Chapter 17 Chaim Eliezer Effron of Nowy Dwor


Letter, Flora Gursky: Asher 1865-1920 and Rachel Avnet-Solomon-Effron (abt. 1864-1947) were married in Europe. Her first husband, Benj, d. bef. 1909 (his grandchild born 5/6/09 was named Benjamin). Arrival on SS Camania, arr. NY 1/4/1914. No children born of second marriage. Rachel’s last child was b. 1894.


Chaim Eliezer, b. approx. 1835, married Bessie Rosensweig.


According to Sheila Seidman, Charlotte and Henri Libman were friends with Tevil Efron, her father, from the Chatskil Efron branch (see Volume I, page --). Tevil was also friendly with the Joseph Bernstein family of Chicago. This suggests that Joe Bernstein of Chicago’s great-grandfather, Eliezer Efron, was the same as Chaim Eliezer Efron, the head of this family.  This would make Joseph W. Efron, b. 1858. a brother to Moses and Usher.


He had two known children:





Acknowledgements: Flora Gursky, Sheila Seidman, Harris Efron; Jordan Effron, Sean Sussman, Jeffrey Miller, Eli Basch, Julian Weiner, Shelly Levy, Samuel Avnet,


>              Moses.  See arrival records of Osher and Rachel [ARR160; ARR050]. Other than the reference to him in Usher’s passenger arrival record, nothing is known of him.


>              Usher or Asher (Osher) Effron, b. 6/18/1865 Grodno, d. 9/18/1920, Brooklyn [CEM068; Verify old DEATH record 10; DEATH044; ARR160]. He arrived 1/4/1914, married 1. Hannah Isaacson, d. bef. 1914 (per Harry's marriage record). In 1910, he lived at 1910 Benson Ave, Brooklyn, NY. Hannah is part of the Isaacson family that lived in Chicago. The original family name of Isaacson was Itskowtz. Tevil Efron’s wife is from that family. (See Vol. I, page--)


He is probably not the same as Osher, son of Leizer, son of Benjamin of Amdur (see --) [RS083] because the date of birth for that Osher is 1850, not close enough to the reported birth date of this Osher. All, of course, is subject to further information.


>              >              Martha (Malke) Libman, b. abt. 1887, Russia [CEN1004; OBIT018; ARR211], d. abt. 7/20/1941, married Felix Libman, d. after 1941.  She arrived in 1903 (the same ship as Chaim Effron [ARR096]) as Malke, 17, single and last residing in Nowy Dwor. She is going to her cousin Lei(?)dke Rosin of 19 Eldridge St., NYC. [ARR097]. In the 1910 census, she was living with her cousins, the Isaacson family of Chicago.  At that time, she was not married. 


In 1910 there were seven Isaacson children, all the cousins of Martha Libman.  Her aunt and uncle were Joseph, and Ray Isaacson, who came to the US in 1885.  One cousin was Morris Isaacson, b. 3/8/1908, d. 5/-/1967 [SSDI- SSDI 340-05-0507]. Theodore Efron married into this Isaacson family (see Volume IThe Isaacson family was also related to Theodore Efron.


>              >              Harry (Avraham Hirsh, “Hirshel”) Effron, b. abt. 1889 or abt. 1893, Grodno, d. 6/2/1949 [CEM070; Verify old DEATH record 48; EST 42; ARR030], married in Manhattan 8/21/1915 [MAR040] to Fanny (Feiga) Margel or Margolies, b. 1/18/1894 or 1/19/1894, Vilna, d. 4/20/1986, Great Neck, NY [SSDI074; CEM069; Verify old DEATH record 130; CEN2059; CEN3122].  Harry arrived at NYC on 1/12/1912, last residing in Nowy Dwor, where his father Oscher lives. He first went to his brother-in-law, Charles Wolf of 1166 Lissafason (??) St., NYC. In 1915, he lives at 217 E. 114th St. He had his first papers in 1920.  In 1920 they lived at 353 Amsterdam Ave., NY where he was a manufacturer of trunks.At the time he got married , his occupation is “leather goods.” In 1930 he is the owner of a plumbing supply concnern. Witnesses to their marriage are I Margle (?) and Joseph Margel. Fanny arrived in 1913.  She married, after Harry died, to Jacob Effron, the son of Israel b’ Mordecai b’ Yankel Motte Tsinne’s (see _____).


>              >              >              Herman L., b. 10/17/1916, NYC, d. 10/7/1991, [EST 26; SSDI202], married Nettie, d. 10/4/1989. He lived in Great Neck, NY in 1966 and also had houses in East Hampton and in North Palm Beach, FL. He was a real estate developer. He is buried in the Royal Palm Memorial Garden in West Palm Beach, FL.


