Chapter 3 Shlomo Efron of Lunna


Shlomo Efron, b. approx. 1850, married Huda


>              Moses (Moishe Mordecai) Efron, b. Lunna, Belarus, 12/26/1880 or 1/12/1888, d. 1/5/1944 [CEM102; Verify old DEATH record 36; NAT011; ARR012; ARR213; ARR066; CEN2075; ~CEN30], married before 1909 to Rachel, d. prior to 1923. He lived at E112th St. in New York City. In 1944 he was at 21 W. 101st Street. He arrived 3/28/1904 on the Moltke sailing from Cuxhaven. At that time he last lived in Warsaw. When he arrived in 1904, he said he was going to his friend Samson Abrahams (?) in Chicago. He was in Geneva, Switzerland and was a student when he re-immigrated in 1908, at which time he was going to 136 E. 112th St. (the address is how I linked the two ship arrivals). He was then married.  In 1923 he is a teacher and lives at 50 E. 112th St., where he also lived in 1917 at which time he taught mathematics. He had blond hair and blue eyes. He wrote the Yiddish book “Tsvishn Shotns:  Un Andere Dert Seylung”. He had his first papers in 1920. In 1920 he was a mathematics teacher and lived at 50-54 E. 112nd St., NYC.  His cousin Rachel lived in NY prior to his arrival in 1904 [verify source]. He originally indicated he was going to Chicago. In 1944 he is a tailor [verify; is this at his time of death?]. He had no children.


>              married 2. in NY after 1920 to Lena (Leah) Unknown, b. 1/11/1889, d. 8/21/1969, Melcourt, Bronx [SSDI062; CEM095; Verify old DEATH record 100].


Might this be the Efron who died with an unclaimed estate?  The fact that he last lived in Warsaw, and is buried in a plot with a Rudin, suggests he is connected to the Rudinsky family that is part of the St. Paul branch. This then suggests that Shlomo may have been a brother of Ephraim Simcha and the other siblings of the St. Paul branch and that the cousin Rachel to whom he comes to when arriving in the US is a daughter of one of those siblings.