Chapter 28 Yekhiel Yefronov of Slutsk



Yekhiel Yefronov (Efron?), b. approx. 1759 [RS061; RS062; RS063].  The researcher rendered his name as Yekhel, and the last name as Yefronov.  Yefronov would be a conjugate of the name Yefron.  In Russian, the letters that make the E and YE sound are different, but at the time of the census could easily have been confused.


This branch was determined byRS records. No other records for this family have been located.


>              Yellya (Ilya? Eli?), b. abt 1789, d. 1840 [RS061; RS062; RS063], married Rosa, b. prior to 1803, d. prior to 1834 [RS062].  The researcher gave his name as “Yellya.”


>              >              Leizer, b. abt 1817, d. 1846 [RS062; RS063].