Chapter 2 Benjamin Wolf, grandson of Yankel of Lunna (Boston Heffron branch)


Benjamin Wolf, b. abt. 1795 or 1798 [RS015; RS019] or 1785, d. abt. 1845, possibly in Amdur. There is a strong possibility that the RS entry in 1818 for Velvel, son of Shloime (age 20) and the 1858 entry for Volf, son of Shloima (age 63) and the entries for Benjamin are all for the same person.  The earlier entries are registrations to the town of Lunna. They can be for the same person because Wolf is the calque of Zev, which is the kinnue of Benjamin (see page – for an explanation of these names).


If the above conjecture is correct, that, is, that RS015 and RS019 are for the Benjamin who is the ancestor of the Boston Heffron family, then Benjamin’s father is Shloima (Solomon)  Shloime could be another son of Leib and Tsinne because the first son of Shloima’s two known grandsons were both named Yudel. However, initial DNA testing indicates that this branch is not directly descended through the male line from a common ancestor to Leib of Amdur. He could also be a brother of Leib. Very possibly, the Efron name was adoped by Leib or Shloime or both families through the wife. In the case of Leib, Yedidya Efron says that Tsinne came from a family in Bialystok named Tsinkowitsis (verify), so she does not appear to be a good candidate for making up or borrowing the name Efron.


The children of Benjamin were registered to the town of 1850 and 1858 although Benjamin is registered to the town of Lunna.. [RS004; RS083] Yudel “Julius” Heffron is the only well-known branch of Benjamin’s family, and his family had close Lunna connections, such as the Goldin family.


Benjamin had two known children:





Note that the RS records for Yankel and Eliezer are similar, both having a son named Yehuda Zvi and a daughter named Dvorka.


>              Eliezer (Leizer?), b. abt. 1814, d. 1855 [RS083], married Rochel, b. 1818 [RS083], d. abt. 1880. In 1858 they were registered to the town of Amdur, although their parents were registered to Lunna. These are the names of Julius Heffron’s parents -- on his death certificate they are given as Louis and Rachel.


>              >              Yehuda Zvi Hirsh “Julius” Heffron, b. abt. 1838 [RS083], d. 12/14/1925, Charlestown, MA, [CEM240], married Ida (Esther) Bornstein, b. 1838, d. 1911, Boston. In 1910 she is living with three of her children, in Celia Handel’s apartment in Boston. [CEN1073], but Julius is not listed with then in that census. In 1920, he lives with his son Nathan and Nathan’s family in Lawrence [CEN2172] She was the daughter of Sholom Peseikh [CEM241-] and is listed in the Ozery revision list of 1858 (see below). Julius was registered to the town of Amdur. Julius and Ida are buried in Woburn, MA.  His family is detailed below.  In the marriage record of his son Nathan, his name is given as “John.”.  See below for details.  Julius is the ancestor of the Boston Heffron branch, which includes the author’s wife, Suzi. He took a ship from Providence to Jerusalem in 1924 at the age of 88, for a seven month stay (verify -- see ship arrival on Ancestry and passport databaase). I reviewed the entire list and he appears to have sailed alone. In 1920, Julius is enumerated with his son Nathan in Lawrence.


Description: Heffron matriarch maybe in color.jpg


Chaya is listed in the 1858 Ozery Revision list as the daughter of Sholom Pesakh ben Yankel “Bonshtein” and Sora. Sholom Pesakh was born 1808 or 1809 and Sora is the same age. Her sisters in the revision list are Golda and Braina, 22 and 17 years old in 1858, and brother Nosel Yankel, age 20 in 1858. In the next household living alone is Sholom Todres ben Josel BONSHTEIN, age 24.


He had ten known children, whose familileis are detailed on the following pages. The children were:


Ida (Chaya) Adin Goldin


Sarah Glembotzki (“Glenn”)



Eli (Eliahu)

Celia Handel

Anna Gilbert

Nathan (Nochem)

Rose Cohen




>              >              Dvora-Tsvilia, b. abt. 1842 [RS083]. Nothing is known about her.


>              >              Chaie Rivka, b. abt. 1847 [RS083]. Nothing is known about her.


