Chapter 18 Shmuel and Ephraim Efron (Marein-Efron) of Krynki


Shmuel Efron or Marein-Efron, b. approx. 1841 [RL004]. His brother or brother-in-law was Ephraim.


Acknowledgements: Samuel Marein-Efron, Gabriela Marein-Efron


>              Itzhakh Zvi Marein-Efron, b. approx. 1861, married Beila Unknown [RL004].  Isaac (Itzko) Efron was living in Krynki in 1871, son of Shmuel but was then living with his uncle.  He is also known as Itzko Moreins. His uncle is Efroim Moreins. [RL004]


Samuel Marein (or Marein-Efron) posted a family tree to Ancestry 11/8/10, and I came across it 20 days later!! It has a great deal of information about the descendents of Isaac Marein-Efron.


There were 14 children altogether (SM-E)


>              >              Sophie Root, wife of Maurice Root [OBIT055; CEN1075]


>              >              Louis Bramson, b. abt. 1878, d. abt. 1970, married abt. 1900 to Fanny Unknown, b. abt. 1878. He is a brother of David, according to David’s 1940 and 1941 ship manifests. At that time Louis was living in NYC at Carrol Ave. and 5th Avenue. In the 1910 census he is listed as “Alfred” for reasons unknown. In 1910 his sister Sophie and niece Alice live with his family. He was a bottler, and owned a company that manufactured  cork. In 1930 his family is living with his son-in-law Jack Stern in Brooklyn. [CEN1075; CEN3220]


                                Nathan Bramson


>              >              David Marein-Efron (also Moreins or Marejn), b. 1/15/1891 or 1/5/1991, Krynki [NAT027; ARR077; ARR295], married 10/6/1922 in Bialystok to Devorah (Dwoze) Unknown, b. 5/3/1903, Bialystok.  He lived at 255 W. 98th St., NY in 1942. He arrived in the US in 7/11/1941 from Havana, Cuba, and got his visa in Mexico City. His last place of residence was Budapest. In 1941 his wife and two children are still living in Mexico City. His arrival record states that he is going to his brother Louis Bramson in NYC. In 1964 they are living in Mexico City. According to his grandson David, this David changed the surname but the resident list at RL004 shows the hypehanated name was in use much earlier.


I spoke to Gabriella Marein-Efron and then her father, Sam. He said the family name was never actually Efron and that it was changed by his father [not sure, my notes are not good in this telephone interview.]  The Marein-Efron family came from Bialystok proper [SME]. He does not know who Leah was.  Immigration changed the name to Bramson for his uncles Louis and Nathan, who were in NY [SME]. He does not know of any Kansas connection. Nathan made raincoats and Louis was into bottling. Louis died about 1942 or 1943.  Sam’s grandfather was Itzko Tzvi.  David was one of 14 and they were all named Marein. David had a textile business in Passaic, NJ called Shabrey.  A brother of David who came to the US started the Dunhill company, makers of tobacco and clothing, and he ended up in California.  That business was sold around 1975 or 1980.  Two other brothers came to the US; one had a son who died around 1970 and he was married to a French woman and they had an unmarried son and a daughter. [all SME] (That sounds a little bit like the Sabledovich (Sabel)  family.)  The book about Bialystok by Tomasz Shoshkes has information about Itzhok Tzvi, who was a well known rabbi there.  [Verify: There is yiskor book information about a certain rabbi from Bialystok or nearby named Tzvi Efron – do google search]


>              Ephraim. He was a brother to [did not finish sentense]