Chapter 20 Chaim Cheikel of Bialystok


Very similar to the branch of Chaim Cheikel Effren of Bialystok (page --), but cannot reconcile differences in order to join the two families.


Chaim Cheikel Efron, b. approx. 1855.  In 1907, he lived in Bialystok.


>              Jacob, b. abt. 1878, Bialystok [Verify source!]


>              Itzchak (Abraham?) Efron, b. abt. 1878, married Sore (Sarah?), b. 1878, Krynki  [ARR053; ~CEN20]. She arrived in 1914, and is going to her husband. Back in Russia, she leaves her father (sic, should be father-in-law?), Chaikel Efron, who lives in Bialystok., In 1914, when she arrives, Itschak lives at 181 Madison St.; in 1915 and 1916, Abraham Effran lives at that address. [DIR002]


>              >              Tanchun, b. abt. 1904, Krynki


It may be that this family is the same as the family of Chaim Effren of Bialystok, but there are some inconsistencies that would need to be worked out. For example, Isidore Effren’s oldest son was Nathan, and he was reported as born in 1908. This could be the same as Tanchun, but firther proof is required.