Chapter 35 Jacob Efron of Rakow


Jacob Efron, b. approx. 1846. He lived in Rakow.


Acknowledgements: Michael Efron, David Efron, Dorothy Efron


>              Hyman Michael (Chaim) Efron, b. 8/12/1870, Rakow, Minsk, d. 12/28/1938 [CEN2061; CEM061; NAT016], married 5/15/1897 in Russia to Marcia (Martha) Rubinstein, b. 1/15/1880 or 1/15/1879, Kremenchug, Ukraine, d. 12/31/1972, Calabasas Park, Los Angeles, CA [CEN2061; ARR096; ARR223; SSDI058; DEATH017].He arrived 12/23/1903 on the Blucher, sailing from Hamburg.  He is then a cabinetmaker and was living in Minsk.  He is going to his cousin, Meyer Wolff of 58 2nd Ave, NYC.  Martha arrived in September, 1902.  Hyman was the youngest ordained rabbi in Minsk but did not work as a rabbi in the US (Gracie). There was a Rubinstein family in Stamford. Hyman was the youngest of many children (Gracie). In 1915-16 he is living at 624 E. 169th Street and at 1165 Union Ave. in 1917 and at 2091 Prospect Ave., Bronx in 1920.  In 1937, he resides at 3514 Rochambeau Ave., Bronx, and he was then a newstand owner.  Hyman was a painter from at least 1915 through 1933. Rakow is a town (among others of the same name) located near Volozhin, Belarus, 38 km West of Minsk at 53/58 27/03 coordinates (WOWW).  It is also very close to Ivenets.  In 1933, he lived at 1125 Evergreen Ave., Bronx. Prior to immigration they last resided in Kremenchug.


In May, 1921, Hyman was with his employer, Hyman Manoson, for whom Hyman did painting, while collecting rents with Manoson in Harlem. Manoson, who owned real estate in the area, was shot. At that time Hyman lived at 2091 Prospect Ave. [NYT026]


>              >              Jacob Morris "Jack" (Yakov Moshe), b. Kremenchug, 9/4/1899, d. 10/12/1976, NYC [SSDI095; CEM060; Verify old DEATH record 116; EST 18], married Fanny E. (Eyta Feiga) Levy, b. 5/27/1903, Belfast, Ireland, d. 1/26/1986 [CEM059; Verify old DEATH record 132; EST 16]. He arr. on the Zealand at NY on 8/25/1902 sailing from Antwerp. In 1921 he lived at 2091 Prospect Ave., and in 1925 he lived at 1226 Evergreen Ave., Bronx. He was a student at City College in 1920.  In Israel, Jacob had met a cousin. In 1925 he is a teacher. In 1921 he is a student. He was an “educator.” In 1937 they lived at 467 Central Park West and Fannie was witness to the naturalization petition of her father-in-law, Hyman.


>              >              Lillian “Libby” McMahon, b. NY 4/23/1905, married John Joseph Anthony McMahon. Lillian: 818-340-0185, Woodland Hills, CA.


>              Gertrude (Henia), b. abt. 1879, Rakow  [~CEN20; ARR035]. “Hemie” arrived with her sister Chaje and nephews Yankel and Leib at NY 12/26/1912 on the "Lapland” sailing from Antwerp. They all last resided at Rakow. They do not designate any friends or family that they leave in Europe. She is going to her brother, Ch. Effran of 25E 105th St., NY. She was married, but her husband died. She helped take care of the Schiff children after Haicha, her sister, died. She did not have any children of her own.


>              Haicha Schiff, b. abt. 1882, Rakow, married Jacob Schiff [~CEN20; ARR035]. She arrived with her sister, Gertrude. See above. When she arrived, she went to live with her husband, M. Schiff, who was then living at 121 Elm St. Yonkers. She died young.


>              >              Ann Miller, M.1 Unknown.


>              >              Married 2. Benjamin Miller. At the time of Louis’ death, she lived in Beverly Hills, CA. She was close to Lillian McMahon.


>              >              Louis (Leib), b. 1/1906, Rakow, d. 5/4/1972, Westport, CT, married Alice Neubauer [ARR035; OBIT065; (SSDI465?)]. He settled in CT. He wrote a book on how not to have to pay taxes. His children and information about Anna and Jack came from his obituary.


>              >              Jack, b. abt 1904, Rakow, d. [ARR035]. He stayed in NY, and then went to AZ. At the time of Louis’ death, he lived in Tucson, AZ.