Chapter 22 Abraham of Ivenets


Abraham [RS033], b. approx. 1704.  Another of Abraham’s sons might be Israel Efron of Ivenets, whose descent is detailed in the chapter following this chapter.  It is theoretically possible that the Abraham in this chapter is the same Abraham who was the son of Chaim Zheloduker, in the preceding chapter, who was born approximately 1730.


The Ivenets reviski Statski research includes several instances of Efrons with the same or similar given names, and sorting out the relationships and building the family tree(s) requires some assumptions. As best I can determine, I’ll try to show my thought processes when decisions needed to be made in connecting up the family tree.


>              Isaac (Itsko) Efron, b. 1734. [RS032; RS033; RS034; RS044; RS045; RS046], d. after 1812.  His descendants lived in Ivenets.


>              >              Leib Shepshel (Leyba) [RS032] (Leyba [RS046], b. 1768, d. 1837, married Golda Dvorah, b. 1766. [RS032, RS046] This Leib was born at the same time as Leib Efron of Amdur, suggesting that they might have been  named after the same ancestor. He does not appear to be the same person as Leib of Amdur because none of the children’s names are the same, the wife’s name is different, and they do not appear to have resided in the same town. It is assumed that the following references to Leib Efron of Ivenets are all the same person:  Leyba Shepshel who is the son of Itsko [RS032], the Leyba who is son of Itsko [RS046], the Leib who is father of Tsalko [RS044; RS045; RS047], and the Leib who is the father of Abram [RS045].


>              >              >              Tsalya Israel (Bitsalel; Tsalko), b. abt. 1799, 1800, 1802 or 1804 [RS032; RS044; RS045; RS047;RL016], married 1. Feiga, b. abt. 1799 [RS044], married 2. Beyla, b. abt. 1805 [RS045].There is a possibility that Feiga and Beyla are the same person, with a double name, instead of being two different wives. In the 1818 revision [RS044] his patronymic is given as “Leybov-Itskov,” which seems to be a reference to his father and grandfather and not a double name of his father. In the 1816 revision he is reported as having died in 1813, but this seems at odds with the other records which show a Tsalim (Bitsalel) who is the son of Leyba (Leib) who is the son of Itsko (Isaac) well after that date. In 1852 he lives in Ivenets. Tsalko, a/k/a Tsalim, was missing from Iventes, according to RS047, from 1857 forward.  Tsalko and Tsalim are nicknames for the Hebrew name Bitsalel.


>              >              >              Sora Riva, b. 1808 [RS032]


>              >              >              Abram, b. abt. 1781, d. 1849 [RS045]. A birth date of 1781 makes him born when his father was 13 years old, if the years are accurate. He could be the father of Gershon or Itsko, both who lived in Ivenets and whose father was Abram, (RS050 and RS045), but that connection needs to be established with more certainty.


>              >              Israel, b. 1783, married Minda, b. 1781 [RS033; RS034]. The dates and ages in RS033 and RS034 are at odds. The names of the members in the families are virtually identifical, but the difference in ages based on the dates of the revision lists do not make sense.


>              >              >              Rochel Leah, b. 1812 [RS033] or 1796 [RS034]


>              >              >              Shimkha Nechama (Simkha, b. 1813 [RS033]?), b. 1798 [RS034]


>              >              >              Esther Malka, b. 1815 [RS033] or 1811 [RS034]



The connection of Michael and Baruch as additional children of Israel b’ Itsko is a bit speculative.


>              >              >              Michael, b. 1798, d. 1841. [RS056]. RS056 and RL022 & RL023 all indicate residence taken up in Uzda, but the family connections are hard to ascertain.


>              >              >              Baruch, b. approx. 1797, [RS056; RL022].  See note above for Michael about the tentativeness of this connection.


>              >              >              Israel, b. 1816. [RL022] (or b. 1833 [RS056])  He lived in Uzda [RS056; RS057; RL022]. Currently shown as the son of Isarel, this does not make sense.


>              >              >              >              Leib, b. 1834 [RL023] He lived in Uzda in 1852 [RL023]


>              >              >              >              Baruch, b. 1844 [RS057]




>              >              Shabshel, b. 1781, d. 1848. [RS048; RS049; RL006; RL007].  It is presumed that Itsak, the father of Shabshel,  is the same as the Itsak who is the father of Leib & Israel.


