Chapter 24 Nison of Ivenets


This branch was determined byRS and RL records. No other records for this family have been located.


Nison, b. approx 1756 [RL014; RS036; RS037; RS038; RS039].  The Revision lists researcher rendered the name as “Efreyn” [RS036; RS037].


>              Zalman, b. abt 1778, married Rokhel Unknown, b. abt 1778 [RS036]


>              Wolf-David (also David), b. abt. 1794 [RS037], (David, b. 1803 [RS038]), married Chaie, b. abt 1796 (or 1805) [RS037; RL015] (possibly RS038, RS039; possibly RS057, which may have been researched erroneously).  David, son of Nison, and his son Nota, were missing from Ivenets from 1857 on [RS038]. In 1852 David lives in Olevsk, Volyn, and is in the food trade [RL014].  RS037 gives Wolf-David and Chaie’s birth dates as about 1794 and 1796.  This sounds more reasonable, given Nota’s birth date.  But RS038 and RS039 are at odds with RS037.


>              >              Nota, b. 1817 [RS038; RS039], married Pesya, b. abt 1814 [RS039]. In 1852, Nota lives in Korets and is in the food trade. [RL015]