Chapter 30 Leizer Efron of Svisloch


Leizer Efron, b. approx 1842 [RL019]. His son lived in Svisloch, but nothing says that Leizer did. His birth date is based on the guessed birth date of his son.


He might be Aharon Leizer Efron, son of Shael Efron “Samuel Lowenstein” (see Vol. I, page --) because he was born around the correct time and like Kushel, this Leizer’s son, Aharon Leizer Efron owned real estate.


>              Kushel (Yekutiel), b . approx 1872.  In 1912, he owns real estate and is a resident of Svisloch, Bobruisk district. [RL019].  Kushel is the Yiddish name for Yekutiel. His birth date is conjecture, based only the fact that he was a land owner in 1912.