ, Block A, section 28.


Maurice was known as “Murray the Pickle Man” and he owned the Efron and Novick Pickles factory. After he died, Rose took over the factory. (LP)