Chapter 32 Emanuel Effron of Vilna (Cleveland, OH)


Emanuel "Manuel" "Mendel" Effron, b. abt. 1864, d. bef 1920 (?) married Sadie (Basse) Shendle (Shandle), b. abt. 1859; d. after 1920, in the US. Basse arrived in the US on 9/27/1909 on the Birma as Basse Efron, going to Cleveland to Abbe Efron. She last resided in Vilna. She does not name anyone in the old country to whom she is married (ARR--; CEN2096].  They were a family of Redheads.  There were 5 additional children who were left in Europe. Michel Effron’s arrival in 1908 (Max) says that his mother was Basse.  The 1930 census has a Yetta Effron, living at an old age home in Cleveland, at 71 (roll 1773/ED442, p. 33A), but her connection is not known..


This branch may be part of the Gdalia son of Motte Tsinne’s branch, based on information from Sara Nelson Efron of Washington. She said that Lee Shane and Reuben Efron are cousins. She also said that the Cleveland Effrons were short, like her husband’s family and like the Minnesota Effrons. See the note under Max Effron, below.


According to his son Louis’ death record, his name was Velvel, but that was probably reported by Louis’ second wife and so she probably did not know the correct name.


Acknowledgements: Ed Effron, Brian Effron, Sandy Effron, Ron Howard, Melvyn Effron, Harold Kaiman .Melvyn Effron, Elaine Maslowski, Patti Couture, Brian Effron. A researcher’s name excluded per request.


>              Meyer, b. abt 1879 or 1881 Vilna, d. 4/28/1935 Cleveland, OH [ARR104; ARR212; CEN3135; CEM179], married 1. abt. 1907 (?) to Ida Bolan, b. abt. 1881 or 1884, d. 3/13/1922 [CEN2099; CEM180]. When he arrived at NY on 10/17/07 he went to his cousin, Max Meier (Meizer?), 11 Hanover St., Boston. He left his wife, G(?)aulie in Vilna, when he travelled to the US. He was a bookkeeper in Vilna.  In 1907, he is 5’8.”  He has gray eyes.


>              >              Ben, b. abt. 1902 (6/11/1903), CT [~CEN20; CEN3136], d. (4/1979, Canada?) [SSDI156?], married Dolores, b. abt. 1906, OH [CEN3136].  He was married six times. In 1930 he is a driver


>              >              Rose E. Effron, b. Ohio, 9/26/1904, d. 1/14/1997, Beachwood, OH [CEN3135; SSDI635].  She Lived in Cleveland


>              >              Max, b. Ohio, 9/26/1906, d. 2/21/1988, Fairfield (Cincinatti), Ohio [SSDI148; CEN3137] married abt. 1926 to Hannah Unknown, b. 12/28/1906, d. 5/1983, Willoughby, OH [SSDI147].


>              >              Mendy (Manuel; Manny), b. Ohio, 7/8/1909, d. FL, 8/9/1982 [SSDI150; CEN30?; DEATH032]


>              >              Estelle Lambert, [CEN3135] married to Unknown Lambert


>              >              Sidney, b. Ohio, 1/10/1915, d. 10/1974 [SSDI151]


>              >              Lillian Kahn,, married Kahn. She is Della in the 1930 census.


>              Married 2. between 1921 and 1930 to Sarah, Unkonwn,  b. 11/15/1885, d. 5/1977, Cleveland [SSDI140]. She arrived in 1921 and in 1930 she does not speak English. She was first married abt. 1902. [CEN3135]


>              Alter or Chonie (Ed Efron) "Abe", b. abt 1881, Vilna, d. 9/28/1950 [CEM176], married 1. abt 1902 to Rose (Tova Raisa) Berman, b. abt 1881, Kovna [CEN2097; CEM177], d. 1/24/1925.  He arrived 1902 [CEN3132].  He lived in Cleveland.  He was naturalized before 1920.  He was in the furniture business.  In 1908, when Max arrived in the US, Abe lived at 2498 E 26th Street.  In the 1930 census, “Abe Effron” of Cleveland is shown as married to Anna, who is 46. Her parents were Michael Nossen and Peshe Berman. [GEN043]


>              >              Michael P. (Meyer) , b. OH, 12/13/1906, d. CA, 5/6/1967, married Charlotte.  Lived in San Diego. [CEN30?]. They did not have children.


