Chapter 36 Yehoshua Isaac Efron of Radashkow


Yehoshua Isaac, married Sarah Harriton. He may have come from Radashkow (?). their names are known from Jacob’s death certificate [DEATH039].


The only information about the origin of this branch is that their son Jacob and his wife are buried in the Radoshkowitzer section of  Mt. Judah Cemetery. Radashkow is located 21 miles from Ivenets, so this branch may be related to the Ivenets Efrons.


Acknowledgements: Dr. Jay Steven Efran


>             Jacob (Yakov Shlomah) Efron, b. 12/-/1868, Russia, d. 10/23/1933, Manhattan, NY [CEM066; EST019; NYT028; DEATH039], married abt. 1889 to Rachel “Rose” (Riva Reizel) ("Rosie" in the 1900 census) Zipin/Ziprien, b. 12/-/1870, Russia, d. 3/28/1948 [CEN0020; CEN10--, CENMISC--; CENMISC--; ~CEN20; CEM067; EST021; CEN3141; NAT049].  They lived in Jamaica, New York. He arrived in 1888 or 1892. In 1900, the census spells it "EPHRON."  He lived at 114 Chrystie St., NY, in 1900.  He was not naturalized between 1900 and 1930. He is buried in the Radoshkowitzer section of  Mt. Judah Cemetery. In the 1930 census they are listed with the same arrival date (1892).


1925 NY State census

239 Prospect St., Jamaica, Queens

Efron, Jacob, 55, both in the US for 34 years, he was nat’d in 1906, carpenter

Rose, 54

Blanche, 20, model

Sidney, 18, college

Samuel Stone, 33 (or 30 or 35), shoe cutter

Jennie, 25

Selma, 5

Gilbert, 240 days, on June 1, 1925


1915 NY State census

Address is cut off of image (Ancestry), but prior addresses are 240 ish prospect street, Queens

Efron (E is cut off from image, I updated indexing in Ancestry)

Jacob, 47, both are in the US for 25 Years, Carpenter, , Cit.

Rose, 44

Nathan, 23, machinist

Esther, 19, Milliner

Jennie, 14, school

Blanche, 11, school

Sidney, 8, school

Isidore [Sh]ereff (image cut off, edit submitted to Ancestry), 32, decorator, OA (own account), cit.

Ida, 24

Bertha, 6


1910 Census

69 Gilbert St., Queens

Efran, Jacob, 42, both arr 1890, Na, Carpenter in House[s]

Rose, 39, both are mar for 21 years, 6 of 8 children survive

Nathan, 18, office boy, Buff Company

Ester, 14

Jenny, 10

Blanche, 6

Samuel, 3

All children b. NY

They share the residence with the Ike (49) and Bertha (37) Slass family who arrived at the same time and he is also a carpenter – Harry, Barnett, Herman, David, Freida.  In other censuses, they are typically SCHLESS. In 1920, a Gerald Harrington is a roomer in the house they own (he is 30 and b. in NY of NY parents). Isaac, Bertha and other family members are buried in Glendale cemetery, under the name SLASS. Sometimes going down the rabbit hole brings some serendipitous results:


NY Times, December 09, 1998

SLASS-Jeanne G. On December 5, 1998, in Laguna Hills, California. Formerly of Bay Harbor Island, Florida and Forest Hills, New York. Beloved wife of the late Dr. Herman Slass. Mother of Ilene Spear (Gerald) and Betty Effron (David); grandmother of Alison Ullendorf (David), Alfred Spear (Shellie), Jillian Spear, Steven and Jennifer Effron; great-grandmother of Jonah; sister of Evelyn Gershenson and Berte Mehler.


>             >             Ida Shereff, b. 5/1890, Russia (in NY per census), married in NYC on 6/7/1908 to and divorced before 1930 from Israel Shereff, b. abt. 1881 in Russia [CEN0020; CEN10--; ~CEN20; MAR038-SD1; CEN3142]. In 1930 she lives with Sidney and sells real estate. In 1933 she lived at 89th Ave., Jamaica.  They were married by Rabbi Sam Lipshits, suggesting a relation to the branch of Saul Israel of Volozhin.