>              >              Asher (Osher), b. abt. 1850 [RS083], d. probably after 1907.  Another Usher Efron, of the Nowy Dwor branch was the son of Chaim Eliezer and was reportedly born 1865, so they are probably not the same person. This Asher (Osher) may be the one in the 1907 Grodno district voter list who is the son of Eliezer. [VOT019]


>              Yankel (Jacob), b. abt. 1821 [RS004], married Shifra. The family lived in Amdur until 1852 [RS004].  He is probably the grandfather of Jacob and Peshe Efron of Bialystok and Broome St., NYC because Jacob of Broome Street’s father was Zev, which is a name used as an equivalent to Benjamin.  Jacob of Broome Street was born 1876, and his oldest child was Benjamin and his daughter was Shifra.  The 1906 and 1907 Grodno voter lists show Benjamin as the son of Wolf (e.g. Zev Wolf), which is confusing since Wolf is essentially the same as Benjamin. Joseph Abramsky’s ship manifest says that Jacob of Broome Street is his cousin.


Without additional evidence this Yankel cannot be confidently linked to Jacob of Broome Street.


>              >              Yudel-(Yehuda) Hirsh [RS004]. His name is listed in the 1858 revision list, but his age is not given and no further information is known.


>              >              Dvorka (Devorah) [RS004]. Her name is listed in the 1858 revision list, but her age is not given and no further information is known


Acknowledgements: Carol Bouville; Ruth Marcus; Paul Darmory



Ida Chaya "Ida" Adin Golden, daughter of Yehuda Zvi “Julius” Heffron, son of Leizer, son of Benjamin Wolf Efron of Lunna


Chaya "Ida" Adin Goldin (also Golden), b. abt. 1862 or 12/1872, possibly in Amdur, d. 1/5/1941, Boston, MA, married 1. Unknown Adin. They were probably married for only a short period of time.  Adin was also the birth name of Abraham Ezra Golden, her second husband (see below). Peshe’s last name was Efron (and her brother, Jacob, was also Efron). Chae went to Palestine once with her daughter Jennie. She arrived in 1886 [ARR--; CEN0047; CEN2088; CEN3067].


Note a similarity in the daughters’ names to the Isadore Efron family of Sag Harbor


>              Louis Adin, b. abt. 1883,b. Moscow, Russia, married abt.1915 to Gertrude Unknown, b. 9/1887, d. 9/1967, Norwalk, CT. [CEN2126; CEN3216; CEN3217; SSDI503] He was a career marine.In 1920 he was a guard at the US Naval Hospital in Chelsea, MA CEN2126]. In 1930 he was stationed in York, ME.  He was naturalized in 1897, 10 years after he arrived in the U.S. [CEN2126] For a period of time he lived with the Zines family. He was tall and was a striking figure of a man. He is possibly buried at Arlington National Cemetery. (Henry Zines). She arrived in 1914.


Both the 1920 and 1930 census say that he was born in Moscow[CEN2126; CEN3216]. The 1920 census says “Mascaw” and the 1930 census, though difficult to read, might say Moscow. It seems unlikely that he was born in Moscow because there are no other  indications that this family had permission to live outside of the Pale of Settlement.


2. married abt. 1886 to Abraham Ezra (?) Goldin (Golden), [CEN2088]  b. abt. 1862 or 5/1871, possibly in Lunna, d. 12/20/36, Boston, MA. [CEN0047; CEN3067] They were both b. in Russian/Poland and immigrated in 1886 or 1888. In 1900, he was a house carpenter, and later he was very successful in real estate (P. Goldberg). He helped start the Emerald Street Shul (P.G.) In early records he was known by Abraham (e.g. 1900 census), but his wife called him Ezra and this is on his tombstone. The headstone gives the family name, spelling it as Goldin. The family plot, with Ida, Ezra, Pauline, Sophia and Harry is at the entrance of the Tiffereth Israel of Revere Cemetery in Everett. The family lived in Revere. In 1900 the family lived at 28 Genesee St., Boston, which would later be the initial destination for all of Ida's siblings as they arrived from Europe. They later lived for many years on Shirley Ave. in Revere. In 1900, Ezra owned the house and he had Julius and Sarah Blumberg there as tenants. Ezra was the son of Joseph. There were one or possibly two other sets of twins that did not survive to maturity. The 1930 census states that he is a widower, erroneously. He arrived in 1886 [ARR-; CEN0047]