>              >              >              Feivish, b. 1826 [RS048; RS049; RL007], married Shifra, b. 1828 [RS049].  They lived in Koidanovo. He was registered to Ivenets. According to Noah’s grave, his father was a Levite (“HaLevi”)


>              >              >              >              Noah Effron of Koidonovo and Cedar Rapids, IA . [SEE: NOAH EFRON OF CEDAR RAPIDS]


>              >              >              Kalman of Koidonovo [RL006] (Grandfather of Sergii Efron). He is conjectured to be the same person as Konstantin,  the grandfather of Sergei Efron. [SEE: SERGEI EFRON, HUSBAND OF MARINA TSVETAEVA]


Noah Effron of Koidonovo and Cedar Rapids,Iowa, son of Feivish, son of Shabshel, son of Isaac, son of Abraham of Ivenets


Noah Effron, b. 5/-/1854 (or 1852 as per Ed), d. 1/24/1938, Cedar Rapids, IA [DEATH090; CEN0006; CEN1036; CEN2022; CEN3126; CEM236], married about 1875 to Fanny (Shifra) Subotski, b. 1/-/1853, d. 1948. Her Hebrew name was Shifra and her father’s name was Zvi. He arrived in 1885 or 1887 and she arrived in 1891. In 1900 they lived at 1822 A Ave. and in1920 at 221 N. 10th St., Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Noah ran a dry goods store that his two sons (in 1900) helped him run.  In 1920, Stella and Rebecca helped him run a grocery store that Noah owned.  Noah arrived in 1886, probably with Frank.  In 1890 or 91, Fanny arrived (one census record states that Frank also arrived in 1890/1).  Sarah was born in Russia, but according to census records, she did not arrive until 1895.  Noah and the family that was born outside the U.S. were naturalized in 1891. In 1910 Sarah and her family are living with Noah and Fanny, and they have a boarder, Abraham Subotski. According to one descendent, they came from Minsk.


[ has a record that shows her maiden name.]


Acknowledgements: Stacey Taylor; Evelyn Herrup, Ralph Effron, Stephen Burka Effron, Ed Effron


Description: Noah Effron and who.JPG


Noah and an unknown woman; who is probably his wife.


Noah was an orthodox Jew and Rabbi.  He was written up in a book on Iowa (per E. Herrup) as one of the outstanding citizens.  He founded an organization for Jews in Cedar Rapids (the Jewish Benevolent Society?).  It is unknown what first brought him to Cedar Rapids.  He, his wife, Marvin (and others) are buried at the Jewish Cemetery in Cedar Rapids.


>              Frank (Feivish?), b. Russia 5/-/1876 or 1872 [CEN1037; CEN2021; CEN3169], married about 1902 to Anna Baumgarten, b. about 1883, Austria, d. 9/17/1971, Phoenix, AZ [OBIT019].  In 1920 they lived at 1534 6th Ave., Cedar Rapids.  Frank arrived in the US in 1891. Anna  arrived in the US in 1886 and was naturalized in 1888.  In 1923, 1928 and 1930 they live in Chicago. Frank is a furrier, working with raw hides; and in 1930 he has a fur shop in Chicago.  His business was Effron, Kushner & Co. and it operated in Cedar Rapids in 1920, and then D. Kaplan & Co. when he was in Chicago. In 1923 he was a vice president, and in 1928 he was President of D. Kaplan & Co. .In 1923 he lived at 61 W. Austin and in 1928 at 6431 Newgard Ave. [DIR039]  There was an appellate law case that concerned a 1/9/1920 lost shipment:  a 160 pound sack of skunk furs and a 37 pound sack of muskrat furs. In 1910 they have Anna Dvorsky, a cousin, living with them. She is 20 and was born in Russia.


Description: Frank and Anna Effron.jpg

Frank and Anna


Anna’s grand-nephew is Ross Baumgarten, the former and great Chicago White Socks "southpaw" pitcher.


>              >              Florence H. Goldberg  b. 4/14/1904, IA, d. 11/1974, Kansas City, MO [SSDI460; CEN30?], married Goldberg.  There are two children.


>              >              Dorothy May Ettelson, b. Iowa abt. 1906, married David Ettelson, d. abt. 10/8/1971. [OBIT021; CEN30?]  They lived in Chicago.


>              >              Ralph Stanley, b. 6/8/1910, Iowa, d. 1/4/1994, AZ [SSDI210; CEN3169], married Evelyn Buka (S. Taylor). She came from Denver. In 1928 he lives at home and is a student. [DIR039]. They first moved to Alburquerque, NM and then to Phoenix, AZ.


Description: EFFRON - Ralph, Evalyn, Carolynne, Steve.JPG


Ralph Effron and his wife Evalyn, with Carolynn & Steve Effron.