1910  Census

174 Sands St., Brooklyn

Shereff, Israel, 29, Russ, arr 1895, Na, Decorator, in a paint shop

Ida, 20, arr 1891

Bertha, 1 5/12, NY


>             >             Nathan Efran, b. 5/1892, NYC, d. 9/17/1959 [CEN0020; CEN20--; MAR039-SD1-SD2; Verify old DEATH record 74; CEN3144], married 10/26/1915 in NYC Molly (Mollie) Schulsky, b. abt. 1894, Minsk, d. 2/19/1971 [Verify old DEATH record 107]. In 1930 he is a taxi driver.


1920 census

405 Powell St., Brooklyn

Efrin (originally transcribed as Efsin in Ancestry), Nathan, 28, b. NY, Chauffer

Mollie, 26, arr. 1895, Na 1910, b. Russ

Francis, dau, 8, NY

Gerald, 3, NY

Irene, 10/12, NY

Moe Schneider, nephew, 14, b. NY, bookkeeper, Novelty House


>             >             Esther "Essie" Zwaik (also given as Zweig in error), b. 12/1895 in NY [CEN0020; ~CEN20; CEN3145], married abt. 1916 to Joe (Joseph) (Zweig?) Zwaik, b. abt. 1893, Russia. They lived on Hillside Ave., Jamaica, Queens in 1930 and 1933. In 1930 he has his own grocery business.


Esther and Joseph are buried at Mount Hebron cemetery. DOD Esther 9/23/1968; Joeph 11/22/1960


1940 census

16910 Hillside Ave, Queens

Zwaik, Joseph, 48, counterman at a restaurant

Esther, 43 (supp. Question: married at age 20; 3 children born to her

Stanley W., 21, counterman at restaurant

Leonard B., 19

Judith, 16


SSDI: Stanley N. Zwaik, b. 8/4/1918, d. 7/3/2001 Jamaica, Quuens

SSDI: Leonard B. Zwaik, b. 4/9/1921, d. 11/5/1991. Issued  in NY



>             >             Stephanie Greenberg. At one point I had as another child of Jacob and Rose a Stephanie Greenberg, but this seems to have no factual support, and it appears that information may have come from oral history only.


>             >             Jeannette “Jennie” Stone Leibowitz, b. 5/1899 in NY, d. 12/1980, Kensington, Brooklyn, NY [SSDI511?], married 1. abt. 1919 to David Stone, b. abt. 1890, NY. In 1930 he was a dealer of rugs and linoleum. In 1930 they live with her father. In 1933, she was Jennie Stone, living at NY Blvd., Jamaica. [CEN3141]. Some of the family has lived in Great Neck, NY.


1940 census

107-27 New York Ave

Stone, Samuel, 50, carpet layer

Jeanette, 39, sales lady

Selma, 20, secretary

Gilbert, 15

Rita, 12


>             >             married 2. Unknown Leibowitz.


>             >             Sidney Efran, b. 2/25/1907, d. 6/12/1954 [SSDI273; Verify old DEATH record 55; CEN3142], married after 1929 to Sylvia Unknown, b. 8/16/1912, d. 7/1987, Bronx [SSDI277].  He lived in the Bronx in 1933. In 1930 he lives with his sister Ida and he is an insurance investigator.


Sidney and his descendants were the only ones to use the spelling "EFRAN."


>             >             Blanche (also Blanche Rubinstein) Rubenstein [~CEN20; CEN3141], b. abt. 1904, NY, married 6/21/1930 to Leon Rubenstein [ItalianGen index]. In 1930, she is single and a model of cloaks and suits.  In 1933, they lived in Long Beach, LI. She may be the Blanche Rubenstein who died in the late 1930s, and is buried in NY at Mount Hebron cemetery, and perhaps they are the Leon and Blanch Rubenstein who appear in the 1930 in street directories in Newton, MA.