>              Pauline (Peysa) Abramsky, b. MA, 3/1890, d. 8/4/1930, married to Joseph (Yossel) Abramsky, b. 12/16/1884 or abt. 1886, d. abt. 7/15/1965, NY. [SSDI674; OBIT043; CDN2--] He remarried after her death and his children (step-children?) from that marriage were Fannie Waxler and Frank Tarloff. Frank Tarloff was a Hollywood screenwriter, and he was blacklisted in the red scare of the 1950s [SSDI675;OBIT044; OBIT045; OBIT046; BIO015; GEN042]. See the notes on the Abramsky family at page --.


>              >              Amy Effron, b. 7/14/1919, d. Bluefield, W. VA, married Marvin Effron, b. 4/1010, d. 1990. He was the son of Louis (Laibe Zisel) Effron. See page—from Volume I. They did not have any children.


>              >              Charles Abramsky


>              Sophie (Sarah) Zines, b. 5/1895, MA, d. 2/19/1962 [CEN2089], married abt. 1914, and possibly divorced, Jacob Zines, b. abt. 1889, Amdur.[ARR277; CEN2127; CEN3068] They used to live on Middlesex Road in the South End of Boston. She arrived in 1898 and he arrived in 1904 and then again in in 1913(one record says he arrived in 1895).  In 1930 he is a cigar salesman.  In 1930 Ida [Zines or Golden? Verify] lives with the family at 20 Seaver St., Boston. She was naturalized when in her 50s.  The Zines family is also from Amdur, and is possibly related to the Efron family because the original name is “Tsinnes.” He was the son of Shmuel Zinnes of Amdur [ARR277]. The Zines family lived with Sarah’s sister’s family, the Ruskins, for a period.


>              >              Henry “Hank” (Milton Joseph) Zines, b. 2/1/1917 [CEN2127], d. 1/16/2002 [SSDI --] Married and divorced? He lives in  E. Norwalk, CT. I spoke to him on 9/7/94.  When he needed to find his birth certificate, for school, he couldn’t, so he got one that said “Henry” instead. They did not have any children.


>              >              Arthur, b. 4/17/1928, d. 2/13/2001lives in Los Angeles, married and divorced. He did not have any children.


>              Celia (Cerel) Wantman, b. MA, 2/24/1898, d. abt. 1981 [~CEN20], married Abraham Wantman, b. 2/6/1896, d. 7/-/1978, Randolph, MA [SSDI407].  [CEN3069]  He arrived in 1901.  In 1930 they lived in Boston. She and Jennie were identical twins.



>              Jean (Jennie) Redlus, b. 4/1898 or 2/24/1898, married after 1930 to Unknown Redlus. In the 1900 census, she is born the same year as Celia, and they were twins. The alternate birth date of 2/24/1898 is the date of birth found for Celia.


>              Tsvi "Harry J.", b. 4/27/1901, d. 10/11/1989 [SSDI411; CEN3067]. Harry was in the military much of his life. He did not have any children.


>              Ruth (Rochel) Ruskin, b. 4/15/1904, Boston, MA, d. 1987, Newton, MA [~CEN20], married abt. 1928 to Harry Ruskin, b. 2/11/1896, Sherborn, MA, d. 3/-/1975, Newton, MA [SSDI409] [CEN3070]. In some early records the name is spelled Rusken. He was an attorney.


Ruth’s granddaughter Suzi is married to Jim Yarin, the compiler of this genealogy. Though there is no known cousin relationship, both Suzi and Jim’s Efron families have origins in the town of Amdur. Suzi’s aunt Phyllis


When I first contacted Phyllis about the Heffron family history – I was calling around to various cousins to try to find out more information -- she suggested that I talk to her niece, who was interested in the family history and might have something to add. So I called her. Then, less than two years later, we were married!


