Chapter 33 Abraham Chaim of Niemenczyn, Vilna


Abraham Chaim, b. approx. 1845, married Sophie (Sora) Wilensosy. [MARR115] They were both b. Russia. He may be the chazan (cantor – that is, a prayer chanter) mentioned in Yerusalyim Lite, a book about Vilna. The Chazan Avraham-Chaim Efron was known as the “Mogilever.” [MISC015c]


This branch is considered the Niemenczyn branch because I had noted that this was the cemetery section in which Meyer was buried, HOWEVER, I need to verify this because I have noted (as has Paul Egrie, who visited the grave) that Meyer was in fact buried in the Volkovysker section of Acacia cemetery.


Acknowledgements: Eugene Du Bow, Paul Herman Egrie


According to Eugene Du Bow, people would come to his grandfather’s store and want to kiss his hand because he was a descendent of the Vilna Chazan: “I recall that my mother frequently said that her family ( I guess her father) was related to the "Vilna Chazan" and that people came into his shop and kissed his hand. His father?”


Possibly, Meyer is the same as Mavrilkey, a son of Abraham and Sophia Efron of Vilna, from the Yehosua Heshel branch. If so, then he would not be a descendent of the Vilna Gaon, but his half brothers and sisters were. According to GARF001B, Mavrilkey died in 1887 at the age of 19.


>              Meyer Efron, b. 6/8/1874 or 6/12/1874, Vilna, d. 7/6/1925, Manhattan [CEN2100; CEM019; Verify old DEATH record 14; MIL047], married 5/25/1902 in Manhattan to Annie Feldman, b. abt. 1875, Russia. [MARR115; CEN1076; CEN3138] He arrived at NY 7/14/1900, sailing from Liverpool [Verify: Source?].  Another record says he arrived about 1903. She arrived in 1897.  He declared his intent to become a citizen on 5/19/1922, but did not become a citizen. In 1920, 1922 and 1925 they lived at 976 Home St., Bronx. In 1925 he was a clothing cutter. In 1909 they lived at 400 E. 171st St., Bronx. She arrived in 1893 and was the daughter of Simon (Solomon?) and Alia (Celia?) Katler [MARR115]. Her parents lived with them in 1910 [CEN1076]


>              >              Frieda Du Bow, b. abt. 1903, NYC (SSDI469?), married 6/6/1925 in NYC [MAR044] to Nathan Du Bow, b. abt. 1901 (SSDI470?), Russia. In 1930 they live on Sheridan Ave., Bronx and he sells millnery. [CEN3139]