Chapter 19 Asher Efron of Krynki (Hipshman)


Asher Efron, b. abt. 1855 (“in the mid-1800s,” according to Rose Brownstein), married 1 Batia Unknown.  They came from Krynki, according to Rose Bronstein and the cousins she met in Israel.


Rose Brownstein’s family history:

This is how I located a genalogy on the Efron family. I first spoke to Arthur Hipshman, who I located based on the marriage record of his mother. He referred me to his cousin, Rose Brownstein, who I spoke to at length on 11/20/2007. She did a family history of her family, but was not able to go back any further than Asher (perhaps: “Usher”). The following day I did a search for arrivals in the US sounding like Efron, first initial L to find Leike, and realized that Anna Hipshman and Leike Adin were the same as Chana and Leah Efron whose arrival information I had located many years earlier, but about whom nothing else was known. I had previously placed them as part of the Marein-Efron branch because Leah’s ship arrival had her joining her uncle Salomin Bramson in Kansas City. On 1/7/2008 I received “Asher’s Family,” the genealogy done by Rose Brownstein. She gives all of the offspring of Asher, and included many photographs and a directory of family members. The descendents of Asher are all from her information.


Acknowledgements: Rose Brownstein; Arthur Hipshman


>              Son, b. abt. 1875, d. 1895, Krynki. He died in his teens (RB)


>              Yentl, b. abt. 1875, d. abt. 1942 in the Holocaust


>              Bashe Lifshitz, married Lev Lifshitz


>              >              Malka Chrasidoff, d. Haifa, Israel, married Avi Chrasidoff


>              >              Channi, d. Haifa, Israel


>              >              Bendat, d. in the Holocaust


>              >              Son. He was a rabbi in South Africa


Married 2. to Rivka Unknown


>              Malka Rabinovitch, b. abt. 1891, d. abt. 1994, married 1. to Joseph Rabinovitch. She was the matriarch of a large family which came to Palestine around 1920. She had a twin, but the twin died. No one ever talked about the twin. (RB) There were no other children of this marriage.


>              >              Rivka Plotnizki, b. abt. 1911, Suchowola, Poland, married Eli Plotnizki


>              >              Asher, b. Suchowola, married Miriam Unknown


>              >              Tzipporah Milch, b. Suchowola, married Gerson Milch


>              >              Batia Rochblatt, b. Suchowolsa, Poland, married 1. Israel Rochblatt


>              >              Married 2. to David Stein


>              >              Josepha Wilf, b. Suchowola, Poland, married Shraga Wilf


>              Married 2. to Unknonwn Agulnik


Married 3. to Beila (Bramson?) Abramson, b. abt. 1880, d. abt. 1942, Holocaust (RB). Her family name is known by the marriage record of Anna Hipshman. She ran a store in the old country. I was not able to locate any reference to her in Yad Vashem records.


It seems certain that Beila had two brothers in the US, the Bramsons, who were the sponsors of Chana and Leah Efron when those two emigrated. These brothers appear to be different Bramsons than those who are part of the Marein-Efron family (see above, p. --), who also have origins in Krynki. There seems likely that there is some sort of connection.


>              Adel, d. Holocaust. She was married and had a son and a daughter, all of whom perished in the Holocaust. She may be the same as the “Etta or Ada” who was listed as another possible sibling.


>              Anna (Chana) Hipshman, b. 3/1/1894 or abt. 1897 or 1898, Krynki, Poland, d. 10/19/1975, New Hyde Park, NY, married 12/10/1921 in NYC to Isidore (Isaak) Hipshman, b. Amdur, 1/15/1897, d. 2/2/1980 [MIL045; MIL046; CEM246; SSDI678]. When married, they both lived at 126 Delancy St. in NYC. His parents are Abe and Fannie (Goodman). [MAR024]. In the 1917 NYC directory he is a tailor and resides at 1760 Washington Ave.  When registered for WW I, he resided at 29-31 E 3rd St., NYC. When registered for WW II, he lived in Somerset, NJ. She immigrated in 1921 from Bialystok to her uncle J. Bramson, of 1816 Madison Ave., NY. Her nearest relative (relationship not specified) was Beila Efron of Krynki. She was naturalized abt. 1939. [ARR188] He arrived in 1914, leaving behind his mother Pessie and going to his brother Judel (“Jutel”) [ARR296].


The Jutel Gipshmann to whom Isidore references in his ship arrival is Julius Hipsman, who lives in Westchester, NY in 1930, is 34, and arrived in 1906. Julius, is married to Dora, who is 27 and she arrived in 1914.  In 1930, Isidore lives with them and he is single. According to the 1930 census, Isidore arrived in 1914. Isidore and Julius are both in the fur business. [CEN30--]


In 1914, Isaac Efron (aka Abraham?) and Sarah Efron of Krynki lived at 181 Madison St. – maybe 1816 should be 181? This Isaac’s wife, Sarah, came from Krynki. See Chaim Chaikel of Bialystok branch, below, p. --]


>              >              Arthur, married to Estelle Jacobs, d. 9/13/2000 [CEM246]


>              >              Louis, married Ada Cutler


>              Lillian (Leyka) (Leah) Adin, b. abt. 1899, Krynki,  married and divorced Israel Adin, b. Krynki. [CA DIV --; WW I Draft --; ARR--]. She immigrated in 1922 from Krynki to her uncle Salomin Bramshon of 304 Ave. (sic) Kansas City, KA. Her mother, Beila, was still in Krynki in 1922, when Leah came to the US. [ARR054].  She was then single.  The next arrival on the ship manifest  is for Moses Lewin, son of Nathan Lewin, who is going to his uncle Salomon Gersburg [sic., should be  Ginsburg?] at 611 W. Seventh St., Cincinatti. When Israel arrived in this country he went to live with his uncle, Isidore (check) Patt of Chicago. His mother’s maiden name was Patt. No connection has been found between Israel and the Adin family of Kingston (see p. --).


Solomon Bramsohn. Lillian’s uncle, is enumerated in Kansas City [MO or KS?] in the 1920 and 1930 censuses. His wife is Minnie and they have four children. No living descendents have been located. He is almost certainly the brother of Beila (Abramson) Efron. [CEN20--; CEN30--]


>              >              Ruth Krasna, married to Ben Krasna


>              >              Arthur “Artie” (Asher), married Rochelle Smith. In Europe, the Adin family was in the dairy business. The Kingston Adins also ran a dairy.


>              >              Faye Krigstein, b. Chicago, d., married Unknown Krigstein


>              >              Bernard, married 1. and divorced Nancy Gersman


>              >              Married 2. to Peggy Brice


>              Celia (Tsirel) Stein, b. approx. 1898, married Carl (Kalman Bokstein) Stein, b. abt. 1900, d. 1959, Canada. Asher died when she was a young girl, and though she was not allowed to say Kiddish for him because she was a girl, she wanted to do so anyway. [Verify this information. The text and FTM versions differed quite a bit. Also, does this anecdote belong to Rokhel?]


>              >              Oscar (Asher), married Beatrice Trager


>              >              Rose Brownstein, married Irwin Brownstein. She wrote a family history, “Asher’s Family,” about her Efron family. She produced 40 copies of it and distributed them, especially to the family in Israel when she visited them. [GEN--]


>              Rokhel, d. abt. 1942, in the Holocaust. She was the youngest.