In 1995 I was a title examiner.  I was flipping through the indexes to probates for a property title in the Middlesex County Registry of Probate.  As the pages went by, the name “Heffron” caught by eye. I had seen the name once in a letter I received from a Chicago branch of of Effrons (Joseph Bernstein’s family) as an alternative spelling.  I scanned the first names in the index and decided to look at the will for a Samuel Heffron, since Samuel seemed to possibly be a Jewish first name.  (In fact, most Heffrons are of Irish origin.)  Indeed the family referenced in that will was obviously Jewish.  I began researching the family by calling a niece whose name appeared in the will and began to piece together the family. Then, when I located a naturalization for one of the brothers in the family, I was astounded that the family came from Amdur. As I continued to research the family, I contacted Suzi’s Aunt.




The Goldin and Effron family members are intermarried in more than one place.  A genealogy by Dr. Joseph I. Golden shows some of these relationships.  Eva Effron, daughter of Shmerrill and Esther Richel (Minsky) Effron, married Joseph Golden (see --).


The 1858 Revision shows that Isaac was born in 1821, and that in 1858 he was married to Zlotka [RS099]. Enumerated with them in 1858 are Hirsh Leib, b. 1846, Reshe, b. 1844, Freida, b. 1853, and Fradke, b. 1856.


Merrill Golden and Walter Winshall compiled the following Golden Family genealogy:


The head of the family was Yitzhak Golden, son of Joseph. By one of Yitzhak’s wives, Chana, were born:


Aaron (children Louis, Fannie Adin; Harry; Ezra; Ida Feinson; Joseph, Rifke and Isadore) Joseph married Eva Effron; a daughter [verify] of Ida Feinson married Alvin “Billy” Kaplan (or Efron?) of Dandbury, CT.


Hershel (children Ephraim, Lazar; Joseph; Goldie Moskowitz; Gittel Arkin; and Sarah).


Gittel Arkin was in Milwaukee, WI (From 6/17/1999 notes when visiting Effrons in Poughkeepsie).


Reshe Adin (children Avrumche (Avrum); Schleme; Ezra; Labke, and Scheine) Ezra Adin changed his name to Golden and married Chaya (Ida) Heffron; they lived in Boston.


Fraitke Burman (children Yosef; Israel; Samuel; Ezra; and Chana Dvir).


By Yitzhak’s other wife, Zlota Arkin, were:


Elke Blacher (children Joseph; Sala-Maia Bocian; Eda Drugatch; Yakov; Leon; and Esther);


Kaddish/Jacob (children Arthur, Catherine; Ruth; Celia; Joseph; and Loretta) Catherine had no issue; Celia had Helene Schlesinger of California;


Goldie Effron (see ---) (children Aaron; Isadore; Chaya; Tova; and Penina);


Ezra (children Noemi Hochman; Clara Weliki; Isaac; and Eda);


Israel (children Sholom; Yosef; Yakov; Rachel Winshall; Chaim; Aaron; Anna Joseph; and Cecille Adler)


From Ruth Marcus, 6/30/2008:


Ezra Goldin, son of Yitzchak, was born in 1866 in Lunna. He was a poet and a writer. He left Lunna when he was young and went to Warsaw and then to Lodj where he wrote most of his stories. In 1915 he escaped from the Germans and went to Riga where he had relatives. He died in Riga in 1915. Did you know that? During the last two days I was busy reading several of his stories which were mainly about the Jewish life in the shtetls.


Zachariah, of Yehuda Zvi "Julius" Heffron, son of Leizer, son of Benjamin Wolf Efron of Lunna


Zachariah, b. abt. 1865, d. approx. 1889, married 1. Unknown., d. abt. 1890. The order of his children, and from which mother they were born, is unknown. Most information is derived from Louis’ will.  Sol Katz had heard that Zachariah had children in South Africa. According to the book Helkat Mehokek By Asher Leib Brisk, Jerusalem, 1906-1913 ( transcribed and put on the web by The Israel Genealogical Society at listing data of certain burials on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, there is a Zachariah son of Yehuda who came from Amdur. According to Harold Afran, Zachariah died when Harold was very young. Zachariah died when he was about 24 years old, as he was trying to move something very heavy. He worked on an estate.