>              Harry, b. Russia, 1/-/1878 [CEN1038; CEN2000; CEN3127], married after 1910 to Jeanette “Jenny” Unknown, b. Russia, abt 1888 or 1881.  He lived in Phoenix. She was from Los Angeles, CA. He arrived in 1892 and was naturalized by 1910. In 1910 he is living with Marks Perlman (?) in Phoenix and is a junk dealer He lived at 954 E. Van Buren (Prescott?) in Arizona in 1920. He died young, probably shortly after 1920 or about 1945.  He lived in Phoenix as early as 1915 [directory, from Heritage Quest] and had helpers by the name of Morrell in his junk business. In 1930 he lives in Cedar Rapids and is a dealer in hides. They did not have children.


There is a question among some of the family whether Harry married, though census records indicate he was indeed married. He did have a companion, Mary Peterson of Sweden, who worked in the same business and remained a friend of Ralph and Evelyn after Harry’s death. (S. Taylor)


Frank and Harry started their scrap metal & hides business around 1935 called EFFRON & COMPANY in Phoenix. Frank's son Ralph took over the business around 1960 and changed the name to RALPH EFFRON STEEL (and he did away with the hides part of the business). Ralph's sister Florence also had a scrap metal business in Albequerque, NM with her husband. (S. Taylor)


>              Sarah Braverman, b. Russia, 5/-/1884 or 7/12/1887, d. Wash., D.C. 3/8/1979 (E. Herrup) [CEN1036; CEN2022; SSDI461; CEN3128], married abt. 1902 or 1905  to Max Elihu Braverman, b. Russia, about 1881, d. Cedar Rapids, June, 1932 (E. Herrup). Sarah arrived in 1885. Max arrived in 1885 or1889, and he was naturalized in 1896.  In 1920 they lived close to Frank, at 1809 5th Ave., Cedar Rapids.  The 1920 census says that Sarah Braverman arrived in 1891.  Max is the proprietor of a furniture store, and Sarah is a secretary there. In 1930, he sells phonographs in Cedar Rapids and Sara is the president of a music store.


Max Elihu Braverman went to Cedar Rapids from Chicago when he had lived for about 16 or 17 years.  His father came from Stettin, Poland (formerly Germany).  Max ran a furniture store and a music store.  Sarah lived in Cedar Rapids from the age of seven until 1933.  She died while living with her daughter, Evelyn Herrup, in Washington, DC.  –[Braverman letter "#21", by Evelyn Braverman Herrup, 9/15/1980].


There is also a Braverman family in nearby Johnson County, Iowa in 1920 in the township of East Lucas.  There Joseph Braverman runs a junk and fur business and in 1920 he lives with his wife Sarah, daughter Betty, and his brother Eli.  Joseph is 33, Sarah 21, Betty 2 and 4/12ths, and Eli 25.  Sarah works in a grocery store, and Eli is a junk dealer.  Joseph arrived in 1911, and was naturalized in 1916.  Eli arrived a bit later.  Sarah arrived in 1910 and was naturalized in 1941.  The only Jews that appear to live nearby to the Joseph Braverman famly is the Myer and Salma Snider family.  Myer is a junk dealer and he is 40 years old.  There children are Himie, 16; Emman, 14; Bertha, 9; Arthur, 5; and Martin, 2 3/12ths.  The children were born in Iowa, and the parents came from Russia.


>              >              Evelyn M. Herrup, b. about 1905, IA, married Herrup.  Evelyn lived in Washington, D.C. I spoke to her ca. 1993.


>              >              Marvin A., b. about 1907, IA. He was a successful lawyer in Washington and at one time was engaged to be married to Margaret Truman, the President’s daughter.


>              Stella Greenberg, b. Cedar Rapids, IA, 1/-/1894 or 8/24/1893, d. 7/-/1976, Racine, WI or IA [~CEN20; SSDI462; CEN3129], married abt 1919 to Charles Greenberg, b. 10/31/1893, d. 3/2/1989, Racine, WI [SSDI463].  In 1930 he is a fur goods merchant. He arrived in 1912.


>              >              Maynard


>              >              Miriam


>              Rebecca Leibsohn, b. 2/-/1896, Cedar Rapids, IA [CEN2022; CEN3130], married 1920 to Mayer Leibsohn, b. abt. 1887, Russia.  He arrived in 1905 and in 1930 he sells furniture. The moved to Phoenix, where Harry had previously settled.


