Chapter 16 Avrom Efron and Gedalia Efron families of Botski/Bocki


Most of the information about the Nasko Efron family is from the family tree received from Leonard. Botski and Bocki are the name of the same shtetl, located south of Bielsk in the Bransk are of Poland, near Belarus.


Presumabley this branch and the branch of Gdaliah of Botski are related. This family is also similar to the Avrohm Simcha of Krynki family. [How so?]


Very possibly this is the same family as the Yudil (which is the same name as Leibel), married to Gutka, who is the son of Ephraim, meaning that here, it is not “Avrom”, which Leonard questioned, but was instead “Ephraim.” There are several children’s names not in common, when comparing one branch to the other, so more evidence is needed.


Avrom (?) Gephron or Hephron (per Leonard), b. approx. 1854. His brith date is estimated based on his son’s birth date. He was an itinerant tailor. (Leonard)


>              Leibel, b. approx. 1870, married Gitel “Gutka” Worona, b. abt. 1870. He was a tailor, and was a member of the town council of Bocki.


Another Efron from Bocki is Asriel Efrin, who at 21 in 1891 sailed from Hamburg on the Warrington to Liverpool [ARR292] Any relation is not known. This could be the Israel (Ezrail) Efron who is the son of Abraham Jacob Efron. In fact, Abraham Jacob’s wife’s name is reported to be Gometz, and there are Gometz family members interred at the Bocki cemetery in NYC (see page --)


Acknowledgements: Leonard Efron, Todd Bomchel, Chita Weintrob, Frances Swerdlow, Steve Swerdlow, Bob Efron, Dayna Efron, Brian Efron


>              >              Chesha (Cheshe)  Raduzynski, b. approx 1892, d. in the 1970s (perhaps), Buenos Aires, married Mauricio (Meier) Raduzynski, d. 1980s (perhaps), Buenos Aires. Chesha was the oldest child. (LE). Her birth date is an approximation. They did not have children. (LE)


>              >              Nathan (Nasko, Nossen) Efron, b. 1/10/1894, 7/1/1894, 1/7/1894 or 1896, Bocki (or Siemiatycze, Poland (LE)), d. 1/4/1974 Sherman Oaks/Van Nuys (L.A.), CA [SSDI076R; NAT020 (with photo); ARR041; ~CEN20], married 3/20/1927 or 3/29/1927 in Zabladow to Dora (Dwojra) Kleszczelska, b. 12/6/1901, Bocki, d. 4/16/1994, Sherman Oaks, CA [SSDI187]. Her parents were Nathan and Dvora (was this reported by one of Nathan and Dora’s children, for a death certificate?).


Nathan told his son many times that he was born in Siematycze. Bocki and Siematycze are about 10 miles apart and are both about 25 miles south of the city of Bialystok.


Dvora arrived from Southhampton, England at NY on 4/22/1927 as Dwojra Kleszczelska [ARR293]. He arrived 12/5/1933 on the Kosciuszko sailing from Gdyna [ARR041]. He was then a tailor, last residing in Bocki where his mother, Ditla then lived (probably should have been  written as“Gitla”?). He is coming to his wife who then lives at 823 E. 147th St., Bronx. She was naturalized 6/14/1932. At that time she lived at 1314 grand Concourse, and was a dressmaker.


In 1936 he works at the Virtus Dress Co. In 1936 he lived at 995 E. 173rd St., Bronx, and in 1939 at 236 E. Gunhill Rd., Bronx [NAT020].


There was an uncle in Walla Walla, WA, but it may have been on Dvora’s Kleszczelska family


Moshe Gilule (Morris Gill) of the Chatanooga branch (Vol. I, page --) was on the same ship as Nathan, but no connection is known.


>              >              Zisel. He could be the Zusia Efron (d. July 19, 2002) who is a well known photographer and art critic of  Israel [LIB014]


>              >              Riva


>              >              Golda


>              >              Haiche (Ida) Bomchel, b. 3/12/1912, d. 6/10/1992, Atlanta, GA [SSDI–], married Velvel (Wolf) “William” Bomchel, b. 12/25/1909, d. 9/1972 [SSDI–]. According to the SSDI, both of them were issued their social security numbers in Alabama. She was the youngest sister (LE). They left Poland before WW II and went to Argentina before coming to Birmingham when Chico was 10 years old (Todd B.)


Gdlaia Efron of Botski/Bocki


Another family from Bocki is evidenced by revision list data, but the connection between the two is unknown . See also the DNA testing of descendents of these two families.


Gedalia Efron, b. approximately 1807, Botski (Bocki), Bielsk District, Russian Poland, d. before 1871. [CENMISC005] His date of death is based on the date that his grandson Gdalia was born, because the latter was obviously named for him.