>              Louis (Leib), b. 9/4/1885 Grodno, d. 1/-/1975, Medford, MA [SSDI431, PROB –; CEN2168], married 3/29/1914 in Boston to Bessie (Blume) Glater, b. 2/12/1892 in Korets, Ukraine.  He lived in Chelsea, MA in 1952 when he was naturalized. He arrived on the "Kronland," on 6/3/1903. He had last lived in Wasilkow. [ARR278] They did not have any children.


married 2 to May Kimchi (Kimkhi).  After Zachariah’s death, this second wife of Zachariah, May, married Abraham Levine in Europe and came to Brownsville.  She died about 1931.  When Morris arrived, he is going to his stepfather A. Lewin at 701 E. 183rd. St.  Morris’ family lived in her building after her death.  She had two daughters:  Miriam Sosnoff, who had 3 children (only two are known), and Bertha Olf.  They were half sisters to Louis, according to his will. According to the 11/11/1927 issue of the NY Times, one May Efron sold a five story apartment house located at 971 Kelly St. to one M. Levine. [NYT008] Based on oral history, that the second wife of Zachariah owned real estate, and that her name was Levine, I am concluding that this May Efron was the second wife of Zachariah. Other than that, there is no evidence of her given name.


One of  the step sisters was Miriam Sosnoff, b. abt. 1896, married abt. 1921 to Benjamin Sosnoff, b. abt. 1889.  She arrived in 1907 and he arrived in 1911.  In 1930 they live in Manhattan and he is a furrier tailor.  [CEN3076]  In Louis’ will, he recalled her name as “Bresnov.” The other step-sister was Bertha Olf, b. 1/6/1893, d. abt. 6/12/1982, Mamaronek, LI, NY, married Meyer L. Olf. [SSDI; CEN20-; CEN30-; WWI--; MAR ItalGen; OBIT047]


>              Morris (Moses) Efron, b. 2/12/1887, Grodno, d. Brownsville, New York City, 8/31/1966 [SSDI059; Verify old DEATH record 94; ARR043; CEN2090], married Taube Shifres (Sifleir; Shliefer?), b. abt. 1888, City of Grodno [ARR109].  Morris arrived in 1913, and Taube arrived in 1916 with Louis.  Her father Isaac lived in the city of Grodno in 1916. In 1920, Morris had submitted his first papers.  He was naturalized  in 1939 while living at 41 Graften St., Brooklyn [NAT063].  The family lived at 133 Belmont St., Brooklyn, in 1920.  Morris was a carpenter in 1920. When he arrived in the US, he went to join his step-father, A. Lewin (Leviton?).


According to Louis’ will (1969), Morris predeceased him, and the children of Morris are all “of” New York with the last names of either Efron, Hefron or Afrant.


Louis’ son Harold provided some history. Morris (Mashe) arrived about 1916 and was a carpenter.  He always lived in NY.  He married Taube Shifres.  She may be related to an Efron family.  They are both buried at Beth Moses cemetery on Long Island.  Morris was a twin.  He was apprenticed to his father in Grodno. His grandmother’s family name was Kimchi. Also, Zachariah died when Louis was very young.


Sarah Glembotzki, daughter of Yehuda Zvi "Julius" Heffron, son of Leizer, son of Benjamin Wolf Efron of Lunna


Sarah Glembotzki, b. approx. 1867, d. approx. 1925, married Avrom Ezra Glebocki or Glembotzki, d. Holocaust in Volkovysk.


His given name and death information is from the Yad Vashem website. A nephew, Avigdor Ariel, left pages of testimony for some of the family members, including Fania Kimmelman. Avrom Ezra was the son of Shabetai and Sheina.


[Also see the Gorovitz Boston marriage records on JewishGen for Harry’s marriage record, with info on her family (Freedman) also.]


According to Eleanor Forman, her father lived with the Glenns in Malden, and they had four children.


>              Harry Glenn, b. abt. 1887, Russia, married Etta Unknown, b. abt., 1891, Russia.[CEN2128; ~CEN30]. In 1930 he has not yet been naturalized. He arrived on the Pennsylvania as Hirsh Glembocky on 12/17/1911. She arrived  in 1907. In 1920 they lives in Wakefield, MA, near the Jacob Meyer Levine, who is related to the Teppers and Nakdimons of Amdur. In 1920, the census lists one of the daughters as Eleanor. I guess that is Anita.