>              >              Bessie Horowitz, b. abt. 1905, OH, d. 6/16/1992 [OBIT –; CEN30?], married Unknown Horowitz (Horwitz as per Cleveland Jewish News Database on JewishGen)


>              >              Sarah, b. abt. 1910, d. 12/11/1919, Cleveland. She died at the age of 9 [CEM247]


>              Mar. 2 Anna Freedman Shilkoff, b. abt. 1883, d. 3/14/1946.  [FTJP; CEN3132; CEM178]  She was the widow of Solomon Shilkoff. She had a daughter, and two grandchildren. Her parents were Jacob Chatzkelovich (patronymic?) and Faigel Asner. Jacob came from Svisloch and died in Palestine. Note that Shelkovsky is an Amdur family, but there is no known connection.


>              Louis, b. 7/15/1885, d. 1/22/1970 Chelsea, Mass. [~CEN20; SSDI040R], married 1. Sarah (Sore) Pearlstein, b. abt. 1882, Vilna, d. 3/22/1943, Beth Israel Hospital, Boston [ARR025].  Sarah and Gaule arrived at NY on 6/6/1908 on the Baltic. Also listed was a Heschel or Hershel, 4 years old, but that name was crossed out. She leaves in Vilna her father, Moiche Perelstein. When Sarah arrives, her husband is contacted c/o M. Winisk, 81 Chamber St., Boston. They lived in Chelsea (Boston).  His wife at the time of his death was Emma Siegel.  His death record says his father is Velvel Effron (mother is unknown), which does not appear to be correct.  He was born in Russia. He is buried at the Onichty Cemetery in Melrose, MA, with Sarah and other family members. His gravestone says his father’s name is Menachem Mendel.


>              >              Goldie (Gaulie) Della Kaplan, b. about 1905, Vilna (SSDI466?; ARR025), married 11/2/1925 in Providence, RI to Louis Kaplan, b. 12/23/1902, Russia, d. 6/28/1989, Peabody, MA [SSDI467]. Both were living in Chelsea at time of their marriage.  His parents are Benjamin and Annie (Levine).


>              >              Max "Manny," b. 4/10/1909, d. 4/23/1994, Brookline, MA,  [SSDI207] married Emma Marder.


>              >              Ida "Renee" Machner, b. Chelsea, MA, abt. 1911, d. 11/29/1978, Dade Cty., FL, married 1930 in Boston to John C. Machner, b. Boston abt. 1904.  When married they both lived at 70 Astor St.  His parents are Charles and Annie.


                                m. 2 to Sam Glazer


>              >              Henry H. (Hyman), b. 1/11/1918, d. 1/10/2004, Pompano Beach, FL [SSDI547], married Clara Wish. [OBIT064] They lived in Boston, then moved to Delray Beach, FL [FLAUTO029; FLAUTO020]


>              >              Harry, b.abt. 1903, d. 4/19/1953, Boston. He arrived in 1909 with his uncle Sam, on the Saxonia [ARR190]


>              married 2. Emma Siegel, b. 4/19/1900, d. Brookline, 6/-/1987 [SSDI042].


>              Sam (Shimon), b. abt 1888, Russia, married abt. 1911 to Rosa (Rose), b. 5/12/1890, Russia, d. 11/-/1976, Belaire, Harris Cty., Texas [CEN2098; SSDI141; CEN3134].  They lived in Cleveland. In 1930 he is a turck driver. He arrived at Boston in 1909 with his nephew, Harry (Hirsh). [NAT098; ARR190}


>              >              Evelyn


>              >              Manuel, b. 3/18/1917, OH, d. 7/-/-1986, Las Vegas, NV [SSDI152]. He had no children.


>              >              Ann (Hannah) Evans


>              Max  (Michel), b. 6/27/1893, Vilna, d. Cleveland, 2/-/1975 [CEN2096; SSDI143; ARR074], married 6/18/1921 in NYC [MAR047] to Pauline Yorgunsky, b. 1/15/1891 or 1898, Vilna, d. Cleveland, 2/-/1970 [SSDI142; CEN3133]. They lived in Cleveland.  He was in the trucking business. In 6/1921, he lived at 20 E. 100 St, NYC, and she at 75 E. 105th St. He was a tailor in 1921 and 1930. They both arrived in 1910. He is called “Michel” on the ship manifest when he arrives in the US in 1908. He is then going to his brother “Alter” (Abraham?) in Cleveland.  He is 5’2 ½” tall. According to Sara Nelson Efron of Washington, a cousin of Lee Shane is Ruben Efron, who is married to Edna. That would mean this Max, or perhaps his wife, is related to Avrom Ezra Efron of the Gdalia Efron branch of Amdur Efrons (see Volume I, page --). No such connection is apparent.


>              >              Ruth Tessler, 1. married Unknown Tessler. They have three sons from his previous marriage.


>              >              married 2. Unknown Busch.


>              >              Lee “Lilly” Shane, b. 1928, married Unknown Shane. They have two sons and one daughter