>              Isaac (Harry) (Yitzchak) Efron, b. abt. 1837, Botski, married Ena (Chana Rivka?) “Anna Puem” [MARR111], b. abt. 1837, Botski.  She was the daughter of Yosel (Joseph). In 1897 they were living in Botski and he was a shoemaker. [CENMISC005; CENMISC006]. Interestingly, Abraham refers to his father as “Harry.” This means that Isaac probably had a double name.


The names in this branch of Efrons, including the witnesses on Joseph’s marriage certificate, suggest an Amdur connection.  The witnesses on that marriage certificate were Ben Weiss and Sam Ball.  The given name Gdalia is very prevalent in the Amdur Efron family tree.


The family’s listing in the 1897 census for Grodno was matched to this family once it was discovered that Louis’ Hebrew name was Ruben. Because they were located in the town of Bocki they are very likely related to the family of Nasko Effron.


>              >              Wolf Efron (Hefron). According the ship arrival for Abraham, he is joining his brother Wolf in NYC. This Wolf may have died young, and prior to the birth of Abraham’s son, Wolf, 2/1/1907, if the latter was named after the former.


>              >              David. [FS: Louis and Joseph stayed with David after their mother died and Avram came to the US, and that David was Louis’ uncle.] David also came to the US [FS]. One child lived in Plainview, Long Island.  Nothing else is known about this David. Was he definitely an Efron, or maybe he was a maternal uncle?There is no other David Efron who would fit in with this family tree.


>              >              Fredla (Fannie) “Fay” Gellerstein, b. abt. 1879, Botski, d. 11/29/1954. [CENMISC005; CEN30--; CEM--], married Barnett (Baruch) Gellerstein, d. 6/25/1950 [CEM--],. She could be the sister that Frances Swerdlow remembered. Baruch Gellerstein immigrated in 1903 with Louis and Joseph, who were very small children [ARR294]. Barnett Gellerstein lived in NY and was married to Fannie (Fay), who may be the same as Fredla. Oral history recalls Ellen as one of the children of Barnett.


Barnett Gellerstein is found in the 1930 census living at 775 Hopkinson Ave., the same address that he gave on Joseph’s naturalization papers. His wife is Fay, and they have children Jerome, Paul and Jean living at home. The graves of Barnett and Fannie (ie, Fay) are at the Mount Hebron Cemetery in the Cov. Brethren of Semiatiz section. He died on 6/25/1950, she on 11/29/1954. A preliminary search of the NY Times (via ancestry) did not locate a death notice for either one of them. A google search suggests that the family relocated to New Jersey.


>              >              Abraham (Gdalyahu) Efron, b. 1/12/1871 [CENMISC006], 1/12/1876 or 5/15/1876, Botski, d. 6/29/1936, Brooklyn [CEN2051; CEM082; Verify old DEATH record 26; ARR076; ARR231; CEN3140], married 1. abt. 1896 (?) to Alta, b. abt. 1875, Botski [CENMISC006] (Malka, [FS]), d. abt. 1900.  He arrived on 5/15/1898 on the Palatia as Gedalje Hefron, sailing from Hamburg, and is joining his brother “Wolf Hefron” in NYC (he is also listed as “Hefron”). He last resided in Bialystok. Death record says b. 1/12/1876, and that he is the son of Harry and Hannah Rivka. He was a tailor prior to immigrating [CENMISC006] and afterwards. Alta was the daughter of Shmuel [CEN--]. Some of the family spelled it with two “F’s” and some with only one. In 1930 he runs a tailor’s shop.



Description: scan002

4 Malka with sons Joseph Meyer and Rubin Louis


>              >              >              Louis (Leib [FS]) (Reuvin [Steven S.]) Efron, b. abt. 1895 or abt. 1896, Botski, d. 4/30/1962, Brooklyn, NY [CENMISC006; CEN2101; EST 56; CEN30?], married Annie (Hannah) Adler (also listed as Cohen), b. 4/4/1893, Russia, d. 10/-/1979, Wantaugh, Nassau Cty, NY [SSDI073; EST 25].  They lived at 592 Stone Ave., Brooklyn in 1920.  He was an alien in 1920. In 1933 when his brother Joseph is naturalized [NAT059] he is a witness and lives at 761 Miller Ave, in Brooklyn, and is a chauffer.  Annie was related to Louis’ step-mother [FS]. He arrived at about the age of 5 [FS]. He arrived as “Ruvin” in 1903, with Joseph and his uncle Barnet (Baruch) Gellerstein [ARR294]. He was naturalized, but it was a difficult and expensive process [FS]. He was a cab driver during the depression [FS]. Annie is buried in New Montefiore, Pinelawn. He is probably the Louis Efron who was naturalized in 1931 at the age of 34, then residing at 730 Miller Ave., Brooklyn. I have not reviewed that naturalization. [NAT061]. Steven Swerdlow knows that his Hebrew name was Reuvin, and Steven’s son was named after him. [CEM—New Montefiore]


Description: Annie Adler Efron.JPG>     >          >          Description: Louis EFron - Swerdlow branch.JPG

5 Annie Adler Efron


>              >              >              >              Emanuel (Mendel [FS]), b. abt. 5/1919, NY, d. 11/1/1920, Brooklyn [Verify old DEATH record 12; DEATH042]. He is buried in Montefiore cemetery in NY.