>              Chanka Kimmelman, d. Holocaust, married Unknown Kimmelman. She corresponded with Celia Handel for many years, and I was given the letters. She lived in Volkovysk. [INT006] Her name was probably Hanna – see Yad Vashem record


>              Unknown sister.


Benjamin, son of Yehuda Zvi "Julius" Heffron, son of Leizer, son of Benjamin Wolf Efron of Lunna


Benjamin, b. 12/20/1869, Grodno, d. 1951, Dorchester, MA [ARR018; CEN2169], married 1. Fannie (Feigel) (Annie?) Natavosky (or Net(o)opsky), d. before 1903, in Russia.  Benjamin arrived at NY on 7/6/1905 with wife Zirel and children Scholen and Dora on the Barbarossa, sailing from Bremen. Benjamin was a weaver in 1905. The family left after having last resided in Bialystok. They were going to brother Elie at 28 Genessee St., Boston. Benjamin lived in Dorchester and was a meat cutter.


>              Samuel (Scholem) (Bernard?), b. Bialystok, 12/4/1895, d. 2/-/1976, Cambridge, MA [SSDI418; ARR018; Est.; DEATH091; CEN3072], married on 5/20/1928 in Cambridge to Isabel “Bella” Edelstein, b. 1/31/1894, d. 6/-/1984, Somerville, MA [SSDI419].  He arrived at NY in 1905.  He lived on Seaver St. in 1930 and at 5 Ruthven St. in 1934 when he was naturalized, both in Boston.  He was a cab driver.


>              Dora Jacobs, b. 5/22/1898 or 5/10/1897, d. 5/11/1980 [ARR018; ~CEN20], Brookline, MA [SSDI420], married in Boston 6/10/1917 [MAR –(MA1917/1/279 for Dora Heffron)] to Benjamin Franklin Jacobs. She arrived with her parents in 1905.


>              Benjamin (Bernard?), b. 12/1/1900, d. 11/-/1970, Mattapan, MA [SSDI421], married Mary Unknown, b. 9/17/1907, d. 12/-/1971, Mattapan, MA [SSDI422]


married 2. Zirel (Shifre) "Sophie", b. abt. 1879 or 1875, d. 4/9/1933 [CEN2169]. She was the daughter of Aryeh Leib. She is buried at Beth Joseph III cemetery in Woburn, MA (s. 15R, #5) [ARR018; CEM--]. She arrived with Benjamin in 1905. [ARR062?]


>              Rose Weiner, b. 1903, married Hyman Weiner.



Description: Heffron family -- Charna Weiner wedding.jpg




>              Israel “Isadore”, b. 5/8/1907, d.---------, Stoughton, MA [SSDI423], married Lillian [per notes on photograph from E. Forman].


>              Henry, b. 1911, married Rose.  Henry lives in Brookline, MA on Westbourne Terrace, AS7-4268


Louis, son of Yehuda Zvi "Julius" Heffron, son of Leizer, son of Benjamin Wolf Efron of Lunna


Louis Heffron, b. 5/1876, 1873 or 1881 [CEN0033; CEN1073; CEN2170; CEN3071], married abt. 1896 to Lena, b. 4/1878 or 1881. In 1900 they were in Chicago, living with the Mirvis and Berman families. He arrived in 1890 and she in 1891. They may have arrived at Baltimore port or were married there, since their first children were born in MD [CEN2170In 1900, only one of her three children were then living.  Later, they lived in Methuen, Mass., near Lawrence, Mass. She was not enumerated in the 1930 census, but he is indicated as married (e.g., not widowed)  They had a company called Heffron Gravel, in Reading, MA. It is still there.


>              Ida, b. 4/1900 or 1899, Baltimore, MD [CEN0033; ~CEN30], married 1. Unknown


>              Fanny, b. 12/12/1901, Baltimore, MD or Wash DC, d. 6/-/1968, Jamaica Plain, MA [SSDI412; CEN3071]. In 1930 she was unmarried and working at a knitting mill with herbrothers Joseph and Hyman.


