Chapter 25 Abram Efron of Ivenets


Abram Efron, b. approx 1779 [RS050].  Based on analysis of this one 1850 Ivenets Revision list entry, this Abram, father of Gershon, could be the same as the Abram  b. abt 1788 (RS045) (see page --) or the Abram born about 1788 [RS059] (see page--).


This branch was determined byRS and RL records. No other records for this family have been located.


>              Gershon, b. abt 1809.  No wife is listed for him [RS050].  Prior to 1850, Gershon and Isaac are registered to other Jewish communities. [RS050] The other communities were not identified by the researcher of these records, and were therefore probably not indicated.


>              >              Isaac, b. abt 1829 [RS050]