Rebecca Leibsohn gave an oral history [INT-- ] in 1986, when she was 90 years old.


Sergii Efron, son of Yaacov, son of Konstantin, who may be Kalman, son of Shapshel, son of Isaac, son of Abraham of Ivenets


Konstantin (Kalman? See RL006) Efron.  Could the Kalman Efron mentioned in a book about Vilna be the same as this Konstantin? [MISC014b]


Many of the connections within this family are derived from the index to GARF records. Biographies on the life of Tsvetaeva, and to a lesser extent, biographical information about Sergei Efron.


According to biographies of Sergei, his great-grandfather was possibly a rabbi. If Konstantin, Sergei’s grandfather, is the same as Kalman of Ivenets (see RL006), then this family is part of the Abraham of Ivenets branch.  If the connections to Konstantin are correct, then the great-grandfather would be Shabshel of Ivenets, 1781-1848. Shabshel could also be the source of the name Sergei. This connection is presumed here.


Acknowledgements: Marina Kasteva; Alyssa Dinega


>              Nikolai, of Moscow.


>              Saveliy (Shevel; Shabshel?). He came from Kaidanovo. He was a student in Kolpino, St. P’g gubernia. He was a correspondent of Vilno Vestnik. He is hypothesized as being the Shabshel of Vilna, the same as the one who is a son of Kalman and mentioned in a book about Vilna [MISC014b].


>              >              Yankel of Vilna.


>              Yaacov (aka Ivan?), b, approx. 1870, d. 1909, Paris, married Elizabeth Durnova (aristocratic, non-Jewish family), suicide, Paris, 1910. He was a student at St. Petersberg University. He was a merchant in Podolsk Gubernia, near Moscow, in 1914. They were revolutionaries and carried out terrorist activities. She was the daughter of Petr.


PARIS, Feb. 3 Mine. Elizabeth
Effron a prominent Russian revolu
tionist; hangcii herself today upon
the discovery that her fourtcen-y ear
old son had committed suicide after
being reprimanded in school. JIme.
Effron was daughter of a former gov
ernor general of Moscow, M. Durn-ovo.

Bisbee Daily Review (Bisbee, AZ) 2/6/1910


>              >              Peter (aka Pavel), aka Berka Silverman. He was considered to be a murderer. He lived in Paris, Stokholm, Kherson, and Moscow. He was an actor.


>              >              Sergii, b. 1894, executed 1941, married 1912 to Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva, suicide, 8/31/1941, Elabuga, Tatar Republic. She is one of the foremost Russian poets of the last century.


[Boston Globe, 6/20/1993, p. B42, Aaron, Jonathan (Emerson College Professor of wrting and literature), book review of Schweitzer, Viktoria (transl. by Chandler, Robert and Willetts, HT)], Tsvetaeva. Marina Tsvetaeva was b. Moscow, 1892 to an intellectual family of privilege. She published her first book of poetry in 1910. In 1912, already an accomplished poet, she married Sergei Efron, who was born at least two years after her. His parents were revolutionaries. A daughter was b. 8 months after the marriage. Their were many extramarital affairs. They initially lived in Moscow amongst writers until the October 1917 Bolshevik coup. At that time Efron joined the anti-revolutionary Whites and they moved to the Crimea. She remained in Moscow, but lost her material comforts. A second daughter, born in 1917 died three years later at an orphanage where she was left because Tsvetaeva could not feed her. From 1922 to 1939 she lived in Prague and Paris. In 1939 Efron, his son and daughter determined to go back to Russia. He had changed his politics and by 1934 was working for an organization associated with the NKVD, precursor to the KGB. He was involved in the murder of a Soviet defector in September 1937, was interrogated by the French police, and then quickly went on to Moscow. Marina went to the Soviet Union in 1939 with her son.  Sergei and Ariadna were put in a Gulag, and Sergei was shot around 1941. In poverty and despair, she hung herself in August 1941 in a town in Central Russia. Her son was drafted into the army and disappeared on active duty in 1944.



Description: Efron, Sergei in Uniform.jpg 




Description: Sergii and Tsvetaeva.jpg


Photograph from a book jacket is M72696.jpg.


>              >              >              Ariadna “Anya”, b. 1913 (1912?), d. 1975

>              >              >              Irina, b. 1917, d. 1920

>              >              >              Georgie “Munya”, b. 1925, d. 1944


>              >              Konstantin “Kostya,” suicide, Paris, 1910


>              >              3 children, died as infants


>              >              Elizabeth, b. approx. 1900


>              >              Lilia, b. approx. 1900