>              Rose, b. 1/15/1903, Chicago, d. 6/-/1970, Malden, MA [SSDI413; ~CEN30]


>              Elijah, b. 8/19/1905, Chicago, d. 1/4/1968, Brookline, MA [SSDI414; ~CEN30], married Hannah Miller, b. 4/14/1904, d. 12/22/1994, Newton or Brookline, MA [SSDI415]. Eli was a salesman. He was buried in West Roxbury.  Eli founded E.L.I. Computers, Inc. of Cambridge, MA.  Benneett and his family now run the business.


>              Isador, b. 12/18/1907, Chicago, d. 4/-/1985, Millis, MA [SSDI416], married May Unknown, d. 2008 [May is his wife, and her death date, per Jo-Edith Heffron]


[1930 census, Isadore, truck driver, boards with (Brown? Family)]


>              Joseph, b. 1/11/1911, Chicago, d. 2/10/1994 [SSDI417; CEN3071]. Joseph and Hymie were twins and went out to California (E-J H)


>              Hyman, b. 1/11/1911, Chicago [CEN3071]


[1910 Census index Miracode 45/530/343]



Eliahu “Eli” Heffron, son of Yehuda Zvi "Julius" Heffron, son of Leizer, son of Benjamin Wolf Efron of Lunna


Eli (Eliahu), b. 1/18/1874, d. 7/-/1962 [SSDI424], married Ida Unknown, b. 1884 [CEN1073; CEN2171].  His naturalization says he was born 1/15/1880. [~CEN30] He arrived in Boston on 7/10/1896. He was a butcher and lived at 28 Genesse St., Boston in 1904. [NAT092] There is an arrival record on the SS Peruvian, which came to Boston on 7/29/1896, which may be for him [ARR729]


>              Rosly, b. 1908, d.


>              Ethel Moscowitz, b. 1912, d. 1993, Brookline, married Samuel J. Moscowitz. He was an accountant.


>              Florence S. (Sima Feiga), b. 1918, d. 9/19/1923.  She is buried at Shari Jerusalem cemetery in Woburn, MA [CEM242]


Celia Handel, daughter of Yehuda Zvi "Julius" Heffron, son of Leizer, son of Benjamin Wolf Efron of Lunna


Celia Handel, b. abt. 1879, Russia,  married abt. 1905 to Adolph Handel, b. abt. 1875, Austria [CEN1073; ~CEN20; CEN3073].  He was a butcher. Celia was responsible for bringing much of her family to the U.S. He arrived in 1894 and she arrived in 1905. In 1910, they live in the North End of Boston (Salem St.) with her mother, Esther, and her brothers Eli and Louis, together with Louis’ wife and child. In 1930 they lived with David and Fannie Gordon. Also living there in 1930 was Joseph Lapon, future husband of Celia’s niece, Ruth Gilbert.

Description: Old photo of young Celia Heffron in color.jpg

1 Celia Heffron Handel


Hanna Gilbert, daughter of Yehuda Zvi "Julius" Heffron, son of Leizer, son of Benjamin Wolf Efron of Lunna


Hanna (Anna) Gilbert, b. approx. 1881, d. 1908 (PD), married in Bialystok to Israel Jacob Gilbert, d. 1919.  In the old country the name would be pronounced Gelberd (P.D.) Celia Handel brought over many of her nieces and nephews, including the children from this family.  Hanna did not emmigrate.  According to Ruth, the family came from Wasilkow, about 6 miles from Bialystok. Their marriage record is indexed in JRI-Poland. He was the son of Shmuel.  After Hanna’s death, Jacob remarried to Frieda Arkin of Volkovysk and they had a son, Alfred. Alfred emigrated to the US, but Frieda did not and she was killed in the Holocaust (P.D.). Alfred had children, but they may not be interested in the family history. Alfred submitted a Yad Vashem page of testimony for his mother. [YAD--]


Description: Gelberds ~1907.jpg

2 Gelbards, ca. 1907

Description: Gilberds 1910.jpg

3 Gelbards, ca. 1910


>              Charlotte (Shifree) Snapp, b. abt. 1897, Russia, d. Brookline, 1985, married abt. 1921 to Harry Snapp, b. 8/28/1898, Austria, d. 6/-/1977, Brookline [SSDI428] He arrived in 1913 (possibly) and she in 1921 (possibly). [CEN3075] In 1930, her brother Arthur and sister Ruth live with them.