>              >              >              Charlotte Libman, married Henri L. Libman, d. abt. 5/20/1961, Skokie, IL [OBIT017].


>              >              >              Arthur (Oscar)


Harry Effron was getting shipped off to Siberia when he and his mates got the guard drunk, and jumped off the train. It was then when he came to the US and met his wife Fanny. (JE) Fanny came to the US when she was 16 and left her family behind. It is believed that she lost her entire family in the Holocaust.


>              >              Sima, b. abt. 1892, Nowy Dwor, Belarus [ARR034; ARR160; ~CEN20]. She and Kreine arrived on 11/12/1912 on the "Rynam," sailing from Rotterdam. They are both seamstresses, single, and going to their brother-in-law, Charles Woolf, who lives at 974 Aldus St., Bronx. (19 Elizabeth St. is crossed out.) They were discharged to their sister. They both last resided in Nowy Dwor. (Sima might be the Selma Efran, d. 9/29/57, age 69, D66.)


>              >              Clara (Kreine) (Chaya Sore [Sean S.]) Farber, b. 1897, Nowy Dwor, Belarus [ARR034;  ~CEN20], d. 1956 (Sean S.), married abt. 1917 to Louis Farber, b. abt. 1894, Russia. [CEN3123. See arrival notes for Sima; she first arrived with Sima, then in 1914 arrived with sister Etka and father Osher. Louis arrived about 1913. In 1930 his occupation is “suitcases.” She appears to be the Clara Farber who is identified as a sister of Martha in Martha Libman’s obituary. Clara was identified based on the death record of Olive Bancroft. Clara appears to be the same person as Kreine, who is known by a ship arrival record. In 1920 they lived very close to the family of Sam, Lena and Elsie Schneider (see ---). The Farbers lived in Chicago.


>              >              Ethel (Etka) Kolsky, b. 5/27/1903, d. 3/1969, Coral Gables, FL [SSDI459; ~CEN20; ARR160], married abt. 1921 to Sam Kolsky, b. abt. 1894, England. (EG) [CEN3124]. She arrived in 1914 with her sister Kreine and father Osher. In 1930 they live in the Bronx where Sam is an “inside man,” constructing pocketbooks.  His parents were born in Poland and he arrived in 1913.


>              2. married Rachel (Rochel) Avnet, b. abt. 1859 or 1865, Nowy Dwor, d. 8/26/1947 [CEM071; ARR050; ~CEN20]. Rachel was the widow of Benjamin Sholkowsky "Solomon."  There was a daughter by the first marriage of Rachel's by the name of Charlotte (?), who married Charles Wolf (nee Strovolsky). According to ARR050, Rachel arrived in 1914, and states that her nearest relative in the old country is Morris Efron, and that she is going to her nephew, “Wolff Tehalel” (probably Wolf, Tsalel – Tsalel is short for Bitsalel, and often becomes Charles) of 255 46th St., Brooklyn. Arrival 050 is a tentative match. That arrival record says her nearest relative is her brother, Moshe Efron, but maybe it should instead say “brother-in-law.”


In Kingston, NY there was a Celia Affron Avnet who might be related to this branch, though it is unknown. She was the wife of Jacob Avnet. Celia was the daughter of Avraham, according to her gravestone. Celia Affron, b. abt. 1848, d. 8/24/1917 [CEM Kingston, NY grave – verify!]. She may have been Jacob Avnet’s second wife. A death cert for Celia can be had from Kingston City Hall Registrar, 914/331-0080.    It is not known how Rachel (Avnet) Affron is related to Jacob Avnet, husband of Celia Affron Avnet. Celia Affron Avnet had a daughter, Rachel Marcus, who married William Marcus. They lived in Kingston. Rachel Avnet Marcus of Kingston d. 10/14/1937, age 51, and was married to William Marcus [source appears to be Helaine Gursky]. (There is a SSDI record for one  Rachel Marcus, b. 4/1/1886, d. Hicksville, LI, NY, 6/1972, but this does not appear to be the same Rachel Marcus.)


Sadie Marcus married William Marcus (also an indication of a marriage to Louis Levy). Larry and Lester Avnet founded the Avnet Electronics company. Dr. Sam Stein is also an offspring of the Avnet family.


Other Avnets in Kingston were learned in part from a conversation I had with Samuel Avnet, b. 1915. There were four Avnet siblings: Louis, Mimie, Sophie, and another sibling who emigrated to Johannesburg, South Africa. Louis’ son Samuel, married Helen. Samuel in turn has a son, Joseph.