>              >              >              >              Frances (Efron) Swerdlow, b. 5/30/1921, d. 4/2006, married Leon Swerdlow, d. She and her sister were identical twins. He was a kosher caterer.


Description: Frances and Leon Swerdlow.JPG               Description: Louis Efron with maybe Donald Swerdlow.JPG    Description: Marilyn Swerdlow, Annie Efron, Frances Swerdlow.JPG  Description: Swerdlow-Donald, Elaine nee Zweig Annie Adler Efron, Phyllis, Stephen, Frances, Leon, Marilyn Sandra.JPG




Frances and Leon Swerdlow>  Louis Efron, with perhaps Donald Swerdlow>  Marilyn, Annie and Frances


>              >              >              >              Esther (Efron) Gendels, b. 5/30/1921, d. abt. 1987, married Harold Gendels, d. abt. 1987. She and her sister were twins.


>              >              >              Joseph (Yosel Mayer) Efron, b. abt. 1897 or 1899, Budka, Minsk, married 8/20/1921 in Brooklyn [~CEN20; MAR041; CEN30?, NAT059] to Mary Schwartz, b. 2/10/1897 in NY. He lived in Budka (Bocki)  prior to immigrating, though his ship arrival says that he and Ruben came from Kamenetz. They came to this country with their uncle, Baruch (Barnet Gellerstein) in 1903 [ARR294]. In 1921 he is a chauffer. In 1933 he lives at 212 W. 95th St., Brooklyn. He arrived 9/6/1903 or 9/9/1903 on the Grosser Kurfurst at NY as Yossel Mayer. (See Verify old DEATH record 60, Joseph Efron d. 2/22/54 age 60; Verify old DEATH record 65, Joseph Efron d. 6/9/56, age 57). In 1933, when he made his declaration, and in 1940, when he was naturalized, he lived at 95th St., Brooklyn. [NAT059]


>              >              >              >              Stanley Efron, b. 4/12/1922, Brooklyn, d., married Charlotte.


>              >              >              >              Mildred (Effron) , married Unknown Lipkin.


>              >              married 2. 1/10/1903 in NYC to Anna Adler [MARR111], b. abt. 1883, 1884, or 1887, Russia, d. 9/12/1943 or 9/15/1943 [CEN2051; CEM083; Verify old DEATH record 34]. In 1916 they lived at 259 Thatford Ave., in 1920 they lived at 259 Dumont Ave (apparently the same street), and in 1936 they lived at 480 E. 94th St., Brooklyn, NY.  In 1933, they lived at 363 Ocean Pkwy., NYC. She arrived in 1900.She was the daughter of Noah Adler and Rebecca Adler. [MARR111]


>              >              >              Sam, b. abt. 1903, NYC [CEN2051; CEN30?].  (Possibly the same as Samuel Efron, d. 4/11/57 age 52; b)


>              >              >              Rebecca (Beckie [FS]), b. abt. 1904, NYC [CEN2051; CEN30?]


>              >              >              William N. (Wolf) b. 2/1/1907, NYC, d. 7/-/1983, Patchogue, Long Island, NY [CEN2051; CEN3140; SSDI107], married 11/23/1930 in Brooklyn [MAR042] to Mary Kleitman, b. 2/1/1907, Russia, d. 3/22/1988, Patchogue, Long Island, NY [SSDI109]. In 1930, he is a plumber, residing at 259 Dumont Ave. Perhaps it is only coincidence, but in another Efron family, the father, Jacob, was a plumber and the son of Wolf Efron (of Bialystock); The only other Geraldine in this genealogy is the daughter of that Jacob the plumber’s sister, Peshe Arnstein -- Geraldine Stern Lutins (b. 1914).


>              >              >              Lessie (Tessie?), b. abt. 1910, NYC [CEN2051; CEN3140]. In 1930 she lives at home and is a bookkeeper.


>              >              >              Isadore “Irving” (“Irwin” [FS]), b. abt. 1912, NYC, d. 10/4/1941, Brooklyn [Verify old DEATH record 31; CEN3140], married Miriam [CEN2051]. He lived at 645 Ocean Pkwy. He is buried at Beth Israel Cemetery. He worked in the shoe business.


>              >              >              Sylvia [CEN2051]


>              >              >              Geraldine