>              Rita (Rivka?) Kahn, b. 9/27/1901, d. 12/-/1974, Milton Village, MA [SSDI429], married abt. 1921 to David Kahn, b. abt. 1894, Russia.  They lived in Brookline. [CEN3074]. Rita and David both arrived in 1921.


>              Arthur (Shmuel), b. 9/15/1902 or 1/15/1903, d. 10/12/1985, Brookline, MA [SSDI431], married 1. Margarita “Rita” Unknown, b. 12/28/1907, d. 3/17/1959. He is buried in the Ahavis Achim/Anshe Sfard cemetery in Everett next to Rita.. He arrived in 1921. [CEN3075]


>              Ruth (Rochel) Lapon, b. 1905 [CEN3075], d. 1996, married Joseph Lapon, b. 12/16/1902, Poland, d. 3/19/1988, Brookline, MA [SSDI427; CEN3073].  She died on her 92nd birthday (PD). He was in the grocery business. Ruth lived in Brookline, MA.  Ruth arrived in the U.S. in 1920 and Joseph arrived in 1927. I visited Ruth ca. 1995. Info on children from probate of Joseph (incl. Death cert) from Suffolk probate.  Joseph lived in the same place as the Handel’s in 1930.


Nathan (Nochem) Heffron, son of Yehuda Zvi "Julius" Heffron, son of Leizer, son of Benjamin Wolf Efron of Lunna


Nathan (Nochem) (Nachum) Heffron, b. 8/8/1885 or 9/15/1885, Amdur, d. 12/-/1970, Lawrence, MA [SSDI425; ARR101; CEN2172; CEN3218], married in Lawrence, MA 11/7/1907 [MAR MA 1907/570/533 Nathan Heffron] to Ida Kaplan, b. 1885, Vilna. He arrived at NY on 8/16/1904 on the Statendam. In 1904 he was a weaver, and single. He last resided in Wasilkow, and was joining his brother Elie at 28 Genessee St. Nathan lived in Lawrence, Mass.  He ran a gravel supply business that is still in operation, called Heffron Asphalt Corp.on Salem St. in nearby Wilmington, MA.  There is also a Heffron Materials company. He was naturalized on 1/29/27 at the Lawrence Dist. Ct. He was 5'6" and then lived at 241 Park St., Lawrence. In 1927 he is a coal and wood merchant. The witnesses for his naturalization are Wm. Shulitz and Sml. Lipshutz, both of Lawrence. Her parents were Myer and Ziffa (Zakofski). In 1907, they lived at 58 Concord St. in Lawrence, and he was then a coal dealer. In 1920, his father Julius lives with them.


>              Rose Katz, b. 7/2/1909, Lawrence, MA, d. 6/22/1996, FL [OBIT –], married Max Katz, b. 5/2/1906, d. 1/7/1992 [SSDI676]. Max raised cattle on the Katz Farm in Topsfield, MA. Their son Loeb and grandson Andy run PetEdge (formerly New England Serum Company) which sells pet supplies [MISC106].


>              Hyman, b. 7/2/1910, Lawrence, MA, d., married Marion, d. (SK) They lived in Methuen.


>              Isadore, b. 8/3/1912, Lawrence, MA, d., married Edith, d. (SK) They lived in Andover or Salisbury, MA.


>              Milton (Mordecai), b. 3/4/1918, Lawrence, MA.  He lives in  Andover, MA. Sol Katz writes “My grandfather's business was wood, coal and heating oil. However, the asphalt business did start out of it and still exists and is owned by my uncle Milton and run by his son Kenneth and his brother in law (husband of Deborah Heffron).”


>              Charlotte, b. 7/19/1926, Lawrence, MA, d. abt. 1934 (SK)


Rose Cohen, daughter of Yehuda Zvi "Julius" Heffron, son of Leizer, son of Benjamin Wolf Efron of Lunna


Rose Cohen, b. approximately 1887, married Unknown Cohen.  This might be the “Great Aunt Rose” in the wedding photo received from Eleanor Forman.