Chapter 31 Meyer Efron of Novogrudok


Meyer Efron, b. approx 1817.


Some of the information here is from Family Tree Maker Tree No. ----, submitted by Avigdor Efron of Israel.  I was contacted about the family history by Avigdor’s caretaker. Avigdor is the son of Benjamin and Tamar.  The naming patterns here are similar to those of Lunna families, but no connection has been determined.


Acknowledgements: Avigdor Efron


>              Avigdor, b. approx 1847, married Ester (or Shoshana) Unknown [YAD124].  In 1907, he is the owner of real estate, and resides in Novogrudok [RL020]. 


>              >              Shlomo, b. approx  1877 or 1878, Novogrudok, d. 1941, Holocaust (at age 62, per YV), married Rachel “Rasha” Puchovsky, b. abt. 1880 or 1881, Gorodets, Kobrin, d. 1941, Holocaust (at age 59, per YV).  She was the daughter of Benjamin and Yona Toiba (YV).  In 1907, he is an owner of apartments and a resident of Novogrudok [RL021]. At the time of the Holocacaust they resided in Novogrudok. [YAD124]


>              >              >              Benjamin, b. approx 1907 [HOL---], married Tamar Sinsinatus


>              >              >              Esther Boknir, married Unknown Boknir. Ester “Bokimer” submitted pages of testimony in 1999 for Shlomo, Rochel, Gershon, Joseph and Sara. Existence of Sara, Rochel and Joseph derived from pages of testimony. [YAD122; YAD124


>              >              >              Joseph, b. abt. 1909, d. 1941, Holocaust (at age 31, per YV) , married Sara Harkavi, b. abt. 1914, Jeremicze, Poland, d. Holocaust, 1941. They lived in Novogrudok. She was a teacher and he was an accountant [YAD122].


>              >              >              Gershon, b. abt. 1917, d. 1941, Holocaust (YV). He was not married and was a student at the time of his death.